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Top 10 movies to avoid, worst movies of all time

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Empire" participated in the survey "The worst movie of all time", and the final result was a list of these 10 movies … [Read More...]


Ultra realistic paintings on the wall

Passing by these amazing 3D paintings will make you almost believe that there are real people standing by the wall. The paintings are made in such a way that you would probably try to touch the girl that's leaning on the wall or maybe the old lady that's resting, because they seem so realistic. The most surprising thing is that the artist is only using his bare hands and painting to make such … [Read More...]


Man living with a Grizzly bear

This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson's best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. … [Read More...]

Al Pacino Scarface

5 of the Best Al Pacino Movies You Could Watch

Al Pacino is one of the biggest celebrity Hollywood has seen. The Italian American actor was born in 1940. As early as 1972, he displayed highly acclaimed acting skills in The Godfather. Pacino is an established user of method acting - a set of techniques that help the actor immerse in the character by appealing to the most similar personal experiences. This approach fits Pacino best when he plays … [Read More...]


Top 10 The Godfather Quotes

Have you ever made reference to The Godfather quotes without realizing it? Of course you , have, this movie contains some of the most epic lines in cinematic history. "The Godfather" is one of the best movies that has ever graced cinema screens. The story follows the Corleone family, and its rapidly multypling problems. Marlon Brando plays the role of Don Corleone, the Mafia boss who is on his way … [Read More...]


5 Famous Street Artists in 2014

Street artists become famous when their work manages to capture some of the most acute societal tensions. The street is used as a message board composed out of various urban infrastructural elements. Some street artists aim for the widest direct audience when they choose the placement of their art pieces. Others prefer to position their projects on specific sites that are not easily accessible, … [Read More...]

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More street art made by using shadows

If you liked previous article about how some artist use shadows and chalk to make amazing street art, you should take a look at these unique drawings made by only using shadows and spray painting. This artist has painted everything from snakes to owls. … [Read More...]

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Everyday day a new incredible face paint art

James Kuhn, an incredible artist, is the man behind these unique face paintings. An interesting part about this project is that he paints on his own face, a new mask every day for a year. That is 365 totally different designs, everything from cartoons to his favorite foods. Here you can see some of his mask, that represents a dog, a slice of watermelon, a bird, etc. Kuhn even painted Conan O'Brien … [Read More...]


Plane wrecks act like wrestling earthworms

At the opening of a gallery show called "Rio" in NYC, there was a massive sculpture that drew the most attention, showing a twisted and intertwined plane wreckage that almost looked like gigantic wrestling earthworms. The plane wreck seemed to remind people of the crash landing of a passenger plane in the Hudson River. … [Read More...]


In Russia, "Star Wars" movie posters were not as usual as everywhere else

These Star Wars posters made in Soviet Russia are worth small fortune now at e-bay. Star Wars fans and collectors will give over $5000 for one of these original posters. … [Read More...]


The Beatles "Abbey Road" album cover has inspired many musicians

Beatles' Abbey Road album cover has inspired several artists to use the same theme on their covers. Even if it has been 40 years since the Beatles cover, artists today are still copying it. … [Read More...]


Tons of lemons and oranges covering up a town in France

Every February there are held a Lemon festival in a town with warm climate favorable for lemon and orange groves, and that town is no other than Menton, France. The festival started at the end of the 19th century, but people still find it very exciting and fun. It is all about beautiful sculptures, buildings and art made out of lemon and oranges. … [Read More...]


Simple paper turned into two-dimensional art

The German artist Simon Schubert uses only sheets of paper when he folds it into two-dimensional art works. … [Read More...]


Hyper-realistic human sculptures that will shock you

In a previous article you had the chance to see these ultra realistic sculptures of human beings. Now the artist Sam Jinks, who's been a commercial sculptor for 11 years and who spends his time creating hyper-realistic sculptures out of silicon, is returning with even more detailed work. … [Read More...]