5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True

The expression “conspiracy theory” has always existed, but it undoubtedly met a boom in popularity in recent years. This happened as a result of things such as the Illuminati becoming extremely present in media and especially in the YouTube comment sections of big VEVO channels. Some, if not most of these theories are ridiculous or completely insane. There are people that genuinely believe the moon is a hologram, that dinosaurs built the pyramids or that the world is ruled by alien lizards in human suits. But speaking of aliens: the existence of extraterrestrial life is the oldest conspiracy theory out there.

Are we alone in the universe? Here’s one question that still hasn’t been answered, regardless of all the proof and testimonies that strongly indicate we’re not the sole inhabitants of this huge universe. These 5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True are supported by many people, which makes their likelihood all the more possible.

1. JFK Assassinated by the CIA

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - JFK Assassination

The only thing more speculated than UFO’s is John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Many theories have tried to explain the reasoning behind the tragedy and an alien conspiracy is one of them. Apparently, JFK himself witnessed a UFO and made it his goal to search for the truth. In fact, some of his last words before his death had to do with his intention to bring to light all the secrets of outer space life. Because of this, some people believe that he was assassinated by the CIA in order to silence him and keep the public in the dark.

2. Illuminati World Control

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Hologram

Since it’s clear that trying to take control of the world via Beyonce and Katy Perry music videos isn’t going so well, the New World Order has been working on something else. In 2009, a strange blue light was recorded in the sky of Norway. Officially, it is said to have been a meteorological phenomenon. Conspiracy theorists, however, buy none of that. They think that this was a simulation for “Project Blue Beam,” something that the Illuminati have been working on as a means to seize world control.

It’s said that, in order for the domination to happen, all the people of Earth need to surrender and not fight back. One way they’re allegedly trying to achieve this is by projecting a hologram into the sky, big enough to be witnessed from every corner of the world. Some say that this hologram is going to imitate an alien invasion. Some say it will be a godly figure that will try to tell us surrendering is for the best. Either way, the New World Order needs to be more careful when testing its supposedly secret weapons.

3. Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappearance

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Flight 370

The case of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing, along with its 227 passengers, in 2014 has been analyzed and debated over and over again. It’s due to be remembered as one of the greatest mysteries in history, given the fact that it seems to have literally disappeared. The plane suddenly vanished from all radars, and no one has heard or seen anything about it since. While most people say it clearly crashed, there is something that strongly counterattacks this possibility: the plane, or the remains of it, has yet to be found.

Conspiracy theorists think they have an answer to this enigma: the plane was actually abducted by a UFO. Unlike the plane crash theory, there is proof to back this possibility up. Right before it vanished, the flight’s radars detected an unknown flying object. I don’t know if this is strange or concerning, but so far, it seems that an alien intervention seems to have been a more likely reason for the Malaysia Airlines disappearance.

4. Alien Jesus

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Alien Jesus

Not even Jesus Christ can escape the tight grasp of conspiracy theorists. They believe that he was an extraterrestrial entity who came to Earth with benevolent intentions. According to those who support this theory, it would explain how he was able to perform miracles and why he often said that he was “not of this world.” They even try to explain the resurrection, claiming that when he ascended, he was actually picked up by his alien buddies and returned home. We definitely know that Jesus was special and otherworldly, but it seems like some people took that part a little bit out of context and had way too much fun with it.

5. USA’s Hidden War Fleet

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - War Fleet

When people make movies or any other forms of media about alien invasions, we are always put at disadvantage. That’s because, naturally, our military is terrestrial, and there is nothing we can do to stop alien ships from entering out atmosphere. You’d think that with all this considered, humanity would start building intergalactic ships that could stop any possible invaders before they break through. We never learn, do we?

Or maybe we do. There are people (conspiracy theorists, obviously), who strongly believe that NASA does everything but send astronauts on space exploration missions. This is supposedly a simple cover up for the general public. What they’re really doing is build a defense system made up of intergalactic war fleets, which are hovering above Earth right as we speak. I mean, this doesn’t sound bad. It’s the opposite, actually. We definitely can’t prove, neither disprove, that this theory is true. After all, the only ones to know what’s really going on in outer space are NASA employees, who were careless enough to apparently leak some top secret documents. These documents talked about something called the “Solar Warden Program,” and it’s considered to be solid proof for this theory.

I mean, this doesn’t sound bad. It’s the opposite, actually. We definitely can’t prove, neither disprove, that this theory is true. After all, the only ones to know what’s really going on in outer space are NASA employees, who were careless enough to apparently leak some top secret documents. These documents talked about something called the “Solar Warden Program,” and it’s considered to be solid proof for this theory.

Do you believe any of these theories may be real? And say you don’t, do you think alien life exists? More and more people join sides with those that believe it. If you consider all the aspects, they have good reason to. Technology keeps growing more advanced, helping us explore the universe even further. So far, it seems like it’s practically infinite. Is it really that impossible for us to not be the only species, given this situation? But from believing in outer space life to 5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True, there’s a pretty big step. Don’t recommend taking it.

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16 Most Insane Things Found By Airport Security

I sure hope that TSA employees receive regular payment bonuses for their job because it’s definitely one of the most nerve-wracking occupations at the moment. They are obligated to follow a set of incredibly strict regulations, and a single mistake can prove to be dangerous or even catastrophic. But, aside from being awfully stressful, this job also comes with another amazing feature: human contact.

When working with such a big influx of passengers going back and forth between flights, you are bound to encounter all kinds of people. After writing up this list of the 16 Most Insane Things Found By Airport Security On Travelers, I’m tempted to say that TSA workers have seen it all. Don’t believe me? By all means, read on.

1. Dead Snakes

Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Dead Snakes

I’m resisting the urge to make a Snakes On A Plane joke. It’s too easy. According to the TSA blog, a passenger alerted the explosive substance detector’s alarm. When airport security checked the traveler’s luggage, they discovered bags filled with liquid and dead venomous snakes. The best part is that, legally, there was nothing wrong with that, since there’s no law against deceased snakes flying on a plane.

2. Saw Blades

Saw Blades - Insane Things Found By Airport Security

Bringing sharp objects with you on a plane is vehemently forbidden. This is why, usually, when someone is caught carrying these types of objects with them, this is either because they’ve never been in an airport before or they have some scores to settle if you catch my drift. In this case, it was shockingly neither. Those were Christmas gifts!

3. Grenades

Grenades, Among The Insane Things Found By Airport Security

Let’s say that you weren’t aware that you are forbidden to bring on board liquids that go over a certain limit. That’s understandable. Let’s say you didn’t know you can’t bring razors either. On a good day, we’ll say that’s also understandable. But grenades? This is what a passenger, who was caught carrying a grenade in his baggage, claimed.

4. Cannonball

Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Canonball

Given how quickly this is escalating, I’m hoping number ten won’t be something like a tank or a fully armed AK-47 hidden among socks. Anyway, an actual cannonball was found in a luggage, and it caused so much panic that the respective area of the airport was evacuated, and a team of bombing technicians and explosive specialists was summoned. Fortunately, it turned out to be harmless.

5. Cellphone (Stun Gun)

Stun Gun - Insane Things Found By Airport Security

Someone disguised a stun gun into a cell phone and thought they could casually carry it through airport security. You can barely get through airport security with some hand lotion, let alone a stun gun.

6. Powder Horn

Insane Things Found By Airport Security Include A Powder Horn

As aesthetically pleasing this horn might be, it was actually very dangerous. Discovered at Little Rock, within a carry-on baggage, it hid roughly three ounces of black powder, which is incredibly flammable.

7. Chastity Belt

 Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Chastity Belt

Uh… So, apparently, someone was so worried about the integrity of their chastity, that they decided to take a page out of the medieval book and wear a belt to protect it. Needless to say, the checkpoint gate alarms couldn’t have possibly known about the passenger’s noble intentions.

8. Fish

Fish - Insane Things Found By Airport Security

From the “animals on planes” category, we bring you: beings of Earth’s seas and oceans. Unlike the snakes, though, these 163 tropical fish and the other approximately 70 aquatic species were still alive and kicking. The traveler was allegedly flying them so they would inhabit a big aquarium. The TSA disagreed, confiscating them and passing them to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

9. Shurikens

Shurikens, Among The Insane Things Found By Airport Security

Found at more than one airport checkpoint in the USA, shurikens are weapons that were famously used by ninjas. There are so many questions here. Are these people collecting them? Are they criminals with a fine taste in weaponry? Are they actual ninjas? If so, the fact that they travel via plane kind of shatters the mystery surrounding them.

10. Minefield

Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Minefield

You thought a grenade and a razor were bad? What about a whole minefield, full of replica claymore mines?

11. VCR Filled With Smartphones

VCR Filled With Smartphones - Insane Things Found By Airport Security

When the TSA began thinking that there was something suspicious about a particular VCR that a passenger was transporting, upon cracking it open, they discovered that they had a good reason for it. Next to a VHS tape were lined up twenty-three smartphones, all wrapped one by one in aluminum foil and taped to the VCR unit. Even though this was a painfully obvious case of black marketing, the traveler got the green light to board them on the plane, since they weren’t considered to be dangerous.

12. Grenade Launcher

Insane Things Found By Airport Security Include A Grenade Launcher

Found in a luggage at Seattle Tacoma, this grenade launcher probably belonged to someone who was going to meet up with the other fellows that had been caught with grenades on them. An eye for an eye, a grenade for a launcher.

13. Bear Spray

 Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Bear Spray

A passenger was stopped by security at the Newark airport and it was discovered that he was carrying bear spray in his sock. The world is unpredictable, so it never hurts to be prepared at all times for the moment that bear apocalypse is going to kick in.

14. Pigeons

Pigeons - Insane Things Found By Airport Security

No, they weren’t dead. No, they weren’t in the passenger’s baggage. A man was arrested at the Melbourne airport after it was discovered that he transported two live pigeons in his trousers.

15. Illegal Content In A Grenade

Drugs In A Grenade, Some Of The Insane Things Found By Airport Security

Someone thought that the best way to sneak an illegal thing through airport security is by hiding it inside another illegal thing. Even the TSA employees were bewildered by the passenger’s choice of transportation.

16. Human Skull

Insane Things Found By Airport Security - Human Skull

Upon the inspection of a baggage, TSA agents working at Fort Lauderdale found actual human remains inside of several clay pots. The passengers that were transporting them claimed they had no idea about the sinister contents, but the area was still considered a crime scene afterward and thoroughly inspected.

Being a TSA agent is an… interesting job to say the least. As proven by the 16 Most Insane Things Found By Airport Security, when an alarm goes off, you can find a variety of things: some hilarious, some incredibly weird, and some able to potentially cause a hazard of proportions. Therefore, with all these things in mind, think carefully if you can put up with situations like these if you’re planning on getting a job at an airport’s security gates.

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14 Most Insane Rulers That Have Ever Lived

It takes a special kind of person to be able to rule a nation, but it takes an even more special kind of person to be forever reminisced and not get lost in the sands of time. Let’s say you could suddenly become the leader of a country. What do you think history books are going to remember you for? Most people would rather be talked about for their heroic deeds, but unfortunately, here we are – talking about the 14 Most Insane Rulers That Have Ever Lived. Some of them were a majorly harmless kind of crazy. Well, that’s not really the right word, but the point is that they weren’t the sadistic-torturer of crazy. Others were miles worse. Either way, here they are; future leaders, read and learn.

1. Emperor Caligula

Most Insane Rulers - Caligula

So many people have approached this kind of list before, and on basically all of them, you will find Caligula at the top of the hierarchy. That’s not something to be proud of, because he committed deeds so horrible that we can’t even enumerate for the sake of keeping this article family friendly. I’ll just tell you to eventually Google them at some point and swiftly move on.

2. King George III Of England

King George III - Most Insane Rulers

Suffering from dementia, King George III couldn’t even remember that he was the king or that his wife died. He also attended a very, ahem, memorable Christmas dinner, since he did nothing but blabber nonsense for almost sixty hours straight. Oh, but don’t worry, his madness isn’t the only thing history remembers. It also remembers that he lost the American colonies!

3. Henry VI Of England

Henry VI Was One Of The Most Insane Rulers

I don’t know, seems like life as an English monarch was pretty mentally scarring. Henry VI’s issue was that he was bipolar to the point he was unable to properly rule anymore, forcing his wife to take over.

4. Charles IX Of France

Most Insane Rulers Include Charles IX

Basically the real life version of Joffrey, Charles IX had some serious temper issues. He once attacked his sister with his bare fists, and during her wedding, he ordered the murder of thousands of people who were protesting outside.

5. Afonso VI Of Portugal

Afonso VI, Among The Most Insane Rulers

Afonso VI was a monarch that was both mentally and physically handicapped, remaining paralyzed on one half of his body at the age of three. He was known for his sadistic pastimes and for his uncontrollable gluttony and laziness. In fact, he usually ate all of his meals in bed, almost always stuffing himself to the point of sickness.

6. Carlos II Of Spain

Most Insane Rulers - Carlos II

This Spanish leader was the unfortunate result of years and years of inbreeding, which resulted in deformities both mental and physical. His appearance was so ruined, that he could barely close his mouth to chew, and many considered him to be a “monstrosity.” Needless to say, he was incapable of ruling, so his mother was the one who did the leading in his stead, while he lived his life believing to be bewitched.

7. Christian VII Of Denmark

Christian VII - Most Insane Rulers

Do you know who is the most entitled to complain that they’re doing all the work? Christian VII’s adviser council, that’s who. Since the monarch suffered from paranoia, hallucinations and self-mutilation tendencies, he wasn’t exactly the most suitable person to watch over a country. Oh, and he also randomly slapped people. A true leader.

8. Otto Of Bavaria

Otto Of Bavaria Is One Of The Most Insane Rulers

Speak from jumping out of the pot straight into the fire. Otto came to replace his also insane brother, Ludwig II, but it turns out that actually was worse. He wasn’t exactly at a random-fist-fights-with-your-sister level of madness, but he couldn’t go anywhere without blabbering and breaking things in his path.

9. Queen Maria I Of Portugal

Most Insane Rulers Include Maria I

Take a genealogy already plagued by inbreeding and a history of madness, combine it with the consecutive loss of your loved ones, and you get Queen Maria I. It’s understandable that, under these conditions, she completely lost it, though, but can you imagine working in the palace? Allegedly the late night hours within its walls were filled with agonizing cries and screaming.

10. Fyodor I Of Russia

Fyodor I, Among The Most Insane Rulers

Ah, finally, an insane ruler who wasn’t hurting anybody. Fyodor I was a particularly pious man, who spent a lot of his time praying. After his daughter died, he started wandering around the Russian lands and rang every church bell he stumbled upon. This is how he came to be nicknamed as Fyodor “The Bellringer.”

11. Maria Eleonora Of Brandenburg

Maria Eleonora Was Definitely In The Top Most Insane Rulers

This queen wasn’t going to give up until she would give birth to a boy. This is probably why, after she was blessed with a daughter, she was overtaken by madness. Despite her husband being incredibly happy to have a girl, Maria Eleonora lived with the paranoia that he wasn’t pleased, so she tried numerous times to kill her. Fortunately, her daughter lived to see another day.

12. Ivan IV

Most Insane Rulers - Ivan IV

You may better know him by the name of Ivan the Terrible. And, boy, did he have a good reason to be called that way. Years of suffering and abuse took their toll on his mental health. When he was only 14, he conquered Russia and decided to feed a pack of dogs with, um, the government. The list of his terrible deeds is long, so let’s stop here.

13. Ludwig II Of Bavaria

Ludwig II - Most Insane Rulers

The brother and predecessor of the previously mentioned Otto, Ludwig II was a lousy ruler for the plain reason that he wasn’t really ruling at all. His favorite hobby was building castles from fairy tales. This would be an endearing way to spend your leisure time, if it weren’t for the fact he had a country to lead.

14. Juana I Of Spain

Most Insane Rulers - Juana I

She feared the prospect of infidelity so much that, even after his death, she refused to let any women near his corpse. That included nuns, too.

Simply thinking about all these people is enough to make you slightly uncomfortable, so I guess we can all be grateful they aren’t the rulers of our world as we know it today. Sure, our leaders have their issues too, but at least we don’t need to worry that someone will feed the government to dogs. I hope. Basically, let’s be grateful they aren’t the 14 Most Insane Rulers That Have Ever Lived.

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5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

I’ve always had a perhaps strange obsession with the world of paranormal, but it’s comforting to know that I’m far from being the only one. In fact, there are people who go to greater lengths to pursue their passion; they don’t settle for some Internet browsing and creepy pasta reading, they become something crazy, like ghost hunters. Either way, the paranormal phenomenon is vast and inclusive: haunted places, spirit activity, urban legends, creepy pastas, myths and so on. Let’s go back to urban legends for a second, though. They’re probably the scariest component of the paranormal, since they’re constructed in a way that makes them seem the closest to reality. Many of us end up double checking over our shoulders when walking alone, at night, on a deserted alley, after consuming an urban legend story. In the last few years, there is one in particular that took great proportions and exploded, mostly because it stopped being a simple, baseless myth: it has proof. Many, many people have begun sharing their experiences with the so called “black eyed children,” something truly concerning for all of us who were used with stories that have no foundations. The BEK’s, as they’re shortly referred to, are children with pitch black eyes, who have a strong desire to get in your home or climb into your car, and ooze a powerful sensation of dread and panic. This exact pattern can be found in these 5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters, as told by various Reddit users.

1. Bus Ride

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters - Bus Ride

This is a story told by a security guard, who was riding the bus around the late night hour of 1 AM. At one point, a young man got on the ride, properly dressed and carrying a suitcase. Although he didn’t pay much attention to the man at first, our narrator points out that he suddenly noticed the man was holding a cigarette between his teeth and chewing on it. Unsettled, the story reaches its climax when our security guard says the man abruptly turned out, his eyes pitch black, a dreadful grin on his face and tobacco remains painting his teeth. The Reddit user concludes by mentioning he changed his seat and moved behind the driver’s seat, though he also points out the possibility of a prank by saying he later noticed the man casually chatting with a girl.

2. Hairdresser

Hairdresser - Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

I’ve heard this particular story before, and it’s become a bit of a BEK encounter classic. Reddit user BigTaco123 shared the tale of their first and only experience, when they were twelve years old. Parked outside of the hair salon where their mother was getting a haircut, the user noticed a boy on the sidewalk that they confused with an old friend. After our narrator banged on the window to get his attention, the boy approached the car and simply gave an empty stare for a few good moments. This is when the black eyes were brought to the user’s attention, who accentuates how terrifying the sight was by detailing how his irises were lost in the sea of pitch blackness. The boy then said, “You must let me in,” at which point the user locked the doors and cocooned in the space between the seats. When the mother returned from the salon, she mentioned that a young boy approached her and asked for her car keys. Chilling, right?

3. Unwavering Eye Contact

This Is One Of The Most Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters

Freelancer47 shared the story of when, one night, he escorted a young woman to her car, because she was terrified of several children who were supposedly following her around. After some minutes of walking and chatting, she stopped, squeezed his arm and pointed out that the children in talk were across the street. Ready to give them a good scolding, the user approached them, but was startled by the unsettling fact that they were completely still and didn’t break once their eye contact. This was an instant red flag for him, as he claims that he is generally intimidating. He quickly retreated and then pointed the woman to the nearest police station.

4. Halloween

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters Happen On Halloween Too

This story is shared by an user, who heard it from a neighbor who first-hand experienced the phenomenon. A well known Halloween lover, the neighbor suddenly stopped decorating his house for Halloween. When our user approached to ask him about it, he responded by saying something terrified him so much a year prior, he decided on keeping his house in the dark. A little bit past midnight on Halloween night, he opened the door to greet two boys, only to freeze in the frame when a wave of dread washed over him. The boys weren’t dressed up, but what stood out was the pitch blackness of their pupils, which swallowed even the whiteness of their eyes. They started insisting on being let into the house to use the phone, but as much as the man wanted to slam the door, he claims something was holding him back, as if he was caught in the spell. He eventually closed the door, but didn’t go to bed until 5 AM, in fear that they’d find a way into his house.

5. 6 AM Knock

Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters - 6 AM Knock

A newlywed couple that had just moved from the countryside to a big city, was abruptly woken up by a knock on the door at six in the morning. The husband went to answer the door, being greeted by the sight of a young boy clothed in a long, black leather coat, wearing sunglasses and eating an apple. He asked if he could come in to warm up several times, each time getting vehemently turned down. Just when the husband was about to close the door for another time, threatening to call the police, the boy stuck his hand out and stopped the door in its hinges, lowered his glasses and revealed a pair of eyes swallowed by a sea of blackness. The only thing he said was, “You won’t be calling anybody.” After slamming the door, this was the last time the couple saw the boy. Later, when the husband went outside, he was startled to find his considerably tall patio fence still locked from the inside, and a half eaten apple lying on the ground.

The most unsettling part about all of this, though, has to be that there are so many more stories where these came from. Black eyed children seem to be the most widely witnessed urban legend, having plenty of proof to back it up. Obviously, we’re not trying to freak anyone out, since the best way to avoid them is by doing something that we should already be doing: not opening the door to strangers. And especially creepy looking children. These were 5 Chilling Black Eyed Children Encounters to remind you of that.

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5 Strange Truths About Your Valentine’s Day Roses

Ah, yes. Valentine’s Day. The day when the scent of love invades our senses (even to the point of trespassing) and dazes our heads. Regardless of what your personal opinion towards the thing is, we can’t deny that the 14th of February is becoming a bigger and bigger mark on our calendars. All that it’s been doing for the last decades is receive more media exposure, more people accepting to celebrate it and, by extension, more people to boost the sales of every florist who sells roses. I dare say that all of those gifts we associate with the big day of some dude named Valentine, have become more or less an obligation. So, unless you want to sleep for the next week on the welcome carpet at the entrance, you better prepare for The Hunger Games of emptying shelves in your local supermarket’s chocolate aisle. Still, there is nothing that says the three magic words (food is ready) quite like the ever so mysterious and romantic rose. But, like most things that seem beautiful and harmless, your Valentine’s Day bouquet has a baggage of 5 Strange Truths About Your Valentine’s Day Roses that most florists have to face on a regular basis.

1. The Holiday Of Secret Affairs

Truths About Your Valentine's Day Roses - Affairs

Florists have pretty much seen it all. When cheating is involved (how romantic), opting to order your two (or more if you’re greedy and just that much of a horrible person) bouquets online seems like a bit of a dangerous idea. So, most of these people need to actually move and come face to face with the florists, then let all of the secrets pour. After all, it’s not like they have anyone to share them with, aside from websites and other publication platforms visited by thousands of people.

Either way, flowers have become a traditional method of either mending, either breaking a relationship. More than once, according to an interviewed florist, flower shops are visited by people who will even go as far as to purposely ruin the day of their exes. Some ordered withered flowers to be delivered to them or, even crazier, someone asked if the pretty rose bouquet could be sent off with a nice dose of bees to the side too.

2. Why Roses Are Expensive

Expensive - Truths About Your Valentine's Day Roses

I’m not up to date with the whereabouts of the flower growing world, but I do know that I’ve always been aware of one thing: roses are just expensive as heck. But what is the reason for that? Surely there have to be flowers that are considerably superior in aesthetic, scent and longevity, right? Surprisingly, the price has nothing to do with any of those, but it’s rather a typical effect of the supply-demand curve. We grew to associate roses with Valentine’s Day, so we will go buy roses. Flower shops take advantage of that and, boom, we get astronomical prices every time we decide to spoil our other halves with at least one rose.

So, it’s simply business. Many people don’t seem to understand that, though, and they pointlessly feel infuriated whenever they learn of the price attached to a bouquet of roses. But when florists try to convince them that any other flower would send the message across just as well, they huff and puff and desperately cling to the mass produced flower that’s economically bound to be the most expensive. You just can’t win.

3. Why Roses Actually Suck

Truths About Your Valentine's Day Roses Include How Awful They Are

But why all this fuss around roses? They are, statistically and practically, the most difficult kind of flower. The first sign that you should turn around and buy something else is their longevity. Most flowers actually last a few weeks, except for roses. On a bad day, they may start to wither in just a couple of days, along with your $100 invested in that short lived bouquet. I mean, nothing says “forever and ever” like a gift that dies off and falls apart after three days. Sweet!

If that wasn’t bad enough, roses are also associated with a series of diseases. Fortunately (well, I guess not for them), the ones most likely to encounter them are the growers and florists. As customers, the only disease you will have to face after purchasing a dozen of roses is the barrage of reproof from your significant other over your poor gift choices.

4. Emotional Disaster

Emotional Disasters Are Some Truths About Your Valentine's Day Roses

Next time you arrange your roses, think of all the tears that were invested in getting them into your vase. Halloween pumpkin sales and Christmas tinsel sales are nothing compared to flower sales near or on Valentine’s Day. Orders for flowers start piling up months ahead of the holiday, and with so many demands, there are bound to be some mistakes too. Unfortunately, we are fickle and impatient creatures, so it’s practically impossible to find a customer who will understand that you accidentally delivered them a bouquet of daffodils with a love message from a strange man named Bob. This often leaves florists depressed and extremely stressed, so it’s no easy business.

5. Awkward Deliveries

Truths About Your Valentine's Day Roses - Awkward Deliveries

I’m sure all of this sounds at least a tiny bit hilarious from the sidelines, but try putting yourself in the place of the poor delivery man or florist who has to make it rain rose petals over the heads of a divorced couple. Although flower shops these days hire companies to bring the flowers to our doorsteps, there are some florists who still have to do the deliveries themselves. Regardless of which kind it is, we feel sorry for them. It’s not easy bringing a bouquet that was ordered before a husband’s death, to the widow, and cheerfully chime, “Harry will see you tonight!”

The life of a florist in the heart of the “love season” is tough. They have to deal with keeping secrets, balancing tons of orders of the oddest caliber and, to top it all, they have to make sure they won’t spend the rest of the month in hospital because of stress and rose diseases. Either way, we need to appreciate them more, and acknowledge all the effort and the 5 Truths About Your Valentine’s Day Roses that are hidden in our overpriced tokens of affection.

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