5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Never Won an Oscar Although They Should Have

Since we already know who won some Oscar Awards this year (much to peoples’ surprise, discontent or lucky predictions), there are some Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they should have, and it seems that this list is perpetuated for far too long. If you saw Leo DiCaprio’s reaction when he found out he wouldn’t go home with the golden statue and consider that he should have, then you understand our pain and disappointment to see year after year a bunch of talented people who give 100% to the movies they star in and wishfully think that maybe next year, they will get the award they deserve. You will hear some voices shouting about the Academy’s incapacity to recognize value when it sees it, confronted by the voices that believe everything was fair and square and some celebrities still have a chance for winning, but also still have a lot to learn. Without any disrespect for the ones that indeed took their awards home this year (but with a round of applause and eternal appreciation for their acting skills – Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, we’re looking at you), let’s take a look over 3 Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they should have.

Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo dicaprio

Who else? We wrote about him a while ago, appreciating not only the movie projects he dedicated himself to, but also his irrefutable acting skills, charisma and talent to portray powerful characters having to face tricky circumstances. Four Oscar nominations but no award can seriously mess up with an actor’s mind, but we trust we will see the day when Leo leaves home with the statue. He may still have a lot to learn and he definitely still has a lot to show us in the years to come, so our confidence is that we will see the day when DiCaprio gets his well deserved Oscar Award for Best Lead Actor. He’s closer than ever!

Amy Adams

amy adams

Five Oscar nominations in her career and yet, still no award. She got closer than ever with her part in American Hustle, even though her past four nominations were in the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, and we have to admit Amy is indeed talented, sexy and charming. Maybe the Academy considers she is too young to get an Oscar yet? She still needs to perfect her acting skills? Who knows, but among the Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar, she has five nominations to show off with. So by the looks of it, we all still have time to applaud Amy in the future and rejoice about her bringing home the statue.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson

Now this is a mystery, impossible to understand and impossible to wrap our minds around: the badass of all badasses, Samuel L. Jackson, who starred and rocked around 100 movies, who is a cinema legend, who made all the motion pictures he showed up in look and especially sound like works of art, got ONE Oscar nomination in his entire career (Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction) and didn’t even won the Award. If you are thinking injustice, we’re thinking it too. But, for all it’s worth, Oscar Award or not, Samuel L. Jackson is a living and breathing legend, a complete, complex and mind blowing actor and he will remain in our hearts forever as long as we all shall live. Maybe we will get the chance to cheer and bow in front of this cinema titan sometime in the future, because there is still time for the Academy to come to its senses and award Samuel with the honor he deserves.

There are plenty of other Hollywood celebrities who never won an Oscar although they may have deserved it at some point (Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and so on), but we all keep our hopes up and wish our favorite actors and actresses to engage in fabulous movie projects and shine on the silver screen in the future, so they can be honored with an Oscar for incredible performances.

5 Female Fictional Characters to Bring in a Battle. Would You Win?

Given the rise of superhero movies in today’s cinema industry, there are plenty of options for anyone to make alliances and win wars with the help of some badass guys out there. Imagine yourself as a fictional character in a movie who needs to fight the good fight against evil forces. Who would you call in by your side? The Avengers team? Or maybe Superman would be enough to restore the balance? Would you desperately call Alfred and see if Batman is available by any chance, or he’s bound to protecting Gotham and he’s not servicing other cities or countries? Would Spiderman be a choice? Now, if we take a look over the most fierce and fearless superheroes who make movie box – offices to explode, the choices are wide and there is little room for error. But how about if there were only female superheroes available? In a world where all the cape crusaders, costumed fellas and muscle – packed superheroes would be busy doing something heroic in another part of the galaxy and you’d have only women to help you win a conflict with some monsters or aliens, which are the best female fictional characters to bring in a battle? Today we will look at five badass women in movies and see who might be your best ally in a life or death confrontation to save the world.

1. Lara Croft

lara croft

Granted, Lara has her own agenda and adventures to leave us breathless, but if you’d call her and ask for help, would she be able to save the day? Our bet is that she would, not only because she is a skilled fighter, but because among all the female fictional characters to bring in a battle, she is the most tech – savvy, resourceful, well – connected and imaginative. So fighting next to her would bring you the advantage of high – tech weaponry and some ingenious ways of making it alive.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

daenerys targaryen

Well, she’s not a soldier per se, but The Mother of Dragons has impeccable marketing skills when she has to build an army, and since we all know what’s about to come next in the Game of Thrones TV series, the woman manages her troops like a true commander. And she has dragons. Enough said.

3. Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen

Among the female fictional characters to bring in a battle against evil menace, Katniss is the most skilled when it comes to surviving and messing up with her opponents’ plans. We’re still not sure she can match Hawkeye in shooting arrows, but she has definitely a strong will to live against all odds and stir the waters enough to make the system crumble and fall. Who knows, maybe the evil forces would dissipate by default if she manages a riot to rise among the enemies’ own troops.

4. Hermione Granger

hermione granger

Well… if other female fictional characters to bring in a battle have military skills, weaponry, survival skills or dragons, Hermione has magic. She could just cast a spell and pufff! evil forces disappear into the void. But if we took a closer look on how magic works in the movies, even Gandalf had to engage in sword fighting and strategy building, so apparently magic has its own limitations. But Hermione is a powerful ally nonetheless and you should be proud she’s fighting by your side.

5. Black Widow

black widow

Unfortunately, she has only super – human skills in combat, but no magic and no dragons. Still, she is born and bred for standing against enemies and if you manage to capture one of the bad guys’ soldiers, you certainly want her to conduct the interrogation. She is an awesome gun fighter and has some moves, not to mention she’s fearless.


river tam

The list of fictional female characters to bring in a battle should also leave some room for Buffy and River Tam from Firefly. Buffy is Buffy and it would be an honor for you to fight by her side, while River… that is a girl to fear when she gets serious. What is your favorite badass woman you’d choose to call when the dark forces threat this peaceful planet?

Top 3 Movies You Definitely Have to See from 2013

A good movie is worth absolutely every penny spent on tickets, the waiting and the snacks, so much so that most of us prefer to watch a movie in the cinema not just for the special effects and 3D renditions, but also due to the excellent atmosphere. The issue is making the grave mistake of not properly analyzing a trailer and choosing a bad movie to see in the cinema. And as each year has it’s do’s and don’ts , here are three of the “do’s “ of 2013 where movies are concerned:

Despicable Me 2

Teaming up again to destroy- oh no, this time, to save the world, Gru and his minions are adapting to family life which seems to suit them perfectly. While attempting to live honestly, he is recruited by a special organization in order to save the world from a new super villain. Steve Carell magnificently lends his vocal abilities to give life to one of the most loveable villains cinema has ever seen. It’s not just that the lines are perfectly written or that the actors play their parts convincingly, it’s also that the animation exquisitely captures any subtlety of the lines that are being spoken and of the state of mind the characters find themselves in. Not to mention the adorable minions that have become some of the most loved animated pictures characters (alongside the Penguins of Madagascar and Scratch from Ice Age) recently created.


With a unique design, absolutely hilarious sound effects and language as well as ridiculously laid out plans for the simplest of tasks, the minions turn an already wonderful animated picture into one that is simply exquisite. With well written scenes, minion abductions, an ex-villain turned vigilante, “Despicable Me 2” is certainly well worth the cinema visit and will keep you laughing all through the 100 minutes of film time.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Regardless of negative opinions regarding the first movie in the Hobbit trilogy, this sequel was one of the most expected movies of 2013 and with obvious reason. The breathtaking scenes that start the trailer off take viewers back into the magical world of dragons, elves, dwarves and hobbits- the beautiful night elf cities, imposing dwarf sculptures at the entrance to the lonely mountain, incredible detail and exquisite colors and seem to take the well-known quality of the Lord of the Rings movies a step further.


If this weren’t enough, the trailer soon shows off one of the best special effects that have ever been seen on the big screen: the mighty Smaug. The chromatic and detail that has been put into this one scene where Bilbo meets the dragon is mind-boggling. With such effects, unique locations that only Jackson can portray and such talented actors, most movie lovers were crossing their days off their calendars until the release date.

Thor: The Dark World

One of the best (and most attractive) super heroes on screen makes a comeback that promises to be even better than fans would expect, ready again to save the world with his lovely locks and killer abs. As with all Marvel productions, the trailer begins with colossal special effects meant to impress even the least impressionable of viewers. The opening scene where the Greenwich University seems to be under attack is simply exquisite.


The fact that the movie takes place in Valhalla for a change is reason enough for viewers to not only be curious, but to barge into cinemas. Sets are magnificently put together, costumes are beautifully crafted and if there wasn’t enough epicness  in the movie, Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston inject just enough talent into the movie to turn it into a must-see event. So make sure to catch these movies in cinemas if you haven’t yet – you’re in for a treat.

What Is Going to Happen in Game of Thrones Season 4? Hints from the Teaser

GoT worshipers rejoice. Your favorite TV Series is coming back to television, and it is bigger and better than ever before. It seems like all the waiting paid off, because producers have come up with, what seems to be, the most intense season of the series. The Game of Thrones 15-minute season special “Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing” was presented on HBO yesterday, and it has made the wait, even more difficult to deal with, because it has left us with many questions. How much of the siege or occupation of Meereen will be presented in the season? Will Brienne wander the Riverlands? What will happen to the Mother of Dragons? There are a few things that the Game of Thrones foreshadowing trailer has told us:


1. On the Wall and Beyond it

We already know that Winter is coming, and that two armies (that from the North: White Walkers, and Mance Rayder’s wildlings), and the soldiers from Castle Black are about to clash. In the season-three finale we already find out that Stannis is the only one who answers the call to defend the wall. In the meanwhile, Melisandre finds a new source of king’s blood, and Bran, Hodor and the Reed children continue with their quest to find the three-eyed crow. Bran learns more about his freenseeing and warging abilities, and this creates an opportunity for us to learn more about Ned Stark’s History.

2. Sam and Jon are Reunited

To be frank, we kind of liked the Jon Snow – Sam couple, and we are very happy to see that they will be reunited. Obviously, there is some drama involved between the two as well. John Bradley says “Sam and Jon’s relationship is as even and equal as it’s ever been”, while Kit Harington adds that “I think without Sam, Jon would crumble”.

3. The Season Ender wont be the Huge Climax

Up until new we were accustomed to having episode 9 as a huge climax. According to the foreshadowing episode, this won’t happen in season 4 of Game of Thrones. Apparently, there will be more climatic events in Season 4, David Benioff says.

4. The Battle on the Wall will be Amazing

Granted, producers may not have said a lot of things about what’s happening on the Wall, but they have revealed several actions scenes. These scenes in which Styr the Magnar of Them leads the charge and Jon Snow leads others are amazing, and this means that the final result will be magnificent.

5. Daenerys may have a throne Room, but she has some problems


As you can see from the footage, Daenerys’s dragons are all grown up, but this raises another problem for Daenarys. Emilia Clarke actually sates that “They’ve killed her enemies, what’s going to stop them from killing anyone,”… “I think it’s kind of a symbol of her losing control of herself and losing control of what she’s doing.” The dragons are huge, and the book viewers will probably know that the scene at the end of the special is one very relevant to Dany’s arc. Daenerys realizes that she can’t just conquer cities and move from one to another, and that she has to leave someone who shares her opinions about leading.

6. The Royal Wedding is Magnificent

There was a lot of footage shown for the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery. Apparently, there is no secret that the two will be married, and we have to admit that the setting really looks spectacular. All the actors on the set talk about just how massive the scale will be, and Natalie Dormer actually states that she will probably never attend such a grand wedding in her life.

All in all, Season for of Game of Thrones will probably be focused entirely on the war between the Five Kings, and it will come to a close with the battles on the Wall. Also, one thing you should always keep in mind: if you are invited to a wedding, send thanks by raven.

3 Actors Who Suffered Radical Changes to Rock Their Roles

With the recent Dallas Buyers Club movie and the success it had reported, people remembered that not only Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey had to suffer drastic changes to make their characters plausible, credible and outstanding, but in their careers, many other superstars chose sometimes difficult roles that imposed physical transformations such as loosing weight, gaining weight, change of facial features and so on. History of cinema remembers such radical changes as the courage of some actors that went beyond their talent and defied their own bodies to get that character right. Some of these transformations and the actors’ interpretations also led to such powerful characters in memorable movies that can be considered acts of pure genius. Not a long time ago, Total Film Magazine made a photo gallery with cinema’s 50 most spectacular actors’ physical changes, but we picked only three of them because they were monumental, to say the least and should be honored properly. Let’s see the three actors who suffered radical changes to rock their roles.

3. Ellen Burstyn – Requiem For A Dream

We chose her not only because in 1999 this movie shook the core of everybody who saw it, but because it had a young Jared Leto in it, a man whose role transformation pales in comparison to that of his movie partner Ellen Burstyn. A woman under the horrific influence of drugs ends up looking like a ghost from a more modern horror flick and the genius of this transformation is that the movies shows you Ellen’s radical changes in a progressive matter, which makes things even more terrible. It is mind blowing and nerve shattering to see how a woman can decompose and become a walking dead due to drugs and Ellen’s powerful role is still haunting after so many years. For this part, she is still considered one of those actors who got robbed of an Oscar Award.

2. Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler

Why this actor and why this movie? Well, if you remember gorgeous hot stud Mikey Rourke from the ancient 9 and 1/2 Weeks or Wild Orchid and if you followed his life until more contemporary times, you know everybody bashed him around for ending up looking like some white trash with no future, and alcohol had a part to play too in his natural radical transformation. The man was mocked in the press so many years in a row, at some point it seemed that a talented and famous actor like him would never recover. He got fat and negligent and he looked wasted most of the times. And then, The Wrestler hit the cinemas and all detractors had to shut up. Not only that he displayed a body many young men would envy, but he made such an unforgettable role in such a powerful movie, he managed to redeem himself for all his past sins. Not to mention long blonde hair.

1. Charlize Theron – Monster

Among all the actors who who suffered radical changes to rock their roles, Charlize Theron’s interpretation of famous female serial killer Eileen Wuornos was perhaps the most dramatic one. Other female actresses gained some pounds for their characters, Renee Zellweger and her Bridget Jones, Milla Kunis who lost a lot of weight to end up “skin and bones” for her role in the Black Swan, Natalie Portman who virtually starved to death and survived mind blowing physical training to deliver the Black Swan to us, and so many more. But Theron’s transformation was dramatic to the core and nobody could saw that coming. The beautiful, ingenue blonde with perfect skin and sparkling eyes delivered a monster in its true sense, as she gave up eyebrows, she had the face of a thousand sins, she wore prosthetic yellow teeth, she got… bigger, not fatter and whomever saw her on screen and remembered her in Sweet November was shocked to the core. She wasn’t the same person and rumors say that after that movie, she lost something of her beauty.

Perhaps there are even more than 50 actors who who suffered radical changes to rock their roles, but the list conceived by Total Film is a good place to start thinking about the real sacrifice some actors have to make, the real drama behind a part, the real challenges they have to go through not only in front of the camera, but behind them, starving or stuffing up with greasy food, becoming other people, trying to live to the expectations, stepping beyond the job and becoming one with the character.