The Amazing Recession Defying Tablet [Infographic]

When we think of tablets the first thing that comes to mind is iPad. Apple has grabbed more than 80% of the market since they launched. However, not everyone else is throwing their towels just yet. The war of the tablets is an ongoing one and it will be quite interestinig to see how this pans out in a couple years. As of now, it’s safe to say that Apple will remain the undisputed king, atleast for a while.

It’s funny if you think about how many people carry a tablet with them these days. Try sitting at an airport waiting for your flight and you’ll see almost 50% of the people waiting with you are on their tablet. I used to be quite heavy on being a mobile guy with the use of my phone but the tablet has definitely replaced my phone. I can go without a phone but not a tablet, and yes I am the iPad guy. Can’t live without it anymore and my business definitely wouldn’t be running as mooth without it either. It has become a leisure and business tool.

This infographic brougt to us by Sortable highlights some interesting points. The title itself is pretty strong as it shows how tablet market is defying the recession. Think about it, millions of people are unemployed. Many people can’t afford to buy gas or other daily necessities yet the tablet market is growing like there is no tomorrow. So, is it defying recession? Absolutely. It’s a growing market. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that tablet shipment will top 150,000,000 by the end of 2015. Let’s have a look at this tablet infographic to learn a bit more about the world of tablets. [Read more...]

How English Language Has Changed Over The Years [Infographic]

Languages that don’t change over time are considered dead languages. The fact that English changes so much, shows that it is alive and well. Because English has changed over time, speakers of 1500 AD would not have understood an English speaker from 500 AD or the modern day English spoken today. The first written English dates back to 450 AD. Over time it has evolved from the use of “Old English,” to “Middle English,” “Early Modern English,” to present day “Modern English.” These changes are a direct reflection of the era in which the English was spoken and the modern day technology available. The simple expression “Dude,” in 1880, described a man who went slightly overboard with his fashion. And today, the expression has become part of the teenage vocabulary as a way to show excitement. Times they are a changing, and the English language will continue to do so as well.

When the first mobile phone was invented in 1956, it lacked mobility. As the phone shrunk in size, it became more portable and thumb friendly. Devices such as cell phones and computers have dramatically changed the way we communicate with each other. The percentage of 8 to 18 year olds who own a  postpaid or prepaid cell phone or lap top has significantly increased from 2004 to 2009. People are doing less talking then texting.

With the development of technology and the use of cell phones and computers, people are more commonly text messaging, instant messaging and emailing one another, as another way of communication. To accommodate technology, people have devised abbreviated versions of words to be able to communicate more quickly, referred to as “Textise.” Symbols, referred to as “Codex,” can also be used to express your emotions through digital characters as an alternative to conventional language. [Read more...]

A Look at The Post-September 11 World [Infographic]

Across the country we watched in horror as the towers collapsed. We listened in shock to the phone calls of the passengers on board the hijacked planes and wept as we heard them tell their families they loved them one last time. So much of that day will always be a mix of grief, sorrow, fear and anger. However, feelings of pride and unity rose from the flames. We read the heroic stories and watched with pride as ordinary citizens went above and beyond the call of duty to help their fellow Americans. As horrible as 9-11 was, it reminded many of us of what makes this country so great.

Now, ten years later there may be more than 10 million Daffodil flowers in the city, each paying tribute in glorious yellow, the color of remembrance. Neighborhoods that lost fathers and mothers, son and daughters can always remember.

Let’s go back ten years and see what happened on that day:

  1. There were 4 planes that were used for the attack
  2. There were 19 terrorists involved
  3. The three major attacks were on: World Trade Center, The Pentagon and Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania

According to the official figures released on September 2nd, 2002 the total number killed in attacks were 2,819. Out of those killed on this dreadful day 289 bodies were found intact and 19,858 body parts were found.

This infograhic produced by revisits what happened and retraces the torturous path that brought us to the poignant point in history. [Read more...]

Overcoming The Nursing Crisis [Infographic]

The United States faces an unprecedented shortage of healthcare professionals. Registered Nurses are in high demand but the hole in our health care system is getting deeper.

Demand for registered nurses is at an all-time high, but the nursing workforce is aging and preparing to move into retirement. At the same time, fewer students are enrolling in nursing programs, as well as related programs like Master Public Health. For those students looking for the right career move, nursing could be the right way to go. One of the things that many have failed to realize is that nursing is a recession proof job. How so? Well, take for example, in the recent recession the healthcare industry stood alone adding more than 428,000 plus jobs over an 18 month period. It is projected that 581,500 more registered nurses will be required by 2018 which clearly shows there is a demand. [Read more...]

5 Tips To Ensure You’re Ready For Back To School [Infographic]

Back to school is in full swing and everyone is preparing for it. Parents are scouring the mall and and outlets to find good deals so they can get more for their dollar, and kids are ready to get back together with their friends. We came across this infographic created by our good friends over at High-Schools and thought it would be appropriate time to share with our readers. Some of the things featured in this infographics are pretty basic, such as getting enough sleep. However, you would be surprised to know that 85% of teens don’t get enough sleep.

As far as design goes, this infographic definitely has a visual appeal. It catches your eye and demands some attention. On the flip side, it does seem to be a bit weak when it comes to providing information. A bit more research and data would have definitely made this stand out among the rest that are floating on the web. Nevertheless, it is a good resource to have some of the data shown here are things I didn’t know about.

Here are a few interesting things to read before you dive into this fun infographic:

  1. The average family spends about $600 each school year per kid
  2. Bully prevention programs actually work and it has resulted in 50% less bullying
  3. The average cost of school meal is between $2.70 and $3.10
  4. You probably already knew this but 85% of teens don’t get enough sleep
  5. Two out of six kids who are bullied become bullies

Check out the infographic for more fun facts and tidbits after the jump. [Read more...]