9 Cool Christmas Crafts for Kids

When it comes to Christmas, everyone in the family should engage in an activity that can involve food, Christmas ornaments or decorations. Kids however are not as easy to handle or please so here are some cool Christmas crafts to keep them busy and entertained.

1. Hand Printed Decorations and Ornaments

cool christmas craftsPaint your hand in different colors and then touch your simple Christmas globes to create some pretty cool snowmen or reindeer designs. In terms of Christmas Arts and Craft, this is one of the prettiest and simplest ideas.

2. Snowmen out of paper rolls

cool christmas craftsWho knew something as “useless” as a toilet paper roll can be put to such a good use? I certainly didn’t! Put your small artist to work on one of these really cool kids crafts for Christmas and teach him how to make something really amazing from something as ordinary as a paper roll. Full instructions here.

3. Yummy Pasta into Cool easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

cool christmas craftsThe only things you will need in terms of Christmas tree ornaments this year are going to be pasta and different color spray paints. Follow this link to see in how many ways you can use simple pasta to create one of the most stunning Christmas ornament crafts for kids.

4. Pinecones as small Christmas Tress

cool christmas craftsAnother great Christmas craft for kids is to let them transform a simple pine cone into a miniature Christmas tree. By simply painting the cone and gluing different ornaments onto it, they can create something truly beautiful. Click here for other ideas.

5. Amazing Wreaths out of Paper

cool christmas craftsIf this Christmas you are a bit tired of the common Christmas wreaths that you can buy in shops, put your kids to work on a joyful paper wreath. By simply cutting out pieces of paper following a certain pattern, you can teach your little ones to make new shapes and introduce them to the world of Christmas craft ideas for kids. Follow the link here for detailed instructions.

6. Snowy winter in a wine glass

cool christmas craftsOne of the most beautiful Christmas crafts for kids to make is definitely this idea. Use artificial snow glued onto a piece of round cardboard with either Christmas trees, animals or other things which inspire holiday cheer and place them under a wine glass. To make the assembly even more amazing, you can also put a candle on the glass’s foot. Tutorials and ideas can be found here.

7. Plastic bottle snowflakes

cool christmas craftsA great idea that you can find on Pinterest Christmas crafts for kids is using the bottom of plastic bottles to create snowflakes. Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle, and then use silver or white paint to make the outline of your snowflake and attach a string to it. It is as easy as it sounds! However, be sure to not let children use cutting tools unsupervised. Tutorial and other ideas here.

8. Reindeers out of Bottles

cool christmas craftsIf you have leftover brown bottles of beer or soda you can actually turn them into Christmas ornaments. Use a pair of googly eyes, a red nose and rain horns and make your old bottles feel new again. Follow this link for further instructions.

9. Snowmen out of bottle caps

cool christmas craftsCollect bottle caps to make snowmen out of them. Tie together three bottle caps, paint the inside of them and add different types of materials or fabric to make the snowman look more realistic. Full tutorial here.


By following at least one or two ideas presented in this article you do not only get to spend some quality time with your children but you can also teach them how they can use old or ordinary objects and turn them into something new, with a bit of effort.

Instead of just buying new ornaments each year, let your child express himself and create something unique.

For more Christmas crafts for kids Pinterest, follow this link.


10 Cool Things to do in Chicago during Winter

Although Chicago’s nickname is “the windy city”, it is still a very enjoyable destination all year round. Every season has its own beauty, especially when it comes to a big and lively city such as Chicago.

Many people tend to spend their winters snuggling under a blanket, streaming movies on Netflix and ordering take-out, but there is so much more out there to discover. To convince you of this fact, here is a list of some of the best cool things to do in Chicago during winter season.

1. Chicago sports teams

cool things to do in ChicagoOne of the most fun things to do in Chicago is to attend a sports game. Chicago Bears and Chicago Wolves are two of the major sports teams that play in the name of the city – the bears play football, while the Wolves play hockey. Experience life in sub-zero temperature while cheering for your favorite team and feel as alive as ever!

2. McCormick Tribune Skating Rink

cool things to do in ChicagoIn terms of free things to do in Chicago during winter, the McCormick Ice Skating Rink is one of your best choices. Be amazed by the stunning sculpture of Millenium Park while ice skating on one of the most beautiful rinks in the States. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Chicago with kids, as everyone can learn to enjoy skates. Take note however about the fact that the admission fee is free of charge, but you have to pay for skates’ rental, if you don’t already own a pair.

3. The Rosebud

cool things to do in ChicagoExperience an authentic and delicious Italian dinner at the Rosebud restaurant, situated on W. Taylor Street. Imagine that this restaurant was Frank Sinatra’s favorite, so you should definitely consider visiting it!

4. Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

cool things to do in ChicagoThis festival is another great idea when it comes to free thing to do in Chicago. Visit Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo while watching a spectacular light show and several demonstrations which include ice carving or carolers.

5. Museums

cool things to do in Chicago  5If you are looking for different things to see in Chicago, two of the best museums that you can check out are The Field Museum and The Museum of Science & Industry. You can either choose to meet “Sue”, a giant dinosaur fossil at the Field or take a plunge back in history at the Science Museum, either case, you will definitely have something to talk about after this Chicago experience.

6. Hershey Kisses from Chicago

cool things to do in ChicagoOn Michigan Avenue you can find a fancy little shop where you can enjoy an amazing cup of Hershey’s Hot Chocolate, among other treats and candy from the same popular producer.

7. Dave and Busters

cool things to do in ChicagoThings to do in Chicago today? If you travel 30 minutes away from downtown, into the suburb you will find a new location of Dave and Busters – a popular restaurant, bar and gaming arena, which is definitely one of the top places you need to check out during a cold Chicago winter day.

8. Winter activities

cool things to do in ChicagoWhen it comes to things to do in Chicago this weekend, given the fact that the weather is starting to get colder and snow is going to be abundant pretty soon, enjoy some winter activities. The parks and forests around the city are perfect for any kind of winter activity such as skiing, snowboarding or even sledding with your kids.

9. Take pictures with “The Bean”

cool things to do in ChicagoThe Cloud Gate sculpture or simply The Bean in the Millennium Park has received both international and local attention as it is a beautiful sculpture that stuns people due to its reflective nature.

10. Go Shopping!

cool things to do in ChicagoAt last, another one of the best and easiest tasks that you can complete when it comes to Chicago: things to do is just go shopping. Whether you just want to enjoy the window displays or seek for Christmas presents for you and your loved ones, Chicago offers a variety of small shops or huge shopping centers that can please even the pickiest of people. Oakbrook Center is one of the prettiest shopping centers in Chicago and it is actually situated outdoors.

Even though the beauty of a big city is in the fact that it offers a large range of possibilities and choices to different categories of people, you should always take in consideration the fact that big city = big crowds. If you want to avoid the busy traffic or large crowds of tourists, try to reach your objectives during early or quite late hours and try to plan ahead your trip.

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas about the things to do Chicago edition.


Some of the Best Katy Perry Music Videos

Katy Perry fans, today we are thinking of you so we have put together some of the best Katty Perry music videos that you can enjoy.

For someone to be able to make a top of some of the best music videos out there, several things should be taken into consideration, from the story behind the clip, the correlation between the music video and the song or production cost.

Here are some of the best Katy Perry music videos that have a great connection between lyrics and production of the video.


katy perry music videoFirework is definitely one of the best out of all Katy Perry music videos, not only because of the way the video was directed but also because of the deep meaning of the song. People sometimes need someone to make them feel important and they need a sparkle of self-confidence and Firework, through its music and video does just that. You can watch the music video here.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

katy perry music videoA teenage Katy Perry throwing a huge party and evolving from a nerdy kid to the hottest girl there, this is the description of one of the most colorful music videos by Katy Perry. Again, take a breath and believe in yourself that in the end, there is nothing wrong with you, there is just something wrong with people’s perception. Last Friday Night can be listened and watched here.


katy perry music videoThe Kary Perry new music video Roar, describes how a woman can be perfectly okay without the constant help of a man. Make the best out of every situation you encounter and trust yourself. The Katy Perry Roar Official music video can be watched here.

E.T. feat Kanye West

katy perry music videoE.T. – Extraterrestrial may be considered an old Katy Perry music video since it first came out a couple of years ago. However, the outfits and make up in the video are really good and it’s definitely worth checking out. Wacth E.T. here.

I Kissed A Girl

katy perry music videoWhen Katy Perry was just a pretty new face on TV she managed to break the ice with ‘I kissed a girl’- a sexy, mesmerizing music video that still impresses the male and female audiences alike, even if so many years have passed since its release. Watch I Kissed a Girl on youtube, here.

California Gurls

katy perry music videoCalifornia Girls is undeniably Katy Perry’s sexiest music video. I mean, who does not like girl and candy? Visit the Wonderland of your dreams and watch Katy showing off her body and voice assets by clicking here.


katy perry music videoWatch Katy Perry perform an entire choreography in a sexy outfit in Peacock. Enjoy the moves, song and melody and have a good time! Katty Perry Peacock Official music video by vevo can be found here.

The One That Got Away

katy perry music videoThe One That Got Away music video is made for all of us who have lost someone and keep wondering how life would have turned out if they would still be on our side. Another plus that this music video has comes from the make-up department; as they did a pretty good job on making Katy look a couple of decades older. Watch The One That Got Away here.

Hot N Cold

katy perry music video
Ah, who doesn’t remember Katy in the earliest of her career? Hot N Cold was one of her first music videos that went viral and shows the story of a bride with a broken heart but with several other brides who can help her get over it. Don’t mess with your bride or else she might turn into Bridezilla, just like Katy did in Hot N Cold. You can also find a version of Hot N Cold played on Sesame Street with Elmo, here.


Even though the music industry nowadays can be quite rough, as there are a lot of young performers out there struggling to make a future in music, Katy Perry managed to get successful and stay up on the ladder of greatness.

It is not enough to only have a pretty face and the ability to move your body when it comes to singing. The most important thing is to touch people’s hearts with your songs and Katy often manages to do it.

As you might of noticed in this Katy Perry music videos list, we tried to emphasize Katy’s most beautiful performances in terms of singing, music lyrics, stunning performances or great appearances.

For more music videos Katy Perry and a full, free list of her music video, be sure to check out Youtube.




The Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

We tend to think of mythical places as being perfect for living in. After all, who wouldn’t want to live somewhere like El Dorado, Shangri-La or Avalon?

Err, you wouldn’t. Scratch the surface of any mythical utopia and you will discover a horrible place you really wouldn’t want to spend much time in at all.

Shangri-La – Boring as Heck

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

This Himalayan “paradise” is completely cut off from the rest of the world and the people who live here are almost immortal. Can you spot a flaw with this place yet? Yep, it would be boring as heck. You might be itching to celebrate your 200th birthday with a wee trip to Shanghai or Ulan Bator but you can’t get there because it’s, well, it’s flipping well cut off from the rest of the world, ain’t it? You’re just going to have to spend all of your remaining centuries of life in Shangri bloody La with the same people you’ve seen every day for the last 200 years. Sure, it’s a paradise on Earth and everyone’s happy and blah de blah but come on; you’d be bored out of your skull living in this dump.

Avalon – Too Much Noise

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

Having an old Roxy Music song going round your head constantly is going to be the least of your worries here. This is where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged, so you can expect the Avalon Sword Making Company to make a helluva lot of noise and cause a lot of water pollution around here. Also, King Arthur went there to recover after getting slapped about in some battle or other. Can you imagine how disruptive it would be to normal life when injured members of the royal rock up to a small town and start complaining about their wounds, screaming for aspirin all night long and boring everyone senseless by talking about their crappy sword and the stupid Holy Grail?  Between Arthur and the local sword production industry it would be a noisy and frankly annoying place to live.

El Dorado – Too Much Gold

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

A city made almost entirely out of gold; yay! Except wouldn’t it be pretty crap to live in a place filled with gold? On a bright Andean morning the dazzle shining in your window would waken you up every single time, even when you draw your gold drapes. The gold sidewalk would also be really slippery when it rains and your gold chairs would be awfully uncomfortable. Add in the constant threat of those freaking annoying conquistadores coming back to kill you all and it is clear that this is one mythical paradise that stinks to high heaven. 

Cockaigne – Poor Quality Buildings and Flying Cheese

Mythical Places Where You Would Hate to Live

You might not have heard of Cockaigne as much as the other mythical places we have looked at but it was widely used in medieval times to depict a utopia on Earth. It is a place of incredible luxury where gluttony, pleasure, sexual liberty, comfort and cheese are the order of the day. Sounds alright so far, doesn’t it? Well, apart from the cheese but we’ll get to that in a minute. As far as the architectural standards go, this isn’t something that I would normally worry about in such a paradise. However, it seems that the houses here are made of barley sugar and cakes. Is that a wise long term building policy to adopt? Additionally, grilled geese fly straight into your mouth and cooked fish land at your feet. What? I hate goose and fish so that sounds awful. Worst of all, it rains cheese, dude. I mean, I like cheese but I’d rather not have a chunk of cheddar whack me on the head while I’m trying to avoid those annoying fish and geese.  All in all, I think I’ll give this place a miss as well.

5 Stunning Eye Makeup Ideas for New Year’s Eve

If you love makeup, then you’re probably already thinking about what look you’ll be going for on New Year’s Eve. Makeup is fun and with a bit of help, it’s easy! Today we’re going to take a look at some eye makeup ideas that will help you decide on your New Year’s Eve makeup look.

Before we begin, we must say that you can find inspiration pretty much everywhere, in nature, online, in movies and art. But the best inspiration and the best advice you’ll ever get is going to come from a makeup artist. If we were to only make one single recommendation when it comes to makeup artists, then it would be the wonderful and talented Lisa Eldridge.

She has a YouTube Channel where she presents all sorts of makeup looks, give lots of valuable tips, tricks and suggestions. We absolutely adore her and believe that anyone who loves makeup, man or woman, can learn something from her. Lisa Eldridge is the embodiment of less is more and we agree completely. Here are our Lisa Eldridge-inspired eye makeup ideas for New Year’s Eve!

Classic Smokey Eye

Every person who likes to wear makeup should be able to know how to do a classic smokey eye. It’s THE evening look and you simply cannot go wrong with it! Lisa lets us see how easy it is to make a dark, smokey eye and as usual, she keeps things quite natural. If you follow her eye makeup tips and tricks, you cannot fail. And a classic smokey eye look is perfect for the New Year’s Eve party!

Fantasy Peacock Eye Makeup

This one is for the wild at heart! If you’re feeling creative on New Year’s Eve or the party you’re going to is a fun/crazy party, then we suggest you give this peacock eye a try. You’ll need lots of bold colors, such as yellow, green and purple, for this look, but it’s going to come out spectacular. Add some glitter if you feel like the colors need help to pop!

Cara Delevingne Eye Makeup

Cara Delevingne is one of the hottest models of the moment, and Lisa worked with her many times. She made this intense evening look for her and she was kind enough to share the process of creating this stunning look with us. This video will teach you a thing or two about how to create intense, sultry eyes that would be perfect for an evening out, prom and even a wedding (if you’re the Jezebel guest).

Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup Look

This video is one of the most watched Lisa Eldridge videos ever. It shows how Marilyn Monroe’s makeup was achieved and it will leave you in awe! The look itself is a highly dramatic, complex, red-lip and sexy and it will turn heads. Be cautious with this one, it’s not as easy as all the others, but if you can pull it off, you will be remembered!

Bold Winged Eyeliner Eye Makeup

Lisa herself tagged this eye makeup look as being perfect for hooded eyes, but it’s also great for all shapes and colors (be them brown, blue, green or hazel)! Many shy away from cat eyes, because it takes a bit of exercise to perfect the eyeliner application technique, but when you’ve got the best makeup artist in the world (and we stand by that statement) teaching you how to do it, it’s much easier to get it right.

Make sure you follow Lisa’s YouTube channel if you want to learn more about the wonderful world of makeup!

What is your favorite eye makeup product?