10 Best Camp Fire Songs To Learn Or Sing Along To

Any proper camping trip with friends needs some good, ol’ camp fire songs to brighten up the atmosphere. We all need that one friend who brings his guitar everywhere that can start humming Wonderwall and really put us in the mood. In case YOU’RE this friend and you know that this particular responsibility is hanging on your shoulders, we’re here to help. Picking the right kind of music for ANY occasion can be a pretty daunting task. One friend likes something, another likes something else… in other words, it’s tough to please everyone.

But you can never go wrong with any of the classics. This is why, on this list, you’ll find some of the most traditional camp fire songs that you can learn for your guitar. We’re not limited to this category, though – modern music has given us some gems too!

Camp Fire Songs


P.S. If you’re not the friend with the guitar, after all, just save this list and send it to the friend who is. They’d probably use the help.

#1 “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

Released in 1967, Brown Eyed Girl is one of the classics we were so fondly referring to. It’s arguably one of Morrison’s greatest hits, something reinforced by the inclusion of this hit track in the Grammy Hall of Fame, in 2007. It will be a particularly impactful song when your group of friends includes some brown-eyed girls too!

#2 “Riptide” – Vance Joy

Riptide is one of the newer camp fire songs recommended on this list. But, boy, is it incredibly catchy, isn’t it? The most outstanding aspect of this track is the guitar strumming and after a few listens, you are definitely going to be able to see the unique musicality of the song’s intro. Plus, the lyrics are incredibly interesting too and it’s sung in a register that makes anyone able to hum along to it.

#3 “American Pie” – Don McLean

Belted, shouted, and reproduced in multiple instances, American Pie is to camp fire songs what I Will Always Love You is to singing talent contests. It’s one of those songs that any guitarist would be proud to burst into when everyone is gathered around a cozy fire. And there’s a good reason for it too if you ask us. Memorizing this song in all of its eight-minute glory is no easy task, which is why it often comes off as a great reason of boasting.

#4 “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond

What Diamond achieved was a proper musical diamond. Sweet Caroline is safe, sweet, and universally liked. It’s the king of track that’s going to make even the most reluctant of participants to want to jump in and belt a note or two. What really made this song a must on your camp fire songs tracklist is its chorus, a wonderful choir which surely screams “friendship.”

#5 “Wonderwall” – Oasis

If American Pie was the I Will Always Love You of camp fire songs, Wonderwall is probably Adele’s Someone Like You. That means that it doubles on the annoyance factor given by the multitude of renditions and variations various people twisted around this legendary song. Wonderwall is a definitive classic, perhaps THE classic. What stands as good proof for that is that this song was worthy enough of evolving into a meme. Anyways, here’s Wonderwall.

#6 “Stir It Up” – Bob Marley

Another song to prove that the 60s became the golden era of camp fire songs, Stir It Up was actually made popular by Johnny Nash before Bob Marley became associated with it instead. It’s not one of the most typical song choices when gathered outside of the RV or tent, but this is what makes it a wonderful choice. No one will really expect it!


Next time you’re getting ready for a trip into the heart of wilderness, don’t forget your guitar. After all, you’ve spent all this time learning these camp fire songs, right? Wait, you really aren’t the friend with the guitar? Well, no mind. Music is for all and these songs are so important for camping trips specifically because they can unite everyone in a moment of gleeful singing.

The 8 Catchiest Songs That We Can’t Stop Humming

Do you ever have that random moment of boredom during the day when a song just randomly pops up in your head? Chances are the track is among the catchiest songs ever, so you’re definitely not alone, don’t worry.

Whether we hate to hate them or love to hate them, some songs just won’t stop bugging you after you hear them for the first time. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if it’s a downright annoying and terrible song. There’s SOMETHING about it that’s haunting you. Does anyone remember Rebecca Black’s Friday? On the other hand, a song can quickly become annoying specifically because it follows you around like your own shadow.

Justin Bieber: Singer of One of the Catchiest Songs


Through deep and thorough research, we’ve compiled a list with the catchiest songs ever. Do any of them make their way into your thoughts?

#1 “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

What is it about Carly Rae Jepsen and her sickeningly adorable songs that stick to you like glue? We know there are plenty of people who “really, really, really, really, really you” but Jepsen’s worst creation is Call Me Maybe. It’s a cute song, but just reading the title is basically an invitation for it to stick around your head for a while.

#2 “Single Ladies” – Beyoncé

It’s been years since Single Ladies was released (and since it laid the foundation for Kanye/Taylor drama) but it’s continuing to ruin lives even today. The rhythm of the song is catchy, the lyrics are simple and basic… that’s essentially the successful formula behind the catchiest songs ever.

#3 “Gangnam Style” – Psy

Is Psy still relevant? Who knows? No one can take away from him the enormous, gigantic, and titanic success that he found through Gangnam Style. Not only was the dancing style unique and perfect viral-material, but the track itself just completely overtakes your mind. Just remember that it’s sung in Korean, yet it became a worldwide hit!

#4 “Smash Mouth” – All Star

Once you’ve heard this song, it’s difficult not to immediately think of it whenever you hear the word “somebody.” Unlike the other of the catchiest songs, Smash Mouth’s beginning is always more popular than the chorus itself. It’s just impossible not to immediately burst into a melodic, “Somebody once told me…”

#5 “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke

As controversial as this song (and even more so the music video) is, it was such a hit for a good reason. Everything about it sticks out like a sore thumb: the funky melodic line, the little ornaments (take the “hey, hey, hey!” for example), and the chorus. Gotta give credit where credit’s due.

#6 “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor

Sheesh, speaking of controversy… Some may have criticized Trainor for promoting acceptance for curvy women by putting down the skinnier ones. But that’s a whole new story. The song itself is really difficult to get rid of, particularly because of the rhythmic sound of it and the funky tune.

#7 “Baby” – Justin Bieber

Don’t forget that, despite the general success of his songs these days, there was a time when everyone hated Justin Bieber’s music. Baby was (and quite possibly still is) the most disliked video on YouTube and it was so criticized it became a terrible parody song á la Friday instead. But, come on, let’s all face it: it’s really catchy.

#8 “Macarena” – Los del Rio

You know what’s the funniest part about Macarena? Everyone knows it, but at the same time nobody knows it. It’s very common to find someone failing to sing along and muttering nonsense instead of the proper lyrics. But, boy, is it satisfying when the song finally gets to the only part you know: the “eeeeh, Macarena!”

What did you think? Did you cycle through all of these songs and struggled to get them out of your head? If yes, we hope they’ll leave you alone soon. It’s not easy to shrug off the catchiest songs of all time.

7 Best Harmonica Songs In Rock n Roll

The harmonica is a relatively new addition to the rock genre. For a while, it was even considered to be quite the bizarre choice in terms of musical instruments. Today, it’s very difficult to stumble upon certain artists that don’t include the harmonica in their tunes. It was originally invented in 1821 and has developed quite the reputation through its association with big historical figures. For instance, it’s said that Abraham Lincoln always carried the instrument in his pocket. With such a foundation, some excellent tracks must have been composed, leading to the best harmonica songs in rock n roll.

Best Harmonica Songs In Rock n Roll

Best Harmonica Songs


It creates a balance and an interesting combo with the otherwise harsh accords of rock music. It possesses a distinguishable sound. And it was used to blend the best harmonica songs into rock songs.

#1 “When The Levee Breaks” – Led Zeppelin

We’re kicking this list off strong with one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Incidentally, it was also responsible for one of the best songs with harmonica. It wasn’t the harmonica itself that really made When The Levee Breaks stand out in this regard, but rather its pairing with legendary drummer John Bonham and guitarist Jimmy Page.

#2 “Shape Of My Heart” – Sting

Sting’s Shape Of My Heart has become a popular track for a variety of reasons and we dare say that its dazzling harmonica solo is one of those reasons. The man responsible for one of the best harmonica songs in rock tracks is Larry Adler, who Sting deemed as “one of the greatest harmonica players this century.”

#3 “Heart Of Gold” – Neil Young

For those that don’t know, Heart Of Gold is Neil Young’s only #1 hit in the US. This is all somewhat hilarious when you think of the fact that he composed the song in a series of acoustic tracks written while his back pains prevented him from standing up from his bed. The harmonica bits in this piece are defining for this memorable piece and the first accords can be noted from the very intro of the song.

#4 “Fingertips” – Stevie Wonder

Fingertips was Stevie Wonder’s first real hit and it was recorded entirely live. It’s all the more impressive when you realize that this was a song that pretty much only existed to showcase Wonder’s mad skills. The song is almost entirely instrumental and the artist’s mastery of the harmonica is even more impressive when you remember that he was only twelve at the time.

#5 “The River” – Bruce Springsteen

This haunting Bruce Springsteen track carries deep messages within its melody and these messages are wholly supported by the inclusion of the harmonica. The River is a song that makes your thoughts wander to the calmness of the water during the warm seasons and it instills sensations of hope and rebirth. All of the emotions possibly drawn from this song are amplified by the harmonica’s very first thrills, making The River one of the best harmonica songs within the rock genre.

#6 “Whammer Jammer” – The J. Geils Band

The harmonica manages to showcase its versatility through this list alone. We went from the calm peacefulness inspired by Bruce Springsteen and are now in a track that’s all about enthusiasm and the fun side of blues. Harmonica player Richard Salwitz has been widely praised for his performance and, needless to say, his skills are a perfect addition to this song.

#7 “Love Me Do” – The Beatles

The iconic Beatles actually launched their careers on the foundation of the harmonica’s assets. John Lennon was particularly interested in this instrument and because of his passion, he blended into the band’s early songs plenty of harmonica accents. Paul McCartney even joked about the fact that Lennon expected to wind up in jail and be the guy that played the harmonica behind the bars.

10 Popular Christian Songs To Inspire You

Whatever it is that brings us closer to our faith, it’s definitely something good. For some, it can be as plain as a silent prayer, but sometimes we just need something extra, something to further aid us better a day that hasn’t been going exactly smoothly. Music has been proven to be able to soothe the soul and mend broken hearts, why shouldn’t it be able to join forces with faith and give us this much needed extra boost? Christian music is a genre all by itself and the most popular Christian songs have always been able to properly motivate and bring the best out of us.

Popular Christian Songs


So, in case you’re in need of a quick dose of motivation, mend your will and heart by pressing play on these 10 Popular Christian Songs To Inspire You.

#1 “Just Like You” – Lecrae

Young hip-hop artist Lecrae is behind several popular Christian rap songs, though this one might just ring the truest of all to younger generations. The song, as well as the music video, exhibits his journey for a role model. Picking them one by one, he eventually ditches celebrities and media in favor for Jesus and his example.

#2 “Voice of Truth” – Casting Crowns

Featured in the trailer for the 2006 movie Facing the Giants, this song, written by Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman, is a mosaic of renowned biblical tales. Some of the best examples are represented by the story of David and Goliath, Peter walking on water, etc. All of these basically make the perfect foundation for popular Christian songs.

#3 “Made to Love” – TobyMac

Another rap song, Made to Love delivers its core message right with the title. The lyrics are annexed to a catchy rhythm and they speak of the fundamental element of Christianity: love and acceptance. The main message is that we were all created to love others and to be loved by God.

#4 “By Your Side” – Tenth Avenue North

Rather than being a direct reference to a quote or a Bible passage, this is a song that conveys messages of love, peace, and understanding, all of which make up the mosaic of fundaments and beliefs standing at the core of faith of all kinds.

#5 “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music” – Larry Norman

There is something strange about this particular song. Despite the obvious message that might be conveyed in the title, the message of this tune is actually surprising. Normal actually jumps to the defense of other musical genres and, upon giving it a thorough listen, it becomes clear that the song is a line-up of reasons why Normal chose to make Christian music.

#6 “The Proof of Your Love” – for KING & COUNTRY

The message found within the lyrics of this song created by the Australian pop duo is as simple as it is sufficiently inspiring to all of us. We should all aim to do everything in our lives with spirit, with heart, and with passion. It’s why they write music that blends in with gospel in the first place, as they have confessed.

#7 “Set the World on Fire” – Britt Nicole

Through this song, Christian singer and songwriter Britt Nicole basically manages to touch down on the healing aspects of faith. She speaks of her desire to change the world in this hymn spoken directly to God, claiming that anything is possible with His help and guidance.

#8 “Sunshine” – Jukebox Wagon

Unfortunately, the band has broken up since the release of this song, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving a listen to one of their most inspiring songs. Sunshine speaks of how we should abstain from judging and how we should all deal with our struggles and obstacles, all culminating to a chorus given in Jesus’ own perspective.

Top 10 Hilarious Rapper Names

Choosing a stage name can be awfully difficult. Not only does it need to be representative, to sound good, to be memorable, but it also needs to be one of those things you won’t find yourself regretting in a few years. Take Snoop Dogg for example. He realized that years piled up musical achievements that he was more of a lion at heart, but the switch didn’t really go as expected, did it? So, when this is such an important choice to make, how can people err so badly that they end up with the worst rapper names they could have thought of?

Rapper Names


Luckily for us, some things are just so bad they’re good. This also applies to some of the most hilarious rapper names that you could stumble across. Add them to the “not like this” list.

#1 Mr. Cheeks

He’s a nice guy, surely. There are no reasons why we shouldn’t like and appreciate him, especially if his music is appealing enough. But can you really trust someone who goes by the name Mr. Cheeks? By all means, it sounds like he’s the kind of guy you would meet in a dark alley as he opens his trench coat to reveal his watch collection.

#2 Thirstin Howl III

When rapper names parody the names of other popular characters of people, it’s always difficult to tell whether it was meant as an homage or satire. But this callback to Gilligan Island’s Thurston Howell III is as obscure as it is inappropriate in the context of his lyrics. Yikes.

#3 Trademark da Skydiver

Do you know those people in movies who are trying to come up with a witty name and they just pick the first thing they lay their eyes on? This guy must have quickly shifted looks between a trademark sign and a skydiver and ended up with this lovely stage name.

#4 Tity Boi

Good luck trying to imagine crowds chanting this name at concerts without cackling yourself into the ground. We’re not sure if this was a statement or a purposeful choice, but it was clearly a mistake. This was proven by the rapper himself, who later went on and changed his name to 2 Chainz.

#5 A to the D The Renegade Jew

Well, it may not be the most hilariously odd of the rapper names on this list, but it’s surely the longest. Assuming you haven’t fallen asleep by the time you’ve read the name, then here’s a fun fact – he invested his own money in his album.

#6 South Park Mexican

We don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty huge let down that South Park Mexican didn’t start a trend for all rapper names to be composed of one’s favorite TV show and their ethnicity. We would’ve totally bought Homeland Italian’s album!

#7 Flo-Rida

Probably one of the only rapper names you’ve actually heard of, isn’t it? The fact that he’s so insanely popular might lessen the strangeness of the name, but don’t forget that all he did was add a hyphen in the middle of the word Florida. That’s it.

#8 The Tea Bag Boyz

When we were recommended to include this group on the list, we were frankly confused. What could possibly be wrong about a group of jolly fellows deciding to share their love for tea in the name of their rap group?

#9 Silkk Shocker

Don’t you just want your two stage names to have the same initials? Alright, that’s fine. Maybe you want to combine two mundane words and give them a quirky twist. That’s fine too. But adding an extra “k” doesn’t really mean quirky and interesting.

#10 Uncle Murda

Let’s just hope that this is strictly a stage name because introducing him to your family would be pretty awkward. Actually, telling your friends that you’re headed for an Uncle Murda concert sounds fairly questionable too if we’re honest.