The Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

There are basically two great things about being a superhero; the outfit and the vehicle. Having said that, not all superhero vehicles are as cool as you might think.

The Batmobile

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

If there is to be an undisputed champion of superhero vehicles, I reckon that it has to be the Batmobile. This is the car that is so cool that people have tried to build their own versions of it. The vehicles used in movies sell for millions. What you might not know is that Batman once also had a less glamorous and less speedy Flying Batcave at one point. It sucked.

Hong Kong Phooey’s Vehicle

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

You know, I just can’t work out if this is one of the best superhero vehicles ever created or one of the worst. As a kid I used to love the Number One Super Guy and I would have given anything to ride the mild mannered janitor’s car. It was called the Phooeymobile. It could turn into a boat or a plane or even, for some strange reason, a phone booth. However, when I look at it now it seems just a bit silly. Could I really imaging myself driving around in the Phooeymobile. Frankly, yes I could.

The Fantasticar

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

The Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar is, well, fantastic. Early versions of it looked suspiciously like a hollowed out bar of soap or a tissue box but it improved over the years and is now one of the best superhero vehicles in the whole wide world of crime fighters.

The Spidermobile

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Did you even know that Spiderman once had a car? I had no idea about this vehicle until just now. The story around it is kind of weird, as old Spidey was behind on his rent and got approached by a couple of advertising executives to advertise a car. Due to his financial problems our hero agreed but then he realised that he had to build the vehicle as well. What? How does that even work? I can’t work out if this is a great car or a terrible one but if Spiderman came on the TV offering a car he had built then I would probably buy it.

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Back in the bad old days when Wonder Woman wasn’t very powerful she needed a way of getting around. Being too darned lazy to build her own car, someone gave her her own invisible jet. As the name perhaps suggests, this was a jet and it was completely invisible. In the pictures I’ve seen of it, the plane is invisible but Wonder Woman can be clearly seen, which makes is seem both incredibly cool and a little bit stupid at the same time.

The X-Men’s Blackbird

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry then you need the Blackbird. It has changed a lot over the years but remains a brilliant superhero vehicle. It’s probably a bit too fast and scary for me to fly if I’m being honest.

The Hulk Copter

Best and Worst Superhero Vehicles

Apparently the Hulk has got himself a copter. Good for him. Our giant green buddy doesn’t look like he would be the best helicopter pilot in the world but if there’s a toy of it for sale on the internet then it must be true.

The Stupid TV Shows That Should Never Have Existed

Is TV the greatest invention ever made by mankind or a hideous curse sent to make us all stupider? If we take a look at some of the most stupid TV shows that ever existed then the answer might seem obvious.


Stupid TV Shows

I’m going to try very hard not to mention Booby Ewing coming back to life in the shower. Ok, so maybe not too hard. This show was a lost cause even before the ridiculous resurrection of Bobby but that plot twist remains the single most ridiculous thing to have ever appeared on my TV screen. Apart from that, this was just an everyday show about evil oil barons, rampant shoulder pads and other stuff I can’t remember.


Stupid TV Shows

From a glitzy, dazzling American soap to a humble British one; the only thing these shows have in common is the fact that they are both mind numbingly terrible. Most people’s abiding memory of Crossroads is of the achingly stupid Benny. The rest of the show’s 24-year run was a haze of excruciating dialogue, awful plots and wooden acting. 24 years! How we suffered back in those days.

The Dukes of Hazzard

Stupid TV Shows

I’m sorry. I really am. I know that you loved this show but it was just awful. For a start, it was just the most ridiculously contrived thing ever. If you thought that the Duke Boys’ wacky car stunts were the best thing about it then you are probably right, but only because the rest of it was so bad. Bo and Luke have some sort of fuzzily improbable probation terms that means that they either can’t leave Hazzard Country or else they can leave as long as they come back with a certain number of hours. Can you imagine being trapped in such a terrible place, with unbelievably bungling cops all around you and such frankly dangerous driving conditions on the roads?


Stupid TV Shows

What can I say about Baywatch that hasn’t already been said? Well, I could say that it is a cultural treasure packed with gripping dialogue and almost no gratuitous bikini shots at all. Sadly, I’d be hopelessly wrong. Incredibly, this frankly awful and stupid TV show was once one of the most popular shows in the entire known universe. Try watching an old episode now and see how quickly you lose faith in human intelligence.

Big Brother (and Every Other Reality Show)

Stupid TV Shows

I know that there is a world of lame reality shows out there but I have managed to avoid most of them in a way not unlike the way in which one steers clear of highly contagious diseases. I know, for example, of a simple-minded and desperately shallow family called the Kardashians. I also know that there are reality shows involving singers, people desperate to get married and all sorts of other flotsam and jetsam of televisual nonentities. However, ever since I spent an hour watching the very first series of Big Brother I vowed to avoid reality shows until I draw my last breath.

George & Mildred

Stupid TV Shows

As I grew up in the UK I am as used to pathetic sitcoms as I am to soggy, insipid biscuits and overly milky tea. This means that I could really have chosen any one from a long list of unfunny TV disasters. I only chose this unholy calamity because it was the first name to spring to mind that made me remember long, dark nights watching a TV screen and wondering why I had absolutely no urge to laugh at something that was (at least theoretically) a comedy.

Ever Tried the Game of Thrones Drinking Game? Now’s the Time

The ever popular show has just ended, until next year’s season at least, and we all kind of feel like “Wait, what? But it just started after such a long wait!”. In the crusade of finding the best way to cure the post-season 4 blues while still keeping the flame alive, we found just the thing to do, and hope you will agree with us. Play the Game of Thrones drinking game! We previously talked to you about drinking games in general and it’s true that they have been a fun way to pass the time with friends since the very discovery of alcohol, probably, but for all us Game of Thrones fans out there, it’s time to take the fun to the next level.

Besides, it’s the perfect summer fun – most of us are on vacation, we can gather our friends for an all-season marathon and serve some drinks while we’re at it, of course, right? You can take the initiative to call everyone from the gang over and even assign a drink or cocktail ingredient for each of them to bring. You just take care of organizing things and of planning a fun evening, to make everyone’s stories about the wild college days pale in comparison. And since drinks and the episode marathon go together like the horse and carriage, a thematic Game of Thrones drinking will make both activities even more fun.

General rules for the Game of Thrones drinking game


As you can see, the whole point of the Game of Thrones drinking game is to write down a list of recurring lines or images or acts that usually fill the screen within a typical episode of the show. You know, the regulars like Jon being called a bastard, Tyrion being called an imp, Hodor saying “Hodor” and so on. Or gratuitous sex, nudity, a murder; and all the other casual acts which fill a typical day in Westeros. Next, to further define the rules of the Game of Thrones drinking game before you begin actually playing it, you should decide which of these call for a sip and which call for a whole shot, or even something more creative than plain drinking, like a little dance or whatever you deem to be a fun idea. You can see an example of general rules for the Game of Thrones drinking game in the image above, but as we’ll discuss next, the beauty of the game is the fact that the rules are adaptable, depending on the season you’re watching.

Adaptable triggers


Since the show’s typical lines and stuff tend to change somewhat as the seasons progress – at least for the fact that characters tend to die like flies and thus a rule like “Drink a gulp each time Catelyn argues against a plan” is obviously not going to get anyone to drink – you should adapt the rules as well. This is why versions of the Game of Thrones drinking game are usually issued by the players for each season. There’s an example designed for season two of the show in the image right above, but you’re the lord or lady of your own castle. You should adapt the rules to suit your friends’ humor and preferences best. If you guys tend to laugh a lot on the expense of the Hound, add a drinking trigger to the list targeted specifically on something funny about him that tends to come on screen a lot.

As we hope you’re already convinced of, there’s lots of fun to be had with the Game of Thrones drinking game, provided you’re in a group of people you feel comfortable drinking with and you all enjoy watching the show. Have fun and make sure you don’t watch too many episodes while playing the game or you might get sick. Kids, don’t overdo this at home, ya’ know?

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

Have you ever been tempted to watch a movie solely because of its tasteful and enticing poster? If you have, then I bet it wasn’t due to one of these movie posters. Without further adieu, I present to you The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived:

Mission Impossible from Ghana

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

I really hate to criticize something that a talented person clearly put a lot of hard work and effort into. Jeez, who am I kidding? I love this poster. Maybe you don’t remember seeing this movie poster back in the 90’s unless you lived in Ghana at the time. It seems that movie theaters in Ghana can’t use official Hollywood posters for some possibly bizarre and complicated reason I can’t be bothered to research. So what do the mad African geniuses do? They create this masterpiece.

The Unfathomable Movie Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

In your wildest imagination, can you have even guess what this film is about? One of the jobs of the movie poster is to give us a tantalizing glimpse at the film’s action. That’s what makes us part with our cash to see it. That mindset wasn’t really used here, was it?

The MASH Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

Ah, Mash. The show that lasted longer than the war it was based on. The classic song from MASH tells us so many profound things about life. Life? Hey, I can take it or leave it as I please. The brains behind this operation made a very strange decision. When deciding on how to tempt audiences into cinemas to see their movie, they went with the idea of joining hands and legs together (and then sticking an army helmet on it). Brilliant!

The Celebrity Welding Experiment Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

So you’ve got a film featuring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser in it. Well done. You probably aren’t going to mess it up and create a crappy movie, right? Oh well. At least you won’t mess up the movie posters, right? The first step to making something as bad as this is to ask these stars to make the ugliest expressions possible. Come on, Harrison! Can’t you at least try to look a bit more miserable and angry? Then, you weld the two together with some clumsy Photoshop skills.

The Wooden Tom Hanks Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

This was a great movie, but can anyone explain to me why Tom Hanks looks like Pinocchio in this poster? Is it a real photo of him or did they draw his picture? Either way, something strange is happening here.

The Rock and Roll Dracula Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

The existence of this fantastic looking film seems to have eluded me entirely before today. Just 10 seconds ago, I was entirely unaware of its existence (yes, I do type very fast, thank you). The irresistible idea behind this work of undoubted cinematic genius is a rock n roll Dracula movie – the world’s first. I’m sure you can scarcely believe it, right? The film features such scary dudes as Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson. It also has the unforgettable catchphrase Bite It! Something this weird was either going to be brilliant or absolutely bloody awful.

The 30 Second Photoshop Poster

The Worst Movie Posters Ever Conceived

You now know that I’m a lightning fast typing fiend. However, I must confess that I have never used Photoshop. Not even once. Actually, maybe once but the point is that I have no idea how to use it in a professional sense. Neither does the person who created this poster.

Time Travel and 5 Great Movies about It

Living and really putting yourself out there in life (as opposed to, you know, just quitting and living like a hermit) means risking, all the time. Sure, there’s always the occasional win, but life means dealing with a lot of loss as well. I don’t mean to come off as pessimistic or depressive – the point isn’t that life is emptiness, on the contrary, because life is so full, living it and allowing yourself to care means that you’re also setting yourself up for loss. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit influenced by the recently released “The Fault in Our Stars”, but there’s no denying that if we care about people (and inevitably, if you live life, you do), there will be sorrow and loss at some point. And this is exactly why the topic of time travel is so popular in movies and books and so on. It’s the ultimate fantasy, especially if you experienced a loss you’d like to magically alter as if it never happened.

Even if the main drive propelling the time travel fantasy isn’t the sorrow of loss, but simply desire to give yourself a better start (like that unpleasant Biff character from the Back to the Future series), it still remains a popular topic. The popularity of this time travel hypothesis extends beyond movies and books, but it’s something scientists have tackled as well, even if just on a hypothetical level. Because it seems to be an important component of our general human imaginary, let’s talk about five examples of movies that are built around the time travel idea. Rest assured that they must have been pretty impressive to have made it into a presentation tailored to accommodate only five choices. So, without further ado, here are, in my opinion, 5 great movies about time travel that you should see (if you haven’t already).

1. The “Back to the Future” Trilogy


The three movies in this trilogy are perhaps the best known cinematic takes on the time travel idea. Sure, they’re a bit mainstream=kitschy, but each one is a cult movie of the 80s and 90s and can propel any of us 80s and 90s kids into a roller-coaster of memories and references to the pop culture of those days. Come on, who doesn’t feel at least a bit touched by Marty’s signature leather jacket or his rock and roll guitar solo?

2. The Butterfly Effect (2004)


Ah, the butterfly effect! The enormous consequences that can occur from something as seemingly simple and inconsequential as a butterfly’s flap of wings! This is definitely another favorite of pop culture, and the 2004 movie that explores the idea is basically the sad realization that time travel is not so desirable. Multiple tries and fails lead the main character to the conclusion that the past is better left unchallenged.

3. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)


To bring things back on to a lighter tone, let’s take a moment to remember this movie, which could be rightly described as a comic relief from the beginning to the end. Two moronic teenagers who can barely spell are about the change the history of the world. What more there is to say? Cheers to reckless time travel.

4. Timecrimes (Los cronocrimenes) (2007)


For the sake of including a non-English movie to this short list to keep things more varied, make time (pun not intended) to watch this too. It’s a great movie about a man going back in time for one hour, accidently. When he finds his old self, a series of catastrophes are unleashed. If you’re into a darker touch in movies, this one’s for you.

5. Somewhere in time (1980)


Last, but not least, a romantic entry for all of us who enjoy a tear-jerker about time travel. A young writer receives a call from beyond time, from a lover he doesn’t know yet, so he finds a way to travel through time, meet her and fall in love, only to lose her for good to the peculiarities of the same time travel mechanism that brought him there. P.S: Jane Seymour!

Sure, many more movies could be mentioned, but perhaps in part two. Have fun with these time travel classics in the meantime.