The Best Australian Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The culture, interests and concerns of a nation are generally to be found in their songs, among other places. This is definitely the case with the best Australian songs.

However, for some reason, many of the best songs from Down Under appear to get virtually ignored outside of the country, so here are some of them you might like to listen to.

Khe Sanh – Cold Chisel

Best Australian Songs

This is rated as one of the best Australian songs of all time but I wonder how many non-Aussies have even listened to it. To be fair, I can’t imagine this rock classic gaining such widespread appeal anywhere else on the planet. That’s not to say that it isn’t good. It’s just that the boozy, bleary-eyed tale of a jaded Vietnam vet, Asian prostitutes, drugs and flying helicopters isn’t exactly mainstream fare. Maybe someone could ask Mariah Carey to do a cover version of it.

Bye Bye Pride – Go Betweens

Best Australian Songs

Why do some bands make it big while others fail miserably? Just listen to a few songs by this band, such as Streets of Your Town, Head Full of Steam or The House Jack Kerouac Built. Pretty good, eh? Now look up their Wikipedia entry and check out their best ever chart positions. Wow, they once got to number 16 once and were regular visitor to slots in the 70s and 80s! This is my favourite song by the band but I got confused when I went to check out what other people thought of it online. The Aussies who have made comments about it have generally all bafflingly said that you need to have grown up in Brisbane in the 1980s to understand it. I thought I had understood it without ever even having visited Brisbane but it seems not. Anyway, any song which contains the line “a teenage Rasputin takes the sting from a gin” really deserves a bit more attention.

Kelly’s Blues – The Triffids

Best Australian Songs

What’s that? You’ve never heard of these guys either? To be fair, they don’t seem to have been all that popular in Oz either. What they have in common with most of the best Australian bands is that they have the kind of music and lyrics which could only have come out of the island continent. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is a feeling of open spaces and isolation to their songs which I love.

Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool

Best Australian Songs

I had never heard of either this song or the artist before I did some research on the best Australian songs in order to find some more gems to include here. It turns out to have been listed by the Australian Performing Rights Association as the second best song in the history of the country’s music. That’s a pretty impressive feat. Apparently Elton John’s rather more famous Crocodile Rock was inspired by this song. It’s a feel good sort of a tune which you won’t be able to resist tapping your feet to. Honestly.

Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats

Best Australian Songs

In that same list of the best Aussie songs of all time this one was the numero uno, head honcho and big cheese. I’d never heard of it ever. It was pretty popular in the 60s and I also read that Bruce Springsteen played it during an Australian tour so maybe you’ve already heard it. If you haven’t then give it a try and you might like it.

3 Reasonable Pieces of Advice for Beginner Music Bands

Since we are always interested in music, emerging trends (except the ones that are too weird even for us) and new bands trying to make a name for themselves, we have a habit of reading all news involving (especially but not limited to rock) music. In the past we have covered some hot topics related to artists, bands that should probably find another hobby to get involved in besides music, frontmen who make history every time they come up on stage, albums that bless our ears and our souls and songs that will follow us forever, wherever we may roam. And because we are interested in local bands and try to support the newcomers (who might actually surprise us with high dosages of talent and originality), we bumped into a very well written article released by Digital Music News called 7 Reasons No One’s Coming to Your Shows, containing some very reasonable pieces of advice for beginner music bands to follow. Well… first come the reasons and then come the advice, but today we will focus on an integrated view and try to sum – up those advice in a constructive manner that can be applied by solo artists and bands, no matter the music genre they’re acting in.

1. Rehearse and then rehearse some more!

One of the reasons why experts think new bands don’t gather enough of a public to their shows is that (besides sucking at what they do) they don’t practice enough to sound right, to look right, to offer a high quality entertaining performance and so on. There are two angles here: one, the music sounds bad and the only public bad sounding live shows is the members’ friends and family who are usually blackmailed to come to the live show; secondly, nobody adds a touch of originality from one show to another. If you paid money to see a band’s show last week, next week nobody will pay, because they will probably see the same set-up, setlist, lyrics, song order and stage moves. A life show is called a show because people expect something new each time. Is is needed to mention that no Rammstein concert looks like the one before, even if the band plays the same songs (in case there’s no new album to promote)?

2. Pick your show dates wisely

The guy writing the article has a solid point: if you’re performing on a weekly basis (usually in the same club or venue, because you’re friends with the manager), and the people saw you once, they won’t come see you again, especially if you sing the same songs, have the same stage setting and force people to pay tickets to see basically a public rehearsal. Maybe you don’t suck at all, and you better don’t, but keeping organizing concerts too often without coming with anything new is like eating the same dish over and over again: you get overfed and bored. Expanding your fan base doesn’t work in terms of “entertaining weekly the same 10 fans you have”.

3. Promote your shows like true artists

New bands use to guilty their friends to attend their shows, share their event on Facebook (even if they’re not coming) and complain about the venue “not being engaged enough in PR-ing the show”. While Facebook and social platforms have this feature of promoting products and events, they are the most lazy and facile (and thus inefficient) means of reaching to a public. If you have any idea how “joining the event” works in reality, you shouldn’t be surprised that no one is coming, or you have the same people at your shows, every time, no exceptions. If you read the article, you will suddenly realize that promotion isn’t the same thing with investing money in high – class advertisement, but needs a bit of orientation, creativity and some effort.

If you are a new band or artist and still want to make it through the tributes and tribulations of wanting to reach success in the entertainment jungle, this article is both revelatory (and sarcastic at some points, but with good intentions) and besides these 3 simple and reasonable pieces of advice for beginner music bands, the author Ari Herstand’s words should be really taken into consideration, as he has many valid points.

3 Artists We Would Like to See More of (Or Hear about More Often)

People all over the world are hooked on television shows and live contests that aim to search and discover all sorts of talented people in different areas, from singing, to dancing to doing all sorts of unseen-before artistic acts. These shows, usually containing words and phrases such as “got talent”, “voice”, “stars” and so on, bring to the attention of the general public a bunch of true prodigies who go through a competition against each other for some big prize, world fame and who knows, a kick – start to their artistic careers.

Everybody dreams to be “discovered” during such show and win it, being in the favored position of getting an impresario or an agent, signing contracts and shooting for the stars (with additional fame and fortune). However, these shows end at some point (only to resume next season with other equally talented and spectacular contestants), while the world is expecting the former winners to become international celebrities. Granted, some actually made it to the entertainment industry, while others disappeared just as fast as they showed up. Today we will take a look back over 3 artists we would like to see more of, or at least, hear about more often.

3. Duo Flame – Ukraine’s Got Talent


Even if recently things got hot (and are getting even hotter) in Ukraine, this doesn’t mean we should forget some very fine artists, like the Duo Flame dancing couple – described as being incredibly talented dancers who, given the opportunity, might have a lot of success in the entertainment industry on an international level. Maybe the odds will be in their favor and we’ll hear good news about them or see them soon in grand shows and tours.

2. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle

Susan was quite famous back in 2009 in Great Britain and became a true sensation when she first opened her mouth and started singing, as the jury and the public were misled by her … simple (almost peasant – like) looks and outfit. This is not an unseen phenomenon: a simple looking individual gets up there on stage and stands a bit of mockery and incredulity due to age or looks, and then shows off his or her talent to the amazement of everybody. Susan Boyle was such a phenomenon and it’s a pity we didn’t hear more about her or a potential singing career.

1. Rose “Osang” Fontanes – X Factor Israel

rose osang

Another sensation in the international talent shows, Rose is a Filipino caregiver who won X Factor Israel quite recently and was described as a “role – model” and a hope for all dreamers out there who manage to gather up the courage to follow their dreams and do whatever it takes to nurture their gifts and talents. Rose is among those artists we would like to see more of, as she impressed not only the jury, but the public all over the world with her singing performance and it would be a true pity to lose her in the shadows of anonymity.


Amira Willighagen – Holland’s Got Talent

Amira Willighagen

This little girl made all Europe stand up and applaud, because her tiny body managed to utter an angelic voice, while the 9 year old child prodigy chose to impress the jury and the public with very hard and complex opera pieces that brought tears in many watching TV eyes. Since we were also impressed, we dug up some information and it seems little Amira is on her way to celebrity, as she is about to release her first album this spring. She is one of those artists we would like to see more of in ten – fifteen years, as she has a strong shot to become one of the next best opera singing stars and the world would truly benefit from her presence on international stages.

There are plenty of artists who won talent shows and competitions, in Europe, the U.S. and even farther corners of the planet, and who deserve a shot to accomplish their dream of singing, dancing or entertaining the world.


30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto: A Success Story

You cannot help yourself from being swept away by Jared Leto, and this is not an “girls – exclusive” talk, this is serious. Either you are a fan of his interesting filmography, his music or simply his looks, Jared Leto proved that he is not just one complete and rather surprising superstar, but also a man of many trades and many traits as well. Now we all know he received his first Oscar Award at 42 years old (which, between you and us, might be pissing off Leonardo DiCaprio a little to say the least) and even he had an on and off relationship with the movie industry, he managed to deliver some brilliant performances along the years. If you remember Requiem for a Dream, you know what we are talking about. But today we will focus more on 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto as a success story and an inseparable unity, because just as Jared often declared, music is a constant, consistent and vivid part of who he is. And if the guys from Concertfull are not mistaken, 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto will perform live on stage on 8th of March, on Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. So let’s take a look back to both band, musician, actor, philanthropist and one of those hot guys who actually get better with age, and see the success story of 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto. 

30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto: The Music

30 seconds to mars

It is all about the music apparently and, as we said before, the band is on its way to tour the world. From Moscow, Russia, to Sydney, Australia, from Tokyo, Japan, to Bucharest, Romania, 30 Seconds to Mars seems to be on top of its game as a valuable alternative rock band ready to conquer the world. Will the band take advantage of its new – gained leverage of having an Academy Awarded lead singer? If we were to bet, we’d say the concerts will soon get sold out in many cities where concerts are scheduled this spring and summer. And even if Jared Leto had some sort of quirky relationship with cinema, being on and off the wagon for many years, the band is pretty well appraised by music lovers, fans and critics. About a year ago, a columnist from WhatCulture listed the best ten songs of the band with Attack ranking first place. They may have not sold hundreds of millions of copies, but they established themselves a solid position in the world of music and given the news, we may be in for a lot of surprises in the years to come.

30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto: The Humanitarian Activism

30 seconds to mars

You’ll say that every famous band and every celebrity is involved one way or the other in charity, fund – raising and social activism. This may be true, and it is true, don’t get us wrong, but in this particular case, it seems that the band and its lead vocal (and also guitar, bass and keyboards) are getting involved in big and tragic causes without hunting for publicity. It may be just an impression, but in the last years you rarely heard of Leto or his colleagues bragging around for saving humanity. And still, they were involved in Habitat for Humanity’s projects, Red Cross projects, a charity auction in the benefit of 2010 Haiti earthquake victims and supported a bunch of other organizations in humanitarian purposes. Again, this is something most celebrities do, but we are glad that 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto do it also.

The hot stud and the emotional Oscar Awards Speech

Seeing Jared Leto on stage would make you think you have hallucinated for the entirety of Dallas Buyers Club, but you didn’t. He is indeed a very sexy gentleman, as you can see for yourself, as he graced with his hot and sophisticated persona the cover of the Flaunt Magazine when he was “just” an Oscar Award Nominee. If you didn’t see his acceptance speech, find it on YouTube and watch it. It sounds honest and emotional and humble and many people were happy to see a man not being corrupted by fame and fortune yet.

If you want to know what’s in store for 30 Seconds to Mars and Jared Leto, well, keep yourself updated to the news. Now that they are all in the spotlight, we may be seeing more of him, hear about the band a lot more often and maybe be lucky enough to attend a concert or buy tickets to his next movie.

Undress to Impress: 5 Female Singers Who Got Naked to Make a Hit

Back in the day, to be successful as a musician, you had to perform brilliantly, to deliver great songs, to make people warship you on stage, to have smart publicists and to be talented, first and foremost. Or to be Madonna and shock everybody. Well, the music industry didn’t change so much, conceptually speaking, artists still have to prove their worth, they still have to be talented, they still have to deliver a message and a show and they still have to  have entire armies of trained PR specialists, agents and marketing gurus. But today we don’t want to discuss peoples’ tastes, “real music” versus “mainstream music”, talent versus marketing or popularity versus artistic quality.

Today we are going to take a look at some lady singers who are in the industry for quite some time to already have a name and a fame, but who learned that a bit of skin sells more records than an angels’ choir. Today we will talk about five female singers who got naked to make a hit, without undermining their musical talents or their world – wide success.

5. Britney Spears

Do you remember the innocent / sexy girl who used to rock the world with her songs, sweet face and sensual stage choreography? Do you remember her growing up, becoming a subject of debate, gossip, critique and plenty of nasty press comments to keep her a lifetime? Britney, far from being the sweet innocent high school girl who was complaining that “she did it again”, still manages to keep the headlines and make people talk. And regarding her not having a problem to show skin in some videos or live performances, Criminal or Womanizer are just two examples of her strategy to make the music world (and the general population) focus their attention on her for getting naked in front of the camera.

4. Nicole Scherzinger

Remember her Hush Hush video, while she was still sharing fame with The Pussycat Dolls? The scene in which she comes out of the bathtub probably was forever imprinted on peoples’ retina until the end of time. Do you think she forgot the power of skin in the music industry? Not for a second. Nicole may have never shown us a full frontal, but along the years, her microscopic outfits made her music famous and her records sell and among the female singers who got naked to make a hit, she may have understood best that having talent is great, but showing your bod the right way is sky rocket.

3. Rihanna

Riri was never shy when it came to wearing a few straps of cloth, academically called dresses or outfits. But becoming more and more famous with the years, she pushed her minimalist fashion tastes beyond our expectations and gave us a bathtub scene, looking all sad and vulnerable. And since this was a hit, she pushed things even more forward and delivered us the Push it Up video, where you can consider her naked despite those accessories covering her essentials, not to mention that in order to incite all her fans, she released naughty pictures taken during filming.

2. Lady Gaga

Well, when Madonna was giving nightmares to the clergy, Lady Gaga was learning to go to the toilet by herself, but look at her now all famous, becoming a star you can love or you can hate, but you can’t definitely ignore. Is she a shocking presence on stage? Of course she is. Do her videos look like Salvador Dali got drunk and started a career in the music industry? Definitely. Does she show skin? Without blinking! Her old Telephone video made together with Beyonce was a good start, while her Love Games shows no inhibitions but a lot of naked body.

1. Miley Cyrus

She twerked and became famous (on the dark side of fame) and she kept going with her strategy of becoming famous over the night. You know, when Jennifer Lopez was showing her flawless body, Miley was still America’s innocent sweetheart, but this didn’t stop the young musician to burn a lot of steps her more experienced predecessors took in their musical careers and not long after she shook the Earth’s core with her vulgar scene act, she released the famous Wrecking Ball which took her exactly where she wanted: among the superstars. She was mocked, criticized, accused of a lot of things, trashed and bashed and still under suspicion. But she is the latest and the most famous entry in the list of female singers who got naked to make a hit and she hit everything alright.

If you are nostalgic when it comes to female singers showing a bit of skin and some lascivious moves, let’s all remember Christina Milian, even Christina Aguilera, Pink and a few others more. Do they have to show skin to sell music? Maybe, maybe not, but history knows a lot of female singers who got naked to make a hit and who became incontestable super stars.