3 Space Things People Know Wrong

Since the universe we live in is so complex, science has a pretty hard job. Because it has to try and give explanations for all the phenomena in this great universe in an orderly, rational, provable fashion. And since everything is connected to everything in the universe, from the macroscopic level to the microscopic one, and our human mind tends to work by dividing things and putting them into neat categories, you can see why mistakes may happen.

Not necessarily because a certain scientific theory is flat out wrong, although that sometimes happens as well, but because the information available at one point changes later and influences the premises that the theory was initially based on, which needs to be revised.

However, when that theory is revised, the world and its people who aren't scientists don't necessarily follow suit. Which leads to cases in which a certain thing is believed which might seem plausible or might have seemed so in the past, but is no longer so.

Since space is vast and its field of study is equally so, here's 3 space things people know wrong. Keep in mind that the things discussed below might suffer revisions as well, if new information comes to light.

1. The emptiness of space

3 space things people know wrong - empty space.

I'm sure you've heard this expression frequently in sci-fi movies, usually with the accompanying intense stare into nothingness of a main character, along with dramatic music. Well, scientists are now saying, based on recent discoveries that space might not be all that empty after all. And that even between planets and stars, though there is a seeming void, in fact there the density of material is just really really low, but clearly not zero.

Not to mention that even more recent explorations focus on something called dark energy which seems to be is everywhere within that void and all around the universe. Though some theories explain it as being part of the fabric of space and others use different approaches, it is still an argument that the space between planets and stars is not just nothingness.

2. BOOM!

One of the 3 space things people know wrong is fire in space.

Explosions and the fires that accompany them do not behave at all like we've been taught in the movies. Meaning that a great wave of fire, sound and accompanying shock-wave do not happen. This is logical if you come to think about it. As fire needs oxygen to burn and sound is actually pressure on your ear-drum caused by moving masses of… air, water whatever as long as it is liable to cause vibrations.

But keep in mind that there would be oxygen at hand, from inside the destroyed vessel. So in fact, an explosion in space would happen, but it would take a fraction of a second while the fire manages to consume some of the oxygen before it dissipates and it would look kind of like a flash.

3. Dodge skills The list of 3 space things people know wrong includes asteroid mine-fields.

You won't need that much of them. In case you thought they were essential when navigating an asteroid field. Which is another common opinion often depicted in movies. You know, that part when the beleaguered protagonists, the underdogs and their clearly inferior ship in size and firepower decides to take the dangerous decision of losing the other ship in an apparently suicidal attempt to traverse a dense asteroid field.

In reality, asteroid fields's elements are pretty widely spaced apart. Along the lines of weeks, months or even years of space travel between one asteroid or another, with current technology. Which is something that some legendary sci-fi writers knew very well and made note of in their works (like Orson Scott Card in his prequels to “Ender's game”, which features a family of asteroid miners).

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Some Internet Celebrities Post-Fame

If beauty is fleeting, fame is even more so. Yet more fleeting than fame is Internet fame. Of which we have no shortage of in our social media-driven era.

It seems like everyday, at least once a day, a new sensation is born, that somehow makes it to your feed and everyone else's on the planet, in a manner in which only big-time stars managed to do in the past.

Yet, just as fast as they appeared, these meteors of fame burn away from our collective focus, whether it's a few days later, a few weeks later or maximum a few months later.

Which raises the question (that I'm sure some of us has had): what happens to these individuals once their moment has gone? Because it's well known that fame will alter a person's personality. So, once these people have been affected, but for a little while, do they revert to their old selves? Or does their fame propel them somewhere else? And where? Towards better or worse?

As a few examples, here is some information about some internet celebrities post-fame.

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson is part of the story on some internet celebrities post-fame.

The man who gave you the most precious advice, to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they rapin' everybody out here.” After his rant was auto-tuned and propelled him to audio and meme celebrity, Antoine tried to capitalize on it by endorsing a sex offender tracking app and trying to start a reality show based on his family.

He also mentioned that he's decided to switch his sexual orientation to heterosexual (he was homosexual before, in case you didn't know), married and had a baby.

As climax to this tale, he also thought it'd be a good idea to arrange a boxing match between him and the home-intruder that made him famous in the first place. He almost got knocked out with the first punch thrown by the man.

The Techno Viking

The happenings of some internet celebrities post-fame include The Techno Viking.

What we all thought was a lethal dancing machine meets just as lethal berserker who obviously works out, probably along the lines of battling Ice Giants, turns out, in real-life to be a very private laid-back person. To the point of actually doing the unimaginable (to us) thing of not only not coming forth to capitalize on his fame as Antoine above (hence his name not being known), but actually suing the guy that filmed him impromptu, while dancing on the street and made him a celebrity.

Repeatedly. Until he won compensation for damage to his image from a European court and the right to have all the materials based on the Techno viking thing (and his likeness) removed from the Internet, which is what he's probably doing right now – hunting for them. With his massive Norse axe.

Chris Crocker

some internet celebrities post-fame - Chris Crocker.

The effeminate (male!) star of the “Leave Britney Alone!” emotion-packed, Oscar deserving(?) rant sure did follow up on his new-found fame. Or so it appeared as he went on to record a few songs and promote them with the help of his new viralness.

This image boost even managed to get him an appearance in a Weezer music video called “Pork and Beans”. So it looked like it might just work for him. Alas, hype is not the only component in long-lasting fame. You have to actually have a skill or something to say to cater to said-hype.

And, as is often the case of Internet celebrities, that artistic talent appears to be lacking in Crocker's case, judging by the fact that he ended up doing gay porn. With his boyfriend. Oh, well. As long as he's happy, fame doesn't matter that much anyway.

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7 Places On Earth That Will Give You Shivers

Now that Halloween has passed, it's safe to tell you about 7 places on earth that will give you shivers since, you know, going there ON Halloween would have been truly asking for it. However, as these real-life locations are spooky at any time of the year, do try not to let your guard down, do silly irresponsible stuff and/or start getting naked while there.

Oh, and do not, under any circumstance, listen to the guy or gal with the bright idea of “Hey, let's split up!”. You've been warned!

1. Cyprus, Varosha

7 places on earth that will give you shivers - Varosha

This coastal town in Cyprus is just PERFECT for a holiday! That is, if you're a big fan of the Fallout game series or any other post-apocalyptic themed work. Because it was completely abandoned when the Turkish invasion began on the 20th of July 1974.

2. New York, Willard Asylum

Willard Asylum is one of the 7 places on earth that will give you shivers

As the name says, the place was an asylum for the chronically insane, but is now abandoned, but many of its fixtures, furniture and equipment remain. As well as the statistical fact that around 50% of the 50,000 patients it had in total during its existence died here, never to return to their homes and family. So if you believe in tragic spirits still haunting the earth, this place has a pretty high chance of housing them.

3. Mexico, La Isla de la Munecas

The list of 7 places on earth that will give you shivers includes The Island of Dolls.

Or the Island of the Dead Dolls, in Mexico, just south of Mexico City is possibly one of the creepiest places on Earth, both because of the visuals and of the story behind them. You see, Don Julian Santana Barrera, the care-taker of the island, according to the legend, was not able to save a little girl from drowning due to mysterious circumstances.

So he tied her doll, that he found floating nearby in the water to a tree, in her memory. Then, he kept tying other dolls around for the rest of his life until his death by apparent suicide in 2001, in allegedly, the same spot that the girl drowned in.

Now the stories go that the dolls are possessed by spirits, they move and even whisper to each other.

4. Turkmenistan, The Door To Hell

7 places on earth that will give you shivers - The Door To Hell

If you're more Hell, fire and brimstone inclined in your fascination for creepy places, try Turkmenistan and it's so-called Door To Hell. The name is apt to describe the impressive fire that has been burning constantly for the past 40 years in a pit that was once a gas field, that the Soviets set on fire.

So, yeah, you won't get to see real demons, unfortunately(?).

5. Japan, Aokigahara Forest

One of the 7 places on earth that will give you shivers is the Aokigahara Forest.

Also referred to as the Suicide Forest. For good reason. Because is the place were enough suicides have happened over the years that it now has a reputation as the place to go in Japan if you're planning to take this final, sad decision.

This is, sadly, not an exaggeration. As one of the park rangers' regular activities is to go and see how many bodies they have to collect and bring back to other authorities.

6. Belgium, Chateau Miranda

The list of 7 places on earth that will give you shivers includes the Chateau Miranda.

In Celles, in Belgium, there is this castle whose history boasts both having been a place where the French aristocrats fled from the Revolution as well as an orphanage after World War II. Once abandoned in 1980, the owners refused to allow the authorities to maintain it, so it has been since, slowly, deteriorating into the perfect spooky castle.

7. China, Shicheng City

7 places on earth that will give you shivers - Shicheng City

Nicknamed The Lion City, and founded about 1300 years ago, this city was an important cultural and trade center of the region in the past. But modern demands were deemed more important and it was purposely flooded by the government in 1959 so that a hydro power plant could be built.

Ever since, it's impressive (and creepy) old buildings have been watching under the water, a sight for anyone brave enough to put on a diver suit and go visit.

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5 Times Celebrities Nailed Their Halloween Costume

When you're a famous entertainment industry celebrity it gets even harder to impress people with your Halloween costume, because they expect you to be out of this world on a day to day basis. I mean, hey, sometimes they dress-up as you!

So when a celebrity does decide to show-up costumed for Halloween, the pressure is higher and the task at hand more arduous than when Hercules fought the mythical Hydra. Because his Hydra didn't have millions of heads as the figurative hydra of fans has.

Everything must be perfect to the tiniest detail, both regarding the clothing items that make up the costume itself and the attitude of the wearer, who must project the vibe of whatever he/she costumed as. The fact that we're talking about actors and singers who are used to the stage and shifting their image, does help, granted.

But the fact remains that it's no easy task to have your every action, including a fun fooling around on a special night like Halloween, scrutinized by countless avid eyes.

Which makes the 5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume rightfully impressive. And I do mean nailed it! Credit where credit is due.

1. Ed Sheeran – Austin Powers

5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume - Ed Sheeran

They're both British. But that's about all they have in common. To go from acclaimed pop-folk singer (Sheeran) to woman-crazed, overly-confident despite being ridiculous, time displaced hippie spy is surely no easy task. Especially when Austin Powers practically defines the term flamboyant even when not moving a muscle. But Ed pulled it off in 2014, before a show. Yes, he proceeded to play in costume.

2. Beyonce Knowles – Storm

Beyonce Knowles made one of the 5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume happen.

Another popular singer, this time the transformation was towards a super-heroine, the equally popular Storm from X-men. Come to think about it, as the super-heroine of many young African-American girls and a positive storm whenever she goes on stage, it kinda fits as a metaphor. Anyway, on October 25 this year, at Ciara's birthday party, which was Halloween themed in anticipation of the holiday, Beyonce struck everyone into amazement. With lightning that is, as Storm.

3. Guy Ritchie & Son – Heisenberg & Jesse Pinkman

The list of 5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume includes Guy Ritchie and son.

While people would have expected (and probably dissed) film director Guy Ritchie to break some people's will and/or bodies as a charismatic English mobster like those in the famous “Lock, stock and two smoking barrels” movie shot under his guidance, not many expected him to break out even badder and pull off such a good impersonation of “Breaking Bad”‘s protagonist Heisenberg and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman in 2014 at the UNICEF UK Halloween Ball, London. And with his son as Jesse, no less. His cool, casual appreciation of his colleagues' work, the directors of the series, is also worth noting in an industry sometimes marked by petty feuds. 

4. Iggy Azalea – Cruella De Vil

5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume - Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea cruel? Hard to say without actually hanging out with her. But she doesn't seem like the Dalmatian torturing kind. Or a hag with a veneer of civilization. Which is why her appearance as one of Disney's most popular villain's (and several generations of dog loving children's bitter nemesis) was eye-catching at Vevo's Halloween party in 2013. She sure looks the part. Including bringing her own Dalmation along. We can only hope that looks were all there was to it and it wasn't the last night the poor creature was seen.

5.  Rihanna – Raphael

The list of 5 times celebrities nailed their Halloween costume includes Rihanna

If you think there's an incongruity in Hawaiian born rebel Rihanna going Galapagos turtle, think again. Galapagos turtle that is. As in, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (assuming they were Galapagos turtles to begin with, which seems to be the case), to be more exact. Which Rihanna did when she showed up as Raphael, one of the four famous Ninja Turtles. And to explain why there's no incompatibility between Rihanna and Raphael, a quote from Wikipedia describing the latter: “The team's bad boy, Raphael wears a dark red mask and wields a pair of sai. He is physically very strong, has an aggressive nature, and seldom hesitates to throw the first punch. He is often depicted with a New York accent. His personality can be fierce and sarcastic, and oftentimes delivers deadpan humor. He is intensely loyal to his brothers and sensei.” Yup, sounds legit.

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Extraordinary Claims By L Ron Hubbard

There are more extraordinary claims by L Ron Hubbard than just Scientology.

Scientology is a movement founded in 1953 by L Ron Hubbard, an American science-fiction author. Although its status is defined differently in countries across the world, from tax-exempt religion in the US, to cult in France (where L Ron Hubbard was even tried for fraud and convicted in absentia), to “anti-constitutional sect” in Germany, it is clearly a movement with a religious nature, whose members rigorously follow a body of beliefs, tenets and practices.

These mainly revolve around the central concept that human beings are actually immortal, but have forgotten their true nature. Also part of the core beliefs are the story of the Galactic Dictator Xenu and the conviction that psychiatry is very bad for people and should be eliminated from human society and forbidden due to its destructive and abusive nature.

Hubbard Scientology is one of the most controversial new religious movements, due to the above mentioned core concepts and the many outstanding claims that derive from them (the souls of aliens, citizens of Xenu's Galactic Confederation executed by him, with the consultation of psychiatrists, 75 million years ago here on Earth, then called Teegeeack, are trapped here and are called Thetans; there's a malicious R6 implant in these souls, which prevents humans from achieving their higher state; this implant harms people if they try to bypass it or eliminate it etc. ).

The extraordinary claims by L Ron Hubbard include Dianetics.

It's worth noting that Scientology came into existence because L R Hubbard had lost the rights to Dianetics which was his initial foray into human metaphysics, spirituality, psychology and health and was considered pseudo-science by his scientist peers at the time and refused for publication by all the journals he applied to. So in short, L Ron Hubbard Dianetics became the L Ron Hubbard Scientology doctrine which led to the establishment of the Church of Scientology which still exists today, despite the death of Ron L Hubbard in 1986 and the many controversies, scandals and negative opinions surrounding the movement/church.

But these are not the only controversies. Because the founder himself made some pretty audacious statements during the course of his life which are not supported by evidence or are outright contradicted by what evidence exists. So, here's some extraordinary claims by L Ron Hubbard.

He claimed to be a nuclear physicist (and a doctor, among other things). And wrote a book titled “L Ron Hubbard – All about radiation”. In fact, not only did he never get a degree in physics, he was also a college drop-out. And a scientific inquiry into his book by a board of respected scientists, including an expert radiologist reached the following conclusion that it's: ” the sort of knowledge that perhaps a boy who has read Intermediate Physics might, with a lot of misapprehensions and lack of understanding, demonstrate”.

Extraordinary claims by L Ron Hubbard - All About Radiation

One of the more shocking contradictions between his declarations and deeds was his rapport with drugs. Because the spiritual leader, public persona side of him advocated a completely clean drug-free lifestyle (including psychiatric drugs), which is even an important tenet of the Church of Scientology. However, close witness accounts paint a totally different picture, with L Ron Hubbard as a severe drug addict who took a variety of illicit addictive substances, the most important of these accounts being that of L Ron Jr.: “I have personal knowledge that my father regularly used illegal drugs including amphetamines, barbiturates and hallucinogens. He regularly used cocaine, peyote and mescaline.” As one of the 7 L Ron Hubbard children of whom some have later turned into opponents of Scientology and their father or become estranged, his account garners considerable credibility.

Then there is his claim that he was made a blood brother of the Blackfoot American-Indian tribe of Montana at the age of … four. If this was not incredible enough, by the sheer fact that at that age most societies tend to consider children as without having developed the ability to reason, let alone be wise, it becomes even more incredible when confronted by the fact that, as Wikipedia points out (citing confirmed sources): “The tribe did not practice blood brotherhood and no evidence has been found that he had ever been a Blackfeet blood brother”.

The list of extraordinary claims by L Ron Hubbard includes him being a war hero.

And apparently claiming to be a very spiritual person didn't contradict, in L Ron Hubbard logic, with being a war hero, which is what he also claimed, to the point of presenting himself so: “Blinded with injured optic nerves, and lame with physical injuries to hip and back, at the end of World War II, I faced an almost non-existent future. My service record states: ‘This officer has no neurotic or psychotic tendencies of any kind whatsoever,' but it also states ‘permanently disabled physically.' ” But rest assured, it's a happy ending story. Because he: “became used to being told it was all impossible, that there was no way, no hope. Yet I came to see again and walk again.”

Come to think of it, it does tie in nicely with the whole spiritual thing. Being able to use just your will to heal yourself from “permanent disability” like blindness or paralysis sounds like a major spiritual feat, maybe a miracle. Too bad this story isn't true either, because there are Veteran Administration hospital documents which contradict it.

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