Celebrities Deaths, Curses and Paranormal Occurrences: Truths or Superstitions?

There is nothing paranormal in dying of a drug or alcohol overdose, although it is a bit abnormal, but not unheard of. There is nothing suspicious in plane crashes, horseback riding accidents, accidental self – inflicted gunshots or, to en extent, suicide. Valar Morghulis, some Game of Thrones fans would say, all men must die, and since celebrities aren’t proven yet to be demigods or endowed with immortality, celebrities in the entertainment industry die too. But with the recent deaths of Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman, tabloids got once again interested in the fatalities that shook the world, while so called mediums and parapsychologists insist that there are no coincidences and the universe works in mysterious ways. Famous examples of the “fatal age” club are again exposed, with Amy Winehouse to join the 27 bunch of dead celebrities, while we bet there are still conspiracy theorists who will  die believing that Elvis, Marylin Monroe and JFK are still living happily ever after on some deserted island. Well, since everybody is so worked – up in digging into the graves of some late celebrities and because we all love a good X File from time to time, why not go with the flow? Today we will talk about celebrities deaths, curses and paranormal occurrences, not to reveal some world-shattering truth, but to remember those who left us in… special circumstances.

The Curse Of Superman

christopher reeve

This is exactly like never even thinking to whisper “Macbeth” into a theater. The Curse of Superman of course hit hard two of the actors who put their red underwear over their electric blue tights and flew around kicking ass and taking names: George Reeves, who was a TV glory in its own rights because of the show was found dead, age 45, in his home in Beverly Hills, and Christopher Reeve, the cape crusader who spent the last 9 years of his life paralyzed in a chair, because of a horse ride accident. While still some people are wondering why George Reeve’s death keeps being a mystery in the first place, in Christopher Reeve’s case, a bad karma revolving around the name coincidence apparently satisfies some peoples’ taste for the supernatural.

The Curse of the Lee Family

brandon lee

You can try to recollect some of Bruce Lee’s famous movies, moves and quotes, but if you are among the ones who were born in the booming sound of your dad’s iPod heavy rotating “We are the champions”, you probably know more about the Lee Family Curse than Bruce or his dead son Brandon. There are volumes written on this matter, and while some still consider there’s some higher power involved, like Fate, the Universe’s Supreme F*-up Humor or the Mother of All Coincidences involved, others place their bets on more…mundane reasons why Brandon Lee got shot by accident while filming the Crow: Chinese Mafia, the Triads, debts to be settled, revenge, and so on. We may never know why Brandon had to die, the truth is out there he is dead and the Crow will never be the same without him.

The 27 Club

the 27 club

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…. Or he… This is what the first 27 club member Alexandre Levy must have said to himself when he saw the next member, and the next, and the next stepping foot into his chamber of eternal rest. Why some musicians happen to die at 27, ending this (open) list with the latest entry – Richard Turner – nobody can explain, although some died of natural causes, others because they were murdered, and the most famous ones because they mistook fame and fortune with invincibility. Without any disrespect towards the ones who truly mourn their family members, spouses or friends, there is too much speculation nurtured in relation to the 27 club. Celebrities death, curses and paranormal occurrences should not be mixed with cases of violence, overdose, abuse, medical problems and so on.

Maybe you are more attracted to the mysterious deaths and accidents suffered by some of the cast appearing in the Poltergeist series? Or are you still fascinated by the trio Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and Big Blooper who lost their lives in a plane crash? When it comes to celebrities deaths, curses and paranormal occurrences, it’s best to speculate less and pay our respects more.

Three Signs that World Peace is in Danger

World Peace is in Danger

A lot of strange things have been happening lately, especially things that concern the entire populace. The problem is that confusion and misinformation fueled by the press’s manipulation and political coverups have lead to a general sense of paranoia among normal people. The fear of war, and oppression fester and grow in the minds of the misguided, who believe that an impending doom is lurking for them in the shadows.

In addition to all this commotion, TV shows are always coming up with conspiracy theories that do nothing more than to further agitate the populace. Although we are not claiming that a next World War will erupt any time soon, the current state of the world is showing some eerie similarities with other pre-World War pictures, and we know how history likes to repeat itself. Let’s take a look at the three signs that tell us how World Peace is in danger:

1. The Dire Situation in Ukraine – Russia’s Invasion

World Peace is in Danger

You have probably heard that on February 27, 2014, Russian soldiers started to move towards Crimea, and took several of its airports. As a matter of fact, 6000 Russian troops were deployed to the peninsula, and started to forcibly take control of communication centers, government buildings and military bases. But this isn’t the first power play that Russia has displayed in regards to Ukraine, nor is it the first disturbing event to occur in Ukraine in the past few weeks.

Ukraine and Russia have argued over the Crimea peninsula for over 300 years, and it seems that the populace is split into to: the Russia sympathizing part, and the nationalist party. At the moment, the country’s politics are in tatters, and decisions taken by Russia seem to affect the whole of Europe. In the map above you will see how clearly the supporters of Russia and Ukraine are divided (Blue is for pro-Russian supporters, and purple is for Yulia Tymoshenko’s supporters.

World Peace is in Danger

Ukraine is being invaded, and nobody is doing anything to stop it. Although the UN, NATO and the US have all issued warnings that any act of aggresion against Crimea will be considered an act of aggression against the whole world, this has not stopped Russia from talking control of Crimea. The truth is that nothing can be done, unless a game of nuclear Russian roulette will start, and nobody wants that. Although Ukraine may not light the match for the third World War, it reassures Russia, once again, that it can do whatever the f&#k it wants, and not be punished. A similar situation occurred in 2008, when Russia decided to throw some bombs over the Georgian Capital. Humanitarian groups cried out, governments issued threats, but in the end, nobody liftd a finger.

2. Iran is Itching for War

Tensions seem to be arising in every corner of the world, and the middle East is no exception. Whether or not Iran is a threat, we may not yet know, but it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Apparently, earlier this year, Iran dispatched a fleet of ships towards US national waters. Soon after, on February 12, 2014, Iran’s military adviser stated that the country is prepared to go toe-to-toe on land or sea, with America.

World Peace is in Danger

In addition to this, Iran says they have 13.6 million people who can pick up their guns at a moment’s notice, which seems like a formidable number. Although this news sounds a bit disturbing, it should not worry us very much because most of the impending wars will probably be held in air, and Iran has an air force of 30.000 men with several hundred aircrafts and cruise missiles. In addition to this, although the country has issued a threat to America, they have done so repeatedly in the past, and nothing happened.

3. The Global Recession

Every war is different, but no matter the reasons for starting, one factor is usually the same: prior to each war, economic recessions hit several of the countries that participated. Financial analyists predict yet another economic meltdown for Western Countries, and more and more countries like Iran and Russia are banding together for mutual benefices. But these are the least of the World’s problems. At the moment, the US government has approximately 17$ trillion in debt, and china ons seven percent of that. China has also become the second largest economy in the world, and if it decides, at some point, to dump the US debt, it will definitely cripple the US economy (and of the world) in no time.

World Peace is in Danger

There are other problems happening in the Global landscape that we should be aware of. One of them is related to the Senkaku Island Dispute, which is basically a rock formation in the East China Sea. Whoever controls it, will control all shipping lanes, fishing waters and potential oil fields. China has also decided to attest its air control over a newly configured air defense zone, in the vicinity of Senkaku Island. All in all, different countries are playing with fire, to see how much they can do without getting burned. All we know is that there are several signals that the World peace is in danger. We can only hope that issues will be resolved peacefully in the end.

5 Dangerous and Crazy Diets People Follow

Ah, the subject of dieting, this ever – expanding topic that sometimes explores human lack of self preservation, desperation, some sick dark corner nobody admits they have and self – torture. Why the harsh tone and language? Because even if we live in a world where science starts to explain everything that was once mysterious and unknown, even if we live in a world where technology can actually save our lives and offer us a better future, there are still some people who seem to live under the rocks in a cave sometimes in the prehistoric era who just don’t get that following a diet isn’t the same thing with erasing willingly everything that medicine, chemistry and science in general have been teaching us for the past… 100 years, let’s say? Statistic show that a greater number of scientists are making efforts to demonstrate women (mostly) that some styles of life are quite detrimental and against any healthy diet’s principles. Lists have been issued, interviews were taken, paper articles were written and yet, instead of witnessing an increase in the population’s awareness, we have our news feeds bombarded with new “miraculous” diets which promise fabulous weigh loss in a blink of an eye. Today we will take a look over 5 dangerous and crazy diets people follow and let you decide what’s right and wrong between eating more fruits and vegetables and engaging in sports activities versus eating cotton balls.

5. The Paleolithic Diet

paleolithic food pyramid

It sounds all good and healthy, doesn’t it? Base your life regimen on those products that were available to humans prior to their brilliant idea of starting to farm. Why do you think they started to farm anyway? The wild meat, fish, nuts, some fruits and some vegetables should have been enough to live long and prosper, right? This diet contains a lot of good stuff, but it lacks also the better stuff like whole grains, a lot of vegetables and fruits, a lot of dairy products and a lot of nutrients as well.

4. The bio-typing diet

bio type diet

These people eat certain groups and categories of foods and products in order to tamper with their hormone balance and thus lose fatty tissue and weight in certain areas. Depending on their bio-type, they carefully select what to eat and what to avoid, in order to keep themselves fit and hip. The British Dietetic Association calls this “pseudo – science” and even if it would be hard science, remember the key concept: tampering with hormones, adding nutritional supplements (mostly in the shape of pills and powders). What part of this sounds truly safe and healthy?

3. The Tapeworm Diet


Thank Goodness it was banned by the FDA, otherwise our hospitals would have been filled with tapeworm – infested brain scenarios they would break even doctor House’s self confidence in the success of hard science based medicine. People, at some point, thought that ingesting a tapeworm (inside a pill) is somehow a sane thing to do in order to lose weight, as the tapeworm allegedly was feeding on the food people ate on a regular basis. It didn’t take long to understand that tapeworms ate also people’s nutrients and if not eliminated, they could produce incommensurable damage.

2. The cotton ball diet

cotton ball diet

Among all the dangerous and crazy diets people follow, this one must originate out of a torture movie or something. Imagine people eating cotton balls dipped in some juice or lemonade to full their bodies and brains that they are not hungry anymore. A wise observation was made by scientists: those cotton balls usually are not made 100% of bio cotton and can also contain bleach and other chemicals. So why is this better than having tea or light yoghurt, if you’re obsessed with some kind of volumetric diet?

1. Breatharian Diet

bretharian diet

Some people referred to the Dukan diet in terms of “idiotic” and “dangerous” so imagine a bunch of people who actually believe they can survive with air and sunlight and don’t need to consume nor food nor water. We wish them a happy, healthy life and praise natural selection, as it never fails to straight things up on this planet!

Oh, don’t you for a second believe that these are the only dangerous and crazy diets people follow, not by far! Read, get informed and get out of under the rock. Nowadays, we can diet, we can practice all sorts of sports with the help of all sorts of awesome gadgets, we can thrive and we can eat all we like, without becoming victims of so called miracles, scams with good marketing and promises to inherit the world after the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

8 Most Spectacular Roads in the World

As beautiful as an exotic paradise, or secluded mountain resort can be, it is sometimes the road that is more interesting than the destination. Sometimes, it is not only about getting somewhere, but also about the road that takes you there. Drivers and intrepid travelers know how breathtakingly beautiful they can be. In the following list we want to present to you the most spectacular roads in the world. These roads are not your typical roads, but those that offer a remarkable panorama of stunning nature. Here are our top 8 choices:

1. Transfagarasean, Romania

most spectacular roads

You may not have heard about this road, and if you didn’t it is a shame. The Transfagarasean is one of the most spectacular roads in the World. It is only accessible for a limited amount of months throughout the year, due to harsh conditions, but the road that traverses the Carpathian Mountains will send chill down your spine, especially when you reach the top. The crooked serpentine, viaducts and pristine wildlife will have you gasping for air. The Transfagarasean deserves a place among the most beautiful roads in the world.

2. Pacific Coast Highway, USA 

most spectacular roads

Pacific Coast Highway may not be as popular as the infamous Route 66, but the 1055 km that accompany the Pacific Ocean, and connects the southern cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Cruz is definitely a sight for sore eyes. At first glance, it may seem like a boring, lean, almost boring road, but this isn’t at all true. Architects have come up with ingenious ways of surpassing obstacles (water, rocky formations etc.) that will definitely offer strong sensations to drivers. On foggy days, it can actually feel like you are drifting on top of clouds.

3. Stelvio Pass, Italy


Personally, I find the Stelvio Pass one of the most beautiful roads in the world. This is probably because it has managed what not many roads in this world has: to tame one of the steepest mountains in Europe, which has an altitude of 2757 meters. After a drive test, members of Top Gear actually said that it is without a doubt the most beautiful road that they have ever had the pleasure of driving on. As you can already imagine, the scenery is majestic, the ascension riveting, and the panorama from the top surreal.

4. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

spectacular roads

Number four on our most spectacular roads top is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria. It was nicknamed “Cyclist’s Heaven” because it unfolds a jaw-dropping panorama of the Alpine mountains. If you follow this road you will reach Kaiser Franz Josefs Hofe Visitor Center, which offers a huge panorama of the tallest mountain in the area (Austria Grossglockner – 3798 m), and its glacier, Pasterze. 

5. White Rim Road, USA

spectacular roads

The number five contender on our most spectacular roads in the World list, is the 165 km long White Rim Road, in the United States. It is actually one of the most challenging mountain roads in the world, which passes through the Canyonlands National Park in Utah. What gives it its unique appeal is the red rocks from the canyon, and the brick-like texture of the terrain. It is also not paved, which means that you can only pass it with a 4×4.

6.  Troll’s Ladder, Norway

spectacular roads

The Troll’s ladder is one the main tourist attractions in Norway, and it is actually a marvel of engineering. It passes through three mountains: Regal, Queen and Bishop, by zig-zaging through them The six kilometers that make the largest portion of the road have 11 dangerous coils with a 9% inclination. It is definitely worthy of a spot in our most spectacular roads in the world top.

7. Ring Road, Island

spectacular roads

You have probably already heard about the beauties of Island, but have you heard about the circular experience that is the Ring Road? It is without a doubt the best way to experience the rugged wildlife of this country, the gheizers, waterfalls, fjords and endless fields. If you want to explore the lands of Vikings, you should definitely take your little ones with you.

8. Icefields Parkway, Canada 

spectacular roads

Canada is the epitome of pristine wildlife, and the best way to experience it is by travelling deep into the savage forests of the Canadian Rockies. The Icefields Parkway road is simply spectacular. It is also known under the name of Alberta Highway 93, and it connects lake Louise with Jasper City. As if this wasn’t enough, it also passes through the national treasure that is Banff National Park, a fairy-tale land filled with snowy peaks, crystal clear lakes and green valleys.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

A while back, we  decided to talk about some of very interesting mysteries that have yet to be deciphered by scientists, in an article entitled “Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 1-“. We could not leave it at that, especially considering that there are so many, other mysteries, waiting to be uncovered by humankind. We give to you four other mysteries of the world, which you may, or may not have heard of, but which will definitely catch your interest. So without further ado, we give to you, the sequel to our first post, and one which we hope, will make you want to learn even more about the inexplicable phenomena that occurred throughout history, and also in modern times.

1. Mary Celeste 

According to stories, Mary Celeste was a brigantine ship, which was discovered in December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing unusual up until now, right? Wrong. The ship was found without a crew, but in perfect working condition. One year later, two boats were discovered in Spanish waters. The first had a body of a man with an american soldier, and the other one held seven dead bodies in it. Legend has it that the boat was cursed, because the captain died after no more than one day on board of it.


Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

Mary Celeste’s story is the greatest mystery in the history of the Navy. Some say that it was nothing more than a pirate ship, while others prefer to believe in fantastic explanations. The first name of the ship was Amazon, and it was apparently involved in a series of accidents. In the end it became property of some Scottish folk during 1860-1870. In the end, the ship was claimed by Americans for the price of 3000 dollars. Since then, its crew and captain where nowhere to be found, and 130 years later, people still do not understand why.

2. Jack the Ripper 

There have been so many movies and stories about Jack the Ripper that it is almost impossible to discern truth from fiction. What we know for sure is that during 1888, London was terrorized by Jack the Ripper, who was apparently a serial killer from Whitechapel. The name was first used, after the murderer sent a letter to the press, which he signed under this name. All of Jack’s victims were prostitutes. They would usually be found with their throats cut open, and bodies mutilated.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

The horrid thing about this case is that, in most situations, the bodies were left to be found only minutes after their death. It was speculated that prince Albert Victor was behind the murders, but not enough evidence was gathered during that time to fuel a conviction. Investigations started again in modern times, but they still did not manage to shed some light on the case.

3. Tao Hum 

Apparently, Tao Hum is a humming sound which can be sensed in quiet areas, where people experiment a sensation similar to the sound of a Diesel motor-cycle. It is basically an annoying sound that people hear when they sit in silence for too long, and we are positive you have also experienced it. There is nothing horrid or jaw-dropping about this mystery, but the truth is that scientists have no idea why so many people experience it.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

In areas where it was first encountered, specialists found no trace of eletromagnetic waves, or sound signals that might explain the symptoms, of Tao Hum, which usually included nausea, dizziness, or headaches. In 1994, a study was conducted on people susceptible to this sound, but no conclusion was drawn. Similarly, in 2005, there was an attempt to record the sounds on an aparatus, but they still didn’t understand what exactly it is. We may never know.

4. The Zodiac Murderer

Since we have already discussed about one of the most popular bloody mysteries of the world, why not continue our list, with a similar case, that of the Zodiac murderer? This particular individual has also inspired many bloody movies. According to stories, the Zodiac murderer operated in California, for 10 months, during the 1960′s. His first two victims were shot near Benecia, and the next two near Vallejo. One of the victims miraculously escaped even if she/he was shot in the neck and head. Nearly an hour after that crime, the police received a call in which the criminal confessed to his crimes. One month later, three letters reached the press. The deciphered messages sounded something like this:

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

I like killing people because it is very entertaining, it is more fun than killing wild animals in forests because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill. It is even better than when you have sex with a girl. The best part is when I die, and I will be reborn in paradise and those who have killed will become my slaves. I will not tell you my name because you will try to slow down or I stop my collecting of slaves for the afterlife”


Some of his messages were never deciphered, while others held valuable information about the Zodiac Killer’s next victims. The only suspect that the police had was Arthur Leigh Allen, but there was not enough evidence to convict him. To this day, authorities do not know who the zodiac Killer is. Talk about fascinating mysteries of the world.