Top 5 Less Popular Netflix Shows

TV shows marathons and nights in spent binging on TV series have increased in popularity during the last years. If you need some inspiration for choosing your next TV show, take a look at this top 5 less popular Netflix shows. Ever since releasing “House of Cards” and “Orange is the new black” Netflix has kept the TV shows coming. But somehow, nothing managed to gain as much popularity as those two. Despite of their low ratings, the following series are totally worth watching. So go ahead and cancel your plans for the next weekend, I have a hunch you’ll need all your time for watching TV.

1. Bloodline

Less Popular Netflix Shows

This thriller drama TV series was created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman. The show revolves around the Rayburn family, who hold and manage a hotel in Florida Keys. The intrigue is caused by the eldest son, Danny, who makes some noise on his parents’ 45th anniversary. It appears the Rayburns’ past is not spotless clean, and there are some skeletons in their closet, which involves the death of a Rayburn member. Danny makes waves by threatening his kin to destroy and bring down their entire legacy.

2. Chef’s table

Less Popular Netflix Shows

This is a documentary that focuses on food as an artistic expression. The first season consists of 6 episodes and each of these follows a single famous chef from different corners of the world such as Massimo Bottura (Italy), Francis Mallmann (Argentina), Niki Nakayama (USA) and Ben Shewry (Australia). The amazing photography will surely whet your appetite for a luxurious dinner at an expensive restaurant, so get ready to go out and indulge yourself after each episode of this mouth watering TV show. Even if you’re not a chef, or if you don’t particularly like spending time in the kitchen, you’ll love this TV series for its authenticity and savory taste.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Less Popular Netflix Shows

Incredibly funny, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” was created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and it stars Ellie Kemper. The show follows 29-year-old Kimmy Schmidt as she adjust to her new life in New York City. This follows her rescue from a doomsday cult where she had been held against her will for 15 years alongside other 3 women. She starts her adventures by working as a nanny, morally supported by her friendly landlady, and her roommate, who is an actor.

4. Grace and Frankie

Less Popular Netflix Shows

With an outstanding actors’ crew, “Grace and Frankie” is a comedy series that was created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris. Season 2 of the series was just renewed after the success of the 13 episodes from season 1. The plot of this show is unique, slightly absurd, but in the end amazing. “Grace and Frankie” revolves around two elderly couples who are seemingly ordinary. That is until the two husbands confess their love for each other and announce the wives they are leaving them. The two women are left to live together and care after each other, despite the fact that they have never really enjoyed each other’s company.

5. Sense 8

Less Popular Netflix Shows

This is a sci-fi drama show produced by the “Matrix” team. It tells the story of eight strangers who are seemingly unconnected since they come from totally different backgrounds. Following a common vision experienced by all the characters, they are reborn as Sensates, finding themselves mentally connected, with the newly found ability to communicate and use each other’s knowledge. There is, of course, a bad guy: Whispers tries to hunt down the 8 people in an attempt to capture them. And there is also a good guy who comes to their aid: mysterious Jonas makes everything in his power to protect the 8 strangers from Whispers.

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Meet the Minions

Did you see the minions in the cartoon film Despicable Me featuring Gru (who was voiced by Steve Carell)? Gru is a wretched despot who wants to shrink and get the moon so he can conquer the whole world and tailor it according to his twisted mind.

For the ones who still are not acquainted (so, the next question is where have you been all this time?) all minions are little, yellow-colored, cylindrical-formed characters in the films Despicable Me. The wide-eyed joy for life and unusual innocence is making them delightful figures for audiences. The calculated number of minions operating for their wicked master Gru is at 899, but there are only a few of them who regularly get immediate commands from him.

They all used over-sized glasses to protect their eye(s). Most of them had two eyes, however a few of the characters were short-changed and has just one eye.

At the end of the film, Gru was has changed into a better person, and viewers had become infatuated with his unusual but lovely dedicated employees known as minions.

A few years later, a follow up was launched, Despicable Me 2, with the funny, naïve, naughty minions and the movies earned over twice as the first one. With revenues like these, it was expected that another cartoon Minions was going to be produced. And you were correct, since this third film, a prequel, was released and features three of the fans preferred naughty minions – Kevin, the team’s leader; Stuart, the youngster and little Bob.

They talk to each other using some unusual words – combination of English and a few other ‘languages’ with a change of some characters and modified significance. A little bit insane and some kind of uncomfortable during their actions, they won the minds and hearts of the viewers with their cuteness. Every one knows them and thanks to the great advancement of technology, they are now everywhere – begins with toys and gaming activities, balloons, sticks, bonbons and sweets and goes to home goods and fashion. They assaulted the Internet with fan creations like an incredible number of gags, hilarious quotes, memes or even their own parodies. Social networking is full with their images and everybody enjoys and has a good laugh when seeing them.

Beginning as single-celled yellow-colored creatures, Minions develop through their age groups, constantly working for despicable masters. Consistently failing at keeping these masters alive and well —from ancient T. rex to General Napoleon — these Minions end up without someone to work for and go into a dark depressive state. But one Minion known as Kevin has a strategy, and he – alongside young companion Stuart and delightful little Bob – venture out into the large world to discover a new despicable master for his people to serve too. The group of three embarks upon a fantastic trip that eventually brings them to their next prospective boss, Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first-ever woman super-villain. They go from freezing Antarctica to Sixties New York, via our mod London, where the team must complete their greatest task to date: preventing all of Minionkind from being destroyed.


Stuart minions (Copy)


Similar to Dave thanks to combed hair combed locks, Stuart has just one eye. He also seems to be smaller than other minions are (or it is the fact that he is chubbier?). Stuart was not presented a lot in the initial Despicable Me, but in the second film, he attracts quite a lot of interest when he is dressed as a woman.


Phil (Copy)

He is a lovely minion with a nice and caring soul. When the group of three was not able to find Agnes her new toy, he created one for the girl instead. Whether an expert of undercovering or just really likes to dress funny, he was wearing a complete house cleaner attire in the second film. As if his regular cover was not enough, Phil had only one eye in the initial film, but two eyes in the second one.


Carl (Copy)

This is a one-eye character who really enjoys to make sounds. When Gru’s workplace was on fire, Carl was the one who made the effort to act like a fire alarm. He is also the model of artwork to mark the release of Despicable Me 2 around the world.


Tim (Copy)

The head of a trio formed by Mark, Phil and himself, he was the minion dad when they looked for Agnes’ unicorn. He is quickly recognizable with his thin figure and tall body (the long and spiky hair is included in his height!).


Kevin (Copy)

He is another one-eyed character, just like Phil and Stuart. He was unintentionally shrunk with a special ray in the original film. In the second film, there is another figure known as Kevin, this time being a character with two eyes and taller. It is still controversial whether it is the same minion.


Jorge (Copy)

Despite being the chubbiest minion of all, Jorge is extremely pleased with his physique. Maybe this is why he does not care when creating duplicates of his buttocks.


Dave (Copy)

The main trait that he has is maybe represented by his short and combed hair. While all other minions generally have a spiky hair, his hair is nicely separated in the center and combed to the sides as the 90’s nerds.

Viewers will easily keep in their mind the two-eyed character from the original Despicable Me when master Gru was informing the minions of the next major strategy. When the minions pulled out their weaponry, Dave continued to get himself a rocket launcher.


Jerry (Copy)

It is not obvious, but it looks as if there are two Jerries in the movies. Even if both of the characters have two eyes and a spiky hairstyle, the one shown in the second film is smaller and rounder. Oh well, maybe he has eaten too many bananas.

Some of the spectators will remember him as being Stuart’s best friend and went him to look after the kids when their master Gru was occupied with his plan during the first film.

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5 Things That Make Thanos Marvel’s Supervillan

If you’re not familiar with Marvel, here’s a recap on what you’ve been missing about one of their most famous villains, Thanos. He was created back in 1973 and since then has appeared in animated series, video games and even latest Marvel movies. He made a cameo appearance during the credit of “The Avengers” and appeared in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Born on Saturn’s moon Titan, he became interested in nihilism and death and ends up murdering his own family for Mistress Death. Let’s have a look at 5 things that make Thanos Marvel’s supervillan.

5. He had daddy and mommy issues

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

You wouldn’t expect Thanos to grow up having a blissful childhood after his own mother attempted to kill him after giving birth to him, would you? Because of his looks and because he was feared by everyone, his family and the society he was born in shunned him as an outcast. At the same time, he was compelled to witness as his worthless brother, Eros, was being prepared to become Titan’s leader. As a consequence, he picked up some nasty habits on the way, including black magic, which was frowned upon by the Eternals.

4. Thanos the Brawler

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Thanos was privileged and enjoyed some amazing powers like teleportation, flight, the ability to project heat and radiation. In addition, he can control objects with his mind and travel through time and dimensions. This translates into being stronger than other super heroes like Thor and Hulk. As a consequence, he doesn’t shy away from resolving conflicts with his fists. To illustrate his strength and determination, we’ll just mention he nearly beat the Silver Surfer to death, who is a powerful creature, capable of surviving in a black hole.

3. He has more lives than a cat

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Over the years Thanos has experienced several deaths and has resurrected in mysterious ways. Among these, we remember the one time when he was turned to stone by the Warlock, followed by him reappearing as a ghost on the death of his nemesis, Captain Marvel. His next death involved Drax the Destroyer punching his beating heart out of him. But he plainly refused to stay dead and instead resurrected yet again, this time via a cocoon… only to be killed one more time by Drax with a bomb. It won’t come as a surprise that he survived this as well in the shape of a skeleton that later regenerated.

2. He’s not that good with kids

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

Gamora was “adopted” by Thanos and raised by him since she was a baby. He altered her perception to make her believe he wasn’t evil which worked just fine until it didn’t. When Gamora finally realized what she was up against, she tried to kill her step father, but ended up dead at his hand. Thanos also fathered biological children across the universe. However, none of these survived since he had a knack for destroying the planets they inhabited. Thanos tried to kill one of his surviving sons, Thane, but the father ended up trapped in an amber cube, the “Living Death”.

1. Death smitten

Things That Makes Thanos Marvel's Supervillan

What does that mean? Death in Marvel comics can appear under any shape. Death first appeared for the boy Thanos in the shape of a little girl and then as a woman, as he grew up. Under her spell, he agreed to kill half the population of the universe, but Death remained unimpressed by all his efforts to conquer her. Apparently, it was not enough for her to receive the deaths of thousands of people and to have a loyal follower in Thanos. Maybe he should try again with flowers and chocolate?

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Ready Or Not, Here’s 10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Disney has no shortage of enthusiastic fans, so why should they stop bringing out movies by the bulk? “Alice in Wonderland”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Cinderella” are just a few of their all time hits and they’ve now embarked on a mission to redo many of their classics. Armed with famous directors and top notch actors, Disney seems determined to reach new levels and set new standards with their live animations. Keep reading if you want to be the first of your friends to find out about their new releases.

1. Alladin

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Although it should be called “Genie”, since it’s going to focus on his adventures, the new movie has just been announced and gave rise to quite a hype. For now we only know the writers’ names: Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will be in charge of the screenplay. We’re still waiting for news on the directors and stars.

2. The Jungle Book

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Not only the kids are excited for this movie that’s going to hit the big screens in the Spring of 2016. Starring Scarlett Johanson, Bill Murray and Lupita Nyong’o, filming for “The Jungle Book” has already started under the close supervision of director Jon Favreau.

3. Dumbo

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

If you’ve been longing for a more modern take on the cute elephant, Tim Burton’s version is on its way! The original film “Dumbo” appeared in the ’40s and starred the little elephant with the same name who could fly thanks to his big ears.

4. Winnie the Pooh

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Don’t lie, you too had a toy with Winnie the Pooh when you were little, a notebook with his face on the cover or at least a sticker with the yellow bear. So you’ll be glad to hear Alex Ross Perry will write and direct a new version of the movie. However, Winnie will be taking the secondary role in this one, with Christopher Robin as a grown up being the main focus of the movie.

5. Beauty and the Beast

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

This one surely made both Harry Potter and Disney fans “EEK!” with excitement. Production of “Beauty and the Beast” has already started and it will star Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast. The plot is known by everybody, and yet we’re all holding our breaths in waiting for this live action adaptation.

6. The Little Mermaid

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

The adorable Ariel was also scheduled to receive a remake in the near future, but all plans seem to have been unsettled by Sofia Coppola renouncing her role. As many disappointed fans waiting for news, we too would like to hear about the director and future stars of “The Little Mermaid”.

7. Pinocchio

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

The magical story of Pinocchio, the wooden puppet, and Geppetto will be brought on our screens by director Paul Thomas Anderson. Pinocchio’s maker will be played by Robert Downey Jr. who will also help produce the movie.

8. Fantasia

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

The ’40s interpretation of classical music is also bound to take a more modern version. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless are going to write “The Night on Bald Mountain” section of “Fantasia” in an atmosphere sprinkled with eerie beings and dead creatures.

9. Tinker Bell

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Better get your tutus ready for the premiere of “Tinker Bell”. Even though there’s a long wait in front of us, the upcoming animation will star Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon. However, there are still no rumors on who’s going to direct the movie.

10. Prince Charming

10 Upcoming Disney Movies

Don’t let the name confuse you because this movie is not going to revolve around Prince Charming, but around his brother. The latter has a hard time keeping up with his sibling’s looks and charm, so the movie should be a unique spin on classic happy ending story. Mat Fogel has been announced to be in charge of the script and we’re all keeping our eyes peeled for the upcoming stars.

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The Top 10 Best Deaths on Game of Thrones

This popular series has turned into an incredibly worldwide famous show due to its deaths on Game of Thrones with the political characteristics of the storyline and twisted plots. This is a show whose scenario is built starting from the well-known books of George R.R. Martin, particularly his series named A Song of Ice and Fire. In this sequence of intricate tales, we follow the adventures of the members of a powerful family in the great nation of Westeros while they fight for total control over the infamous Iron Throne. The content of the present will concentrate on the ones who have already died during these fearsome battles and betrayals.

These are the characters whose sudden endings shocked their loyal fans and these were that main figures that most other famous series or shows would not even think about getting rid of. Well, probably a show about zombies would do it, since they destroy everyone on sight. But the majority of other series, definitely not. This is one of the main reasons why fans from all round the world started to love more and more the series, due to its creators ability to eliminate some of the main characters that have captured the viewers interest and feelings, and still to be able to maintain their passion for the show.

10. Jon Snow

Jon Snow (Copy)

He is a significant personality in the fifth seasons of the show and debuts in the first episode. Jon is the illegitimate son of Edd Stark and was a steward at the Night’s Watch. Jon has discovered a position of approval where the conditions of his birth have no significance. Jeor Mormont is the one who took him as his own steward and sees him as his surrogate son.

After the Castle Black Battle, the protection of which he led with bravery, Jon was chosen the 998th leader of the Night’s Watch. As commander, Jon reinforced a questionable partnership between his people and the Free Folk in the combat against White Walkers, and with a wildling friend, Tormund, he visited Hardhome, where the majority of the Free Folk were killed by the White Walkers and just a few of them evaded with Jon.

In the fight, Jon was the second black brother who killed one of the White Walkers, as well as finding their weakness to Valyrian metal. After all the difficult options to make the right decision for the higher good of his people, the damaged relationship with the Watch brothers lastly seals his destiny. As they conspire against him, our hero is stabbed many times and bleeds massively, passing away in the snow.

9. Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon (Copy)

Stannis is an important person in the starting from the second season. He is described in the first season as having a powerful influence in the kingdom, but does not appear in it. Stannis is intensely influenced by priestess Melisandre, one of the followers of the Lord of Light religious beliefs. He is also joined many times by his faithful sidekick and acquaintance, Davos Seaworth. He forms a new military with help from a loan of Braavos, and manages a significant victory on an infiltrating wild army over the Walls.

Stannis’ troops gradually advance to Winterfell to recover the Stark castle from their adversaries, the Northern Wardens, but after serious snowstorms and a serious mistake to kill his own girl as the ultimate sacrifice, it results in the majority of his soldiers deserting, while Stannis becomes very confused and beaten by the Bolton military. He endures the fight, but is discovered and killed by Brienne of Tarth for the role had in Renly’s murder, providing an end to the Baratheons of Dragonstone.

8. Ygritte

Ygritte (Copy)

She played an essential part in the third and fourth seasons and she originally showed up as recurring character during the second year. Ygritte was a member of the
Free Folks who resided northern of the Wall and she was one of Mance Rayder’s military and Jon Snow’s partner.

During the Castle Black fight, she kills several Night’s Watch brothers, such as Pypar. Facing Jon Snow, she points her arrow at him. Watching and speaking to him, it weakens her determination and hesitates, while Olly shoots her in the chest from behind. Then, Jon holds her and she asks if he recalls the cavern in which they made love and where she wanted them to remain permanently to not have to deal with the war and horrors outside. She tells Jon that they should have remained there and dies.

After the appearance of Stannis at the Wall, Jon talks to Tormund, now a prisoner of Night’s Watch. He asks him whether he loved Ygritte and Tormund says that she loved Jon a lot, as he was the only person she was talking about after he left her. He persuades Jon to take her dead body and burn it over the Wall. So, Jon carries her body to a place in the Haunted Forests and creates a memorial pyre in front of weir wood trees, while burning her body while crying.

7. Drogo

Drogo (Copy)

Drogo is a significant character during the first season and debuts in the first episode. He is khal, or a chieftain, and a memeber of the Dothrakis and is generally called with his complete name, Khal Drogo. He is a higher ranked warlord and terrifying soldier. He is married to Daenerys Targaryen and consequently starts to really like her. He is decided to reconquer the Seven Kingdoms after she escapes a killing attempt and raids one of the Lhazareen villages to captures slaves and spend money in his organized intrusion.

After the battle was finished, he was provoked to a duel by the leader of the people in that village who considered him not worthy to continue ruling the Khalasars, as it showed up he was paying more attention to the orders of a lady. He kills the soldier, but is injured in his chest area and is taken care by one of the women in the village.

His injury gets worse and he becomes extremely sick. Daenerys requests the doctor to use blood magic, but she uses spells that takes Drogo in a vegetative condition as a vengeance for the devastation of her place. His wife finishes his struggling by suffocating him and then burning his dead body. She is seen walking into the fire with a few dragon eggs, but endures the flames and hatches several dragons. She calls the biggest one Drogon to honor her dead spouse.

6. Robb Stark

Robb Stark (Copy)

Robb is the oldest son of Edd Stark and his spouse Lady Catelyn, sibling of Arya, Sansa, Rickon and Bran Stark, and is the half-brother of Jon Snow. When Edd is caught and consequently killed by King Joffrey, Robb is named Northern King and brings a revolt against Iron Throne. In the ignited war, he shows himself to be a skilled fight leader, obtaining several significant wins over Lannister troops and taking Jaime Lannister as prisoner. However, he is an innocent and unskilled politician, placing respectable ideas over realistic issues, and makes quite a few crucial mistakes.

With the battles switching against him, he is compelled to ask the help of the Freys again. He apparently wins their support by accepting his uncle to get married to Roslin Frey. Unknowingly to Robb, it is a snare, as the Frey and Stark families have now joined the Lannisters. At the wedding party, despite invoking their visitor right, the Frey family attacks the Starks, and Talisa, Robb and Catelyn, along with most of their military are killed in what will be known as Red Wedding. Roose Bolton himself kills Robb Stark and this successfully finishes the northern revolt, while the Starks have the ancestral seat removed from them in the North.

5. Robert Baratheon

Robert Baratheon (Copy)

He was the leader of the Seven Kingdoms, officially known as Robert of the Baratheon House. He earned the throne thanks to his victories in the wars and he was an excellent soldier in his younger years. He murdered Rhaegar Targaryen at the Fight of the Trident. Once the war was over, Robert got married to Cersei Lannister to secure a partnership with the Lannistersin order to keep their kingdoms together, however their relationship is loveless. They have three children: but unknown to Robert, all of them were fathered by Jaime Lannister, Cersei’s brother.

Robert discovered the conquering of his empire to be far more satisfying than its ruling, and invested much of his time with women, alcohol and hunters. The authorities below him are assigned the boring duties of ruling the kingdom. He puts Ned Stark in a leading position next to him and Eddard makes a research, only to find that his forerunner was scrutinizing the real father of Cersei’s kids.

Afraid of being exposed, Cersei advices Lancel Lannister to intoxicate him with wine during hunting. Robbie is deadly injured by a boar and passes away because of this accident soon afterwards. He names Edd protector just before dying. Cersei then disregards this proclamation, captures Eddard and offers the throne to Joffrey, her son. The sudden argument results in the War of Five Kings.


4. Renly Baratheon

Renly Baratheon (Copy)

Renly is Robert Baratheon’s Master of Laws at his council. He has the fourth rank in line, behind Tommen and Joeffrey, his nephews, and Stannis, his older brother. Renly is well known among his peers because of his helpful character and eager style.

Renly is engaged in a gay romantic endeavor with Loras Tyrell for several years. They have to keep the relationship secret due to the prominent religious beliefs of the world views homosexuality as a sin, even if many individuals are however conscious of this love, so it is more like their open secret.

Following the death of Robert Baratheon, he wants the Iron Throne only for himself, denying the statements of Joffrey Baratheon and Stannis Baratheon, his older brother. Renly is killed by a darkness animal conjured by Melisandre in the war. After Renly dies, most of his banner men from Stormlands accept the authority of his older brother.

3. Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister (Copy)

He was a significant personality in the previous seasons of the series. He originally showed up as a recurring character and then appeared temporarily as live corpse during the fifth season. Intelligent, determined, callous and overwhelming, Tywin was the wealthiest person in Westeros and successfully its leader when he was assisting for his grandsons, Tommen and Joffrey. His power was to protect his heritage and the Lannister name, and that he wants to do anything he regarded necessary to defend his close relatives. Tywin was many times figthing with his children, Cersei and Tyrion, considering them to be major disappointments.

When a war started between the Starks and Lannisters after King Robert’s death, Tywin led the battles against the Stark family and he delegated to his children the ruling of King’s Landing. Despite a difficult beginning to the war, he turned the odds by organizing a partnership with the Tyrells and leading all combined armies to succeed the Baratheons during the Blackwater Battle.

Tywin was renamed Hand of King after these successes and took once again the leading of his realm. The main objective was to stop the war: he organized the wedding of Petyr Baelish and Lysa Arryn, to take her back and, even more important, supported the Bolton and Frey Houses in their disloyalty to the Starks at the notorious Red Wedding that finished the North revolt.

After the sudden death of King Joffrey, his grand son, during the wedding with Margaery Tyrell, he lead a trial against Tyrion, the persons was charged of this action. When he lost the trial by fight, Tywin condemned Tyroin, his own, son, to death. Tyrion ran and, as a vengeance, murdered his dad as he assisted to the whole scene.

2. Eddard Stark

Eddard Stark (Copy)

Also known by his loved ones as Ned, is a main character during the first season. He was the leader of House Stark and father of Arya, Sansa, Robb, Rickon and Bran by his spouse, Catelyn Tully, and of Jon Snowfall, the bastard child by an unidentified mom. He is a devoted dad and husband, a faithful friend and a respectable lord.

For many years, Ned stayed to rule Winterfell, leading the Northern realm in the name of Robert Baratheon. After Jon Arryn’s death, who was Hand of King, Robert provided Eddard this role and he visited the capital along with his girls to help in the ruling of the kingdom. He found out that Jon had been killed because he knew about Robert’s kids with Cersei were in reality a result of her incest with Jaime Lannister, her own brother.

After Robert Baratheon’s death during hunting, Ned Stark tried to detain Cersei along with her children and install Robert’s young sibling, Stannis, on the kingdom’s throne as the legal heir. But Petyr Baelish’s disloyalty brought Eddard’s arresting for treason. After hearing about his dad being arrested, Robb Stark brought up the armies of the Northern realm to free him. To avoid the future war and have his daughters protected, Eddard admitted the treason but Robert Baratheon’s son, Jeoffrey, who has become the new King, denied his request and had him executed.

Eddard Stark’s death started a big war between the Houses of Stark and Lannister. Raged by their lord’s killing, Eddard’s banner men denied the power of the Iron Throne and recognize Robb, Ned’s son, as the real king.

1. Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey Baratheon (Copy)  deaths-on-game-of-thrones

Joffrey is considered to be the oldest child and heir of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister, a couple who joined a political marriage partnership after he conquered the throne from Aerys Targaryen. Actually, his father is Jaime Lannister, Cersei’s twin brother and the leader of the king’s guards.

Joffrey is similar to his mom regarding his looks and character, his golden-haired locks being a small hint that he is not in reality a Baratheon, who popularly always have dark hair even when a parent has blonde hair. He is usually associated with his sworn protector, the powerful Sandor Clegane, also named the Hound. Even prior to ascending to the Iron Throne, he is angry, conceited, cowardly and spiteful, however, these characteristics are further amplified after Robert Baratheon’s death and his rise to the top.

Joffrey was initially arranged for a marriage with Sansa Stark and he held her captive after he killed her dad for treason, as Ned Stark tried to expose the reality about his parentage. But, he got rid of Sansa for Margaery Tyrell, as a formal aspect of the new partnership between the Lannister, the main followers of Joffrey, and the Tyrells, the leading house of the Reach that assisted in defending King’s Lading against Stannis Baratheon’s strike.

At his marriage with Margaery Tyrell, he was killed by consuming poisoned wine. The last action as he was passing away was towards Tyrion Lannister, his uncle. Upon his unexpected death, Cersei arrests Tyrion on the reason of regicide, even if the real orchestrators are Petyr Baelish and Olenna Tyrell.

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