5 Mysterious Places that Will Make the Bermuda Triangle Seem Safe

Everybody knows about the strange sightings and happenings from the Bermuda Triangle, but as creepy as the stories may sound, this place is not the only one teeming with supernatural and paranormal activities. Theories about this place range from plausible, to absolutely ludicrous. Some talk about alien abductions while others have reported time warps and other strange things. If these theories enthrall you, you will definitely love the following 5 Most Mysterious Places that will Make the Bermuda Triangle Seem Safe.

1. Bigelow Ranch

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If animal mutilations, UFO sightings, paranormal creatures and mysterious happenings sound like your cup of tea then you should definitely consider buying your own ranch near the Bigelow one in Utah. There have been many strange occurrences documented in this place since the 50s, but without a doubt the most notable one was that of the Sherman family. In 1994 they encountered a large wolf on their pasture, so the first thing that they thought of was to pet it, since it seemed tame. Although it was gentle with them, it apparently grabbed a calf through the bars of its enclosure, and when they tried to shoot it, nothing happened. In the end it left, and although Terry Sherman tried to track it, its tracks stopped all of a sudden, as if it disappeared. The family also reported UFO sightings, and intelligent floating orbs. In the end they sold the ranch to Robert Bigelow, the founder of the National Institute of Discovery Science.

2. The Bridgewater Triangle

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The first Triangle on our list, is the Bridgewater one. It is literally like an all-you-can-eat buffet of the supernatural. Since 1970 numerous people have documented sightings of tall, hairy, ape-like creatures, Thunderbirds, and even giant Pterodactyl-like creatures. Six years later, a man reported the existence of a red-eyed dog that ripped the heads of his two ponies. But it doesn’t stop here! Physical evidence under the form of mutilations point to the practice of satanic cults in the area. Inexplicable objects in the sky have also been seen, including a sphere of fire which hovered over New England.

3. Point Pleasant

3 1

3 2

Point Pleasant is not as pleasant as it may sound. Since 1966 it has been shrouded in tales of mystery and strange events. Besides the “usual” UFO sightings and reports of “Men in Black” it is also the place where the Mothman hangs out. We don’t know if it is an alien, cryptid or just a mutant creature, but hundreds of citizens have reported a 7-foot tall broad chested man with glowing red eyes and wings that stretch 10 feet long (and drag behind him on the ground). The Monthman has appeared in movies, books and stories, and although there have been many scientific theories that tried to explain him, it was to no avail. Sightings ceased on December 15, 1967 when the Silver Bridged collapsed and took 46 people with it.

4. Bennington Triangle

4 1

By now you probably already know that you should stay away from triangles. The Beinnington one has seen its fair share of disappearances, UFO sightings and other strange occurrences. During 1945-1950 five people disappeared in this area, and there was no connection between them, except the geographical one. Only one body was found, the last one, after more than 6 months of searches, but it was so mangled and destroyed that forensics could not determine the cause of death. People from the area believe in things like aliens, Bigfoot monsters, or serial killers that walk the woods. Whatever it may be, one thing is clear, you should stay as far away from triangles as possible.

5. The Devil’s Sea

5 1

5 2

Another scary place, with an equally scary name is the Devil’s Sea (or the Dragon’s Triangle, you can call it whichever way sounds more ominous) can be found in the Pacific Ocean, near the coast of Japan. This place is home to unexplained phenomena such as magnetic anomalies, lights, and disappearances. In 1952, Japanese authorities send a vessel with 31 people to investigate the place. They were never seen or heard of again. People believe that the Devil’s Sea is home to gates to parallel universes (even to the Atlantis). 

Three Theories on How the Universe Will End

There are countless of theories about how the world will end. There actually at least three every year, but until now none of them have come to past, and with every prediction, human-kind becomes less interested in this subject. Nevertheless, science has some fascinating answers for the question: “How will the Universe end?”. It has nothing to do with a thousand-year old calender, or alien invaders. Let’s take a look at the most plausible ones:

1. The Heat Death of the Universe: The 2 Theories

1 1

The firs theory on how the universe will end is the one about the Head Death. As you may know, the Universe is continuously expanding, and in this situation two things may happen. The first of them is called the Big Crunch, and the second, is the Heat Death of the universe. In the second case, gravity will not be strong enough to overcome the expansion, so the Universe will continue to expand until galaxies drift apart and create huge gaps between one another. This theory is actually sad. Like all things that abide by the thermodynamic system, the Universe will also turn into a cold, dark, boring mist. As the galaxies move further away from each other, they will lose heat and energy. Stars will die and there will be no energy left to produce new ones. In the end, everything will go black, and only particles and matter will be left floating around and bouncing off of one another.

Heat Death Via Black Holes:

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There is also a variation of the Universe Heat Death which is connected to black holes. It is believed that most matter in the Universe is orbiting black holes. In theory, everything that enters the orbiting range of a black-hole will be sucked inside and cannibalized. If the Universe were finite black holes would devour everything, and all that would be left would be gravity wells in an abyss and black holes that consume each-other and become larger. But not even black holes live forever. Once they lose their energy, they evaporate and emit “Hawking radiation”, so the universe would become a huge distribution of hawking radiation particles.

1 2

2. The Big Rip

Most theories about the end of the world start with the world BIG (see the Big Bounce, the Big Crunch, and even the Big Bang). Anyway, the Big Rip is one of the scariest prospects, because unlike other theories that occur after all the stars have died out in the Universe, this will happen in 16million years, when life will supposedly still exist on different planets. At this point in time, a force called “dark energy will cause an accelerated expansion of the universe (which is in an unstable state), and the universe will simply rip itself apart into nothingness. This universe-wide cataclysm, will destroy, burn, and tear apart everything that we know and transform them into particles of atomic dust.


2 1

3. The End of Time

This is undoubtedly my favorite theories of all, but I can’t quite wrap my head around. If there is one thing in this world that we would never imagine ending, it would be time. According to scientists, time might also end, but if it loses momentum, or freezes, how will we be able to discern one moment from the other? When calculating the end of the world, scientists were always phased by calculations involved, so they theorized that time itself might eventually stop. No explosions, crunches or rips, everything will simply come to a halt. That’s basically how the Universe will end. 


Then everything will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, forever.” But it wouldn’t really be forever, since time wouldn’t be moving forward at all. It would just be that one instant in time. You’d never die. You’d never grow old. It would be a kind of pseudo immortality. But you’d never know. (Source: Listverse)

How Did That Even Happen: The Wildest X-Rays Ever Taken

Have you ever had an x-ray taken? If you have then I bet the results were nothing like these. Here are the wildest x-rays you have ever seen.

The Knife in the Head X-Ray

Wild Xrays

This guy tried to stop a robbery back in 2008 and got a knife in his head for his trouble. Apparently he made a complete recovery.

The Drunken Fork Swallower X-Ray

The Wildest X-Rays

This Romanian genius got drunk, made a silly bet, swallowed a fork, suffered intense pain, got rushed to hospital and got a wild x-ray taken. The end. Hang on though, did it ever get removed or will it be there for the rest of his life? At the time of writing doctors were waiting to see if nature would do the dirty work.

The Nail Gun X-Ray

Wild Xrays

Was a nail gun to blame for the death of this poor chap? Hmm, I’m no expert but it seems fairly likely I think.

The Grenade X-Ray

Outrageous Xrays

Is this a real, weird x-ray? I like to think so. Quite what happened for a grenade to appear in there I can’t even begin to guess at.

The Spear Gun X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This Florida teenager got accidentally shot in the head with a spear gun. The chances are it was a fairly painful experience but reports suggest that he survived the incident.

The Buzz Lightyear X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story was a great character but sticking him up your backside is a rather extreme way of showing how much you like him. At least it wasn’t Mr Potato Head he chose, as that could have been even messier.

Another Grenade X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

This strange x-ray from the Vietnam War seems to show a solider with a grenade embedded in his forehead. The story goes that the soldier in front of him set off a land mine and the blast blew one of the grenades he was carrying into this unlucky guy’s head.

The Shears X-Ray

Wildest Xrays

Ouch! This chap was doing a spot of gentle gardening when he somehow impaled his garden shears in his eye. How do you even do something like that? The story is that he dropped them and they stuck in the ground with the sharp, pointy bits sticking up. As he bent over to pick them up he fell over and, well, you know the rest.

The Tap and Pipe X-Ray

Wild X-rays

Incredibly, this fellow had a tap and huge section of piping attached to his face. He slipped and fell onto the tap while in the bath, with the tap getting horribly impaled in his eye. I think I’ll have a shower next time, just in case.

Another Nail X-Ray

Wildest X-rays Compared to the earlier weird x-ray of the head with a bunch of nails in it this guy got off lightly. Having said that, he was still pretty lucky to be alive after doctors took out this 4 inch monster.

The Phone X-Ray

Wild X-rays Prison inmates will go to great lengths to try and hide objects which they aren’t meant to possess while locked up. This prisoner wanted a phone so much that he found a very good hiding place for it in his rear end. If it wasn’t for that pesky x-ray machine they would never have found it.

5 Delicious Candy Like Places From Around the World

Loving to travel as much as we do has at least one major benefit (besides seeing some of the most spectacular places that this planet has to show us) and that is that we have the opportunity to present them to you also. Of course, it’s not like we are the ones who discovered them or write about them for the first time (although that would be great!), but given the chance to hear about some places or see them captured in artistic photographs, we jump to the occasion of showing off with our discoveries, enticing you to try at least go there and see them with your own eyes. Some are very popular, others are a bit more secluded, but we always enjoy writing about strange places where nature seems to have created art instead of geographical landscapes and relief forms. And today we will lead you in a world tour to see five delicious candy like places from around the world and challenge you to not mistake them for delicious sweets, treats and oversize cakes.

5. The Black Forest, Germany

black forrest

This is one of those cakes that is both fascinating, a bit scary and a bit fantastic. Germany takes pride in many touristic objectives and even some spectacular landscapes, but this dark forest is that kind of place where you would expect Maleficent to live, as it is truly the best place to feel gritty fantasy creeping up your spine, reminding you of Hansel and Gretel stories, while the sparkling colored flowers make a perfect contrast with the dark paths and atmosphere of the forest, just enough for you to feel trapped in a Disney fairytale.

4. Glass Beach, State Park, California, USA

glass beach

This place is amazing not only because it looks like a beach where a benevolent fairy godmother, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus joined forces and dropped colored, sparkling and amazingly colored candies all over the place, but because this is a former waste dump. The authorities took some much needed measures and managed to turn a garbage dump into one of the most spectacular candy like places from around the world. The “candies” are actually pieces of colored glass rounded and polished by the waters.

3. Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Cinque Terre

This place is a true jewel for Italian tourism, and Italy doesn’t lack places to see, mountains to climb, lakes to take your breath away and cities so beautiful, you might want consider relocating there for good. But this coast is different: the Five Lands are in fact 5 villages, each with its own customs, traditions and dialects, while the buildings and the setting represent the perfect stage for nature and environment to display the most amazing color combinations.

2. The Rainbow Mountains, China

rainbow mountains

This amazing place is well known among travelers and it belongs to UNESCO heritage because it is indeed unique and a must see once in a life time. This giant cake has also a location – they are the mountains belonging to Zhangye Danxia National Park and the colors you see represent millions of years of layers depositing, consisting mainly of minerals and sand stone. The rocks create a fantastical landscapes that people reproduce in Hollywood with CGI technology – if we were to make a comparison – and yet, here they are, as natural as they can be, looking like something you’d like to dig your teeth in if they were a confectioner’s gourmet cake.

1. Lake Hillier – Australia

lake hillier

Seeing this lake is like looking at the world’s largest pool of strawberry milkshake ever known to man, a natural record only west Australia could manage. But the lake’s color is not the only thing amazing about it, but the fact that the water remains deliciously pink even if removed from the lake in samples, a fact which led scientists to blame some bacterias for the appetizing aspect of this lake. Definitely one of the most sweetly delicious candy like places from around the world!

Don’t think that this is all there is. Oh no, nature is a modern, sometimes abstract, always tasteful painter who played with all imaginable and unimaginable colors possible when it created some lakes, valleys, forests, fields and beaches. So we challenge you to go see these candy like places from around the world and tell us about others you know about!

7 Interesting Human Senses You Had No Idea Existed

When someone tells you: You have a sixth sense, chances are that things like foreseeing, being able to sense undead or levitating will come to mind. What many people do not know is that the human senses are not limited to five. Sure, these five are the “mainstream” ones, so to say, but there are many more that you are using on a daily basis. It seems only natural that people would have an extensive palette of senses, especially considering that we are talking about such complex beings. Let’s take a look at 7 senses that you are probably using on a daily basis, but had no idea:

  1. When it’s cold outside, you shiver, and when it’s too warm, you sweat. Did you know that this has nothing to do with the sense of touch, and it is actually a sense in its own right? Yes, we are talking about thermoception: the sense of hot and cold. It operates with the help of thermo-receptors from the skin, and it helps us also adjust our temperature to the environment .

  1. Magneto is not the only one that can sense and manipulate magnetic object around him. Granted, we can’t make pots fly in think air, but our body is capable of figuring out a direction based on the Earth’s magnetic fields. I think this is very interesting. Magnetoreception is an intriguing sense indeed. The mystery around it is the fact that we do not know to what extent it can be harnessed. While some people have an uncanny sense of direction, others are less oriented. Magnetoreception is also very developed among bees, birds and cows.

human senses

  1. Itching is not just some annoying feeling you get from time to time, and it has little to do with the sense of touch. It is actually completely separate from it. When you itch, your body tells you that there is something wrong with the affected area. It may be nothing more than dry skin, but it could also be a bug that you are trying to get off. Either way, itching is the perfect way of attracting attention to a problematic area of the body.

  1. Chronoception is governed by the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which also controls the circadian rhythms. Studies have shown that younger people are especially good with perception of time. Chronoception is yet another sense that you probably did not know you had, and it is extremely important, because the ability to perceive the passing of time can help you organize your life more efficiently.

human senses

  1. There is one moment during a meal when you feel that you can’t eat any more. That is when people usually take a deep breath, and continue to stuff their faces. That moment indicates that you no longer need to eat, because you are full. Your body is letting you know that you have reached capacity. Did you know that this is also a sense? It is called the sense of fullness, and it helps the body catch up with what the body is doing.

  1. Number six on our list of senses is Proprioception, undoubtedly one of the most important human senses. Most of us take it for granted, day after day, but when we are left without it, we find even the most trivial of tasks, impossible. Prioriception is essentially the sense of where your arms and legs are, in relation to the rest of your body and surroundings. In other words, it enables you to interact with things around you, efficiently.

human senses

  1. The last sense that we would like to present to you is nociception. It is not one of the most beloved senses, because it refers to ability of your body to feel pain. Many scientists consider that it should be lumped in with touch, but it is so very different from it, that it would be impossible. As a matter of fact, some doctors actually suggest dividing it into pain located in the skin, the bones and the organs themselves. Although nobody wants to be in pain, you might want to feel it, since there are obvious dangers without it. Pain is basically a symptom of something wrong in your body, if you don’t feel it, you will never know how your health is.