Finding The Best Zelda Game Ever

No, no, no, let’s be just a little bit fair about all of this. It’s not as easy of a call as we might be tempted to say. We all know that, subjectively and objectively, there’s one particular title that popped in our heads the moment we read this title. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give the rest of the titles a chance. The best Zelda game, just like “the best any kind of game,” is a crossroad of factors and influences.

Best Zelda Game - The Wind Waker

Image Courtesy of Nintendo

Is Ocarina Of Time the best Zelda game both from a critical perspective and from the perspective of the player? Who knows? Trailing close behind it are titles such as A Link To The Past, Majora’s Mask, or The Wind Waker, all of which have the chance to turn tops and lists around. Can they actually do it? Let’s find out.

Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is probably not a smart choice for anyone wishing to dive into the realm of Legend of Zelda for the very first time and the reason is pretty obvious – it’s not exactly the best representative of the franchise. But fret not, this is a good thing… kind of. Well, no it is.

The game was released post Ocarina of Time, when Nintendo had already opened the door for novel and unique things thanks to the new engine previously launched. And this is exactly what they did. Nintendo created a game that was new, unique, and slightly weird. This is the only way to talk about a game that had a plot revolving around an evil Moon about to crash into the world mixed with elements of ponder on parallel dimensions, impeding death, and the flow of time.

The Wind Waker

Standing pretty much at the opposite end of the aforementioned entry in the franchise, we have The Wind Waker. Released in 2002, it had fans of Zelda on the edge of their seats as they tried to figure out whether they loved it or hated it. Rumor has it that a consensus has yet to be reached on this one.

Overall, however, it’s easy to see that the passing of time didn’t affect The Wind Waker much. It’s by the far the most childlike and colorful game in the series, having given players one of the most expressive and lovable versions of Link so far and some of the most memorably beautiful graphics of any Zelda game.

A Link To The Past

This is the one entry that is constantly clashing with the apparent obvious number one choice. And who can blame us? Before A Link To The Past, there was nothing. The first Zelda is as forgettable as it gets and the second one is just so confusing it became one of those things fans don’t want to talk about and like to pretend never happened.

A Link To The Past was the game that introduced the successful formula that all Zelda games from then on would follow. It had a plot, it gave Link his purpose, his weapons, and it gave players all the chickens to stab in the world.

So, then… Can either of these games surpass the first entry we’re all waiting for?

WINNER: Ocarina Of Time

Sadly, no. Subjectively, maybe. We don’t expect you to agree if you happen to have some stronger emotional ties to other entries. But from a critical standpoint, Ocarina Of Time is not just the best Zelda game, but also one of the best games of all time.

It has all the right things going on for it: novel graphics, an excellent plot, great characters, and an incredibly memorable soundtrack. Even though, in some instances, it’s a rehash of the formula established by A Link To The Past, it’s the small alterations and bonus additions that managed to boost it to the top of the list.

7 MOBA Games That Everyone Needs To Play

It almost seems like every type of game these days needs to have some shortened name that starts with an M and involves multiplayer interactions and a lot of friendships destroyed over a bad strategy slip. MMORPG’s used to conquer the gaming market, but recent years have been met with a change and now yet another M game (not that kind of game) category rises up to the challenge – MOBA games.

MOBA Games

We do feel like it’d be proper curtsy to explain what this all stands for, but “show and then speak” is one of our mottos. We trust that it’ll be really easy to understand what MOBA games are all about when we start listing the examples. Speaking of the wolf, here come the examples!

#1 League of Legends

Literally the only example you could need when you really think about it. League of Legends, also commonly known as LoL is very likely the biggest trendsetter among MOBA games. If not this, it’s surely one of the biggest and most resounding names in this specific category. It’s gotten to the point where it became a famous choice for e-sports tournaments. Yes, that involves prizes and money. No, it’s not that easy, actually.

#2 DOTA 2

Dota 2 is quite similar to League of Legends, though there are some minor changes that earn it a better reputation than several other entries on this. Some of the biggest changes include the fact that the roulette of heroes presented there is available in its entirety, with players not requiring to unlock the rest of them. Good graphics, good gameplay, and a fair balance for free and paying users – these are all factors in the recipe that makes DOTA 2 a compelling game.

#3 Arena of Fate

Arena of Fate doesn’t deviate too much from the standard formula for MOBA games, but it manages to shine through some alterations that have become mildly frustrating in the genre. The biggest change has to be the addition of time limits in the gameplay, which finally makes the early game stage matter a lot more. There are only so many times you can wander through woods and bushes to farm for 30 minutes straight.

#4 VainGlory

VainGlory is a mobile device game, which helps you take the experience of MOBA gaming everywhere. In some senses, the game is still growing, but the biggest asset is the fact that it’s a lot smaller. Not in a bad way, of course, but rather in a way that praises the developers for having smaller maps. This, overall, means shorter gameplay and a lot more encounters from early on in the game.

#5 Strife

Strife is definitely a classic MOBA game, but it also incorporates some MMORPG elements by granting players the chance to get pets and win buffs and power-ups. The purpose of the developers was to reduce the competitive aspect of MOBA games in order to create a friendlier atmosphere. Accent is placed on support roles and the overall game is meant to reduce toxicity.

#6 Heroes of the Storm

Aside from being a genuinely good MOBA game, the winning point of Heroes of the Storm is that it brings to the gameplay several memorable characters from popular titles put out by developer company Blizzard Entertainment. Those familiar with StarCraft, Diabo, or War of Warcraft wonders will marvel at the possibility of destroying some enemy territories with their favorite heroes.


Just like all other MOBA games, SMITE wanted to be something else while simultaneously providing the MOBA experience. They accomplished it by changing camera perspective and offering us 3D, third person views from the back of the character. This, however, increases gameplay difficulty, which makes it not so ideal for beginner MOBA players.

Facebook Games List – Best Picks In 2016

How’s Facebook doing these days? Slowly but steadily, it seems like it’s starting to lose a jarring number of young users, leaving the social platform in the hands of people above the age of 40. That definitely doesn’t change the fact that billions of people have made, at some point, Facebook profiles and that it’s still going strong with its influence and position. Aside from giving us a platform of communication, we were also given a Facebook games list. Playable directly on the website, they’ve become insanely popular, enough to drive copious amounts of money back to the social media.

For all the lighthearted gaming junkies, we’ve compiled a list of Facebook games that are so surprisingly addictive and entertaining that it will be too late before you realize you’d spent ten hours playing without a break.

Facebook Games List

Photo Courtesy of King

#1 Candy Crush Saga

Speaking of addictions, there’s no worse demon among games for this than Candy Crush Saga. Players have invested hours, effort, tears, and copious amounts of money in order to get past some levels that have become so impossibly difficult it almost seems surreal. Who knew arcade was still going so strong?

#2 FarmVille 2

But, wait! It wasn’t Candy Crush Saga that invented gameplay that’s so addictive it will have you still play the game at 3 AM in your bed with all lights turned off and an abominable back ache. This was all FarmVille’s doing, now having its legacy carried out by FarmVille 2. Prepare a lot of canned food by your bed because sowing and crops have never been this exciting.

#3 Pet Rescue Saga

Make a game about matching blocks, add the word “saga” at the end of the title, and you’ve earned yourself a game that’s guaranteed to ruin your life. Unlike Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga unfairly taps into our emotions by urging us to match and break in order to save some adorable little pets.

#4 Dragon City

We’ve always loved dragons. Well, maybe with the exception of people in the dark ages who wrote songs about mythical heroes slaying these fire-breathing lizard hazards. But we’ve never loved them as much as now, in the 21st century. In order to feed this small obsession, developers created a game that’s all about breeding, naming, and growing tens of different types of dragons.

#5 Angry Birds Friends

Or just any of the Angry Birds games, really. This is just the one most appealing to 2016. Even though it may seem like the Angry Birds trend faded away, can you say the same about Tetris? Doubtful. This is because, when a game it’s addictive, it’s also timeless.

#6 8 Ball Pool

Powered by the king of excellent flash games, Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool gives you exactly what you’d expect from it – a neat multiplayer experience. Through its sheer simplicity, it became one of the greatest Facebook games, with over 10 million players per total.

#7 Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Just like pool, sometimes simply catering to the simplest of needs is the key to success. Poker is one of the few card games that truly bring out a lot of nerves, sweats, and rivalries. You can now test them all out against 60 million other players all curtsy of Facebook.

#8 Criminal Case

Point-and-click games, especially hidden clue ones, have been around for quite a while, but they were always uncannily expensive, weren’t they? Perhaps this explains why this murder-solving puzzle game is such a big hit among Facebook users.

#9 Clash of Kings

No, not the George R.R. Martin book, but if it increases the fun level, imagine it so. In a way, it’s kind of the same thing. It’s a strategy game and it requires a lot of planning and maneuvering on the player’s side should they want to get to the very top.

#10 Top Eleven

Top Eleven is a must-play for football enthusiasts who wish to have a taste of something different. Tired of being put directly on the field? Then switch up with this game, which puts you in the position of a team manager instead.

10 Rare PS3 Games You Need to Find and Play

What do you typically imagine when you think of a collection? Usually it’s things like stamps, seashells, vinyl, tokens of a failed romance that you can use to start a museum for the broken hearts (it’s a real thing, by the way). But, no, not really – collections known no boundaries or judgments. People collect whatever they want to preserve over the years, including rare PS3 games. In fact, put some accent on the word “rare” for a second because this is one of the most important basis for collections.

Rare PS3 Games

Photo Courtesy of Naughty Dog

They come in limited editions, they’re valuable, and they’re something you can definitely be proud of if you’re lucky enough to own them. Here are 10 Rare PS3 Games You Need to Find and Play.

#1 Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter Collector’s Edition

For a game considered to be a masterpiece with plenty of critical accolades being flung its way, it’s a bit surprising to see that there are so few copies available for purchase. The special edition for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was basically a gaming paradise for fans of the series curtsy of its incredible bonus content and gifts. Now, because it’s one of the rare PS3 games, the value for a piece is estimated at $5,000.

#2 NBA Elite 11

Don’t be surprised that you didn’t get to play this game. EA had plans to release it sometime in 2011, but various reasons and interventions had them cancel their development in late 2010. However, they’d already sent some samples to retail stores, some of which kept them. So far, there are only eight known copies floating around.

#3 Fallout 3: Survival Edition

Although it included all of the items that could be found in the Collector’s Edition, Fallout 3: Survival Edition had a few additions that made it so special and valuable. One of them was an alarm clock replica of the Pip-Boy 300. But the truly puzzling thing was how it was sold exclusively on Amazon.

#4 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Black Chest Edition

It’s not that Black Flag is one of the rare PS3 games in itself – it’s not. It’s this special and ultra-limited, overpriced edition that’s the special contender. The Black Chest Edition featured a statuette of Edward Kenway, a black flag, and a treasure map among other goodies that made it worth over $850.

#5 The Last of Us: Post-Pandemic Edition

What’s better than owning critically acclaimed games to be proud of? Owning rare PS3 games that can do as much as triple their prices. The Last of Us’ Post-Pandemic Edition gave buyers figurines and some exclusive multiplayer versions and DLC’s.

#6 SOCOM 4: Full Deployment Edition

Unlike some of the other rare PS3 games on this list, this one doesn’t come packed with a bunch of fun features and gifts. Aside from the game, you only get a sharp shooter gun. But you know what? It’s incredibly awesome and that’s because it tracks player movements.

#7 Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm – Limited Edition

It’s right there in the title, folks. This popular 3D fighting game adapted from the even more popular anime series is the guilty pleasure we all need in our lives. When first released, this goodie-packed game was only $10, but now it costs around $230.

#8 Demon’s Souls: Deluxe Edition

Brought by the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls Deluxe Edition went on a copy shortage after reprints were halted. We imagine people were exhausting the stock because of the strategy guide. Who can blame them?

#9 Assassin’s Creed II: Master Assassin’s Edition

Aside from the game, you get a unique assassin experience which includes two in-game maps, an Ezio statuette, and the rights to brag about owning some rare PS3 games. This edition was sold only in GameStops for $80.

#10 Bioshock Infinite: Ultimate Songbird Edition

Would you be willing to spend $250 for a copy and an awesome-looking Songbird figure? Don’t worry, you also get a bunch of goodies. For the PS3 edition, there are even less copies than in the case of the Xbox one, so consider yourself lucky… kind of.

Top 8 Best Superhero Video Games Released So Far

Starting with the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, there has been a noticeable rise in popularity concerning superheroes. Long forgotten are the times when Superman was nothing but a laser-shooting alien goof wearing undies over his costume. These days, everything superhero related is put out there to show us that they mean serious business – starting with the achievements of the interconnected universe created by Marvel and ending with the array of superhero video games that keep us occupied in-between releases.

Superhero Video Games


So, because they deserve just as much exposure and fame as comics and movies, we’ve decided to give superhero video games a chance to shine. Here are the Top 8 Best Superhero Video Games Released So Far.

#1 Batman: Arkham Knight

Despite the name of this entry, we are also considering the other installments in the series: Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham Origins. The reason for this game’s insane popularity and critical success is shared with the explosion in quality provided by cinema. It showed that it means business. Arkham Knight enchanted us all with its graphics, gameplay, and the openness of the world.

#2 Spider-Man 2

For a very long time, Spider-Man 2 was considered to be on top of the list with the best superhero video games. It shares this honor with its movie counterpart, actually. The game was innovative through the vibes it transmitted, fueled by the openness of a world that made the feeling of swinging above Manhattan difficult to reproduce since.

#3 Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Fighting games are either a hit or a miss and, thankfully, Marvel VS Capcom 3 was the former. The game gives players the opportunity to form teams of three superheroes chosen from a varied roster. Then, they pit them against other superheroes, all of which have their unique set of moves.

#4 Infamous: Second Son

Superhero video games aren’t limited to the DC and Marvel icons we are all familiar with. Sometimes all we need is to step in the shoes of a powered character to have some fun. Infamous: Second Son was released in 2014 for the PS4 and it brings to the table all the goodies of a new generation open world adventure with superpowers.

#5 Freedom Force

Although this game was released in 2002, it manages to nicely hold up even today. It’s one of those superhero video games that want to take it a notch further than the typical fighting adventure, it’s a deeply strategic game with a lot of unique characters. Some people even dare to go as far as to call it an earlier version of everything we loved about Bioshock.

#6 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, released in 2006, represented the first step towards the goals that spawned the successful formula which helped the genre explode to new peaks of popularity today. It brought together numerous famous characters and let players evolve them to their best. It’s not just the array of hero choices that’s impressive, but the villains as well.

#7 Lego Marvel Superheroes

Legos are successful, superhero video games are successful – why not combine them both? This is what one game developer must have thought one day. Turning popular franchises and concepts into Lego-related games isn’t something novel or revolutionary but, time after time, it continues to prove to be successful.

#8 X-Men

No other parts are added to the title of this one. X-Men was released in the 90’s and it was one of the first superhero video games to cause waves of hype among fans. Released for the arcade, it brought people together around the consoles for a four-player co-op game that involved channeling unique (yet limited) powers in order to defend humanity against the array of Sentinels spawned to venture your way.