Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Does a high production budget automatically equal high box office grossing and critical accolades? As set by the example of the flop (according to an overwhelming number of critics) that was Batman V Superman, no. Here are the most expensive movies ever made and we’ll leave it to your judgment to determine whether they paid off or not.

#10 The Avengers (2012) – $220 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture

Marvel brought the superhero team onto the big screens for what was going to become a staple flick for the genre and the result of millions, millions, and millions of dollars. Was it worth it? Critics and fans are all frantically nodding their heads.

#9 The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – $230 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight was a commercial and critical success, so it doesn’t come off as a wonder that Christopher Nolan wanted to deliver and not betray the high expectations surrounding The Dark Knight Rises. As a result, the budget for the sequel was pumped up to $230 million. It couldn’t overshadow the masterpiece that was its prequel, but it definitely was up there.

#8 Avatar (2009) – $237 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Avatar is one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, as well as one of the most expensive. In a time when we didn’t have every movie being released in 3D, the James Cameron flick aimed to introduce 3D cinematography like never before. It wanted to visually impress and, in order to do that, a really big budget was required.

#7 Spectre (2015) – $245 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

The latest installment in the saga of James Bond was arguably more forgettable than titles of the likes of Casino Royale or its much acclaimed Skyfall. But if managed to surpass its prequels in one way, it was through the budget allocated to its production.

#6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) – $250 million*

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

*Tied with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014).

What all these three movies have in common is a colossal production budget. Half-Blood Prince was one of the fortunate results of this copious amount of money, as Batman V Superman was a general mess and Battle of the Five Armies received mixed reviews.

#5 Spider-Man 3 (2007) – $258 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was a rollercoaster of emotion. The first one was alright, the second one is considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all time, and the third one is better forgotten altogether. Spider-Man 3 had a lot of money and high expectations pumped into it, but it seems that it cracked under all that pressure.

#4 Tangled (2010) – $260 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Animated movies cost money, too! Tangled didn’t launch a merchandising craze like Frozen did, but it pretty much established the new era of 3D animations for Disney. In order to polish the style as best as they could, producers invested no less than $260 million in its creation.

#3 John Carter (2012) – $263.7 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Does anyone really remember John Carter for the plot? No, but it’s likely that they do because of the visuals. John Carter had a lot of potential and it was downright terrible, but it surely could have done better. What we can’t deny is that they really went all out to establish that alien setting with the aid of its impressive budget.

#2 Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) – $279.9 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Now that Marvel was certain that its superhero team-up was a success, they could afford to take financial risks and rain hundreds of millions of dollars over its production. The audience consensus points out that this didn’t necessarily result in a better film, but at least it was visually appealing.

#1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) – $310 million

Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

For the epic conclusion of the epic pirate tale, Disney broke the $300 million barrier and went all out with the production of the third movie. It only made sense, as there was no real way to properly depict krakens, undead pirates, and epic sea battles. How many times are we allowed to say “epic?”

8 Things You Might Recognize In The Assassins Creed Movie

It’s safe to say that every fan of the Assassins Creed franchise was excited to hear the news of their favorite story being brought on to the big screen. The potential is tremendous regarding the world Ubisoft has created, and it could certainly make for a spectacular blockbuster. However, while we wait excitedly for December and the movie’s release, we look at games-turned-to-movies track record, and we might find ourselves worrying.

Generally, there are low expectations for this types of flicks, but one of them is bound to break that and turn out to be actually good. We have Warcraft coming first this summer, and if it fails, we still have the upcoming Assassins Creed movie coming up in December. For fans of the series or those at least familiar with the world, here are 8 things you might recognize in the Assassins Creed movie and what to expect from them. Who knows? Maybe it will be good.

Keep in mind that the development process started out in 2011 and it’s starring Michael Fassbender. So, it has had time to create a well thought-out story and has gained the attention of a recognized good actor. Perhaps the thought that we will not be seeing the story of Altair, beloved Ezio or troublemaking Edward will be worth it.

1. Past And Present Flashbacks

assassin's creed callum lynch

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

If you’re a fan of the game, you knew this was coming. The story itself will be centered around Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) and his ancestor, Aguilar de Nerha, a 15th-century Spanish assassin. So, expect going back and forth between the time spent in the Animus and hopping around the beautiful landscape of old Spain.

2. Avian Theme

Starting with the Eagle Eye view and many other meaningful names among the assassins, the movie will be keeping well in trend. The protagonist’s name “Callum” is a masculine form of “dove” in Gaelic, and his ancestor’s “Aguilar” is a Spanish surname meaning “place of eagles”. It’s a small touch, but it’s a nice detail to notice that the writers actually remained in the franchise’s theme with avian names.

3. A Connection of Past and Future Talents

assassin's creed assassin

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The premise of the story is a little different from the Assassins Creed games. They are not looking for an ancient artifact that might save the world and perusing through memories for its location. That was the main driver for most of the world’s heroes. However, Callum Lynch will be placed into the Animus, so he could learn how to be an assassin from his ancestor. That means that everything he leans in 15th century Spain will help him in the modern day.

And, as we all know, Desmond did certainly learn a lot while diving deep into the memories of skillful and wise Altair or the talented Ezio.

4. Actor-Director Chemistry

It’s important to have a good relation between the main actor and the film’s director, as well as the writers. There is good news. Michael Fassbender reportedly accepted the role on the spot, even though nothing else was decided. No director, no script, no anything. It shows Fassbender’s passion for the world and the fact that the series’ big brand name holds a lot of weight.

Furthermore, Fassbender will be working alongside director Justin Kurzel. The two have already worked together on the recent cinematographic take of Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”.

5. Gorgeous Scenery

If we’re looking at Assassins Creed games, they have always offered us a series of beautiful sights, immersing us into old cities we never got a true chance to see. Ranging from Italy to spectacularly detailed Paris, and the amazing Caribbean, we have been transported into these worlds and watched in awe as we perched on buildings to uncover the map. The movie will likely follow in its path.

Cinematographer Adam Arkapaw has been given the job for the Assassins Creed movie, and he has proven his prowess through HBO’s hit series “True Detective”. If he can bring the same gritty and dark imagery, we could be in for a gorgeous film.

6. Big Action and On-Spot Locations

assassin's creed movie still

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

The movie’s budget is estimated to be between $150 and $200 million, so we could be getting the historically accurate and spectacular sights that the games have managed to depict. While Ubisoft had done the cites on a lower scale, the movie could certainly improve the presentation. They do not need to create a “map”, so their attention could be spent on even more details.

So far, they have three filming locations confirmed: Malta, Spain, and London.

7. Historical Figures

If you’ve ever aced a history question because you played Assassins Creed, raise your hand. The games have been educational to a certain degree in terms of historical events. Some were certainly fictional, but others were surprisingly accurate. What’s more important is that we’ve loved meeting major personalities such as Leonardo da Vinci or Benjamin Franklin. The movie will be treating us with the same, so expect a few names you might recognize.

8. Familiar Faces

That’s right, the writers were few, but they were carefully chosen. According to the studio, they did not pick an entire team of many script writers who would each have their own input. Instead, they picked a small group of talented three, along with Fassbender’s input, who created the movie’s plot. The reason? They chose writers who were passionate and loyal to the world, and it will be paying off.

According to statements, while we won’t be seeing Fassbender step into the shoes of favorite assassins, we will see some faces we might recognize from the game. A little fan service never hurt anyone.

The Assassins Creed movie will premiere this year, on December 21st, 2016, so keep an eye out come the end of the year.

Game of Thrones Season 6 – What To Expect

With only a few days now standing between us and the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, there more reasons we have to be excited about it. The TV show has officially surpassed George R.R. Martin’s books and is headed in a direction that’s unknown to both readers and viewers. Needless to say, this, along with the fact that actors and producers alike teased that Game of Thrones season 6 might be their best and most massive one yet, has millions of fans on the edge of their seats.

The Red Band trailer for the new season bagged in the most views of any of the show’s trailers so far. Viewers are, obviously, incredibly curious to see what will happen, especially because “predictability” is a foreign word to the Game of Thrones universe. So, even though technically we’re all in the dark about what lies ahead of the series, there are still some things that we are very likely going to see.

Also, a spoiler alert is due. Make sure you’re all caught up with the show first and have read all the books up to the last. We will not be spoiling the show, but there are some hidden gems in the novels you might not want to know in case they ever come to the screen.

Book Arcs

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

There may not be a sixth book to be translated onto the small screens, but there are still passages and storylines from the fourth and fifth books that have yet to be explored. Lady Stoneheart, Victarion Greyjoy, and Quentin Doran are all names familiar to book readers who have been awaiting their materialization into Game of Thrones quite eagerly.

While the possibility of seeing the vengeful resurrected Catelyn Stark is, admittedly, pretty small, the likelihood of seeing on-screen appearances of Balon Greyjoy’s brothers is not very possible. Euron and Victarion Greyjoy’s quest for the horn Dragonbinder would make for a truly thrilling addition to the story and a massive complication for Daenerys.

Huge Dragons

Game of Thrones Season 6


The show’s producers have built a colossal fire-breathing crane for Drogon. The reason for this is because Daenerys’ dragons are going to grow, even more, doubling the size they were in season five. While this definitely causes plenty of problems for the visual effects team, it’s going to give millions of fans goosebumps.

Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal have been growing since they first hatched at the end of season one, gradually causing more trouble and wrecking havoc in their wake. Can you imagine what they’d be capable of with their current size? It seems like, after a long time, the three dragons are about to turn into the proper war machines that make all of Westeros tremble.

The Biggest Battle In The Show’s History

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of Disruptor Beam

Producer Bryan Cogman teased in an interview that this season would depict the most monumental battle that the show has ever seen. And judging by leaked spoilers, set photos, trailer scenes, and pieces of scripts, this is certainly going to be true. One thing we were assured of is that no White Walkers were involved. The battle takes place predominantly in the North, so we can be almost sure that the conflict will be over Winterfell and the title of Warden of the North. If that means justice against the abhorrent Boltons, this might just turn out to be the most incredible episode of the whole series.

The climatic battle is going to be allegedly featured in the ninth episode, a number that we all know represents mind-blowing episodes packed with shocks and twists. Miguel Sapochnik, the man who directed the highly acclaimed Hardhome, which is considered by many to be the best episode in the whole show, apparently directed this episode too. Excited yet? We sure are!

Tyrion’s Storyline

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

Now that Daenerys is held up by the Dothraki, who found her at the end of season five, the task of ruling over Meereen has been entrusted to Tyrion and Varys. We’ll be, undoubtedly, seeing more of this and we’d be lying if we said we’re not excited.

Tyrion proved himself fantastic in positions of power, but even someone like him is going to have trouble trying to keep under control a city torn by a civil war. And we’re not even counting the bigger problems that Ser Barristan, the one entrusted in the books to rule Meereen, had to face in A Dance with Dragons.

Other Exciting Character Plotlines

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

After being absent for the entirety of season five, Bran is also going to make a return that seems incredibly promising. Starting with the fact that it seems like his training is done, fans were also awed to see him standing in promos and also visited by no other than the Night’s King.

On the red carpet premiere, Iwan Rheon also teased that Ramsay Bolton would have to face his father’s fury after the escape of Sansa and Theon. Speaking of which, we’ll definitely see their storyline as fugitives play out too.

By the looks of it, Cersei will be out on a murder spree against the High Sparrow and his freakish cult too. When two villains clash, all we can do is enjoy our popcorn and be glad for whoever comes out on top.

Jon’s Resurrection?

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

You had to know this was coming. Jon Snow wasn’t the first major character to be offed the show, as proven by his father and brother. However, his death seemed like the least definitive of all. He managed to kill a White Walker, he caught the eye of the Night’s King, the stage was set for a climatic confrontation – his story can’t possibly end here, can it?

Well, at this point, pretty much everybody is sure that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Kit Harrington in Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may be dead, but what’s there to say of Jon Targaryen, as the popular R+L=J theory suggests? Or maybe Jon Stark? Even if this won’t been the case, Jon’s death was too abrupt and seemed pointless for it to be permanent. Plus, the directors wouldn’t linger on the image of the breathless Jon, being surrounded by pools of his own blood, for no reason, right?

10 Banned Cartoons Made For Children

We’ve entered an era where cartoons are slowly starting to have their social stigma removed. They’re not directed solely to children anymore, some concrete examples being South Park and Family Guy, which are, very much so, shows aimed at adults in the rightful sense. In other words, it’s never been both easier and harder to make it big in the cartoon industry.

Why the latter part? That’s because parents are paying attention to the content that their child is being exposed to more than ever, making sure that no harm, especially moral, could come out of it. And you know what? They really should because you won’t believe what the following 10 Banned Cartoons Made For Children were depicting.

#1 Pokemon

Banned Cartoons

Image Courtesy of

While Pokemon itself wasn’t banned in its entirety (people would definitely riot), there was an episode that was, to put it euphemistically, very controversial. An episode called Electric Soldier Porygon was taken off Japanese televisions after 700 people, elderly and children alike, suddenly experiences seizures, vomiting, and loss of consciousness.

This was because of a particular scene where Pikachu creates an electric explosion, which depicted flashy transitions from the color red to blue. The episode was never broadcasted afterward, causing the show to go on hiatus for four months and authorities to take harsh precautions when they imported the cartoon to the USA.

#2 Dexter’s Laboratory

Considered to be one of the best products of Golden Era Cartoon Network, Dexter’s Laboratory was, as a whole, a show that delighted numerous children worldwide. However, creator Hanna-Barbera definitely made the poorest of choices when producing two particular episodes.

One of them, called Dial M for Monkey, was riddled with parodies of famous superheroes. Silver Spooner, the satirical version of Fantastic Four’s Silver Surfer, was basically a walking exhibition of homosexual stereotypes. It doesn’t end here, as the parody depiction of Hulk shocked everyone when he appeared on screen with a drinking problem.

The other episode, called Rude Removal, featured a pair of Dexter and DeeDee clones that offended everyone through cascades of obscene lines and swears. They were bleeped, but that clearly wasn’t good enough.

#3 Peppa Pig

Banned Cartoons

Image Courtesy of eOne Family

Peppa Pig is one of the hottest cartoons of the moment for little children. Unlike some of the entries on this list, there weren’t any immoral messages that got the episode Mister Skinnylegs banned. This actually happened because it aimed to teach children that spiders aren’t that terrifying and that we shouldn’t kill them.

It was a nice message and all… unless you’re an Australian. The episode was removed from Australian televisions because it encouraged kids to get close to spiders which, in Australia, are venomous enough to actually kill you.

#4 Talespin

What could possibly go wrong with a Disney spinoff cartoon series featuring the characters from The Jungle Book? In theory, nothing. Truth to be told, everything was fine until the airing of the cartoon’s final episode, Flying Dupes.

In this episode, Baloo transports a bomb via plane to a foreign country, in hopes that the bombing would cause a war to break out, which in turn would raise the profits of bomb producers. Everything that was wrong with this episode – terrorist message, bombs on planes, genocide, and war – ultimately and unsurprisingly got this episode banned permanently.

#5 Tiny Toons

Banned Cartoons

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros. Animation

If you were expecting older Bugs Bunny to be the one to get himself banned, you were wrong. The cartoon featuring younger versions of popular Looney Tunes characters caught the eye of censors when it broadcasted one particular episode.

In One Beer, the underage characters find a bottle of beer, drink it, get drunk, and then steal a car and start driving around. To end on an even more disturbing note, the characters eventually drive the vehicle off a cliff and die. We’re sure that the “don’t drink and drive” message can wait a few more years, isn’t that right?

#6 Song of the South

An animated musical film produced in 1946 by Walt Disney, Song of the South really left viewers with a bitter aftertaste because of its depiction of master-slave relationships in post-Civil War Georgia. The cartoon showcases several slaves happily singing about their duties on the plantation and managed to offend, understandably, quite a lot of people through its idyllic imagery.

#7 Gargoyles

Banned Cartoons

Image Courtesy of Walt Disney Television Animation

Gargoyles was a critically acclaimed cartoon series that truly confirmed the saying “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Wanting to raise some warning flags on the matter of gun control and violence, the episode Deadly Force dealt with this issue in a highly controversial way. When Broadway shoots Elisa by accident with a gun considered to be a toy, the latter is afterward showed lying in a pool of her own blood.

The episode was initially banned, then re-aired in a censored version, and finally re-released fully and unedited in the DVD form.

#8 Betty Boop

No, it wasn’t the iconic black-and-white era character that was banned, but the episode Ha! Ha! Ha! If the title wasn’t an immediate giveaway that something fishy was going on, know that the episode featured a bunch of inanimate objects cackling hysterically as a result of a laughing gas leak – gravestones included. It wasn’t morally ambiguous or anything, but it was creepy enough to make it look like something that nightmares are made of.

#9 Ren & Stimpy

Banned Cartoons

Image Courtesy of Games Animation

Ren & Stimpy was one of those cartoons aimed at children that managed to get away with inserting several controversial adult jokes – albeit, through constant fights with censors. One episode, however, Man’s Best Friend, stretched the humor beyond its limits. Depicting Ren brutally beating another character with an oar, the graphicness of this episode allegedly got the show’s writer fired.

#10 Cow & Chicken

Cow & Chicken was never a tame cartoon to begin with, featuring content that was, a lot of the time, questionable, at the very least. One particular episode, titled Buffalo Gals, drew a lot of gasps from parents and censors upon them realizing that it depicted lesbian subtext and plenty of slang terms for intercourse.

5 Fictional Ideas For Space Colonizations

Why is the concept of space colonizations growing so rapidly in popularity? In fact, many people wish for it to be more than a concept, supporting the possibility of it becoming a palpable reality. Unfortunately, for a variety of biological and economic reasons, humankind still has ways to go before we can even begin seriously considering trading Earth for another planet as our home.

Starting from the dire conditions of the other planets that make them incapable of sustaining life and ending with the massive costs that such a bold move would involve, space colonization can only remain at the stage of fiction for now. That doesn’t make it any less fascinating. To see what we’re talking about, here are 5 Fictional Ideas For Space Colonizations.

#1 Elysium, 2013

Space Colonizations

Image Courtesy of TriStar Pictures

In the year 2154, humanity is divided into two social classes which determine which planet is their residence. The wealthy live on Elysium, a man-made space station adapted to meet the needs and requirements of everybody. The rest got the short end of the stick, as they are stuck living on an overpopulated Earth where every day is a struggle for survival.

Protagonist Max wishes to travel to Elysium and get access to a facility that can help him heal from the radiation exposal that is rapidly killing him. In doing so, he gets involved in a high-level plan coordinated by the Secretary of Defense from Elysium, Delacourt. The concept of Elysium is incredibly fascinating simply because it bitter-sweetly points to a distant future where social classes still dominate society, and the working class is nothing but pawns in the games of higher-ups.

#2 Red Planet, 2000

Space Colonizations

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

In 2055, Earth is slowly fading, being unable to provide humanity with food and other materials necessary for survival. With the intention of space colonization in mind as the best option, a team of scientist-technicians is sent to Mars, considered to be the only environment good enough to be considered for a change of planets.

Rather than exhibiting to audiences a planet or station that’s already been colonized, Red Planet dives into the first steps of colonization. With the team of scientists getting stranded on Mars, it showcases the effects of an environment that are not human-friendly on people that are already struggling to survive and overcome their ethnic and ideological differences.

#3 Interstellar, 2014

Space Colonizations

Image Courtesy of Paramount Pictures & Warner Bros.

Christopher Nolan directed the critically acclaimed Interstellar, which tells the story of an Earth riddled by famine and storms and a crew who must journey in a rip in space and time in order to find a planet that can be inhabited by humans. Traveling where no other man has even ventured before, pilot Coop is ultimately faced with the difficult decision of choosing between seeing his children again or saving humanity from the decaying Earth.

#4 “The Mars Trilogy” by Kim Stanley Robinson

Space Colonizations

Image Courtesy of Spectra/Bantam Dell/Random House

You couldn’t possibly go wrong with this Stanley Robinson franchise, whose entire premise is centered on space colonization. After Earth is no longer inhabitable by humans (again), interplanetary spacecraft Ares delivers a group of one hundred people to Mars, with the sole intention of making it able to sustain human life.

The trilogy is composed of the books Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, and it has a plot spanning over two hundred years, which features a variety of characters that live both in a pre-colonization and post-colonization setting. From technological and egalitarian advances to the issue of terraforming that split the characters in Red Mars, there are numerous issues that can keep a reader occupied.

#5 “Tunnel in the Sky” by Robert A. Heinlein

Space Colonizations

Image Courtesy of Scribner’s

The book depicts a society where the invention of teleportation is the key to the Earth’s overpopulation. Through the use of the device called the “Ramsbothan jump,” excess parts of the population are sent to colonize other planets, with no means of returning. The story follows Rod Walker, a high school studied who aspires to become a great professional colonist. In order to graduate and earn his title, he must undergo a final test which involves teleportation to a random planet that he must survive on for ten days.

Things get gravely complicated when he meets up with the other students, together realizing that they are stranded. Forced by circumstances, the students decide to start their own colony, and they have to struggle both with survival and with trying to get along.