5 Losses at Sea that We Will Probably Never Know the Cause Of

There are many challenges to determining why something sank to the bottom of the sea, the main one being that the object in question is, in fact, at the bottom of the sea.

“Well, I didn’t find a pineapple, but you’re never going to guess what I DID find.”

In any case, most of the famous ships and planes we’ve found down there have told us why they were down there, whether that be an in flight explosion (TWA 800) a result of enemy action during wartime (USS Arizona, RMS Lusitania, the Bismarck) or forced penetration of an iceberg (RMS James Cameron’s Moneyship.) However, there are some that we may never know the cause of, such as… [Read more...]

5 Sexy Political Ads from Around the World

by Will Conley

Sex sells. You knew that. But did you know sex sells political candidates? I bet you didn’t.

Wait, what am I saying? You’re a This Blog Rules reader. And as a horndawg or hussy, which you are, you are always thinking about sex and therefore have probably already had the thought that sex can sell anything. In fact, I do believe I once wrote an article or two in these esteemed annals about certain historical librarians of prodigiously sizable metaphorical nads; and the only words your eyes can physically see in this sentence are “annals” and “nads.”

But enough about your depravities, lets talk about sexy, sexual political ads from around the world. Sex and politics are like two peas in a pod, screwing.

Wait, who are you? No, don't tell us. We don't want to know. >:D

The link between sex appeal and politics started in the year 36,000 BCE, when Og Johnson flirted his way to the top of a Cro-Magnon clan using such underhanded power grab maneuvers as slathering himself with mud in front of the Council of Fertile Mothers. This eventually led to a long and boring debate about the role of mud in politics, resulting in the Campaign Mud Dance Reform bill of 35,890 BCE. A few other things happened, and then Barack Obama was the President of the United States.

One thing that contributed to Obama’s victory was a few thousand women with a crush. A sexy crush… [Read more...]

More Bad Parent Fails from MyBadParent.com

by Will Conley

We see nothing wrong with this awesome trick.

Almost a year ago, we published a list of the ten worst parent fails from MyBadParent.com. In retrospect, how can we claim to say which parenting fails are the worst, when there are so many to choose from?

Why play favorites with the parents who store their toddler in a glorified window planter on one of the higher floors of a high-rise apartment building, when there are so many qualified parents who can play Leaf Blower G-Force Face with the best of them?

It’s really not fair to choose and rank these gloriously bad parents, so we’re releasing a few more examples of bad parenting, all of which are worthy of honorable mention at the very least. [Read more...]

We Must Fight to Save the Internet: a Word about SOPA

This Blog Rules usually doesn’t engage in activism (we’re a humor/cool art/entertainment blog), but Congress may be about to do something horrible. On Wednesday, Congress could vote to create America’s first Internet censorship system, which would allow the government to block Americans from visiting any website with content that the government doesn’t like. This would annihilate Internet freedom as we know it in America, making us no different than China, Syria, or [insert your totalitarian regime of choice here] when it comes to how we treat our Internet companies and Internet users. [Read more...]

Harry Potter Fans Finally Get a Chance To Visit Hogwarts

Incredible news for all the fans of the world’s most famous young wizard – soon you’ll be able to set your foot in the original Great Hall where Harry and his friends used to dine, and have the unforgettable experience of visiting the place where all the magic happened. Literally.

[Read more...]