3 Magic Books and Their Dark Powers

When it comes to the realm of the supernatural and the dark side, this world recorded a lot of happenings and a lot of archived documents speaking of the unspeakable, forces beyond our comprehension, magic, summoning of the dark monsters from “out there”, religious stories and practices which are often described as mystic, mysterious and paranormal. From black masses to witchcraft, from ghosts to spells, from bloody rituals to detailed descriptions of horror, we had them all and we can explore them better if you are really interested. But in this whole X Files kind of research, one cannot ignore the recurrence and the references to some magic books and their dark powers. While some of these famous manuscripts still exist and still raise a lot of questions among scholars, the entertainment industry,  literature included, exploited their dark fame and presented them in an even more terrible aura. Today we will look at three books and their dark powers which are still a subject of debate and which still ignite peoples’ imagination.

3. The Book of the Dead

This ancient Egyptian manuscript is considered one of the most mind blowing religious and funerary texts ever known to mankind. You may have heard about it in video games, such as Darksiders II or referenced in the Blair Witch Project 2 under the name of the Book of Shadows, but the original manuscript contains a lot of spells, funerary guidelines, explanations about preservation, the afterlife, reincarnation and so on. It is still hard to understand everything it talks about and there are still many chunks of text which remained untranslated and unpublished. Of course, just as any powerful book, it is surrounded by a mystic, powerful aura, as it speaks about judgement and is said that since the book talk about curses of the past, present and future curses, there are some spells there which can bring death.

2. Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

This is only an annex to another very dark book, De praestigiis daemonum, written by demonologist Johann Weyer. This annex is said to contain a list of all demons which can be summoned for dark purposes, together with detailed described rituals people can use in order to achieve the summoning. Both the book and its annex became quite popular and were translated into English, French and German. The purpose of the book was not intended as to give all the regular Joes an instrument for summoning demons and becoming masters of the dark arts, but as a means to put back into their places the ones who boasted about being mages and having supernatural abilities.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

This is one of the most famous dark books ever known to man, simply because nobody managed to decipher it yet. It is a codex and blends drawings and written symbols (in an unknown language) and it seems to have a lot to do with medicine or some very disturbing practices, as the illustrations have a lot of nerve shattering effects. In the world of cryptography, this book is famous, as nobody managed to understand if this is a message from beyond, the product of a very disillusioned and sick mind, an instruction manual sent by entities we can’t comprehend and so on. The language seems to be a natural one and the drawings do look like something that can relate to botanic, anatomy or physiology,  just as well as they could be graphic explanations for summoning spirits. Nobody knows exactly.

BONUS: The Necronomicon

Now this one is so famous, we are wondering how nobody thought about making a movie from it. The story goes like this: once upon a time, there was this “Mad Arab” called Simon, who seems to have discovered the most dangerous, deadly and disturbing grimoire that ever cursed humanity, a book filled with dark magic rituals, incantations, curses, summoning practices, sacrifice rituals and so many other unspeakable things that only Satan could have put on paper. The problem with the Necronomicon is that sometime in its history, it was used as courtroom evidence against people accused of ritualistic murders, while it is quite obvious among the scholars that it is a well constructed hoax, a fake so well executed, it can be considered genuine. The biggest problem with the Necronomicon is that this “book” is a fake document that shows up frequently in H.P. Lovecraft’s stories and novels and it kinda comprises all Lovecraft’s lore regarding the Old Ones.

Oh, there are more, don’t fret about it. There is virtually no modern novel or movie to relate to magic and dark powers and not have a book in it, a book of spells and incantations. You can read about Clavis Salomonis, The Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas), the Edwin Smith Papyrus and many other more.

New Wonders of the World You Should Know About

If you were to be asked about the wonders of the world, you would probably recite by heart the list with the 7 wonders the entire planet knows about and is proud of, as mystery still surrounds a lot of these famous places and science has still a lot of explaining to do related to their origins and apparition on the face of the Earth. Large structures, imposing ones, building which spawned hundreds of theories, hypothesis and research projects. But this world has also a lot of other amazing places, some man – built, some resulting from nature’s imagination, places of true wonder and no less mystery. There are new wonders of the world you should know about and today we will travel to some of them and try to capture their essence.

1. Mahendraparvata, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The lost city of Mahendraparvata was not completely unknown to archeologists or scientists, but it was only in 2013 when they managed to explore it better and come up with some ideas about it. It is so close to Angkor Wat there has to be a connection between them and the real Indiana Joneses who discovered the lost underground city used cutting edge technology to laser scan it and put it on the map. While Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage wonder of the ancient worlds, the underground lost city of Mahendraparvata still has some secrets in its sleeves and raises a lot of questions that beg for an answer.

2. Son Doong, din Phong Nha, Vietnam

This place is open to the public for a few years now and if you ask some extreme sports aficionados about it, they will tell you it is the perfect place to base jump or at least visit by foot. This is the largest cave in the world to this date and by large we mean it hosts its own jungle, with its own new animals species and fossils dating back approximately 300 million years. It is among the new wonders of the world you should know about not only because it attracts tourists from all over the world, but because its secrets are yet to be revealed.

3. The Temple of the Night Sun, El Zotz, Guatemala

Like the Mayan mysteries, theories, conspiracies and famous history weren’t mind blowing enough, around 2010, teams of archeologists and scientists discovered the Diablo Pyramid, a complex structure revealing more and more secrets of this ancient civilization. But when they dug deeper, they found something even more amazing: the Temple of the Night Sun, an edifice adorned with face sculptures and portrayals carved in stone representing the sun god. It seems that the Mayan civilization is still planning to keep us busy with discovering mysteries and dealing with more questions than answers.

4. The Kamil Crater in Sahara Desert, Egypt

If it weren’t for Google Earth software and the vigilant eyes of Vincenzo de Michele, a former curator of the Civico Museo di Storia Naturale in Milan, Italy, this meteorite impact crater would have been left undiscovered for who knows how long. But taking a good look at satellite photos provided by Google Earth back in 2010, scientists realized they are looking at a perfectly preserved bowl – shaped impact point between a meteorite and the desert’s surface. The crater is rather small – 16 meters deep and 45 meters wide – but it is a true wonder of the world and a great place to start further research on meteorites impact to the Earth’s surface, a phenomenon that occurred quite frequently in our planet’s history.

There are of course many other new wonders of the world you should know about, places of infinite and indefinite mystery, with the scientific potential of revealing some answers we were looking for a very long time. Adding them to the old list of wonders, however, makes things just more interesting for those passionate about such secrets.

Would You Send Your Children to One of These Schools?

The world is filled with schools but which ones would you be happy sending your kids to? Here are some examples of places of learning which might make you think twice.

The Waterlogged School

Worst Schools

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5 Weirdest Marriages in the World to Remind You of Your Sanity

You know Valentines’ Day is coming, and if you are going with the traditional flow, you will probably start searching for holidays’ specific cards (and we suggest the honesty – oriented ones we presented you with not such a long time ago), some shopping sprees and, of course, marriage proposals, as what can be more romantic that saying to the person you love that you want to spend the rest of your life in her or his company?

However, you also know that true love knows no boundaries and no limitations, and if you thought that gay marriage is the hottest subject in the press nowadays, maybe it’s time to remind everybody that stranger things had happen and people married lifeless objects and even pets.

So if you thought this world is stranger than fiction, you ain’t seen nothing yet. We will remind you of five of the weirdest marriages in the world, only to shake you up a bit, although we are certain that even more odd things take place as we speak. Some of these cases are already famous, but once in a while, it’s a good thing to restore the faith in ourselves, as no matter how bad we’re doing on Valentines’ Day, some people may find themselves in stranger situations.

1. Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer had her partner broken down. Literally

eija riitta berliner mauer

Of course you already know this lady’s story. But in case you missed it, here is the summary: Eija – Riita fell in love with the Berlin Wall when she was a child. She waited long enough before she could finally and officially get united with the object of her passion, and she actually married the wall. They had a lovely, happy marriage until 1989, when poor Berlin Wall was put to the ground and Eija – Riita was widowed of her husband. She keeps its pictures close to her heart.

2. Maria Griffin and her beloved truck

married a truck

It was 2011 when the news about Maria Griffin started circulating the Internet, bringing her fame and a historical mention on Listverse for marrying her truck. Men weren’t bringing her any satisfaction and she, like all women, just wanted somebody to love, to be loved by and to be happy forever after. She married her truck on a beautiful Valentines’ Day and reports say their sex life was described as being amazing

3. When fiction is better than real life


So you heard about this guy who married his beloved anime fictional character? Come on, it was on CNN, as it is one thing to marry a cat or the Eiffel Tower and a whole new level of emotion and loyalty when you marry a video game character. People collected posters back in the day, some own entire collectibles art galleries, some wear proudly a tattoo displaying such fascinating character, but marrying one? Now this is either the most brilliant idea to eradicate all boundaries when it comes to love, or the absolute proof that an anime character is better than a human girlfriend. Now that’s a thought to ponder upon…

4. What’s with women and snakes?

woman snake

OK, maybe the question sounds wrong, but seriously. If you were too young to read creepy news in 2006, then you should know that back in those times, a Hindu woman fell in love with a snake and decided to marry it. Now, if you ever considered tying the knot with your favorite pair of Manolos, well… other women fell for snakes. This one, in particular, also arranged a traditional wedding ceremony, attended by many people. The groom wasn’t present, for various and probably personal reasons, but there was a brass representation of it to go through the ceremonial. One of the weirdest marriages in the world, you have to admit, and perhaps not even the strangest of them all.

5. Marriage. Doggy style

man marries labrador

Whatever you’re thinking, don’t! It’s not like that! It is true that Joseph Guiso married his Labrador Retriever in 2010. It may have been a just for fun thing or a serious condition, but whatever you are thinking next, don’t. This is pure love we are talking about here and deep sentiments. That’s all.

Now, if you get very lonely on Valentines’ Day, these examples here are the best reminders that people did even stranger things in order to express their love and make their relationships official, so calling your ex in a moment of vulnerability may not be something to hate yourself for until time’s end. These five weirdest marriages in the world (among tens of others just as odd) can be a proof that true loves exists and some people did crazy stuff in the name of love.

3 Most Bizarre and Unlikely Weapons People Managed to Commit Crimes With

Murder. Capital sin and one of the most condemned, heinous and news worthy crimes humans can commit. While psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists and law men all over the world are still studying the exact intricate, subtle and mind-blowing mechanisms that can turn a person from a decent human being into a murderous monster by years, by night or by seconds, the media is always here to present us every gruesome and gory detail of such crime when it’s committed or attempted (sometimes embellish the story for the audience rankings too), not leaving behind any element that might scare us, disgust, shock and terrorize us.

And then again, if we already kind of got used to hearing about guns blazing, knives stabbing, fists and feet hitting, baseball bats cracking and all other sharp, blunt or piercing manufactured weapons or weapon-like common objects, and choose not to read your newsfeed anymore, sometimes, when you hear about a woman stabbed her husband with a squirrel, you feel compelled to read about it, as this is quite a new, original story. So thinking about the most bizarre and unlikely weapons people managed to commit crimes with, we browsed the Internet and found at least three such murder and attempted murder cases, which, if they wouldn’t be so sad, they would be funny in the sickest way.

1. Criminal domestic violence with a squirrel


This is the freshest and the most intolerable one news-wise, because when you actually read the articles (and not just the titles), you will find out that a woman indeed beat the soul out of her husband and allegedly tried to stab him with a ceramic squirrel on Christmas Eve. The key word is “allegedly” and the squirrel wasn’t Chip, or Dale in some live form, but yet again, to use a ceramic decoration to assault a man deserves a mention in the media and the squirrel definitely found its rightful place among the most bizarre and unlikely weapons people managed to commit crimes with, even if the squirrel isn’t technically a murder weapon, because the husband survived.

2. Beware the Xbox 360

xbox 360

Also recent and terrifying piece of news, in April 2013, according to the press, a woman found her total demise in the hands of her boyfriend, who used an Xbox 360 to beat her to death with. Now, before over-exaggerating, people committed murder with even more bizarre and unlikely weapons, such as chessboards, stones, pickle jars or toilet tank lids, to only name a few. The logic is clear, the bigger, harder and solid the object, the greatest chances to break somebody’s skull, if you are very determined to successfully reach your goal. But in this case, the motivation of Darrius Johnson was mind-blowing: he sacrificed the girlfriend for her being in possession of his spirit. At the crime scene, three knives were found too, so the man had some serious problems. The Xbox may have just been at hand, who knows?

3. The spatula that kills


There is a f*-up video on the Internet about some freaky guy murdering another guy with a spoon. Seriously now? Kill an adult by hitting him with a spoon? This is “Tarantino had a smoke with Freddy Kruger” type of scenario horror movie. Don’t watch it if your nerves are not made of steel, though. But since they say there is no smoke without a fire, if you can kill a five year old girl with an ordinary kitchen spatula, who says that if you insist long enough, you can’t beat to death a grown man with a spoon? As impossible, against – nature and shocking as it sounds, this is also true. A very pissed – off mother beaten her 5 year old girl to death with a spatula. The case was covered extensively back in 2010, as both parents lied about the girl’s condition, tried to fool the investigators and get away with it. Only the mother was charged with murder, but the father trying to cover up the truth was held in for child abuse.

There are plenty of other bizarre and unlikely weapons people managed to commit crimes with and you probably heard about chainsaws, bowling balls, corkscrews, a microwave oven and equally insane objects some lunatics used to end or try to end other peoples’ lives. What is in their heads? What can drive them to just pick the most common household item or decoration around and going all Charles Manson on somebody, with no regard to human life, the law or their own self – preservation? This may be one of the most puzzling questions ever…