Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies We Will Remember

Alien invasion movies are a trope that might as well become a genre in itself. The main thing stopping it from doing so is the fact that it can blend so well in so many types of movies and stories that it would seem pretty… weird to do so. You can easily watch a thriller, a horror, a sci-fi, or a romantic comedy where the Earth is threatened by extraterrestrial forces.

Alien Invasion Movies

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Since taste and preferences are subjective, we don’t really expect any opinions to align with our own, but this is the beauty of everything. It’s also why debates exist. Something we can all agree on is that Independence Day: Resurgence shouldn’t ever make the cut on any kind of alien invasion movie list.

#1 War of the Worlds

We’re referring both to the original and the new Steven Spielberg remake, which managed to hold up surprisingly well given the bad reputation that modern reboots have earned behind them. The movie gains a personal vibe by having the focus on a surviving family and the theme of the film revolves entirely against malevolent aliens attacking humanity.

#2 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Aliens invade Earth and replace a bunch of humans with a bred of emotionless humanoids. The premise sounds ridiculous enough to be a breakthrough idea during a time when realism was a very important factor in cinema. What makes this movie even better is the symbolism of the fact that it’s supposed to represent society under communism.

#3 The Day The Earth Stood Still

An old classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still stands proudly among the best alien invasion movies if only for the liberating and important message it delivers. Meant to metaphorically present the anxiety and dread of the Cold War Era, the film involves an alien landing on Earth to tell humanity to cure itself of its destructive ways.

#4 Independence Day

Regardless of some may think of it, this is a movie you can easily consider a guilty pleasure. It sends strong patriotic messages and it involves humanity uniting against greater exterior threats. The fact that it’s helped by its stellar cast does help a lot too.

#5 The Thing

This John Carpenter classic was regarded at the time of its release as groundbreaking in the world of cinematography – in the pre-2000s era, at least. Reeking of plenty of Alien vibes, this movie tells the story of an extraterrestrial being that infiltrates a research station and takes the shape of the people there.

#6 Signs

There’s no better way to heat up an argument than by bringing into discussions any M. Night Shyamalan movie. Signs, in particular, has plenty of people torn. Sure, the twist at the end is a bit underwhelming, but this flick definitely had a memorably unique tone to it.

#7 District 9

District 9 is a somewhat underground name, which is a shame when you think about the fact that it has a pretty witty and ingenious premise. It has imprisoned aliens and, above all, it brings to the tables some much-needed shades of grey.

#8 Mars Attacks!

Since alien invasion movies were a growing trend at the time, the parodies didn’t fail to follow shortly thereafter. This particular one was directed by Tim Burton and it managed to capture a sense of insanity and campiness like no other movie on this list.

#9 They Live

The movie is somewhat cheesy and it places an unnecessary emphasis on the belief that some people have that we are being mind-controlled by aliens through television. But, hey, it wasn’t that much of a popular theory at that time, so we can give it a pass.

#10 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie is centered on the premise of a group of people, protagonist included, who gather because of a strange call they feel after encountering an UFO.

Top 10 Makeup Transformations For The Big Screen

Before CGI became the hottest thing in the block, Hollywood greatly relied on the wonders of makeup transformations and the mastery of the artists wielding the brushes. Their skills went leagues beyond applying foundations and contours, stretching into a territory where they’re able to craft entire costumes. We imagine how surreal it sounds like for some of us who have trouble properly winging eyeliner.

It was because of the incredible makeup transformations managed by stunningly talented artists that some of the most iconic characters today have been brought to life on the big screen. In this article, we are going to visit some of them.

#1 Jim Carey | The Grinch

Makeup Transformations - Jim Carey and the Grinch

Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Although people have split opinions when it comes to the adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ famous story, there is a general consensus on the fact that Jim Carey did a stellar job. After The Mask, he was reluctant to take on another role that required hours on top of hours wasted in makeup chairs, but he admitted that the Grinch was too tempting to not take on.

#2 Rebecca Romjin | X-Men

At the dawn of the X-Men cinematic universe, one of the most challenging looks to reproduce was the one of the infamous mutant Mystique. In order to step into the metaphorical shoes of the blue skinned bombshell, Rebecca Romjin spent an average of 8 hours in front of the mirror for her jaw-dropping makeup transformation.

#3 Heath Ledger | The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger as the Joker

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Even though there were no amazing full-body transformations involved, Heath Ledger’s makeup as the Joker became undeniably iconic. Steering away from the image of the classic cartoons and comics, this take was one step forward. It was extremely calculated in its messiness, terrifying, intimidating, pinched with a dose of childishness, and perfectly in-character.

#4 Jeff Goldbloom | The Fly

The Fly was a movie founded on a grotesque premise, with a character that needed to gradually transition through a series of stages that had him basically go from gross to much grosser. It seemed like a daunting task, but makeup artist Chris Walas managed to perfectly convey these stages.

#5 John Matuszak | The Goonies

Matuszak and the Sloth


The professional football player stepped into the skin of the Sloth, the character that haunted all of our childhoods through the eerie realism of his distorted appearance. Much of this credit goes to the genius of the makeup transformation, innovative and groundbreaking at the time.

#6 Ron Pearlman | Hell Boy

A title like that is almost begging for something to make it flop, but fantastic makeup artists have none of it. In order to transform Ron Pearlman into the hellish character, he had to be wrapped in red latex and patiently wait 4 hours for the costume to be applied.

#7 Eric Stoltz | Mask

Makeup Transformations


In 1985, Eric Stoltz managed to leave a big impact on audiences when he starred in the movie Mask, which told the story of the heavily distorted Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis. For the look to be reproduced, foam was blended through makeup transformations into a mask.

#8 Robin Williams | Mrs. Doubtfire

We’ve seen plenty of “man turned into a nice elderly woman” tropes come to life on the big screen, but it was Robin Williams’ that was the most convincing. And in order for that to happen, Williams had to go through eight stages of makeup transformations.

#9 Gwenyth Paltrow| Shallow Hal

Gwyneth Paltrow in Her Suit

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Paltrow played the part of the girlfriend of a jinxed Jack Black who could see all women as goddess-level beauties. Needless to say, she was one of those who, traditionally, weren’t. The actress made quite the weight leap with her transformation.

#10 Charlize Theron | Monster

Since mastery isn’t only seen in the ability to create green fur suits, we can’t help but acclaim this amazing transformation. Theron ditched her jaw-dropping looks in order to step into the shoes of a rough, raw-looking woman.

6 Greatest Star Wars Spaceships from All Movies

It’s clear that when Star Wars was created as a concept, one of the main focuses of the team taking care of the visuals was to put out some of the coolest-looking things that time has ever seen. Many of the spaceships, speeders, and fleets featured throughout the franchise (including the unfortunate prequels) often chose to trade practicality in favor of an appearance that left a big impact on the audiences. We have Star Wars spaceships that have absolutely no aerodynamic function to them, some that are impossibly huge, and equally impossible to maneuver.

Star Wars Spaceships


But, you know what? That doesn’t matter. After the experience with the midi-chlorians, we’ve learned that it’s much better to leave some things without an explanation. The important thing is that these Star Wars spaceships are really awesome.

#1 Millennium Falcon

Above the fact that it’s become a trademark among all of the other Star Wars spaceships, the Millennium Falcon is such a good match for Han Solo that we can’t help but think that it was made specifically for him. Even though it might be a bit frustrating when it refuses to properly work when it’s needed most, the fact that it stubbornly survived all of the adventures our favorite gang put it through is proof enough that it’s a lasting spaceship.

#2 Death Stars

Speaking of iconic Star Wars spaceships, there’s just a particular kind of creativity in a spaceship that’s the size of a moon and is properly capable of blowing up entire planets. Even though it moves pretty slowly and it was only featured once throughout the movies, it certainly left a lasting impact on the movie goers. Honestly, wouldn’t you flee in terror if you saw one of these dangerously loom over your planet?

#3 X-Wings

There are some entries on this list that might be a bit questionable as far as proper practicality goes, but the X-Wings aren’t about that life. They are likely the result of George Lucas’ personal fascination with old-school jet designs and aerial battles. As a result, they are incredibly deadly when getting upclose and personal with them (curtsy of their lasers) and sufficiently helpful when you’re in need of a means of transportation across the galaxy.

#4 Slave 1

Just like one of its most frequent pilots, Boba Fett, Slave 1 didn’t require a lot of screen time and explosive (pun intended) appearances in order to become a memorable. It captured our attention with the quirky and unique exterior design and even more so with its impressive weaponry at its disposal. Also, it’s safe to say it was one of the few saving graces of the prequels.

#5 Super Star Destroyers

We’re setting aside the fact that this name sounds like it was given by a middle-schooler who just wanted to pick out a really edgy MySpace name back in 2006. But, we need to admit, the superlative isn’t lying. These huge Star Wars spaceships are the perfect reflection of the Empire’s attempts to intimidate the others into submission by simply inducing first-glance dread.

#6 TIE Fighter

Whenever we saw one of these little friendly spaceships, we knew that something dreadful was about to follow. The design undoubtedly stuck to our retinas, something that was aided by the fact that swarms continue to flock to the big screen throughout the whole trilogy. Plus, let’s be honest, do these things look like anything a good guy would pilot?

BONUS: Jedi Starfighter

Since we brought up saving graces for the prequels, we can’t go on without adding the Jedi Starfighters featured in Revenge of the Sith’s thrilling opening sequence. Speedy, awesomely designed, and dangerous, we’re pretty sure that they stuck with us because they’re really cool vehicles. But also because they gave us some thrills at the end of a trilogy that doomed itself from the beginning.

Top 10 Star Wars Easter Eggs in Other Movies

Everyone loves movie Easter eggs. Why is that? Maybe we get a feeling of accomplishment whenever we manage to pick up on something that’s been sneakily slipped in. Maybe this sates the desire that many of us have to see certain universes collide through a crossover. A combination of both of those is why Star Wars Easter eggs that have been hidden in other movies and productions are so exciting to find and discover. Of course, it could also be the fact that we feel a sense of pride whenever we see just how big the franchise is.

Star Wars Easter Eggs


But it’s difficult enough to uncover Star Wars Easter eggs within the movies themselves, let alone in other motion pictures. With this in mind, there are chances you never even noticed the secrets that we are going lay out.

#1 Star Trek

Star Trek and Star Wars are like the cats and dogs of the movie industry. However, it seems like the differences and competitive nature have been set to the side when J.J. Abrams took over Star Trek for the 2009 reboot. To showcase his deep love towards George Lucas’ legendary franchise, he planted an R2-D2 between the shots of spaceship debris floating in space.

#2 Raiders of the Lost Ark

If George Lucas doesn’t stroke his own ego, then who will? Luckily for us, he goes about it with a bit more subtlety than, say, M. Night Shyamalan. Since he produced both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Lucas afforded to sneak in a drawing of R2-D2 among the hieroglyphs visible during one of the scenes in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

#3 Independence Day

Whether it was intentional or not, that’s debatable. What is clear, however, is that during the scene when Earth first detects its alien invaders, the monitors show the image of a ship strongly resembling the Death Star. The possibility of a coincidence seems to have faded given the fact that on the walls of one of the hangars of Area 51, you can see an R and a 2 written on the walls.

#4 E.T.

What better movie to tie in with some Star Wars Easter eggs than one that’s centered on an alien to begin with? It’s a hardly a secret that many of Steven Spielberg’s works, especially from the 80’s, features a lot of nods to Star Wars. This is super blatant when a Yoda Halloween costume makes a cameo in E.T.

#5 Twister

You can say “Luke, I’m your father” and the reference will be picked up on by someone who’s never even seen the movies. However, Twister decided to be more subtle with its Star Wars Easter eggs, as it had one of the characters exclaim “That’s no moon, it’s a space station!” in reference to the line spoken in A New Hope.

#6 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is a movie featuring the deeply harrowing psychological darkness of the Vietnam War. Supposed to be initially directed by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas, the latter drew out last minute. Coppola honored him by naming Harrison Ford’s character “Colonel Lucas,” also nicknamed “Luke.”

#7 Men in Black

The movie had the opportunity to make this super obvious, but it didn’t. Instead, Men in Black paid its obligatory homage to Star Wars by including a shot of George Lucas during a line-up of secret aliens.

#8 Star Trek: Into Darkness

Abrams didn’t stop with his Star Wars Easter eggs there. He continued with Into Darkness and returned R2-D2 to the movie for even shorter screen time. He can barely be spotted as he’s hurled out of the Enterprise during an explosive collision.

#9 Marvel Phase 2

Marvel’s Phase 2 is generally considered to be a big step-up from its predecessor, similarly to Empire Strikes Back. This is why this array of movies features many call backs and Star Wars Easter eggs that remind of the iconic scene when Luke loses his hand.

#10 The Goonies

We end this list with what is possibly the most difficult to detect of Star Wars Easter eggs. When we are shown the deck of the pirate ship we glimpse at in The Goonies, a closer look will help you see the hidden R2-D2 tucked between the other props.

Top 10 Theories about the Next Avengers Movie

Part of the fun of watching a movie of a TV show these days is coming up with all sorts of fan theories and placing bets on which ones are going to come true. In a sense, however, these kinds of theories tend to ruin the immersion by bringing a certain level of predictability to the table. You just can’t win, though. Our primal desire to be able to shout out, “I called it!” when that one thing happens is just too much to resist. Now that the next Avengers movie is coming up ahead soon-ish, it’s not safe from all the speculations either.

Next Avengers Movie

Image Courtesy of Marvel

Out of all them, there are some that just sound too juicy and amazing for us not to wish they will actually come true. Here are the Top 10 Theories about the Next Avengers Movie.

#1 Captain America’s Early Demise

Fans of the comics are thoroughly familiar with the saddening conclusion to the Civil War story arc, where Steve Rogers lies lifelessly on the ground after crossing paths with Crossbones and a brainwashed Sharon Carter. This theory suggests the crazy, but shocking, possibility that this scene will be recreated at the start of Infinity War and will trigger the rest of the events.

#2 Thanos Will Reunite Them

There isn’t really anything crazy or off the hook about this theory, which might just mean that it will become a reality in the next Avengers movie. After being separated at the end of Captain America: Civil War, it’s likely that the only way for the team to assemble again will be through the impending doom coming with Thanos.

#3 Return of Red Skull

What supports this theory is the fact that he met his demise at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger after coming in contact with an Infinity Stone. The thing is, though, that we never actually saw him die. Could he have been transported somewhere else instead?

#4 Captain Marvel Will be the Link

The link between the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, to be precise. Given that her solo movie is due to be released in-between the two parts of Infinity War, it’s not difficult to determine she could play a big role. Some fans theorize she’ll be the director of S.W.O.R.D, the space version of S.H.I.E.L.D, and that she will be the bridge between the Guardians and the Avengers.

#5 Thanos Will Resurrect Villains

All of the villains we’ve seen get absorbed or otherwise annihilated by an Infinity Stone might return in the next Avengers movie according to this theory. The line-up of possible returns include the aforementioned Red Skull, Malekith, Ronan, and Ultron himself.

#6 Race for the Infinity Stones

The confirmation that there are, in fact, two Infinity Gauntlets led fans to speculate that the next Avengers movie will give us a race where the forces of good and evil are rushing to collect the Infinity Stones. This leads to the possibility of a Stone VS Stone conclusion, which is as exciting as it gets.

#7 Superhero Genocide by the End of Part I

The Marvel universe is huge and filled with incredible superheroes. Given how both Infinity War movies will feature 67 characters spanned across them, it almost looks like it’s about time they’ll start making some cuts. This theory assumes it will be half of the Avengers biting the dust.

#8 Loki will Die for Thor

Loki is, by far, the most popular villain the MCU has given us, so it’s almost a given that he’ll return to the next Avengers movie. Surprisingly, some fans theorize this will be the last of him, as he will finally complete the villain – anti-hero – hero transition by sacrificing himself for his brother.

#9 A Terrigen Bomb Will Go Off

It would certainly explain why they have chosen to place the Inhumans movie at the end of phase three for apparently no reason. This theory brings the possibility of the Terrigen Mist being released as a result of an attempt to annihilate Thanos, which will give the titular Inhumans their powers.

#10 The Hulk is the Key Player

Nothing is more speculation-worthy than the ending of a story. Some people assume that it would make sense for the Hulk to be the one to take down Thanos, given how he’s the only truly invincible Avenger. A god-like battle between two titans in the next Avengers movie? We’re so down for it!