5 Unusual Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Complaining about one’s job seems to be everyone favorite activity, at least if you look mainly at socializing networks and the status updates posted there. If people aren’t complaining about their work or their bosses, they’re complaining about how much they hate Mondays. We previously published a story about a few horrible jobs to have, in the hopes to make everyone appreciate what they have. We also wanted people to realize there’s no reason to whine so much. Today we will follow up witha story about some of the most unusual jobs out there. These are the jobs that you probably never even knew existed. We’re not saying they’re either good or bad. We’ll let you be the judge of that instead.

5 Unusual Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Human Statue

If you think we’re referring to those painted up performers at fairs and whatnot which stand in the street as still as possible waiting for people to give them some money or interact with them in some way, you’re wrong. Being a human statue is way weirder than that. It truly deserves to have the entry position in a top of the most unusual jobs out there. Basically, it consists of spending your time in the window of a high-end clothing store dressed up with their clothes. You know, just like a mannequin. Except, they prefer using a live one. The pay is around $100 an hour and it would definitely give you the funniest stories to tell at social gatherings for the rest of your days.

Odor Judge

Perhaps you’re not aware of this, but there are actually body odor competitions being organized. The winner is the one with the most “natural” armpit smell. Needless to say, there’s an odor judge who sniffs out all the competitors in order to deem a rank to each one. The job usually pertains to a female odor judge. If this isn’t the most unusual job you could ever think of, we don’t know what is.

Body Part Models

You know those images from watch catalogues or nail polish commercials or shoe advertisements where you can’t fully see the person modeling them but only the hands or feet, depending on the product marketed? Well, imagine that the people featured there are actually body part models! That means that they get hired for only one part of their body which is particularly attractive. It probably makes for some pretty weird and Frankenstein-like business cards.

Paid Internet Commenter

This is an official position which is offered to some people seeking employment in China. Apparently the government there is paying people to comment all over the internet and to cast a positive light on the ruling Communist Party. These paid commenters are tasked with penetrating all the popular layers of the web community: chat rooms, news forums, bulletin board systems and so on. These people are called “wumao”.

Professional Cuddler

To finish the list of 5 most unusual jobs you could ever imagine, why not bring up one which awkwardly blurs the limits of what we call privacy and intimacy in a novel way? The job is that of a professional cuddler. It seems to be popular in Japan right now. The “hikikomori” (“crippling loneliness”) that plagues much of Japan’s society today apparently found some relief with these cosy cafes where one can go cuddle with a stranger and maybe even sleep next to them. The people reporting this for CNN swore that cuddling is really all that happens.

Ok, so maybe some of them aren’t horrible. Maybe one or two could even be appealing if you’re open minded enough, but you’ll probably admit that these were some of the most unusual jobs you ever heard of. We’re wondering how exactly these employees first break the news to their families about what they do for a living. Not that we’re judging such brave souls.

A Look into the World Beard and Moustache Championships

A few days ago, we presented you with a guide for experimenting with your beard styles. We also put up a strong defense of the sometimes vilified and mocked hipster beard. Since the topic has been opened, we would like to examine a unique world and subculture you may not have heard about until now: the world beard and moustache championships. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it’s just as upbeat and fun as you probably already imagined it to be.

the World Beard and Moustache Championships

Yes, it’s quite hipster-ish (which isn’t a word). This sort of competition falls into a recent hipster beard debate. This debate has split sides down the middle between the beard-praising enthusiasts (as I am) and the beard-bashing whiners. These people decry the beard as a compensation for the loss of masculinity as it once was. I believe that the way men choose to style their beards should be as free as the way women choose to color (or not color) their hair. It should not indicate something about the quality of the person sporting said style. Last but not least, beards look and feel pretty friggen awesome. I think those aesthetics count for something. So, let’s raise a glass to the beard resurgence and the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

The History of the World Beard and Moustache Championships

The only unfortunate consequence of the relatively new hipster beard resurgence is the fact that these World Beard and Moustache Championships don’t really have a rich history. The first time the completion took place was in 2007. It was organized as a convention that reunited some of the world’s largest association and clubs that already were centered on their members’ facial hair. The history of these modern contemporary clubs celebrating beards and moustaches is arguably older than the relative novelty of the competition itself.


The styles and categories in the World Beard and Moustache Championships should speak for themselves about the historic value of the beard. “Hungarian moustache”, “Musketeer”, “Garibaldi” and “Imperial” are all styles which proudly reflect the rich history of the beard and moustache styles that mankind experimented with. The World Beard and Moustache Championships aren’t quite as new as some may think because the beard is a more contemporary style. Only recently have beards become something exotic enough to spark up a special competition dedicated to them. Not that anyone is complaining about competition, of course.

Who Competes in the World Beard and Moustache Championships

If you’re wondering about where the contestants of these competitions come from, you will be pleased to know that most Western countries have a team of awesomely styled hairy men competing. That includes, of course, the United States. More details about the American team can be found here. If you want to check them out or maybe even manage to get involved in the club, the next public event will take place in Montana at the Red Ants Pants Music Festival in Sulphur Springs. This festival will be held on July 26th 2014.

People Who Had Plastic Surgery to Look Like Someone Else

Have you ever been tempted to go under the surgeon’s knife to look like someone else? The following people are so obsessed that they will do almost anything to be someone else.

The Jessica Rabbit Fan

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Jessica Rabbit

I enjoyed the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as I’m sure most right thinking people did. However, I can safely say that I don’t harbour any urges to become any of the characters. That’s because I’m not as stark flipping bonkers as Penny Brown. This Australian lady now lives in Japan and she is quite keen on being Jessica Rabbit. Sadly, Jessica is a cartoon character whose proportions aren’t realistic. This hasn’t stopped our bold heroine from getting breast enlargements and squeezing into a tiny corset every day to exaggerate her figure. Bizarrely, she isn’t even the first person to get surgery done to look like the famous animated character.

The Asian Brazilian

Plastic Surgery to Look Asian

Have you ever wished that you had been born on the other side of the world and looked completely different? Of course you have, as you are a hard to please sort of person. However, unless your name is Xian Guacho you didn’t spend a fortune a series of bleeding painful operations to look as though you were from another continent. This blonde Brazilian felt that his life would be enhanced if he looked Asian. 10 operations and a good few thousand dollars later he now models Asian clothes on a Brazilian website.

The Human Barbie

Plastic Surgery to Look Like Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is a human who looks like a Barbie doll. What’s hard to understand about that? What? You don’t understand why someone would undergo a series of expensive plastic surgery treatments to try and look like a frankly unlikeable doll? Actually, when you put it like that I guess you’ve got a point.

The Nefertiti Surgery

Nefertiti Plastic Surgery

I’m sure I read once that the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti has been classed as the finest example of human beauty to ever walk the Earth. Personally, I thought she was a bit ugly but Nileen Namita didn’t agree with me. This English woman believes that she was an Egyptian queen in a previous life and has had over 50 operations to recreate the look in this life. Well, I reckon that I was a pirate in a previous but you don’t see me growing a beard and getting a hook fitted, do you? Actually, the beard growing part might be good fun really.

The Twin Surgery

Twins Get Plastic Surgery to Look Alike

The strange thing about this plastic surgery story is that it is a pair of twins who had the surgery to look like, err, twins. Jo and Kerry Burton are the deranged geniuses who spend all that money on looking the same as each other. They get all their operations carried out at the same time using the same doctors, although I guess that he at least finishes one of the noses before moving on to the next beak.

The Michael Jackson Surgery

Michael Jackson Look-a-Like after Plastic Surgery

Who do you think is in this picture with Michael Jackson? Unless you are Mr Magoo I am guessing that you didn’t say that it’s another Michael Jackson. This is a shame, especially for the lady called Miki Jay who spent $16,000 to try and look like the King of Pop. At least in this case there is an almost sensible reason for using plastic surgery to look like someone else. The UK based impersonator makes a living from looking vaguely like a dead singer.

The 7 Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

Have you ever been to an unlikely wedding? Maybe the bride is beautiful. Perhaps the groom is unfortunate looking. However, those supposedly strange unions have nothing on these 7 most unlikely weddings in the world. Read on and be amazed.

1) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: A Tower of Love

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

When you read the name Erika La Tour Eiffel, we’re sure you can guess who or, ahem, what she married? That’s right; this former soldier’s life partner is a famous French landmark. According to reports, she almost became Erika Berlin Wall. That is, until the Eiffel Tower finally won her heart.

2) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: The One Man Ceremony

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

“I take me to be my husband and wife.” Liu Ye wanted to show his “dissatisfaction with reality.” Is there a better way of doing this than by marrying yourself? Heck, no. The guy turned up at the unlikely wedding ceremony with a cardboard cut out showing himself in a dress. Nice.

3) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: The Virtual Bride

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

You guys know what it is like when you’re really into  a computer game, don’t you? Yeah, you do. Don’t be coy with us. Well, multiply this feeling by a million times and you should know what this guy’s life is like. A man from Japan with the rather mysterious moniker, Sal9000, got married. Strangely, his unlikely bride was a character from a video game. Even more bizarrely, she has a more believable name than the human in the relationship; Nene Anegasaki. She is a star of the Nintendo DS classic dating game, Love Plus. They got married in Guam. It seems that this kind of thing isn’t as uncommon as you may think.

4) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: The Goat Wedding

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

Charles Tombe made a mistake. He paid a heavy price for it. Our intrepid hero was feeling a bit frisky and made an awful mistake. In Sudan, you are forced to marry a woman if you are caught having relations with her. In the case of poor Charles, the same law resulted in his caprine wedding.

5) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: The Deceased Groom

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

This next one isn’t funny at all. It’s actually quite sad. You see, Jonathan George was killed in a traffic accident just before his marriage to Magali Jaskiewicz in France. Thankfully, the French law allows for posthumous weddings if you can prove that you were about to get married before the death. It has been claimed that about 10 of these unlikely weddings take place each year.

6) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: The Pillow Talk Wedding

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

When you think of the comfortable wedding night this guy probably had, you’ll realize he is probably the smartest person on this list. Lee Jin-gyu married a pillow in 2010. Hang on before you start judging! The pillow has the image of a popular anime character on it. That makes it sound a bit less insane. I guess.

7) Most Unlikely Weddings in the World: Computer Love

Most Unlikely Weddings in the World

This unlikely wedding unfortunately hasn’t yet happened. But, we sincerely hope it does soon. Chris Sevier likes his computer. No, he really likes it. In fact, he loves that darned piece of machinery. He loves it so much that he wants to marry it. Chris would like to love and honour it until a busted hdd do them part. This marriage proposal was not so surprisingly turned down by authorities in Utah. Chris has challenged the decision. Perhaps one day, he will be able to kiss his computer bride in front of his friends and family.

Midsummer Is Almost Here: 5 Traditional Ideas to Try

Traditional holidays from ages past that somehow still survived to the modern day have always been a fascinating topic for me. Especially if they’re less mainstream than the ones we’re used to – Christmas and Easter are a bit too well-known, for example, so they can’t really hold much surprise in regard with their traditions. Therefore, holidays like the Cinco de Mayo or, even less mainstream, Midsummer, are the perfect occasion to explore some unknown traditions of an almost forgotten holiday and maybe try them out. Heck – even if you don’t actually try them out – it’s still an interesting cultural trip worth taking. In the case of Midsummer at least, the pagan rites that were known as Midsummer are so intriguing they would make any modern day Wiccan green with envy.


So, let’s try to tap a bit into this mysterious summer rite, present throughout Europe, but especially prominent today in its Scandinavian part.

1. Try baking a Swedish solstice bread

Yes, it’s a pretty ambitious task, but it’s an essential part of any Swedish Midsummer celebration. In Sweden and the neighboring Scandinavian and Baltic countries, the Midsummer solstice holiday was preserved so well that it’s still a major happening. You could try recreating the event at home: invite some of your friends and serve some smoked salmon snacks, on this very special and authentic bread meant precisely for that. Tell tales of Odin and the giants and drink the night away. You can find the recipe for the bread here.

2. Make a Midsummer bonfire

This should be easy enough. For extra safety, make it as a camping fire; just abstain from the marshmallows or the country songs and drink mead with your friends instead.

3. Make a hay roll with your friends and set it on fire on top of a hill (kids, don’t try this at home!)

To symbolize the setting sun (which from now on will be less potent then until now, since Midsummer means the sun is at its peak) and the shrinking day, European peoples would make a big hay roll for Midsummer, as tall as man, and put it at the top of a hill in the evening. As the people gathered for the celebration, someone was tasked with setting the hay roll on fire and giving it a push down the hill. What ensued was the image of a fire circle tumbling down in the dark, just like the setting sun. As a disclaimer, I should probably stress again that this kind of thing is totally not safe to try unless in a large group, unless it’s a safe environment without the risk of starting a fire around and so on.

4. Make a flower wreath and wear it all day

In Central and Eastern European countries (like Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria), the folk customs from the olden days would separate the boys and the girls until the big celebration with the bonfire which reunited the two groups later on. During the day, both groups would be charged with special tasks, and the girls’ tasks would often include braiding a flower wreath which could be worn on one’s head. Girls would wear them all day, and pass them on to other members of the family the next day. It was believed that wearing such a wreath would bring good luck and health until the next year, and if a girl would sleep with her wreath beneath her pillow during Midsummer night, she would have a great chance to dream of her fated one. If you’re a guy, don’t feel excluded – just make one and gift it to a girl or woman in your life and say that it’s for Midsummer.

5. Make an Eastern European sweetbread with yeast

The good part is that it will be easier to pull off than the Swedish solstice bread, so you could start with this one if you’re feeling a bit oven-shy. Eastern Europe is specialized in sweet breads, based on an yeasted dough, which are consumed especially at holidays, but hold a ritual value in themselves. For example, a bread like this will be used both at a wedding – for being broken into four and then thrown in the direction of North, South, East and West by the bride – and at a funeral, for being given away and sometimes even buried with the dead so they have something to eat on their journey to the other side. To cut a long story short, Midsummer is another great occasion for Eastern Europeans to bake their sweetbreads and you could try making one yourself. An example of an English recipe can be found here (and it’s tested and fail-proof). In Eastern European countries like Romania and Bulgaria, the skies open up during Midsummer night and prayers can be heard all the way up to heaven more easily. Bake the breads and make a wish!