Comical Close-Ups of Ping Pong Players Mid-Match

Well, the 2012 Olympics are well underway in London, England. I’m sure you’ve all been glued to your sofas, watching the world’s greatest athletes swim and cycle and sprint and ride and row and shoot and punch and murder (okay, maybe not murder), breaking world records hither and thither, all in the name of bagging a gold, silver or bronze medal for their home country. But hey, how about a bit of a lighthearted break from the heart-racing tension of it all, courtesy of London-based arts site It’s Nice That?

The site, which specialises in showcasing artwork and photography, has published several close-up images of professional ping pong players’ faces mid-match. As you’ll see below, the players display an ever-so-comical expression on their faces that draws a fine line between fierce competitiveness and feckless bewilderment. It’s Nice That is unaware of the origin of the photos, but whoever took them, if you’re out there somewhere, thank you for sharing these with us. [Read more…]

JetLev: the Closest We Can Get To Being Mr. Jetson

JetLev Aqua Jet-pack 


If you haven’t already seen this video, get your wallets out ( Hopefully you have enough dough!). Check out the JetLev, the answer to a boring weekend on the lake. Sick of laying on the beach, or riding jet-ski’s, or simply boating? Pop this sweet jetpack on and have a real blast out on the water this weekend. The JetLev uses water pressure to power its patented aqua rocket, so you can only go as high as the hose allows, while still being able to suck up water. We’re fully expecting military prototypes to be rolling out soon to secure our coasts, or one with a shopping cart in the front for family’s in Venice. Either way this video will blow your mind.

Today’s #Olympic Social Media, Call Me Maybe

Olympic Swimmers Create Call Me Maybe Video

Check out this video that the USA Olympic Swimmers have created to the Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe Song.  It’s an awkward blend of rhythmic/non rhythmic, setting teenage silliness against high level athletic physiques and movement.  If you were a swimmer in school (or you knew the swim team), you’ll see the weird yet fun combination of swim team camaraderie juxtaposing a “family” and sibling-like feel with the “are they dating” question that comes up with any fit, young, team members.

#Olympics News According To Twitter

#Olympics News According To Twitter In case you missed it in the last 24 hours, we’ve brought you some of the best moments, comments, quotes, and oops of the Olympic games so far.

Most Offensive Olympic Moment

Leading in the race for “most offensive moment” is when the North Korean women’s soccer team took to the field  – or didn’t take to the field – when the SOUTH Korean flag was flown instead of the proper one.  Wonder who lost their job over that one?
Equally offensive and somewhat more ingenious is the Borat theme song replacement of the Kazakhstan National Anthem. That “oops” certainly has to have been deliberate.

Sexist Olympic Tweets

In other twitter news, less likely to incite an international incident is the funny, yet sexist Mark Hughes as he writes about the women’s soccer team and their unfortunate (and hungry) men.   A Mitt Romney parody laments London’s lack of preparedness due to no Mormon Temples etcetera and so on.
Stay tuned for more Olympics Oops, Offense and Outrage all month long as ThisBlogRules follows Twitter to stay on top of the Best #Olympic Moments in London.  Post your favorite #Olympics tweet below for future consideration.

Mad Pogo Stick Skills!

It doesn’t get much madder than this on a pogo stick. Mr. Curt Markwardt and Mr. Fred Grzybowski do extremely crazy things that I can’t come even remotely close to doing on a pogo stick in this awesome video filmed with a Canon 5D Mk3 in Brighton, England. Note the sign at the 1:31 mark that reads, “No Cycling and No Skateboarding.” The sign-makers weren’t able to anticipate that two crazy kids would one day get on pogo sticks and do amazing stunts. The song you hear playing in the background is “Astronaut” by Vincent Tone. It’s sick as well. I wish this sport was more mainstream so I could bet on on the outcome of a pogo stick skills event. Sports betting is very much my cup of green tea.

I still remember that night in Vegas 3 years ago. I lost about $2,000 at the blackjack table and was pretty bummed out. The following day I made some bets on Major League Baseball games and ended up making the $2,000 back and then some. I was so happy that I jumped on a pogo stick and began bouncing up a storm. No, I couldn’t come close to doing the unbelievable tricks that the pogo dudes are capable of doing, but I’d like to think that I held my own.

By Elroy Johnson