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Top 10 movies to avoid, worst movies of all time

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Empire" participated in the survey "The worst movie of all time", and the final result was a list of these 10 movies … [Read More...]


Ultra realistic paintings on the wall

Passing by these amazing 3D paintings will make you almost believe that there are real people standing by the wall. The paintings are made in such a way that you would probably try to touch the girl that's leaning on the wall or maybe the old lady that's resting, because they seem so realistic. The most surprising thing is that the artist is only using his bare hands and painting to make such … [Read More...]


Man living with a Grizzly bear

This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson's best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. … [Read More...]

3 Major Types of Beer from Around the World4

3 Major Types of Beer from Around the World

Beer is among the most refreshing beverages around the world. But there’s a real tradition not only when it comes to producing it, but when it comes to drinking it as well. This post is meant to help you drink beer wisely, as to get to tell the difference between types and flavours. Here are the 3 major types of beer from around the world. LAGERS or Bottom Fermenting Lagers are probably the … [Read More...]

The Best and Worst Job Applications Ever Made

The Best and Worst Job Applications Ever Made

Applying for a new job is a serious business, right? After all, your entire ongoing wealth and future happiness could depend on getting this right. You don’t want to go and ruin your chances by doing something silly now, do you? The Chocolate Bribe? Sadly, we don’t get to see the original job application in this case. However, I feel that the company’s reply gives us a decent idea of the … [Read More...]

Worst Reality Shows and Geordie Shore

The Absolute Worst Reality Shows Ever

If there is one thing guaranteed to make me lose my faith in mankind it is switching on the TV and stumbling across one of the worst reality shows ever made. The bad news is that there are so many of these abominations around that avoiding them completely is almost impossible. Keeping Up with the Kardashians When 22nd century historians look back on how it all went wrong for the human race the … [Read More...]

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Norwegian graduation students use expensive buses to party

Being russ and celebrating the russ period called "russetiden" is a Norwegian culture phenomenon that started in 1905. It can be seen in Norway every year from between the 21st of April and 17th of May. … [Read More...]


"Things wouldn’t be so much fun if" comics

What if the situations in our lives turned upside down one day, like for example presents unwrapping human bodies instead of the other way around, or pigeons feeding people and pillows having "human fight" instead of pillow fights? The pictures illustrate it in an almost fun and interesting way, but if those things happened in reality, they wouldn't be so fun after all. … [Read More...]


Passive smoking and children, creative posters

Creative advertisement made by CHI&Partners from London makes you think about passive smoking impact on children health. Roy Castle Lung Foundation are committed to medical research, reducing smoking and patient support. Second hand smoke in the home hospitalizes 17.000 children in United Kingdom every year. … [Read More...]


Have you seen “stikman” lately?

From the streets of Boston to Hollywood people started to spot a robot figure that further got the name stikman. The figures are placed all over the states and are made out of corrugated plastic, vinyl records, burlap sacks or scraps of wood, metal or cloth. You can find the stikman on building walls, newspaper boxes and traffic signs, but he is most often seen in crosswalks as a sticker pasted to … [Read More...]


Hundreds of photographs make up one 3D Sculpture

From a distance these sculptures look like ceramics, but when you take a step closer you will find out that it is pure illusion. … [Read More...]


Don’t mess with milk farmers

Tons of milk being spilled on the streets could be seen outside the European Headquarters in Brussel on October 5, 2009. This was the result of a demonstration milk farmers from various European countries held against falling milk prices. The farmers are mostly from Germany, France and Belgium. During the protest a milk farmer sprayed the police with milk directly from a cows udder. … [Read More...]


Living room decorated inside a PC

Today you can get computers with different designs but what about having a living room decorated in your PC? A Russian artist made a model of a living room that has a sofa, armchairs, coffee table and a working lamp, in his computer. The living room is even containing a gumball machine, bottle of coke and the New York Times magazine. … [Read More...]


In Africa you can have a hyena, baboon or a python as a pet

In some countries dangerous wild animals and some dog breeds are banned. In some other places they have probably never heard about those rules. Like in Africa where you can have a hyena or a baboon or maybe a python as a pet. … [Read More...]