Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

A while back, we  decided to talk about some of very interesting mysteries that have yet to be deciphered by scientists, in an article entitled “Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 1-“. We could not leave it at that, especially considering that there are so many, other mysteries, waiting to be uncovered by humankind. We give to you four other mysteries of the world, which you may, or may not have heard of, but which will definitely catch your interest. So without further ado, we give to you, the sequel to our first post, and one which we hope, will make you want to learn even more about the inexplicable phenomena that occurred throughout history, and also in modern times.

1. Mary Celeste 

According to stories, Mary Celeste was a brigantine ship, which was discovered in December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing unusual up until now, right? Wrong. The ship was found without a crew, but in perfect working condition. One year later, two boats were discovered in Spanish waters. The first had a body of a man with an american soldier, and the other one held seven dead bodies in it. Legend has it that the boat was cursed, because the captain died after no more than one day on board of it.


Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

Mary Celeste’s story is the greatest mystery in the history of the Navy. Some say that it was nothing more than a pirate ship, while others prefer to believe in fantastic explanations. The first name of the ship was Amazon, and it was apparently involved in a series of accidents. In the end it became property of some Scottish folk during 1860-1870. In the end, the ship was claimed by Americans for the price of 3000 dollars. Since then, its crew and captain where nowhere to be found, and 130 years later, people still do not understand why.

2. Jack the Ripper 

There have been so many movies and stories about Jack the Ripper that it is almost impossible to discern truth from fiction. What we know for sure is that during 1888, London was terrorized by Jack the Ripper, who was apparently a serial killer from Whitechapel. The name was first used, after the murderer sent a letter to the press, which he signed under this name. All of Jack’s victims were prostitutes. They would usually be found with their throats cut open, and bodies mutilated.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

The horrid thing about this case is that, in most situations, the bodies were left to be found only minutes after their death. It was speculated that prince Albert Victor was behind the murders, but not enough evidence was gathered during that time to fuel a conviction. Investigations started again in modern times, but they still did not manage to shed some light on the case.

3. Tao Hum 

Apparently, Tao Hum is a humming sound which can be sensed in quiet areas, where people experiment a sensation similar to the sound of a Diesel motor-cycle. It is basically an annoying sound that people hear when they sit in silence for too long, and we are positive you have also experienced it. There is nothing horrid or jaw-dropping about this mystery, but the truth is that scientists have no idea why so many people experience it.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

In areas where it was first encountered, specialists found no trace of eletromagnetic waves, or sound signals that might explain the symptoms, of Tao Hum, which usually included nausea, dizziness, or headaches. In 1994, a study was conducted on people susceptible to this sound, but no conclusion was drawn. Similarly, in 2005, there was an attempt to record the sounds on an aparatus, but they still didn’t understand what exactly it is. We may never know.

4. The Zodiac Murderer

Since we have already discussed about one of the most popular bloody mysteries of the world, why not continue our list, with a similar case, that of the Zodiac murderer? This particular individual has also inspired many bloody movies. According to stories, the Zodiac murderer operated in California, for 10 months, during the 1960′s. His first two victims were shot near Benecia, and the next two near Vallejo. One of the victims miraculously escaped even if she/he was shot in the neck and head. Nearly an hour after that crime, the police received a call in which the criminal confessed to his crimes. One month later, three letters reached the press. The deciphered messages sounded something like this:

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

I like killing people because it is very entertaining, it is more fun than killing wild animals in forests because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill. It is even better than when you have sex with a girl. The best part is when I die, and I will be reborn in paradise and those who have killed will become my slaves. I will not tell you my name because you will try to slow down or I stop my collecting of slaves for the afterlife”


Some of his messages were never deciphered, while others held valuable information about the Zodiac Killer’s next victims. The only suspect that the police had was Arthur Leigh Allen, but there was not enough evidence to convict him. To this day, authorities do not know who the zodiac Killer is. Talk about fascinating mysteries of the world.

5 Awesome New Gadgets to Have Fun with in the Future

In a world almost addicted to technology, producers and manufacturers are in a constant race to prove imagination and originality know no boundaries when it comes to inventing new gadgets, high – tech products and equipment that make our lives better, more efficient, more satisfactory and, why not, more amusing. We covered pretty interesting facts in the technology field in the past and today we will resume some interesting news on the subject, by taking a look over what was hot and top notch at CES 2014 event and some other news in the industry which may sound a bit odd to you, but nonetheless interesting. Let’s see five awesome new gadgets to have fun with in the future and if some of them look or sound too bizarre to you, well, take your complaints to the tech developers!

5. Fujitsu Haptic Tablet

fujitsu haptic tablet

Now we all have all sorts of tablets, ultrabooks and even smartphones to make our lives better, smarter, more connected to the surrounding reality, more adapted to the fast – paced world we’re living in. But the guys from Fujitsu took things to a whole new level, as they very recently announced a new tablet to let people feel texture and tactile sensations with the helps of ultrasound vibrations. Children could feel safely the texture of an animal’s skin or fur, you could feel the texture of a material and thus have a deeper sense of the surrounding reality. Awesome or what?

4. Sensoria, the Smart Sock

smart sock

Coming from Heapsylon, the Smart Sock is among the most awesome new gadgets to have fun with, especially if you are a runner or a fitness aficionado. It has some sensors that transmit to an app and thus you can have a lot of feedback and jogging indicators to control and improve your activity performance. It calculates the number of steps, the force of your step against the ground, improper technique and so on. It is one of the most useful gadgets presented at CES 2014, according to some specialists, and given the fact that Heapsylon plans even more awesome new gadgets for runners, such as the smart shirt and bra with embedded heart monitor. The target clientele is quite wide, specialists say and this is a good thing.

3. Mother, the awesome new gadget that replaces your mother’s nagging


Don’t forget to brush your teeth, did you drink enough water today, are you wearing clean underwear? (God, we hope it doesn’t ask / tell this!). Mother is a cool gadget for people who, despite being grown – ups, still need their mommies to nag them on some basic life skills. Laugh all you want, but this gadget made a riot at CES this year and besides its nagging part, it also has a useful part, reminding people when to take their medication or when to solve household problems and errands.

2. The Crock-Pot

crock pot

Don’t mistake it for some crack – pot, alright? This is serious technology from Belkin and this year’s CES showed that only sky is the limit when mixing house hold appliances with smart technology. Cooking technology, WI-FI technology and smartphones, what could ladies ask for more when it comes to managing kitchen issues and prepare a healthy dinner for their loves ones? Although, if Belkin makes cooking so easy and so hi-tech, there will be plenty of guys who will love to give it a try…

1. The Electrical Condom

electric condom

Now let’s not get jumpy before learning what is this all about. According to the news, two tech – savvy students from Georgia Tech University invented an electrical condom, which goes by the name of “Electric Eel” that stimulate men during… you know… so they get some benefits of wearing condoms, as the general attitude is that condoms take away their pleasure. If these guys manage to turn the prototype into a selling popular product, no more excuses for men to avoid the rubber. More about this exciting product here.

Do you know other awesome new gadgets to have fun with in the future? Have you tested one of them or are interested to? Let us know and maybe we will come back with more ideas for your to play with!

The Bad Eyebrows You Can’t Help Laughing At

You might think that your eyebrows are the one part of your body which you can’t really screw up. You would be wrong. All over the world there are people walking around with ridiculously bad eyebrow fashion.

Tattoos Instead of Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

This guy had a clever thought once. Why, he thought to himself, don’t I get my eyebrows shaved off? Inspired by the surreal genius of this bold idea he went one step further and got Laugh Now tattooed over one eye and Cry Later over the other. So as not to leave any doubts about his taste and discretion he then got Hated By Many tattooed onto his neck.

The Weird Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

What on Earth went wrong here? Actually, it is far more worrying to consider that maybe nothing went wrong and that this was the weird eyebrow look she was really after all the time.

The Dotted Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again; “The world has gone utterly mad”. At least this woman has the good sense to look completely embarrassed about sporting horrible dotted eyebrows.

More Tattoos

Bad Eyebrows

This is what I believe experts called a Dapper Gentleman. Our hero decided to replace his god-given brows and replace them with a tattoo saying “wrongfully…convicted”. I wonder if the hair eventually grows back over the words when you do this.

The Wide Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

Wow, those beasts are big, aren’t they? In case you weren’t already aware, eyebrows are useful for keeping things like rain and sweat out of your eyes. With beauties like these, this lady will have dry eyes even if she stands under Niagara Falls for a couple of hours non-stop.

The Complete Package

Bad Eyebrows

This is the kind of face which fathers see in their nightmares, accompanied by their daughter’s sweet voice saying, “So, this is, like, my new boyfriend. Isn’t he a honey?” The most intriguing thing about this hunk of manliness is that his eyebrows aren’t even the scariest bits of hair on his face.

The Fish Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

I have called these fish eyebrows but I’m not even sure that’s what they are. No matter what they are, this fine young lady decided that they would be a good addition to her natural charms. Who am I to argue?

The Painfully Thin Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

As a rule of thumb, having eyebrows which are thinner than your earrings isn’t a great look. It’s not rocket science or anything; just putting your brain into gear before pencilling on really bad eyebrows like these.

The Bushy Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

I love these eyebrows. In fact, if eyebrow transplants ever become a feasible beauty treatment option I will rush to my nearest surgeon with this photo. Actually, I‘ve just checked it out and discovered that eyebrow transplants really exist. Hold me back. Please.

The Plant Eyebrows

Bad Eyebrows

I’m all for going back to nature and being green, I really am. I even hugged a tree at the weekend and got a warm glow from it. However, I don’t believe that it is completely unreasonable to draw the line at replacing my eyebrows with plants. In this case, the plants in question help to bring out the, err, the alluring green eye makeup, I guess.

Strange Video Game Urban Legends Every Gamer Knows About

The world of video games is indeed an interesting one. There are so many people playing, so many different games that it is really hard to keep track. Nevertheless, there are some games that have created a name for themselves, a culture around them, their own slang, netiquette and folklore. Because every gamer relishes in the full experience of the video game, he has probably attempted to complete all quests, and missions, and inevitably, discovered one of the following video game urban legends.

5. Squall is Dead

The reason why some people will never be able to play Final Fantasy without being dissapointed is Final Fantasy VII and VIII. These two series were definitely the best of their series, way ahead of their time, and with powerful story-lines and characters. One such character is Squall, the quiet, and extremely powerful protagonist, who many believe to have died because in the end of disc one, he is impaled with an ice shard by the main boss, Edea.


From there on, the game stops being a realistic fantasy game, and becomes an over the top suprearealistic games. Many believe that Squall actually died, and everything on disc 2 is nothing but a dream that he has when life flashes before his eyes.

4. Fallout 3 Predicts the Future

Fallout 3 is one of the most cherished open world role playing games. Because it is so enormous, it should not come as a surprise that there are still many things undiscovered, even by the most serious gamers. The urban legend every gamer should know about it, is that there is something in the game that may predict the future. Apparently, the post-apocalyptic game can foresee the future in the real word, by using morse code and hidden messages within the game’s radio station.


Nevertheless, many suspect that you can actually hear a DJ on the station rambling off such cryptic phrases, which are then followed by morse code that can be interpreted as dates. Whether this video game urban legends is true or not, is left for you to discover.

3. Minecraft: Herobrine

What makes Minecraft so bloody brilliant is its simplicity. All you have to do is mine different materials in the world, and use them to build structures, buildings and monuments that your mind can come up with. Nevertheless, certain players have reported bizarre happenings in their game.


It seems that mysterious buildings have a tendency of appearing and dissapearing, and there is also a white-eyed person, which some think is the game’s protagonist. There has been a lot of heated discussion on the subject of Herobrine, some believe he is merely a glitch, while others actually think that he is a ghostly manifestation of the game creator’s deceased brother.

2. Berzerk

Berzerk is one of the classic epic arcade-era games that some people simply couldn’t get enough of. It also had one of the most iconic boss battles in Evil Otto, where you had to destroy a simple smiley face. Another record held by Berzerk is the first video-game to have been linked to the death of a person.

s 4

And it didn’t stop there! Jeff Dailey died after playing Berzerk in 1981, and in 1982 another 18-year old boy, Peter Burkowski, also died while playing it. He took a few steps back from the game, and collapsed. Both causes of death were ruled heart attacks.

1. Morrowind Mod jvk1166z.esp

Out of all the video game urban legends out there, the one about Morrowind is the strangest ones. Personally, I am not a fan of Morrowind, but many gamers still consider it the best game in the Elder Scrolls series. This is probably because it has a huge open world, and wonderful community where users mod the game, add characters and armor. As a matter of fact, there is a very macabre mod in Morrowind, that could actually drive players insane. It first appeared three years ago, and people thought it was a virus at first. When players start the game all the characters are already dead, and standing still drains your life. If you die from standing still, your new character will be revealed to you, he is referred to as the assasin. 


He has long arms and legs that can bend like a spider’s and if you pay close attention to him you can see him scurrying on walls. At night, all the NPCs would come out and when you try to interact with them they say Watch the Sky. There is also a new dungeon, which has a locked door, that nobody has managed to open. Many players have tried, and after seeing The Assasin so many times, they have actually lost their minds. Download the mod at your own risk.

Three Mysterious Men from the 20th Century

Mysterious stories, people and inexplicable phenomena have always fascinated people. Humans are drawn to enigmas, they are curious by nature, and one of their biggest goals is to somehow resolve them. Scientists and historians have dedicated their life to uncovering the greatest mysteries of the world and science. The world is full of mysterious men that have impacted history in one way or another. A few weeks back we talked about the inventor of kerosene, who also had some strange extra-curricular activities.

Today, we will present three others. Most of them were geniuses (in their own right) who lived secretive lifestyles, and left it with many unanswered questions about their motivation. The range of professions for these mysterious men includes, but is not limited to serial killers, scientists, assassins, leaders, psychics, secret spies and mafia members. Maybe it was their bizarre training, or unsubstantiated claims, but one thing is for certain, there are many conspiracy theories related to their entities. Let’s take a look at the lives of three mysterious people around the World.

3. Wolf Messing


Wolf Messing was born in Gora Kalwaria, a city situated southeast of Warsaw, Poland, around the year 1900. Since he was merely an adolescent, he claimed to have psychic powers, which manifested in altering people’s perceptions, predicting the future, mental telepathy and interpretation of body language. Obviously, he held performances to showcase his skills, and during them he would supposedly use the power of his mind to find hidden objects.

Even Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud were fascinated by him. In 1937 he predicted that Adolf Hitler would die if he would ever threaten Russia, or turn toward the East. Obviously, he angered the dictator and was exiled to Russia, where he continued to perform. A few years passed, until Stalin asked him to prove his psychic ability by convincing a bank teller to hand him over money while using only a piece of paper. The demonstration was successful, and Messing became a teacher of the KGB. He died in 1974, but not before completing his autobiography entitled About Myself, and even after explaining most of his life, he still remained among the most popular mysterious men in this world.

Motto: My ability to see the future may seem to contradict the materialist understanding of the world. But there is not a particle of the unknowable or supernatural about precognition”

2. Karl Koecher


Number two on our list is Karl Koecher, a CIA spy for the USSR who was born in Czechoslovakia in 1934. At the age of 28 he was recruited by the Czech Intelligence Agency, and in 1960 he was moved to the USA where he received a doctorate in philosophy. He is so interesting to us, because he was the only person that managed to penetrate the CIA for the Soviet Union. Even more interesting is the fact that not many details about his life were ever uncovered, so it was partly unclear if Karl was actually a double agent or not.

Needless to say, he was arrested in 1984 under penalty of being a spy. USA secret agencies tried to turn him against the URSS but didn’t manage. In the end, he was absolved of accusations and set free. In the spring of 1986 he became a spy exchange that involved Anatoly Shcharansky, and he was also suggested to have been involved in The Velvet Revolution (he denied the claims). Although details of his life are not available, Karl was connected to many conspirecies, like the Mohammed Al-Fayed’s false documents, and the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.

1. Sidney Gottlieb


Undoubtedly the most interesting person on this list, and an excellent example for our Mysterious men list, is Sidney Gottlieb, a New Yorker who was born under the name of Joseph Scheider. He received his PhD in Chemestry from Caltech, and specialized on lethal poisons. At some point in his career he joined the CIA, as a top secret biological warfare program expert. The project was entitled MKULTRA and during it he focused mainly on experiments and studies of the human mind. As you can probably expect, humans were used as guinea pigs, so from here the name of Dirty Trickster was given to him. At some point, he tried to contaminate General Abdul Karim’s handkerchief with botulinum.

Operation Midnight Climax, which you might have heard of, was aided by Gottlieb. To help the project, the CIA hired large groups of prostitutes, lured people to their house, drugged them and then had intercourse while the Dirty Trickster observed. Other projects that he was involved with include the Cuban Project, the Phoenix Program (where he performed mind control on test subjects) and it was also reported that he worked for Lockheed, DARPA, the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence and the Department of Defense.