What the Cast of Six Feet Under is Doing Now

It’s been 10 years since HBO ended the five season TV show Six Feet Under. Some people were shocked, some cried, but in the end this season finale was one of the most discussed finale in the history of TV shows.

Back then the cast was mostly consisting of unknown people. Now 10 years later, some of these actors have reached stardom, others mostly have guest roles. Here is what the cast of Six Feet Under is doing now.

Peter Krause (Nate Fisher)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing No welcomes Peter KrauseAfter he wrapped up Six Feet Under, Peter moved on quite nicely. You can also see him play Adam Braverman on NBC’s Parenthood which lasted for six seasons. Peter’s next role will be a conman.He will play in ABC’s drama The Catch.

Michael Hall (David Fisher)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now includes Michael HallAfter finishing Six Feet Under, Michael hit the jackpot with his role as Dexter in the TV series with the same name. His role became iconic and was watched by many people. You might also want to know that Michael married and divorced his on-screen sister Debra Morgan played by Jennifer Carpenter.

After wrapping up this show in 2013, Michael is now moving onto the big screen starring in the movie entitled Christine which will be released in 2016.

Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fisher)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now presents Lauren AmbroseAfter the show ended Lauren went on to play more science fiction parts like the Doctor Who spin-off called Torchwood and then the adventure series Dig. Her next role will be in the reboot of the X-Files. You can also see her in movies such as Wanderlust and Grassroots. Lauren is the voice of Natasha Fatale / Anita Radcliffe in Robot Chicken.

Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now welcomes Frances Conroy Frances became Neil Patrick Harris mother on How I Met Your Mother as Loretta Stinson, Barney’s mother. After this she landed a part in all 4 seasons of American Horror Story, where she is amazing. We are now waiting for season five to start because she will star in this one also.

Rachel Griffiths (Brenda Chenowith)

Rachel Griffiths is part of What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing NowRachel starred in Brothers & Sisters from 2006 until 20111. Now she will soon appear in the TV movie called Stalking Julia where she will be playing former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. You can also see her in the NBC TV show called Camp.

Mathew St. Patrick (Keith Charles)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now introduces Mathew St. Patrick


Since Six Feet Under has ended Mathew’s most important roles consists of guest starring in hit TV shows. He made an appearance on NCIS and Private Practice. He also appeared in five episodes on Sons of Anarchy. He was August Marks’ right-hand man. His last appearance is in the short film Eddie and the Aviator.

Freddy Rodriguez (Federico “Rico” Diaz)


What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now contains Freddy Rodriguez

You can now see Freddy in Night Shift as Michael Ragosa, the show is being produced by NBC. His other roles include starring in 12 episodes in Ugly Betty for a total of two years. He also starred in CBS produced show called Chaos. Too bad it only had one season after this the show got cancelled.

Jeremy Sisto (Billy Chenowith)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now also has Jeremy Sisto


Sisto stares in the supernatural reboot called The Returned. Jeremy played in the TV show called Suburgatory. He was pretty funny. He also signed to start in a new TV show entitled Wicked City with Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl. Soon, in 2016, we will see him playing along with Ron Perlman in Sara’s Cell. This will be one interesting show.

Justina Machado (Vanessa Diaz)

What The Cast Of Six Feet Under Is Doing Now contains Justina Machado


Her career did not exactly kick in after Six Feet Under. You can see her playing guest roles on n Private Practice from 2012 until 2013. She also appeared on ABC Family’s The Fosters in 2013. Other guest roles include: Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids and Switched at Birth.

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14 Facts About Home Improvement

Home improvement was a 1990s TV sitcom that documented the Life of Tim the “Toolman” Taylor. This sitcom launched Tim Allen’s career and had a good run for almost 10 years. The series centers on comedian Tim and his family. It was one of the highest rated sitcoms for almost an entire decade.

If you love Tim Allen then you can’t miss our 14 facts about Home Improvement. The 90s were crazy, but I didn’t thought they were that crazy for Hollywood.

Tim Allen Turned Down Roles

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Tim Allen

Tim admitted to New York Times that he turned down iconic roles such as the ones in Dead Poets Society and the TV version of Turner and Hooch because he wanted his own sitcom. Disney made the magic happen by hiring Matt Williams, the creator of Roseanne, to produce it.

Jill Was Played by Frances Fisher

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Frances Fisher

In the pilot, Jill was played by none other than Frances Fisher. She is well known for her dramatic roles in Unforgiven and Titanic.  Frances was casted as Tim’s wife Jill but after shooting the pilot she was replaced. Since the crowd did not like her, Patricia Richardson took her part.

Stephen Tobolowsky Was Al

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen was casted as Al, Tim’s Tool Time partner. While everybody was waiting for ABC to give the green lights for the sitcom, Stephen dropped out. He wanted to financially secure his family so he was looking for movie roles. While he could have had a good run with Home Improvement, Stephen got to star in Groundhog Day.

Richard Karn’s Part

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Richard Kran

Richard was sent to traffic school because he did not halt at a stop sign. This is where he met the agent who told him about Home Improvement, securing an audition and eventually his role.

Ashley Judd Got Rejected

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Ashley Judd

She auditioned for the Tool Time girl but she got rejected because she was way too gifted for such a tiny roll. The producer came up with the perfect role for Ashley which was as Tim’s sister. Judd’s agent refused his proposal as the actress decided she wanted to appear in movies.

Randy Was The Oldest

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Jonathan Taylor

Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was older than his other two on set brothers. He was born on September 8th 1981, which made him one month older then Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan).

Tool Time Audience

14 Facts About Home Improvement - The Tool Time Audience was a hit

People wanted to go to Home Improvement tapings because Tim Allen was a true comedian. Oh, yes and the fact that some got the chance to appear on episodes.

Allen’s Clothes

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Allen's Clothes

There was a rule on the set that all Tim’s clothes would be only from schools and universities from his home state of Michigan. There was one accident in the episode “Al’s Video” where Tim wears Wofford College sweatshirt, which is in South Carolina.

An airport runway got shutdown

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Burbank Airport

In “The Great Race II” a Burbank Airport runway was closed to shoot the climactic scene.

Wilson’s full name was Wilson W. Wilson

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Wilson’s full name was Wilson W. Wilson

In the series final episode, Wilsons’s full face was revealed.

Hillary Clinton

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s press secretary reached out to the studio with the idea of having the First-Lady on the show. This was not meant to be in the end.

Super Nintendo Game

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Super Nintendo Game

As Home Improvement gained popularity, Super Nintendo released “Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit”. The gameplay consists of Tim searching for missing tools and fighting actors dressed as dinosaurs and other creatures.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

14 Facts About Home Improvement - Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Thomas left the show during the final season to concentrate on his school life. In 2013 he guest starred in Tim Allen’s latest sitcom called Last Man Standing

Ninth season

14 Facts About Home Improvement - The Ninth Season was the last

There was a plan for a ninth season but both Allen and Richardson turned down very generous offers. Richardson was offered $25 million and Allen was offered $50 million. Home Improvement ended with 8 seasons and 203 episodes.

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Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

We took a look at some of the most famous improvised lines in the history of films in a previous post. But there are many more examples of memorable one liners, so we’ve compiled a list of legendary unscripted movie scenes part 2. Actors play a bigger role in movies than simply reciting some lines and following the director’s instructions. Sometimes, they leave their personal signature on the film, which is why we can say almost all Robert De Niro or Robin Williams movies are brilliant. There is, of course, also the chemistry between the actors and the sparks between the director and the cast. If these are running smoothly, the finite product is bound to be a hit.

5. Nick Frost Shaun of The Dead

Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

The British horror comedy was successful both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. We all enjoyed the dry British humor as the main character, Shaun, struggles with most of his relationships and has no direction in life. And some of the funniest scenes in the movie were actually improvised on the spot by Nick Frost, who played Ed, Shaun’s roommate. As Ed attempts to cheer up his pal, Frost went ahead and improvised a story about pub regulars in which he describes a woman as a former pornstar. The joke was so funny, Simon Pegg genuinely burst out laughing and the scene, of course, was put in the movie.

4. Dustin Hoffman Midnight Cowboy

Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

This ad lib is still under high debate. Both Hoffman, who played Ratso Rizzo, and the director took the credit for the scene in which Hoffman walks down the street and almost gets ran over by a cab. Nonchalantly, Hoffman slaps the yellow car’s hood and screams “I’m walking here!” After which he looks at his pal and notes that would make a good pick up insurance. We might not know if this was improvised or not, but it surely added some zest to the movie.

3. Michael Madsen Reservoir Dogs

Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

Tarantino’s 1992 “Reservoir Dogs” has a scene in which Vic Vega, played by Michael Madsen, is torturing a cop. The victim is all tied up and unable to scream because his mouth is duct taped. The torturer is taking his time, and he even breaks into a dance when “Stuck in the Middle with You” starts playing on the radio. Vega then approaches the police officer, cuts off one of his ears and then holds it up and talks into it, asking the cop whether he can hear him. The disturbing joke was all Madsen’s idea who just went with the flow and added a dark, funny twist to the scene.

2. Marlon Brando The Godfather

Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

Vito Corleone, played by Brando in “The Godfather” from 1972, was a feared mob leader who showed no mercy for his enemies. So how come he strokes a cat in one of the scenes? While he gives out orders for a man to be beaten, Corleone gently pets a speckled cat which Brando had found lurking on the set. Coppola didn’t have anything to argue against the furry character, and he left the cameras rolling for what became one of the best improvised movie scenes in history.

1. Robert De Niro Taxi Driver

Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 2

We all know the famous scene in “Taxi Driver” in which Robert De Niro’s character looks in the mirror and pretends he’s confronting a politician. But I bet you didn’t know we owe the kickass monolog to De Niro. Scorsese’s script only said “Travis looks in the mirror”, so the actor went ahead and improvised a short bit which became legendary and is still being used almost four decades later.

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10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

Lately, there has been no cutting corners on big Hollywood movies. Producers take a leap of faith each time they want to make a new blockbuster and don’t shy away from allotting $100+ million budgets. While the figures might seem staggering to us, they don’t scare directors one bit. But what happens when the movie fails to raise enough hype and subsequently enough money? Disaster is just around the corner. Not all big budget movies succeed in making up for their investments. True, some exceed it by far, but there are plenty who find themselves in the red when the cinema screening ends and the final counting begins. What do you think about the following 10 bad movies that lost millions of dollars? Were they underrated or did the (lack of an) audience did them justice?

5. The Lone Ranger: $94 -$119 million

10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

This is the proof that a movie needs more than Johnny Depp in it to go big. Verbinski’s attempt at a blockbuster wasn’t well received by the critics who quickly dismissed “The Lone Ranger” as pretentious and very disappointing. Wondering how much money went into its making? The estimations were set around a whopping $375 million. In the end, the total losses amounted to $119 million. Yikes! If previous failed attempts at a Western world (“Wild Wild West’, “Cowboys and Aliens”, “Jonah Hex”) didn’t prepare Disney for the Lone Ranger’s “success”, now they know what topics to avoid.

4. The 13th Warrior: $101 million

10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

For a 1999 movie, “The 13th Warrior” starring Antonio Banderas enjoyed a big budget: $160 million. The test audiences weren’t swept off their feet by it, which accurately captured the worldwide audience’s feelings towards Crichton’s movie. With only $61 million grossed in cinemas around the world, it embarrassed Omar Shariff so bad that he decided to retire shortly after. He didn’t hold back and said the script was awful and the director had no idea what he was doing.

3. Sahara:  $119 million

10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

With production costs reaching $160 million and starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, no one could predict Paramount would lose so much money. I’m guessing having twenty script writers and producers involved didn’t really help with the movie’s homogenous feel. Also, shooting in Morocco included location bribes which set the film’s budget back by $200,000. “Sahara” didn’t stand a chance from the beginning and was doomed to fail worldwide.

2. Mars Needs Moms: $130 million

10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

This movie was so bad it holds the record for the worst box office Disney movie reception. Ever. In the history of everything! Some of the clues why it might have failed point at the plot. “Young mother is kidnaped from her kid” does not really translate into the ideal Sunday family movie And with “Battle: Los Angeles” screening “next door”, it’s understandable why “Mars Needs Moms” only made $6,825,000 on the opening weekend. Considering it opened in more than three thousand theatres world wide at once, the figures weren’t very satisfying.

1. Ronin: $149 million

10 Bad Movies That Lost Millions Of Dollars

Opening in 2013 and starring Keanu Reeves, “47 Ronin” grosses around $1.3 million. It first opened in Japan in 753 cinema theaters. Judging by how the Japanese people received a film with many Japanese actors and a well-known story, this should’ve been a red flag as to how Ronin would perform worldwide. Even though the Japanese weren’t hooked on the remake, claiming it didn’t resemble the famous historical epic, it still stood a chance in other countries. But it turned out to be a box office bomb, with poor sales revenues in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Leaving advertising and distribution costs aside, “47 Ronin”‘s budget was $175 million while the estimated losses were $149 million. Rinsch’s movie might’ve failed in the box office, but at least it holds the title for the number one box office bomb ever.

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Legendary Unscripted Movie Scenes Part 1

Movie scripts are not something very sacred to directors, producers, and especially actors. On some movie sets, stars are encouraged to improvise and add their own occasional lines to the film. This is how golden one liners are filmed, through improvised movie scenes. Nothing looks better on camera and then on screen than an unscripted joke that makes the main characters or even more characters laugh with tears. Their natural joy is contagious and is easily transmitted through the screen. To show you how many film moments out there have touched you or made you laugh without you knowing they were improvised, here is a list of legendary unscripted movie scenes part 1.

7. Heath Ledger The Dark Knight

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

Ledger took the liberty to improvise many times during the shootings for The Dark Knight. Remember the Joker hospital scene? Just before everything went into flames, the explosives happened to stall, so Ledger toyed around with the remote to cover up for the delay. The Dark Knight hospital explosion wasn’t the only time the Joker showed off his improv skills. He also stayed in character during Gordon’s promotion when he started to clap slowly. Director Nolan kept the cameras rolling and later added the sarcastic gesture in the movie.

6. Bill Murray Tootsie

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

Let’s kick off the list of famous improvised movie scenes with one of Murray’s greatest unscripted scenes. In the scene in which he acts as Dustin Hoffman’s play writing roomie, he delivers a speech to several people. The director wanted Murray to deliver a monolog, but the rest of the actors had no idea what was happening. So he went ahead and ad libbed everything, delivering a touching speech that seems to last throughout the whole party.

5. Matt Damon Saving Private Ryan

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

Yes, this classic also contains unscripted movie scenes. Remember when the character of Matt Damon starts telling the character of Tom Hank about his brothers and his sweetheart? Everything was improvised by Damon. If you felt his laugh sounded natural and sincere, that’s because it was. He was making up the story as he went along and the entire scene turned out incredibly melancholic. In Saving Private Ryan Matt Damon proved he’s not only a good actor, but he’s also not shabby at improvising random stories.

4. Jack Nicholson The Shining

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

You’ve probably seen “The Shining” and you must remember the scene in which Nicholson’s character breaks down the door with an axe, puts his head through the opening and with a large grin says “Here’s Johnny!” Not many know that this was Jack’s initiative and he left his fingerprint on Kubrick’s movie in one of the most famous ad libs of all times.

3. Harrison Ford The Empire Strikes Back

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

When George Lucas encouraged Tom Ford to say what he thought was fit in reply to Princess Leia’s “I love you”, Ford didn’t want to break character. This gave birth to one of the greatest unscripted movie moments. Instead of answering with “I love you too”, Han Solo said “I know”, making for a funny memorable scene.

2. Anthony Hopkins Silence of the Lambs

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

Not many Silence of the Lambs scenes are as disturbing as the hissing one. This was unscripted and thought up by Anthony Hopkins on the spot. When they saw the reaction on Jodie Foster’s face, the producers decided the hissing wasn’t such a bad idea, and they put it in the movie.

1. Peter Seller Dr. Strangelove

Legendary Unscripted Movies Scenes Part 1

Probably the best movie ad libs can be found in Dr. Strangelove. Seller played three roles in the film and is said to have improvised countless of times. In fact, he is sometimes credited as the movie’s co-writer. His best improvised line in the movie is uttered after his disabled character forgets about his handicap and gets up from his wheelchair. To save face, he says: “Mein Fuhrer I can walk”.

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