10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World

We actually pondered for a moment what kind of tennis shoe brands we should list up, mostly because there are so many possible adjectives that can go with them. Should it be the most popular tennis shoe brands? The most expensive? The most famous? The most renowned for their quality? We decided on ‘beloved,’ a way to describe these brands that manage to incorporate all of these elements into one wondrous pair.

Tennis Shoe Brands


Since you’re here, we can only assume something about tennis shoe brands must have sparked your interest. Whatever it is, it won’t hurt to know what the topping brands are in terms of popularity, reputation, and quality alike. Without further ado, let’s kick off the top 10 Most Beloved Tennis Shoe Brands In The World.

#10 Onitsuka Tiger

Established as a brand in 1949 by former Japanese military officer Kihachiro Onitsuka, Onitsuka Tiger was intended to be a way for post-war youth to see a boost in their own self-esteem. He thought that the best way to do it was by promoting the practice of sports, emphasized by designing sneakers. Today, Onitsuka Tiger is the most reliable brand on the Nippon land and it’s striped design can be easily recognized among Japanese.

#9 Li-Ning

Chinese brand Li-Ning has been around the market since 1990 and it managed to create quite the buzz on several occasions. It wasn’t necessarily for good reasons, though. One example for an episode of this sort is the year 2006 when the company signed the ever so famous Shaquille O’Neal to a contract. That definitely wasn’t the end of promotional deals for Li-Ning, who struck a product endorsement contract with Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade.

#8 K-Swiss

One of the tennis shoe brands that proudly reference the roots of the founders, K-Swiss is the result of the investment of Swiss brothers Art and Ernie Brunner. They founded the company in the year 1966 – sadly (we suppose), in Los Angeles and not in Switzerland. At the time, the brand revolutionized the tennis shoe industry by manufacturing one of the first leather-bound pairs. Its striped design became a definite trademark, allowing the company to lead a brilliant marketing campaign that allowed people to design their own stripes’ colors.

#7 Asics

When this brand was first established in 1949, it happened on Nippon grounds. At the time, the company carried the name Panmure Co. Ltd. Today, it’s known as Asics, which is an abbreviation of the famous Latin phrase “anima sana in corpore sano.” It means “a healthy soul in healthy body.” We suppose “Msics” wouldn’t have had the same sound. The brand is endorsed by big sports teams such as Newcastle, Sunderland, and Leeds.

#6 New Balance

Having been around the market since 1906, it seems only fitting that New Balance is one of the most renowned tennis shoes brands today. They certainly know it as they do some things some may call eccentric. For starters, their manufacturing plants in the US and the UK makes their shoes slightly more expensive than others’. But perhaps the most interesting aspect is their choice to not name their shoes, so that wouldn’t draw attention from the New Balance name.

#5 Fila

The Italian company has been producing high-quality shoes since 1911 and it definitely went through a rollercoaster of ups and downs throughout its existence. It crashed and burned in 2003 and the heads of the brand were forced to sell it to a hedge fund company. A separate entity entirely, Fila Korea decided to buy all the rights in 2007.

#4 Puma

The one thing that Puma is more known for than for the quality of their products is the company’s eternal warfare with Adidas. Both companies were founded by two brothers who eventually grew apart, turning their respective businesses into bitter rivals that torn their town apart. Regardless, though, we think Puma hardly needs any further introductions.

#3 Converse

A man named Marquis Mills Converse set in 1908 the foundation for one of the most iconic tennis shoe brands around. Since then, Converse continued to grow, literally sneaking its way into the big leagues. It was, for a long time, the official footwear face of the NBA. Unfortunately, though, Converse eventually fell into a steady decline, forcing the heads to sell it over under Nike’s shield in 2003.

#2 Adidas

The other half of the company known as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, Adidas became Adidas when Adolf Dassler broke away from his brother and made a company of his own. The company is well-known for its logo, the three diagonal stripes that are also present on the design of the shoes.

#1 Nike

When it was first founded in 1964, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. The transition to the renowned name happened in 1978 and it sought inspiration from Greek mythology, where Nike is the goddess of victory. There are few logos as recognizable as the swoosh mark present on nearly every Nike product, especially on tennis shoes.

Is Horseriding a Sport? 5 Reasons Why It Is

Is horseriding a sport? Is it, really? What DO we classify as a sport now that we think about it? There are some who claim that poker and pool are sporty activities for sure, yet some still continue to doubt whether horseriding really fits into this category or not. Well, we’re here to blow away those doubts.

Is Horseriding a Sport


Many argue that horseriding can’t really be considered a sport because it allegedly requires no effort from the rider’s part. The one running around and gracefully leaping over various fences and objects is the horse, not you, right? If that’s the way you want to judge it, you won’t ever get anywhere. Instead, let’s try to see whether horseriding fits the criteria that most people use to label sports.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #1

What is the main thing that links horseriding, football, and poker together? All of them have competitive sides. By default, most (if not all) types of sports have some sort of competitive layer to them. Horseriding can very much be competitive and in more than one way. Competitions are of all kinds and while some may argue that, again, it’s the horse doing all the work, we want to agree to disagree. Behind every graceful and obedient horse stands a rider who’d invested hours of training and hard work.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #2

Most sports are team sports, which is why it’s always a good reason to get your children to practice a sport from an early age. Putting aside all the health benefits, this kind of practice is also going to improve social skills and cooperation. Horseriding is, too, a form of team play. A rider’s most loyal and, simultaneously, most difficult teammate is the horse. It can be hard to communicate with the voiceless creatures, but with enough patience, you can develop an unbreakable bond.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #3

Sports will always improve one particular aspect of your body. There are sports like poker, which have zero effect on your physique, but end up training your brain. Traditionally, though, when you practice a sport, you boost your fitness. Does horseriding do this? Of course it does! Maneuvering such a large animal, riding, holding steady, keeping balance, and herding it to go your way – all of these elements create a strong foundation for muscle training. Particularly in the leg area, you will definitely feel some aftermaths of this activity.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #4

Did you know you can actually burn calories? That’s not exactly all too surprising, but calorie-burning comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. You can burn calories by simply lying in bed (though that’s not in the least recommended), let alone through horseriding. Aside from the work and effort you invest in the activity itself, you also need to consider all the labor that comes with taking care of your teammate. Grooming, cleaning around the stables, and generally caring for the horse all count as chores. And, yes, chores do burn calories.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #5

The beautiful thing about sports is that they are open to anyone. If you wish to learn how to play volleyball, for instance, you can get up one day, hit up your local gym, and learn how to play it! The same goes for horseriding. Like all other sports, you can either practice it casually or professionally, entering tournaments and competitions. All of this falls under the “rules and regulations” category. To play football, you need to understand a set of basic rules first. Horseriding has its own rules. It’s accessible to anyone, it can be practiced casually or professionally, and it’s governed by strict regulations. These all sound like reasons why it’s a sport, don’t they?


Let’s ask again: is horseriding a sport? We are certain of it. If you still doubt it, maybe you should try going through a much more thorough analysis, side by side with whatever other activity you DO consider to be a sport.

10 Best Longboard Brands

There are plenty of shades of grey when talking about longboard manufacturing. Every product has its strong and weak points, but the ratio between those is what determines which are the best longboard brands. In the world of this activity growing in popularity, plenty of companies are lining up to provide to buyers the highest-quality longboards. And, trust us, it’s important that we get something as great as possible. So, whether you’re a newcomer or an old-time fan of longboarding, we’re here to provide a guide with the best longboard brands that you can pick from.

Best Longboard Brands


#1 Sector 9

Arguably one of the most known longboard brands worldwide, Sector 9 is known for how welcoming it is for newbies and how easily their products adapt to the level of the user. Their longboards are affordable, they’re stylish, and all of this stands as solid proof that there is a good reason why they’re the most commercialized longboard brand in the world.

#2 Famous Riviera

The recipe for success in any time of marketing environment is a good price – quality relationship, which is something that Famous Riviera abides by as well. They’re a company with a lot of tradition in the world of skating and, thus, they’ve amassed enough experience to be able to craft sturdy and professional longboards. No wonder they’re one of the best longboard brands.

#3 Quest

Those at Quest follow a principle that has turned over the years into a trademark for the brand. They don’t produce longboards solely for the money. This is proven by the fact that, rather than releasing model after model, they release new longboards once a while. This ensures that they’re packed with quality production, all coming for a great price.

#4 Atom

Atom dominated 2015 as not just one of the best longboard brands, but the best longboard brand. Their particularity is that they find a middle ground between their prices while also being able to provide longboards that can suit the skating style of anyone.

#5 Yocaher

A brand with history behind it, Yocaher has been around the industry for about four decades, building prestige behind their name. Their longboards can be a bit pricey, but this is wholly justifiable given the durability and flexibility of their longboards. They’re particularly suitable for carving all thanks to their capacity to be bended and maneuvered to anyone’s desire.

#6 EightBit

Best Longboard Brands


 EightBit doesn’t really align with the best longboard brands presented so far, mostly because they’re not that famous. Moreover, they specialize in skateboards, rather, but they transfer this creativity into their longboards too, making the final products unique and elegant.

#7 Loaded Longboards

You may say that Loaded Longboards are the kings of luxury longboarding, not just because of the spicy prices, but because of the fact that they’re very confident in the quality of their products – enough to vouch for them. Their high-quality and resistant longboards come with a one year insurance and a collaborative customer support as a warranty for their dedication.

#8 Mindless Boards

To ensure that your longboarding experience is as appropriate as possible, Mindless Boards invested time and effort in a crafting system that, in time, resulted in a process that spawned very unique-looking longboards. The Voodoo boards are their trademark and they are the result of quality materials, advanced knowledge, and excellent technique.

#9 Gravity Longboards

The Gravity longboards are ideal for anyone who wishes to protect the environment while they’re out in the world having fun. The company uses V-LAM instead of bamboo for the creation of their longboards, which are embellished with water-proof ink that will keep the streets clean.

#10 Gold Coast Longboards

Gold Coast provides their customers classily designed longboards, crafted from special materials and a particular type of care for the wheels. The unique material used for the wheels allow for smooth rides and an immersive experience, ideal for first-timers and those seeking adventures alike.

10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

What is the issue with flat feet and how can you tell if you have it? Shortly put, flat feet are exactly what the name might suggest – feet flattened by a lack of the typical arch found in most anatomies. The purpose of the arch essentially serves as a way to lessen the shock when our feet have an impact with the ground. It’s useful to reduce the wave and to prevent any eventual pains. People with flat feet don’t really have this benefit and, especially when running, they are prone to accidents that might affect their ankles and more. That being said, what are the best running shoes for flat feet?

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet


#1 Asics GT 2000 3

The ace up the sleeve of the Asics running shoes is the construction and placement of the padding around the heel area. This alone provides an excellent arch support and helps the shoes become great allies for all those with flat feet. The only downside might be the fact that their design doesn’t really appeal to people with wider feet shapes.

#2 Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

If you’d like to go out for a run but fear the discomfort flat feet might bring, make sure that you have a pair of one of the best running shoes for flat feet. The Brooks Adrenaline shoes are reliable and comfortable, something granted by the cozy cushioning and the responsiveness that increases movement control.

#3 Asics Gel Kayano 21

Asics are a leading force on the market of the best running shoes for flat feet. Although they can be a little pricey, the Asics Gel Kayano shoes completely stand out through the simple comfort they provide. The rubber sole and cushioning have been gifted with an impact system that protects your feet against unnecessary stress and shock.

#4 New Balance 940v2

One of the issues that come with flat feet involve problems with balance, something that is mostly covered by the New Balance running shoes. They’re constructed in a way that shelters runners with the most extreme cases of flat feet, helping them reduce the damage and balance issues during their sessions.

#5 Saucony Guide 7

The Saucony running shoes aren’t necessarily designed for flat footed people, but rather for those who experience issues with stability. By extension, this includes those with this affliction. If it’s stability you have most trouble with, Saucony are some of the best running shoes for flat feet.

#6 Brooks Beast 14

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet


Brooks isn’t a renowned company, but it struck two entries on this list because of the reliability of their running shoes. Despite the name, the Beast shoes are here to shelter you and provide overall comfort and safety for your feet during your strolls.

#7 Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

This particular type of Mizuno shoe is generally ranked among one of the best core-stability shoes, though you can definitely count it in as part of the best running shoes for flat feet. Although pretty conservative in design, their excellent arch and heel support are the ideal protection for flat footed runners.

#8 Saucony Omni 13

The Saucony Omni shoes give support and stability to those wearing them without burdening them by adding extra weight to the shoes. Based around a sole stability system, they are ideal for runners with flat feet.

#9 Karhu Steady3 Fulcrum

Like the name suggests, the main feature of the Karhu Steady shoes is to provide stability and steadiness to athletes of all kinds. However, the fact that they also allow for a lot of mobility and freedom of movement is definitely a welcome bonus.

#10 Nike LunarGlide 7

Through its versions, the Nike LunarGlide shoes have received plenty of updates to increase their reliability and support features. Aside from protecting your feet and ankles, they also help lessen impact for the knees and cartilages.

Even if you find this list useful, it’s best that you consult with medics or people who can provide pertinent opinions. Running shoes are actually a controversial topic, so make sure you choose your health over anything else.

5 WWE Championship Belts

Wrestling is a grand spectacle of testosterone and showmanship. A combination between its traditional competitive roots and the dramatic performances of highly trained stuntmen.

The risk of injury isn't negligible either. Especially when we're talking heavyweight wrestling and you have big muscled behemoths lunging at each other and throwing each other and various objects all over the place.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the former World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWFE). Which in turn was the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Which initially was Titan Sports, founded in 1979. So, a long history in wrestling.

And it is currently the biggest professional wrestling promotion company in the world. By far. Because after its acquisition of WCW and ECW, no competitors could possibly face the combined might (and economic returns) of the viewers of these three companies.

So. How do you honor the champions of the biggest show-fighting entity in the world?

Why by giving them big showy belts fit for their status, of course. And WWE belts really are fit for the job.

They're so iconic that every kid that watches wrestling dreams of owning one as he lands on the bed in mortal struggle with his imagined adversary, or possibly real-life friend who is just as enthusiastic about wrestling.

WWE championship belts are so iconic that you can even find WWE replica belts, of which numerous offers have sprung up to accommodate the passions of die-hard fans.

In this article you'll see 5 such iconic WWE Championship belts. Let the show(ing) begin.

1. WWF Hardcore Championship Belt

WWE Championship belts - The Hardcore Championship Belt


Made mostly of leather, this belt looked just as the (at the time WWF) Championship it represented: hardcore and rough. In case it wasn't clear how hardcore this belt and the champion of the series itself was, it had HARDCORE written bigg all over it, but skewed so you knew you were dealing with someone who's anger/calm ratio wasn't exactly “balanced”. Get it?

2. Old WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt

One of the most iconic WWE Championship belts is the Old WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt pictured here.

Among WWE championship belts, this one stands out for its story and meaning. Because in the 1980-1990 period, whichever wrestler got it was automatically classified as a hard working one, bound for achieving further greatness. In fact it was even nicknamed the “workhorse title”.

3. Attitude Era WWE Championship Belt

The list of famous WWE Championship belts includes the WWE Attitude Era Championship Belt.

The Attitude Era was WWF's transition to the violent, shocking, provocative entertainment that peaked the interest of many more people to watch wrestling than eve before, and peaked the company's ratings as well, in the neck to neck rating war (Monday Night Wars) it was having with then rival WCW.

As such, the championship belt had to represent this desire for dominance as well. Which it does, by combining leather, gold and a suggestive eagle encompassing the world with its wings. Oh, and don't forget the WWF Attitude logo smacked right on top of it.

Of all the WWE championship belts, it is probably the most balanced and thought of.

4. Old WWE Championship Belt

WWE Championship belts - The Old WWE Championship Belt.

This one stands out because of the nostalgia it invariably brings to older wrestling fans. Because it is associated with the golden days of classic wrestling fun represented by big names, now legends, like Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, etc.

It acknowledged the champion of one of the longest running WWE series (mid 1980s – late 1990s) and is probably the champion of WWE championship belts in the hearts of fans.

Its symmetric, clean design is iconic too, with the upwards pointing wings of the eagle as a dominant line tempered by the circle in the middle and the horizontal line of the leather belt and the side plates.

5. WWE Undisputed Championship Belt

Possibly the most important of the WWE Championship belts, the Undisputed Champion belt is portrayed here.

As the Old WWE championship belt is the champion in the hearts of older fans, this WWE championship belt should be the champion of all WWE championship belts. Period.

Just like what it stood for between 2002 – 2005: the undisputed champion of all wrestlers.

Solid gold on black leather, with size slowly growing from the side plates to the center-piece, it sure is a thing to look at.

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