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Top 10 movies to avoid, worst movies of all time

Thousands of readers of the magazine "Empire" participated in the survey "The worst movie of all time", and the final result was a list of these 10 movies … [Read More...]


Ultra realistic paintings on the wall

Passing by these amazing 3D paintings will make you almost believe that there are real people standing by the wall. The paintings are made in such a way that you would probably try to touch the girl that's leaning on the wall or maybe the old lady that's resting, because they seem so realistic. The most surprising thing is that the artist is only using his bare hands and painting to make such … [Read More...]


Man living with a Grizzly bear

This 800 pounds grizzly bear called Brutus is Casey Anderson's best friend, believe it or not. The famous naturalist and his furry friend are inseparable from the day Brutus was a 2 weeks old cub. Casey saved the bear from an overpopulated wildlife park, and raised him with lot of attention, love and respect. … [Read More...]

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Top 15 Sex and the City Quotes

Sex and the City is one of the most popular series reclaiming female sexual independence. It is also a statement about glamor, fun and feminist ideas surrounding 4 female friends trying to live and thrive in New York City. We all enjoyed the four different characters: Carrie, the forever romantic writer, Miranda, the empowered lawyer; Samantha, the explicit sexual encounters-seeker, and Charlotte, … [Read More...]

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5 of the Rarest Snake Species in the World

Fear of snakes is not an unusual phobia and many people have it. I know someone that cringes when I mention these creepy crawling creatures. Personally, I think they are beautiful, mysterious creatures that just have a bad reputation. Unfortunately, there are many species of snakes that are on the verge of being extinct due to the gradual destruction of their natural habitat. If they are not … [Read More...]

Angelina Jolie Movies

5 Angelina Jolie Movies You Should See

We all know Angelina Jolie. Whether it’s for her famous voluptuous lips, for the famous couple she’s a part of, Brangelina, for her powerful acting, for her ambassadorial work or for her numerous children, her presence as a brand is a fact. As an actress, she has won several awards granting her talent. We’re so used to admiring the beautiful Angelina on screen that we want to remind you5 Angelina … [Read More...]

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Hate ‘em, Hate ‘em, Wouldn’t Want to Date Them? 6 Male Stars That Got Better With Age

Since fabulous George Takei managed to shame the entire male population aged 18 to 80 with his push-ups show live at Conan, every journalist and every entertainment website jumped around screaming, as ladies, you seem to have forgotten that you may wipe an invisible drool (it's quite visible, don't you worry about that, we all know it's there) every time social media waves and flashes before your … [Read More...]

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5 Women Portrayed in Famous Songs We’d Like To Say a Few Words To

When it comes to music industry, great artists and performers, bands that are older and more established than time itself, it is hard not to find in their history as musicians at least one song about a particular girl or woman who either broke their hearts, is about to break their hearts or at least messed up with their lives completely. From the old and golden days of rock, to the modern pop … [Read More...]

Horrible Christmas Cards and The Naked Family Card

The Horrible Christmas Cards You Don’t Want to Receive

We all love to get cheerful, seasonal Christmas cards through the post, don’t we? However, what we really, really done want is one of these horrible Christmas cards. Seriously, if you get a card like these ones then it is time to get new friends or buy a new family or something. The Naked Family Card … [Read More...]

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3 Movies About Adult Autism That You Need To Watch

The issue of adult autism is not a new one, but a deep one and has been debated in the world with concern, passion and a lot of frustration, as for many years there was this general shared opinion among doctors and specialists that when they grow up, children with autism become... something else. There have been many efforts to acknowledge the real drama of these adults, awareness and lobby … [Read More...]

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Have an Appetite? How About These 4 Scary Restaurants in the World?

Remember famous King Leonidas (of the 300 movie, of course) and that powerful line that was going like "tonight we dine in Hell?" Well actually that line inspired this article, not because we are going to show you some very weird restaurants in the world that you probably may have heard about already, but because we aim to show you some very scary restaurants in the world that would pretty much … [Read More...]

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True Bromance: 5 Actors Couples Who Make Very Close Friends

If you are at least a bit curious about celebrities personal lives (and this is not about paparazzi style interest in the latest divorce or the future cheating adventure) you may have wondered a few times what do these people do in their spare time, except for showing up in the news for all sorts of sordid reasons? Who are they friends with? Who are they spending time with? What are their … [Read More...]

Disney, Where did You go Wrong? The Downfall of Miley, the Disney Princess

The days of Hannah Montana are gone forever. Her soul was eaten by Miley Cyrus, a name that can have many connotations for different people: Disney princess gone wild, fail twerking, and worst decision making ever. Don't get me wrong, I am not hating on her. She is actually a very beautiful woman (even if her behind is deflated), and her voice is brilliant (if you don't believe me check out this … [Read More...]


Three Mysterious Forests that Might be Home to the Paranormal

A long time ago, forests covered more than half of Earth's land surface. Nowadays, they cover a little under 10%. The effects of deforestation are devastating, and yet, people continue to cut them down without hesitation. When people think of forests, they usually thing of trees, but there is much more to a forest than this. They represent entire ecosystems bound together by harmony, and balance. … [Read More...]