Top 8 Jessica Jones Scenes

Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading if you haven’t seen the season finale of Jessica Jones or if you plan to do so. You have been warned.

The Jessica Jones TV series, which is currently streaming on Netflix, has received a lot of praise, being compared to Daredevil. We have come up with a list of the best Jessica Jones scenes from the first season. Take a look.

1. Leads to the Next Season

The season finale saw Jessica Jones defeating Kilgrave, who was starting to turn quite purple before she was done with him. After doing her job, Jessica returns home, only to find her inbox full of numerous voicemails. Even though there are many other loose ends the show needs to address, the start of the Alias Investigations surely points her into the direction of doing more heroic deeds from now on. It is also the best way to end the season and make fans speculate as to what will come next.

2. That Action Scene

The battle between the two ranks as one of the best Jessica Jones scenes.

While Jessica Jones stands as a compelling series, it wouldn’t be complete with some fighting scenes. The moment fans have been waiting for came when Luke Cage was controlled by Kilgrave and turned against Jessica, his old flame. The battle that ensued was truly spectacular, as the two completely devastated the decor. This can also be considered a preview of the new series which will premiere next year on Netflix, revolving around the character of Luke Cage.

3. Hellcat’s Action Scenes

Despite wearing no superhero costume or giving any hints that she may turn into Hellcat soon, Trish Walker did throw a good show. First of all, she had a big part to play in the mission to kill Kilgrave. Secondly, Trish had amazing action scene when she took down Will Simpson (Nuke).

As the season finale showed her starting another investigation, we can only hope that she, among with other characters, will put on her mask and her costume and fight crime in style. That remains to be seen in the next season though.

4. The Night Nurse

The cameo by the Night Nurse is definitely among the best Jessica Jones scenes.

Even though fans were disappointed by the fact that Daredevil didn’t appear, the show gave them a treat in the cameo of Claire Temple. Her role in this story was to provide medical assistance for Luke Cage. The two seemed to feel connected in some way or another, which will be interesting to follow since Claire Temple is also set up to appear in the Luke Cage TV series. The character also did explain her motives for helping Luke and Jessica in the series finale.

5. The Confrontation at the Police Station

Even though we meet Kilgrave early on through a series of flashbacks and disturbing scenes, Jessica only meets with him at a police station. After we find out the history between the two, we could only look forward to the first confrontation between the characters. However, in this scene Kilgrave commanded the police officers to point their gun towards each other while proclaiming his love for Jessica, as well as his intent to win her. Even if the villain is clearly deranged, one cannot admire his cleverness, and this scene had us watching from the edge of our seats.

6. The Confession
The top 8 Jessica Jones scenes includes the moment she confessed her crime.

A heartbreaking moment in the series was when Jessica admitted she killed Luke Cage’s wife. When Kilgrave was controlling her, she punched the woman in the chest, instantly killing her. Guilt-ridden, she is forced to tell Luke Cage when he went after another man he suspected for killing his wife. The very emotional scene ended with the grieving Luke punching a bus instead of Jessica, and leaving the series for the moment.

7.  The Introduction of Luke Cage

Even though the TV series Jessica Jones seems to have diminished powers compared to the original superhero, she still kicks ass in various action scenes. One of these is when she joins Luke Cage in a bar and they fight together. The scene is beautifully made, highlighting their own specific powers. This was also the perfect introduction for Luke Cage, the guy with unbreakable skin.

8. The Origins of the Purple Man

The change of the origins of the Purple Man can be considered one of the best Jessica Jones scenes.

The story of the Purple Man in this TV series has been changed from the original, since it couldn’t really work out. In the comic books, the villain used to be a spy from the Soviet Union. Later on, while on a mission on an American base he stole experimental nerve gas and thus gained his superpowers. In the Jessica Jones series, he is much more of a victim, having been experimented on by his parents when he was a child. The twist of the story came as a great surprise, as no one could have expected that he had been a sociopath from the very beginning and his parents were only trying to save him.


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Top 7 Simpsons Gags You Missed

The Simpsons is truly the longest sitcom in the United States, with 27 seasons spanning over 26 years and almost 600 episodes. The witty writers of the series have not only extraordinary talent in comedy, but also in subtly including hints towards various aspects, from politics to history or other famous works.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 Simpsons gags you missed, unless you were precisely looking for them.

1. John Swartzwelder

 John Swartzwelder's appearances are part of the top 7 Simpsons gags you missed.

You can spot the sign near the right corner of the image.

John Swartzwelder is the name of the most famous writer of The Simpsons. However, he is a very private person, being rarely seen in public. This fact has also led many fans to believe that the name was made up in order to keep the real writer anonymous. As a result, the other writers included hints to Swartzwelder in some episodes. For instance, the writer appears as a paranoid man at a mental facility in the “Hurricane Neddy” episode.

2. Jean Valjean

Here is a reference to Les Miserables.

The number on Skinner’s old helmet is the same as Valjean’s prisoner number.

When Seymour Skinner, the school principal, revealed his true identity, we have all seen the uncanny resemblance with the life of Jean Valjean from Les Miserables, as they both took on different identities. However, there was an earlier hint in a previous episode when Skinner found his POW helmet with the number 24601. Jean Valjean had the same prisoner number.

3. Johnny Carson

Homer's impersonation has a spot in the top 7 Simpsons gags you missed.

Homer impersonated Johnny Carson while eating prized potato chips.

There is this episode when Homer eats some prized potato chips which look like famous people. This is a reference to one of The Tonight Show episodes with Johnny Carson from the 1980s. In the show, the guest was a woman who presented a series of potato chips shaped like animals, numbers and so on. When she turned around for a moment, Carson took one chip from another bowl and loudly ate it, making the audience laugh and the woman watch in shock.

4. V.P Dan Quayle

There are hidden political references in The Simpsons.

You can spot the name of the vice president on the shredded paper.

The Simpsons series was heavily criticised by President Bush and his wife. The writers of the series responded in style, by including them in some episodes. However, they also included a reference to Dan Quayle, the Vice-President of the Bush administration in order to remind their viewers of their incompetence. A torn paper with the name of Quayle and the word “embarrassment” can be seen flying around when Bart shredded Bush’s memoirs.

5. Watergate

The top 7 Simpsons gags you missed include the political ones from the Whacking Day episode.

The Whacking Day episode included a lot of references to President Nixon.

During the Whacking Day episode, Bart got home-schooled and started reading history books. Although hidden among the President Nixon jokes, we have also remarked that the author of the book “The Truth About Whacking Day” is Bob Woodward. The Watergate scandal was uncovered by Woodward along with other journalists.

6. Ahoy Hoy

The old phone greeting is one of the top 7 Simpsons gags you missed.

Mr Burns’ greeting has a history.

Mr Burns is definitely a very weird guy, and one of the most well known things he does is answering the phone by saying “ahoy hoy”. This comes from the very first way of saying hello, back when telephones were first invented. It was Thomas Edison who changed it to “hello”. The joke also hints at Mr Burns’ old age.

7. The McBain Movie

McBain is a special character in The Simpsons series.

McBain, played by Rainier Wolfcastle, is a replica of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You may have seen many appearances of McBain throughout various episodes. However, if we collect all these mini clips and put them in order, we end up with a whole movie. The sequence begins with McBain arguing with the Captain, followed by a bar scene where McBain’s partner is assassinated. The story continues with the protagonist going after Mendoza, the villain. In the end, the hero prevails and defeats the villain.

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Top 12 Pixar Easter Eggs

All of Pixar’s movies are interconnected in wonderful, yet hard to spot ways. From characters from different movies spotted in other installments to postcards sent between them and kept as memories, the animators of Pixar did a wonderful job of keeping the viewers observant.

We have compiled a list of the best surprises from the company, so here is the top 12 Pixar Easter eggs from the animated movies.

1. The Pixar Logo

The Pixar lamp is a well known symbol.

The iconic lamp from the company’s logo is well known. However, few people know that it had its own short movie titled “Luxo, Jr.” where viewers found out its story. The movie also featured the lamp’s toy, a yellow ball with a red star and a blue stripe. The toy of the lamp has been spotted in the background in movies such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Up.

2. The Delivery Truck

The Pizza Planet truck is one of the top 12 Pixar easter eggs.

The delivery truck from Pizza Planet has made numerous appearances in every Pixar movie except The Incredibles. We have seen the truck in Brave on a Scottish carving, by the place where Carl Fredricksen’s home took off in Up, being scanned by WALL-E, parked in Monsters Inc., cheering the hero in Cars, driving through Paris in Ratatouille and Sydney in Finding Nemo, and giving a ride to Buzz and Woody in the first Toy Story movie. Quite a career.

3. Radiator Springs

The Radiator Spring location shows up in multiple movies.

The drive-in theater from Radiator Springs also appeared in The Incredimobiles and Toy Car Story movies. However, the cars from the original movie had a few cameos in Toy Story 3, where you can spot McMissile and Snot Rod on Andy’s wall. Doc Hudson made an appearance in The Incredibles at battle near the end, while Luigi can be seen driving past the office of the dentist in Finding Nemo.

4. The classroom

The A113 is one of the top 12 Pixar easter eggs.

Animators and filmmakers at Pixar such as John Lasseter and Brad Bird wanted to honor the classroom were they started their animation and graphic design classes. Thus the number of the classroom from the Arts Institute in California randomly appears throughout all the movies.

Movie fans can spot the “A113” on a carving with roman numbers in Brave, on a camera in the Fiding Nemo movie, on the evacuation code of Nemo, on the door of a classroom in Monsters, Inc. and on several license plates, most notably the one on the car of Andy’s mom in Toy Story.

5. Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 has several of the top 12 Pixar easter eggs.

Toy Story 2 has several references to A Bug’s Life. A picture from the movie about insects can be seen in a book which is read by Mrs. Potato Head, while Buzz runs past an aisle in Al’s Toy Barn that features several toys resembling A Bug’s Life characters (Dim, Flik and Heimlich).

6. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 also has numerous easter eggs.

In the third movie of the series, Andy’s neighbor Sid shows up as the garbage man. However, viewers can easily identify him by his voice and shirt with skull. We also got to take a look at Buzz’s batteries, which are from a great corporation in the WALL-E movie, Buy ‘N Large. Mr. Ray, Nemo’s mentor appears as a toy on the shelf of a daycare center. Last but not least, there is a postcard from Carl and Ellie from the Up movie on Andy’s wall.

7. Monsters, Inc.

Nemo's appearance in Monsters, Inc. belongs among the top 12 Pixar easter eggs.

Monsters, Inc. features two Easter eggs related to Finding Nemo. One of them is among the toys that Boo offers Sulley: a clownfish like Nemo, the ball of the Pixar Lamp and Jessie the cowgirl from Toy Story. Furthermore, we can spot a painting of Marlin on the walls of Harryhausen’s restaurant.

8. Finding Nemo

Several easter eggs have been observed in Finding Nemo.

Buzz Lightyear is seen in front of a chest toy when Nemo arrived in a fish tank. At the dentist’s office, Boo’s mobile is located above the chair, while a drawing made by her is stuck on a cabinet. Outside the room, a boy is reading a comic with Mr. Incredible on its cover.

9. Cars

The Cars movie has several references to Toy Story.

The Cars movie features two references to Buzz Lightyear. The tires of Lightning McQueen come from the Lightyear company. Another car in the race sports tires named Gamma Sector 4, which is also the name of the place where Buzz was a space ranger.

10. Cars 2

The top 12 Pixar easter eggs includes the Brave reference from Cars 2.

We can see the same restaurant from Ratatouille. However, the name is changed from Gusteau’s to Gastow’s. The movie also features a future release by including a painting in a tavern of Merida and her family from Brave. They do look however like cars.

11. Ratatouille

The shadow of the dog from Up appeared in Ratatouille.

The protagonist of the movie, Remy, is scared by the shadow of a dog, none other than Dug from Up. Viewers can also spot the logo of The Incredibles on the underwear of the master chef, Linguini.

12. WALL-E

One of the top 12 Pixar easter eggs is Remy's scooter as seen in WALL-E.

WALL-E is seen scanning rubble where Remy’s scooter from Ratatouille is also visible. Viewers can also observe among WALLE-E’s collection the tennis ball walker of Carl from Up and Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story.

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Top 6 Curious Moments from the Star Wars History

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises of all time, with six theatrical films which fans have been watching over and over again: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. The seventh movie of the installment, which is highly anticipated, will be released this December. However, if you haven’t thought of making a reservation yet, you might have to wait until next year. This is the magnitude of popularity of Star Wars. In spite of this, there are many fans who want more. For those with curious minds, many have written spin-offs, either as novels or comics. Some of these are official, and some not. And we mustn’t forget the huge fanfiction base this series has.

However we won’t get into that now. We compiled a list of the top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history. Take a look.

1. The First Sequel

Splinter of the Mind's Eye is part of the top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history.

At the beginning, no one could tell if Star Wars would become truly successful or not. The director, George Lucas, had to have a plan B, a sequel movie on a lower budget. Thus Alan Dean Foster was hired to write a novel as a sequel. This novel would be later on adapted for the big screen. However, Han Solo was completely cut out, since Harrison Ford didn’t commit at that time for any sequels.

The events of the novel, titled “Splinter of the Mind’s Eye”, happened on just one planet in order to avoid expensive costs for for the movie. Leia and Luke basically end up stranded on this planet which happens to be the place where Darth Vader is setting into motion one of his evil plans. The siblings had all sorts of weird flirty moments, as well as one when Luke slaps Leia. Thankfully, we never saw this on the big screen.

2. The Casino

One of the top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history is when Luke went to a Casino.

Also during the 1980s, a comic strip about how Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett invented snowboarding was published. But wait, it gets weirder and weirder. What was more surprising was the fact that Luke had the mission to get inside the Casino Royale on the Gambler’s World planet and steal some winnings from the Emperor. At the Casino, Luke gets really into a certain game named “Cosmic Chance”. The game featured a huge ball which had pagan symbols engraved all over it. Luke seems to have a lot of luck with the game and wins a lot of money. However, it becomes quite clear that he used the Force to cheat the game. What a disappointment.

3. The Radio Show

The Star Wars radio show revealed a lot of scenes that were cut from the movies.

As with most of the movies, the Star Wars franchise had a lot of deleted scenes. In the 1980s these special scenes were detailed during a radio show. Along with many funny but necessary scenes, listeners also found out about the true meaning of a certain scene. While Uncle Owen and Luke were buying droids from the Jawas, they left R2-D2 behind and selected R5-D4 and C-3PO. At that moment, R5 exploded out of a sudden, which seems to be a reference to being sold to slavers. The radio show revealed that is was R2 who sabotaged R5, and this has been confirmed by a Star Wars Encyclopedia.

4. The Ewoks’ Lifestyle

The harsh lives of the Ewoks have made it into our top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history.

“The Adventures of Teebo” is a children’s book about the lives of the Ewoks, the creatures that look like teddy bears but are nothing like them. We find out from the book that they are an oppressed nation on Endor, being constantly chased by some dark hairy monsters riding huge spiders and wielding pitchforks. However, these guys are not the villains. The title belongs to the Duloks, a nastier version of Ewoks, who are trying to eat all the Ewok babies. Not quite a children’s story after all.

5. The Novels

Read the events from Star Wars from the perspective of Luke Skywalker.

A book based on the movies was released in the 1970s, titled “Star Wars – From The Adventures Of Luke Skywalker”. One of the scenes featured in the book is the one where Luke and Ben Kenobi go to Mos Eisley to a tavern where they almost get into a fight with a weird alien. Ben is revealed to be Obi-Wan Kenobi and ends up cutting the guy’s arm with his lightsaber. In the novel however, the scene becomes much more violent, as Obi-Wan also sliced two other persons in half. Afterward, the bartender and his assistants drag the corpses away, as if this happens every day in their local.

6. The Chinese Comics

The first place in the top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history goes to the Chinese comics.

However, nothing beats the Star Wars comics from China. At the moment of their release, the movies could only be viewed in Hong Kong, and thus many Chinese had to find other ways to experience the franchise. As a result, these comics were born. There is nothing less accurate than this: Chewbacca looks like a chimpanzee and Darth Vader shines in the dark and rides a Triceratops dinosaur. More so, his plan is to attack Kennedy Space Center, because apparently ruling the galaxy is not enough. The Chinese comics surpass any bounds of imagination and can justly be crowned as kings of the top 6 curious moments from the Star Wars history.

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Top 6 Performances by Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a name that makes you think of both talent and failure. A man of enormous talent, with numerous successful roles in various movies, Sheen is unfortunately equally known for his hectic lifestyle. Drug and alcohol abuse, as well as marital issues and domestic violence allegations have been the top headlines related to the actor over the past years. This month he revealed that he is HIV positive, having been diagnosed about four years ago.

Despite the dark and devious life of the man, we mustn’t forget the wonderful characters he gave life to. Like many other actors, Sheen has worked for our entertainment, for our way to escape reality by watching movies. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen over the years.

1. Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper is the most popular of the top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men

Surely the most popular of Charlie Sheen’s roles was Charlie Harper. If you ask anyone about Sheen’s movies, most people will tell you about the Two and a Half Men TV series. Even though he couldn’t finish the series and was replaced by Ashton Kutcher, Sheen did receive four Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations. To those of you who might wonder why he was dismissed from the show, it was due to his lifestyle.

2. Bud Fox (Wall Street)

Bud Fox is one of the most acclaimed performances by Charlie Sheen.

Bud Fox from Wall Street

Although he does comic characters wonderfully, Sheen did also throw great serious performances as well. Those of you who have seen Wall Street can surely remember the young and ambitious investor in one of Oliver Stone’s classics. This is one of Sheen’s roles that definitely proves his quality as an actor.

3. Charlie Goodson (Anger Management)

His role in Anger Management is definitely one of the top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Goodson from Anger Management.

More recently, you can watch Charlie Sheen in the Anger Management TV series, which is an adaptation of the 2003 movie with the same name, starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sheen stars as a retired professional baseball player who is now a therapist for anger management.

4. Chris Taylor (Platoon)

Among the top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen we can find his role in the Platoon movie.

Chris Taylor from Platoon

This was Sheen’s breakthrough role, which made him well enough known to move on to greater endeavours. Chris Taylor is truly one of the most dramatic characters played by Sheen, a soldier who takes part in the war in Vietnam. The movie won 4 Oscars when it came out, in 1986, and starred other little known actors at the time, who would become superstars later on, like Johnny Depp.

5. Charlie Crawford (Spin City)

Even if it was a replacement, Sheen threw a wonderful performance.

Charlie Crawford from Spin City

In the Spin City TV series, Sheen was a replacement for Michael J. Fox for the role of Charlie Crawford. Charlie was New York’s Deputy-Mayor and had to save the Mayor from the media with the help of his not so bright team. This was a milestone role for the actor, as he won a Golden Globe for his performance.

6. Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn (Major League)

His role in Major League is one of the top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen over the years.

Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn from Major League

Major League remains a sports classic even today, grace to the role played by Charlie Sheen. The Cleveland Indians’ owner wished to lose in order to move the team. To do so, she assembled the worst players ever, but despite her efforts, the players started winning in a most unexpected way.

Even though these might be his best performances, the actor had other very good roles that did not make our list of top 6 performances by Charlie Sheen: Young Guns, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Hot Shots!, Beyond the Law, Red Dawn and Cadence being only some of them.

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