5 Delicious Candy Like Places From Around the World

Loving to travel as much as we do has at least one major benefit (besides seeing some of the most spectacular places that this planet has to show us) and that is that we have the opportunity to present them to you also. Of course, it’s not like we are the ones who discovered them or write about them for the first time (although that would be great!), but given the chance to hear about some places or see them captured in artistic photographs, we jump to the occasion of showing off with our discoveries, enticing you to try at least go there and see them with your own eyes. Some are very popular, others are a bit more secluded, but we always enjoy writing about strange places where nature seems to have created art instead of geographical landscapes and relief forms. And today we will lead you in a world tour to see five delicious candy like places from around the world and challenge you to not mistake them for delicious sweets, treats and oversize cakes.

5. The Black Forest, Germany

black forrest

This is one of those cakes that is both fascinating, a bit scary and a bit fantastic. Germany takes pride in many touristic objectives and even some spectacular landscapes, but this dark forest is that kind of place where you would expect Maleficent to live, as it is truly the best place to feel gritty fantasy creeping up your spine, reminding you of Hansel and Gretel stories, while the sparkling colored flowers make a perfect contrast with the dark paths and atmosphere of the forest, just enough for you to feel trapped in a Disney fairytale.

4. Glass Beach, State Park, California, USA

glass beach

This place is amazing not only because it looks like a beach where a benevolent fairy godmother, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus joined forces and dropped colored, sparkling and amazingly colored candies all over the place, but because this is a former waste dump. The authorities took some much needed measures and managed to turn a garbage dump into one of the most spectacular candy like places from around the world. The “candies” are actually pieces of colored glass rounded and polished by the waters.

3. Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Cinque Terre

This place is a true jewel for Italian tourism, and Italy doesn’t lack places to see, mountains to climb, lakes to take your breath away and cities so beautiful, you might want consider relocating there for good. But this coast is different: the Five Lands are in fact 5 villages, each with its own customs, traditions and dialects, while the buildings and the setting represent the perfect stage for nature and environment to display the most amazing color combinations.

2. The Rainbow Mountains, China

rainbow mountains

This amazing place is well known among travelers and it belongs to UNESCO heritage because it is indeed unique and a must see once in a life time. This giant cake has also a location – they are the mountains belonging to Zhangye Danxia National Park and the colors you see represent millions of years of layers depositing, consisting mainly of minerals and sand stone. The rocks create a fantastical landscapes that people reproduce in Hollywood with CGI technology – if we were to make a comparison – and yet, here they are, as natural as they can be, looking like something you’d like to dig your teeth in if they were a confectioner’s gourmet cake.

1. Lake Hillier – Australia

lake hillier

Seeing this lake is like looking at the world’s largest pool of strawberry milkshake ever known to man, a natural record only west Australia could manage. But the lake’s color is not the only thing amazing about it, but the fact that the water remains deliciously pink even if removed from the lake in samples, a fact which led scientists to blame some bacterias for the appetizing aspect of this lake. Definitely one of the most sweetly delicious candy like places from around the world!

Don’t think that this is all there is. Oh no, nature is a modern, sometimes abstract, always tasteful painter who played with all imaginable and unimaginable colors possible when it created some lakes, valleys, forests, fields and beaches. So we challenge you to go see these candy like places from around the world and tell us about others you know about!

7 Interesting Human Senses You Had No Idea Existed

When someone tells you: You have a sixth sense, chances are that things like foreseeing, being able to sense undead or levitating will come to mind. What many people do not know is that the human senses are not limited to five. Sure, these five are the ā€œmainstreamā€ ones, so to say, but there are many more that you are using on a daily basis. It seems only natural that people would have an extensive palette of senses, especially considering that we are talking about such complex beings. Let’s take a look at 7 senses that you are probably using on a daily basis, but had no idea:

  1. When it’s cold outside, you shiver, and when it’s too warm, you sweat. Did you know that this has nothing to do with the sense of touch, and it is actually a sense in its own right? Yes, we are talking about thermoception: the sense of hot and cold. It operates with the help of thermo-receptors from the skin, and it helps us also adjust our temperature to the environment .

  1. Magneto is not the only one that can sense and manipulate magnetic object around him. Granted, we can’t make pots fly in think air, but our body is capable of figuring out a direction based on the Earth’s magnetic fields. I think this is very interesting. Magnetoreception is an intriguing sense indeed. The mystery around it is the fact that we do not know to what extent it can be harnessed. While some people have an uncanny sense of direction, others are less oriented. Magnetoreception is also very developed among bees, birds and cows.

human senses

  1. Itching is not just some annoying feeling you get from time to time, and it has little to do with the sense of touch. It is actually completely separate from it. When you itch, your body tells you that there is something wrong with the affected area. It may be nothing more than dry skin, but it could also be a bug that you are trying to get off. Either way, itching is the perfect way of attracting attention to a problematic area of the body.

  1. Chronoception is governed by the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which also controls the circadian rhythms. Studies have shown that younger people are especially good with perception of time. Chronoception is yet another sense that you probably did not know you had, and it is extremely important, because the ability to perceive the passing of time can help you organize your life more efficiently.

human senses

  1. There is one moment during a meal when you feel that you can’t eat any more. That is when people usually take a deep breath, and continue to stuff their faces. That moment indicates that you no longer need to eat, because you are full. Your body is letting you know that you have reached capacity. Did you know that this is also a sense? It is called the sense of fullness, and it helps the body catch up with what the body is doing.

  1. Number six on our list of senses is Proprioception, undoubtedly one of the most important human senses. Most of us take it for granted, day after day, but when we are left without it, we find even the most trivial of tasks, impossible. Prioriception is essentially the sense of where your arms and legs are, in relation to the rest of your body and surroundings. In other words, it enables you to interact with things around you, efficiently.

human senses

  1. The last sense that we would like to present to you is nociception. It is not one of the most beloved senses, because it refers to ability of your body to feel pain. Many scientists consider that it should be lumped in with touch, but it is so very different from it, that it would be impossible. As a matter of fact, some doctors actually suggest dividing it into pain located in the skin, the bones and the organs themselves. Although nobody wants to be in pain, you might want to feel it, since there are obvious dangers without it. Pain is basically a symptom of something wrong in your body, if you don’t feel it, you will never know how your health is.

Plastic Surgery Obsessions: 3 Cases to Remember

When it comes to plastic surgery, you’d think that only celebrities, fashion models, entertainment stars, or some weird people (trying to resemble other real or fictional characters) are the only ones to commit their lives to all sorts of surgeries and interventions in order to look more beautiful, reshape their bodies, their faces, change how they look and reach a personal goal of perfection.

Plastic surgery, besides its medical and healthy features in some cases, has also a “show – off” side that society associates more and more with superficiality, but this is not for us to judge. The reason men and women alike are transforming their bodies to look in a certain kind of way is an issue between them and their surgeons. However, today we will look at some cases of plastic surgery obsessions which have nothing to do with the glamorous life of celebrities, but with real, “normal” people who took aesthetic surgery to a whole different level. Let’s see 3 cases of plastic surgery obsessions and their impact on peoplesā€™ everyday lives.

1. The plastic surgeon who “carved” into his daughters

michael nicole

The news about Doctor Michael Niccole traveled the world fast last year, when the media got onto his case. The American plastic surgeon is the proud father of two amazing looking daughters, and what father wouldn’t be proud of such family? But the good doctor did more than any average loving father would do for his daughters to grow healthy and beautiful: he started operating on them while they were still children (first daughter to undergo belly button reshaping was only ten years old). The two happy daughters are actually marketing for their daddy’s surgical talents and daddy is happy to offer them boob jobs and other remodeling interventions. Does make sense, right?

2. Sarah Burge is investing into her daughter’s future

sarah burge

Sarah Burge has her own Wikipedia page and this is not small thing, especially if we look at her public statements, interviews and media follow-ups: she invested in her own plastic surgeries around a half million dollars, she had a serious case of fraud in the 2000’s and in the last years, the press was all over her because the woman regularly gifted her minor daughter plastic surgeries and plastic procedures vouchers, including boob jobs and liposuction… Hey, you may never know when the daughter of the so called “Barbie Woman” (although, in recent times, we have a lot of much younger and even crazier human Barbies roaming around) is going to decide that 16 years old is a good age to adjust your bra size or have a nose job. Who knows, maybe Dr. Michael Niccole is going to help the girl, out of empathy, of course.

1. The plastic surgeon that created his perfect bride

Dr David Matlock

If we remember correctly, the world read some stories related to a Dr. Frankenstein, a monster and a monster’s bride… right? Well… we have a doctor, plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock – who was searching for his perfect mate, poor soul, and couldn’t find it…

Until one day, when she walked into his office asking for a… vaginal procedure. It was love at first sight and their story was quite hot in the press a few years back, as we aren’t the first to have thought about monsters creating perfect brides and actually carving with a knife a woman to make her… perfect. The two of them got married and apparently they spend their time in his office, planning new surgeries for the happy wife – who apparently doesn’t feel offended that her husband considers she needs all sorts of adjustments.

As you can see, plastic surgery obsessions seem to take over the world. The new Barbies are getting more in the open – young girls who undergo unimaginable surgeries in order to look more and more like perfect plastic dolls. And, as you can see, they also find some understanding and supporting doctors who seem more than willing to turn people into objects of true adoration.


human barbie

The 8 Best Horror Games of All Time

If you thought Horror Movies were gruesome, you definitely had no idea how terrifying a horror video game can be. Game lovers have always loved to test different games, but not all of them are for the faint of heart. Whereas movies show you a story that cannot be controlled, horror video-games are an entirely different story. This time you are the one running away from starving zombies, creeping about in the shadows or simply skulking on dark hallways. For those in search of a thrill, from the comfort of their couch, we give 10 bloody and truly scary video horror games: (this list was arranged according to personal preference)

8. Thief: Deadly Shadows

horror games

Thief is one of my favorite video-games of all times. The impending release of its sequel, brilliant story-line and interesting protagonist have sparked a nostalgia that is difficult to contain. But aside from the positive features of the game, there is also a darker side that needs to be mentioned. It is not called Thief for nothing. Your primary objective is to creep through the shadows, steal stuff, and asassinate anyone that gets in your way. There is one particular mission that made me truly afraid: the Orphenage one. This was a chapter worthy of a horror movie. Not only do you have to enter an abbandoned orphenage that is teeming with undead, but if you ever get the great idea of stabbing one of them you will be surprised by the fact that they come back to life, even after you have subdued them. In addition to these the creepy sound effects and movies will make you want to turn off your speakers as soon as possible.

7. Fatal Frame 2

Any horror movie that was ever conceived by Japanese people, was downright scary. Fatal Frame 2 is no exception. In this wonderful story, you have to play the role of Mio Amakura, who is accompanied by her sister Mayu, into the ‘Lost Villageā€, a place packed with tormented spirits of the dead. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to use the Camera Obscura, a camera that dispels evel spirits, all from a first person perspective.

6. Slender (Man)

horror games

Slender has been the talk of the internet for the past couple of years. It is also one of the biggest indie games of 2012, which managed, through its gloomy atmosphere, and bizarre story-line, to freak out even the strongest of souls. It is definitely not recommended to the faint of heart. What basically happens during the game, is that you wonder through some creepy, eerie woods at midnight, in search of eight pages. Slenderman is always there, always watching, and you will probably have the feeling that he is always there, waiting to snatch you.

5. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead game is vaguely similar to the original story, but it has a graphical style that imitates the grotesque look of its novel, only in a more sketchy manner. People who have enjoyed Back to the Future Fables and Jurassic Park, will also be excited about the number five in our horror games list, even if it’s very scary.

4. Resident Evil Remake

The first time I saw Resident Evil, I cried, curled up in a ball and hid under the blankets. The game is not very much different. Nevertheless, Resident Evil Remake is beautiful, even in its grotesqueness and scariness due to its incredible level of detail. Do you think Resident Evil is worthy of a number four in our horror movies list?

3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Shadow of Chernobyl

You’d think that running around a irradiated area in the world would be enough to scare anyone, but this indie horror gem has more to offer than you would think. Unsettling landscapes, weird-looking monsters, and nightmare after nightmare being thrown in your direction are only a few of the reasons why you should call for helm. This horror video-game portrays your character, who has limited means of survival, and you have to go up against mutated monsters. Sounds like fun.

2. Outlast

horror games

Without a doubt, one of the most psychotic, and terrifying horror games in the world, Outlast brings you face to face with a bunch of crazy inmates from a deserted asylum, a weird priest, and a great big mystery to solve. So what can you do when the s*** hits the fan and you wake up in the dark? Hide! Outlast is horrible, and we don’t recommend it to people who get scared easily.

1. Corpse party

If you think that 8-bit retro graphics can’t scare the living daylights out of you, think again. Do you know the legend of Herobrine? If you do then you are probably as terrified about the pixeled, yellow-shirt man as other people were. Corpse Party is yet another thrilling experience that happens in a haunted school, how fitting for a horror games example. The plotline is about 8 students who are transported to an alternate universe of spirits with unfinished agendas. Your mission is to gather info from rotting corpses. The 2d-retro rendering style and binaural 3D audio will drive even more horror in your bones.

Dangerous Encounters: 3 People who Took Stalking Too Far

Most people use the term stalker when joking about their social media profiles, or people at school that they think have a crush on them. However, there is nothing more scary than knowing that you are being watched and harassed by a mentally ill person. The problem with stalking is that, in the past, there were not many laws that could protect the victim. Nowadays, it is usually necessary to be harassed or hurt before proper laws are enacted. In a way we understand that it can be very difficult to decide whether or not an individual is actually in danger, but in most situations, a stalker will have little regard for their obsessions feelings, and when rejected, they usually react aggressively. Let’s take a look at the most popular cases of sadistic stalkers.

1. Dangerous Encounters: Theresa Saldana & Arthur Richard Jackson


Nowadays, there’s nothing unusual about hearing stories of celebrity stalkers, and obsessive fans. Luckily, not many of them were taken to the extreme. Actress Theresa Saldana wasn’t as lucky as celebrity these days. The Theresa, Arthur stalking situation, which escalated into violence, is also one of the first cases of celebrity stalking cases to have gained national attention. As you may very well know, in 1982, the 27-year-old actress had already appeared in great movies like Raging Bull and I wanna Hold Your Hand. However, it was her appearance in the movie Defiance that caught the eye of her obsessed fan: Arthur Richard Jackson. After seeing her perform, the 47-year-old Aberdeen Drifter traveled across the globe, illegally crossed the border, all to meet Seldana, kill her and join her in the after life.

To make his plan work, he hired a private investigator to fetch her mother’s phone number. Then he pretended to be working with director Marin Scorsese, and claimed he was interested in casting Seldana in a future movie. The mother provided him with her Hollywood address. Jackson traveled there, waited for her to exit her house and stabbed her 10 times with a hunting knife. The only reason Seldana survived was because a deliveryman, Jeffrey Fenn, rushed to the scene of the crime. She made a full recovery.

2.Ā Dangerous Encounters:Ā Priyadarshini Mattoo & Santosh Singh

This is undoubtedly the most controversial criminal case in the history of India, which involves the death of a 25-year-old law student, under the name of Priyadarshini Mattoo. You may not have noticed from the name, but she is a woman. Obviously, she drew the attention of another student, Santosh Singh, who decided to stalk, and harass her throughout the year, until she finally complained to the police. This did not hinder Santosh’s efforts, and on January 23, 1996 she was rapped, beaten and strangled to death with a wire.


Because Santosh’s father happened to be the Inspector-General on the police force, he was acquitted of the crime, to the uproar of the public. He was given the benefit of the doubt, but only seven years later, in 2006, he was sentenced to death for his crime. In the end he atoned for his crime with a life-time of imprisonment.

3.Dangerous Encounters:Ā Collete Dwyer & Derrick Todd Lee

The biggest problem with stalking cases, as we already mentioned, is to be taken seriously by the authorities. This is what happened to Collette Dwyer, a woman who was harrased by a supposedly serial killer in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Derrick Todd Lee usually hung around her work place, and developed an obsession for her. In 1999 he broke into her apartment and claimed that all he wanted was to love and take care of Collete. Somewhere along the road, Derrick was accused and imprisoned for an unrelated crime. After 2 years in the prison he was set free and started stalking her again.

New Picture 295_thumb[2]

In 2003, Lee was quiestioned for the rape of a woman, and had a DNA sample taken, that linked him to other murders. Apparently he was the Baton Rouge Serial Killer, who took the life of seven women. He was sentenced to death but still sits in death row at Louisiana State Penitentiary.