9 Insane Sports Plays That Are Unlikely to Ever Happen Again

Sometimes the world of Sports does amazing things, things you didn’t know were possible in the real world, things that defy belief. Here’s a list of these things, for your enjoyment. [Read more...]

U.S. Pro Sports Compared [Infographic]

The stunning infographic below compares various segments of pro sports in the United States, including ticket prices, highest salaries, total ticket revenue, and attendance. There were many surprises in the infographic for me. I didn’t know how popular Major League Soccer was. The average attendance is higher than that of pro hockey. Feast your eyes on the graphic below:

Via: ABC Tickets

This graphic confirms something we all knew: the San Francisco 49ers really have a hard time selling tickets. The tickets are priced at $27.99 on average, and the franchise still struggles with filling up Candlestick Park during regular season games.

By Eddie Von Cheddy

Slimming Tips Infographic

Guess what, TBR readers. It’s time for us to drop some health knowledge via an infographic about staying fit. The bottom line is that if you don’t use your body on a daily basis, it will slowly erode. Your lungs and heart won’t function at their peak (not good if you’re trying to avoid a heart attack or stroke), and your muscles will wither away. But what are the best exercises to do if you want to remain healthy and lose some flab? The infographic below offers some pointers.

Via: Bodybuilding.mx

Top 5 Baseball Fights

Baseball by its very nature is a passive sport. There isn’t much in the way of pounding and thumping going on in the day to day aspects of the game. That’s why, when there is a fight, it’s usually very entertaining, mostly because the players are really, really bad at fighting. Here are the top 5 baseball fights of the modern era.

5. Chan Ho Park Karate Kicks Tim Belcher

June 5th, 1999. An interleague game between the Angels and Dodgers got interesting when the two pitchers got into it on the basepaths. Chan Ho Park, the Dodgers’ starting pitcher, took offense to the way Angels pitcher Tim Belcher tagged him after Park hit a ground ball. It started much like any other baseball fight, until Park took things up a notch.

Specifically this notch.

Park, after throwing a few lame punches, opened up on Belcher with the always classic spinning scissor kick. It didn’t exactly work out like in a Jackie Chan movie. [Read more...]

The Scariest Place To Play Tennis

Dubai has always surprised the world with its amazingly tall buildings and wondrous constructions. Most of you have probably seen the Burj Al Arab; it’s the world’s most luxurious hotel and is noticeably shaped like the sail of a ship. Well, did you know that situated atop this glorious building is a tennis court?

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