The 6 Most Bizarre Winter Olympic Sports In History

In 2014, the Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia. The location of the event was a cause of major dispute, from the housing condition of the athletes to the location itself. Still, the 2014 Winter Olympics were a success and the whole world enjoyed the winter Olympic sports that took place from 7 to 23 February.

In 2018, the Winter Olympics are going to take place in South Korea, in the city of Pyeongchang, between 9 and 25 February. These are the first Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea and Pyeongchang is the first city outside the country of Japan to host the Winter Olympic Games.

That being said, the Winter Olympics have always had a special charm to them, when compared to the Summer Olympics. Maybe it’s the snow and the cold that give the event a certain je ne sais quoi. Or maybe it’s the silly and bizarre sports that seem like they’re taken from another world or another time.

Forget the popular Olympics sports such as gymnastics, basketball or swimming, or even the more mundane non Olympic ones such as wrestling; today, we’re going to take a look at a list of the 6 most bizarre winter Olympic sports in history.

5. CurlingWinter Olympic Sports curling

Many say curling is a silly sport, because you simply sit on ice, scream at inanimate objects and rub the ice with brooms. Sure, that is the overly simplified explanation of this game, but even though it looks undoubtedly silly, curling is a sport with many years of tradition behind it and a massive fan base. Did you know there are 1,500,000 registered players around the world? What are your thoughts on curling? Is curling stupid and should it be discontinued or is it too entertaining for that to happen to it?

4. Speed SkiingWinter Olympic Sports speed skiing

Speed skiing is exciting and it’s probably the least boring sport from all the Winter Olympics sports out there. But have you seen how those athletes stop? They’re actually not stopping, they’re crashing into fences made especially for that. Their speeds are so high, that there is no way they could stop, so a little controlled accident happens every time they reach the finish line. It says a lot about a sport when a successful stop is a crash with no broken bones.

3. BiathlonWinter Olympic Sports biathlon

Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. It’s highly demanding and honestly, we are very curious to know who came with the idea of skiing and shooting almost at the same time. With origins in an exercise performed as an alternative training for the Norwegian military, biathlon is one of the most bizarre and most beloved winter Olympic Games.

2. Cross Country Skiing

Winter Olympic Sports cross country skiing

Winter Olympic Sports cross country skiing

Most people agree that Cross Country Skiing is one of the most demanding sports in the world. All you’re doing is ski across the country course. Do you know what kind of heart you need to be able to do that? A heart whose resting rate is around 25 beats per minute. That’s right, it means that when those athletes are not skiing, they’re pretty much hibernating.

1. SkijoringWinter Olympic Sports skijoring

We strongly suggest you spend a couple of minutes online, Googling pictures of this magnificent sport. It’s basically wearing skis and being dragged by dogs or horses. Yes, horses. This wonderful sport has never been an official sport of the Winter Olympics, but it was featured during some demonstrations in the early 20th century. This is a sport many would like to see come back with a vengeance!

For more news about the 2018 Winter Olympics and the winter Olympic sports, special events or the schedule we suggest you follow the news (NBC, BBC) or simply go online and access the official website of the event.

Do you know any new winter Olympic sports you would like to share with us?


How to find and read horse racing results

Gone are the days when you had to go to an actual track or buy tomorrow’s paper to find out the results of a horse race. Like pretty much everything these days, the Internet is there to instantly bring you the horse racing results you desire. But where to start looking for them and which are the best websites to use today for your horse racing interest?

1.     Daily Racing Form

horse racing results

Recently celebrating its 120th anniversary, the veteran Chicago-based publication is perhaps one of the most straightforward sources for you to get the results you need if you’re interested to bet on horses. It has a simple and intuitive design that makes it easy to read and which you navigate fast. Moreover, despite continuing to publish 30 daily editions of its hardcopy version, the Daily Racing Form has come a long way since its 1894 debut, recently having introduced its services through a smartphone app that makes it even easier to access the required information. DFR’s prestige in the field is strengthened by the annual Eclipse Awards which is awards since 1971, alongside National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the National Turf Writers and Broadcasters Association.

2.     Horse Racing Nation

horse racing results for today

Branding itself “the fan-powered horse racing community”, Horse Racing Nation is such a complete in its offering of information regarding horse races that it can be overwhelming.  With news straight off the track, as well as from behind the scenes of the sport, Horse Racing Nation prides itself with strong information on both the horses and the people that make the track go around, as well as a series of informative blogs. When it comes to race results, it has a well-organized stream of information that covers pretty much every track you would be interested in, as well as focus categories on the more important competitions from around the year. Don’t miss checking out more info about great tracks such as Saratoga Race Course, Golden Gate Fields, Betfair Hollywood Park, Tampa Bay Downs, or Arlington Park in the USA, but also info about tracks and events in places such as UK, Australia, and Dubai.

3.     ESPN

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As with anything else than even comes close to being a sport, the USA based institution that is ESPN is also an important presence in horse racing, bring the certain flavour that American television giants have, with user polls regarding events, commentary from sport pundits and high-quality photo and video galleries. As is expected, they also keep a ticker box updated with the most recent results, which is, however, “powered by Equibase”, showing that while all it can pull a decent level of coverage and commentary for the sport, it still resorts to the services of established and specialized players in the field.

4.     Equibase

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Born out of a partnership between the Thoroughbred Racing Associations and The Jockey Club, Equibase is one of the most important bodies in the equestrian sport, being considered somewhat of a statistical bible, due to its free database relating to past performances of horses throughout the United States history of the sport. Being such a trusted institution among those whose interest lies on the track, the Equibase website is quite no-nonsense, with little else other than raw results and statistical data cluttering the screen at any given time.

5.     Television Games Network

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A large digital cable and satellite television network dedicated entirely to horse racing, TVG is the preferred go-to for many equestrians interested in finding out the latest horse racing results, due to its size and breadth, currently reaching more than 30 million households, making it the largest interactive horse racing network not only in America, but also in the world. On top of immediate access to any and every result, TVG users also benefit from a plethora of horse racing related programs, including  live races as well as race analysis, interviews, handicapping tips, feature stories on the horses and legends of racing, and programs such as “The Works,” featuring daily training and workouts of horses from the raceway leading up to the Breeders’ Cup.

Modern Day Vampires and the Bites That Don’t Turn

By now you’ve certainly all heard about the biting incident that had fans watching the FIFA World Cup at the edge of their seats. It was at the second round match during which Uruguay had to play against Colombia without Suarez’s talent that we all started missing the striker’s presence as the team lost the match to a 2-0 defeat. But was the situation correctly assessed and did Suarez receive proper punishment for his indiscretion or may he have been too severely disciplined?

Luis Suarez and Giorgio Chiellini

An Honest Opinion- Uruguay President expresses disapproval

There has been serious debate concerning the disciplinary measures that have been taken against Liverpool’s own Luis Suarez and even the president of Uruguay intervened in the matter, expressing his clear disapproval. While he accepted that punishment was in order, he criticized the length of the four month long ban from all football-related activities (not just training together with the Liverpool or Uruguay teams, but also accessing any football stadium throughout the period of his ban). If this weren’t enough, the Uruguay president described this suspension as a “fascist ban” that was issued by the “old sons of bitches” at FIFA. During the reception held in honor of the Uruguay team as they returned home after being defeated by Colombia, Jose Mujica was asked about his impression after the World Cup and while at first, he seemed horrified by his exaggeratedly honest answers, he refused to rectify any of his comments and encouraged journalists to publish his words.

Which Are Your Chances of Getting Bitten?


As ridiculous as it may seem, there are people who have calculated the statistical probability of you getting bitten by Liverpool’s striker. And as luck would have it, there is a smaller chance of you being bitten by a great white shark or being struck by lightning. The New Statesman have shown that Suarez will have encountered no more than 6,160 opponents by the end of his career and as he has already bitten three of them, there is a one in around 2,000 chance that any of his future opponents might receive the same treatment. While it’s clear that you or I will not be playing against him in the foreseeable future, nothing is for certain. And since your chance of getting bitten by a shark is about one in 3.7 million, that of getting struck by lightning one in 10,000 and of being killed by a wasp or bee is one in 76,000, I would certainly not willingly choose to face him any time soon.

Current Options


Even though he may not play or enter in any football related activities in the future four months, there may still be hope for Luis Suarez to not spend this time without training as the striker has already received a 1,200 pound/month offer to play alongside a team from Kosovo. Hijvalia has offered Suarez an opportunity to play during his ban (this is because Kosovo has not yet become a full member of FIFA and as such, the striker would be unaffected by the ban he has just received if he would decide to play for the team). Xhavit Pacolli declared that the current offer (of 25,000 pounds and a monthly salary of 1,200 pounds) is the maximum that the team can offer, but that it still gives Suarez the opportunity of playing until November when his ban comes to an end.

Football World Cup Interesting Facts

Contested by senior men’s national football teams, the Football World Cup (also known as the FIFA World Cup) is held every four years and involves 32 teams who compete for the title of World Champion.  Over the period of a month, matches are held in different venues all across the host country’s stadiums (this phase is called the Finals, seeing that there are Qualifying Phases that take place within the three years preceding the tournament).  Brazil is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and since everyone is already crazy with matches and winners, we decided to bring you some interesting facts that might just surprise you.


  • The 2014 Brazil World Cup will be the first ever to include Goal-Line technology. This technology involves cameras that are set up around the rim of each host stadium so that they can focus on the goal individually. Referees will receive visual signs and feel vibrations on a special watch when a goal is shot.
  • There are five world champions within the Organization Committee. Amarildo Tavares da Silva, José Roberto Gama de Oliveira (Bebeto), Carlos Alberto Torres, Marta Vieira da Silva, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima and Mário Jorge Lobo Zagallo are on the Committee and were members of the Brazil team when it won in Sweden, Chile, Mexico, USA and South Korea/Japan.
  • Brazil is hosting the World Cup for the second time. It did it first back in 1950 (the fourth ever World Cup) when they build the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro (they will be reusing the stadium for this World Cup).
  • Apart from Brazil, there are 4 other countries to host the World Cup: Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany.
  • It is for the first time that two consecutive World Cups have not taken place in Europe. In 2018, the FIFA World Cup will return to Europe when Russia will be awarded the pleasure of hosting.
  • Drones and Robots are being used during the World Cup- these unmanned aircrafts will monitor crowds for defense purposes.
  • The Brazil World Cup is the most expensive up to date. As opposed to the last 5 world cups (USA $30 million, France $40 million, Japan/South Korea $5 billion, Germany $6 billion and South Africa $4 billion), the 2014 World Cup will cost as much as $16 billion.
  • At the 2014 World Cup, a paraplegic will make the first kick while he will be wearing an exoskeleton suit.
  • In Brazil, weather conditions can be extreme and it has been allowed that referees stop matches if the heat becomes too intense (especially in cities such as Manaus, Natal, Fortaleza or Recife). During such breaks, players have the possibility of hydrating themselves.
  • There are 17 songs on the official World Cup Music Album of 2014, including songs from J Lo, Pitbull, Santana& Wyclef Jean, Ricky Martin, Psirico, Shakira, Magic! Baha Men and many others.


Weird demands have been made by each country and here are some of them :

  •                 France wanted to have 2 types of soap for each room. And soaps must be in liquid form.
  • Portugal insisted on having a console in each room as well as six security guards, two of them being in charge of the safety of Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Uruguay requested silent air conditioning
  • Algeria asked for a Quran to be found in each room
  • Ecuador wanted to have baskets with different types of bananas (Ecuadorian of course) in each room
  • England required that one of the three restaurants are kept for their exclusive use and that they have sole use of the swimming pool and gym for a few hours daily.
  • Japan wanted that all rooms have a Jacuzzi
  • Colombia asked for 15 youth players to be deemed the lucky participants in their training sessions.


Hilarious Sports Fail Gifs

Sports are a wondrous thing- bringing people together in peace and appreciation for the athletic achievements of some of the best competitors out there is no easy thing to do and as the entire world tunes into the Olympic games and marvels in all the events presented, it’s clear that they hold an important position in our lives. And although it might happen to us more often that we play ball with our daughter and she happens to slip and fall, such fails also happen to the most professional of athletes. We have comprised a collection of some of the most hilarious sports fail gifs and hope you will enjoy them as much as we did:

Cristiano Ronaldo and his lucky goal was for instance less his mastery and more the hesitation (and yes, ridiculous fail) of the other team’s goalkeeper:


Don’t think that basketball isn’t also without its funny moments. In this match, for instance, Nick Young is convinced of his success and celebrates. He does it a bit too early however.


Although there are delicious moments everywhere, gymnastics is the reigning queen when it comes to mind-boggling fails. Whether the men are those getting stuck behind the apparatus:


Or the girls don’t manage to reach it:


 Even those attempting parkour in gymnastics training facilities aren’t exempt from such situations.


And remember, respecting the judges is one of the most important rule you need to know. Jumping on top of them isn’t really the way you want to go.


Let’s not forget that gymnastics is a sport of poise, grace and balance.


Granted, the apparatus itself should have a sturdy build. Not like this one- maybe it had just had enough.


Even the greatest gymnasts can have a bad day. Nastia Liukin was having a really bad day here and it apparently ended with her falling flat on her face.


Another thing that sports teach us is that giving up is never an option. No matter how many obstacles there are to overcome. Competing is more important than winning:


Also, the referee is not God. He does fall on his holy behind from time to time.


Not every event takes place in the same circumstances. We have tennis and that is played on a multitude of surfaces, cycling requires bicycles, and of course, any sport that is water related requires water. And we all know that things don’t stink underwater. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know they didn’t happen!


Winning brings the team immense pleasure and such emotion needs to be shared- just be careful not to get a concussion while rejoicing.


Hockey is also tricky business- players coming and going as they please, who can find room to get onto the ice?


Also, remember that being in an all-male team does not mean that the rules of proper conduct change. Hands off behinds at all times!


Diving is another sport that requires elegance, poise, extreme body control and we all know that the splash (or better said lack thereof) is what matters. As this competitor demonstrates, it is not always an achievable goal:


Last but not least, remember. It’s not just us humans that enjoy (and fail exceptionally) at sports. So regardless of what happened yesterday, go play tomorrow as well.