The 10 Best TV Show Cameos in History

What can be better than getting your weekly fix of your favorite TV show, you ask? Why, getting all that and a bag of chips, i.e. an ultra-special guest star cameo that just leaves you mouth agape. In recent times, there have been plenty of A-list movie stars to appear in TV shows, since everyone’s gotten round to acknowledging that TV has come a long way.  Sure, there’s still the occasional bad apple among TV shows, but, for the most part, the medium garners far more respect nowadays than it did two decades ago. That’s why today we’re bringing you a list of the ten best TV show cameos in history. Which one’s your favorite?

1. Oprah on 30 Rock

Over the years during it which it aired, 30 Rock saw so many great TV show cameos that we could’ve filled out the list with this series alone. Tina Fey’s Liz meets up with Oprah on a plane back to NYC and decides to change her life around, following Oprah’s advice. Obviously, at the end of the flight, she realizes she’d been hallucinating throughout the trip…

2. Stephen Hawking on The Big Bang Theory

Want to see someone outsmart The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon? Then you have got to watch out for that one very special episode, which guest stars none other than brilliant mind Stephen Hawking. Hawking doesn’t even appear that often on TV, so this is a big deal right here.

3. Michael Jackson on The Simpsons

No, seriously – you didn’t know that Michael Jackson had a cameo on The Simpsons? Well, that’s okay. The appearance had to be kept a secret for legal reasons – Michael was actually credited as John Jay Smith on the end credits. But that is, indeed, him, voice acting as Leon Kompowsky, the patient of a mental clinic who’s convinced he is Michael Jackson.

4. LL Cool J on House

If you’re a genuine hardcore fan of House MD, then you may remember the first episode of the 2nd season featuring none other than iconic rapper LL Cool J. The performer acted the part of a former rapper turned psycho killer at the hands of schizophrenia. The artist hadn’t done much acting before, yet managed to be thoroughly convincing here.

5. David Copperfield on Scrubs

One time, as Dr. John J.D. Dorian nods off into one of his regular fantasies, suddenly, out of the blue, renowned magician David Copperfield appears. Just like that! J.D, meets Copperfield in a bar, shows him some lame magic trick, which, of course, Copperfield bests with a trick of his own. No wonder!

6. Mark Wahlberg on Entourage

Mark Wahlberg, perhaps one of the most underrated talented actors in Hollywood, actually makes several appearances in Entourage. By far the most memorable one is the one in the pilot – if you never got into Entourage, the cameo in itself is a reason to give the show a chance.

7. Conan O’Brien on The Office (US version)

Blink and you miss the TV talk show host’s cameo on the Valentine’s Day episode in season 2 of the U.S. version of The Office. In the episode, Michael Scott goes to visit Rockefeller Center and ends up chasing after a woman whom he thinks is Tina Fey. While it turns out she’s not, Conan O’Brien inconspicuously passes Scott by – without being noticed, of course.

8. Britney Spears in Glee

Not many would have expected this, but Britney Spears did a great job delivering some (particularly well written zingers) on an episode of Glee. How did this come about? Britney one day asked Murphy if he’d like to use some of her music on the show. Cut to: here’s Britney busting her acting chops. Not bad, Ms. Spears, not bad!

9. George Lucas on The O.C.

During an episode titled “The O. Sea” of the once popular show’s second season, Seth tries to sell George Lucas a graphic novel. That’s right – George Lucas himself, playing himself. The cameo is fun for a load of reasons, not the least of which being the chance to see Lucas acting: doesn’t happen that often, you know?

10. Brad Pitt in Friends

What else could we have picked to top off our list of TV show cameos? Brad Pitt as the special guest star of “The One with the Rumor” was dashing, slightly insane, and a bit of a jerk – and we loved every single second of it. In the episode, he reminds everyone of their strained relationships in high-school, not without causing some serious chuckles along the way.

5 Picture Perfect Romantic Comedy Couples

It doesn’t take more than one Meg Ryan – Tom Hanks movie to tell that those two have really got some great on-screen chemistry. They simply work great together and make sparks fly off the screen. But, you know what? No matter how much Hollywood seems to obsess over them, they’re not the only ones able to bring to life perfect romantic comedy couples. In fact, we’ve got five other pairings all lined up for you. They’re witty, cute, sexy, funny and just perfect for those nights in when all you crave is a bit of romance and light-hearted comedy.

1. Zooey Deschanel and Joey Gordon-Levitt

She’s been embodying the manic pixie dream girl movie trope for years now. He’s a TV child star who graduated to a full-fledged, outspoken, articulate indie star in his own right. They both have great acting chops and a lot of on-screen credibility. So seeing them together in 500 Days of Summer just seemed like the logical thing to do. We, for one, never get tired of seeing them in that movie (again and again and again…), so we’d be beyond thrilled if they ever chose to work together again.

2. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

She’s simply a darling: America’s sweetheart, funny, pretty, and simply an all-round wonderful person, it seems. He’s dashing, to say the least. They make up one of those perfect romantic comedy couples that no one ever saw coming, by all accounts. However, in 2014 they shot their third film together: Serena, set in the times of the Great Depression. Like their previous two efforts, here’s hoping this one, too, gets an Academy Award nod.

3. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant

He’s not exactly the nicest guy in the world, but she’s the prototypical sweetheart – and one with great flair for romantic comedies (she also makes a great pair with Richard Gere, for that matter). Put together, for the rom-com classic Notting Hill, they sparkled. Unlike Love, Actually, another one of Grant’s forays into rom-com territory, there’s nothing particularly innovative about the one in which he stars alongside Ms. Roberts – save for their amazing chemistry, of course.

4. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger

At the time when 10 Things I Hate about You came out, no one gave it credit to be more than your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. Most people were unable to predict the staying power this movie proved over the years. Yet here we are, in 2014, gushing over the great way in which the Heath Ledger – Julia Stiles pair works on screen. Of course, it helps that Ledger has garnered the aura of Hollywood legend since (through his unfortunate and untimely demise). He was undoubtedly an amazing actor and one whom we would have loved seeing teamed up with Julia Stiles again.

5. Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater

If you were born in the 1990s, you might have never heard of this gem of a movie, titled True Romance and starring by-now Hollywood A-listers Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater. At the time when the movie was made, they were just young hopefuls, but boy did they make for one of them perfect romantic comedy couples! If you haven’t seen the movie, go out and grab a DVD copy and stockpile on the popcorn. In the film, the two play Clarence and Alabama, a couple who manages to convince the viewers that they’ve known each other since forever – even though they actually met one night ago. There’s definitely great chemistry at play here and both actors accurately manage to convey vulnerability, passion, and a long-lasting sense of love between their respective characters.

3 Amazing SF Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Inspired by Books


3 SFWhenever you read a science-fiction novel, words become images in an instant. All classical limits are defied, and therefore a never-ending land of possibilities is thus revealed. Here are 3 amazing SF movies you probably didn’t know were inspired by books. Before the film industry learned how to do so many wonderful things as far as special effects are concerned, our parents and grandparents and grand grand parents were mesmerized while spending their summer holidays reading Jules Verne’s amazingly adventure SF novels. They needed no movie to show them how to imagine everything they were reading about, despite the fact that Jules Verne was talking about worlds nobody had ever heard of.

But as cinema evolved, SF books had to, just had to be screened.

 Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey

3 SF

Movie director Stanley Kubrick shook hands with writer Arthur C. Clarke, and had written a SF novel together that was instantly turned into a film. The result of their teaming up is none other than 2001: Space Odyssey, which was released in both forms in 1968. Kubrick’s intention was of sheer penetration of the audience’s subconscious, with no verbal distractions in the way. The emotional and conceptual content was to be transmitted through images only. Not classical SF ones representing sticky aliens and huge spaceships. He worked with Douglas Trumbull from NASA in order to render the exact movements of a human body in space. He also hired over 40 people on the set who had to make sure that every detail and density described in the book existed in the movie as well. All this grace is enriched by Richard Strauss’ music, underlining the grandeur of the space in such a sensitive, yet grand perspective. This is definitely one of the most amazing movies ever made.

Ray Bradburry and Francois Truffaut’s Farenheit 451

3 SF 1

The novel Farenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradburry and turned into a film by Francois Truffaut. This short novel began as a love letter that Bradburry wrote to books. From here it turned into an anti-totalitarianism and anti-censorship critique. The movie, starring Oskar Werner as inquisitor Guy Montag and Julie Christie as Clarissa, the one true free and fragile spirit that makes Guy question his own non-liberal ideas and beliefs. The movie is less faithful to the book as far as the romance story is concerned so that the audience can have something more obvious reason to cry. Nevertheless the bleak atmospheres of the book, as well as the never-ending tension are faithfully contained in the film, too.

Despite the fact that it was written 61 years ago, Farenheit 451 is a steadfast cultural bench and Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 is a clear statement underlining this tribute.

Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange

3 SF 2

Yes, Stanley Kubrick again! But this time with a different writer and not such a perfect coordination than his other movie mentioned above. The Clockwork Orange dispute is an eternal one because of the fact that no one has enough arguments to sustain which one was better. They are works of genius, but taken separately. There’s something different about them. Burgess’ book was released in 1962 and Kubrick’s movie in 1971 and they both are absolute masterpieces.

While Burgess accepted he felt frustrated because of the fact that none of his following books had the same success, Kubrick has no regrets whatsoever. Malcom McDowell was definitely the only man form this planet who could have portrayed the malefic Alex and his ultra-violent deeds in an unknown future with familiar references. It’s hard to talk about this book or about this movie using concrete words. It’s all about the atmosphere, the strange language they use, the tension and the incredible paradoxes. This time we have Beethoven’s 9th symphony to sharpen our emotions.

15 Strange Details you Have Probably not Seen in the Background of Movies

Putting together a movie, especially a Sci-Fi or historical one is extremely difficult, especially when it comes to clearing and preparing the set. No matter how hard they try, directors seem to let minor details slip in the backgrounds. Some of them we don’t even see, and others we discover later. While some directors insert certain peculiar happenings to test our presence of spirit, most of them pray to God we won’t see that giant air-plane in the background of the Lord of the Rings Set. However, we live in the 21st century, and one individual, out of millions of viewers is bound to find a mistake and plaster it online. let’s take a look at the most baffling mistakes in the background of movies.

15. Number 15 in our list of strange details is a bizarre scene from Mr. Nanny. The bad-ass protagonist is just riding his bike, minding his own business, and in the background a guy is throwing his dog into the ocean. Wtf?


14. There are some people who can’t make the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars (this is because they are infidels who have not seen the series), but it seems that the directors of Star Trek were also confused for a second. In Star Trek Into Darkness we see a flying R2-D2 in the background.


13. The Pirates of the Caribbean had some minor mistakes of its own. One of them would be adding Matthew McConaughey to one of the Pirate Ship Scenes.


12. Disney is well known for introducing characters from their stories in their other stories. A perfect example would be that of The Little Mermaid, where Goofy, Donald and Mickey are present in the crowd during Triton’s descent. 


11. In Harry Potter, child endangerment is a normal occurrence, so why would anyone mind if students are enjoying some sexy time on the hallways? 


10. Remember the story of the Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy’s Ruby slippers? It appears that the directors forgot about them in this scene.


9. In a Galaxy far, far away, there is actually room for poor little E.T. and his relatives.


8. In this scene, of North by Northwest, Gary Grant nudges his co-actor to remind him that he is supposed to lean because of a “sharp turn”. The scene looks extremely unrealistic.


7. Banksy seems to be present absolutely everywhere. We absolutely love his work, and also the fact that one of his cameos appears in Children of Men, in the background.


6. Hill Valley High School has night classes, how cool is that? 


5. In the Emperor’s new groove, there is a scene where poison is thrown over a cactus plant. before the poison the cactus looks normal, after it it looks like a llama (or horse). You choose. 


4. What is that weird guy with a cap doing in the background of the Braveheart movie? Is he lost?


3. Number three on our list of strange details you have probably not seen in the backgrounds of movies is Coldplay’s Chris Martin who appears in Shawn of the Dead. 


2. Les Triplettes de Belleville has an incredibly strange scene. At some point they show a toilet with a “surprise” in it. That surprise also takes the form of Mickey Mouse. Who knows, maybe Walt Disney was there.


1. In Enter the Dragon a guy gets beaten up, and everybody is sad, except that guy who seems to be laughing uncontrollably.


We would love to see more strange details in the backgrounds of movies, so if you have any feel free to send them to us, and we will create a brand new list. We hope you enjoyed these examples of movie background fails (or masterpieces?).


6 Things You Will See in Every Tim Burton Movie

Everyone knows that Tim Burton is a little on the Wacky side, especially due to his extremely strange films, like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. However, nobody can deny the genius of his work. This incredible Illustrator, Painter, Producer, Screenwriter and Director was born on August 25, 1958. He studied at the California Institute of Arts, played around with Disney animations for a while, and then finally decided to make a name of his own. At present, he is known, and appreciated for his horror & fantasy themes (movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Batman).  To honor Tim Burton we decided to share 6 things that you will probably see in almost every movie directed by him.


1. The Flashbacks

There is no better way of explaining a character’s pain, emotions and suffering than with a flashback. And Tim Burton sure loves his flashbacks. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

In Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane dreams about his mother’s death. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka has several flashbacks of his sad candy-free past. The epitome of flashbacks is the Big Fish movie where everything is a flashback. The same thing happens in Batman (Bruce Wayne dreams of his parents), in Alice in Wonderland (Alice remembers her past), in The Corpse Bride (where Emily sings about her death) etc.

2. The Incredibly Kind Parent Figure


Tim Burton’s movies may be teeming with insane creatures and strange events, but it also has some great parent figures. There is always someone there to support and encourage the neurotic artist or sad protagonist. In Edward Scissorhands we have The Inventor, in Beetlejuice there are Barbara and Adam, in Planet of the Apes we see Karubi, in Batman & Batman Returns we have the faithful Alfred, and in the Corpse Bride we recognize Elder Gutknecht.

3. The Innocent Blonde Beauty


I can’t remember how many blonde beauties I have seen in Tim Burton’s movies. He seems to have such an obsession with them that he would use wig on countless brunettes and have them get the perfect bleached, sin-free look. Here are a few examples of Blonde Ingenue characters: Kim (Edward Scissorhands), Johanna (Sweeney Todd), Daena (Planet of the Apes), Sandra Bloom (Big Fish), Katrina Van Tassel (Sleepy Hollow) and The White Queen (Alice in Wonderland).

4. The Skittish Outcast


Number four on our list of things you will see in Tim Burton movies is the twitchy outcast. There is no need to elaborate more on this subject. Let’s simply remember the names of Beetlejuice, Pee Wee, Ichabod Crane, Willy Wonka, Sweeney Todd, Barnabas Collins and the unforgettable Edward Scissorhands.

5. The Witch

Another type of character that appears in nearly every Tim Burton Movie is the witch. Whether she is good or evil, the witch is always present to entertain. Each and every one of Tim Burton’s witches is unique and intimidating. They are also extremely powerful. We have Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows, The Witch in the Big Fish, Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Catwoman in Batman Returns, The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, and of course, Lady Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow.

6. The Same Actors


Like Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton also loves to cast the same actors in his many movies. Here are a few guys, and ladies, that pop up in nearly every one of his movies: the impossibly sexy Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham-Carter, Jeffrey Jones, Cristopher Lee, and Winona Ryder (who only appeared in two or three movies).

These are the six things that appear in almost every Tim Burton movie. There are several other examples of recurring themes like the Monster which is always present, the Scary face and the Rebellious Young Lady.