Death Metal Bands – an Unusual Type of Musicians

Death metal bands are a category of troupes that are commonly valued in the heavy metal groups, but simultaneously very questionable outside of those small communities.

Amongst the motives of these disputes, many issues are linked to the music: the extremely discordant sounds, harsh vocals, the quick drumming, where the others’ problems are mostly with the morbid texts and sometimes Satanic or anti-Christian tendencies.

Yet, this type of music is a fascinating heavy metal category because of its technicality and the music abilities that it needs.

death metal bands

Death metal is one of heavy metal’s subgenres and it appeared at the beginning of the 80’s. A short list of famous groups in this category were:

  •    Slayer: Typically a thrash metal group, they often integrated various death influences and other several heavy metal components in their albums, which made them a lot more intense for the ears. An excellent album of this death metal band is the popular Reign in Blood, released in 1986.
  •    Morbid Angel: Formed as an Extreme Metal group over 30 years ago, with various trash influences in their early music.
  •    Possessed: It is one of the best death metal bands to appear, as they started performing in 1983. The American band’s albums are the closest to our modern extreme metal sounds.

Other significant groups consist of Necrophagia, Death or Obituary. The fans can learn more about these bands by purchasing a few of their recording or by studying about their stories. Modern death metal has appeared in the beginning of the 90’s, with groups like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation or Nile. Here are a few tips to have fun with and get into this type of often-misunderstood music.

Most of the times, many bands are simply metalcore or deathcore musicians who do not want to be associated with the death metal genre. Not that they hate these styles, but if you want to enjoy death metal, paying attention to these groups makes no difference, since enough of them have no business with this type of music.

If something more melodic is what you really want, then the common Cannibal Corpse albums will not be sufficient, check out the progressive underground troupes such as Becoming the Archetype (their stuff in the beginning) or Vital Remains. These bands generate very melodic music, even symphonic, while preserving the important elements of death metal genre.

You might think it is obvious, however many fans listen to death metal bands and initially they only concentrate on the vocal performances. What makes such music an exciting type is the mixing of all instruments: guitars, singers, bass and percussion.

While in pop genre the true secret is the musician, to appreciate this category of heavy metal you have to concentrate on the musical elements themselves. It is a good idea at first to pay attention to the drums and guitar riffs.

Knowing why the artists use some types of instruments and not others, is important in understanding what this music category is most focused on: the atmosphere. Powerful effects such as blast-beats or breakdowns at the drums, the tremolo, palm muting or sweeping on the guitars are very common for the genre.

Technical death metal might be one of the toughest musical genres to perform, whether for the vocalists who have to train their voice in order to generate brutal growls and screamo, for the guitarists who must be experts in playing techniques such as sweeping, very quick tremolo and even the percussionist who must not only be capable to perform quick and complicated parts, but also to change pace and tempo signatures in only a few moments.


8 Funny Album Covers You Won´t Believe Really Exist

The joys of looking at strange album covers is one of those pleasures that has been just about lost to us now.

However, through the wonders of the internet we can now look at some of the funniest album covers ever made.

Norberto de Freitas

Funny Album Covers

I have no idea if that burning hunk of sophisticated Portuguese-speaking manliness is the real Norberto or a stunt double. In either case, this isn´t the kind of album you would casually leave lying around on a coffee table to impress any friends who dropped by. The guy just looks like a goatee-wielding maniac.

Shut Up and Dance

Funny Album Covers

Shut up and dance, they said, Dance before the police come, they said. Limited edition includes free 7”, they said. To be honest, a pair of shirtless dudes holding Ninja weapons can get away firing off nonsensical phrases like this. If you or I said this kind of dribbling nonsense people would just ignore us. These Ninja loving dancing fools got to make an actual music album. Think about it, people.

Thank You for the Dove

Funny Album Covers

Can there be a gentler, more heart-warming phrase in the English language than “Thank you for the dove”? Mike Adkins is the man brimming over with bird-related gratitude and who can blame him. This dude has been given a whopping great dove and he ain´t scared to show the world how glad he is. Hang on a second…what?

Svetlana Gruebbersolvik

Funny Album Covers

This funny album cover raises more questions than I can possibly answer in the remaining minutes before Dancing with the Stars captivates my entire attention span. For a start, has there ever been a better name in the history of human endeavor than Svetlana Gruebbersolvik? If my surname was Gruebbersolvik I would spend hours thinking of possible names like this for my kids. Sadly, this riveting looking album isn´t even real but is one of those gosh jolly good internet fakes that don´t really fool us at all. Ahem.


Funny Album Covers

Who is Heino and why is he holding the entire poodle population of a small German town in his arms? It’s just a guess, but I reckon that Heino is a master dognapper who uses his album covers to brazenly show how good he is at this hobby. Or he might just love his poodles, I guess.

I Love My Life

Funny Album Covers

You would love your life too if it basically consisted of being paid to get your photo taken while standing under a shower with a giant walrus style moustache. Eagle eyes viewers will notice how he is trying so very hard to keep his tache dry. This tells me that it is probably a piece of fake facial hair that could fall off if he starts loving life too much.

Millie Jackson

Funny Album Covers

When you think about it, there are far too few funny album covers showing the artist sitting on the can. Millie tries to buck the trend and does a pretty good job of it, I feel.

Klik Klak

Funny Album Covers

If there were more funny album covers like this the world would be a better if somewhat weirder place. The facts that the album is called klik klak and that the burly lady is holding a pair of balls makes me think that the whole shooting match might consist of her making klik klak noises in an overly earnest way. Surely not. The world can´t be that weird, can it?

Interesting Facts about Famous Musicians

Do you know Elvis Presley’s natural hair color? Or who from these musicians is actually a Christian? How about how legendary band have gotten their band names?

Find all that out and more from the following top list of interesting facts about famous musicians.

1. Elvis Presley

Our kind of Rock’n’Roll definitely had a natural talent for singing and touching people’s lives with his voice and dance moves but what you may not know about him is the fact he was a natural blonde. Yes, you read it right, Elvis Presley used to dye his hair in that pitch black color, his natural hair color being a sandy blond.

famous musicians

2. Johnny Cash

During his early years, in 1953, Johnny Cash wrote a science fiction short called “The Holografik Danser”. The short was about a 21st century America that was conquered by the Russians. Although the story has never been published, if you are interested in reading it, you can find it in Songs Withour Rhyme: Prose by Celebrated Songwriters by Rosanne Cash.

famous musicians

3. Bob Marley

The father of Bob Marley was a white English man born in Jamaica named Norval Sinclair Marley.

famous musicians

4. Def Leppard

Def Leppard is a legendary band that can be put together with big names of the rock music industry such as Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. The band’s initial name was Atomic Mass until Joe Elliot, the lead singer came along and proposed the name Deaf Leopard. However, to make the name resemble a rock rather than a punk band, the spelling was slightly changed into Def Leppard.

famous musicians

5. Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner also professionally known as Marilyn Manson chose his stage name in a rather unconventional way. He put together the names of both the most loved and the most hated personalities in the US, during the 50’s – Marilyn Monroe, a movie star and Charles Manson, a serial killer.

famous musicians

6. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is also known as the Prince of Darkness but what many people don’t know is the fact that the darkness he’s talking about can only be found around the singer’s eyes and sometime in his music, but not in his heart. Osbourne is a Christian and a member of the Church of England. Moreover, he says a prayer before every show.

famous musicians

7. Alice Cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier known as Alice Cooper has received in 20014 a doctoral degree from the Grand Canyon University in Performing Arts.

famous musicians

8. Keith Richards

Rolling Stones. Who has not heard at least once in their life about Rolling Stones? What about their major hit, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”? What you probably haven’t heard of is how Satisfaction was actually created. One can think that due to the fact that up until today, this was the best song ever recorded by the Rolling Stones, it must have been a carefully written song, well thought of. You will be surprised to know that the song was actually dreamt by Keith Richards, the lead guitarist of the band. He woke up in the middle of the night at a hotel room, turned on the tape recorder and started playing the riff of the iconic song.

famous musicians

9. Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris Kirkpatrick is the guy who started ‘N Sync. Kirkpatrick was put in the position where he would have to form another band in order to see his dream of becoming a singer come true after Backstreet Boys rejected him.

famous musicians

10. The Beatles

The Beatles have no need of any sort of introduction but what you probably did not know about them is the fact that during the sixties, in Hamburg, Germany, the legendary band used to perform in strip clubs.

famous musicians

11. Brian May

Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen was studying mathematics and physics at the Imperial College of London during the first years of Queen. After graduating, he started working at on his PhD degree but abandoned his work in 1974 when Queen started being successful. However, in 2006, May resumed his work and finally got his PhD in Astrophysics.

famous musicians


Did you already know any of these facts about famous musicians? Which ones?

6 Awesome Mashups you need to listen to

Sometimes, two songs are so good that someone has to put them together and see what they can create. Other times, two songs are so different that when they are put together, something surprising might happen.

Given these facts, here are 6 awesome mashups you need to listen to in order to give your opinion on whether or not the songs actually work together.

Some of these combinations can be quite surprising while others sound so good that you may wonder why people haven’ done this sooner.

Let’s get started!

1. Nirvana and Michael Jackson

Smells Like Teen Spirit and Billie Jean. What can go wrong? I mean, both Nirvana and Michael Jackson are big names in the music industry and their music have inspired millions of people. But does this combination actually work? You might be surprised. “Smells like Billie Jean” is the name of the mashup which can be found on youtube.

2. Bullet for My Valentine and Lady Gaga

Bullet for My Valentine? Yes, I heard about them. A welsh rock band with some cool tunes.

Lady Gaga? Meat dress? Worldwide phenomenon of rebel woman with sometimes nasty outfits and some okay music.

Bullet for My Valentine AND Lady Gaga? In one song? Well what do you know…

Yes, Bullet for My Valentine and Lady Gaga put together actually sounds like something catchy and you can check it out here.

3. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

Sometimes, people create mashups by covering two songs at the same time rather than editing two songs together. This is the case of this Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith mashup with Thinking Out Loud and I’m Not The Only One. The mashup was created by SamTsui on youtube and is definitely worth checking out as this covered mashup is amazing.

4. Taylor Swift and Swift Taylor

You don’t always have to put together two songs of two different artists to achieve something great. Here you will find a mashup of two songs performed by the same artist, “Style” and “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. Both Songs are covered on Louisa Wendorff’s youtube channel and they are even more catchy when put together. Of course, the performance of the two artists is also notable, in fact it was so notable that even Taylor Swift saw it and shared it on here twitter so overall, this is one of those mashups you need to listen to.

5. Katy Perry and Bruno Mars

Sometimes, two songs are different but still similar in tune so they can be put together with a sort of ease. This is the case for this awesome mashup between Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”. Taken by themselves, both songs can be considered major hits so combining them should lead to an even bigger hit, right? Find out here how a guy covered both songs, thus realizing a great mashup.

Mashup of 2014 Songs

DJ EarWorm has become quite famous on youtube due to his annual Mashups of Pop Music. Every year, this youtuber makes a huge mashup of all the popular songs that filled our radios in the previous year. Here you will find the 2014 version of DJ Earworm’s mashup which features all the famous pop songs in 2014 starting “Animals” by Marron 5, “Black Widow” by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea and “All of Me” by John Legend. Even though many people who follow the DJ’s work claim that the 2009 version of the Masup is the greatest, you have to check it out by yourself to reach a conclusion.

These were 6 awesome mashups you need to listen to. What do you think about mashups in general? Do you think that these songs should be left alone?



Things you Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson Billie Jean

Although it has been six years since the King of Pop passed away, his memory is still alive through his songs.

His best period was certainly in 1983, when Thriller and Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever  were the two points which jump-started his whole career. In 1983, Thriller became the best-selling album worldwide and it is still the best-selling album of all time in the United States.

“Billie Jean” was released over 22 years ago but it has not been forgotten, especially not by Michaels fans and you would be surprised about some of the things you did not know about the song.

Here are some of the most interesting things regarding Michael Jackson Billie Jean.

1. Moonwalk, Jackson’s autobiography features a passage in which the pop stars said that Quincy Jones wanted to rename the song to “Not My Lover” so that it will not be confused with Billie Jean King, a famous tennis star. However, Jackson did not want to change anything about the song so it’s needless to say Quincy failed.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean

2. “A musician knows hit material. It has to feel right. Everything has to feel in place. It fulfills you and it makes you feel good. You know it when you hear it. That’s how I felt about ‘Billie Jean’.

– This paragraph can also be found in Moonwalk and it depicts how Michael simply felt music. By reading the full section of the autobiography you can also find out about the fact that Jackson was so absorbed by the song that he did not even notice that the bottom of his Rolls-Royce was on fire. A kid on a motorcycle pulled him over and probably saved the Pop Star’s life.

3. “Billie Jean” is said to be the song which broke the color barrier on MTV, being the first song by a black artist making heavy rotation on MTV’s network. There was actually a racism scandal in that era involving MTV and their lack of consideration for black artists. However, the song was not played on MTV until it was ranked #1 hit song.

 4. The album cover’s 7 digit UPC code was presumed to be Michael Jackson’s phone number so a lot of people in many different area codes who had that number got a lot of phone calls from Jackson’s fans.

5. Although during an interview in Thailand, Michael Jackson tried to make “Billie Jean” a current more than an actual person, there is still no clue about whether or not Billie Jean was real. During the interview, Jackson said that “Billie Jean” was mainly a song which depicts groupies in the 60s and that many girls claimed to have a son related to one of his brothers. However, there was actually a woman who stalked Jackson and claimed that he was the father of one of her twins. The idea itself was considered amusing by his producer Quincy Jones and no other information is available about the identity of the woman.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean

6. Jones stated that he hated both the bass line and the intro of “Billie Jean” and that he did not even want the song on “Thriller”.

7. According to the Rolling Stones magazine, Michael Jackson nailed the entire vocals of “Billie Jean” in only one take.

8. Billie Jean Michael Jackson was also used as a soundtrack for a Pepsi-Cola commercial in which Michael’s head was set on fire with the help of special effects explosions.

9. In 2012, the handwritten lyrics of “Billie Jean” sold for almost $30,000.

10.There are many covers of “Billie Jean” available on youtube. A lot of artists tried their own take on the song, including Chris Cornell, Ian Brown and even Kanye West.

11. Quincy Jones told the audio engineer who took care of “Billie Jean” to add sonic personality to the song.

12. Good songs will never grow old and will always have a special meaning for the people who listen to them.  “Billie Jean” is only one of the many, many songs that made each and every one of us think Michael Jackson was a music genius and an extraordinary performer.

13. Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever was an NBC special show which aired in May, 1983 and it involved Michael and his brothers reunited for an extraordinary live performance. During this show, Jackson performed “Billie Jean” solo and also introduced his signature dance move, the Moonwalk, earning his first Emmy nomination. He performed the Moonwalk while first time wearing his trademark glove.

Michael Jackson Billie Jean

From sparkly costumes and outfits, to difficult chords and tabs and kids scandals, Michael Jackson will surely never be forgotten and will always remain the King of Pop.

Here is a list of useful links:

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