Three Disney Fairytales with Horrific Origins #2

We recently published an article about the Disney fairytales that enchanted your childhood and the true stories that lie behind them. As you’ve surely seen, the true fairytale that served as inspiration for each Disney movie was more realistic (to put it lightly) and presented the situation in a completely different manner than Walt Disney did. Happy endings as we have come to know them were virtually nonexistent in the stories of the Grimm brothers (think of the Little Match Girl). Instead of happily ever after’s, the authors decided to show the events as they would have logically happened. Here are three more stories with similar scary inspiration:

1.     Cinderella


There are in fact several versions of Cinderella- the Grimm’s version, the Charles Perrault version and the Giambattista Basile version and in each of these versions events unfold differently. Disney decided to base their movie on the Perrault version (which coincidentally plays out almost the same). In the Grimm’s version, the prince covers the palace steps with tar in hope that his love does not flee but when he is left with just her shoe, he goes in search for her.

The two step-sisters of Cinderella, trying to win the prince over cut their toe and their heel so as to fit into the slipper (but the prince notices the blood thanks to Cinderella’s birds). Because of their deceit, the sisters get their eyes pecked out. In Giambattista Basile’s version, however, the story unravels completely different. Cinderella is convinced by her governess to murder her stepmother (by breaking her neck with a large wooden chest). The governess then marries Cinderella’s father and brings her seven daughters along- they all mistreat Cinderella and send her to the kitchen to work as a servant. From here on, the story ends as we all know it.

2.     Sleeping Beauty


Disney’s 1959 rendition of sleeping beauty was based on the Grimm’s version (the princess pricked her finger and fell in a deep sleep for a hundred years, during which countless men met their slow deaths in the brambles of the briar hedge while trying to “gaze upon” the princess- it is only after the hundred years that the brambles, turning into flowers, allow the prince passage to his princess) but there is another Sleeping Beauty tale which is gruesome. Sun, Moon and Talia was Giambattista Basile’s version and here, the princess is raped during her sleep and gives birth to twins.

One of the babies removes the enchanted splinter that was keeping the princess bewitched and she awakens. Once the queen hears about this, she decides to burn Talia alive, kill the babies and feed them to their father- this does not come to pass thanks to the king saving the day, so the queen dies instead of Talia.

3.     Snow White


The version we all know is based on the Grimm’s version (which is bloody in itself)- the hunter is ordered to bring the lungs and liver of Snow White but he brings those of a pig instead, and the Queen instantly devours them. She actually tries to kill Snow White three times: by pulling her corset so tight that she passes out, by brushing her hair with a poisoned comb and by poisoning the apple. For her cruelty, the Queen is put to in iron shoes and made to dance until she dies.

The original story however belongs yet again to Giambattista Basile and differs greatly. Snow White is cursed as a baby by a fairy to die before her seventh birthday- so as the girl turns seven, while her mother was combing her hair, it becomes lodged in the girl’s skull. Fearing she had killed her, the mother locks her in one of the caste chambers and gives the key to her brother telling him never to open the door.

His wife finds this key and stumbles across a young woman inside the glass coffin- believing her husband was keeping the girl locked there for sexual pleasures; she breaks the spell when she drags the girl out by the hair. She then cuts her hair, whips her, makes her a slave and beats her daily. As Snow White is sharpening the blade to kill herself, her uncle overhears her and after sending his wife away, he marries Snow off to a rich man.

Indeed, the stories were not so attractive to begin with- so much so that they wouldn’t have received such positive critique by the audience. But now you know how the original stories actually unfolded.

5 Roles that Actors Accepted After their Children Insisted

We have no idea what goes through actor’s heads when they accept a role. Is it money, fame, recognition or simply passion? We may never find out, but we do know one thing. Some actors do not care about these things, they only wish to make their children happy. Did you know that many reputable actors only accepted to play certain roles because they’re family members insisted? We can only thank them, since the vast majority of these performances were amazing. Here are 5 Roles that Actors accepted after their children insisted. 

1. Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings


Everybody knows that Viggo Mortensen made one hell of an Aragorn. He was so enthralled by his role in the movie that he actually carried his sword around with him on set, all the time. So how is it possible for an actor that is so involved in production to not want to become part of the movie prior to its shooting? Apparently Viggo had no idea what Lord of the Rings was even about, and it was his son who eventually determined him to accept the part. You see, Viggo’s son was a big fan of the books, and he told his father that he should definitely take the part. The next day Viggo flew out to New Zealand.

2. Djimon Hounsou in Guardians of the Galaxy


The story of Djimon Hounsou and the Guardians of the Galaxy is an interesting one. Although the actor is not very known for roles in movies that you can sit down to and watch with your kids, he decided to accept the role in this movie. He wanted to prove to his son that black people can become superheroes. According to him, his son told him one night he wants to be light-skinned so that he can one day become Spider Man. Hounsou wanted to teach that people of color can also be heroes, so he decided to become Korath the Pursuer.

3. Richard Harris in Harry Potter


Richard Harris refused the role of Dumbledore a record number of times. He was also one of the top choices to don the beard, and although his performance was widely applauded, he wasn’t very happy to accept the role. This is mainly because he was already a bit old, and his health was failing, so becoming part of seven sequels, and giving up 10 years of his life wasn’t really an option. It was only when his 11-year old granddaughter threatened to not speak with him for the rest of his life that he took the studio up on their offer.

4. Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever


When Tommy Lee Jones was asked to play the role of Harvey Dent, the Two Faced villain for the first time he politely declined and said that he had no frigging idea who that was. His history of movies would also indicate that he was never a comic-book fan. Nevertheless, when his son found out that he was asked to play the part of his favorite villain in the Batman stories, he coached him on the character and his motivations. Tom Lee Jones was so impressed by his son’s enthusiasm that he decided to accept the part.

5. Frank Langella in Master of the Universe


Although Frank Langella has had his fair share of successful movies (with roles like Richard Nixon & Archer from Small Soldiers) he stands his ground when referring to his favorite part. Apparently, the role of Skeletor, from Masters of the Universe was the closest to his heart. The movie was a complete fail, expect for Frank’s part, of course. It was Langella’s son who encouraged him to take the part. The actor also declared that he would enjoy every moment of bringing Skeletor to the big screen, and watching the episodes with his kid.  

These were the 5 roles that actors accepted for their children. What do you think?

Razzies Winners that Will Shock You

The Golden Raspberry Awards, or Razzies for short, is the equivalent of the Oscars, only for the worst [Type Category in Here] instead of the best [Type Category in Here]. This award show has been nominating and awarding prizes since the 1980’s to the worst actors, screenplays, movie soundtracks, movies, pictures and screen combos and while it may not be so well known as the Oscars are, you’d be surprised at the winning movies and actors (or rather yet, losing? We can’t make our minds up either) that have been graced by their golden statue. Here are some of the razzie winners that you would have never expected:

Razzies Winners that Will Shock You

Razzie Winners for Worst Actor

Presented to the worst actor that had starred in a movie in the previous year, this category was created in the 1980s and has only been picked up in person one in history, by Tom Green who had starred in Freddy got Fingered in 2001. Some of the “lucky” nominees for this category include:

  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Barbara Streisand (in drag)
  • John Travolta
  • Lorenzo Lamas
  • Peter O’Toole (yes, we couldn’t believe it either)
  • Richard Gere (not for Runaway Bride or Pretty Woman)
  • Al Pacino (…who would have thought?)
  • Tom Cruise
  • Prince
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Patrick Swayze
  • Kevin Costner
  • Bruce Willis
  • George W. Bush (won, played himself in Farenheit 9/11)

The record for most Razzies (and most nominations) is held by Sylvester Stallone with four, but there are several other actors with multiple wins: Adam Sandler and Kevin Costner (each has three) and Pauly Shore (with two).

Razzie Winners for Worst Actress

The female equivalent of the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor, this prize was also first awarded in 1981, but since the award has a humorous nature, men playing women (actors in drag) are also nominated in this category. As with the men, there is also a record for most Razzies held by Madonna (five awards), followed by Bo Derek (three), Pia Zadora, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore with two. Other nominees have been:

Razzies Winners that Will Shock You

  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Morgan Fairchild
  • Kim Basinger
  • Liza Minnelli (also won)
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Whitney Huston
  • Uma Thurman
  • Julia Roberts
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Spice Girls (all 5 of them)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Charlize Theron
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Jessica Alba
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Halle Berry

Worst Screen Couple

As weird as it may seem, this category holds contradictory winners and nominees. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt tied for first position in 1994 as the worst couple (in spite of 2 Oscar nominations, a BAFTA win, 3 MTV Movie Award wins and many other wins and nominations) in the movie Interview with a Vampire. Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds won the same category in 1996 for the movie Striptease,  and in 1998, Leo DiCaprio and Leo DiCaprio (twin role) won the award (or did he win it twice?!) for the movie The Man in the Iron Mask, followed by hilarious others such as 1995s: Any combination of two people (or two body parts)  for the movie Showgirls,  entire casts for Sex and the City 2, Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan (“as the yang to her own yin”) in the movie I know Who Killed Me and Jaden Smith and Will Smith on planet nepotism in the movie After Earth.

All in all this award show is something way to underrated for the value of entertainment it offers so make sure to watch it constantly when it airs-you’d be surprised how much fun they can offer you.

Disney as you’ve Never Seen it Before

Artists nowadays allow themselves to be inspired by all there is around them and it’s no wonder that they sometimes combine what seem to be the most un-mixable elements in their work. But more often than not, in doing so, they offer viewers unique insights to not only themselves but also the world they imagine. Art has never been nor will it ever become a battlefield, no matter how grotesque some pieces may look and as art is the common ground that unites all human beings on a plane of appreciation and awe, let’s marvel together in the work of five artists that have chosen to utilize some of the most curious elements of inspiration, Disney, in new and hilarious ways.

Grumpy Cat meets Disney

There is virtually no one who has used the internet and has failed to hear about or stumble across Grumpy Cat. If by any chance you are someone who has no clue who Grumpy Cat is…well. You need to find out. Artist Eric Proctor decided that what Disney needed was a bit of Grumpy Cat in key scenes throughout their films and decided to add the forever disgusted feline in their illustrations. The result was both amusing and a testimony to his talent: his unique style, the quality of his work and his accuracy makes these pieces worth admiring:






X-Ray Princess

Chris Panda, a very talented French artist decided to also have a go at Disney illustrations by having them interact with one of the most relevant inventions in medicine: the X-Ray. He therefore went on to present Disney characters who he had X-Ray scanned, in order to show viewers the inner workings of characters that had us amused throughout our childhood. Characters like Ariel, Alice, Flounder, Bambi and many more have been given a new look:










Real Life Heroines

While some of us wanted to play together with Donald, Mickey and Minnie as we were children, a Finnish artist living in England, Jirka Väätäinen, carried his desire to bring his favorite Disney characters to life well throughout his adult years, so much so that he dedicated his photographic skills and talent to accomplish this. His work is comprised of several collages of images, which, when put together, make the animated character seem alive. Images that were created by this artist are already bringing him a lot of fame among enthusiasts of this technique, and we will surely be seeing much more of him as time goes by.






Somewhat Darker Wonderland

Kei Acedera, a remarkably talented digital artist has gone to some lengths to incorporate a great deal of emotion into her work. The creations she has published are not just spectacular because of her exquisite use of color, unending imagination and perfect use of light, but also because of her immense talent. She has been given the trust of Tim Burton in illustrating Alice in Wonderland, that of Disney Studios, Sony, Harper Collins and many more.



Is There a Sexy Side to Disney?

Last but not least on our list is Aida, a Ukrainian artist also on the search for fuller, richer and more realistic Disney characters, but who, as upposed to Jirka, decided to also add a bit of sass, color and sex-appeal to her creations. The result was something that led us to believe that Marilyn had met Snow-White:




Whether these artists have improved upon or just recreated Disney according to their own phantasies, one thing is clear: neither of them is missing talent or vision.

Three Star Wars Moments that Deserved a Scene in the Movie

The Starwars world has always been a reason for hype, but since Lucasfilm has announced that it would be disintegrating the entire expanded universe (which includes short stories, comics, cartoons, novels and every gaming universe created in Star Wars in the last 40 years) there has been even more hype. There are countless of stories in the Star Wars world. Some of them include green humanoid rabbits and talking mountains that you probably do not want to see, but some story-lines are so epically insane that they deserve a mention. It is actually too bad that you will never be able to see them on screen.

1. Jabba the Hutt’s Death Triggered Evil Murder Robots


Jabba the Hut is one of the most exciting, and in the same time disgusting super-villains in the Star Wars universe. As you can imagine he is also one of the most influential mobsters in the Galaxy, so his death was not taken lightly. As a matter of fact, entire inter-galactic mob-wars erupted after he died, but none was more amazing than the Hutt war droids that Jabba himself ordered to activate in the event of his death.

The droids were four in number, and they were hidden around Jabba’s stomping ground of Mos Eisley. Their mission was extremely simple: once Jabba died they were to stomp in all four directions, kill everything in their way and chant “We mourn for the exalted Jabba, we cry for the magnificent Jabba, we grieve for the illustrious Jabba.” We don’t know who else could have worshipped this slime-ball with a fetish for golden panties though.

2. The One-Armed Snow Monster – The Empire Strikes Back


You are probably already familiar with the “wampas” –those goat-horned demon ice bearers- which, at some point, attack poor Luke Skywalker. One of them gets its arm sliced off for this. We will probably never understand why Luke didn’t simply use his amazing laser sword to kill the thing, and decided to spend a night in its cave. Nevertheless, for those who sympathize with him for not finishing the job, they should know that the sneaky bastard comes back for a rematch. Believe it or not that poor wampa harbored a vendetta for a man it could barely see for years, until Luke finally decided to return to that god-forsaken planet.

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“And with its eyes fixed on Luke, its nemesis… the one-armed monster lunged for Callista, instead. (…) Putting all the Force behind his swing, Luke cleaved the one-armed snow creature in half. The dead monster continued to growl and gurgle as it lay smoking on the threshold of the shield door. “I thought I had done that a long time ago.” Luke whispered.

3. Cloud City Becomes a Thunderdome After Lando’s Departure


The Cloud City mining facility is strange enough as it is, but after Lando decides to abandon the place to join the rebellion, the facility devolves into a dystopian hamster cage. The human who has his brain directly connected to the Cloud City computer loses it when Lando leaves. There is actually a comic book dedicated to this event called “Coffin in the Clouds”. In it, Lando comes back to his beloved Cloud City to find a crazy Lobot, agitated workers and a lot of explosives.  In the end he manages to calm down Lobot, who ends up saving his life. Of course, their crash-land on the planet’s surface manages to tick off even more agitated workers, which Lando beats up to get what he wants.

We hope you liked the three most interesting moments that deserve to appear in the movie because they are funny, interesting or simply action-packed.