Unique and Creative Advertisements to Take Notice of

Creativity is paramount in any job that has to do with marketing and product placement so employers have to pay big bucks for the imagination of their key advertisement creators.  In all honesty, advertising has everything to do with the talent and creativity of those coming up with sales pitches and nothing to do with the product itself since quality, durability, cost-quality ratio and any other product characteristic is impossible to be showcased completely by an ad.

Marketers have therefore come up with a magnificently clever alternative: they create commercials and ads that people remember not because the product is marvelous but because the ad itself was unforgettable- and therefore, the marketed product must also be right? Will Rogers said: “Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t have for something they don’t need.” Well, we’ve rounded up some ads that surely qualify as out of the box:

1.     Apolosophy-Apotek

Youtube Video

This Swedish pharmaceutical chain decided that a simple subway ad wasn’t nearly good enough so they added a twist. They attached sonic sensors that would detect the incoming and outgoing subways so that each time a subway would pull up in the station, the models hair would wave in the current- pretty clever right? Who wouldn’t buy anti-baldness cream with such an advertisement?

2.     Suggesting Content

Another take would be to simply show potential buyers what they are in fact buying. Here are some of the more truthful ads, showcasing usefulness not just glamour:


And how clever is it to actually have a business card that explains exactly what you do?


Some would say a bit macabre (how do children react?) Well they just play with the halved pidgeons.


The best ad, however, is the perfect caption, and Durex certainly dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s with this one.


3.     Captions or Use of Words

Ads are not always dependent on creative actors, beautiful models or perfectly chosen locations: some companies choose to work with artists who reinvent something as simple as lettering. Here is a concept we found fresh and unique:

8 9 10 11 13 1214

4.     Christmas- Is there a Better Time to Advertise?

The consumer driven society we live in pretty much dictates when and where people will spend their money, and during Christmas or other such enormous holidays, advertisers can’t wait to create the perfect opportunities for bringing in more money.

For instance, being together during the holidays:


Or advice to heed when consuming their product:


And where would the Christmas decorations hang if not on the tree?


Another company that has tied its image to Christmas forever thanks to the clever people managing their advertising department. I mean, why should Saint Nick not be red and white?


French Fries also make for absolutely beautiful Christmas trees- incorporating that in an ad seemed like the only logical thing to do.


Whether you are aware of the way your choices are influenced by advertising or not, never doubt that the ones creating them know exactly what they want to sell and who they want to sell it to. An interesting thing to keep in mind while deciding which chu-chu train to buy the next time you go Christmas shopping.

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