The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

Dolls are great, aren’t they? They are cute, cuddly and loveable. Except the ones that aren’t. These are the worst dolls ever created and they are annoying, pointless or frankly a bit scary.

The Relentlessly Chewing Cabbage Patch Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

If I’m being perfectly honest – and while not wanting to upset anyone – I hated every version of the blasted Cabbage Patch dolls. However, there is one lot which stand out head and shoulders above the rest of the rotten bunch. The Snacktime Kid was a monumental doll fail. They just kept on chewing and chewing and, well, chewing. After an obscene amount of relentless chewing dozens of kids got bits of their bodies chewed. The maker stopped selling them and offered refunds to the saps who had already bought them.

The Premature Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

What a bizarre concept. The release of a stylish new premature baby doll was met with outrage. It featured the little tot hooked up to breathing tubes and other hospital equipment.

The 3D Printed Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

This doll isn’t actually all that bad looking or anything. After all, it’s our old chum Mr Snuffleupagus. Who could hate a dude like that and call him one of the worst dolls ever? No, the problem I have with this doll isn’t anything to with our Sesame Street buddy with the snout and the obscene amount of body hair. Rather, I feel that the production is a waste of the capabilities of modern technology. You see, you can download the file that allows you to print off this as a doll using dazzling 3D printing technology. Shouldn’t we be using 3D printers to print off useful stuff like artificial legs, food for starving kids and clones of Jimi Hendrix?

The Limited Appeal Elton John Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

Maybe I’m in the minority here but I can’t think of a single person I would want to give an Elton John doll to. What would you do with a think like that, anyway? “Try Me”, the packaging screams and that is a temptation we can all resist fairly easily, I reckon. One the plus side, I can just about make out that he sings the classic Crocodile Rock and that he is in some way “official”. Despite these reassuring pieces of information this product still has a feel of “extremely limited market appeal”.

The Michael Jackson Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

This doll doesn’t exactly boast of an uncanny resemblance to the person it is modelled on, does it? If it wasn’t for the jacket and the white glove it could really be anyone who has ever lived. Actually, it looks nothing like my Aunt Betty. Or my Uncle George for that matter. It doesn’t really look too much like me either. Ok then; it would look like a relatively large number of people who bear some sort of passing resemblance to Mike.

The Baby Vampire Doll

The Baby Vampire Doll

What is happening with the world? When I was a kid, baby dolls rarely had fangs and almost never scared me. It seems as that there is currently a craze for these things and I have no idea why.

The Tom Cruise Doll

The Absolute Worst Dolls Ever Created

So you liked Tom Cruise jumping on the couch on Oprah so much that you would like a doll commemorating it? Have you considered the fact that you might be just a little bit strange? This is one of the worst dolls showing one of the weirdest moments in the history of television.

A Brand New Prize: Death in Game of Thrones

It’s no news that the Game of Throne fan community is among the largest such communities ever, compared to similar movements inspired by other books or movies. Maybe the Lord of the Rings fan base can come close to comparing, but nothing quite beats the numbers of the Game of Thrones fans yet. This passion has taken numerous creative forms, from the Inn at the Crossroads cookbook project which attempts to recreate the dishes served in Westeros, to the dress-up role-playing communities scattered throughout the world and so on.

Well, one of the characteristics of the story, that both annoys its fans but also keeps them hooked and coming back for more, is the character death rate. Death in Game of Thrones has become ubiquitous, and as a fan, you often feel afraid to get too attached to a character or like them, because the next thing you know, bam! That character ends up getting violently murdered or executed and you’re only left with crushed hopes and fists clenched in frustration. None of the compensation mechanisms usually employed by other epic stories seem to work here, also.

For example, at the beginning of the series, when most of us rooted for Ned Stark and the character was wrongly executed, the fan hope then turned to Robb, his elder son. It was only logical that even though the character that embodied those noble values died, his son, who is just like him only younger and a bit more cunning, would pick up his father’s sword and avenge his father’s name. But noooo, the author had other plans. Hence, the Red Wedding. And this was just the beginning for a long line of similarly crushed hopes. You see where we’re getting at? No kind of side-story relief seems to work here: whatever compensation you hope for, death in Game of Thrones will stick to its cruel ways and claim all the characters you’ve ever liked and more, one by one.

The speed with which the author keeps killing the characters has been the subject of many complaints, protests (he even had to go into hiding for a couple of weeks after the Red Wedding aired, so to avoid being the target of an angry fan lynching mob), and, ultimately, ironic fan art. The picture below sums up our frustrations perfectly:


For those of you who hadn’t yet watched the latest episodes or somehow don’t get it, the picture alludes to Tyrion’s story about a retarded Lannister cousin who spent his days in the garden and kept smashing bugs with a rock, saying “Khuu! Khuu!”. Tyrion kept wondering what the reason behind all the insect slaughter was and insisted that the cousin was up to something other than mindless killing, that the pattern of his actions indicated a deeper meaning which still remained concealed. Well, the illustrator who made the picture above suggests that we are just Tyrion: trying to find a deeper meaning in the expanding character corpse pile, while the author just keeps killing them off purely for fun (and to troll us). Har har har.

But George R R Martin himself is very much aware of what they say of how present death in Game of Thrones is, and has made some brilliant ironic takes on it himself. This isn’t the first time when the author responds very ironically to fan rants about him, and he’s as funny and clever as ever while at it. (Check out for example the letter he wrote to the fans concerned that he’ll die before getting a chance to finish the series).

Returning to the current issue of almost unbearable death in Game of Thrones, George R R Martin has outdone itself: he organized a contest for fans with a wicked prize. What was the prize, you ask? Why, death in Game of Thrones, of course. The lucky winner will have a briefly appearing character named after him/her in the upcoming books and will obviously be killed off swiftly. As much as it frustrates us, we must admit that it was the most beautifully trolling way to respond to all the whines regarding the character death toll.

5 Awesome Drinking Games & Their Rules

What is the best thing that you can do on a Saturday Night? Go out with your friends, drink and have fun, of course! But you know what’s even more fun than that: Getting completely smashed after playing one of the drinking games on our list. Obviously, we do not promote heavy drinking, but it would be a shame not to try one of these games at least once. Just make sure that you have a designated driver and an aspirin in handy for the next day. Without further ado we give you the best drinking games that have made high-school parties and gatherings 10 times more exciting.


FUBAR drinking game

FUBAR is the type of game that will get you drunk no matter what you do. You need a deck to play it. Shuffle it and scatter the cards in a pile, in the middle of the table. Players take turns picking cards. They then turn it over for everyone to see. Here are the rules:

  • Ace = 1 drink, 2 = two drinks, 3 = three drinks
  • 4= Questions: you have to look at a person of your choice and ask them a question. The person has to answer with a question, and this keeps going until someone screws up.
  • 5 = Give 5 drinks to someone
  • 6 = I never: for this card you have to say something you have never done before. The other players must drink who have also not done it must drink.
  • 7 = Thumb master: Whoever turned the card must place his thumb on the table, whenever they want, and the other must follow. The last one to place his thumb on the table has to drink. This can be done until the next Thumb master card is picked.
  • 8 = Categories: The drawer chooses a category and the other players must name a thing of the same kind (example: music, lyrics, rhythm, hit etc.)
  • 9 = Rhyme: The drawer chooses a word and all the players have to say words that rhyme with it. Whoever screws up has to take two drinks.
  • 10 = Social: everyone at the table has to drink
  • Jack = guys have to drink
  • Queen = girls have to drink
  • King = Waterfall: This one is the hardest card. The drawer has to start drinking, and then the second person starts drinking until the first stops. The third starts drinking until the second one stops etc.

2. Power Hour

Number two on our list of drinking games is a game that will not have mercy on you until you are under the table. There is only one rule: to take shots of beer every minute for an entire hour. Of course, you can add rules to the game if you want but that will only make it harder. Just say thanks it’s not vodka or tequila.

3. Beer Pong

beer pong drinking game

What drinking games top would be complete without the infamous Beer Pong? It is without a doubt one of the most popular game in America. To play it you require 12 glasses of beer. Arrange six on each side of the table (like bowling pins). There are two teams. Each has to throw a ping pong ball to the opposite side of the table and land it in the bear glass. The winning team is the one that makes the other one drink all the beers. The losers have to drink all the remaining beer on the table.

4. Quarters

Here’s another popular drinking game: Quarters. It can be played with any number of players but it works best with 3-6. You basically have to sit at a table, and spin a quarter to decide who starts. Each shooter has to bounce a quarter of the table and into a glass. If he manages he gives a drink to someone (the amount given to drink is decided upon on the beginning). The shooter’s turn ends when he misses the cup. To make it more exciting you can add more rules. Whoever breaks one of them has to drink.

1 1

5. Edward 40 Hands

For this game you will need duct tape and 2 40’s of beer for every player. Each hand receives a 40’s of beer and you can’t take it off until both bottles are empty. In other words, you can’t pee; you can’t do anything until then. As you can imagine, the purpose of the game is to get you completely wasted.

Ridiculous Hairstyles that are Both Mind-Boggling and Insane

Apart from our clothes and our way of behaving, we express ourselves with the help of our hairstyle-the color, the length, the way we wear it loose or tie it down, how we try and accessorize, how we make it fit to business attire or on the contrary, let it be the only stand-out element in a perfectly chosen outfit. It is no secret that women who have beautiful, long hair and a naturally beautiful skin are perceived as extremely attractive. They know how to carry themselves, and also how to take care of their body. All these things matter, so when people want to make a statement, they often choose their hair to be the statement giver. In the following cases, a statement was clearly made. We leave it up to you to decide what type of statement it was and if it reached you loud and clear. Enjoy!

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Violin, has Anyone Seen My Violin?!


This gorgeous up do combines elements that only a true hair stylist could master. That and a few dozen cans of hairspray. Clearly this was meant to be worn at a specific venue, the answer is, was the roof high enough?

Someday I’ll Fly Away, Leave all This to Yesterday


Not to drift too far away from element-influenced hairdos, this particular style involves a helicopter as the central inspiration point. In this case, the artist clearly had his work cut out for himself since he had to work with precise lines and surely, an unpatient model. We especially love the propellers.

Clearly, He Was Going for Mr. Peacock


In the wilderness, peacocks attract mates by showcasing their beautiful feathers-the higher and more colored their tails, the greater their chances at attracting suitable mates. This strapping gentleman clearly was on to something here, although the execution may have lacked a certain something.

E.T. Phone Home


This lovely young lady is the depiction of grace, elegance and originality (with a dash of loco) due to her obviously misplaced glasses. The hair looks marvelous if she is (as we surely all believe) going to a ComiCon but where are here alien glasses? It certainly would have completed the ensemble perfectly.

Unicorns Do Exist


Lay your fears to rest! If you also were under the impression that unicorns are just a figment of someone’s’ imagination or that they simply could not exist, think again! In this case, the artist is clearly trying to send out a shutout to all unicorn lovers out there that the time to believe is among us! So rally and believe once more in the kingdom of the Unicorn. If not, the hair simply has no business unicorning like that.

We’ve Found Cinderella’s Slippers


Imagine how the story would have ended if the prince would have simply taken the time to look at the ladies in the ballroom and notice that Cinderella had misplaced her slippers, but a well-intended guest had stored them in a perfect location for safe keeping? His pursuit would have been much easier had he only inspected the wigs of the participants.

The Fluffy Matryoshka Dollimages

When Jane Eyre met the Russians, something like this was bound to happen. The hair clearly yells “Look at me, look at me” while the immovable facial expression clearly takes the look to a whole new level. Actually, this hairstyle has absolutely no logic other than to protect the head of a (possible Russian spy) delicate mademoiselle from the long and aggressive Siberian winters.

This is our countdown for the most ridiculous hairstyles that are both mind-boggling and insane. What do you think? Would you use any of them for your next Halloween party?

Celebrities As Average People

People have a peculiar fascination with celebrities. They’re viewed as powerful, glamorous and beautiful. We see them on the cover of fashion magazines, in movies, and on TV where they exude confidence, style and wealth. But of course that’s just a front. They’re just normal people, aren’t they? Normal rich people who are known by millions of people.

A British artist named Danny Evans has come up with a way that will make us view celebrities in a whole different light. With the use of Photoshop, he has taken some of the most famous and well-known celebrities of today and has transformed them into average looking people. Imagine Jennifer Aniston as an overweight cashier lady. Pretty hard, isn’t it?

In the wrong hands, Photoshop can really be a tool for disaster. Photoshop mistakes are more common than we would have liked them to be, but fortunately it is quite the opposite in Danny Evans’ case. He is a Photoshop master! He said he was inspired to create these images of celebrities as average people by the already Photoshopped images of celebrities that seem to be everywhere we look:

“It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

He started creating the first images of celebrities as average people in 2006. Now, he just released some more funny Photoshopped celebs pictures for the world to enjoy. So, without further ado, this is what happens when celebrities become average people:

Tom Cruise is a 40-year old unemployed dude who still lives in his parents’ basement and plays video games all day long.Tom cruise celebrities as average people

Sarah Jessica Parker and a long lost relative pose for a family picture.sarah jessica parker celebrities as average people

Rihanna looks like a fancy public school principal here. She’s still pretty though!rihanna celebrities as average people

If you take away the hair, there really isn’t much of a difference between how Miley Cyrus looks today and this 80’s Miley.miley cyrus celebrities as average people

Madonna, the lady; the 80’s lady with aging Farrah Fawcett hair.madonna 2 celebrities as average people

Another Madonna, this time looking freakishly like my aunt Mildred at her school’s 50th reunion.madonna celebrities as average people

Just look at them. Even when they are average people, Kristen and Rob can’t seem to leave their brooding aside.kristen and rob celebrities as average people

I honestly believe that if Kim and Kanye weren’t famous this would be exactly how they would look like: Kim as a hefty beautician and Kanye as an even heftier furniture delivery kardashian kanye west celebrities as average people

The Kardashians are just amazing in this picture! Just look at Khloe and how much she fits her role! Kourtney’s smile say it all and Kris still looks like the Pimp Mama she is.kardashian family celebrities as average people

This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. It’s still Johnny Depp, only with a few extra pounds. But deep down inside, this is still Johnny and how he would look had he not found fame.johnny depp celebrities as average people

The perfect accountant, Jennifer Lopez in her marvelous velour sweater is excited about doing your numbers. Velour sweaters should really be banned, shouldn’t they?jennifer lopez celebrities as average people

Here she is, a disheveled Jennifer Aniston looking straight into the soul of the beef jerky hanging on the shelf at the convenient store where she’s working as a cashier.jennifer aniston celebrities as average people

I think if Posh saw this image she would get a panic attack. She’s so plump and fluffy and David looks all teeth!david and victoria beckham celebrities as average people

Making fun of Britney isn’t fun anymore and this picture reminds us why.britney spears celebrities as average people

This picture speaks volumes, but I want to draw your attention on Jay Z’s tie which features crosses on it. That’s all I wanted to say.beyonce jay z celebrities as average people

The most glorious photo manipulation of all times, this one is truly a masterpiece. Notice how worried they both look. It’s as if they have a ton of children back home to look after and no hired help to do it!angelina jolie brad pitt celebrities as average people

If you want to see more of Danny Evans’ works, this is his Facebook: Planet Hiltron.