9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Solar System

Our solar system was created over 4.6 billion years ago the collapse of a giant molecular cloud. The sun formed in the center of the system, out of the center mass of the molecular cloud while the other planets were formed on a flat disk of dust found around the sun.

This is pretty much common knowledge about our solar system but what other interesting facts are there? Be sure to find out in this top 9 things you probably didn’t know about our solar system.

Pluto is no longer considered a planet and it is smaller than the United States, a huge amount of our solar system’s mass is contained inside the sun and the hottest planet in our system is not the closest planet to the sun.

Want to find out more? Let’s get started!

1. Almost 99.86% of our solar system’s total mass is found inside the sun while the rest is contained by the other eight planets found in our solar system.

our solar system

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2. Pluto was considered a planet since its discovery in 1930 until 2006 when scientists have decided it was too small to be considered a planet and called it a “dwarf planet” instead.

3. The United States measures about 2,900 miles across if you measure it from Northern California to Maine. Pluto measures approximately 1,400 miles across which makes USA twice the size of the tiny dwarf planet.

4. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun so many people think that Mercury should be the hottest planet in our solar system. However, what they do not take into consideration while assuming that is the fact that Mercury has no atmosphere. On the other hand, Venus, the second closest planet to the sun in our solar system not only has an atmosphere but it is also made out of carbon dioxide which is the number one greenhouse gas. Given all these facts, Venus has the atmosphere necessary to “trap” the sun’s heat and the necessary gas to attract it so Venus is actually the hottest planet in our solar system, with temperatures of over 875 degrees Fahrenheit.

our solar system

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5. The sun’s atmosphere goes way beyond the borders of our planet and it is actually the cause of the Northern and the Southern Lights. Given the fact that also Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and even Neptune experience auroras the sun’s atmosphere is supposed to extend on almost 10 billion miles around it. This is why you can say that we actually live “inside” the sun.

6. Alongside Pluto, our solar system contains four other dwarf planets: Ceres, Eris, Haumea and Makemake.

our solar system

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7. We experience tides on the surface of the Earth because of the moon. The Moon is our only natural satellite and due to the gravitational force it exerts on our planet while the Earth rotates, it cause tides around the world.

8. Earth is the only planet in our solar system which was not named after a Roman God. During ancient times, only Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus were visible with the naked eye and they were all named after Roman gods. When scientists were able to notice Neptune and Uranus also as part of our solar system, they named them after Roman gods as well.

9. Jupiter is believed to have the biggest ocean in our solar system. Given the fact that Jupiter is almost entirely made out of hydrogen and helium and due to its mass, the laws of physics apply and Jupiter should have a gigantic liquid hydrogen ocean close to its core. Through computer modeling, scientists have discovered that the said ocean should be located about 40,000 km deep inside the planet.

our solar system

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This was our top 9 list of interesting facts you need to know about our solar system. Which one do you find most interesting?


10 Awesome Shopping Hacks

Everybody wants to save some money when shopping. It seems, however, that anything from services to goods are expensive. Also, it seems like most of the times we don’t even get what we pay for. There are some shopping hacks that we want to share with you in order of getting the best deal for your money.

This is our list of 10 awesome shopping hacks that you can try for yourself.

1. When shopping for flowers don’t mention weddings to the florist


The prices for wedding flowers are a lot higher than those for other kinds of events.

2. Never admit guilt


If the product you bought is still under warranty, never admit you may have damaged it in some way. If you do so, your warranty may be nullified. Stand your ground and always say you don’t have a clue how the product was damaged and you may get a replacement.

3. Fix your own devices


Generally, when you turn something off and then back on, the issue will fix itself.

4. Don’t buy so many cleaning supplies


White vinegar diluted in water does about the same thing as many household cleaners. It’s an all-natural, cheaper way of cleaning your house and it also kills 99.9 percent of all germs. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, just add a few drops of essential oil to the mix.

5. Compare the prices


Numerous retailers will price match their products. However, they will do so only if you ask them to. Mention to them that you saw the same product elsewhere with a smaller price and chances are the retailer will match that price. This works especially well when buying electronics.

6. Get the freshest fries


If you’re sick of getting cold fries just ask for your fries not to have any salt on them. The fries that have already been prepared all have salt on them so you will be served a new batch. However, if you’re in a huge line don’t do this because it is really rude.

7. Get cheaper textbooks


Textbooks, especially science ones, can cost a pretty penny and go up to $200. Instead of paying this much, buy them from other countries that speak English (such as India) for far less money.

8. Anticipate sales


Most workers in retail stores know what items will be on sale the following week. Ask them for tips and plan accordingly.

9. Become your very own IT person


If you have a problem and can’t fix it yourself try to search it on Google. There will most likely be all kinds of forums and guides that will help you as chances are that you aren’t the first one who encountered the problem. You can find anything on the Internet.

10. Time your purchases


Some services and products suffer from price changes depending on the season. Knowing about this can help you save a lot of money. For instance, mattresses tend to be a lot cheaper during spring as the sales are pretty slow in that season.

There you have it. This was our list of 10 awesome shopping hacks. Happy shopping!

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5 Facts That Will Make You Feel and Look Smarter

5 Facts That Will Make You Feel and Look Smarter

Not saying that you’re not. But comes a time in any conversation when the train of ideas comes to an end and awkward silence sets in. While none of these facts may end up as life changing to neither you nor your chatting partner, they are surely better than any other random topic you could revive the conversation with. And if you’re going to do that, why not shift the chat in a more clever direction? Here you go then, 5 facts carefully selected for you from various fields of interest.

Every single cell in your body gets replaced

  1. Every single cell in your body gets replaced

That is pretty much true with the only exception of your brain cells of course – the only type of cell in our bodies that sadly does not regenerate. That would explain why so many people seem to be unusually fond of protecting their own brain cells by not partaking in strenuous, stressful mental activity. But back on topic – every single type of cell in our body has its own life span. For example, red blood cells live for about 4 months, skin cells for 2 to 3 weeks, while some internal organ cells die in a matter of days. Naturally, the body does what is meant to do and replaces the dead cells with brand new, fully functional and ready to go ones.

A photon prepares for tens of thousands of years to launch to Earth

  1. A photon prepares for tens of thousands of years to launch to Earth

„Prepare” is a bit of an overstatement. What we mean here is that a photon literally travels for up to 200,000 years from the core of the Sun up to the surface. The radius of the sun is roughly 700,000 kilometers and the photons would surely take less if their trek to the surface would be straightforward. But considering they go through a long and tedious trip of constantly travelling in a direction before they’re absorbed and released by an atom in a completely different, random direction kind of hinders their smooth and happy departure in outer space. And as a very anticlimactic end to the story, they take 8 minutes to reach the surface of the Earth.

Immortality exists, but only in jellyfish

  1. Immortality exists, but only in jellyfish

There is a species of jellyfish found in the Mediterranean Sea and waters of Japan that can, in essence, be considered immortal. Known by either Turritopsis Dohrnii (that is, if you want to look even smarter) or simply the immortal jellyfish isn’t literally immortal as you would think it is; instead however, it is the only animal capable of reverting completely to a sexually imature stage after having reached sexual maturity. So when this jellyfish is threatened by stress and physical assault or simply reaches old age, it can return to the polyp form that it once came from and give birth to a new polyp colony. And not only is it immortal, it is amazingly pretty looking too.

The direction brain teaser

  1. The direction brain teaser

It goes something along the lines of “If you keep going North, you will end up going South. If you keep going East, you will never end up going West.” It’s one of those things that has you spend several seconds trying to figure out whether the statement is valid or not, then a handful of minutes trying to figure out why. The answer is pretty simple – it’s all perspective. Considering our planet’s axis orientation and, inherently, its rotation around said axis, the Earth’s North and South poles are the mostly static points in its motion.

The longest storm in the solar system

  1. The largest, longest storm in the solar system

More commonly known as the Red Spot on Jupiter. Surely you have seen it in the past but never thought much of it. This red spot is in fact a great anti-cyclonic storm – akin to a hurricane – that has been going on for at least 400 years – that’s how long human kind has been observing it for. What is even considerably more staggering however ist hat considering the planet’s mere size, the Red Spot is large enough to fit 3 entire Earths in its turbulent cillinder of stormy gases and particles. The reason it seems to be so persistent, according to scientists, is that the hurricane never touched land (as Jupiter is a gas giant with a small solid core) and that the storm itself is being kept alive by Jupiter’s internal heat source.

20 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know About

If you are looking for some cool and small life hacks to brighten up your day, then you have come to the right place! Here you will find 20 life hacks meant to help you and give you some general knowledge about every day activities and how they can affect us.

Be constantly aware of what you are doing and how it can benefit you or the people around you.

1. Women are more subconsciously attracted to smell rather than good looks, so every time you go out be aware that your fragrance must be very well chosen. Of course your overall look should be nice as well, but you are more likely to find someone interested if you smell amazing.

life hacks

2. If you want to boost your immune system, you need more touches! It might sound wrong, but it has been proven that physical touches make you healthier by boosting your immune system and making your mind feel safer, so if you are feeling a bit down, try holding someone’s hand, hugging them or simply go for a massage.

3. Do you usually get great ideas while in the shower but never seem to recall them completely after getting out? MyAquaNotes.com is a website which sells waterproof notepads for you to be able to write down any idea, no matter where you are. The notepad simply sticks on the wall and you are ready to go.

life hacks

4. Be sure you sleep enough! An increase in one’s desire to lie, steal or cheat has been linked to less than 8 hours of sleep per night, so be sure you are well rested before making decisions or talking to other people. Sometimes, you might just end up doing or saying things just because you are tired.

5. If you are planning on going to the zoo and are tired of animals just ignoring you, try wearing same color clothes as the staff of the zoo or the zoo keepers. The animals will notice the difference and start approaching you rather than minding their own business.

life hacks

6. For reducing anxiety and stress, try biting your lip. This simple gesture sends a message to the brain which ends up in a rush of chemicals which help you increase your mood.

7. If you want to be wiser, you should wait to learn from your own mistakes. However, by noticing everyone else’s mistakes and learning from them is much quicker and sometimes easier.

life hacks

8. The cause of bad breath in your mouth is due to bacteria. You probably know that in order to get rid of bad breath, you have to brush your teeth. However, bacteria do not linger on your teeth, but on your tongue so if you want to get rid of the smell completely, simply brush both your teeth and your tongue thoroughly.

9. If you find it difficult to fall asleep, simply blink faster for as much as you can. Your brain associates tired eyes with tiredness in general and you will find it easier to fall asleep.

life hacks

10. Surround yourself with the color green if you want a boost in your creativity. It has been proven that there is a link between green and creativity, so if you want help in that field, simply staring at a green wall or a green poster might help.

11. You have a 50% increased chance to remember something if you say it out loud rather than reading it over and over again, so whenever you study for an exam, try speaking to yourself rather than just reading.

life hacks

12. If you want to go on a lovely bicycle ride barefoot, you can make it happen! By simply sticking sponges on the pedals of your bike, your feet will have enough grip to not slip away, making barefoot pedaling possible.

13. Do not step on spiders! If you see a spider on the ground, avoid at all cost stepping on it if you want to kill it. You might be stepping on a spider with eggs, which then can get stuck on your shoes and hatch all over your house.

life hacks

14. In a public restroom aim for the stall which is closest to the door. On average, it is the least used so it should be the cleanest.

15. The color yellow makes you more productive. Staring at something yellow or being in an environment which has the color yellow decreases our brain’s ability to secrete Melatonin which is a hormone that makes you sleepy.

life hacks

16. If you want to make sure you know something try explaining it. If you explain it well enough for others to be able to understand it, then you know it well enough.

17. To make sure you get a new order when you send yours back for various reasons like finding a hair in it, heavily salt it. If your dish tastes salty as hell, then you have received the same one back.

life hacks

18. Try psychologically training your brain to make you feel happier every day by simply thinking of one positive thought every morning after you wake up.

19. When you find it difficult to find help in a department store, just go near something really expensive and stare at the price tag. Most likely someone will come right over.

life hacks

20. Napping during the day helps you decrease the risk of heart disease and improves your memory!

What other life hacks do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments!

5 Free Online Hidden Object Games

Many people resort to games as a way of reducing stress or just a fun way to spend your time. If you are at work or at home and do not want to download a full game but just want a couple of minutes of enjoyment, you must look for free hidden objects games online, no downloads.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place so here are five free online hidden object games that can be played without downloading.

What is a hidden object game? Well, most hidden object games have a story behind them. You can be either a detective searching for clues, a ghost hunter in a haunted house or even a fish in search for true love. The most interesting thing about hidden object games is that you are training your visual memory through something as simple and fun as a game.

Don’t let anything get pass you. Let’s get started!

1. The Daily Snoop on Shockwave

online hidden object games

The Daily Snoop is a free hidden object game which can be found on Shockwave among many other free online hidden objects games. This game is not about the story behind the objects you are searching but a competition to see how fast can you find all the objects written on the left side of the screen.

2. Paranormal Files: Parallel World on GameFools

online hidden object games

In Paranormal Files: Parallel World you are a female investigator sent to figure out what’s wrong with a ranch which is supposedly haunted because it as build on an abandoned graveyard. The couple who bought the ranch begin by telling you the fact that objects tend to appear and disappear, which makes the game both intriguing and more difficult than a usual free online hidden objects game. This game is available on GameFools and by surfing the website you will find a bunch of other hidden object games free, online.

3. Haunted House on Games.com

online hidden object games

Haunted House is a bit more challenging because you are facing a time limit and also a -5 s time penalty if you click on anything else than the required objects. The goal of the game is to find a magic book while finding your way through a haunted house. After each level, you get a golden key which you use to open other doors around the house. Haunted House is a game you can find on Games.com and it is just one of the multiple free hidden object games online no download required you can find on the site.

4. House Secrets on GameHouse

online hidden object games

House Secrets lets you choose the difficulty of the game right from the start. You can opt for Casual, Normal or Expert. The Expert mode will be available only after you get all the stars in either Casual or Normal mode. Another interesting thing about House Secrets is the fact that you can choose how you want to find the hidden objects, a game mode being available. You can choose to play by picture, by words or by silhouette. Be sure to check out GameHouse for more free online hidden object games, no download necessary.

5. Detective Quest on Zylom

online hidden object games

In Detective Quest, you need to find all the items which are listed at the bottom of your screen. After finding all the items you finish a scene and another scene will come up. The game can be played in Story or Arcade mode. By checking out Zylom you will be able to find even more hidden object games free, online, no download required.

This was our top five hidden object games free online. You don’t always have to download the full version of a game to enjoy it. No registration is required to play these games and there are no limits unless you choose a time limit gaming mode.

All of these games have fairly decent graphics and are suited for both PC and Mac.

If you are looking for full versions of hidden object games, you can go on Big Fish and buy some. Even though you will be spending money instead of playing hidden objects games free online, big fish are renowned for their amazing games.

For other free online games hidden objects versions don’t hesitate to check out the websites listed above.