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Top 10 movies to avoid, worst movies of all time

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Empire" participated in the survey "The worst movie of all time", and the final result was a list of these 10 movies … [Read More...]


Ultra realistic paintings on the wall

Passing by these amazing 3D paintings will make you almost believe that there are real people standing by the wall. The paintings are made in such a way that you would probably try to touch the girl that's leaning on the wall or maybe the old lady that's resting, because they seem so realistic. The most surprising thing is that the artist is only using his bare hands and painting to make such … [Read More...]


Man living with a Grizzly bear

This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson's best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. … [Read More...]

lemon water efficient ways lose belly fat

6 Efficient Ways to Lose Belly Fat

We all want a perfect body, but perfection is not that easy to achieve. One has to work really hard in order to feel good when looking in the mirror. Exercising and healthy food will definitely help anyone have the body they’ve always dreamed of. But in theory everything’s easy. For some, no matter how hard they try, they just cannot lose those extra pounds. And they’ve tried everything, so they … [Read More...]


10 Statement Shoes for a Fashionable Creepy Look

Fashion trends are sometimes magnificent ways of expressing yourself and at the same time an institutionalized way of communication. When it comes to shoes, most women fantasize about different shapes and colors as particularly expressing their unique personality. But what is the limit of fashion when it comes to shoes? None, as we can see below with 10 awesome and sometimes scary statement shoes … [Read More...]

american horror story freak show

What to Expect from American Horror Story Freak Show

One of the most exciting TV series in a very long time is American Horror Story. The first three seasons gave us everything we could ever wish from a horror TV series. The first season called Murder House gave us chilling ghost stories, the second season called Asylum was set in a mental institution and was all about insane people; season three is called Coven and it dealt with witches and … [Read More...]

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Here is the real “Bambi on ice”

Father and son from Norway took action when two deer struggled on the slippery surfaces of Sirdal lake.The movie "Bambi" is one of Walt Disney most beloved cartoons, and especially the scenes where the deer and rabbit friend Thumper playing on an icy water. - It happens relatively often that they must be saved on land. … [Read More...]


DC Super Heroes on famous music album covers

Illustrator Cliff Chiang has taken several classic album covers and turned them into famous comic hero characters. Jennifer Beals from Flashdancing as Electra, Duran Duran as Vampirella, The Breakfast Club as The Teen Titans, and Prince as Batgirl. These 12 inch cover remix are for sale for $20 each. Cliff Chiang’s artwork has been hailed for its “fluid and confident storytelling” and “sweeping … [Read More...]


Green graffiti giving Brooklyn an eco friendly look

Artist Edina Tokodi is giving street art a whole new twist. She is using green grass to make animal "graffiti" on the streets of Brooklyn. The meaning with her art is to make a more familiar, environmentally friendly state, and to give Brooklyn an overall healthy look. … [Read More...]


Beautiful artwork on spines of stacked books

Artist Mike Stilkey is painting artistic images on the spines of stacked books. His art is called “book sculptures”. Stilkey uses acrylics and colored pencil to form one image of beautiful and elegant humans and animal that reminds of German expressionism. … [Read More...]


Popular Youtube videos hand drawn with colored pencil on handmade paper

Some young artists came up with the idea to capture many frames from popular Youtube videos and draw them on handmade paper with color pencils. Each drawing is like a frozen Youtube frame with video title, user ratings and number of views. … [Read More...]


Crab that looks like a large strawberry

A Taiwanese marine biologist discovered recently a new species of crab looking like a strawberry. The red polka-dotted crab was found with a similar one on a beach of Chialoshui in Taiwan, where the one was dead and the other dying of pollution in the area. A professor named Ho Ping-ho from the National Taiwan Ocean University stated that the strawberry crab resembles a species called Neoliomera … [Read More...]


When Christmas meets movies

Mixing up Christmas with famous movies is a fun way to create new movie posters for the holidays. This shows that every movie can get that Christmas spirit if you use your imagination, like American History X'mas and Fantastic Four. … [Read More...]


What have we learned from 2009 top movies?

The Hangover 1. If you have to feed a tiger in the bathroom, go inside and close the door, instead of just entering, throwing him the steak and run closing the door after you. … [Read More...]