25 Interesting Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

There are many great movies that have graced the cinemas in the past 30 years. While you may know the stories in most of them, you definitely don’t know the stories behind them. A large mass of interesting factoids about our favorite flicks have been shared on social networks, and most of them are actually true. Here are 25 of the most interesting movie facts that you can pass off in pubs and social settings.

1. The Tangled/Frozen/Little Mermaid Theory

Tangled was released three years before Frozen. What if the King and Queen of Arendelle were on their way to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding when their boat sank? That must be why Rapunzel and Eugene felt the need to come to Elsa’s coronation ceremony. The boat is also present in the Little Mermaid Scenes. The stories supposedly happened at the same time.

2. Casablanca


Number two on our interesting movie facts list is from the Casablanca movie. In the Casablanca movie, Humphrey Bogart never said “Play it Again, Sam.”

3. E.T.

Actress Debra Winger helped with the voicing of E.T. In the movie “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” in 1982.

4. 13 Going 30

This movie is about a 13 year old girl that wishes to turn 30. Jenna’s birthday scene was shot two times, with different wardrobes. This is why in the trailer she is wearing a multi-colored and has her hair down, and in the movie she is wearing a blue top with her hair up.

5. 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan

As if there weren’t already enough subliminal messages in Disney’s movies, 101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan are actually the only animations in which parents of the protagonists don’t die throughout the movie.

6. Gone With the Wind


Over 1400 actresses were interviewed for the role of Scarlett O’Hara. Vivian Leigh happened to pass in front of the director’s window and he immediately fell in love with her and pleaded that she take the role.

More Gone With the Wind Facts

7. Notorious

Alfred Hitchcok came under CIA surveillance for his use of Uranium as plot element in Notorious (1946).

8. Fight Club

Fight Club was one of the best movies in the history of movies. During its making, Brad Pitt managed to chip his tooth but he didn’t get it capped until the movie was done because he thought it would look better that way.

9. Django Unchained


Django Unchained is the first time for Leonardo DiCaprio to not receive the top billing, in 16 years.

10. Cannibal Holocaust

The Director of Cannibal Holocaust had to prove in court that the actors which participated in this movie didn’t die during filming.

11. The Watchmen

Fox refused to screen The Watchmen because they say it is “the most unintelligible piece of s#$t they have read in years”.

12. Lord of The Rings

Can you imagine any other actor playing the role of Aragorn? If Viggo Mortensen’s son wouldn’t have insisted that his father play in the series, we would never have seen him in this incredible role.

13. Harry Potter

Professor Severus Snape is one of the most controversial good guys in the history of movies. To make his character seem believable, Alan Rickman was the only one beside J.K. Rowling to know that he was actually trying to defend Harry.

14. The Lord of The Rings #2

Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King has won all the eleven Academy Awards that it was nominated for.

15. Avatar


Were you impressed by the CGI scenes from Avatar? We know we wore. Apparently each frame took 47 hours to render.

 16. Django Unchained #2

The world “nigger” is pronounced 113 times in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

17. Paranormal Activity

Talk about incredible income from movies. Paranormal Activity cost 150.000$ to make, and it grossed over 210$ million so far.

18. Pirates of the Carribbean

The cast and crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was evacuated to Los Angeles because of Hurricane Wilma.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean #2

To get a real surprised reaction out of Orlando Bloom in the small kissing scene between Elizabeth Sawn and Jack Sparrow, directors cut it out from his script.

20. Pulp Fiction


All the Clocks in “Pulp Fiction” are stuck on 4:20.

21. Star Wars

Jodie Foster was George Lucas’s second choice to play princess Leia in the 1977 movie.

22. The Story of Mulan

Mulan’s story has been told in China for almost 1.500 years before Disney decided to make a movie out of it.

23. Shawshank Redemption

IMDB’s #1 movie, the Shawshank Redemption was the 51st highest grossing movie in 94′, behind Street Fighter.

24. Assassin Creed movie


It is rumored that Michael Fassbender will produce and star in the Assassin Creed movie.

25. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

We may have never seen Robert Downey Jr. star in the Iron Man were it not for his his amazing performance in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He was a black-listed actor.

We hope you enjoyed our 25 most interesting movie facts list.

3 Essential Subplots that Shouldn’t Have Been Cut From Harry Potter, the Deadly Hollows

Harry Potter is one of the best stories to have blessed the literary and cinematic world in the past 20 years. It firmly holds its ground alongside other masterpieces such as Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit or Eragon.  The sixth chapter in the story, The Half-Blood Prince, was also put on screen a while back. Since we are diehard fans of the Harry Potter book series, we would like to point out a few things that were noticeably missing from the movies. While we know that it is impossible to include every detail in a movie, we think that the following bits were essential to the overall plot-line.

1. The Redemption of Dudley Dursley

You all know the horrible Dursley family, who forced Harry to live under a staircase, become their personal servant, and forbid him to join Hogwarts? I would say they were serious douche-bags, wouldn’t you? The most annoying of them all was without a doubt Harry’s cousin, Dudley, a moronic, self-entitled person who made Harry’s life miserable in all five books. However, J.K. Rowling shows us that even the most horrible people in this world carry within themselves a hint of humanity. In Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows, Harry finally realizes that all of Dudley’s weird acts in the past few weeks were actually peace offerings. After having saved his life, he finally decided to act like a decent person towards him. This, of course, is what the books tell us. The movie, however, only presents the Dursley family running away in a cowardly manner in the first part of the two-movie book, so there’s nothing very redeeming to be found there.

Harry Potter

We can’t really understand why directors couldn’t include this scene (especially when 2 minutes would have been more than enough to absolve Dudley). The scene wouldn’t have added much to the finished two-part film. Considering that the Dursley family played an important role in Harry’s development, it may have been wise to present the true situation in the end.

2. The “Half Blood Prince” Explanation

As you well know, the sixth book and movie in the Harry Potter series is entitled “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”.  Have you ever wondered why that is the title? If you read the books, you probably already know that this phrase refers to Professor Severus Snape, who is the child of Eileen Prince, a pure blood wizard, and Tobias Snape, a muggle. Therefore, he was a half-blood prince. Since Snape is such an important character in all the books, would it have been so hard to explain such simple concept? We know that it isn’t the most important twist in the plot-line, and also that Snape mentions at some point that he is the Half Blood Prince, but for those who did not read the books, this line has no meaning, nor context.

Harry Potter

The reason why this essential scene was cut from the movie was probably because it didn’t mean much to directors, and because the entire sixth movie was full of back-story and little action. In other words, the Half-Blood Prince is a victim of too much story-telling, which could have brought intriguing revelations. In our opinion, it is essential to have included this scene, because the movie is called the Half Blood Prince, after all. We are not trying to be tautological here, but the material was right in front of the directors, and they simply refused to use it.

3. The Other Weasleys

Harry’s best friend, Ronald Weasley comes from a fairly large family. As a matter of fact, he has six siblings. While Ginny, Fred and George (the twins) received a lot of attention during the books, Charlie, Bill and Percy received less than what we would have liked to see. Granted, Charlie may not have been such a big loss, especially considering that he was studying dragons in Romania, but Bill and Percy were essential to the plot. First of all, Bill simply showed up during the Deathly Hallows, got engaged with Fleur Delacour, and that was that. They ran away in the sunset never to be seen again (in the movies, at least). In the Half Blood Prince book, their love story was a recurring subplot which was dramatically tested when Bill got bitten by a Werewolf.


The sixth sibling, Percy Weasley, betrayed the family by allying himself with the Ministry of Magic, but in the movie we don’t find out that he came to regret his decision in the end. Some important scenes containing the other Weasleys were probably cut because there were simply too many characters to include in the movie, and too little time to do it. We were particularly fond of Percy and Bill’s subplots, and truly think that they could have given more meaning to the story.

These are the three most important elements that we believe should not have been cut from the Harry Potter Movies. What do you think?

3 Actors Playing Double Superheroes: Aren’t We All a Bit Confused?

If you like superhero movies, you know the last few years blessed us with spectacular silver screen productions that kept us breathless and on our toes expecting the next box office hits, sequels and story developments. There is probably no Marvel or DC fan on the planet to not have seen the movie trailers for The Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America: The Winter Soldier or fret around the concept of Ben Affleck playing the next Batman. Around here, we all love superheroes, some more than others, and we’re already booking tickets in the cinema’s front row to make sure we’re there when the rest of the announced blockbusters are released. However, since the movie list is quite impressive, we couldn’t helped but notice a strange phenomenon related to actors playing double superheroes.

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s not like the same superhero is given life on the screen by the same actor. Superman has been played by a famous list of celebrities, just like Batman was and so on. Again, nothing new. But there is also the case when the same actor plays two different characters, much to peoples’ confusion and, why not admitting it, much to their discontent. There are at least three actors playing double superheroes in our current times and we’ll take a look over each case to understand things better. Or not.

Chris Evans: Human Torch and Captain America

chris evans

Chris Evans didn’t make so much of an impression back in 2007 with his interpretation of the Fantastic 4 hero Johnny Storm, and the movie was pretty bad too. And here we have him in 2011, playing the First Avenger, America’s beloved Captain. So riddle us this: do you associate Chris Evans with Johnny or Captain America? Are you saving money for The Winter Soldier or do you reminisce for the Human Torch? If we made a poll, we’d bet that fans everywhere would pick Evans for Captain America and leave the Torch blow on its own in the winds of oblivion. Now we don’t even think to judge the studios’ decision to take Evans on board for Marvel’s plans of taking total control over the cinema world, because we like Evans as the Captain, but really, weren’t there anybody else worthy enough of the role that they just had to pretend Evans wasn’t already cast in a fantasy series playing a hero?

Ben Affleck: Daredevil and Batman

ben affleck

People didn’t like Daredevil too much and if you read the news, they don’t like where Batman is going either in the hands of Ben Affleck. Among all the actors playing double superheroes, Affleck is the most disputed one and also the one who walks on the thinnest of ice surfaces: first, people remember him as Daredevil and frown upon him being chosen for the Dark Knight, second, the ones rooting for Christian Bale resent Affleck by default. He will have to prove his worth, but as superheroes go, for the sake of Batman, we hope Affleck will rise to the expectation.

Ryan Reynolds: Green Lantern and Deadpool

ryan reynolds

When we heard that there was finally going to be a movie starring Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds was about to play the insane character, we cheered for hours, as they couldn’t have made a better choice. Reynolds should be an amazing Deadpool and the movie should rock the movie industry. And then… it all came back, even if we tried to erase that memory from our brains: Reynolds was the Green Lantern and he was bad. The movie was bad and everything was lame from start to finish. So the dilemma persists: how can you dissociate a superhero from the actor playing him, when the said actor played terribly another hero in the past? Is Hollywood empty of young guys looking good in tights?

We didn’t dig in very deep, but we are convinced that there are other actors playing double superheroes. We don’t say that’s a bad thing, we only admit it is confusing and perhaps detrimental to the upcoming movies. The new Batman vs. Superman project is already in the spotlight and fans are more than willing to bash Affleck, while the future success of Deadpool is already questioned by the critics. So basically, Chris Evans has tremendous success with Captain America because nobody cared about the Fantastic 4; Affleck is bashed and trashed because a lot of people hated Daredevil, while Reynolds is swimming dangerous waters because Green Lantern was a huge disappointment even if Reynolds is a good actor.

Disney’s Strangest Animated Short-films You Didn’t Know About

Most of us have grown up with movies like Cinderella, Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast etc., but Disney has created much more than these big animated movies. As a matter of fact, it is responsible for some of the finest animated films ever made. But Disney wasn’t always so popular, and before they took the stage with their masterpieces, producers filled their time with short animations. Some of them featured their most popular characters, and hold up to this day, while others are simply bizarre, and very unusual to Disney’s usual flare. Here are Disney’s strangest animated short-films of all time:

1. Der Fuehrer’s Face

There was a time, when the Alpha and Omega of all things magical and cartoony, worked side-by-side with the U.S. Government to create hours upon hours of brainwashing, and manipulating propaganda. At first we had The Spirit of ’43 which encourages citizens to pay their taxes and support the war, and then there are many Nazi themed short films, like Education for Death which depict the complete absurdity of Hitler’s regime, and also manage to boost soldiers’ morale for the upcoming battles. Der Fuehrer’s Face is one of the strangest animated short-films that we want to discuss.


This animation stars none other than Donald Duck, in the role of a relunctant Nazi who has Hitler’s teaching so deeply ingrained within him, that he cannot prevent himself from using the typical salute several times per minute. The only thing that could match Donald’s fiery speed with which he salutes each of Hitler’s pictures would probably be the frequency with which the audience draws breath. He even salutes in his sleep and when he wakes up. Sure, it may be an exaggeration of the truth, but it still proves how brainwashed Germans were. In the end, he wakes up, and realizes it was nothing but a nightmare, kisses his Lady Liberty statue, and goes back to his daily life.

2. Destino

Back in 1945, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney started an incredible project together. It was called Destino, and its purpose was to invent a new animation technique inspired from Freud’s works about the subconscious and the way it can be influenced by images with a double meaning. Dali described it as a magical rendition of the problem that is life in the labyrinth of time, while Disney considers it a story about love, with a young woman as a protagonist.


The truth is that Destino talks about the tragic love story between Chronos (a personification of time), and the love that a mortal girl holds for him, in the setting of Dali’s surrealistic artwork. This animation holds a wonderful, unwritten poetry, a riveting soundtrack made by Armando Domnguez and interpreted by Dora Luz, and although it lay forgotten for almost 50 years, it was rediscovered in 1999, bu Roy E. Disney, Walt Disney’s grandson. In 2003 it was nominated for the best animated short film Oscar.

Destino is an ocular gangbang and a cranial onslaught. It’s almost too much Dali. But, nonetheless, it is beautiful.

3. The Story of Menstruation

Number three on our Strangest Disney animations list, is The Story of Menstruation. Let me just start by saying that this animation has taught me more about menstruation, and the way the female body works, than any of the special classes I received in school. Despite the fact that the baby in the opening scenes looks like a bald version of a woman with red lipstick, this short film, commissioned by Kotex is highly educational (even if it is actually a 10 minute long corporate advertisement).


While it may tell us more about what will happen with our bodies as we mature, it also discourages women to use tampons. Why? Because Kotex only manufactured pads, and Tampax was their lead competitor at the time. Disney Historian Jim Korkis also believes that The Story of Menstruation has less to do with understanding one’s body, and more to do with putting up the sandbags before the velvety tidal wave consumes everyone around us.  This is definitely one of Disney’s strangest animated short-films that we ever saw.

Top 5 Best Oscar Moments of 2014

This Sunday’s Oscars were a momentous occasion, that gave us a chance to see Hollywood’s most cherished hotties take the stage, accept their prizes, and have tons of fun. While we didn’t expect 12 Years a Slave to walk away with best picture, or Gravity to be awarded 7 Oscar prizes, we can only say that the year was full of great surprises and funny moments. As with every Oscar celebration, there were wonderful moments, and some not so wonderful ones (for example, when great actors, like Leonardo Di Caprio, didn’t receive an Oscar prize). Let’s take a look at the best Oscar moments that shocked, delighted or downright amazed the audience. Here are the ten highs of Sunday’s marathon-length ceremony:

1. Awesome Acceptance Speeches

Matthew’s performance in “The Dallas Buyer’s Club” was exceptional, so it should not come as a surprise that he managed to snatch the Oscar from Leonardo Di Caprio. But it was his speech that managed to touch our hearts, especially since it ended with his trademark “all right” x 3 line. He also gave elaborate shot-outs to God and his deceased father. Next on our awesome acceptance speeches list was Jared Leto who has an incredible relationship with his mother, and brother. He gave a great speech in which he thanked his number one lady for everything that she did for them. Definitely one of the best Oscar moments!


“In 1971, Bossier City, Louisiana, there was a teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child. She was a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. She encouraged her kids to be creative, to work hard and to do something special. That girl is my mother and she’s here tonight. And I just want to say, I love you, Mom. Thank you for teaching me to dream.” (Jared Leto – Acceptance Speech)

2. Ellen DeGeneres and the Infamous Celebrity Selfie

Ellen DeGeneres was the host of this year’s Oscars and she did a great job! She started the night off with an edgy monologue that relaxed the stars while also preparing them for a breath-taking show. But the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the A-List selfie that she took with them, and later posted on her Twitter (it actually became the most retweeted Tweet of all time). Every intervention she made was worthy of our best Oscar moments list!


Among other moments we would also like to remember her scarring Leonardo diCaprio and Sandra Bullock, and ordering pizza for everyone in the audience (which Lupita paid for with a lipbalm). In her opening speech she also talked about the pretties person in the room (Jared Leto) and the Oscar’s being a lot like the hunger games: only one person wins, and last year’s winner was Jennifer Lawrence.


3. Belle of the Ball

There were some memorable appearances on the red carpet, but Lupita Nyong was definitely the crown jewel of the night. She was wearing a gorgeous fairytale pale blue gown, made for her by Prada, and a sophisticated tiara. It is nights like these that teach women how to dress better, and Kerry Washington, and Olivia Wilde managed to put off beautiful outfits even if they had some baby bumps to hide.


4. The Musical Performances

At some point during the show I was wondering if I wasn’t watching the Grammy’s by mistake, because there were so many musical moments that had the audience jumping for joy. First we had the rock heavyweights, U2, who performed “Ordinary Love” from “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom”. Then came Pharrell Williams who danced with Lupita, Amy Adams and Meryl Streep during the song Happy, and Pink who performed Somewhere over the Rainbow, in commemoration of 75 years since The Wizard of Oz was released. Last but certainly not least, Karen O, an indie darling, performed “Her” and “The Moon Song”, while Idina Menzel also performed “Let it Go” from “Frozen” animation.


5. 12 Years a Slave Comes Through

Although Steve McQueen did not win the Best Director award, his intense drama “12 Years a Slave” was nominated, and chosen for the Best Picture award. Lupita Nyong’o also won the best supporting actress prize for her role, and Solomon Northup actually said that “You charge everything you fashion with a breath of your own spirit. Thank you for putting me in the position. It has been the joy of my life.”


“I dedicate this to everyone who has endured slavery and to those who continue to endure slavery.”

What a way to close the night, right? Did you enjoy this year’s Oscars, and if so, what was your favorite moment? Please share your thoughts with us.