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Top 10 movies to avoid, worst movies of all time

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Empire" participated in the survey "The worst movie of all time", and the final result was a list of these 10 movies … [Read More...]


Ultra realistic paintings on the wall

Passing by these amazing 3D paintings will make you almost believe that there are real people standing by the wall. The paintings are made in such a way that you would probably try to touch the girl that's leaning on the wall or maybe the old lady that's resting, because they seem so realistic. The most surprising thing is that the artist is only using his bare hands and painting to make such … [Read More...]


Man living with a Grizzly bear

This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson's best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. … [Read More...]

5 Inspirational Kids

5 Inspirational Kids

We're used to thinking adults inspire kids, with children looking up (literally) at grown-ups for advice and role models. But things are starting to change and you too could find the following 5 inspirational kids amazing. What fuels these kids' determination to change the world? They can be brutally honest and demand justice be done immediately. What is more, they seem to be able to ask the … [Read More...]

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ASUS Chromebook Flip Review

Our ASUS Chromebook Flip review start by affirming that this device is significant on the market for being one of the least heavy OS notebooks sold today. Its flexible and convertible style, strong construction and cost-effective price also set above the rest of the similar devices. A better keyboard will represent a turnoff for a part of the users, but eventually, the advantages over-shadow the … [Read More...]

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The New Ant-Man Movie is Guaranteed to Be a Huge Hit

Enter the new Ant-Man movie. The film is almost wholly self-contained: it has tie-ins to the bigger picture, but it is nothing that you would have to acknowledge, and besides that aspect, it has a feeling of humor that permits you to look at the scenes and just have your fun. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a new character that might have its sequels depending on its success. The Marvel Universe … [Read More...]

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This Blog Rules Goes Around the Interwebz

For a new TBR (This Blog Rules) segment, the TBR staff hopped on a TBR-branded plane and traveled around the web in search of intriguing blog posts. They searched near and far, and what they uncovered amazed even them. So, cozy up on your favorite couch, open an ice cold bottle of Pepsi (we're a Pepsi nation here at TBR), grab a bag of steaming, buttered popcorn, and take a gander at the links … [Read More...]

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A Huge Festering Pile of Unflattering Politician Photographs

The August 15, 2011 issue of Newsweek featured a picture of the shape-shifting T-1000 terminator impersonating Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.   The mainstream librul meedya took Newsweek editor Tina Brown to task for the unflattering photo of Michele Bachmann, calling it sexist, anti-conservative, mean, poo poo caca. Bad Newsweek. Bad, bad Newsweek. But … [Read More...]

Bum Genius

Michael McLaughlin is something of a "bum genius," so to speak. He created the video above, which is causing quite the stir on Youtube. We asked Mr. McLaughlin to explain why he filmed it, and he was happy to oblige. Take a look at what he had to say, after the jump. … [Read More...]

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Our Seven Favorite Videos of News Anchors Cracking Up

by Will Conley We swear on all the graves of all our ancestors that the videos in this post will make you laugh. On August 17, 2011 the revered and dignified CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper completely broke down in a fit of giggles during a live broadcast of the Anderson Cooper 360 news show. The stimulus: his own pun-laden script about French actor Gerard Depardieu's recent performance … [Read More...]


Child Criminology: Early Signs of a Killer

It can seem pretty cute when little Bobby is wrenching the heads off his sister's barbie dolls, but some of his adorably morbid actions may foreshadow a dark and bloody future. Over the past few decades, psychologists and criminologists have closely studied what it is that makes a killer into a killer. Are killers born with some sort of homicidal gene? Is it drug-related? Childhood trauma? Too … [Read More...]


5 Terrorist Attacks Foiled by Displays of Badassery

If you need to have this article explained to you in paragraph form before the examples are listed, you should leave now, because there’s no help for you. Now that those morons are out of the way, let’s get to the awesome … [Read More...]

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Gross Factor Nine: The New Graphic Tobacco Warning Labels

by Will Conley The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced this month that starting in September all cigarette packs must feature graphic images of the negative health effects of smoking. The images must cover at least half the pack on both front and back. They depict, among other nastiness, a sewn-up corpse, crying women and children, and the obligatory rotting lung and mouth shots … [Read More...]


The Scariest Place To Play Tennis

Dubai has always surprised the world with its amazingly tall buildings and wondrous constructions. Most of you have probably seen the Burj Al Arab; it's the world's most luxurious hotel and is noticeably shaped like the sail of a ship. Well, did you know that situated atop this glorious building is a tennis court? … [Read More...]