The World’s Strangest Pregnancies and Pregnancy Photos

When you are pregnant it is one of the most special and memorable periods in your life. If we’re being honest it can also be a little weird. Here are some of the strangest pregnancies and pregnancy photos ever.

The Oldest Mother

The World’s Strangest Pregnancies and Pregnancy Photos

Indian lady Rajo Devi Lohan is nothing if not a trier. She got married in 1943 and she and her husband immediately set about trying to have a baby. The years passed and before they knew it was the 21st century and they were still childless. She finally got pregnant and had a baby at the end of 2008, at the age of 70. She claimed that she was then going to try for a second child, although I haven’t been able to find any updates on her story since then.

The Judo Pregnancy

The World’s Strangest Pregnancies and Pregnancy Photos

What’s going on in this strange pregnancy photo then? I can see some obscenely large flowers and I can see a pregnant woman in a judo outfit. Actually, it might be a karate outfit or a taekwondo one for all I know. The important thing is that the bloody flowers are trying to attack her. Thankfully, the charming chap is there to protect her and the unborn baby.

The Youngest Mother

strange pregnancy

So, if the older mother in the world ever was aged 70 what age was the youngest? Would you believe that Lina Medina gave birth at the age of 5? The Peruvian girl gave birth to a healthy boy in 1939, becoming the youngest confirmed mother ever. No one knows how she became pregnant. Her father was initially held on child abuse charges but later released when no evidence was found.

The Utterly Weird Cat Photo

strange pregnancy photo

Is this happy couple of parents-to-be really dressed up as cats? I think I can make out the phrase The Circle of Life on Mum’s upper chest. So, it’s a Lion King thing, then? As long as they don’t call their kid Hakuna Matata things should work out ok in the end.

The Most Pregnancies

strange pregnancies and photos

How many children do you think were born to the world’s most prolific mother? 20? 30? Keep going, buddy. 40? 50? Almost there now. We don’t know the name of the lady but we do know that she was the wife of a randy chap called Feodor Vassilyev. Between the years 1725 and 1765 this lady gave birth to an incredible 69 children. She was only actually pregnant 27 times. Ha, only 27 times. She had 16 pairs of twins. 7 lots of triplets and 4 bunches of quadruplets. Incredibly, good old Mr Vassilyev then had 18 more children with his second wife. Some people doubt that this story is true bit it has made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the record for the most prolific mother and one of the strangest pregnancy stories.

The Longest Time Difference Between Pregnancies

strange pregnancy

You know how it is when you have one baby and you decide you want another right away? Sure you do. Elizabeth Ann Buttle knows too. It’s just that life kind of got in the way of her second pregnancy. Her first kid was born in 1956 and her second in 1997, a mere 41 years later.

5 Extreme Body Modification Examples

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, ranging from being mildly extravagant to actually breaking the norm to such a degree that social reintegration can be problematic. The people who want to take a break from being a part of the regular and boring part of society usually see subcultures as a way out of the mass. But even this solution can take numerous forms, since there are plenty of different subcultures out there. The nonconformist individual can join a hippy commune to live in harmony with nature and craft things, for example, or can choose something a bit more… extreme.

Extreme body modifications don’t require their fans to go away from within the large part of society and lead a secluded life like hippie commune inhabitants do, quite on the contrary. What would be the point of going away in a place inhabited by like-minded individuals if there’s no one there to shock, right? We’re not talking here about a few tattoos or piercings (which have become adorably accepted and quite mainstream in recent years), but we’re talking about truly extreme body modifications. And here’s exactly why they’re called extreme.

1. Forked tongue


This type of body modification has begun to show up at the end of the 90s and nowadays it’s considered among the most common (of the extreme ones, mind you) by enthusiasts. It involves a procedure to surgically cut the tongue from its tip and on, as far back as the tongue’s base, creating a double end or the fork effect. Only oral and plastic surgeons are licensed to do it, but it can also be done in various shady establishments for body modifications by unlicensed individuals as well. This procedure is reversible, but the procedure required for that may be even more painful than the first one.

2. The Lizardman


Eric Sprague, nicknamed the Lizardman for obvious reasons, is a 38 year-old performance artist living in Austin, Texas. Over the years, he underwent many body modification procedures (including the tongue forking presented above) in order to resemble a lizard as much as possible. These included piercings, all over body tattoos, as well as 5 ridges implanted over each eye (noticeable in the photo). The earrings he is displaying are inspired by a native African custom performed by quite a few tribes, which insert such plate-like earrings in the ear-lobes and/or bottom lips of young females in order to create a larger and larger gap over time.

3. Corset piercing


Returning to extreme body modifications, this one is real pretty. It’s usually popular among women and it consists of two rows of evenly distributed surface piercings, usually done in symmetrical rows, meant to emulate the rings sustaining the back lacing of a corset. After getting the piercings done, the wearer can insert a lace string through them to create the corset effect.

4. Stalking Cat


Another fan of extreme body modifications that made everything possible to look more and more like the animal of his choosing, Daniel Avner usually goes by the nickname of “Stalking Cat”. Just like his fellow artist Lizardman, his public appearances to tattoo and piercing conventions are received with much enthusiasm by his fans and body modification enthusiasts in general. Beside extensive tattooing, he made a cleft into his upper lip, got his nasal septum surgically altered and replaced his teeth with fang insertions. His ears have also been modified into feline-like tips and he has been given eyebrow implants as well.

5. Horn implants


These implants go under the skin on one’s forehead in order to create the impression of horns and to give the wearer a devil-like appearance. They usually go hand in hand with at least a couple of other body modifications, as pictured above. The photograph depicts a member of the extreme body modification community known as “Vampire woman” and, as you can notice, horns are far from being the only thing she’s altered about herself. As a funny and unexpected background detail, she is trained lawyer, hailing from a deeply religious family, and she was married at the age of 17. She became a tattoo artist after years of suffering domestic abuse and she says that the horns are meant to be a symbol of her strength, being implanted without any anesthesia. Pretty impressive turn-around, right?

4 Medical Discoveries that Bring us Closer to Immortality

Despite the fact that we have eradicated many diseases with the help of treatments, life expectancy is not very optimistic for many people. We eat more processed foods, have more addictions and live more sedentary life-styles. Studies actually show that most of the illnesses that appeared in the past 100 years are a result of our poor decisions. Nevertheless, science is doing all it can to keep us humans alive as long as possible. The concept of immortality, which sounded like something fit for the gods a few centuries ago, might actually be more real than we thought. Let’s take a look at 4 Sci-Fi technologies that are moving us closer to immortality. They are the stepping-stones to, what we hope, will change our destinies in the future.

1. Reversing Paralysis

reversing paralysis

There are many afflictions in this world, but one of the most devastating one is injury to the spinal cord because it is the part of the body which carries information everywhere. In other words, if it stops working, everything else stops working. In the past, medicine could do nothing to remedy the damage inflicted on it, and for many victims it resulted to a complete loss of mobility and incredible pain. Modern medicine has discovered ground-breaking technology that works with the help of electrical impulses on the nervous tissue, to return voluntary movement to paralyzed patients. If it is combined with daily movement and therapy it can make running & walking a reality.

2. Reversing the Process of Aging

The list of incredible medical discoveries doesn’t stop here. Remember all those skin care commercials which promise that they will reverse the process of aging? While most of them do not work, there are a select few made from natural substances that actually render decent results. Following the footsteps of skin creams and super-food industries, a group of young scientists has discovered a chemical in the blood of young people that supposedly prevents the effects of old age.

The interesting thing about this discovery is that it is not only the result of one study, but of three separate ones. Nevertheless, the studies were conducted on mice so there is a lot of work to be done until the theory proves relevant for people. The good news is that in a few years we might be paving the way to genuine anti-aging injections.

3. Suspended Animation

suspended animation

Although it is popularly known as suspended animation, this technological break-through it actually called emergency preservation and resuscitation. What it basically does is to suspend life. It is one of the most important medical discoveries of the decade. The blood in the patient’s body is replaced with a cold, saline solution that induces a sort of hypothermia that severely slows cellular activity (it almost halts it). In other words, if you have a serious disease, or need more time for an operation, Suspended animation will give surgeons the time to fix your problem.

Peter Rhee, the medic who invented this technique, says that patients aren’t necessarily alive during the procedure. They’re not dead either. They are in a state of inertia which could be prolonged for years. This experiment was first demonstrated on three pigs. In their case, the hearts simply started again on their own, without any loss of cognitive or physical function.

4. Growing Body Parts

image_thumb[3]Have you ever considered the possibility of growing body-parts? We are talking about reality, not science-fiction. Although some things like interstellar travel, flying or food reduced to pills sound strange, the idea of actually growing and harvesting organs seems totally crazy. Reality is usually crazy, and it seems that medics are doing just this: they are growing organs in laboratories.

Besides the fact that their “crops” are anatomically correct, they also work. At the moment vaginas and nostrils have been successfully transplanted into humans. Women who were lost without, or with incomplete vaginas received artificially grown ones and were tracked for a period of 8 years. During that time, their new body parts worked seamlessly.

These discoveries are indeed amazing. They may be still far from immortality, but they represent stepping stones for future developments.

Woman Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

We have seen people who have been wrongfully committed and executed for crimes they did not commit, and we have seen murderess that were never apprehended. Justice has failed us on numerous occasions in the past, but you would be inclined to think that the system has evolved in the past decades. Wrong. Even to this day, horrible things happen to innocent people. The case of a woman sentenced to death for apostasy is a perfect example. 

One would think that the times of religious persecution are no longer upon us and that being accused of apostasy would surely be something that belonged to the past. What is curious is that in the 21st century, citizens can still receive horrific sentences when accused of being an apostate. Apostasy itself represents the disaffiliation (or the renunciation) of a certain religion (simply put, it’s when a Christian for instance refuses his or her previous religion) and in some religious groups, such behavior is severely punished.

The punishments may range, but in some situations, death penalty for apostates is a fact. According to Islamic law, for instance, a person who commits apostasy will have his or her children and property removed and assigned guardians, they will receive a state enforced marriage annulment and the ultimate punishment for the apostate is death.

1 1 1 2

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim and her Situation

A 27 year old woman in Sudan has been sentenced to death on May 15th for committing apostasy in Sudan- she married a Christian man and refused to convert to Islam, and in doing so, she was handed in to the authorities and trialed. According to her current sentence, she will be allowed to nurse and raise her newly born baby daughter for two years after which her sentence will be carried out. This situation has raised a lot of concern and numerous world leaders as well as human rights organizations have been speaking out. Hillary Clinton for instance described her sentence as “abhorrent”. Meriam will also be subject to 100 whip lashes for adultery now that she has given birth to her child.

Birth of Her Daugther

As Meriam was imprisoned while still pregnant with her daughter, she was denied access to a hospital when the time came for her baby to be delivered. The 27 year old was forced therefore to deliver her baby girl in prison, while still in chains (the authorities did not permit Meriam to have the chains from her legs removed even as she was giving birth to her daughter). Daniel Wani (Meriams’ husband) was not allowed to see his wife or daughter the day she was born, and could only be allowed access the next day, in company of his lawyer.

Apostasy and Controversy

Meriam was granted a 4 day grace period during her eight month of pregnancy when she was allowed to convert to Islam. The 27 year old refused to renounce the Christian religion she was raised in (she was born to a Muslim father who had left her and her mother as she was growing up so her mother, an Ethiopian Orthodox, raised her in her own faith) and married a Christian. One of her relatives accused her of committing adultery with her Christian husband so the prosecution (with the support of the judge) asked that she abandon her Christian belief and convert to Islam.

International Reactions

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The UK government has declared this situation as being barbaric and a flagrant breach of international human rights. Countries such as the US, Canada, the Netherlands and Britain have all urged Sudan to consider justice and compassion in enforcing the international human rights law.

Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

Our society is ever more threatened by the multitude of narcotics and other types of addictive substances that are put at the disposal of our youth. Nowadays parents fear that their children will someday become addicted to these types of substances and the threat is real. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that our children dispose of more money than we did when we were their age, they move more freely around pubs, bars and discos, and they can procure almost everything they want with the right connections. We have therefore comprised a list of the most harmful and dangerous drugs out there. There are several factors that one must consider in order to rank dangerous drugs and they are:

  • The addictive potential
  • Physical harm that comes to those using
  • Impact on society

Here are our top contenders:


Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

This popular street drug is a morphine derivative commonly known for its street names: “H”, smack, brown, black, horse, tar, junk or skag. Heroin is actually inactive by itself, it only activates when it enters the body by converting to morphine. It produces a state of euphoria and has been described by anthropologists as the perfect “whatever drug”. Users develop a quick tolerance and need to increase doses in a quick pace so as to produce a high. They also describe a different high (as opposed to morphine) explainable either by its metabolite (6-MAM) or by the rapidity of onset. It produces grave side effects such as dependence, constipation, overdose (due to differences in purity),withdrawal symptoms, and as a consequence of needle use, addicts run the risk of contracting STDs, endocarditis, developing abscesses, poisoning , etc.


Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

Obtained from the leaves of the coca plant, cocaine is another stimulant, apetite suppressant and anesthetic that is also known as coke, snow, flake or blow.  What is so special about this drug is the fact that it has both a hydrophilic and lipophilic efficiency so it crosses the brain-blood barrier better than any other psychoactive drug. It can also cause BBB (blood-brain-barrier) breakdown. Because of its effects on sodium channels, cocaine can also induce sudden cardiac death to users, apart from its other side effects like depression, appetite suppression, overdose risk, and many others.


Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

Acting as central nervous depressants, these drugs can produce an array of effects- from mild sedation to anesthesia, hypnosis, acting as an anxiolytic and anticonvulsant. During intoxication they produce an effect similar to ethanol- a feeling of excitement and euphoria. The main risk when using them is respiratory arrest, while intoxication may have other side effects like drowsiness, nystagmus and others. Accidental overdose is also worth considering.


Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

This is another synthetic opioid, similar to heroin that is legally used as an anti-addictive substance. It acts on the same opioid receptors that are activated by heroin and has many of the same effects. Adverse effects include constipation, sedation, heat intolerance, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, cardiac arrhythmias, suicidal ideations, depression, insomnia and countless others.


Five Most Dangerous Drugs in the World

Generally used in veterinary medicine, ketamine has a short acting time (taking effect in 10 minutes) and acting as a hallucinatory drug. It creates dissociative states where users feel detached from their physical bodies. Side effects include arrhythmias, hyper- or hypotension, increased intracranial pressure, vomiting, airway obstruction, apnea and many others.