5 Weekend Themed Songs

Many artists have felt the same urge as the “average” working person to expound on the virtues of those three most beautiful days of the week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also known as the weekend (depending on your definition of course, because some people consider only the last two to be the weekend).

These days are all great in their own way. Friday because (although it’s a work day), it is the last work day of the week, so when you’re done with work, you know you can enjoy those evening and night hours as you don’t have to wake up early the next day. Which is what most people will attest to: Friday evening is party time.

Saturday is cool, well because it’s a full free day without any stress before or after it. Apart from possibly the anxiety regarding what you did on Friday night and/or the hangover.

Sunday is another full free day so, props for that. And it’s also the day of respite before you start another week. The calm before the storm.

With these three days particular qualities and appeal, it’s only natural that there are many dedications to them out there. So let’s have a look at 5 weekend themed songs.

1. Sam Cooke – Another Saturday Night

5 weekend themed songs - Sam Cooke

Written by the artist in 1963 as he was touring England with another of the Greats, Little Richard, this song has a cool bouncy rhythm to it with nicely woven vocals to match. The chorus is also real catchy, despite the sad declarations that “it’s Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody” and “I’m in an awful way”.

Overall a touching, sincere song that could well soothe some lone heart by singing about similar feelings.

2. Tom Waits – (Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night

Tom Waits is one of those who wrote 5 weekend themed songs

If the previous entry’s instrumental was relatively chill and stable, content, if not happy, the instrumental for Tom Waits’ croon masterpiece is sad. As are the vocals and the lyrics. If the weekend caught you in a melancholic mood and you need something to let it all out and help you reach some way to catharsis, this might just be the thing.

3. Grateful Dead – One More Saturday Night

The list of 5 weekend themed songs includes an entry from the Grateful Dead.

This one’s a party song with a twist. Which has to do with the lyrics. Which seem very… sarcastic. As they give the impression of a wild abandon form the mortal level up to the divine one. Still, it’s clearly a party song. And it’s a dance song too, if you wanna boogie with abandon.

4. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

5 weekend themed songs - The Easybeats

The Australian rock band The Easybeats might not be that very famous (especially nowadays), but it’s sure to peak people’s interest to know that one of the guitarists and songwriters of the band was George Young, the older brother of the Young brothers of the famous AC/DC.

This particular song, that he wrote with the band in 1966, was the first Australian single to be an international hit. It’s a rock n roll tune that you can surely tap your foot to.

5. The Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night

The list of 5 weekend themed songs includes an entry from The Bay City Rollers.

Long before Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” was to be a weekend themed song that reached no. 1 in the tops, there was another one that held this record, belonging to a rock band.

These guys were actually from Scotland. And not only was this song the first single from a Scottish act to reach the Billboard Hot 100 (which it did in 1976) it also set the above-mentioned record that would be tied by Katy Perry more than three decades later.

It’s a bit like an anthem, but still dance-able and it also features the then very popular shout of Saturday spelled letter by letter that all the fans were chanting back then, probably to the exasperation of those who weren’t fans.

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When Fans Went Bonkers

Celebrities’ eccentricities (or all out craaaaaazy moments) are usually glanced over by society, because they, the celebrities, have special status. It is expected of them to be outside the norm.

Be it for good or for worse, you decide. And, of course, it depends from case to case, because there certainly are some celebrities out there who are wonderful human beings, involved in many humanitarian actions etc.

However, their aura of “everything goes” wild behavior sometimes rubs off on their fans. In other words, regular people. And at times like these it happens that they take it waaaaay further than common sense dictates things should be taken.

Whether it’s because these people feel fulfilled by idolizing others and displaying such a ferocious loyalty it baffles everyone else, or whether these excesses are just moments of mass temporary insanity, is hardly relevant. The fact is that there where times when fans went bonkers, and that is definitely not ok.

Of course, it must be underlined that the following stories clearly do not reflect on all of these celebrities’ fans . Just those that behaved inappropriately. You know who you are.

1. Offing yourself. NOT. Ok.

When fans went bonkers - One Direction's fans

The boy band One Direction is an English pop boy band that’s gained enough popularity since its foundation in 2010 to warrant a horde of teens clinging on their every word or deed. Which is why, when one of the members Zayn Malik left the band earlier this year fans took to social media in droves and threatened to commit suicide. Talk about having your priorities straight.

2. Offing someone else. Also. NOT. Ok.

The list of times when fans went bonkers includes those of Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga had her feud with Kelly Osbourne, her fans jumped at the occasion of a good old fashioned mediAeval vendetta, including death threats. Yup, death threats.

The grievous offence that started all of this was something for which you’d totally expect such a reaction, right? I mean how could anyone tolerate their favorite star being called a “butterface”?! “That’s it, madame! I will have satisfaction! Meet me on the morrow out of town for an honourable duel to the death!!!”

It’s ok that you don’t know when the “offence” took place. Exactly. Not important. But if you must know, it was in 2013.

3. Ancient-style curses

One of the times when fans went bonkers involved those of Taylor Swift

You might not know this, but in ancient times, they used to curse people a lot. And in many states (like ancient Rome), this as legal and there were officials sanctioned to take care of this. Curses could have many shapes and functions and misfortune on your enemies and their progeny up to the umpteenth generation was just one of them.

Turns out in our days you don’t need help if you happen to be a celebrity with dedicated fans. Because when American DJ Diplo made some comments about Swift, her legion of followers promptly started wishing him well on social media. Along the lines of wishing that his children would be born with Down-syndrome, among other kind words.

4. Modern day weapons

When fans went bonkers - Justin Bieber's fans.

Possibly the most dangerous category of fans is that of fans who also happen to (apparently) skillful enough to perform some operations beyond the average person’s means. This cannot be overstated, because you have a pretty paradoxical combination of an individual who does display skills which require reason and yet, behaves in a clearly irrational manner. Spooky.

The case in question is that of Justin Bieber’s fans who took to hacking Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page after she… won the Grammy for Best New Artist instead of Bieber. As if she was the one to “blame”. Not the people who voted her more than they did Bieber.

Anyway, blame doesn’t even apply to this context so let’s just move on to pointing out that what they did was a crime, as in they broke laws for a completely irrational reason.

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5 Times When The Grammy Went Astray

If the Grammy award had a mind of its own, by now we’d surely suspect him of being a struggling alcoholic. Because there were instances in the past when he behaved just as inexplicable as a mean drunk and stumbled his way to the wrong address (at least in the opinion of large numbers of fans and music listeners in general).

Picture this: you’re an artist. You put work, time and your far-too-badgered neurons into an album. Said album comes out and is well received by multitudes (to say the least, if not even acclaimed by the majority). You start to kinda, sort of, hope that this might actually be a great one. Somethin’ for people to remember you by. The Grammy ceremony comes near. By now, many many people are writing good reviews about your work, buying it and talking about it on social media.

You allow yourself to hope that hey! maybe I might get nominated. Who knows? Then you DO get nominated, and the rumor mill hints that you’re the clear winner and no competitor has a chance. Theeeeen… the drunken Paddy of a Grammy strolls up, slurring his words and (barely) focusing in your general direction and up and decides to pass out into the arms of ANOTHER.

That’s it. Back to the drawing board. All that effort down the drain. Sad, huh? Well, that’s what happened these 5 times when the Grammy went astray (apparently), which we’ll discuss below. Now, of course, music is a subjective theme, so there’s no claiming that the Grammy should have gone to someone else beyond any reasonable doubt. It’s just about the … feel of the masses, if you will.  And the surprise that ensued.

1. Queen Of Pop, not invincible

One of the 5 times when the Grammy went astray, Arcade Fire vs. Katy Perry.

In 2011, Katy Perry had 5 number 1 hits. You might know the person whose record she tied with this performance: his name was Michael Jackson. So, in essence, Katy was seen as indomitable at the 2011 Grammy’s. Except, of course, until she was defeated by Arcade Fire with the album “The Suburbs”.

2. Jazz vs. Soul

5 times when the Grammy went astray - Herbie Hancock vs. Amy Winehouse

The iconic jazz-man Herbie Hancock won the 2008 Grammy with an album that failed to impress and is considered by many an offering far from the heights of some other legendary outputs of his. But that’s not the kicker. The thing is he won the Grammy with this (for his talent) mediocre album against the then media-buzz, massively popular (at a wide range of ages) Amy Winehouse with her barely second(!) album and simultaneously first international success , “Back to Black”.

3.  The 2011 Mystery

The list of 5 times when the Grammy went astray includes Esperanza Spalding's victory.

How do you explain Esperanza Spalding winning this one considering that: A. it wasn’t a case of the (innacurate and grossly generalizing terms) “mainstream” vs. “niche / elitist” usual conundrum, as was the case with Katy Perry and Arcade Fire. Because in 2011, the OTHER nominees, apart from Esperanza were: Drake and Justin Bieber on the mainstream side and Florence & The Machine and Mumford and Sons on the other side. And B. Esperanza Spalding won the best NEW ARTIST award, despite the fact that her first album was launched in 2006 and no fuss came out of it, nor buzz about her since she wasn’t very popular. The answer? You don’t…

4. Titan Clash 1985

Lionel Ritchie is the protagonist of one of the 5 times when the Grammy went astray

This one isn’t so much a mystery as just a really though choice. Still, the general opinion is that the winner is probably the least justified choice. Allow me to explain. Lionel Ritchie, with “Can’t Slow Down” got the award to the detriment of Prince’s “Purple Rain”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.”, Prince’s “Purple Rain”, Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer”, Prince’s “Purple Rain” and Cyndi Lauper’s “She’s So Unusual”. Did I mention Prince’s “Purple Rain” was also nominated?

5. My name is…

5 times when the Grammy went astray - Steely Dan and Eminem.

… Steely Dan. Look them up. They’re a 2 member american jazz rock band with influences from funk, R&B, and pop. They’re also notable for having had a pretty big hiatus. Say 12 years of a hiatus (1981 – 1993). So you’re probably thinking “Good for them!” that they won the 2000 Grammy, right? So would I, if there would have been even an ounce of sense in the decision. Along the lines of… you know… not competing with Eminem that year and his now legendary, generation(s) influencing album “The Marshall Mathers LP”! Good thing that Eminem kept his cool and upon being asked how he felt about it he gentlemanly replied: “Who the fuck is Steely Dan?!”.

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19 Tales About Keith Richard’s Insane Lifestyle

As you can imagine, Keith’s life is pretty much like what we see in the movies. The rich and famous do like to party and take everything to the extremes. Ah, such a sweet life it must be and a bit outrageous as well.

He is 72 years old now, a bad ass grandpa, and he started playing in Rolling Stones more than 50 years ago. He did have one crazy life. Spoiler alert, I’m guessing you all know about the time he snorted his dad’s ashes, don’t you? Here is a list of 19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle.

1. Canada 1977

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Canada

He got busted with an ounce of heroin. His fans stood by him side chanting “Free Keith, Free Keith”. Keith was found guilty and walked away. Talk about how fame can help you out.

2. No sleep 1992

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle include no sleep

Keith went on and on bragging that he does not need that much sleep. Since when do Gods need to sleep? Keith told us how he recorded “Before They Make Me Run” in a five-day studio binge. He also bragged how he stayed up nine days without sleep then doze off while standing up.

3. Drug bust 1967

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes drug bust

His Sussex den became the place for drugs and parties. While he, Jagger and Marianne Faithfull were on an acid trip they got busted by the police. What happened there turned into a one big rumor involving drugs, a Mars bar and an orgy.

4. What to snort? 2007

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes snorting ashes

When asked what was the strangest thing he ever snorted , Keith genuinely replied his father’s ashes. He said that “My dad wouldn’t have cared, he didn’t give a shit “. Cool mentality.

5. Keith’s Swiss Vacation 1972

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Keith’s Swiss Vacation

Back then Keith was exiled from France on drug charges and from Britain for tax purposes. He went to Switzerland where of course he did lots of drugs and while being super high he learned how to ski.

6. Gun Charges 1973

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes gun charges

Keith Richards was partying at home when he got busted by the police. They found heroin, weed, Mandrax tablets, a handgun, a rifle and 110 rounds of ammunition. He was faced with 25 charges but got off.

7. Boy Scouts 1950

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes being a Boy Scout

He spent 2 years as a Boy Scout but he got busted for smuggling booze and got into a fight with another recruit which ended in his expulsion.

8. Almost dead 1965

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes almost dead

While playing in front of and audience of 5,000 fans, Keith got electrocuted and fell. He got shocked by the electrical surge from the mic.

9. Concerts full of Merck cocaine 1975

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle include hidden drugs

As a total junkie, Keith hid his cocaine behind the speakers, so he could do some lines between songs. Besides cocaine, he also had heroin hidden. Oh, so that is why he was so full of energy during concerts.

10. Driving and Sleeping 1976

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes driving and sleeping

He fell asleep while driving. To make matters worse, he had his seven year old son with him. He crashed the car but luckily nobody got hurt.

11. His sugar mama 1973

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes his sugar mama

While in Australia, Keith lived with a single mom and her baby because she had cocaine connections.

12. Playboy Mansion 1972

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes the Playboy Mansion

Keith nearly burnt down the mansion while doing drugs in the bathroom.

13. Acid-fueled road trip 1976

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes an acid-fueled roadtrip

At that time, Richards was experimenting with psychedelics. He remembers embarking on a two or three days trip with John Lennon. They do not remember what has actually happened during those days.

14. Tree jumping 2006

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Jumping from a tree

While in Fiji ,Keith jumped off a tree, slipped and hit his head on the trunk. He ended up flying to New Zeeland to get operated by a neurosurgeon.

15. Got punched by Chuck Berry 2014

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Chuck Berry

Keith got punched because he touched Chuck’s guitar.

16. The shepherd’s pie 1989

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes pie

Richard refused to go on stage because somebody ate his pie. Since then it became a rule that nobody touches his pie.

 17. Rental House on fire 1978

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Rental House on fire

His house was on fire and Keith had to jump out the window to save his life. He was dressed only in a short t-shirt. He is one lucky guy.

18. Baby shower 1970

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes a Baby Shower

Not even a baby shower could stop Keith from snorting cocaine. After dinner he stated that he wanted dessert, took out his cocaine and started snorting.

19. Keith the family man 1991

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes being a family man

Well, all his stories involved drugs as you can see. Back in 1991 what shocked the public was that he settled down and moved in with his wife and two kids.

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Reasons For Disliking Kanye West

The American rapper and songwriter’ resume includes over twenty one million sold albums, more than one hundred million digital downloads and twenty one Grammy awards. Rivaling Beyonce in fame, Kanye West’s style is a mixture of R&B, trip hop, house and classical music. So what are the reasons for disliking Kanye West?

With that many awards, sales and recognition, it’s no wonder his live shows gather thousands and deliver top notch entertainment. Or is it? It might come as a surprise, but Kanye West is not universally liked. In March 2015 more than thirtheen hundred thousands people signed a petition aimed at preventing Kanye from performing at the UK Glastonbury Festival.

The petition’s description dismissed West as an insult for music fans, claiming Glastonbury attendants pay good money for entertainment and shouldn’t be forced to listen to the American rappers’ pseudo music.

Reasons For Disliking Kanye West

The second petition to stop Kanye West from performing came from the Ottawa Bluefest. This petition’s founder considers West is not a true rock stars and feels the people’s money should have been spent on real artists.

The latest petition against West gathered fifty thousand votes that shouted with one voice that the artist shouldn’t be allowed to sing at the Toronto Pan American Games since he is not from Toronto. Despite of the people’s dissatisfaction, West not only still performed at Pan Am, but he killed it.

In fact, none of the above mentioned petitions made the events’ organizers pick up the phone and ask Kanye to step down. What is more, all the performances went very well for the American rapper. He kept the crowds entertained by putting on an awesome show.

Reasons For Disliking Kanye West

But the raised eyebrows Kanye West keeps receiving aren’t only for his shows, his clothing choices or his rapping skills. He started gathering “thumbs down” back in 2009 when Taylor Swift was receiving her Video Music Award for Best Female Video, surpassing Beyonce. West jumped on the stage near America’s sweetheart, snatched the mic from her hand and said she didn’t deserve the award and that Beyonce should have won.

West’s relation and then his marriage to Kim Kardashian didn’t help his case either. His connection with the famous TV personality prompted even more dislikes and raised eyebrows from the American public. This seems to feel uncomfortable, adopting a racist attitude towards the rapper while he’s posing as Jesus and Muhammad Ali for the “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Reasons For Disliking Kanye West

Everything points at perpetuating the white power in the rock industry, with the Glastonbury Festival petitioners claiming they wanted to keep the event’s musical identity intact (although it has a wide palette of rappers performing on its stage) and Pan Am protesters invoking nationalism (though accepting Pitbull on their stage).

Noel Gallagher, probably Kanye West’s harshest critic, doesn’t shy away from calling him a “boy” and goes as far as advising him to pick up a dictionary and learn how to properly speak, at the same time dismissing Beyonce who is not a real artist, but more of a dancer who makes money off her looks.

Reasons For Disliking Kanye West

West’s life as a performer is filled with controversies, most of them brought on by his arrogant attitude and big ego. He is known to speak up his mind freely. For example, during a benefit concert he blurted out that George Bush doesn’t care for black people.

On another occasion he said that his only regret in life is that he’ll never have the possibility to see himself perform live on the stage. Despite all these, he remains one of the most awarded singers of all times with over one hundred million digital downloads and many happy fans.

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