When Original Street Art Meets Science

This awesome form of original street art is in Seattle, so you would never even know that it vanishes. Most individuals usually consider rainy times fairly depressing. Seattle’s street artist Peregrine Church made the decision to make unique works of unusual art only noticeable in the rainy days to lighten up people’s moody behavior. Some items are an irony to the elements, like “404 Error: Sun not found”, while some others provide fun distractions like hopscotch.

“My objective is to turn a rainy day into something to look ahead to”, says the artist, who designed this form of street art that he named Rainworks. “I wish that all of us will be thrilled and/or amazed when they discover them, and that it makes their moody day a better one”. And, judging by the immense success his creations have had among the curious viewers passing by on the street,  you bet that his words have a much deeper meaning right now.

The art is made by using hydrophobic spray known as Always Dry. (A very similar product, named Ultra-Ever Dry, was used to build anti-pee surfaces outside the bars). In the case of his Rainworks, Church uses different stencils to create his works of art and sprays the Always Dry all over the stencils, as you would do when you use spray paint. When the sidewalk gets darker under the raindrops, the works of art appear magically from the lighter negative areas that remain dry.

Several of these items of art also have ecological goals. Those stencils were requested by the LOTT Clean Water Alliance, a popular water service and technology center in the city of Olympia, Washington. But the artists says that he is not enthusiastic about marketing products, and only made the decision to those requested items because they speak out loud in accordance with his own principles. It is good the know that businesses alike are interested in maintaining a green environment for all of us.

Seattle is popular for how stormy it is, so you could even say that these creations are developing a category of street art indigenous to the city. “Since Seattle is known for heavy rainfalls, it makes sense that we can be the center for various rain-based works of art”, says Church.


According to those from Nanex, a US-centered containment company for substance clean-up and waste control, its new Always Dry coating is an awesome product. The covering is “super-hydrophobic” and “oleo phobic”, this complex terms meaning that it repels almost any fluid on a variety of components, such as – but not restricted to – hammers to shoes and safety gloves, or even pavement as you will see in the following images below.

original street art  3044402-slide-s-1-mapping-all-of-the-trees-sprawl-and-corn









The two-part Always Dry item creates tiny near invisible barriers of air over substances on the nano scale. These substances can differ from refined oil, wet pavement, water, mud or other fluids. In the commercial applications, Always Dry could be perfect for particular operations, like when a worker drops his hammer in the mud or when he puts some mud in his working boots.

Water resisting items and uses for them are not new, but according to the companies, Always Dry has enhanced bonding and level of resistance against corrosion in comparison to the past versions. The expected bonding and high level of resistance characteristics now allows for a more different variety of uses. Other advantages consist of anti-icing, anti-contamination, anti-corrosive and self-cleaning abilities.

But according to the levels of water resistance notices, Always Dry provides more resistance against abrasion than past super hydrophobic components. By applying a layer of coating on numerous surfaces, the maker suggests examining these places if corrosion is an issue.

The product can be used with an applying gun until is it finished up to a transparent white-colored gloss. Only one layer is said to last anywhere from two to eight months under strong sunlight and outside elements before a topcoat re-spraying is required. Inside and secured outside uses put durability at roughly one year or more. From the end of a house in the arctic regions to the rear of a cab in New York during the hot summer, Always Dry resists to an operating hot/cold variety of -30° F to 250° F (or -34° C to 120° C).

Can you use it on your precious lunchbox? Maybe. In addition to the “do not do this” caution list, a rather harmful number of substances are used to make the components, thus turning the product into a less than perfect peanut butter & jam choice. However, according to Nanex, there are no known ecological issues. The covering is mentioned to be secure for utilization in “nonfood” (i.e. not the lunchbox) get in touch with places of meal handling, vegetation and satisfies the FDA and USDA rules for this kind of products.

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Best Street Art you Need to See

Street art is a very popular way of art that is growing quickly all over the globe. You can find it on urban buildings, pavement and junk containers from Seattle to London and from Moscow to Sydney. Street art has turned into an international lifestyle and even art exhibits and museums are gathering the works of skilled street artists.

All forms of street art have started out very privately because it is against the law to draw public and private properties without authorization. People usually have different views about street art. Some think it is a criminal activity and others believe that it is a wonderful new way of expressing yourself.

Art professionals declare that the activity started in New York in the Infamous Sixties. Teenagers pained words and other pictures on surfaces and buildings. This vibrant, dynamic design of unusual art became known as graffiti. This form of art revealed that adolescents desired to be rebels against their community. They did not want to agree to follow formal guidelines and traveled around locations to make artwork that every person could see. In many cases, they started trouble with the cops and the municipality.

It is only lately that street art field has been considered as something more than just a subterranean creative activity. The picture of the only author has been modified from a deviant personality to someone who should be presented and marketed for his or her abilities.

With the appearance of street art collectives, an industry has started out in the marketplace for well-known paintings. Almost every evening in big cities, a gallery area or bar is presenting the performance of a street artist. From a world-famous painter to the new and future ones, it has never been simpler to advertise your abilities as a specialist.

Following in the direction of past activities, the field has expanded the idea of street art even further by using the occasion to extend attention in drawings and personal art. Designed like sports cup between competitors, every occasion puts the artists to showcase their skills right there on the street.

Even without the events to increase its reputation, street art is creating a name for itself with well-known brand organizations looking for the solutions of art collectives to help highlight their newest products. If organizations want to focus on an eye-catching perspective, the effective promotion and marketing of an item is essential.

Street art and everything associated with it, from the songs to the style of drawing, is the new cool trend. The once blamed vandals have these days a fan base the dimension of those of a pop star. Individuals in all parts of our planet have often observed campaigns integrating this form of art. Publications are fast to choose the next big artist, and often demand discussions with future art collectives or various performers. Vinyl toy developers enjoy the skills of graffiti and often generate limited-edition editions by the next big name in street art.

With pop art becoming ever more available to everyone, some individuals believe that its ultimate death is unavoidable. However, if the performers remain real to what street art is about, and then it still can flourish on a subterranean stage even when the big manufacturers are shift towards the next newest trend. Street art is really about the talent and that is how it will always be valued, no matter how well known it gets at some point.

One popular form of street art is to cut images of individuals and place them on different walls or on pathways. This way, viewers are able to enjoy this powerful and creative design. Some exhibits and galleries have already purchased some of these works of art.

Many roadsides in big cities display the talent of these street artists. The specialists can use small items of cup to make images of various space creatures. Some of them have been doing this for many years and the cops have captured them enough times. On their websites, you can see several other locations where they have designed this way of art.

The majority of street artists do these things for a reason above all. Some of them do not like performers who make tons of money in exhibits and museums. Instead, they try street art since it is much close to the regular people. Some artists want to show their political point of view in their work. They generally want to demonstrate against big companies and organizations. Others enjoy doing stuff that is not allowed and hoping that they are not caught.

Advertising firms also integrate street art in the advertisements because it offers you the perspective of youngsters and power. The New York shopping area lately used a street artist design for its shop windows and bags.

In today's global world, the online has a big impact on street art. Talented people can display their images to their viewers all over the planet. Many citizens, however, say that seeing an image on an online site is never as good as admiring it live. The street art mixes activity and lifestyle with the power and vibe of a big city. So, it will continue to change and develop itself.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so with no further ado, here are some of the best street art work that we could find for you to enjoy in front of your computer:

street art










Images source: www.streetartutopia.com

Internet Reacts to Romania Street Art Takedown

Romania Street Art Takedown

It seems that in the last few days, everyone’s been talking about the Romania street art takedown. Numerous people from Romania and from the whole world have addressed this terrible issue and we decided to share a little light on what actually happened with the surreal artwork.

The NOM Crew which consists of Kero, Irlo and Obie Platon, three Romanian street artists, created a wonderful piece of art. The huge graffiti depicts Saint George fighting a Dragon. The artists picked the scenery after the closest location’s name near the Old Town in Bucharest, Saint George Square. The beautiful street art was the result of around 35 hours of work in pretty harsh conditions. It’s also an initiative of Iustin Moldovan and the Interesting Time Bureau.

After the work was completed, the church started to protest against it and asked for it to be erased or simply painted over. However, the artwork had nothing to do with the church and it definitely didn’t bother any of the Christians. On top of this, there are also tourists in Bucharest who took tons of pictures with it. The only thing that could be considered unorthodox about the painting is its surreal and unusual style.

Thereart.ro wrote the following on their website:

“[The painting] would risk being buffed, because the priest from the church near the wall complained it was disturbing due to its unorthodox representation of the battle between Saint George and the Dragon”

The church in Romania proves once more that it doesn’t have any cultural knowledge and that it is completely ignorant. Erasing the artwork broke artistic liberties and free-speech as well as negated the work of some good people who were only asked to do something incredibly beautiful for their city. It seems that in Romania it’s completely appropriate for the Church to erase beautiful works of art.

It’s hard enough to understand why in 2015 the church and its priests don’t pay any taxes so on top of that, something like this seems highly inappropriate. The authorities accepted the Church institution’s demand to paint over the artwork illustrating Saint George fighting the Dragon.

And because this is the golden age of the Internet, it’s no wonder that the internet reacted to the Romania street art takedown. However, the reaction came a little too late, given the fact that the beautiful surreal painting had already been painted over. Tons of users on Facebook posted numerous photos with the crime. However, nobody actually went to the place in order to stop the people erasing the mural.

The people on the Internet limited themselves to only some Photoshop images of the painting and while they do deserve their own share of respect for the good intention, this wasn’t enough to stop the church from removing the beautiful mural. I highly doubt that the people responsible for deleting the painting will browse the Internet looking for jokes about their inexplicable action.

All in all, the modern artifact was erased and the liberties of the Romanian people were attacked once more. The nice people in Romania already have to battle corruption, unemployment and poverty, they shouldn’t have to battle the Church institution as well. Maybe someday the church will mind its own business and stay out of what has nothing to do with it.

Below you will find some of the Photoshop images that have surfaced on the Internet.

Romania Street Art Takedown

Romania Street Art Takedown

Romania Street Art Takedown

Romania Street Art Takedown

Romania Street Art Takedown

Images source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

10 Street Artists You Should Know About

Street art is often considered a form of vandalism rather than what it actually is – an unconventional form of art.

Many artists lose themselves in a sea of canvases and a certain group of people ready to buy or view their art. Street artists use the entire world as their canvas and are not afraid of what others may think about their work.

This being said, here are 10 great street artists you should know about and some of their works. If you happen to live in a city where these works have been created, I invite you to go on a stroll around town and try to find as many graffiti art pieces by the named artist as you can.

1. Above

street artists

Above chose to have his identity concealed but he uses two signature trademarks to make people aware of his work. He began spray painting his nickname – Above on trains in 1995 and that was his first signature but because the train was moving, the word was difficult to spot so he decided to make a different signature, more noticeable. This is how his signature arrow pointing “above” appeared. Above also underwent on an international tour and you can find his works in countries like England, Portugal, France, USA and more.

2. Andre Charles

street artists

Andre Charles had the name “Zone” as his alias during the 80s but he never concealed his true identity. He began by painting graffiti on trains and walls of the Bronx but the point that made him stand out was when he started creating memorials on the walls of his neighbors and friends. After people noticed his work, he started being commissioned for it.

3. Tim Conlonstreet artists

Tim Conlon was the first street artist who had his work presented in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. His style includes painting large murals and also working on canvas. Most of Conlon’s work can be found on the streets of Washington D.C. and in public art projects.

4. Darryl McCray

street artists

Darryl McCray also known as Cornbread is what some may call the father of modern graffiti. He was the first one who, during the 60s, started tagging Philadelphia by painting his nickname on walls. After that, a couple of friends followed him until the art movement began spreading throughout the US and then to Europe. The Mural Arts Program is the largest public art program in the US and McCray helped it become what it is today.

5. Ron English

street artists

Ron English is one of the most famous and prolific artists of our time and has art featured in books, movies and television series alongside walls and streets. The term POPaganda was assigned to his artwork and describes the high and low cultural touches present in his works. “Abraham Obama” is his most famous street artwork and it features a mix up between the portrait of Abraham Lincoln and the one of Barack Obama.

6. Mark Machado

street artists

Mark Machado is Mr. Cartoon or simply Cartoon and he is not only a street but also a tattoo artist. He began his work when he was only 8 years old and had his first paid art job by the age of 12. Machado’s graffiti work has been used by Toyota, Nike and T-Mobile to name a few and he has tattooed the bodies of many celebrities such as 50 Cent, Beyonce, Bow Wow, Prodigy and more.

7. Agata Oleksiak

street artists

Crocheted Olek is an artist who as the name suggests, uses crocheted patterns to beautify streets, inflatables and fiber art. Oleksiak’s most noticeable work is a room where everything (including the people) is covered in crocheting. You can find her work all around the world in countries such as the UK, Poland, the US or Germany.

8. Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

street artists

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada is the founding member of the Culture Jamming movement in New York with which he started using his signature artwork on public advertising and billboards. Since 2009, he has been managing the AvantGuard Urbano Festival, held in Northern Spain.

9. Caledonia Dance Curry

street artists

Curry can also be found under the nickname Swoon and her art can be noticed on abandoned buildings all around the world. Curry’s street work features a vast collection of portraits and she uses a wheat paste method to set up her work. Swoon began her work as a street artist when she was studying painting at the Pratt Institute and decided that her art would be seen by everyone, not only by a group of people who can actually afford buying art.

10. Brad Downey

street artists

Brad Downey has appeared in the street art documentary film, Public Discourse alongside other work pieces by other street artists. In 2008, Downey was almost charged with vandalism after he spray painted the windows of KaDeWe mall, green. However, he claimed he did it to fulfill a contract he had with Lacoste. Up until today, the movement is considered a publicity stunt by Lacoste.

Do you know any other street artists or street works worth mentioning?

The Best and Worst Snowman Pictures in the World

Building a snowman is surpassed only by making snow angels and swallowing ice cubes in the long list of the best things you can with frozen water.

If you are planning on making a normal sort of snowman this year perhaps you need to check out some of the best and worst snowman ever made to help you make something a bit more interesting.

The Bloody Snowmen

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

What the hell is going on here? Unless I am horribly mistaken it appears as though a nasty horrible snowy chap is attacking another. What kind of twisted human being would make an awful thing like this?

The Dying Snowman 

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

This poor guy is literally melting away. The good news is that my understanding is that snow chaps have immortal souls. This means that once he ends up as a muddy pool that dogs crap in his soul will float away and end up in a bunch of ice cubes or something.

The Cool Snowmen

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

Someone has put a lot of work into crafting these classy snowmen, haven`t they? They have done a fantastic job and it seems almost a shame that life in a slushy pool of goo is all that awaits such works of art.

The Rabbit Family Snowmen

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

I can`t work out this is the best snowman I ever saw or the worst. It appears to be a giant snowy rabbit with a family of little rabbits inside his or her open stomach. What could it all mean? Is it the end of civilization as we know it? If this monstrosity was sitting outside my house I think I would be praying for all day sunshine to wipe it out.

The Man Eating Snowman

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures in the World

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night all cold and clammy because of a terrible nightmare? Of course you have, because you are a bit of a wimpy scaredy cat just like me. Ah, but did that bad dream involve a semi melted snowy fellow with soul-less eyes chomping on you?

The Weight Lifting Snowman

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

The last image disturbed me rather more than it should have done. In fact, it got me thinking about what would happen if a race of man eating snowmen started scouring the Earth looking for tasty humans to eat. Then I saw this photo of a weight lifting snowman and I got even more scared. Jeez, they could pulverize us all with those bulging snowy and twiggy muscles.

The Army of Snowmen

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

Things just go from bad to worse. Now I will lay asleep in my bed all night with my eyes wide open, twitching and worrying about an army of muscle bound, man eating snowmen. All these years I`ve been worried about alien attacks when the snowmen are our real enemies.

The Bike Riding Snowman

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

At least we are back to more normal and less threatening things now. This happy snowman just wants to get out on the road for some exercise.

The Upside Down Snowman

Best and Worst Snowman Pictures

This is probably the best snowman I have seen so far. He`s just chilling in the yard upside down, you know. This is a great look for a snowman and also makes me want to rush out and build one. I just need some snow now.