Don’t Ever Let Me Go: 3 People Who Live With Dead Family Members

Historically speaking, you can take a look at almost all cultures, ancient and modern, and at all religions in the world and see that, no matter how different and opposite their beliefs and traditions may be, they all have at least one thing in common: the respect for their dead. Burial rituals differ from one part of the world to the other, granted, but ultimately, even if some incinerate their dead, even if some put them into the ground, send them down to the river or mummify them and place them in imposing tombs, the point is that the dead don’t stay with the family anymore. Except in some cases…

Sometime ago, we talked about people marrying different “partners” and this included from the Berlin wall to a dead corpse in a cemetery, but today we will take things a step forward and see some people who live with dead family members, and by living we mean that they didn’t bury them, at least not for a while. You may have heard about them a few years back, but let’s make a roundup and see what really was going on there.

3. Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia preserved her dead son in vodka

This story was quite popular back in 2013, when the world showed signs of shock and panic at the news that a mother from Georgia (the Eurasian country, not the U.S. state, relax) kept her dead son’s body quite well mummified at first in traditional balsam sap, and then in some cocktail combinations of vodka and other spirits, as she had a revelatory dream about alcohol’s properties. The dead son, Joni Bakaradze, died at age 22 and the family preserved him in something that looked like a coffin with a glass window for 18 years, while his mother took care of the corpse every day not letting it to decompose.

2. Lim Ah Tee and the power of love

Among the people who live with dead family members, or at least lived as much as they could endure the corpse’s stench, is a man from Malaysia, whose name wasn’t reported, but who became anonymously famous for keeping his wife, Lim Ah Tee, in the house for 35 days, which wouldn’t be such a shocker if Lim wouldn’t have been dead. One day, the woman, aged 42, felt sick and died. The husband didn’t for a second consider he should take her to the hospital or at least call in the authorities, but he put her in the bedroom and closed the door. He kept lying to his son and everybody else about Lim’s disappearance, while every day he would go comb the dead woman’s hair, spray perfume, seal the room, place deodorizers inside to hide the stench and so on. The body was however discovered by the man’s brother, authorities stepped in and finally the woman was put to rest. The reason for all this? The man was madly in love with his wife and he just couldn’t let her go.

1. Vietnamese man slept next to his dead wife for five years

If you were looking for Asian strange news back in 2009, you can’t have missed this one, as it traveled the Internet with the speed of light. Mr. Le Van lost his beloved wife in 2003 and he couldn’t convince himself to let go of the past or her dead body. So at first, he slept on top of her grave for a year and so, when he decided he needed to be closer to her and avoid the unpleasantness of some weather conditions. So he dug up a tunnel and intended to sleep a bit closer to her grave. This kinda alerted the man’s close friends and relatives who considered it a stupid idea, go figure. But Le Van knew one thing and one thing only: he dug up the wife’s body, molded it in some clay to turn the corpse into a female statue and kept her in the house, sleeping by her every night, with the couple’s son hugging his “mother” before going to bed each night. For 5 years. Now if this isn’t love, nothing is. Authorities however, alerted that some sanitation rules may have been broken, came to inspect the house. The rest is history, but among all the people who live with dead family members, Mr. Le Van was the most dedicated.

If you were ever doubting that the dead are among us, fret no more. Love and commitment are stronger than death, and to paraphrase Mr. Le Van’s words, the body may have died, but their spirit is still close together with us. And besides, stranger things are known to have happened. Not to mention that there are many others who kept their dead very close to their hearts, so to speak.

Some History Secrets That Still Need Further Reasearch

You’d say that with the technological development this world managed to reach, old unsolved mysteries and historical secrets shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Come on, we are able to 3D print organs, make stem – cells transplants and send robots to Mars. How hard is it to read old manuscripts, to decipher ancient secrets or to reveal answers with questions only Indiana Jones would ask nowadays? But, as unlikely as it is, there are still some history secrets that need further research and some mysteries that still need Sherlock Holmes’ powers of solving. Not a long time ago, we presented you with mysterious books with dark powers and among them, the Voynich Manuscript, a text that is still impossible to decipher even nowadays. We will continue our journey through the mysteries of this world and see what other history secrets that still need further research are out there.

1. The Phaistos Disk

This is just a clay disk imprinted on both sides with symbols and you’d say that if somebody managed to read, understand and interpret the Egyptian hieroglyphics, then somebody should be able to tell what is this disk about, given the fact that it was found on the Greek island of Crete, dating back to the Minoan Bronze Age. And we know a lot of things about ancient Greece, right? Well, wrong. This is considered one of the most famous archeological mysteries that still needs to be revealed, as everything about it, from its original provenance, the origin of symbols and their meaning is a constant subject of debate. People tried – and vaguely succeeded – to interpret or at least to educated guess some of the symbols’ meaning, but everything else is still in a blur.

2. The Tomb of Genghis Khan

The man existed, without a doubt and he was one bad conqueror. But unlike his glorious life, his death is something of a mystery. He died, that is for sure, but where exactly is he buried, nobody knows yet. He asked for a simple and unmarked funeral and tomb and apparently he got what he asked for, as just like Jimmy Hoffa, his remains are yet to be discovered. Theorists assume he is buried in his home village in Mongolia, but let’s face it: a while ago, people discovered an entire lost city well buried underground Cambodia using laser scanning. Is it that hard to find Genghis Khan tomb? Maybe we have other more important things to do, granted, but this is one of those history secrets that still need further research and luckily, there are people who haven’t given up searching yet.

3. The Loss of the USS Cyclops

The Bermuda Triangle mythology is still a hot topic among the ones with a soft spot for the paranormal, but no consolation to those who still mourn the 309 lives vanished in the thin air together with the Proteus-class collier ship built for the United States Navy. It disappeared in 1918 and even if there was a war going on back then and even if the ship was sunk by either an unimaginable sea storm or by enemy forces, there is no wreckage to be salvaged and no traces that it was even there at all. People remembering very well this horror story say

This incident, during World War I, is the largest loss of life in the history of the United States Navy of a U.S. built steel hulled warship where there simply is no direct evidence of why it happened, when it happened, or exactly how it happened
And this is the truth. Speculation, of course, surrounds this mystery, and to this day, even if everybody tries to reassure everybody that the dark forces in the Bermuda Triangle are just a myth, that there is nothing there and every disappearance that ever occurred has a more logical, obvious and mundane explanation, the USS Cyclops is still one naval mystery that needs to be put to rest.
If you think the modern world is just too busy playing with anti-matter, prove the parallel universes theories, explore the great beyond and invent pills to give us immortality, you are probably right. But this world also knows plenty of other unsolved mysteries and still has a lot of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Much like Jimmy Hoffa’s tomb, much like Hitler’s secret treasure and a lot like the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Fortunately, there are still people who know that for unlocking our future, we should understand our past and these one are still searching for answers to questions fewer and fewer seem to ask.

Lake Natron Turns Animals into Stone? Not Quite, but it’s Still Stunning.


Have you ever heard about Lake Natron? It is one of the most serene lakes in all Africa, but it is also the source of some truly eerie photographs. You might have seen them circulating on the internet, and if you didn’t, we will share them with you. Lake Natron may be beautiful, but it seems that it holds a deadly secret: it turns animals that touch it into stone. Ok, it’s not really stone, but something very similar. The internet has a funny way of taking a story and transforming it into something completely fake, so before you read on, we urge you to check out this article, where the process of preservation and the ecosystem of the Natron Lake is explained. The stone that we were talking about earlier is actually a chemical process to which the animals were subjected (much like Egyptian mummification). The calcified animals were found by National Geographic photographer Nick Brandt, who supposedly found the dead animals floating around in the water, or washed up on the shore.


I unexpectedly found the creatures – all manner of birds and bats – washed up along the shoreline of Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. The water has an extremely high soda and salt content, so high that it would strip the ink off my Kodak film boxes within a few seconds. The soda and salt causes the creatures to calcify, perfectly preserved, as they dry.

I took these creatures as I found them on the shoreline, and then placed them in ‘living’ positions, bringing them back to ‘life’, as it were. Reanimated, alive again in death. (Source: Nick Brandt)


The lake, with its incredible properties (which can be explained by its chemical make-up: the alkalinity varies between pH 9 and pH 10.5) has preserved these creatures. Let it be noted, however, that Lake Natron’s harsh conditions do no turn any animals that touch it into stone, but only the ones that are not adapted to them. There are still plenty of animals that did not have any problem venturing in its waters. As a matter of fact, the people living near the lake have reported that certain birds and bats have actually crashed into the water (probably confusing it with the sky), and probably died from the crash. Furthermore, as morbidly beautiful as Lake Natron’s mummies can be, they aren’t truly calcified, but rather coated with a sodium carbonate or bicarbonate solution.

“There is almost no calcium in the lake, although the inflowing fresh waters have calcium, which precipitates as it mixes with the high-pH alkaline waters of the lake.”

Let’s take a look at some of the main subjects that Nick Brand uses as photography models:

1. Bat “Mummy”


This 2012 portrait of a calcified bat, from Lake Natron isn’t actually the stone creature that people expected it. According to Jaimi Butler, of the Great Salt Lake Institute in Utah, the shoreline of the northern arm of the Great Salt Lake is littered with birds that are “pickled”. This means that they were encrusted in salt, and you could pick them up without altering their position. He also added that many healthy animals visit the lake and aren’t turned to stone, so the ones found calcified, are probably sickly ones that were preserved within the waters.

2. Floating Flamingo


Arguably the most powerful image in the collection, the Floating Flamingo, with its beautiful reflexion in the water (notice how perfectly clear it is), was taken back in 2010. Lake Natron is an important habitat for lesser flamingos (3/4 of the bird’s population uses this location for its abundant food supplies and as a breeding place).

3. Regal Eagle


Brandt truly managed to bring this eagle “back to life”, by putting it in such a proud position. Another interesting piece of trivia about the lake is the fact that it is not only salty, but also extremely hot. Daily temperatures can reach even 40 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion, the lake may not have turned anyone into stone yet (at least not instantly), but the animal mummies that it managed to create are still morbidly fascinating. These photographs stand testimony at the incredible things that nature can create.


3 Magic Books and Their Dark Powers

When it comes to the realm of the supernatural and the dark side, this world recorded a lot of happenings and a lot of archived documents speaking of the unspeakable, forces beyond our comprehension, magic, summoning of the dark monsters from “out there”, religious stories and practices which are often described as mystic, mysterious and paranormal. From black masses to witchcraft, from ghosts to spells, from bloody rituals to detailed descriptions of horror, we had them all and we can explore them better if you are really interested. But in this whole X Files kind of research, one cannot ignore the recurrence and the references to some magic books and their dark powers. While some of these famous manuscripts still exist and still raise a lot of questions among scholars, the entertainment industry,  literature included, exploited their dark fame and presented them in an even more terrible aura. Today we will look at three books and their dark powers which are still a subject of debate and which still ignite peoples’ imagination.

3. The Book of the Dead

This ancient Egyptian manuscript is considered one of the most mind blowing religious and funerary texts ever known to mankind. You may have heard about it in video games, such as Darksiders II or referenced in the Blair Witch Project 2 under the name of the Book of Shadows, but the original manuscript contains a lot of spells, funerary guidelines, explanations about preservation, the afterlife, reincarnation and so on. It is still hard to understand everything it talks about and there are still many chunks of text which remained untranslated and unpublished. Of course, just as any powerful book, it is surrounded by a mystic, powerful aura, as it speaks about judgement and is said that since the book talk about curses of the past, present and future curses, there are some spells there which can bring death.

2. Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

This is only an annex to another very dark book, De praestigiis daemonum, written by demonologist Johann Weyer. This annex is said to contain a list of all demons which can be summoned for dark purposes, together with detailed described rituals people can use in order to achieve the summoning. Both the book and its annex became quite popular and were translated into English, French and German. The purpose of the book was not intended as to give all the regular Joes an instrument for summoning demons and becoming masters of the dark arts, but as a means to put back into their places the ones who boasted about being mages and having supernatural abilities.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

This is one of the most famous dark books ever known to man, simply because nobody managed to decipher it yet. It is a codex and blends drawings and written symbols (in an unknown language) and it seems to have a lot to do with medicine or some very disturbing practices, as the illustrations have a lot of nerve shattering effects. In the world of cryptography, this book is famous, as nobody managed to understand if this is a message from beyond, the product of a very disillusioned and sick mind, an instruction manual sent by entities we can’t comprehend and so on. The language seems to be a natural one and the drawings do look like something that can relate to botanic, anatomy or physiology,  just as well as they could be graphic explanations for summoning spirits. Nobody knows exactly.

BONUS: The Necronomicon

Now this one is so famous, we are wondering how nobody thought about making a movie from it. The story goes like this: once upon a time, there was this “Mad Arab” called Simon, who seems to have discovered the most dangerous, deadly and disturbing grimoire that ever cursed humanity, a book filled with dark magic rituals, incantations, curses, summoning practices, sacrifice rituals and so many other unspeakable things that only Satan could have put on paper. The problem with the Necronomicon is that sometime in its history, it was used as courtroom evidence against people accused of ritualistic murders, while it is quite obvious among the scholars that it is a well constructed hoax, a fake so well executed, it can be considered genuine. The biggest problem with the Necronomicon is that this “book” is a fake document that shows up frequently in H.P. Lovecraft’s stories and novels and it kinda comprises all Lovecraft’s lore regarding the Old Ones.

Oh, there are more, don’t fret about it. There is virtually no modern novel or movie to relate to magic and dark powers and not have a book in it, a book of spells and incantations. You can read about Clavis Salomonis, The Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas), the Edwin Smith Papyrus and many other more.

New Wonders of the World You Should Know About

If you were to be asked about the wonders of the world, you would probably recite by heart the list with the 7 wonders the entire planet knows about and is proud of, as mystery still surrounds a lot of these famous places and science has still a lot of explaining to do related to their origins and apparition on the face of the Earth. Large structures, imposing ones, building which spawned hundreds of theories, hypothesis and research projects. But this world has also a lot of other amazing places, some man – built, some resulting from nature’s imagination, places of true wonder and no less mystery. There are new wonders of the world you should know about and today we will travel to some of them and try to capture their essence.

1. Mahendraparvata, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The lost city of Mahendraparvata was not completely unknown to archeologists or scientists, but it was only in 2013 when they managed to explore it better and come up with some ideas about it. It is so close to Angkor Wat there has to be a connection between them and the real Indiana Joneses who discovered the lost underground city used cutting edge technology to laser scan it and put it on the map. While Angkor Wat is a UNESCO World Heritage wonder of the ancient worlds, the underground lost city of Mahendraparvata still has some secrets in its sleeves and raises a lot of questions that beg for an answer.

2. Son Doong, din Phong Nha, Vietnam

This place is open to the public for a few years now and if you ask some extreme sports aficionados about it, they will tell you it is the perfect place to base jump or at least visit by foot. This is the largest cave in the world to this date and by large we mean it hosts its own jungle, with its own new animals species and fossils dating back approximately 300 million years. It is among the new wonders of the world you should know about not only because it attracts tourists from all over the world, but because its secrets are yet to be revealed.

3. The Temple of the Night Sun, El Zotz, Guatemala

Like the Mayan mysteries, theories, conspiracies and famous history weren’t mind blowing enough, around 2010, teams of archeologists and scientists discovered the Diablo Pyramid, a complex structure revealing more and more secrets of this ancient civilization. But when they dug deeper, they found something even more amazing: the Temple of the Night Sun, an edifice adorned with face sculptures and portrayals carved in stone representing the sun god. It seems that the Mayan civilization is still planning to keep us busy with discovering mysteries and dealing with more questions than answers.

4. The Kamil Crater in Sahara Desert, Egypt

If it weren’t for Google Earth software and the vigilant eyes of Vincenzo de Michele, a former curator of the Civico Museo di Storia Naturale in Milan, Italy, this meteorite impact crater would have been left undiscovered for who knows how long. But taking a good look at satellite photos provided by Google Earth back in 2010, scientists realized they are looking at a perfectly preserved bowl – shaped impact point between a meteorite and the desert’s surface. The crater is rather small – 16 meters deep and 45 meters wide – but it is a true wonder of the world and a great place to start further research on meteorites impact to the Earth’s surface, a phenomenon that occurred quite frequently in our planet’s history.

There are of course many other new wonders of the world you should know about, places of infinite and indefinite mystery, with the scientific potential of revealing some answers we were looking for a very long time. Adding them to the old list of wonders, however, makes things just more interesting for those passionate about such secrets.