By 2025 NASA States we Will Find Alien Life

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In a recent panel hosted by NASA, head scientists have stated that this generation will see the discovery of alien life forms in our own galaxy – or at least near our galaxy.

NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan has stated – ” I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years. We know where to look. We know how to look. In most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

Those are some risky claims NASA scientists are willing to make – not because it is impossible, we all know that we aren’t alone in the universe, but because it is dangerous on so many levels.

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Stephen Hawking, the world renowned theoretical physicist, and cosmologist has warned us countless times not to seek alien life forms – because they will be our demise. “Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach,” Hawking said. “If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for material to build more spaceships so they could move on. Who knows what the limits would be?”

The answer lays in our own history – think of the European colonialism era. We butchered, we destroyed entire civilizations just so we could get their resources and their lands. Native Americans were terrorized by Christopher Columbus’ thirst for blood and glory; English, French, Portuguese an Netherlands colonies have sucked everything from Africa. We took slaves just because they look different, and they didn’t poses the technology to fight back. Why would anyone think that there is a limit?

But nobody is listening. We even sent a probe into deep space with Earth’s coordinates, our physiognomy, details about our planet’s resources, our art, our infrastructure – our world.


Keppler satellite is used by NASA to calculate how many stars are there in the Milky Way galaxy – and the result was in billions. In all this vast space, there surely must be life. Scientists have found a name for a region around a star that makes it just right for life to potentially exist on a planet – its name is Goldilocks.

Our solar system seems to be one of the few Goldilocks regions in the galaxy – NASA’s Curiosity rover has evidence of fixed nitrogen and carbon-containing organic molecules on Mars. It is also known that ancient Mars was covered in vast oceans, and waterways.

But is it a good thing that we might discover life in our own solar system? There is a theory called The Great Filter which states that, in context with the Fermi paradox, that at some point from pre-life to intelligence, there’s a wall that all or nearly all attempts at life hit. There’s some stage in that long evolutionary process that is extremely unlikely or impossible for life to get beyond. So if we find countless life forms around our solar system it can mean that we haven’t managed to get pass the barrier, that other inferior life-forms are emerging, and we will be stuck at a certain level of intelligence. If life forms are scarcely found in our solar system, and even in the Milky Way galaxy, then we are amongst the lucky ones that have managed to break trough the Great Filter. If you want to fully understand this theory, has a great article explaining it.


“We can see water in the interstellar clouds from which planetary systems and stellar systems form. We can see water in the disks of debris that are going to become planetary systems around other stars, and we can even see comets being dissipated in other solar systems as [their] star evaporates them.” Paul Hertz, director of NASA’s Astrophysics Division, has stated during the panel.

This hope to find the answer to the question ” Are we alone in the universe?” is materializing in NASA missions – a $2.1 billion mission to Jupiter’s ice moon Europa is to take place in 2022 to study its habitability and  plumes of water vapor.

What can the average Joe do? He can just hope that we encounter highly-intelligent creatures that have passed their space colonialism era, and they are willing to help us pass the Great Filter.

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4 Ways the Internet is Warping Our Brain

Does the title of this article shock you? Well, it shouldn’t, because the internet is really warping our brains and it permanently affects the way we process information, think and even behave.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the way the internet is doing the damage that it is doing on our brains.

4. The Internet Gave Us FOMOfomo

FOMO is not a venereal disease, it’s another type of illness. FOMO is the acronym of Fear of Missing Out and it’s as real as an illness can be. You’ve probably experienced FOMO on a higher or lesser degree at least one time in your life.

Have you ever sat alone one evening, refreshing your Facebook page, seeing how most of your friends are attending parties or events and felt depressed or anxious about it? If you have, then you’ve had FOMO. Some people will take this even further and end up changing their entire lives, just so that they don’t miss out the next big thing, the next big party or launch.

Try your best to avoid becoming the type of person that would dress up and attend even the opening of a bottle.

3. The Internet Has Trained Your Eyes How to Movehuman eye

As horrifying as that may sound, it is completely true. It was discovered in 2005 that our eyes have stopped reading and skimming the way they did for ages and have adapted to the Internet. Normally, information would be taken in by a reader in a horizontal manner, from right to left (if your language reads that way).

But since the Internet has gotten us accustomed to hundreds of pieces of new information every day, our eyes have modified the way they take in the information.

Now, our eyes do an F-shaped pattern when they read things online. Let’s say you’re reading this article: you read the first few lines, because you want to know what the article is about, but as you make your way down on the page, you lose focus and skip lines, read some more and then skip to the end. Naturally, this isn’t the case for everybody, but most people do this at least once a day when reading articles online.

2. The Internet is Making Us Shallowthe shallows

In order for you to better understand the concept, we highly recommend the book by American journalist Nicholas G. Carr, The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. The gist of it is that the Internet is changing the way people’s brain are receiving and processing the information it receives. It literally changes the way our brain is, its structure and the connections our neurons create.

1. We’re Losing Our Face-to-Face Skillscommunication

Because of all the emails, tweets, statuses and texts, human beings are losing their ability to sustain a face-to-face conversation with another living person. It doesn’t take a sociology expert to notice that more and more people prefer to stick their noses into their smartphones, instead of staring in someone’s face.

Back in the day (the day, being when there weren’t any smartphones), teens would hang out like there was no tomorrow and talk about various things. Now, most teens cannot unglue their hands from their smartphones.

This is a bit more serious than we can imagine. Psychologists believe that a distancing phenomenon has been created and because of it, we’ve not only become less communicative, but we’ve also lost our ability to communicate face-to-face with another person. Think about it, right now would you tell someone some news to their face, or would you rather do it in an email?

Have you noticed any changes in the way you think, process information or behave since the internet came into your life? Share them with us!

The 6 bloodiest Female Serial Killers in History

They were bold and they were bloody. Historians and criminal specialists have had a rough time sorting out the motivations behind these women’s urge to take lives, while public eye has turned them into legends, vastly attributing their killing sprees a witchcraft, romanced element.

Here are history’s bloodiest female serial killers.

1. Elisabeth Bathory


She was nicknamed The Blood Countess, The Bloody Lady of ?achtice. Countess Báthory Erzsébet  (7 August 1560 – 21 August 1614) came from the renowned Báthory family of nobility in the Kingdom of Hungary and is, up to date, the most prolific female murderer in history, according to Guiness World Records. She was convicted for having sacrificed, tortured and murdered an average of 600 women, mostly young servants and maids, while historians claim her crimes outreached that number.

Rumor has it – she would bathe in young virgins’ blood, after having them stripped off their skin, used burning iron to chastise them, poison them, chain them until they would start bleeding or bury them alive. Although the bathing rumor may not be exactly accurate (blood coagulation makes that impossible), on December 29, 1610, a garrison of soldiers broke in the Hungarian castle of Cachtice and ultimately imprisoned Elisabeth in the citadel for the rest of her days, blocking her access to the world in the purgatory of her own crimes.

2. Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova


This noblewoman has a crime and torture record of more than 100 victims, mostly young women and children. Her trial only began as late as relatives of the murdered began an official petition before Catherine the Great. She was sentenced to chaining to a public platform where she wore a sign stating “This woman tortured and murdered”, and was later imprisoned in the dungeon of a convent for the rest of her remaining days.

3. Nannie Doss


This black widow had killed her five husbands before being imprisoned and charged with a slew of murders that also included her mother-in-law, her sisters, two of their children, and her own mother. Although she was never sentenced to death, because she was a woman, she served until she died at age 59 in 1965.

4. Kristen Gilbert


Gilbert was labeled The Angel of Death. Her file includes three first-degree murders, a second-degree murder and two additional attempted murders. She was a nurse and chose victims amongst her patients, whom she silently injected them with epinephrine. Gilbert is still serving a life sentence.

5. Myra Hindley


The Most Evil Woman in the History of Britain, Myra Hindley carried out the rape and deaths of five small children together with her boyfriend, Ian Brady, during the 1960s. The couple were arrested by the time Hindley’s brother-in-law confessed to the police after witnessing Brady murdering a young boy with an axe. Myra Hindley spent the rest of her life in jail and died in 2002, aged 60.

6. Vera Renczi


Historians and criminalists were unable to sort out precisely the life path of Romanian born and Yugoslavian raised Vera Renczi, thus most of her past goes into legend. She has however  earned her title as biggest manslaughter criminal in 1930s Romania, with an account of 35 murders, including spouses, lovers and her own son. Raised in a boarding school and deprived from maternal affection, this Black Widow is said to have suffered from schizophrenia and extreme jealously, translated into her many crimes against male figures throughout her life.  In 2005, The Discovery Channel‘s three-part series Deadly Women dedicated their first episode to her, portraying Vera’s behavior as pathological. The documentary romances her motivation as  the voice-over claims that “modern analysis suggest she was simply looking for love”.

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Blue Dress, White Dress, Which Is The Real Colour?

dressBlue dress, white dress, which is the real colour? This has been the question that has created actual web wars.

The world of social media is a place where many things can happen. When there are so many people in a single “place” there are also many opinions and in some cases to many opinions.

The simple fact that a simple picture has managed to create an online war going on , is, well, normal on the internet. For an entire day, people on social media, have been arguing, whether an image portrays a bodycon dress as, white with gold lace fringe, or blue with black lace fringe.
The discussion has created two sides and both of them stood firm on their positions. The argument is beyond a simple social media fight, and is about biology and the evolution of the human eyes and brains in seeing colour in sunlight.

Light enters the human eye trough lens and different wavelengths correspond to different colours. Th light hits the retina exactly in the back of the eye the place where pigments create neural connections to the visual cortex, the area of the brain that processes this specific signals into images.


That firs burst of light, is created by whatever type of wavelengths are illuminating the world and that reflects on the things you are looking at.

You don’t have to worry about anything, as your brain figures out the color by itself and recognises the color that bounces off the things you are looking at, and subtracts the color from the actual color of the object.
Scientists have stated to have studied individual differences in the colour perception for the past 30 years and it seems to be one of the biggest individual differences ever seen.
However, the image of the dress, has hit a sort of perceptual boundary which may be caused by how people are wired.

The chromatic axis differs from the pinky red shade of dawn to the white-ish blue of noontime and then goes back to reddish twilight.

“What’s happening here is your visual system is looking at this thing, and you’re trying to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis,” stated Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies vision and colours at Wellesley College.

He added that there are two possibilities, they either not take into consideration the blue side, and they end up seeing white and gold, or not take into consideration the gold part, and end up seeing blue and black.

The main idea is that you brain is trying to interpolate a specific colour context for the picture and then releases an answer for the colour of the dress. Even a neuroscientist who said that he saw the colour of the dress as being white and gold, stated that the dress is most probably blue.

He added that he printed out the picture and cut a little piece of it and looked at it, and said that the colour was somewhere in between, not that dark blue colour. The brain attributed the color blue due to the lighting. Others attribute it to the dress.

A design and photo team, has tried to find an explanation on how others see the dress white and gold as they definitely saw the dress blue. They tried to white-balance the pictures based on that idea,even though it didn’t make any sense. What they saw was blue in highlights, telling them that the white they saw was blue and the gold was black.


When reversing the process, balancing the darkest pixel of the picture and the body con dress appeared blue and black. In that moment it was clear that the correct point in the picture to balance from was the black point.

This means when context is changing, so will the visual perceptions of people. Many of the people will see the blue on the white background as blue. But when put on a background some people might perceive to as white.

The moral of the story? Those who see the dress as white, are completely wrong.
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10 Of The Creepiest Urban Legends You Might Have Heard


Creepy is the word that would perfectly describe urban legends.Brace yourself, as here are 10 of the creepiest urban legends you might have heard.

Even though our rationality is convincing us that urban legends are pure hoaxes and invented stories, theres something about them that will always make us curious or creep us out. Before you read the following urban legends, make sure you are sitting down and your light is turned on.

The chocking Doberman

The chocking Doberman story originates from Sidney Australia and is about the story of weird dog happening. One night, a couple came home after going out for some drinks, and found their dog chocking in the living room. Because of the panic, the man fainted and the woman called a friend who was a vet and arranged to take the dog for a checking.
After dropping off the dog, she went home to help her husband get into bed. While at home, her phone ringed and the vet was screaming hysterically that they had to get out of the house right away. Without knowing what was going on, the couple left the house as fast as they could.
As they were going down the stars, police men run up to meet them. When the woman asked what was going on, one of the police men told her that the dog was chocking on a human finger and that the potential burglar might still be inside the house. He was found unconscious in the bedroom later.

The suicidal boyfriend

Another urban legends is the story known also as The Boyfriend’s Death, legend which ahs many variations and its interpretation is a warning no to stay away from the safety provided by a home. This version, takes us back to Paris in the 1960s. A woman and her boyfriend, both of them college students, were making out in his car. The car was parked near the Forest of Rambouillet, so they could not be seen. After they were done, the boy got out of the car to smoke a cigarette and the girl waited for him in the car.

She waited for some minutes, and seeing that he was late, she got outside the car to look for him. All of the sudden she saw a man in the shadows and got scared, got inside the car to drove away. While she was inside the car she heard a faint squeak , followed by several squeaks.

This went on for a few seconds, she decided to drive away, but as soon as she hit the gas pedal, the car didn’t move, as someone had tied the car with a rope to a tree. She slammed the gas one more time and heard a loud scream. The girl got out of the car and saw her boyfriend hanging from the tree. Apparently the noise she was hearing were the squeaking of his shoes, scrapping the top of the vehicle.

The slit mouthed woman


There is an urban Japanese and Chinese legend about a girl named Kuchisake-Onna, known as the slit mouthed woman. Some stories say that she was the wife of a samurai. The legend says that one day, when her husband returned home, he found her cheating on him with a younger and better looking man. Angry, he took out his sword and slit her mouth, from one ear to another.

It is believed that she was cursed to be immortal and that she is still wandering around the world so people could see her horrible scar and feel sorry for her. Some people have even claimed that they had encountered a beautiful young woman who asked them is she was pretty. Once they replied affirmative, she took off her surgical mask and showed them her terrible wound.

Then she asked them again if she was pretty, and those who no longer found her pretty was killed.

What’s the moral of this story? There are two actually, paying a compliment doesn’t cost you anything, and honesty isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Cry baby bridge


This scary urban legend, tells about a couple who was driving home from church with their baby. The two were arguing on a subject. It was pouring and at one point they had to cross a flooded bridge. As soon as the car entered the bridge, they realized the water was deeper than they imagined, and they had to get out of the car and find help.

The woman stayed behind, but eventually left the car. While she was backing the car, she heard her baby was crying very loudly. She returned to the car and saw her baby carried away by water. The legend says that if you cross that bridge you can hear the baby crying.

Zanfretta’s Alien Abduction


The story about the alien abduction of Fortunato Zanfretta is one of the most famous urban legends in Italy. Zanfretta claimed that he was abducted by aliens, who called themselves Dragos and who lived on the planet Teetonia. Apparently he had been abducted multiple times by the same group starting from 1978 to 1981. Even though it sounds extremely frightening and creepy, what he related during a hypnosis session is beyond our wildest imagination:

“I know you are trying to come more frequently . . . no, you can’t come to Earth, people get scared if they look at you. You can’t make friendship. Please go.”

Zanfretta might be the person who has given the most detailed information about alien abduction, details which might make even skeptics to stop and give it a thought.

The white death

An urban legend about a little girl from Scotland who hated life more than anything and wished to destroy every last trace of herself. Eventually she decided to commit suicide and shortly after, her family had discovered what she had done.
In a creepy coincidence every member of her family died a few days later as their limbs were thorn apart. According to the legend, when learning about the White Death, the ghost of the girl, might come to you and would knock repeatedly on the door. Each knocking would get louder and louder and if you open the door she would kill you because she is afraid you would tell the world about her existence. Her main desire is to prevent people to spread rumours about her. Like many other urban legends, this story could be the invention of a modern Aesop, but still, it would hurt to check who’s knocking, before opening the door.

The black Volga


The legend says that a black Volga was supposedly seen often in the streets of Warsaw, during the 1960s.It was driven by child kidnapers. The stories said that very important Soviet officials took the car and drove it to Moscow during mid the mid 1930s, and kidnapped young girls to use them as sexual slaves for the highest Soviet comrades.

Other versions of this legend say that the Volga car had been driven by mysterious priests, vampires and Satanists, and even Satan in person.There is also said that the car was used to kidnap children in order to take their blood and use it as a cure for leukemia patients all over the world.

As you might have guesses, none of these urban legends ever proved to be true, but it still makes our blood run cold.

The Greek soldier


This legend is less known and talks about a Greek soldier who was returning home from WWII to marry his fiancé. He didn’t get to arrive home as he had been captured by fellow Greeks with hostile political beliefs. He was tortured for five weeks and in the end he was murdered. At the beginning of the 1950s, stories were saying the in the North and Central parts of Greece, a very attractive Greek soldier wearing a uniform would appear an disappear overnight, seducing virgins and beautiful girls with the purpose of getting them pregnant.
Five weeks after the birth of the babies, the man would vanish completely, leaving only a letter on the table in which he was explaining that the had returned from the dead to spread his seed so that his followers would avenge his death.

Elisa Day


An urban legend, says that during medieval Europe, lived a woman called Elisa Day, whose beauty was compared to the one of wild bloody red roses that grew on the side of the river.

One day, a man came into town and instantly fell in love with her. The two dated for three days. On the first day he visited her at her place, on the second day he brought her one red rose and asked her to meet him in the place where wild roses grow. On the third day he took her to the river and killed her.

The story says that the killer waited for her to turn her back on him and took a rock and hit her head while whispering “All beauty must die”. He put a rose between her teeth and dropped her body into the river. There are people who claimed having seen her ghost wandering along the riverside with blood running down her head and carrying one rose in her hand.

The Well to Hell


The action of the urban legend happened sometime back in 1989, when Russian scientists drilled a borehole in Siberia, with a depth of 14,5 kilometres inside the crust of the Earth. The drill intersected a cavity and scientists lowered some equipment to investigate what was found down there. The temperature was over 1000 degree Celsius, but what shocked them, were the sounds recorded by the machines.

They only managed to record around seventeen seconds of terrifying audio, before their microphone melted. Many of the scientists were convinced that they had heard the screams of those damned in Hell and backed out from the job immediately. At least this is what the story says.

Those who choose to remain, had an even bigger shock later that night. A coat of luminous gas bursted out of the hole shaped as a giant winged demon, and the words “I have conquered” in Russian, had been written into the flames.
Even though many consider it as a myth, there are many who actually believe that this really happened and that the Well to Hell is a real thing.
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