Which Is The Highest Mountain In The World?


If you thought that Mount Everest was the highest mountain in the world, there are some theories and calculations that prove otherwise.This raises the question which is the highest mountain in the world?

Mount Everest


Mount Everest has been widely known as the highest mountain in the world, and mountain climbers from all over the globe, are traveling to Everest to earn the distinction of having climbed on top of the highest mountain. But what exactly do we take into consideration when we refer to the worlds highest mountain?

The reason Mount Everest has been named the world’s highest mountain, was because it has the greatest elevation above the sea level and we could also state that this mountain has the highest altitude.The peak of Mount Everest, has 8,850 meters above the level of the sea. There doesn’t exist another mountain on Earth with a higher altitude. Even so, some other mountains might be considered “taller”, being taller means calculating the distance the base and the summit.

The “tallest” mountain

Mauna Kea, from Hawaii, has an altitude much lower than Mount Everest, measuring an altitude of only 4,205 meters. But, Mauna Kea is an island, and if there were to measure the distance from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean floor, to the peak of the island, then Mauna Kea, could be called being “taller” than Mount Everest.

If calculating in this manner, then, Mauna Kea would measure 10,000 meters tall, compared to the 8,848 metres of Mount Everest, meaning it could be named the world’s tallest mountain.However, the summit of Mauna Kea has other distinctions as well.

Apart from being the peak of the worlds “tallest” mountain, it is also the place where it is based the world’s largest astronomical observatory. Situated at almost 14,000 feet above the level of the sea, the observatory is stationed above 40% of Earth’s atmosphere.

The atmosphere existent above the mountain is very dry and there are very few clouds, making it the ideal location for an astronomical observatory. When looking at the peak of the mountain, you can see snow, even if the mountain is in Hawaii. At an altitude that high, the weather is cold enough to accumulate snow.

The highest mountain above Earth’s centre


So, Mount Everest has the highest altitude, Mauna Kea is the “tallest “ mountain, but this next mountain has the characteristic of being the highest mountain above the centre of Earth. The mountain referring to is Chimborazo from Ecuador, with an altitude of 6,310 meters.

This happens because, our planet is not a perfect sphere and it is more like an oblate sphere, which means that Earth has the polar axis os smaller than the diameter of the equatorial axis, due to the centrifugal force of Earth’s rotation. The equatorial bulge is the difference between the polar and equatorial diameters of Earth.

Our planet has an equatorial bulge of 42.72 km, meaning its diameter measured around the equatorial plane (12,756.28 km), more with 42,72 km than when measured between the two poles (12,713.56 km). For example, an observer situated at sea level at no matter which one of the poles, is closer with 21,36 km of Earth’s centre point, than when situated at sea level on the Equator.

According to this theory, Earth is the widest at the Equator. Mount Chimborazo is located at only one degree south of the Equator. In that specific location, Chimborazo is placed at 6,384 kilometres above the centre of Earth or around 2 kilometres farther from the centre of Earth than Mount Everest.
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50 Tips On How To Get Perfectly Clear Skin


Clear skin is he greatest accessory a woman can wear and properly taking care of your skin requires a lot of attention and a little effort. Here are 50 tips on how to get perfectly clear skin.

1.  If every month you struggle with breakouts, try reducing the intake of alcohol and dairy products. You will notice your skin condition will improve,an extremely important factor when asking how to get clear skin.

2.  One of the biggest mistakes you can do is sleeping with your make up on. Keep make up wipes next to your bed and clean your face if you don’t want breakouts in the morning.


3.  Berries are highly rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, and they keep under control your blood sugar levels. It is known that sugar can be the cause for acne and eating berries will lower the risk for pimples.

4. This a trick on how to get clear skin naturally. Physical exercise is a very important factor in keeping your skin clear. It is advised to exercise 15 minutes every day, to eliminate toxins in your body and maintain clear skin.

5. Wear an SPF cream every day. This will prevent wrinkles and dark spots. Dark spot correctors can diminish the appearance of marks over time.

6. When working out, it is a must to wash your face before and after the training. Exercising with make up on, will combine with sweat and will clog the pores.

7. Keeping your body hydrated is critical for clear skin. Dehydration can cause breakouts, because when dry, the skin is producing more oil than necessary, which leads to break outs. Drink lots of water!


8. When a pimple appears out of nowhere and you need to get rid of it immediately, use a spot treatment, like Clinique Acne Solution Spot Healing Gel. It will help zap pimples in 12 hours, little trick on how to get clear skin overnight.

9. Grapefruits is filled with antioxidants, and using products that contain grapefruit will help your skin look more alive, fresher and and cleaner.

10. Body acne can be prevented by avoiding remaining sweaty as much as possible. Use a salicylic acid shower wash right after you workout to avoid your pores clogging.

11. It is recommended that you don’t squeeze out your pimples and just let them heal on their own. If you cant resists try doing it at home after your hands are sterilized. Take a small needle and rub it with alcohol, gently puncture the white head of the pimple. Take a clean cotton pad and press on both sides of the pimple until is drained. Cover the area with a bandage to keep it clean while its healing.

12. Change your pillow case at least once a week, as oil from your hair will get on it.

13. Rosewater is very soothing and is great for every skin type. It evens out redness and calms irritation.

14. Smoking is very bad for the skin, as it dulls it and provokes blotchiness and wrinkles. Quit smoking!

15. When having blemishes try as much as you can not to touch it or pick at it. The oil and germs on your fingers are a risk of infection, which can lead to scars.

16. Try choosing moisturizers and products that are stored in tubes instead of jars. The bacteria from your hands that touches the cream every time you apply it remains in the jar and goes on your face. If you are using a jar, use a cotton pad to apply the cream.

17. Products with benzoyl peroxide that reduce blemishes are only good for three months tops, after they have been opened. After that, the ingredients stop working.

18. People with dry skin should choose a face oil instead of a lightweight cream. The all day hydration given by the oil, will improve your skin.

19. Make sure, you exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Those with sensitive skin should go for a more gentle exfoliator that can be used more often.

20. If your skin irritates easily, try using skin care products that contain goat milk. Because of its stabilised PF level, goat milk is not acid and doesn’t cause irritations and offers an even complexion.


21. Even if you heard that putting Vaseline on your face every night, will prevent wrinkles, that is false. However, putting a thin layer of Vaseline on your skin, can seal moisture and your skin will feel smoother in the morning.

22. Too much chocolate can cause breakouts, but the acne is activated by the sugar in the chocolate.

23. It has been proven that Botox reduces acne and improves the sebum production and reduces the size of your pores.

24. Always avoid skin care products that contain alcohol, especially if you have dry skin. Alcohol will only dry your skin even more.
25. Avoid skin care products that are fragranced, no matter if it is a face or body wash. Fragrances are irritants of the skin, and cause redness and allergies.

26. If you avoid sunscreens because they are too greasy, find a lightweight non greasy one, and stop dangerous UV rays from damaging your face. Studies have shown that even exposure to sun rays trough glass can damage your skin.

27. If you are into DIY beauty care, use milk to get clean smooth skin. Take a wash cloth and dampen it with milk and put it on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. For the full body effect, add a cup o milk to your bath water.Another trick on how to get clear skin naturally.

28. A microdermabrasion at the spa will minimise and tighten your pores while moisturising it.

Picture 10675

29. There is a product for pale skin girls that will make the skin clear and luminous: St. Tropez Skin Illuminator.

30. When puting make up on, it is advised to style your hair before. If you have make up on your face while you are blow drying your hair, the heat will melt your foundation which will seal your pores.

31. If you have an ingrown hair on your face, put on it a ho compress to open the pores and leave it on for 10 minutes. It will soften the hair. Then, take a slanted tweezer to pluck the hair out and wash the area to avoid infection.

32. This is a critical habitat when talking about how to get clear skin. Avoid touching your face during the day. Your hands pick bacteria from every surface they touch and once arriving on the face, the bacteria will set. So hands of your face!


33. Coconut oil is a wonder product for moisturizing and smoothing your skin, Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of this trick. Add coconut oil to your daily diet and you will notice the difference.

34. If you are wondering how to get clear smooth skin and you are looking for an amazing homemade scrub, mix coconut oil with baking soda. It will help your face with eczema.

35. It has been proven that a moderated amount of wine can act as a shield against harmful UV rays.

36. Green tea is an great antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties, fighting against bacteria and free radicals that are a threat for your skin. Try drinking one cup of green tea every day.

37. If you want to have less breakouts during the summer, give up on most of your products and try using a tinted moisturiser with SPF.

38. Vitamin E is great at healing scars, but use it carefully, as too much will overdo it. At night, at bedtime, dab some vitamin E on your scar and let it do its work over night.

39. When the season is changing, so should your skin care routine. Replace the heavy cream used during winter, with a light weight moisturiser in the summer, in this way, your skin will not be taking more product than it needs during the warm period.

40. When asking yourself how to get clear skin and keep it that way, remember this next critical habit.Get the habit of washing your face in the morning and at night, if you can’t remember, set a reminder for three weeks. Once you have done it for two weeks, you will already be used to with, and will do it as a routine.

41. Quick tip on how to get clear skin fast. Using retinoids when going to bed, will help treat the acne and make the spots disappear.

42. Yoga is a great stress reliever and it is known that acne is also caused by stress. Fighting stress by every means possible will reduce blemishes.


43. If you haven’t yet found a spot treatment for acne that works for you, try 100% tea tree oil on the affected areas before bedtime. You will wake up with a fresher complexion.

44. Clean your glasses and sunglasses with alcohol to remove bacteria that may be living on them.

45. Bangs, can lead to breakouts on your forehead because of the oil excess from your hair. Try washing your bangs every day, or if you don’t have the time, pin your bangs up when the hair starts getting oily.

46. Knowing what skin type you have, would help you a lot in treating it better. Dry, oily, normal, there are special products for each, and you should look for those which best fit the needs of your skin.

47. Wash your make up brushes every two weeks. You wont believe the amount of bacteria that builds up in just two weeks. Use warm water and shampoo to clean your brushes and rinse them very well.

48. Don’t overdo it with washing your face. Even though clean skin means clear skin, washing your face too often can cause irritations and do more harm than good.

49. Stay away from oil based foundations or any other such product, as the oil will clog pores which leads to breakouts.

50. After washing your face, use a toner, if you have oily skin. Any excess make up and germs will be removed and your skin will be fresh.
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Famous Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong


If you were thinking  its was time for you to turn to plastic surgery, look at these pictures and think again. Here is a list of famous plastic surgeries gone wrong.

Who doesn’t want to maintain their young looks and tight soft skin for as long as possible,or even forever? The desperation of defeating ageing has turned many celebrities, and not only to undergo different plastic surgery procedures. A little injection in the lips, and some botox in the cheeks, can sometimes go without noticed, but there have been cases where the after results proved to be horrifying. To top it all out, when analyzing the before and after, you realize they looked way better with the face and body they were born with.

Tara Reid


She stared as school sweetheart Vicky in the famous comedy American Pie, but now she is best known for her terrible liposuction and breast implants procedure which she has done in 2004. When you come to think about it, the scars on her breasts aren’t  so obvious as her belly. She admitted to having had body contouring and that the procedure was a complete fail. After the surgery her stomach became ripply. In 2006 she underwent a reconstructive surgery an din 2009 she posed for Playboy to show her fixed body. This just prove to be a very relevant case of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Donatella Versace

The vice president of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, Versace, Donatella has gone trough several plastic surgeries since 1990.Some of the most obvious changes have been to her nose and lips. Over the past years, her ridiculously swollen lips have placed her in the tops of plastic surgeries gone wrong, but Donatella doesn’t seem to believe the same as there haven’t seem to have been any public complaints from her part. Reportedly she has declared that looking like that requires a lot of self care and tons of face creams and hair treatments.

Jocelyn Wildenstein


The New York socialite, married a wealthy business man and started experimenting with plastic surgery in 1997, right before her 20 year marriage arrived to an end. Reportedly she has spent $4 million on several plastic procedures among which are believed to had been, a multitude of facelifts, cheek implants and due to the dramatic effects on her face, she received the name of “bride of Wildenstein” or “cat woman” as her face has a feline like aspect.

Latoya Jackson


Michael Jackson’s closest sisters, Latoya seems to have a special love for plastic surgeries as her face doesn’t look like it used to anymore. A classic case of celebrity plastic surgery gone bad, before and after.She is believed to have undergone, chin and cheek implants, and she has modified her nose entirely and went for a very pointy appearance.

Tori Spelling


The star who played the lovely Donna Martin in Beverly Hills 90210, has been for a long time in the eye of the media for her deformed breasts due to plastic surgery gone wrong. She denied having been breast botched for which rumors said that she supposedly sued the doctor who performed the surgery. In 2008 she eventually admitted that she has had her breasts augmented in her 20s, and the only reason she admitted, was to put an end to all the speculations about her having had various procedures.

Lil Kim

One of the most incredible plastic surgeries gone wrong has to be the case of this next celeb. Lil Kim’s face appears to have suffered drastic changes over the past years and the rapper looks completely different. Her cheeks seem very sculpted and her mouth fuller, her nose looks much smaller and her skin complexion much lighter.The media has assumed that the singer has undergone filler injections, even though she has never admitted anything regarding the obvious changes of her face.

Carrot Top

His curly red hair made him famous but his face doesn’t have the same success. His face seems to be constant changing and reportedly the actor has been subject to laser peels, way to much botox and an eyebrow lift.

Farah Abraham

The Teen Mom, turned porn star, shared her botched photos on Twitter after she went in for a minor procedure. It appears that the teen star, had an allergic reaction to aesthetic while her doctor was preparing her to insert an implant in her lip.

Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah is one of those stars who have suffered plastic surgeries gone wrong. The actress was one of those classic beauties, famous for her ethereal and different beauty. The cosmetic interventions that her face has suffered made her look like a complete different human being. It is rumored that she had undergone, face lift, brow lift and filled her cheeks and lips.
Even tough her face looks tight and wrinkle free at 54 years old, it is noticeable that her face is also swollen and many plastic surgeons implied that the actress might have overreacted with the facial filler injections.
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10 People Who Changed The Course Of History For Ever


Humans are the main factor that leads to progress and change on this planet, bad or good, our implication can set new boundaries.  Here are 10 people who changed the course of history for ever.

When it comes to the most influencial people who have ever lived on this planet there are many to choose from, as there have been a large number of people whose print has changed the course of events on Earth. From religion, to politics, to science, to art, every single one of these humans left their traces deeply imprinted in our world. Whether they fought for right and freedom or caused unspeakable things, they presence remains of historical magnitude.

Here is a list, narrowed down to 10 of the most influential people who have set foot on Earth. It may be that some will consider that the hierarchy could be arranged differently, as opinions differ, but the person occupying the number one position cannot be objected.

1. Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is on top of the list of the most influential people who have ever lived. He is the founder of Christianity and the son of God. He was the main prophet of all the biblical teachings, which have shaped the lives of almost the entire planet.
He was also known as Jesus of Nazareth, and has the whole book of the New Testament dedicated to his life. For Christians he is the one and only son of God who died on a cross to wash away our sins, and he resurrected from the dead and is now sitting on the right side of God. Jesus was literally God himself living in a human body.

2. Isaac Newton


Sir Isaac Newton, was and English mathematician and physicist who is considered to be one of the most influential scientists of all time and is a key presence in the scientific revolution. His book, on Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, was first published in 1687 and laid the foundations for the majority of the mechanics.

3. Prophet Muhammad


Prophet Muhammad  was a man with its origins in Mecca, who united the entire Arabia countries into one religious belief, the Islam. Muslims consider him as being a messenger and the last prophet sent by God to mankind.

4. Albert Einstein

einstein good

Albert Einstein was a physicist born in Germany who developed the theory of relativity, one of the most important pillars of modern physics. Even though he is best known for his E = mc² formula, in 1921 Einstein received the Nobel prize in Physics, for his participation in developing theoretical physics but most importantly for his discovery of he photoelectric effect law.

5. Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci was considered as one of the greatest geniuses that has ever lived on Earth and one of the most influential people in history. He was a mathematician, a scientist, inventor, engineer, anatomist, sculptor, painter, architect, writer, botanist, musician. He has often been described as the ideal “Renaissance man”, whose continuous curiosity was equalled only by his creations. Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the most important painters in the history.

6. Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler had its origins in Austria but was born in Germany and was the leader of the Nazi Party. From 1933 to 1945 he was the canceller of Germany and from 1934 to 1945 the dictator of Nazi Germany. Hitler was the brain of Nazi Germany, and an important presence in the World War II. He is known for his involvement in the Holocaust, an event which has completely changed the course of history and human kind.

7. Galileo Galilei


Galileo Galilei, known as Galileo, was an Italian mathematician, physicist, astronomer and philosopher who had a major impact in the scientific revolution. His scientifically achievements include the improvement of the telescope and precise astronomical observations.Galileo was named the father of modern physics, the father of modern observational astronomy and also the father of science.

8. Charles Robert Darwin


Charles Darwin was an English geologist and naturalist, mostly known for his contribution to the theory of evolution.He stated that all types of life have descended over time from several ancestors and his pattern of evolution was based on a process that Darwin called natural selection.

9. Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the dominant leader of the Indian nationalism of British-ruled India. Promoting non violent beliefs, Gandhi led India to become independent and inspired civil right movements for freedom around the world.

10. Buddha


Gautama Buddha, was a sage whose teaching were the base of the birth of Buddhism. It is believed that he has lived and taught his beliefs mainly in eastern India, around the sixth and fourth century BC. His name, Buddha, means the “awakened one” or the “enlightened one.”
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Powerful Symbols And Meanings of Celtic, Viking and Japanese Culture


Cultures all over the globe are filled with meaningful and magical symbols that most of the time attract our curiosity. Find out about the powerful symbols and meanings of Celtic, Viking and Japanese culture, that you have seen for sure but don’t know what they actually stand for.

The Celtic mythology is a realm marked by misterious and  strange looking signs. Here are some of the Celtic symbols and meanings that you might find interesting.



The word is a Greek term, which means “three legged”, and if you look closely at the sign, it does look like three legs running. The meaning of this Celtic symbol stands for competition  and the progress of man.



The word comes from Latin and means “three cornered” and it represents a holy symbol with many meanings. It is a symbol composed of three interlocked pisces, stressing on the intersection of three circles. Most often it used as a symbol for the Holy Trinity, used by the Celtic Christian Church and sometimes it can be found as three interlaced fish.

 Triple Spiral


The triple spiral is a symbol found in many Celtic tombs, and is drawn as one continuous line, implying rebirth or resurrection. The theory of its meaning comes from the fact that many of these drawings have been found in places where they catch the first sun rays on the solstice, and  they appear to have been placed there intentionally.

Celtic Tree of Life

tree good

The Tree was an important part of the early Celtic spirituality. For the Celts, the tree was a  a source of living, a bearer of food, a shelter and fuel provider for cooking and keeping warm. Without the existence of trees, living  would have been almost impossible.

Celtic stories, say that trees were the ancestors of mankind, beings of wisdom who created the alphabet, the calendar and the entrance to the land of the Gods.



Today is considered a good luck charm but the shamrock has a much deeper meaning. The Druids, believed that is represented a three in one concept, of the three dominions on the planet, sky and sea and the ages of humans and the stages of the moon. In the Celtic folklore, the Shamrock stands as a symbol against evil, a belief that has been carried on till present days,as the four leafed clover is used as a good luck charm.



A Celtic cross represents a cross with a ring which surrounds the intersection. The symbol is associated with the Celtic Christianity even though it has much older origins. Crosses like such are part of a large Celtic art. A Celtic cross, standing, made out of stone and usually with lots of ornaments, is called a high cross or an Irish Cross. In Ireland, a popular myth says that the celtic cross was brought by Saint Patrick or maybe Saint Declan while he was converting the pagan Irish people.

The Green Man


The Green Man is believed to be an ancient Celtic symbol. In the Celtic mythology he is the God of Spring and Summer. He is believed to disappear and come back every year, century after century, enacting death and resurrection and the circle of life.  The  legend of Sir Gawain, The Green Knight, is an obvious image of the Green Man from the Middle Ages. Gawain is wearing a green helmet, green armour and a green shield but also a green horse. After he was beheaded he continued to live on.

Symbols and meanings belonging to Vikings

Vikings have had a lot a lot of symbols with plenty of sacred or mystical meanings and many of them have very interesting looks.

 The Triple Horn of Odin


The symbol is made out of three interlocked drinking horns and is usually worn or displayed as a proof of commitment to the modern faith Asatru.


tree 2

Yggdrasil, the Norse World Ash, is the giant mythic tree that holds together the Nine Worlds or lands of existence.  The World-ash stands for the Nine Worlds and is protected by the Jormungadr serpent. Yggdrasil is one the of plenty variations of the Universal World Tree, known to all the human cultures.

 The Julbock

Straw Goat - 4" julbock (1)

The Julbock also known as the Yule-goat is a universal symbol of the winter holidays in the Scandinavian countries.  Going back in the pre-christian times, the Julbock is yet another Pagan Yule symbol, that was taken by the Christian holiday holiday customs. In the pagan Norse religion, a goat represented the conveyance of the gods-early representations of Odin in a goat drawn cart, strangely similar to further portrayals of Santa Claus.

 Troll Cross


The troll cross is some sort of amulet consisting of a circle of iron crossed at the base. The charm has been worn by early Scandinavian people to protect themselves against trolls and elves. Iron and crosses were believed to be a combination that casts away evil spirits.



The symbol it is known as the Valknut, meaning “a knot of slain”, and it has been found in stone funerary carvings, which most probably was meant to represent the after life. The signs is often found in the art portraying god Odin, and it may represent his power over death.

 The Helm of Awe


The Helm of Awe, is a protection against spells used by early Vikings. Some legends say that, when worn between the eyes, this protective symbol, was meant to offer invincibility to the one who was wearing it or make the enemy fearful.

 Thor’s Hammer


Thor’s Hammer, stands for an ancient Norse symbol, and represents the legendary magical weapon of Thor. Also known as Mjolnr, which means “lightning”, symbolised Thor’s power over Lightning and Thunder. The Hammer or Thor, was said to always come back after it has been thrown.

A Thor Hammer amulet has been often worn by believers who thought that it would protect them, and the practice continued even after the Norse population had converted to Christianity. Modern times use it as a sign of recognition of members belonging to the Asatru faith, and is symbolic of Norse heritage.

 Japanese symbols and meanings

Japan is another country with many symbols that are related to its national culture and magical beliefs.

 Japanese Dragons


Japanese symbols of dragons are very similar to Chinese dragons, with the exception that the Japanese dragon has only three claws or toes, while the Chinese dragon has five and the common dragon ahs four claws. There are two types of Japanese dragons, one lives in the sky or clouds and the other is found in water or rain. It is believed that dragons are controlling rain, fire and Earth. Most known Japanese words for dragons are ryu and tatsu.



Japanese culture sees butterflies as the souls of the living and the dead and are considered to symbolize happiness and longevity.



The carp(koi) represents perseverance and is also a symbol of faithfulness in marriage and good luck. It is often shown in motion, arched upwards with water sprays. This suggests the virtues of a great warrior and is usually associated with the qualities desired in young men.

 Cherry Blossoms


Starting from the Heian Period, cherry blossoms have been revered by Japanese culture.The brief blooming of the flowers and the fragility of its blossoms has been associated with the transience of life.



In the Japanese symbolism, dragons flies are an emblem of martial success, as several names for the insects are homonyms for words which mean victory. Dragonflies are also a symbol for late summers and early autumns.



Turtles are a complex motif of Japanese culture. Taoism, Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism are all beliefs that promote understanding and are all claiming that the turtle helps prop up the world, is a guardian of the northern quadrant of the Universe, together with the snake, and carries its sacred carapace inscriptions.



Many symbols of the Japan have been assimilated from China, and Chinese symbols and meanings, are widely present in the Japanese culture. Chrysanthemums were believed to have healing powers for excessive drinking, nervousness and debilitating diseases. Chinese culture associates the flower with integrity and endurance.

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