Top Ten Most Horrible Movie Bosses

Our bosses are the people from whom we take orders. We follow their demands, do exactly as they say, scamper around town for them, make sure not to displease them as we carry out our duties, and try not to screw up their specific coffee requirements (spitting in the cup is always a temptation). We bow at their every word to save our skin, because if we don't kiss their ass then it's back to the job centre for us poor saps. And some bosses, mad with the power at their immediate disposal, abuse this position of commanding superiority, us inferior employees suffering miserably from their supreme, unquestioned ruling. With all this megalomania pouring through their veins, these control-freak bastards can make for marvellous antagonists in the world of cinema, mistreating their poor workers out of boredom or sheer insanity, whether they be typical office tyrants or space-dwelling dictators. So, here is my list of the top ten most horrible bosses ever to misuse their authority on the big screen. Side note: this may or may not be influenced by Seth Gordon's comedy “Horrible Bosses,” released July 8 in the US. Okay, it is. [Read more…]

Celebrities as Star Wars Characters

The folks at Worth1000 are masters at manipulating images with Photoshop. They were recently asked to show their results after combining famous people with Star Wars characters. Here are 10 of their best works:

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