Boxers – Before And After A Fight

We are all familiar with the fact that boxing is, well…a pretty brutal combat sport. Of course boxers get out in the ring completely normal and clean, and comes back all bloody, sweaty and gross. Danish artist Nicolai Howalt has started a project that he calls “Boxer” where he photographs boxers before and after they go to fight. Every photo is raw but artistic.

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Just For Kids (starring Mike E. Winfield)

I watch a lot of baseball.  I mean, A LOT of baseball.  Usually when I should be writing, I’ll procrastinate by watching a baseball game.  Between pitches, I can ignore the commercials and be alone with my thoughts to think about half-formed ideas or a new comedy sketch. [Read more...]

The Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2011

When it comes to American traditions, we have plenty:  muscle cars, National Lampoon’s anything,  tailgating, and above most, Super Bowl commercials. These multimillion dollar blocks of advertising real estate have become as important to the spectacle as the game of football.   In the wake of Super Bowl XLV, it’s only natural that we here at This Blog Rules take a few moments to outline some of our favorites.

5.  The Bridgestone Beaver
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Great Moments in Super Bowl Broadcasting

We here at This Blog Rules put our helmets together to come up with eight notable moments in Super Bowl broadcasting history. After much debate, gnashing of teeth, and guzzling of pissy beer, we finally made the Intern do it. Enjoy.

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10 craziest haircuts in sports

Ron Artest, Los Angeles Lakers guard-forward. Another player who has dyed his hair blond. It is a mystery why he didn’t shave it all off when he saw the outcome.
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