The Strangest Soups in the World

The world is full of strange soups. This seemingly innocent and healthy dish can turn into a horrible nightmare when the wrong ingredients are chucked into it. What are the worst and strangest soups in the world?

Cow Stomach Soup

Strangest Soups and Cow Stomach Soup

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This Is What Happens When Plastic Surgery Goes Really Bad

Have you ever been tempted to get your nose reduced or maybe pin back those ears? These might seem like simple, life enhancing operations but at look at some famous examples of plastic surgery gone bad should be enough to put you off the idea for life.

Michael Jackson’s Nose, Colour, Jaw and Other Stuff

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad and Michael Jackson

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Sink Your Teeth into a Strange Cake

Cakes tend to be tasty if rather dull things. After all, how many exciting ways are there of presenting some sponge and a bit of cream? Quite a lot it seems, with some of them a lot stranger than others.

The Horror Cake

The Strange Horror Cake

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Unusual Beaches across the World

Beaches are great. They usually offer sun, sand and sea. What’s not to like? Well, there’s the weird stuff for a start. If you have never seen any of the planet’s most unusual beaches here are a few of them to show you just how strange a beach can be on this crazy planet of ours.

The Black Beach

Black Punaluu Beach and Unusual Beaches?

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Getting Around with Strange Methods of Transport

Do you jump in your car in the morning to get to work? Stop being so boring. The world is full of deeply strange methods of transport which would give your life new meaning and purpose. Some of them might not even kill or maim you, if you are lucky.


Strange Methods of Transport and Powerisers

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