Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

Let’s face it. We all fall asleep thinking about that one super power we’d love to have. Whether it’s flying over skyscrapers, turning invisible, reading other people’s minds or getting microscopically small, there are as many superpowers as there are people. As to superheros, we already know everything there is to know about their superpowers. We have the comic books and the blockbuster movies to fuel our imagination engines and even categorize them into “cool” and “not so cool”. On that note, let’s take a look at seven best super powers of heroes we got to witness on screen. And then in our imaginations.

7. The Ant Man

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

The Ant Man has the ability to shrink in size and increase in strength. As crazy as this sounds, it’s a pretty cool super power to have. It comes in handy when dealing with bad guys and enemies and you can also use it when the grocery shop has just closed and you really need a Twix.

6. Wolverine

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

Despite recent movies, the Wolverine is a badass. He can heal himself and he has retractable blades. Don’t deny it, he’s the king of cool heroes. On top of everything, he has superhuman senses which places him high about others. We’d say Wolverine has got it pretty good, although in some movies we get the feeling he’s slowly drowning in self pity over being immortal.

5. Gambit from X-Men Origins

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

Another cool ability is taking an inanimate object and converting it into hot kinetic energy. I can already see how this power can be used to kill bad guys by the dozens. On top of this, he also possesses a kinetic charm ability which enables him to coerce people and make them agree with whatever he wants.

4. Storm from X-Men: The Last Stand

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

Who wouldn’t want to be able to manipulate the weather? Feeling too hot? Lift a finger and you’ve got yourself a nice refreshing shower. Too cold? Murmur some words and the Sun will come visit. You go, Storm!

3. Professor X

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

He doesn’t even need a description, does he? I’m pretty sure even Wolverine is a bit jealous of him. And why wouldn’t he be? Professor X has incredible telepathic mutant abilities that we all crave, not only Marvel’s super heroes. Although he could once cover the entire world with his telepathic abilities, because of Magneto, Xavier’s power has been restricted to a radius of approximately four hundred kilometers. Which is still four hundred kilometers more than any other human can cover.

2. Nightcrawler from X2: X-men United

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

He is incredibly agile, can teleport and has adhesive hands and feet. Thanks to his indigo skin, he can become nearly invisible in shadows, blending in the darkness. As a nice touch to his teleporting ability is his “space awareness ability”. This translates into the fact that he’ll never teleport into a solid object. Did we mention his tail? Not only is it strong enough to pick up a man from the ground, it can also wield a sword and serve as a third hand for Nightcrawler.

1. The Man of Steel

Seven Best Super Powers Of Heroes

He’s not called Superman for nothing. He can do so many things at once and still have an impeccable coiffure at all times. Share the tips and tricks, Man of Steel! All joking aside, let’s make a quick recap of what Superman can do. He can fly, which means his girlfriend can get croissants for breakfast on the Seine, go back home for lunch and make-up touch ups and then go for paella in Barcelona. Superman is also invulnerable (but he can totally talk openly about his feelings), he is freakishly strong and can emit solar energy from his eyes. I rest my case.

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Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We’ve grown to enjoy violence on TV. Especially since it keeps coming and shows no signs of stopping. We see it on the news, occasionally on commercials, it’s definitely in movies and most likely in TV shows. It even started to worm its way into cartoons, so you better keep an eye out on Nickelodeon next time your kid tunes it. For adults who enjoy the occasional gruesome scene consisting of a highly anticipated fight and ending in someone’s demise, we’ve compiled a list of five most graphic deaths on TV. No need to welcome us.

5. Oberyn from Game of Thrones

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

As a side note, yes, we could’ve compiled a list of the most graphic deaths only from Game of Thrones. But it would’ve been way too long. Oberyn’s was, by far, the most gruesome of them all. When he confronted The Mountain he wasn’t expecting to get his skull smashed in. But he did, while thousands of viewers sat on the edge of their sofas/ chairs/ armchairs/ beds, murmuring “no no no”. The fight between the Red Viper and Ser Gregor Clegane was as intense and epic as it was gory.

4. Warren Mears from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

If you didn’t like Warren Mears on Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you might’ve been cheering during his torture and death scene. Or just smiled silently? Maybe grinned secretly? On the inside? However you chose to externalize your joy, here’s a recap on what happened to Mears. His mouth was sewn before he was flayed alive. And since this wasn’t spectacular enough, he was then set on fire. After all this, Warren was resurrected (albeit in the weirdest form possible). He was killed once more in the eighth season of the comic book, never to be revived again.

3. Rita from Dexter

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We were all a bit sad to see sweet Rita go. And it wasn’t the gruesomest scene of the bunch. We’ll admit we didn’t see it coming. But the twisted element was how it replicated Dexter’s trauma, speaking volumes about the killers’ presumable hours of premeditation. How did the scene look, exactly? Dexter receives a loving text message from her before hearing his son crying in the bathroom. Dexter finds him in a pool of blood, next to the tub in which Rita lies dead in even more blood. With this much blood involved, it’s no wonder the episode got director Steve Shill an Emmy award.

2. Noah from The Walking Dead

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We’re used to the gory close ups in The Walking Dead and we’ve watched some well loved characters being consumed by zombies. And yet it always gets to us, even when it’s not a major character who get pecked at. This was Noah’s case. Relatively a new addition on the show, we all thought he’d survive longer. And if it hadn’t been for someone’s cowardice, he might’ve. Getting caught behind the glass of a revolving door, Noah stood no chance in front of the pack of famished walkers. The camera moved from Noah being eaten alive to Glenn’s horrified face as he watched helplessly.

1. Gus Fring from Breaking Bad

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We knew Gus had it coming, but now one saw IT coming. Fring’s death might’ve been predictable, but it suited his life and character: it was grand and sly. Tio Salamanca was willing to go down with his worst enemy so he got some help to make his biggest dream come true. Little did Fring know that he would lose half his face in an explosion triggered by a crippled old man. The episode entitled “Face Off” presents the criminal mastermind as never seen before: he is frightened when he suspects the trap, but doesn’t have time to utter a single word. After the explosion he puts on his composed (half) face, without realizing he’s adjusting his tie in vain. He briefly survives the explosion and manages to take a few steps only to collapse dead a few seconds later.

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5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

As a society that is deeply concerned with fictional characters, book conspiracies and other silly questions, we find our minds wondering (more than often) about the whys, the whos, the whats and the whens. And if you were thinking you were the only one asking yourself something absurd, the endless subreddits are the living proof that you were wrong. These 5 attempts to answer unanswerable questions might quench your thirst for knowledge or they might barely scratch that itch that’ll never really go away.

5. What is the value of Princess Peach’s castle?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

A real estate group, Movoto, took on the daunting task of estimating how much the castle in Super Mario 64 is worth. He tried to find out the actual size of the castle by taking the double door entrance as a reference point. Since the door is approximately 72 inches long, they ended up with a total number of 453,060 square feet. Next up Movoto had to pinpoint the location of the Super Mario castle in real life so they can get an estimate on the square foot price. Deciding on Oslo as the place that suited all their criteria, they summed everything up and ended with a total value of $950,972,940.

4. When Was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

Remember the 1986 comedy about the student who takes a day off to spend it having fun in Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend? The uncomplicated plot follows Bueller around as he goes to a Cubs game, visits the Sears Tower and the Art Museum. Larry Granillo was puzzled how Ferris could have pulled this off, since the game he watched probably took place on June 5th, 1985, most likely after 4 pm. Which would leave him and his friends with a little under 2 hours for sightseeing and crashing a parade.

3. What Does Bob Ross Like To Paint?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

“The Joy of painting” aired between 1983 ad 1994 and it was an intructional TV show in which Bob Ross taught his audience how to paint, finishing a painting in each episode. America has been happy with Bob Ross’ lessons until a recent study embarked on the task to analyze his paintings and what they are about. The shocking discoveries speak volumes about Ross’ ability to paint people. Out of 381 paintings only one contains the silhouette of a man. The rest are landscapes with clouds, mountains and trees that appear 91% of the times in his artworks.

2. How much could you get for the Diamond Armor in Minecraft?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

The equivalent of real life Lego, Minecraft has its players dig for materials and especially diamonds. This prompted MatPat who hosts The Game Theorists on Youtube answer the question of a set of diamond armor’s worth. After some lengthy calculations involving the size of Minecraft pixels, the number of carats in the armor and in the end he found out the armor is worth $88,188,750,000.98.

1. What’s up with “Game of Thrones” seasons?

5 Attempts To Answer Unanswerable Questions

Someone should tell Fergie that boys don’t come and go like seasons any more. Because winter has been coming in Game of Thrones for the last five years. And while we’re still waiting for the long night to come over Westeros, why not try to figure out how the seasons work. One of the hypothesis states that the queer length of the seasons can be accounted by the planet’s solar system which should include three major stars orbiting around each other. This could cause the irregular seasons that can either last two years or a decade. According to another theory, the planet inhabited by dragons, warlocks and children of the forest might as well be an exomoon that orbits a gas giant.

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The New Ant-Man Movie is Guaranteed to Be a Huge Hit

Enter the new Ant-Man movie. The film is almost wholly self-contained: it has tie-ins to the bigger picture, but it is nothing that you would have to acknowledge, and besides that aspect, it has a feeling of humor that permits you to look at the scenes and just have your fun. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a new character that might have its sequels depending on its success.

The Marvel Universe now covers a number of movies, such as Ant-Man, which hit cinemas all over the world these past weeks. By now, the company’s movies are beginning to deal with an issue that comic book lovers are all too acquainted with. Age of Ultron represented an incredibly pleasant movie, but involves stuffing in just about every personality in the Marvel Universe to act as a link to the next set of films in the series definitely harmed the pacing of the scenario.

ant man movie (Copy)

The next step in the Marvel Universe delivers an old participant in The Avengers’ adventures to the cinemas for the very first time. Equipped with the unbelievable skill to shrink in dimensions, but improve in force, an expert robber must accept his inner-hero and assist his mentor, Hank Pym, in securing the secret hidden behind the amazing Ant-Man costume against a new series of massive threats

In some parts, Ant-Man might be put in a comparison with Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG). Just as Ant-Man, GotG also had great set of new figures to the big screen and depended on comedy relief to create the atmosphere of the movie. GotG introduced an unusual galactic establishing that is not very linked to the rest of the characters and adventures in the Marvel Universe. It has a talking raccoon along with his best buddy, a living tree. And in a way, it all proved to be successful, thanks to its amazing feeling of light humor and partially due to the excellent screen appeal of Chris Pratt.

Ant-Man is not really as amazing as GotG, even if it has its humor to rely on; the movie was initially expected to be directed by the talented Edgar Wright, the guy behind other famous productions, such as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. While it does not get to the same level of artistic talent as those movies, there are some obvious clues and signs of his personal humor. Paul Rudd is your best option as the leader. He is moderate but also crazy, and his acting can make from this movie one that most individuals will appreciate.

And after the continuous-heavy production that was represented by Age of Ultron, this was also an awesome occasion to relax and like what really is at its primary level: a heist movie. Actually, regarding its core, the movie is fairly much at a similar stage as Iron-Man. You have a super-powered costume that a wicked power wants to weaponize and begin promoting. Yellowjacket with Iron Monger have a few things in common – these characters are both basically anti versions of these super heroes in his specific storyline. Iron Monger is a larger, more updated version of the famour Iron Man, while Yellowjacket represents the same for our Ant-Man.

In Ant-Man, we follow Scott Lang’s adventures (who is played by Paul Rudd) who gets caught for intruding into his organization to expose the truth about its illegal earnings. His whistle blowing puts him in a clearly supportive position, but cuts his visitation privileges with his little girl, Cassie. Her mom and stepfather will not allow him to see Cassie until Scott makes up for delayed assistance expenses.

Meanwhile, we watch Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, who designed his incredible costume in the 1980’s, but after an incident that resulted in the loss of life of his spouse Jesse, he says that his costume is too risky to utilize and leaves his protectors from SHIELD as well. Hank also loses management of his organization to a former protégé named Darren Cross.

Hank’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne (who took her mom’s first name) is teamed with Darren, but then she understands that Cross is near to re-creating the costume, to program it to be a lot more destructive and to offer it to the biggest prospective buyer, she goes back to Pym.

Hank reaches Lang, gives him his old Ant-Man super costume and employs him to grab the new suit from Darren Cross. The scenes that follow seem like a traditional heist film, with Hope coaching Lang about how to use the suit, even if it brings the query of why she did not just use it for her. The response of course is easy – that the film’s title is Ant-Man and not Ant-Woman, and if they had created a film about Hope instead, then here would have been a little army of enraged online commentators to deal with.

Still, regardless of a few problems like this one, the movie is mostly pleasant. It seems like the traditional humor is a little well diluted in some scenes, but there are a few amazing graphics along with cheap humor that mostly determine the overall tone of the movie.

There is a battle set within a luggage, and you have some action parts that use toys and games – anyone was able to see the toy train showed in the movie trailer. Simultaneously, there is a flying ant ridden by Ant-Man and that he names Antony. The films keeps on doing that, falling from the amazing graphic effects to the moan causing dad-joke as quickly as Scott Lang changes between his regular dimension and the little ant-sized character.

Like GotG, the movie is a funny relaxation between the big, large players – Age of Ultron this season and Civil War in 2016. It is not as great as it should have been, but it has a decent combination of action and humor that we have seen many times from Marvel until now and this is exactly what is required in many blockbuster that are launched these days.

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Jurassic World Takes the Past into the Future

Before discussing about Jurassic World, it is good to remind ourselves that Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Jurassic Park was launched in 1993 and it was a great classic that made millions of people, from around the world and of all ages, to become more interested in dinosaurs. Ever since, movie industry and the show biz have come quite a long way. The films that followed it were genetically customized production of the same cinematic DNA that contains also the Jurassic World.

More than 6 years ago, we were hearing rumors about the fourth Jurassic film, even as the follow up’s plans disappeared away suddenly. Original movie’s director Steven Spielberg had this sequel in his schedule. Jurassic Park III movie director Joe Johnston had actual concepts about the direction in which the sequence had to go. The follow up, as we already know, lastly got fast-tracked in Jan 2013, when Universal Studio stated that the production for the new movie started. We originally predicted a 2014 time frame, but the company formally announced 2015 to be the launching year.

jurassic-world (Copy)

Steven Spielberg never wanted to make a return to the Jurassic franchise. When Joe Johnston was not interested to once again create a prehistoric thriller, the producers began looking for some well-deserving alternatives to these famous directors. They found Colin Trevorrow, a somehow newbie who made some rather unknown movies (to a certain extent) with the romantic film Safety Not Guaranteed. We say that it was “to a certain extent” due to the fact that, even his movie was acclaimed in the film-festival routines, it did not actually made Trevorrow into a big name. And Jurassic World really required some celebrities under its belt.

The assumption, the concept and the scenario of the storyline are almost the same and not many things have been modified, except for its awesome visual effects and a series of sub-plots to spice up the action. The big ‘Park’ has been transformed into a huge ‘World’, and even if the unique aspect of the dinosaurs is missing its initial attraction from more than 20 years ago, this movie that has been really taken to impressive scales to entice modern viewers, is occasionally interesting.

Owned by company magnate Simon Masrani and managed by Claire Dearing, the new Jurassic World – loaded with a wide range of alive or holographic dinosaurs – is a reservation and theme park located remotely on an isle off the shore of Costa Rica and it has been efficiently working for over several years.

The dip in earnings its owners bit more daring with the attractions presented in it and according to them, the recreation area needs some truly incredible monsters to attract more visitors.

It is all about offer and demand, people want them, so the analysis and group of specialists lead by Henry Wu, are regularly changing the genetics of the dinosaurs to produce new varieties. The newest fascinating specimen to be presented soon at this theme park is a “$26 million asset” – Indominus Rex, the improved version of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur that is now created in solitude.

The management’s avarice and the interested passions of various people, such as the army’s participation, is what results in undercurrents of suspense in the story. But the actual danger happens when the Indominus Rex runs away from its secured space and starts going on a killing spree, making the whole park with its tens of thousands of guests a catastrophe area.

The movie is formulaic and foreseeable in its framework. The initial third of the movie is lagging while developing the whole establishing for the nasty things yet to come. The narration accumulates strength when Claire Dearing’s nephews are tossed into an immediate risk when they get into Indominus Rex’s direction. The stress rises up occasionally during the evading and saving scenes. The impressive sets of action moments are outlandishly unusual and funny, but never terrifying and the suspense is dragged pointlessly.

Chris Pratt is the ever-daring Owen Grady, the ironic wrangler is sometimes enjoyable in his tirades. His natural funny one-liners offer a comedian sense to the scenes. He, together the other main characters involved in different dangerous situations from which it sometimes seems like they will never escape, provide a human feeling to an otherwise dry and stereotypic narration of the film.

Irrfan Khan is distributed in the popular part of Simon Masrani, an avid proprietor of the park. Even if he acts rather well, he is a more of a misfit in this role. His poor speech and a weak character do not underline the powerful man he is representing. Nor, with these roles, does he carry any interest value to his character.

Claire, played by Bryce Howard, is the manager of the large park, is plain in her part. Vic Hoskins (Vincent D’Onofrio) provides the same feeling to the viewers with his regular assessing of the dinosaurs for army advantages. These main characters, along with the other actors in it, are the common two-dimensional figures.

The film’s director, Colin Trevorrow, done an extensive job by completing this enormous venture that is similar to the original film. The graphics, such as CGI elements, VFX and 3D results are unbelievable and the music enhances the audience’s feeling of greatness.

Speaking of raptors, Mother Nature’s best killing devices just keep getting wiser. They have now discovered how to learn instructions, but only from a person with the right language for them. Owen Grady, the ironic, motorcycle-riding instructor, is something of a cold character himself. He serves as a great voice of reason, but less a central point of interest for the main female character: she, in the major part of a strained workaholic, usually spends most of the movie being put aside by her costar, so it really is no wonder why there is not chemistry between them.

A lot more than other movies from the series, Jurassic World remembers the unique sensations offered by some of the famous places of its famous forerunner, while insisting on that glorious music that comes along with it. But its director Colin Trevorrow simply cannot coordinate properly a major production, as Spielberg did with his grandiose blockbusters for summer time. Trevorrow’s arsenal of destruction, the dive-bombing army of pterodactyls; an extremely absurd but pleasing ending, is vibrant but never slightly scary. The movie seriously looks for the risks, white-knuckle enjoyment, raptors running around with no purpose or T. rex chasing people in the rainfall. For all these artistic callbacks, Jurassic World is today’s smash hit filling the box offices from all round the world.

While the original Jurassic Park efficiently combined animatronics with revolutionary (fro that time) CGI, the result being what still seems like the greatest special-effects film, this expensive sequel just puts a few new celebrities against a spinning green screen with an electronic destination. Technical developments aside, this movie looks to be a lot faker than its historical predecessor.

But, for the fans who simply want to remember the good old times when they were kids and live was much easier fro them, this represents a great opportunity to take now their own children to the cinema theaters and enjoy a couple of hours of beasts versus humans on a playing field.

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