The Most Controversial Facebook Photos and Pages

If you want to cause a controversy in the world today then Facebook is the place to go to. There have been plenty of pages and pictures banned from the site so let’s take a look at some of them to see if they were really that bad.

The Facebook Breastfeeding Scandal

The Most Controversial Facebook Photos and Pages

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Restaurants That Aren’t Around Anymore

Things That Aren’t Around Anymore: Restaurant Edition

Have you ever taken a drive on a lazy day and realized how many establishments are now gone, only to be replaced by bigger businesses or worse, nothing. These “ghost” businesses survive only in our memories. Years pass and you think nothing of it; people come and go as do employees. Then one day you drive by and the restaurant is gone. The doors are closed, the sign outside that once held the daily special is now empty, and the sounds of children laughing is a haunted echo of the past.

Remembering your first trip to a restaurant was important in your life. Remember the feeling of ordering for yourself for the first time? The styrofoam containers, the big, fat paper straws, the excellent customer service, and the awesome toys that came with your kids meal. How about the long forgotten menu items that once were delicious and now you must try, and fail, at making them at home?

Today, we honor restaurants and the foods that aren’t around anymore in the second installment of the series called “Things That Aren’t Around Anymore: Restaurant Edition”. You might also like to read Things That Aren’t Around Anymore: Food Edition and More Foods Not Around Anymore.

DQ Breeze (Dairy Queen)

Restaurants That Aren't Around Anymore and Dairy Queen

Photo Credit: Stu pendousmat

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D.B. Cooper: Synopsis Of A Gentleman Hijacker


D.B. Cooper: Synopsis Of A Gentleman HijackerSo, What were you doing on Thanksgiving eve (November 24) 1971? Preparing for family dinner the next day with turkey or ham? Purchasing potatoes, yams, and corn? Baking pies? Well, if you were D.B. Cooper, you were in seat 18C on Northwest Airlines flight 305 from Portland, Oregon to Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma) Airport preparing to extort $200,000 in twenty dollar bills and four parachutes by handing the flight attendant a letter saying you were armed with a bomb and you will blow up the plane if your needs aren’t met. He also ordered the rear door to be unlocked and the plane to fly low and at a slow speed.

D.B. Cooper, also known as Dan Cooper, was wearing a dark suit and dark sunglasses and was later called a “gentleman” by the flight attendant after the hijacking. At Sea-Tac Airport, he was granted his request and released all thirty six passengers and several flight crew. He told the pilot and the rest of the flight crew to fly to Mexico. They landed in Reno, Nevada with Cooper gone from the plane. He dropped from the passenger stairs into the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

As the plane reached ten thousand feet with gusting winds and freezing rain driving into the boeing 727, Cooper, who was mistakenly called “D.B. Cooper” by reporters, leaped out of the plane and cemented his name in history. [Read more...]

The Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits You Wouldn’t Dare Wear

It must be great to be Lady Gaga, mustn’t it? Apart from the money, the fame and the wigs you can wear literally anything you want. All you need to do is rummage in a collection of pathetic old fancy dress outfits and pull out whatever comes to hand first of all. If only we were all as brave as this we could wear weird Lady Gaga outfits like those below.

This Blog Rules has more pictures of WTF lady Gaga outfits.

Lady Gaga Muppet Coat

Shocking Lady Gaga Outfits and Muppet Coat

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

You know what it’s like. You’ve got an interview coming up on German TV and literally nothing to wear. As you flick through your wardrobe you get depressed as nothing looks quite right. Ah, but what is that green jacket lying forgotten in a corner and croaking? That’s right, possibly the worst of the awful Lady Gaga outfits we have seen is the Kermit the frog coat. Bizarre, green and somehow rather spooky. [Read more...]

The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths

Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse is what they will tell you when you first become a rock star. What they won’t mention is the indignity of meeting your end floating face down in a pool or sitting on the toilet with your trousers at your ankles.

Some of the most popular and inspirational rock stars of all time died in shocking ways and here are some of the most shocking rock star deaths which shook the world.

Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracies

The Most Shocking Rock Star Deaths and Curt Cobain

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

It is hard to believe that the Nirvana frontman died almost 20 years ago. At just 27 he was tragically young when he apparently committed suicide and it is impossible to imagine what a 40 something Cobain would have been like. Drug addiction, illness, depression and relationship problems are cited as being the reasons behind his suicide but there are plenty of Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories around to keep you intrigued as well. Some people will tell you that he was murdered, some will tell you that he is still alive and still others will maybe even tell you that he was never even born. There is even a theory that he died because he played the guitar left handed (as this was possibly the cause for his stomach pain which caused him to take so much heroin).
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