Celebrities Intriguing Last Words

No matter what they do, celebrities manage to have an impact, one way or another. Either by impressing people with their skill in performing their chosen craft. Or by scandalous affairs. Or by eccentricities. Or just by simply being very very interesting. And so on.

But speaking of the latter scenario, some famous people manage to make even their deaths impressive without the components of drama or tragedy that might come to mind, but rather with a strong dose of “say, what?! intereeeesting…“.

Take a look at this recounting of some celebrities intriguing last words, below.

1.  Sir Winston Churchill

Some celebrities intriguing last words include those of Winston Churchill.

At the time of his death, this great orator, politician, humorous trickster and just general defender of the free world had a few very straight no-nonsense words to add to his previous famous speeches. They were: “Oh, I am so bored with it all.”

Now whether this was a sign of a final admittance of being disappointed in the farce of human existence or a simple, normal desire to rest after a life-long impressive labor, we will never know. But in any case, it seems like death was a welcome event for Sir Churchill.

2. Oscar Wilde

The words of Oscar Wilde are part of some celebrities intriguing last words

Another British-man, this literary legend’s wit is well… legendary. So it’s no surprise that in his final moments he had the courage and integrity to stay in character, despite the unknown road ahead of him. Instead of saying something pedantic, pensive or self-important, he chose to go for humor and making those around him have one last laugh as he declared that he and the wallpaper of the cheap Paris hotel he was in were “fighting a duel to the death. One of us has to go.” Classy, witty, ominous, sad and funny in the same time, to reference your certain imminent death via a wallpaper and make it, the wallpaper, the (apparent) center of attention and pre-determined winner.

3. Steve Jobs

Some celebrities intriguing last words - Steve Jobs.

This great inventor and scientific mind, who has often been compared with great scientific geniuses of the past, even with the implication that he is our current era’s greatest inventor, uttered some very intriguing words at the time of his death. For a scientist that is.

Because he is reported to have said: “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” Obviously, religious folks have jumped at the chance to say that he found God (and Heaven) in his last moments. While atheists probably still scratch their heads and write it off as the simple spasms of a hiper-active dying and hence malfunctioning brain. Or perhaps we was completely lucid and his brain biologically unaffected, but was just remembering some very pleasant memory from his past to drive away the intense pain caused by the pancreatic cancer that killed him…

4. Walt Disney

Some celebrities intriguing last words include those of Walt Disney.

Possibly the most enigmatic last words on this last, and certainly the most anti-climactic, Walt Disney’s were: “Kurt Russell.” That’s right, as in the actor Kurt Russell we all know, who at the time was a child actor whom Disney had recently signed a long-term contract with.

Walt Disney wrote these words on a piece of paper right before he died. Why a relatively unknown child-actor would have been the most pressing matter to a colossus like Walt Disney right before passing away is, was unknown to the Disney family, Kurt Russell himself and even the lawyers who invited him to Walt Disney’s office after the man’s death, to discuss the peculiar note left and whether it had anything to do with the will or another part of Walt Disney’s legacy or desires.

As for the previous entry on this list, there exists a very simple explanation, yet hard to understand for most “average” people. Maybe Walt Disney was such a consummate professional that putting his business matters in order was important to the very last.

So, maybe he just wrote down Kurt Russell so he could remember to follow that up with some simple, common-place instructions to the lawyers, having to do with the contract. But he never got around to that second part leaving us with his (perhaps) reminder for us to blow out of proportion. Maybe he just wanted to give the kid a raise. Or… fire him. Who knows?

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Case Studies From Sigmund Freud’s Career

The Austrian neurologist had a significant impact on the advancement of psychology and psychoanalysis. Admittedly, his techniques and theories now seem outdated, but his influence in the field is undeniable. He created psychoanalysis, introduced new therapeutic techniques, formulated the Oedipus complex and analysed dreams as outlets into fulfilling our wishes. Since he was a renowned psychoanalyst, he had many patients and fascinating cases. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting case studies from Sigmund Freud’s career. It’s exciting to read about his approaches and compare them with what we know today. Difficult as it may be to judge his actions, his influence cannot be denied to this day.

5. Ida Bauer (Dora)

Case Studies From Sigmund Freud's Career

Ida suffered from hysteria from an early age. Her mother was obsessed with cleanliness, which led to Ida breaking down and having to receive shock treatment. After turning down a proposition, she started having suicidal thoughts and her state was only getting worse. Freud started to treat her and discovered she was a repressed lesbian. Ida was attracted to his father’s mistress. This made for an uncomfortable relationship between the father and the daughter. When she decided to stop seeing Freud she became as obsessed with cleanliness as her mother and partnered up with her fahter’s mistress to play bridge.

4. Fanny Moser

Case Studies From Sigmund Freud's Career

Fanny had all one could ever want: two children, a happy marriage and financial security. But after her husband died of a heart attack and she was accused by her stepson of killing him, she was dragged from court room to court room in an attempt to clear her name. This left her with a fragile nervous condition. Freud tried to hypnotise her to erase the painful memories such as her husband’s death from her brain . But nothing seemed to help Fanny with her severe depression. She was bewitched by a young lover who extorted millions from her before she died in 1925. In a letter to her daughter, Freud apologised for failing to pinpoint their estrangement.

3. Hilda Doolittle (H.D.)

Case Studies From Sigmund Freud's Career

While travelling to Greece with her baby daughter and a friend, Winifred Ellerman, Hilda had an affair with a man on the ship. She was involved in her friend’s marriage, and when Winifred’s husband left the two women, he was replaced by Robert McAlmon. Ellerman and McAlmon adopted Hilda’s daughter and invited the mother into their partnership. Doolittle visited Freud to help her with writer’s block. They never touched on the subject of sexuality, but she was inspired to write “Tribute to Freud”.

2. Daniel Paul Schreber

Case Studies From Sigmund Freud's Career

During his childhood, Schreber’s father forced him to take cold baths, beat him until he stopped crying and made him wear a device that ensured he stood up straight at all times. His father died when Schreber was 19 and his older brother killed himself some years later. Daniel suffered from speech impediments and hypochondria. He was hospitalized for eight years and wrote a book that Freud found fascinating. From his writings, Freud concluded that the patient still feared his father. Schreber’s belief that he was being transformed into a woman was the direct result of his father’s abuses and continuous tortures.

1. Sergei Pankejeff (Wolf Man)

Case Studies From Sigmund Freud's Career

After losing his sister, father and wife to suicide, Pankejeff begun suffering from depression. Freud started treating him and discovered Sergei had several repressed fantasies that were fueling his anxiety. The interpretation of one of the patient’s dreams in which six white wolves sat in a walnut showed that Pankejeff also feared his father and had witnessed a violent act between his mother and his father when he was only eighteen months old. Pankejeff subsequently found someone else to help him cope with his issues and he became a lawyer.

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Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

If you don’t live in the UK and you haven’t seen the movie “Bronson”, you might be a little in the dark about this character. Long story short, Bronson is Britain’s most notorious, problem prisoner, known for his unstable behavior, and instigator nature. Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts reviews the weird things that you didn’t know about his multiple faces: the Charles Bronson convict, the Charles Bronson criminal and the artist within Charles Bronson. Despite his crimes, Bronson is (was?) an articulated, extravagant man with a quick temper. But according to himself, he is a nice guy who only occasionally becomes nasty, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s evil.

5. Went in for 7 years, spent more than 40

Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

After being arrested for stealing $43 in 1974, Michael Peterson became known as Charles Bronson prisoner. He was a problematic inmate from the very start and engaged in countless violent acts. In 40 years of imprisonment he stayed in more than 120 prisons across England. He attacked over twenty guards, more prisoners than anyone could count and managed to take eleven hostages. During all these bizarre acts he caused damages that surpassed half a million pounds.

4. Elevated protests

Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

After he was declared mentally insane in 1978, Bronson was moved to Broadmoor Hospital where he was allegedly mistreated and received medication against his will. As a consequence, he reached the rooftop of the building and protested there for almost a week before his brother convinced him to come down. After this episode he was declared sane and was released from Broadmoor. But he carried on his tradition and repeated the rooftop riots on five more occasions in five different prisons.

3. He cared about his biceps

Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

If you’ve heard about the Charles Bronson prison workout, you’re probably wondering what’s all the hype about. He was really into sport and keeping fit and wanted to prove anyone can get ripped without splurging on supplements, counting calories or spending hours on machines. So he wrote the Charles Bronson Solitary Fitness book, in which he talks about his technique, the Solitary Cow Punch, which he claims will help you kick down steel doors. Come to think about it, there may be some truth in there about this deadly technique. It’s been reported that he bent steel doors with his bare hands and there’s even a story about him doing 2000 push ups every day. If you want to try the Charles Bronson workout routine, make sure to skip his other recommendations like flossing your nostrils with twine.

2. Charles Bronson Art

Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

Bronson had enough time to experiment with many things, like painting and writing poetry. He even won some awards for art after his works where illegally displayed on the London Underground, followed by their publication in various newspapers. His art teacher, Phil Danielson, and him became very close until one day when Danielson openly criticized one of his pupil’s painting. This threw Bronson in a fit of rage and he tied his teacher with skipping rope, making a spear from a knife and pool cue with which he tantalized his victim, while he muttered to himself and giggled. Danielson was held hostage for 44 hours and Bronson got himself the life sentence.

1. Is charles bronson still alive?

Charles Bronson Prisoner: Astounding Facts

The last we’ve heard about Bronson was in May 2014 when he got hot under the collar while watching Arsenal playing against Hull. After claiming to have seen Ronnie Kray’s ghost who encouraged him to start a riot, he stripped all his clothes and covered himself in butter, to make it harder for the guards to restrain him. He injured more than a dozen prison guards, just for fun. And with this, we’re left with the question is Charles Bronson dead? Or will we be seeing him on the news, on the rooftop of another prison once more?

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5 Things You Didn’t Know Mess With Your Sleep

If you’ve been waking up tired day after day and you don’t know what’s happening with your body, then you might be interested in reading these 5 things you didn’t know mess with your sleep. And if you thought sleeping five hours on week days and twelve hours on weekends balances everything out, you might want to think again. Not only you can’t make up for sleep deprivation, but sleeping more than you need can also affect your body and your overall performance. Keep reading to find out why.

#5. Time Zones

5 Things You Didn't Know Mess With Your Sleep

You might know that we have an internal clock that depends on Sun’s schedule. This translates into the mind boggling fact that our bodies are already scheduled to fall asleep and wake up at certain times, practically dancing to the tune the Sun is playing. But we have evolved and learned to ignore the Sun and replace it, instead, with artificial light. If you thought going to bed at 3 am after a “Game of Thrones” marathon won’t throw you off, you should know this can easily lead to social jet lag. You’ll probably wake up the next day at 11 pm, feeling like you have a hangover. What can you do to avoid transforming into a sleep deprived Grinch? Avoid watching TV or using any other gadgets half an hour before going to bed. If you feel sleepy don’t ignore your body. Likewise, you should stop using alarm clocks to wake you up and if you feel refreshed at 6 am, don’t give in to temptation and linger in bed for five more hours. You’ll feel much worse by then.

#4. Peppermint Toothpaste

5 Things You Didn't Know Mess With Your Sleep

We all love the fresh, minty aftertaste of toothpaste. But recent studies show that the peppermint flavor might actually prevent you from falling asleep. Since peppermint oil works as a stimulant, it’s easy to see why it can keep you awake. What happens, exactly? Apparently, it can make you more alert by stimulating your central nervous system. And that’t not really something you want when you jump in your pajamas and then in your bed. Suggestions? Try to switch to a different brand or flavor and pay attention to what happens to your sleep schedule.

#3. A Full Moon

5 Things You Didn't Know Mess With Your Sleep

There are studies that unearthed another enemy of deep sleep and restful eyes: the full Moon. There are many people who grow restless when the Moon shines proud in the sky. And if you suspect your wide windows of helping the full Moon to sabotage your sleep, researchers are already a step ahead of you. They’ve conducted an experiment in which the subjects were closed in windowless room, not knowing if the Moon was full or not. The results showed they still didn’t sleep well, with their sleep quality being reduced by thirty percent. There’s no logical explanation for why this is happening, so we still haven’t figured out what we can do about it.

#2. Your Race

5 Things You Didn't Know Mess With Your Sleep

It has been scientifically proven that black people struggle more than others when it comes to falling asleep and resting. What numbers are we looking at? After testing different subjects, researchers found out that white people sleep better by eleven percent than black people. Results show that the decreased levels of slow wave sleep work against African Americans and keeps them awake when they’re rather be sleeping.

#1. Being In Love

5 Things You Didn't Know Mess With Your Sleep

If love is in the air, then you’re probably not sleeping too well. Love actually triggers some chemical reactions in your brain and the levels of serotonin decrease, while dopamine levels spike. And it gets even more romantic. If you sleep next to someone whom you love and they are having sleeping problems, you risk having trouble yourself out of empathy.

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6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

If you dread the  thought of going home for the holidays because you have to spend time with your family, you’re not the only one. Check out these 6 A listed actors with mommy issues and keep them in mind next time your grandmother gets tipsy on Thanksgiving and asks you for the umpteenth time when you’re getting married and having a kid. Find the strength in the following examples to not give in to family emotional blackmail at the next Christmas party. Not only did these celebrities manage to leave all their troubles behind, but they’re now making enough money to stay in therapy for years.

#1 Jack Nicholson

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

The three time Academy Award winner only found out who his real mother is when he was thirty seven years old. And not because she thought it was high time she told him, but because TIME Magazine thought it was high time he was told. And also make a lot of money from publishing the story. It turns out Nicholson’s alleged mother, Ethel May, was actually his grandmother and his sister, June, was actually his mother. Umm, does this sound like a telenovela plot twist to anyone else? Apparently June relinquished baby Jack’s custody in order to continue her career as a dancer. What is more, Nicholson’s father already had a wife when he married June. And you thought your eccentric aunt coming to visit was bad news?

#2 Kelsey Grammer

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

The Grammer family’s history sounds like a horror story. Kelsey’s father was shot twice in 1968 after he was lured out of his house. This was followed by his younger sister being killed in 1975 when Kelsey was required to identify the body. Five years later, two half brothers of Kelsey died in a scuba diving accident. Oh, we forgot to mention Grammer was married and divorced three times. But that pales in comparison with the more tragic events in his family. Which still leaves us with the question: were the Grammers gangsters?

#3 Tobey Maguire

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

The son of two poor parents, Maguire was passed from relative to another relative in his childhood. His father, Vincent, took custody of his nieces after their mother died of cancer. Trying to find new means to provide for his family, Vincent robbed a bank but was caught shortly after.

#4 Alec Baldwin

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

Although Baldwin was born and grew up comfortably in a family of actors, his behavior towards his daughter indicates he has some real issues. In a leaked voicemail we can hear him brutally insulting his daughter, who was eleven years old at the time, calling her a “rude thoughtless pig”. His outrageous behavior was caused by his daughter missing their scheduled phone call. Baldwin subsequently apologized for his outburst, but the leaked tape still affected his custody trial with his former wife, Kim Basinger. That should teach him some manners.

#5 Charlize Theron

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

Theron was fifteen years old when her alcoholic father went into a fit of drunkenly rage while waiving a gun and firing randomly through his house, not caring about his wife or daughter getting hurt. In self defense, Charlize’s mother shot her husband dead and managed to protect her teenage daughter who was hiding in her room. The Oscar winner actress praises her mother to this day for her courage.

#6 Demi Moore

6 A Listed Actors With Mommy Issues

Moore and her mother, Virginia, were abandoned by her father before she was born. Virginia was a bipolar alcoholic who was incapable of taking care of herself, let alone of baby Demi. So Moore was brought up by her stepfather. The latter wasn’t all milk and honey either. He had his own problems which he could only fix by killing himself. Virginia was still a drug addict when Demi broke off their relationship. From there on her mother started posing nude for porno magazines, parodying her daughter as an actress and model. The two women reconciled just before Virginia passed away.

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