The Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

We tend to think of mythical places as being perfect for living in. After all, who wouldn’t want to live somewhere like El Dorado, Shangri-La or Avalon?

Err, you wouldn’t. Scratch the surface of any mythical utopia and you will discover a horrible place you really wouldn’t want to spend much time in at all.

Shangri-La – Boring as Heck

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

This Himalayan “paradise” is completely cut off from the rest of the world and the people who live here are almost immortal. Can you spot a flaw with this place yet? Yep, it would be boring as heck. You might be itching to celebrate your 200th birthday with a wee trip to Shanghai or Ulan Bator but you can’t get there because it’s, well, it’s flipping well cut off from the rest of the world, ain’t it? You’re just going to have to spend all of your remaining centuries of life in Shangri bloody La with the same people you’ve seen every day for the last 200 years. Sure, it’s a paradise on Earth and everyone’s happy and blah de blah but come on; you’d be bored out of your skull living in this dump.

Avalon – Too Much Noise

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

Having an old Roxy Music song going round your head constantly is going to be the least of your worries here. This is where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged, so you can expect the Avalon Sword Making Company to make a helluva lot of noise and cause a lot of water pollution around here. Also, King Arthur went there to recover after getting slapped about in some battle or other. Can you imagine how disruptive it would be to normal life when injured members of the royal rock up to a small town and start complaining about their wounds, screaming for aspirin all night long and boring everyone senseless by talking about their crappy sword and the stupid Holy Grail?  Between Arthur and the local sword production industry it would be a noisy and frankly annoying place to live.

El Dorado – Too Much Gold

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

A city made almost entirely out of gold; yay! Except wouldn’t it be pretty crap to live in a place filled with gold? On a bright Andean morning the dazzle shining in your window would waken you up every single time, even when you draw your gold drapes. The gold sidewalk would also be really slippery when it rains and your gold chairs would be awfully uncomfortable. Add in the constant threat of those freaking annoying conquistadores coming back to kill you all and it is clear that this is one mythical paradise that stinks to high heaven. 

Cockaigne – Poor Quality Buildings and Flying Cheese

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

You might not have heard of Cockaigne as much as the other mythical places we have looked at but it was widely used in medieval times to depict a utopia on Earth. It is a place of incredible luxury where gluttony, pleasure, sexual liberty, comfort and cheese are the order of the day. Sounds alright so far, doesn’t it? Well, apart from the cheese but we’ll get to that in a minute. As far as the architectural standards go, this isn’t something that I would normally worry about in such a paradise. However, it seems that the houses here are made of barley sugar and cakes. Is that a wise long term building policy to adopt? Additionally, grilled geese fly straight into your mouth and cooked fish land at your feet. What? I hate goose and fish so that sounds awful. Worst of all, it rains cheese, dude. I mean, I like cheese but I’d rather not have a chunk of cheddar whack me on the head while I’m trying to avoid those annoying fish and geese.  All in all, I think I’ll give this place a miss as well.

5 Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year’s Eve

If you love makeup, then you’re probably already thinking about what look you’ll be going for on New Year’s Eve. Makeup is fun and with a bit of help, it’s easy! Today we’re going to take a look at some eye makeup ideas that will help you decide on your New Year’s Eve makeup look.

Before we begin, we must say that you can find inspiration pretty much everywhere, in nature, online, in movies and art. But the best inspiration and the best advice you’ll ever get is going to come from a makeup artist. If we were to only make one single recommendation when it comes to makeup artists, then it would be the wonderful and talented Lisa Eldridge.

She has a YouTube Channel where she presents all sorts of makeup looks, give lots of valuable tips, tricks and suggestions. We absolutely adore her and believe that anyone who loves makeup, man or woman, can learn something from her. Lisa Eldridge is the embodiment of less is more and we agree completely. Here are our Lisa Eldridge-inspired eye makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve!

Classic Smokey Eye

Every person who likes to wear makeup should be able to know how to do a classic smokey eye. It’s THE evening look and you simply cannot go wrong with it! Lisa lets us see how easy it is to make a dark, smokey eye and as usual, she keeps things quite natural. If you follow her eye makeup tips and tricks, you cannot fail. And a classic smokey eye look is perfect for the New Year’s Eve party!

Fantasy Peacock Eye Makeup

This one is for the wild at heart! If you’re feeling creative on New Year’s Eve or the party you’re going to is a fun/crazy party, then we suggest you give this peacock eye a try. You’ll need lots of bold colors, such as yellow, green and purple, for this look, but it’s going to come out spectacular. Add some glitter if you feel like the colors need help to pop!

Cara Delevingne Eye Makeup

Cara Delevingne is one of the hottest models of the moment, and Lisa worked with her many times. She made this intense evening look for her and she was kind enough to share the process of creating this stunning look with us. This video will teach you a thing or two about how to create intense, sultry eyes that would be perfect for an evening out, prom and even a wedding (if you’re the Jezebel guest).

Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup Look

This video is one of the most watched Lisa Eldridge videos ever. It shows how Marilyn Monroe’s makeup was achieved and it will leave you in awe! The look itself is a highly dramatic, complex, red-lip and sexy and it will turn heads. Be cautious with this one, it’s not as easy as all the others, but if you can pull it off, you will be remembered!

Bold Winged Eyeliner Eye Makeup

Lisa herself tagged this eye makeup look as being perfect for hooded eyes, but it’s also great for all shapes and colors (be them brown, blue, green or hazel)! Many shy away from cat eyes, because it takes a bit of exercise to perfect the eyeliner application technique, but when you’ve got the best makeup artist in the world (and we stand by that statement) teaching you how to do it, it’s much easier to get it right.

Make sure you follow Lisa’s YouTube channel if you want to learn more about the wonderful world of makeup!

What is your favorite eye makeup product?


Some of the Funniest Memes Around Right Now

What did we do for entertainment before memes came along to annoy and amuse us in almost equal measures?

If my memory serves me right we all sat round an open fire while grandma played the piano and grandpa fetched another vat of moonshine from the shed. Ah, those were the days.

The Keanu Conspiracy Theory

Funniest Memes

This is a classic type of meme but it still has some legs left on it. Basically, a dopey looking Keanue Reeves can see conspiracies that no-one else can. He’s right on this one though. Who asked the princess if she wants to be rescued anyway?

The Eyebrows Meme

Funniest Memes

Bushy eyebrows are a great source of entertainment, aren’t they? I mean, not every person’s eyebrows are amusing but this guy, for example, has a fine set on him.

The Grumpy Cat Meme

Funniest Memes

The grumpy cat has been in the news quite a lot recently. This little lady was born with dwarfism and an underbite that gives her the distinctive grumpy look that launched a million memes.  Her owner quit her job and became a millionaire taking pictures of her grumpy cat. Not bad work if you can get it.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

Funniest Memes

The slightly unbalanced look on this girl’s face makes her perfect for the overly attached girlfriend meme. She first shot to fame singing a slightly creepy song for Justin Bieber. Now she scares men all over the world with her clingy questions and accusations.

The Disaster Girl Meme

Funniest Memes

Distaster girl has been around for a long time but she still raises a laugh every now and then. Apparently the original picture was taken during a fire service drill rather than a real disaster. That still doesn’t explain the sinister look on her face, though.

The Skeptical Kid Meme

Funniest Memes

This little fellow just doesn’t believe most of the stuff he is told. He started off as a skeptical third world kid questioning aid workers but nowadays he covers just about any aspect of life that needs a bit of skepticism.

The Bill Cosby Meme

Funniest Memes

Oooh, this is a bit topical, isn’t it? Bill Cosby sent out an invite to the world to make memes about him and the world filled their boots in style. Many of the memes talk about the recent rape allegations around him and this is one of the tamer ones I could find.

The Survival Tips from Bear Grylls Meme

Funniest Memes

If you are ever stuck alone out in the jungle or on top of a randomly floating iceberg then check if you still have a Wi-Fi signal. If you have then you need to urgently find some Bear Grylls survival memes in order to get out of there alive.

The Creepy Kid Meme

Funniest Memes

The creepy kid meme is great for jokes poking fun at older folks. The look on his face is somewhere between evil and sweet, so just like most kids, really.

The Bad Luck Brian Meme

Funniest Memes

As the song says, if it wasn’t for my bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Brian is a walking disaster and even the ice bucket challenge was too much of a stretch for him. Better luck next time, dude.

10 Little Known Solar System Facts

Astronomers learn new facts about our solar system every single day. However, with every discovery, we realize just how little we actually know about our Earth’s neighbors. No wonder that we can’t keep up with the advancements in the field. So here are 10 little known solar system facts that kids who are passionate about astronomy may find interesting.

1. Venus is hotter than Mercury

solar system facts 1

One would expect the closest planet to the Sun to be the hottest, but this is not the case. Mercury has no atmosphere to retain the heat provided by its powerful neighbor. On the other hand, Venus has a very thick atmosphere that keeps most of the heat on the planet.

2. There is ice on Mercury

solar system facts 2

Cool fact: because the planet has no atmosphere, it hosts ice in its polar regions. Although the planet can witness up to 800 °F during the day, some crater floors are not directly hit by light. Consequently, temperatures do not rise beyond the freezing point. Because Mercury’s polar areas highly reflect radar, scientists strongly believe that Mercury has frozen water. The red areas in the picture signal the deepest craters.

3. Our solar system hosts five dwarf planets

solar system facts 3

We have our answer, Pluto is not a planet. After being relegated to the status of dwarf planet, Pluto joined other four celestial bodies in our solar system: Ceres, Haumea, Eris, and Makemake. Ceres, the largest one, makes up about a third of the mass of the asteroid belt. However, astronomers believe that the solar system could contain thousands of dwarf planets.

4. Eris is the largest dwarf planet

solar system facts 4

Eris, the largest dwarf planet, was discovered almost 10 years ago. This celestial body was close to receiving its planet title, but researchers changed their minds, taking Pluto down in the process as well. Eris revolves around the Sun three times further away from the star than Pluto.

5. Ceres has plenty of fresh water

solar system facts 5

Although Ceres has a surface area about the same as India, the dwarf planet is estimated to hold 200 million cubic meters of fresh water, which is more than Earth’s reserves. Moreover, recent hypothesis include the possibility that life on Earth originated on Ceres.

6. The Sun makes up more than 99 percent of the solar system’s mass

solar system facts 6

More precisely, the Sun represents 99.86 percent of the mass. Jupiter and Saturn stand for most of the rest, while the inner solar system planets have a negligible impact from a purely statistical point of view. When you are talking about solar system facts, this could actually be the most important one.

7. The solar system ends much further away than Pluto

solar system facts 7

We live in the hip central part of the neighborhood. Taking into account the huge Oort cloud, the edge of the solar system lies is 1,000 further away than Pluto.

8. Saturn has 62 moons

solar system facts 8

If you ever thought that our Moon obscures the view, imagine the crowded, yet amazing panorama you’ll enjoy while trying to gaze at the stars. Titan, the largest and most famous one, is bigger than Mercury. Fun fact: astronomers named just 53 of all the 62 Saturnian moons.

9. Jupiter has the largest ocean

One would expect the largest planet to host the largest ocean, but then again, Venus is the hottest planet, although Mercury sits closer to the Sun, so expect surprises. Jupiter’s ocean, which is basically liquid hydrogen, is estimated to be around 25,000 miles deep.

10. Mars has the highest mountain in the solar system

Olympus Mons is about 17 miles high, which is roughly three Everests placed on top of each other. Curiosity rover, the most advanced NASA machine on the red planet, just started climbing and investigating Olympus Mons.

There are plenty of space missions that will soon provide new data about Pluto in 2015 (New Horizons probe) and Jupiter in 2016 (Juno probe), so be prepared to update your knowledge of solar system facts in a very short time.

4 Cool & Fun Games for Kids

It used to be the case that parents worried if their children spent too much time on the computer, playing video games, as they perceived them as poor alternatives to the social, outdoors fun games for kids that they used to enjoy in their time. With the rise of video games towards the mainstream in the last few years, however, acceptance grew and today we are not going to try to compare the inherent qualities of playing online or playing outside, but rather establish which games are the more appropriate for what situation. There are birthday parties, Christmas and Easter holidays, Thanksgiving with the whole family, and learning time, each with corresponding games that are super fun to play at any occasion. That is to say, just because your hands are on the wii console now and again, that doesn’t necessarily imply cancelling your gym card, fitness membership, running, or summer camping altogether. So here are 4 ideas of cool and fun games for kids, depending on the occasion.


1.     Outdoors

Stock Photo of the End of a Soccer (Football) Game

Now, this all depends on how the weather is where you live, but let’s assume you’re going to save the quality outside play time for dry and sunny days – tough luck, Scottish parents – where you will be able to teach your kids any of the classic games you used to play when you were their age. These pretty much includes all the ball sports we all know: some easy table tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, you name it! These games benefit from the patience and care of adults. Other outdoor games, however, thrive when they are played among other children, due to the levelled field being among the highlights of the game. Games such as this, all highly active, include hopscotch, hide and seek, jumping rope, tag and any variations of the marbles game.


2.     Indoors, analogue

fun games for kids 2

Rainy, cold day and yet you feel like the computer could use a rest? There are so many elementary indoor activities to entertain your children at home during a sleepover on a school day. Board games are great for any kid, boy or girl, as they have been shown to increase brain power and speed. Depending on their age you can either go for some older icebreaker games like Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, Monopoly and the like, or go for more complex one, such as Clue, Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne (which are great for all ages). If you want to stay dry and warm, yet not miss the opportunity for some physical activity, there is always the really interactive Twister to make the living room come alive, as well as any iteration of games where the children need to dance before coming to a halt when the music stops, such as Musical Chairs or Freeze!


3.     Indoors, digital

Children playing computer game on an iPad

This is a tricky one, since your children are more likely to find websites full of fun games for kids online than you, out of both sheer determination, as well as different search methods. But maybe you want them to play specific stuff, in which case games like Cartoon Cove Mini Golf, where each round of mini-golf takes place in the world of a different Cartoon Network show, from Dexter’s Laboratory to Powerpuff Girls, also giving the option for a two player show-down. Ice Breaker is another fun Flash game, but having the extra advantage that it relies more on thinking, than dexterity, while the player tries to free a number of frozen Vikings through as little moves as possible.


4.     Party Games

fun games for kids 4

The sort of games that you are looking for in a party game is the sort of activity that can keep a lot of kids busy, without giving them the opportunity to get in too much trouble. The above-mentioned Twister can be used for this as well, but other games, specifically designed for large groups can prove even more entertaining. Any list of fun games for kids needs to include “Pin the tail on the donkey”, a timeless classic, as well as “Red light, green light”, “Duck duck goose” and any form of treasure hunt game, all of them having the advantage of being able to accommodate any number of, as well as allowing late-comers to just drop in, without much preamble or needing to start over.