Seven Valentine’s Day Movies You Should Definitely Watch Together

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this means a lot of cheesy gifts, romantic escapes, and talk about love. It is the time to buy your girlfriend that sexy costume that you were always fantasizing about and have her wear it for you, or simply to cuddle in bed while watching a romantic movie. If your choice for the year is the second one mentioned, you should know that there are a lot of boring movies out there, like Valentine’s Day, which is basically a rip-off of Love, Actually (and not a great one at that). To spare you from the hassle of having to watch a sappy movie, we have compiled a list with 7 movies that you should definitely watch on Valentine’s Day, even if you are forever alone.

7. When in Rome (2010)

7When in Rome is a seriously underrated movie, and there is something about it that makes it an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day. In a nutshell, the protagonist, Beth, is an ambitious New Yorker who steals some coins from a love fountain in Italy. As a result, four guys fall under a love spell, and chase her desperately.

6. Love and Basketball (2000)


Here’s a movie that you might not have heard of: Love and Basketball. Out of consideration for your boy, you might want to at lest choose something that isn’t dripping with romance. Love and Basketball has gone to great lengths to attract men to it (especially considering that it is basically a chick-flick, with an underlying sports theme). The protagonists basically have a love-hate relationship, which is related to their individual dreams of playing pro ball. The rest is for you to discover.

5. 50 First Dates


Not only is the Adam Sandler – Drew Barrymore couple completely adorable, but the movie is also extremely funny. In 50 First Dates the couple meets in Hawaii, and Henry transforms from a playboy to a devoted boyfriend. It is probably the ultimate definition of chick-flick, with a hint of comedy in it. A definite must-see.

4. Lost in Translation (2003)

'Lost in Translation' Movie Stills

Lost in Translation may be one of those typical bleak comedies, but it has a great love-story in it. Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) manage to perfectly portray the feeling of traveling somewhere unknown, and creating a connection. Anna Farris’s and Cameron Diaz’s interventions create the perfect balance between comedy and romance, until the moment when Bob whispers something in Charlotte’s ear and dissapears completely. If Valentine’s Day makes you sick, you should definitely check this movie out.

3. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)


Slumdog Millionaire is a testament to just how far people are willing to go to win over their women. The story is about a poor buy who is tortured by the police for being too good at Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Chances are that you have already seen it since it has won a lot of critical acclaim. It’s not your run-of-the-mill chick flick, because it contains a mixture of violence, socioeconomic messages, and love.

2. The Tourist (2010)


The Tourist definitely has what it takes to make you jump for joy on Valentine’s Day (even if you hate the celebration). As if screening the stunning Angelina Jolie and incredibly hot Johnny Depp was not enough, the locations are also breath-taking. This tale of cat-and-mouse will keep you at the edge of your seats, satisfy your intellectual needs and also entertain you. If there were ever a guy who could steal Angelina from Brad, it is Depp.

1. 500 Days of Summer (2009)


Our number one in the Best Valentine’s Day Movie list is 500 Days of Summer. Yes, it is romantic, but not the type of romanticism that you were used to. The story is about the quirky girl that everyone wants to be, or be with, and a guy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who falls desperately in love with her. The story between the two is displayed in a non-linear fashion, and it is undoubtedly the most interesting portrayal of modern love and relationships. Even if you’re not a cheese-ball, you will love it.

We Lost Them To Drugs. 5 Actors Who Died On An Overdose

With the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman dying from a heroine overdose circulating with the speed of light, we face again the pain of losing yet another talented actor to drugs, pills, over the counter medication and overdose. Why do these things happen? How can an Oscar Award winning superstar die at 46 and get found with a needle and heroin bags by his side? We all found out that he had an addiction history and we all know these things just don’t go away by themselves so easily. But how cruel can fate be to kidnap from among us incredibly talented people? Were their destinies written? Did they bring their demise to themselves by acting irresponsibly? We may never know the answers to this, but all we can say is that Hoffman wasn’t the only one. To honor great actors who died on an overdose, we will take a look back in history and see other names that got lost to us in the favor of drugs.

1. Heath Ledger

He died too young? Too soon? Too early in his career? After looking pretty and managing to impress us with a few roles, especially the one in Brokeback Mountain, A Knight’s Tale or the lighter 10 things I hate about you, Heath managed to leave the entire world with its jaw dropped after playing the role of his life and the role that brought him his death: The Joker. The monumental, unforgettable Joker. A part which would have propelled Heath to the stars and which would have opened any door in Hollywood for any part he would have liked to receive. And yet, at only 28 years old, he was found dead in a hotel room for what it was called a “mix” of medication. Was it the pills or the Joker who killed Keith? We may never know, but among the actors who died on an overdose, he left us with the most shocking void ever.

2. Cory Monteith

Glee was never the same without him and the world was left an emptier, darker place. We lost Cory to a terrible combination of alcohol and heroine and he, just like Keith, were living their glory years.

3. Robert Pastorelli

If you are thinking that his name doesn’t ring any bell to you, it somehow should. He may not have been a star the size of Philip Seymour Hoffman or Heath Ledger at least, but you surely saw him in famous movies such as Michael with John Travolta, Eraser, Miami Vice, Dances with Wolves or some episodes of Cracker: Mind over Murder TV series. He died of a heroine overdose at the age of 49 years old.

4. John Belushi

The ruthless claws of drugs reached the Belushi family in 1982, when John, Jim Belushi’s brother, passed away due to a powerful combination of drugs and alcohol in a hotel room in Los Angeles. He was partying with other two cinema superstars and friends Robin Williams ?i Robert De Niro and chose to end the night in the company of a woman later found to be a drug dealer. John never made it to the next morning and cocaine, heroin and alcohol were mentioned related to his death. The woman was punished by the law, but this was a small compensation for the loss of John.

5. River Pheonix

This young rebel had himself a promising career in the entertainment industry, but he is also among the actors who died on an overdose, at the incredible age of 23 years old. Joaquin Phoenix’s brother died in 1993 when his life and his professional path were just blooming. He was supposed to perform on stage and before that, he stopped to take a “speedball”, the killer combination between cocaine and heroine that is responsible for many less famous deaths, but equally painful. He suffered a heart attack, although used to substance consumption but the ambulance and the doctors that rushed to his aid couldn’t save his life.

This world lost a lot of talented people to accidents and alcohol abuse. We lost musicians, actors and public figures and humanity lost brothers, husbands or best friends. In the memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman and all the actors who died on an overdose, we should enjoy their creations and make their legacy known.

4 Movies To See If You’re Trying to Get a Divorce And You’re Still Undecided

The concept of divorce is so filled with a range of emotions so wide, people are still finding hard times to talk about it or make up their minds about it. It is sometimes excruciating and sometimes liberating, while it is always complicated, no matter who wants to stay and who wants to get out of the marriage. And having people coming and telling you that you should see a bunch of movies to help you through the ordeal is not the wisest thing to do, is it? You have your own pain to deal with, who needs to add up some fictional stories about fictional people who pretend to understand what you are going through?

But movies are not all meant to motivate you to keep your sanity through the whole mess or to cheer you up, or to change your perspective, or to provide you with hopes for a brighter future after the storm is gone. Some movies weren’t even meant for people going through a divorce and they certainly cannot be labeled as “break-up and divorce films”. However, some of them, willingly or not, can make up one’s mind to ask for a divorce or to make the first step towards ending their marriage. So if you are still undecided, if you still don’t know what’s best, to flight or fight, if you can’t make up your mind about your future, here are four movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce. And I personally know a few ones who turned off their TVs afterwords and called their attorneys.

4. Under the Tuscan Sun

under the tuscan sun

We’ll start slow and address women making up their minds regarding a future divorce. This is the story of a freshly divorced woman who packs her bags, frustrations, bad history and inner pain and moves to Tuscany. It is a romance movie, granted, but if you feel like never finding love again and being scared to death to not ending up alone, this movie has that cheering role to it, as it teaches us that true happiness can be found in the most unexpected of places. Yes, fiction, yes, cheesiness, and yet, there’s a grain of truth there.

3. The War of the Roses

war of the roses

Do you still remember this 1989 comedy – drama? You might think that this movie will prove that no couple should ever get a divorce, because these two characters managed to turn their house and lives into a solid war zone. But the subtle message of the movie can also reach the depths of your mind, convincing you that freedom is far more acceptable than being caught forever in a carousel of perpetual hate. Among the funnies movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce, The War of the Roses, besides brilliant performances and wise quotes, also has the power to show you how truly bad things can get in a marriage that doesn’t work anymore. Do you really want to reach that level of hate?

2. Revolutionary Road

revolutionary road

If you don’t want to get a divorce in your life, then don’t watch this movie. But if you’re thinking about it and all you need is a little push, the Leonardo – Kate duo can shatter your heart and your nerves, as you will see a marriage disintegrating before your eyes. The movie will progressively take you through all the steps from “happily ever after” to “who is this stranger I married to” and you will feel pieces of your soul cracking and burn. It is not the kind of movie to promise you freedom or pink rose petals at the end, but if you feel trapped in that kind of marriage, this is among the most powerful movies to see if you are trying to get a divorce and didn’t make up your mind about the choice yet.

1. 127 Hours

127 hours

This has nothing to do with couples, relationships or marriages whatsoever, but this was the movie that shook the core of some people so bad, they called their divorce lawyer right after the credits rolled. This is a story about being trapped and looking death in the eye. This is a movie about how somebody refuses to being held prisoner in a place they don’t want to be prisoners in. This is a movie about human sacrifice in the name of life and freedom. The symbolic hand cut can be considered the symbolic file for divorce, if your marriage looks like the boulder that keeps you from being free and alive.

As we said, this is not a very cheerful article, because divorce is not a very cheerful subject to begin with, no matter how strong you are on the inside. Postponing the choice may be sometimes a good thing – a hope for the best, let’s say – while for others, is excruciating. If you need a push or a fresh perspective on things, maybe these four movies to see if you’re trying to get a divorce if you’re still undecided may help you call that lawyer or give your marriage a second chance.

5 Great Philip Seymour Hoffman Movies To Celebrate His Career

The news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death on February 2nd 2014 came as a shock – wave for the movie world, as Academy Award winning actor didn’t show any sign of sickness or any clue that he would be leaving us so soon. Although his sudden demise is still under investigation, the media jumped on assuming the cause of death was, what else, a drug overdose, as Hoffman had a history of abuse that seemed to have laid dormant for the last 20 years, but was there and it showed its ugly face not so long ago.

But no matter how we speculate, no matter what judgements we pass in the days to come, no matter how we blend facts with suppositions, the truth is only one, and it is as painful as it can be: he won’t come back, the world losing thus a star that had the potential and the brilliance to keep us entertained for many years. As a tribute to this great artist, we will look at five great Philip Seymour Hoffman movies to celebrate his career and remember some of his most outstanding performances. And while perhaps the younger generation associates his name and figure with the more recent Hunger Games franchise, we will go back in time and see some of his greatest accomplishments.

5. Charlie Wilson’s War – 2007

Charlie Wilsons War

This is a drama brilliantly led by super star Tom Hanks, but the movie made the Oscar Award Nominations due to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s role. He played CIA agent, Gustav “Gust” Avrakotos, a man of many skills and many faces. While the audience knew that Tom Hanks can act beyond any comedy boundaries and turn a drama into a blockbuster, it was Hoffman’s performance that took the movie to the Oscars. Nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Hoffman made the world realize he was indeed a sophisticated chameleon, a man who could interpret any character and do it beyond any imagination.

4. Doubt – 2008


The iconic figure of Father Brendan Flynn opposing iron – lady Sister Aloysius Beauvier was another Hoffman role that took his steps on the right carpet, once again nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. The dynamics between him and Meryl Streep are breath taking, while the movie was nominated for 5 Oscars. It is something to see, independently from Hoffman’s performance, but it got ten times better with him in it.

3. The Ides of March – 2011

ides of march

A great political movie that indeed gathered an assembly of cinema gods makes this list of five great Philip Seymour Hoffman movies to celebrate his career not only because it is a famous movie with a famous cast that put their hands on a lot of nominations and awards but proved once again that Hoffman could play any character and could turn any movie in a masterpiece. His performance is flawless and made his name forever be remembered in the history of cinema.

2. The Master – 2012

The Master

For this performance, Hoffman won the Critics Choice Award in 2013 for Best Supporting Actor and a Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar Award nomination. The movie itself received 3 Oscar nominations and it is still one of the most powerful movies to date. Hoffman shines bright playing Lancaster Dodd and reminding everybody that he was a true artist when it comes to dramatic movies.

1. Capote – 2005


We can all safely conclude that 2005 and, subsequently, 2006, were Philip Seymour Hoffman’s years in cinema. For his leading role in 2005 crime / drama as Truman Capote, Hoffman left home that year, and the next, with all major movie awards in the industry. An Oscar Award for his leading performance, a Golden Glove for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama, the BAFTA Film Award for best actor, the Critics Choice Award and a few more. It was by far his best performance and one might wonder why he didn’t insisted on receiving lead roles from then on, but now, unfortunately, this is a question we will never have an answer for.

There are more than five great Philip Seymour Hoffman movies to celebrate his career, and if you remember bits and pieces of the Great Lebowski, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Mission: Impossible III or The Boat That Rocked, you will realize that Hoffman’s presence managed to light up the ski and make a movie memorable. Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman, you will be missed!

IT was about time: 3 Classic Movies That Deserve A Remake

You know what they say, when Hollywood is out of ideas, it will dig up the archives and choose to remake and rehash some old classic, giving it a hint of CGI and some new character development siding. In an industry dominated by franchises and long series of movies that seem to never end, maybe a remake is healthy and welcomed from time to time, although there are voices who ask for originality and films that will never receive a sequel and do not ask for one in the first place.

But thinking back to the old glorious days of the art of making movies and searching through the rumors and the words whispered at every corner, it seems that the next year, and maybe the next two or three, we will witness the revival and the rebirth of some old classics. And given their titles, there are some classic movies that deserve a remake, better directors, a new take on the script and just a bit of modern special effects. While everybody’s eyes are set on the upcoming Robocop and Godzilla remakes, let’s take a step forward and see what else is out there in terms of classic movies that deserve a remake.

1. Stephen King’s IT


Nobody knows much about this project, except for Cary Fukunaga’s name being announced as the movie’s director, and while he is not that famous or world – known for his abilities of creating blockbusters out of nothing like other colleagues in Hollywood, the scariest story in Derry is one of those classic movies that deserve a remake. Old Pennywise gave everybody some nightmares back in the day, not to mention the fact that Mr. King managed to turn the harmless and amusing concept of the “clown” in something that terrorizes the soul out of children and adults alike, so, conceptually speaking, IT deserves a modern, technically advanced, better played, better filmed story. Nobody knows exactly how Mr. King is going to collaborate or how deep his involvement in the project will be, but we hope they will make a great movie out of this one, because let’s face it, all Stephen King’s books can be and deserve to be rehashed and remade to rise to the expectations. 

2. The Neverending Story

Neverending Story

Not only among the classic movies that deserve a remake, but a classic in its own rights, both as a book and a silver screen adaptation. Word goes around that Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company is interested in revamping the old, fascinating and marvelous story, but officially, there are even less details on this project that regarding IT. Imagining what can be done today with the tech available, with a better thought and written script and a deeper view and take on the original novel, this can turn into a fantasy movie to sky rocket for children and adults alike.

3. Jumanji


It is rumored and everything you can officially find out about it is that the project is described as “A “re-imagining” of the 1995 film, “Jumanji”, with director Zach Helm in charge. You probably know him better for “Stranger than fiction“, but thinking about classic movies that deserve a remake, Jumanji is the least favored one by critics and movie commentators. Well, the first movie was alright even for 1995, although you probably liked Zathura too, a movie based on a similar idea but taking place into space and released 10 years later. But let’s face it, be it 2014 or 2015, revamping Jumanji may not be a winning lottery ticket for the Oscars, nor maybe for making the box office explode, but it should be nonetheless fun to watch. Without Robbin Williams, for sure.

In case you missed this bit of information, the next two years will get loaded with reboots of old and classic movies, with titles like The Crow, The Thin Man and The Legend of Conan – with good old Arnold to take command of the leading role and superstar director Paul Verhoeven behind the camera. This last one is just in the rumor phase, but don’t be surprised if you see it in cinemas in a year or two. Among the best classic movies that deserve a remake, we can’t wait for rumors involving Stephen King’s The Shining or Frank Herbert’s Dune. There is so much potential there, their success could be Earth – shattering.