10 Popular Christian Songs To Inspire You

Whatever it is that brings us closer to our faith, it’s definitely something good. For some, it can be as plain as a silent prayer, but sometimes we just need something extra, something to further aid us better a day that hasn’t been going exactly smoothly. Music has been proven to be able to soothe the soul and mend broken hearts, why shouldn’t it be able to join forces with faith and give us this much needed extra boost? Christian music is a genre all by itself and the most popular Christian songs have always been able to properly motivate and bring the best out of us.

Popular Christian Songs


So, in case you’re in need of a quick dose of motivation, mend your will and heart by pressing play on these 10 Popular Christian Songs To Inspire You.

#1 “Just Like You” – Lecrae

Young hip-hop artist Lecrae is behind several popular Christian rap songs, though this one might just ring the truest of all to younger generations. The song, as well as the music video, exhibits his journey for a role model. Picking them one by one, he eventually ditches celebrities and media in favor for Jesus and his example.

#2 “Voice of Truth” – Casting Crowns

Featured in the trailer for the 2006 movie Facing the Giants, this song, written by Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman, is a mosaic of renowned biblical tales. Some of the best examples are represented by the story of David and Goliath, Peter walking on water, etc. All of these basically make the perfect foundation for popular Christian songs.

#3 “Made to Love” – TobyMac

Another rap song, Made to Love delivers its core message right with the title. The lyrics are annexed to a catchy rhythm and they speak of the fundamental element of Christianity: love and acceptance. The main message is that we were all created to love others and to be loved by God.

#4 “By Your Side” – Tenth Avenue North

Rather than being a direct reference to a quote or a Bible passage, this is a song that conveys messages of love, peace, and understanding, all of which make up the mosaic of fundaments and beliefs standing at the core of faith of all kinds.

#5 “Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music” – Larry Norman

There is something strange about this particular song. Despite the obvious message that might be conveyed in the title, the message of this tune is actually surprising. Normal actually jumps to the defense of other musical genres and, upon giving it a thorough listen, it becomes clear that the song is a line-up of reasons why Normal chose to make Christian music.

#6 “The Proof of Your Love” – for KING & COUNTRY

The message found within the lyrics of this song created by the Australian pop duo is as simple as it is sufficiently inspiring to all of us. We should all aim to do everything in our lives with spirit, with heart, and with passion. It’s why they write music that blends in with gospel in the first place, as they have confessed.

#7 “Set the World on Fire” – Britt Nicole

Through this song, Christian singer and songwriter Britt Nicole basically manages to touch down on the healing aspects of faith. She speaks of her desire to change the world in this hymn spoken directly to God, claiming that anything is possible with His help and guidance.

#8 “Sunshine” – Jukebox Wagon

Unfortunately, the band has broken up since the release of this song, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving a listen to one of their most inspiring songs. Sunshine speaks of how we should abstain from judging and how we should all deal with our struggles and obstacles, all culminating to a chorus given in Jesus’ own perspective.

Top 10 Hilarious Rapper Names

Choosing a stage name can be awfully difficult. Not only does it need to be representative, to sound good, to be memorable, but it also needs to be one of those things you won’t find yourself regretting in a few years. Take Snoop Dogg for example. He realized that years piled up musical achievements that he was more of a lion at heart, but the switch didn’t really go as expected, did it? So, when this is such an important choice to make, how can people err so badly that they end up with the worst rapper names they could have thought of?

Rapper Names


Luckily for us, some things are just so bad they’re good. This also applies to some of the most hilarious rapper names that you could stumble across. Add them to the “not like this” list.

#1 Mr. Cheeks

He’s a nice guy, surely. There are no reasons why we shouldn’t like and appreciate him, especially if his music is appealing enough. But can you really trust someone who goes by the name Mr. Cheeks? By all means, it sounds like he’s the kind of guy you would meet in a dark alley as he opens his trench coat to reveal his watch collection.

#2 Thirstin Howl III

When rapper names parody the names of other popular characters of people, it’s always difficult to tell whether it was meant as an homage or satire. But this callback to Gilligan Island’s Thurston Howell III is as obscure as it is inappropriate in the context of his lyrics. Yikes.

#3 Trademark da Skydiver

Do you know those people in movies who are trying to come up with a witty name and they just pick the first thing they lay their eyes on? This guy must have quickly shifted looks between a trademark sign and a skydiver and ended up with this lovely stage name.

#4 Tity Boi

Good luck trying to imagine crowds chanting this name at concerts without cackling yourself into the ground. We’re not sure if this was a statement or a purposeful choice, but it was clearly a mistake. This was proven by the rapper himself, who later went on and changed his name to 2 Chainz.

#5 A to the D The Renegade Jew

Well, it may not be the most hilariously odd of the rapper names on this list, but it’s surely the longest. Assuming you haven’t fallen asleep by the time you’ve read the name, then here’s a fun fact – he invested his own money in his album.

#6 South Park Mexican

We don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty huge let down that South Park Mexican didn’t start a trend for all rapper names to be composed of one’s favorite TV show and their ethnicity. We would’ve totally bought Homeland Italian’s album!

#7 Flo-Rida

Probably one of the only rapper names you’ve actually heard of, isn’t it? The fact that he’s so insanely popular might lessen the strangeness of the name, but don’t forget that all he did was add a hyphen in the middle of the word Florida. That’s it.

#8 The Tea Bag Boyz

When we were recommended to include this group on the list, we were frankly confused. What could possibly be wrong about a group of jolly fellows deciding to share their love for tea in the name of their rap group?

#9 Silkk Shocker

Don’t you just want your two stage names to have the same initials? Alright, that’s fine. Maybe you want to combine two mundane words and give them a quirky twist. That’s fine too. But adding an extra “k” doesn’t really mean quirky and interesting.

#10 Uncle Murda

Let’s just hope that this is strictly a stage name because introducing him to your family would be pretty awkward. Actually, telling your friends that you’re headed for an Uncle Murda concert sounds fairly questionable too if we’re honest.

Top 10 Best Wedding Reception Songs

There’s so much more to a wedding these days than the sacred act of exchanging vows with your beloved. If that was truly all that mattered, we wouldn’t really bother ourselves so much with plans of color schemes, flowers, and guest arrangements at the tables. We’re looking forward to the wedding reception just as much, if not more. After all, it’s a moment when plenty of people gather together to celebrate and toast to love, to get groovy, and to enjoy some good cake. What’s the necessary element to any party? Of course it’s music. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to add to your playlist, we are here to suggest the Top 10 Best Wedding Reception Songs.

Best Wedding Reception Songs


#1 “All of Me” by John Legend

Here is your ideal opening dance song. One problem that you hear being uttered by a lot of people is the general belief that modern music is incapable of sounding natural and not loaded by synthetic alterations and instruments that don’t exist. This song is simple, it’s emotional, it’s touching, and it won’t require the groom to invest thousands of dollars in tango dancing classes. One of the best wedding reception songs.

#2 “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

Unrelated, but does anyone really refer to this song as Mark Ronson’s? Didn’t really think so. Everyone knows it as that one funky Bruno Mars that brought back the groovy magic of the 80’s with a refreshing modern take. If you want all your guests to stand up and sway on the dance ring, this is your song.

#3 “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston

Sometimes you need to appeal to the generation barrier and give something that everyone can gather around and dance to. Whitney Houston managed to be the mastermind behind an impressive array of fantastic songs, but this one is just an incredible combination of great beats, fun vibes, and a feeling of empowerment, making it one of the best wedding reception songs.

#4 “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

We’re not going to lie, there are many other Bruno Mars Songs that we could have fit in. It’s almost like he writes songs the best wedding reception songs with full intention. One of his earliest hits, this song is now iconic among modern tunes and it’s a great way to promise eternal love through somebody else’s lyrics.

#5 “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

But, wait! There’s someone who’s challenging Bruno’s status as the wedding cake topper? Ed Sheeran has made quite the reputation for himself curtsy of his emotional, raw, and very simple love songs. If you’ve ever dreamed of dancing to soothing guitar tunes, just put all of his albums on loop.

#6 “With or Without You” by U2

Save up on money for choreography lessons and prepare to set the dance floor ablaze with a dance performed to the rhythm of this classic rock ballad. It starts of lightly and softly and it gradually grows in intensity until it explodes with passionate voice bends and guitar strings.

#7 “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls

Speaking of rock ballads, if you prefer one that’s lighter on explosive drums and guitars toward the end, we recommend yet another incredible classic. The song is beautifully expressive thanks to its lyrics and it lives up even today as one of the best wedding reception songs.

#8 “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis

The King of Rock managed to give us plenty of memorable songs, both worth jamming to and tear-inducing. There are few songs in history that can pull at our heartstrings like this particular gorgeous track.

#9 “We Will Rock You” by Queen

People might not be exactly able to dance to this legendary tune, but they’ll be fist bumping all the way to the morning if you let them. This Queen classic is guaranteed to have people sit up and feel empowered.

#10 “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

And lastly, we recommend throwing in some modern songs too. They’re definitely not worth ignoring and this particular song bring together three giants of modern music. The three divas collaborated and, bang, they gave us something to get down to.

Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

Those who remember the tunes of Linkin Park remember the good ole days. In a time when rock music was peaking thanks to those of the likes of Evanescence and the previously mentioned, we benefited from some of the most memorable songs of all time. After all, years later, you can still hear people complain that they tried so hard and, in the end, it didn’t even matter. Without further ado, here are the Linkin Park songs that became a definite trademark for the band and that will be remembered even further down the line.

linkin park songs


10 Best Linkin Park Songs

#1 Numb

The third single off the album METEORA, Numb is one of those Linkin Park songs that you can instantly recognize right off the bat curtsy of the unmistakable intro accords. This critically acclaimed musical piece was the perfect reflection of Linkin Park’s successful formula, which brought together nu metal and alternative rock.

#2 In The End

It was a truly difficult task to pick those two tracks apart, but In The End is absolutely worthy of all the praise in the world. Shinoda’s flawless rapping perfectly blended with the angst-ridden and emotion-packed melody and, in the end (ha, ha), it proved to be a pattern that defines Linkin Park even to this day.

#3 What I’ve Done

Released as the first single off the album Minutes to Midnight, What I’ve Done proved that lyrical and melodic mastery were theirs to own. There is something about this track that simply enthralls you and we reckon it has a lot to do with the emotional message and the social commentary in the music video.

#4 New Divide

Soundtrack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, this track represented a swift transition from old school rock to something a bit more novel and contemporary, all while the band still kept its personal touch. Critics received really well the modern and electronic undertones and fans couldn’t help but agree, ranking it as one of the best Linkin Park songs.

#5 Faint

The only fainting that will happen here will be fainting because of the awesomeness of this song. METEORA’s second single had everything Linkin Park in it – the nu rock, the rapping over the metal accords, and the fist-bumping empowering vocal performance. Faint is an excellent anthem for all those with wild hearts.

linkin park songs


#6 Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit continues the METEORA chain of successes even without the band’s trademark guitar riffs and Shinoda rapping. The track was an immediate fan favorite particularly because of its creative anime-based music video and the very personal darkness in the message, found in other Linkin Park songs.

#7 Somewhere I Belong

Another METEORA classic, Somewhere I Belong stayed true to the core of Linkin Park with the Shinoda rapping – Bennington vocals combo and the moody rawness of the melody and lyrics. Just like its other album fellows, the song charted in plenty of top twenties all over the world, managing to snatch a spot among the top fifty of the Billboard Hot 100.

#8 One Step Closer

We can’t talk about Linkin Park’s greatest songs without mentioning the one that really broke them through to a wide audience. The track is filled with frustrations and aggressive, distorted guitars and it properly illustrates the prototype of the band’s trademark nu-metal sound.

#9 Crawling

Coming straight off Hybrid Theory, Crawling marked the band’s first win at the Grammy Awards and, boy, out of all the other Linkin Park songs, it wholly deserved it. The song fantastically showcases Bennington’s vocal rage, which is able to provide soothing and haunting vocals, as well as to belt to extreme power-packed screams.

#10 Burn It Down

The only recent track released by the band, Burn It Down was released to mend the disappointment fans felt upon hearing the electronic vibes given by A Thousand Suns. Needless to say, the eight million copies sold stand as proof that fans forgave them and sent off plenty of accolades for the great sound of the tune.

The 10 Most Famous Hip Hop Songs of All Time

There’s never been something quite as capable of both uniting and splitting apart humanity as music. We can be unified by our common love for a particular song, whether it’s because of its message or because it’s just that good. Likewise, our tendency to find that one “best something” is what often sparked quarrels among our numbers (see the YouTube comment section). We promise we don’t want any conflicts to arise from this list so explicitly titled The 10 Most Famous Hip Hop Songs of All Time. It’s simply an homage brought to one of modern music’s biggest and most influential genres, one which was crafted in the heart of a fascinating sub-culture.

#1 Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, “The Message”

Hip Hop Songs

Ever since the release of this hip hop anthem in 1982, the music industry hasn’t been the same. A new, refreshing musical piece catapulted emcees to the front of the stage, putting empowering social commentaries in the lyrics of a hip hop song. It resisted the test of time, being ranked in December 2004 on the #51 position of Rolling Stone’s “Best Songs of All Time.” With such recognition, we can definitely say that it’s easily one of the best hip hop songs.

#2 Nas, “NY State of Mind”

Hip Hop Songs

A fantastic product of 90’s hip hop songs, this piece was produced by the famed DJ Premier, one of the most brilliant producers of all time. One of his best works, NY State of Mind, landed on Nas’ debut album, the 1994 Illmatic. Premier himself drops a few rap lines on the track, through lyrics that talk about the danger lurking in the streets of New York. Critical acclaim for this perfect underground sound representation track was expected. About.com ranked it among the Top 100 Rap Songs and Rolling Stone considered it one of “The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time.”

#3 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”

Hip Hop Songs

A golden age hip hop product, this jazz rap song was one of the first musical pieces that were a true tear-jerker. It’s impossible not to be moved by it, especially if you know the story behind producer Pete Rock’s inspiration – the death of his close friend Troy Dixon. Although not a chart topper at the time when it was one of the new hip hop songs, it eventually grew into a staple for early 90’s hip hop songs and a definite classic.

#4 Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang”

Hip Hop Songs

In 1992, Dr. Dre’s debut album The Chronic was released – and, boy, it was definitely a debut started off on the right foot. Dr. Dre is the mind behind many great works of artists such as Eminem and Gwen Steffani, but it was his collaboration with Snoop Dogg for Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang that made the big charts. It’s considered by many publications as one of the top 100 hip hop songs, having been popular enough to even be rated by XXL magazine as the top hip hop song of the decade.

#5 Mobb Deep, “Shook Ones Part II”

Hip Hop Songs

There’s a good reason why Mobb Deep’s staple single is classified as an example of “hardcore hip hop.” Filled to the brink with violence and profanities, the track’s lyrics tell the story of youngsters living in the heart of the city, who are engaged in a territorial strife over financial rewards. Critics instantly realized that Shook Ones Part II was a classic in the making. Pitchfork Media ranked the song on the #25th position in their 2010 “Top 200 Tracks of the 90’s” list.

#6 Wu-Tang Clan, “C.R.E.A.M.”

Hip Hop Songs

This track’s long title is “Cash Rules Everything Around Me,” which is something that perfectly reflects in the way this Wu-Tang Clan hit single was adapted into a music video. A staple for East Coast hip hop, it climbed the charts and changed the R&B world in the process. Numerous artists have referenced and took inspiration from the song, the term “cream” becoming in time a slang synonym for money. Among its many critical acclaims, C.R.E.A.M was included by VH1 in their “Greatest Songs of Hip Hop” top.

#7 Puff Daddy and the Family, “All About the Benjamins”

Hip Hop Songs

The song was first released in 1996 in its raw, original format on DJ Clue’s Holiday Holdup mixtape. It was only later when the track was added to Puff Daddy’s debut album No Way Out in a remixed version that featured new lines performed by Notorious B.I.G and Lil’ Kim. The “benjamins” refer to the $100 bills, a term derived from the appearance of Benjamin Franklin on the bills.

#8 Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell, “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

Hip Hop Songs

It’s hard to not have heard of this iconic hip hop track. Released in 2004, it was Snoop Dogg’s second Top 10 single as a solo performer since Gin and Juice. With its memorable tune and beats, the song received two Grammy Award nominations in 2005 and it was for the longest time Pharrell’s biggest success until the 2013 Get Lucky and Blurred Lines. Billboard ranked it in 2009 as the most popular rap song of the decade.

#9 Jay-Z featuring Amil and Jaz-O, “N—a What, N—a Who?

Hip Hop Songs

The mastermind behind the production of this song is the titanic Timbaland, who has always had a knack for futuristic sounding tunes and associations with big names in the industry. Although some of the songs produced by Timbaland have slowly become outdated, this Jay-Z track has resisted the passing of time. In fact, it still sounds like a musical piece that’s been sent straight from the third millennium.

#10 Lil Wayne, “A Milli”

Hip Hop Songs

Tha Carter III was Lil Wayne’s sixth album, but few of its predecessors have managed to receive its critical acclaim. A Milli was one of the biggest successes of the tracklist. A GRAMMY Awards winner in 2009, the song re-shaped the world of hip hop by introducing a beat and a drum fill that numerous contemporary artists have taken inspiration from.

Musical preference is ultimately majorly biased, so it’s difficult to align your preferences with someone else’s. However, we hope that you consider at least one of this tracks to be one of The 10 Most Famous Hip Hop Songs of All Time.

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