Best Smashing Pumpkins Albums

The Smashing Pumpkins is one of the most iconic rock bands of the 90s. They’ve managed to reinvent themselves on every new album ever since they released their first one in 1991. Things haven’t been all dandy for them and throughout their career a lot of bad things happened: the death of their live keyboard player, drug problems and band members leaving the band. The musical genius behind The Smashing Pumpkins is Billy Corgan, the guitarist, singer, songwriter and lyricist. Basically he did it all. Here is a personal top list with the best Smashing Pumpkins albums.

1. Adore

One of the best Smashing Pumpkins albums (in our humble but expert opinion) is Adore, released in 1998. The story behind this album is a pretty dark one: Billy Corgan’s mother passed away, the band’s concert keyboard player died of a drug overdose and Jimmy Chamberlin, the band’s drummer was fired because he was a drug addict. All these have inspired Billy Corgan to write some of his best songs. You know what they say: art comes from suffering. Adore is a 360 degrees turn from their previous aggressive rock sound albums and not many of their previous fans appreciated it. On Adore, the band has experimented with new sounds, like drum machines, synths and pianos. The result is an album of where darkness and beauty collide to take the listeners in otherworldly places. It’s a deep, dark and poetic album about love, losing love and death. Some of the best songs from Adore are Ava Adore, Daphne Descends, Tear, Pug, Blank Page or Shame. If you haven’t listened to this album yet you have to give it a try. Music will never sound the same. At least for me it hasn’t.

2. Machina the Machines of God

Another underrated album and one of the best Smashing Pumpkins albums is Machina the Machines of God, released in 2000. This was the last album before the band broke up after the world tour called Sacred and Profane. It was a new chapter in their artistic career and they managed to build up an album that is a perfect combination of their aggressive sound and the Adore-era sensitivity. It’s a deeply mystical album and Billy Corgan stated that he drew inspiration from occult books, alchemy and religion. The album artwork looks amazing and Smashing Pumpkins proved once again that they are one of the most original rock bands in the history of rock music. The video for Stand Inside Your Love is one of the most beautiful videos of all time. Some of the best songs from Machina the Machines of God are The Everlasting Gaze, Stand Inside Your Love, I of The Mourning, Try, Try, Try, Blue Skies Bring Tears and Wound.

3. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Best Smashing Pumpkins Albums

Many critics and fans say that this is the best Smashing Pumpkins album of their career. It was released in 1995 and became one the best selling double albums of all time. It sold in more than 6 million copies worldwide and won several music awards, including seven Grammy nominations. This is the most financially successful album they’ve ever made and it gave us brilliant songs like Tonight, Tonight, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Zero and 1979, all these songs were official singles off the album. The album is made of 24 songs that manage to inspire and take the listener through a journey of deep emotions. It is a balanced album where heavy songs and quiet one dwell perfectly inside the same shell.

If you ever wanted to listen to this great band but didn’t know where to start, this list of the best Smashing Pumpkins albums should help.



Top 3 Best PJ Harvey Albums

Awaiting her new album, of which I know absolutely nothing – but that’s ok because PJ Harvey is very secretive and doesn’t reveal any details about her new albums until she’s about to release the album itself – we thought it would be nice to pay homage to one of the most exciting and original alternative female musicians of the past 20 years. She’s never done anything twice and her albums are so different from each other one might say they’re written by different people. But PJ Harvey is unmistakable. Let’s have a look at the best PJ Harvey albums so far.

1. Is This Desire?

is this desire best pj harvey albums

Is This Desire? is PJ Harvey’s fourth album released in 1998, and showed a more experimental side of her brilliant music. She incorporated elements of electronic music like drum machines and heavy synths to build a very claustrophobic and intense atmosphere. In interviews she stated that she told her musical producer that she wanted a quiet album, so quiet that the listener had to literally put their ears close to the speakers in order to hear what she sang in some of the songs. The effect is creepy and erotic at the same time and on some of the songs you have the feeling PJ Harvey is whispering in your year. Some of the best songs on the album are A Perfect Day Elise, My Beautiful Leah, The Garden, Catherine and Is This Desire? Lyrically, the album tells dark stories of murderous lovers, heartbreak and insane female characters, themes that made Polly Jean Harvey famous. Is This Desire? is one of the best PJ Harvey albums, a beautiful and strange piece of music filled with poetic storytelling.

2. To Bring You My Love

to bring you my love best pj harvey albums

To Bring You My Love was released in 1995 and it’s the third album in PJ Harvey’s career. It’s her first “solo” album, after she parted ways with the other two band mates she had on the first 2 albums. On To Bring You My Love era she really loved to dress up and her concert costumes were very theatrical: wigs, heavy makeup and eccentric dresses. PJ Harvey described her look as “Joan Crawford on acid”. This kind of sums it up. Musically, she experimented a lot with her voice and with other musical instruments. Favorite songs off the album include To Bring You My Love, C’mon Billy, The Dancer, Teclo and Send His Love To Me. Some critics say that this is one of the best PJ Harvey albums in which she showed her musical and lyrical genius at its full capacity. This was also one of her most successful album.

3. White Chalk

white chalk best pj harvey albums

White Chalk, or how I like to call it, “the ghost album” is PJ Harvey’s seventh album, which came out in 2007. It came as no surprise that she will take a totally different turn from her previous albums, and PJ Harvey stunned once again with her powerful, haunting, ghostly piano songs. She said in interviews that although she could hardly play the piano, it gave her a lot freedom when playing it. This is probably her most personal album and her most fragile. PJ Harvey’s voice sounds better than ever, with her high pitch vocalizing and mournful chords. She sounds like a Victorian ghost trapped in a dark castle on top of a cliff, surrounded by heavy seas. Songs like The Devil, Dear Darkness and The Mountain manage to break the listener’s heart and set it free at the same time. That’s the magic of PJ Harvey’s music. White Chalk is definitely one of the best PJ Harvey albums, one which manages to transcend genre, time and space.

This was our top 3 of the best PJ Harvey albums. Are you a PJ Harvey fan? Which album is your favorite?


10 Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made

I remember when I was a kid in the 90s and could hardly wait to see the latest videos of my favorite bands. This was long before YouTube and other social media websites. Back then the only way to see a video was by watching good old TV. There was something magical about music channels back then. They used to play quality music and the videos could stand as a work of art on its own. We want to share with you our list comprised of the most expensive music videos ever made.

10. Mariah Carey – Heartbreaker (1999) – $2.5 Million

mariah carey most expensive music videos

Back in 1999 there were a lot videos being played on MTV and other music channels. The Heartbreaker video was directed by Brett Ratner and it shows Mariah Carey following her cheating boyfriend into a movie theater. This apparently simple video cost $2.5 million dollars, $100,000 only for renting the movie theater.

9. Mc Hammer – 2 Legit 2 Quit (1991) – $2.5 Million

mc hammer most expensive music videos

Oh, the 90s. Remember when Mc Hammer was played in every dance club? He is also famous for making one of the most expensive videos ever. James Brown appeared in it (while serving time in jail). It was directed by Rupert Wainwright who said about the video, “It was an 18-day shoot, but we didn’t shoot it in 18 days. We shot [it] in 30 days. We would shoot an 18-hour day and take two days off. It was insane. It was the hardest shoot I ever did in my life.”

8. Puff Daddy – Victory (1998) – $2.7 million

puff daddy victory most expensive music videos

This video was directed by Marcus Nispel and it supposed to pay homage to The Running Man. Dennis Hopper and Danny De Vito starred in it, and it also featured images of Notorious B.IG. All this raised the video’s budget to $2.7 million, making it one of the most expensive videos ever produced.

7. Guns N’ Roses – Estranged (1993) – $4 Million

guns n roses most expensive music videos

When you saw Guns N’ Roses on our list of most expensive videos your first thought must have been “November Rain” or “Don’t Cry”, right? The video for their heartbreaking ballad “Estranged” cost $4 million to make. It cost so much because it features US Coast Guard helicopters, rescue squads, oil tankers and a very expensive Antonov An-124 Ruslan aircraft.

6. Michael Jackson – Black or White (1991) – $4 Million

michael jackson black or white most expensive music videos

One of the most iconic music videos of the 1990s is, without a doubt, Michael Jackson’s Black or White video. And it’s not only the most iconic but also one of the most expensive videos ever made. It features the unforgettable scene where Macaulay Culkin plays the electric guitar and sends his father in the middle of the safari. It also featured a revolutionary special effect called “morphing”.

5. Madonna – Bedtime Story (1995) – $5 Million

madonna bedtime story most expensive music videos

Directed by Mark Romanek, Madonna’s Bedtime Story video cost her no less than $5 million. The theme of the video was the line from the song “Let’s get unconscious”, so Romanek used all kind of weird imagery, from surreal paintings to Egyptian images.

4. Madonna – Express Yourself (1989) – $5 Million

madonna most expensive music videos

When it was first released Madonna’s Express Yourself music video was the most expensive video ever made. It was directed by the same guy who gave us super movies like Fight Club and Se7ven.

3. Madonna – Die Another Day (2002) – $6.1 Million

madonna die another day most expensive music videos

Another super expensive video from Madonna, Die Another Day is actually her most expensive video to date. It was inspired by scenes from the James Bond movie.

2. Britney Spears – Work Bitch (2013) – $6.5 Million

britney spears most expensive music videos

One of the most expensive videos ever made comes from the princess of Pop music, Britney Spears. Her video has it all: epic choreography, lots of location changes and super special effects.

1. Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson –Scream (1995) – $7 Million

michael jackson scream most expensive music videos

The king of pop is number one in our list of the most expensive videos ever made. The video of Scream still manages to look cool after almost 20 years.



Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars

Here at ThisBlogRules we all love music. Be it rock, pop, hip hop or any other style of music, they all have something in common. In order to be created, music needs instruments, and one of the most common instruments used to make contemporary music is, of course, the guitar. There are thousands of models of guitars out there: some of them are very affordable and everyone can buy one, others are more expensive than a house. We want to share with you our list of some of the most expensive guitars ever sold.

10. 1949 Fender Broadcaster – $375,000

fender 1949 telecaster most expensive guitars

One of the most popular Fender guitar models is the Telecaster. The granddaddy of Telecasters was this 1949 prototype guitar called Fender Broadcaster. It was made by the guy who gave the Fender guitar its name, Leo Fender.

9. Fender Gold Leaf Stratocaster – $455,000

fender gold leaf stratocaster most expensive guitars

This one of a kind Fender guitar was made especially for Eric Clapton in 1996, when Fender celebrated its 50th anniversary. Rumors say that Eric Clapton wanted a special guitar, one that could be a museum piece, so Fender designed for him a 23 carat gold Fender guitar. Talk about eccentric artists…

8. 1964 Gibson SG – $570,000

1964 gibson sg most expensive guitars

One of the most expensive guitars ever sold belonged to the Beatles stars John Lennon and George Harrison. This 1964 Gibson SG was used by both between 1966 and 1969, during the Revolver and the White album.

7. 1965 Fender Composite Stratocaster $623,500

1965 fender composite stratocaster most expensive guitars

When talking about the most expensive guitars ever sold we need to mention the 1965 Fender Composite Stratocaster that belonged to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The guitar, named Lenny, was given as a present by Stevie Ray Vaughan for his 26th birthday in 1980.

6. CF Martin & Co – $791,500

most expensive guitars

Another expensive guitar that was owned by Eric Clapton, this time a CF Martin & Co model. This one was sold for a noble cause: to raise money for Eric Clapton rehabilitation center called Crossroads.

5. 1964 Gibson ES0335 TDC – $847,500

1964 Gibson ES0335 TDC most expensive guitars

Eric Clapton owned some of the most expensive guitars in history. This 1964 Gibson SG was used by the musician around 1964.

4. Fender Stratocaster hybrid – $959,500

fender stratocaster hybrid most expensive guitars

Another guitar from Eric Clapton’s collection was this Fender Stratocaster hybrid. It was used in the 1970s when Clapton switched from playing Gibson guitars to Fender Stratocaster ones. This $959,500 guitar was named Blackie.

3. Custom Made Washburn 22 Series Hawk Guitar – 1,2 million – $2 million

washburn guitar most expensive guitars

This is one of the most expensive guitars in the world and it belonged to the king of reggae music, Bob Marley. It is actually classified as a national treasure by the Jamaican government.

2. 1968 Fender Stratocaster – $2 million

jimi hendrix guitar most expensive guitars

The king of guitar playing, Jimi Hendrix played this expensive guitar model at Woodstock in 1969. Some say that it was bought by Microsoft guru Paul Allen in 1998 for $2 million. We wonder if Paul Allen can play guitar.

1. Fender Stratocaster – $2.7 million

fender stratocaster most expensive guitars

This is the most expensive guitar ever sold, so far. It was actually sold at an auction in 2005 to raise funds for the Reach Out to Asia charity campaign, to help the victims of the tsunami. This $2 million Fender Stratocaster is signed by some of the most iconic rock stars ever: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian May, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Sting, David Gilmour, Liam Gallagher, Bryan Adams and others.

If any of you want to start a band and need to buy a guitar, our top most expensive guitars ever sold can inspire you…to look for cheaper guitars.



7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along


Who doesn’t love singing, no matter how bad s/he may be at it? No matter how horrible your voice sounds like, there are a few hidden places where you go and just let it out, because it just feels incredible to sing. The bravest ones of all take their singing skills to karaoke nights.

But karaoke isn’t just about singing, it’s about choosing the right songs, so that you don’t put everyone to sleep while you are mumbling some obscure romantic song. Here are 7 karaoke songs that make the crowd sing along.

1. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along1

This is among the songs with a lot of lyrics, and in case you are not his biggest fan there’s a huge probability to actually mess them up. But if you attempt to present your own Moonwalk in front of the crowd, you’ll mesmerize them forever. Not to mention the fact that they can’t help not to sing along. The King of Pop still rules!

2. Natalie Imbruglia – Torn


This is for all the women who used to sing Gloria Gayner’s I will Survive in the past. The latter is really out-dated nowadays, that’s why this alternative is meant to be a success among all the women in the public. They will sing along, and a feminist outrage will miraculously come to life in front of you. Success guaranteed!

3. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along3

Were you born in the 90s? Is your public just as young? In this case I don’t think Queen is the best choice. You might have been the only teenage freak who secretly listened to his parent’s CDs. Nevertheless this song is a classic, and chances are that you won’t sing it alone. At least the DJ or the doorman will secretly join you. So if you feel like it, go for it. As far as the older readers are concerned, if they chose this one, they’ll instantly hit jackpot.

4. Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along4

This is really easy, so in case you’re not very much of a singer, this is a promising start, no matter how bad you are. Everybody knows this catchy song, and it instantly propels the audience in the humming mood. You’ll get all the support you need.

5. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along5

Everybody goes crazy when hearing this song. It has this magical property of making people go wild whenever they hear this song in larger groups. It’s a modern symbol of liberation and good mood. So hit them hard with this one. Forget your non-existent singing abilities and go with the flow.

6. Madonna – Like a Prayer

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along6

Madonna’s Like a Prayer is one of the most requested songs by karaoke enthusiasts. Despite the fact that the music video was controversial due to its use of Catholic imagery, the song’s gospel-like structure makes it really easy to sing along to. Plus, the lyrics are carved in our subconscious, whether we like it or not.

7. Cranberries – Zombie

7 Karaoke Songs that Make the Crowd Sing Along7

This is a typical example of a song with less relevant lyrics. I’m not undermining their message, but it’s got that really catchy and crazy chorus, where it doesn’t matter what you shout, as long as you do it loud enough. It’s not easy to sing, but like I’ve told you, it’s not about accuracy, it’s more about the riot.

Your 15 minutes of fame are more forthcoming than ever. See you there!