Top 10 Alien Invasion Movies We Will Remember

Alien invasion movies are a trope that might as well become a genre in itself. The main thing stopping it from doing so is the fact that it can blend so well in so many types of movies and stories that it would seem pretty… weird to do so. You can easily watch a thriller, a horror, a sci-fi, or a romantic comedy where the Earth is threatened by extraterrestrial forces.

Alien Invasion Movies

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Since taste and preferences are subjective, we don’t really expect any opinions to align with our own, but this is the beauty of everything. It’s also why debates exist. Something we can all agree on is that Independence Day: Resurgence shouldn’t ever make the cut on any kind of alien invasion movie list.

#1 War of the Worlds

We’re referring both to the original and the new Steven Spielberg remake, which managed to hold up surprisingly well given the bad reputation that modern reboots have earned behind them. The movie gains a personal vibe by having the focus on a surviving family and the theme of the film revolves entirely against malevolent aliens attacking humanity.

#2 Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Aliens invade Earth and replace a bunch of humans with a bred of emotionless humanoids. The premise sounds ridiculous enough to be a breakthrough idea during a time when realism was a very important factor in cinema. What makes this movie even better is the symbolism of the fact that it’s supposed to represent society under communism.

#3 The Day The Earth Stood Still

An old classic, The Day The Earth Stood Still stands proudly among the best alien invasion movies if only for the liberating and important message it delivers. Meant to metaphorically present the anxiety and dread of the Cold War Era, the film involves an alien landing on Earth to tell humanity to cure itself of its destructive ways.

#4 Independence Day

Regardless of some may think of it, this is a movie you can easily consider a guilty pleasure. It sends strong patriotic messages and it involves humanity uniting against greater exterior threats. The fact that it’s helped by its stellar cast does help a lot too.

#5 The Thing

This John Carpenter classic was regarded at the time of its release as groundbreaking in the world of cinematography – in the pre-2000s era, at least. Reeking of plenty of Alien vibes, this movie tells the story of an extraterrestrial being that infiltrates a research station and takes the shape of the people there.

#6 Signs

There’s no better way to heat up an argument than by bringing into discussions any M. Night Shyamalan movie. Signs, in particular, has plenty of people torn. Sure, the twist at the end is a bit underwhelming, but this flick definitely had a memorably unique tone to it.

#7 District 9

District 9 is a somewhat underground name, which is a shame when you think about the fact that it has a pretty witty and ingenious premise. It has imprisoned aliens and, above all, it brings to the tables some much-needed shades of grey.

#8 Mars Attacks!

Since alien invasion movies were a growing trend at the time, the parodies didn’t fail to follow shortly thereafter. This particular one was directed by Tim Burton and it managed to capture a sense of insanity and campiness like no other movie on this list.

#9 They Live

The movie is somewhat cheesy and it places an unnecessary emphasis on the belief that some people have that we are being mind-controlled by aliens through television. But, hey, it wasn’t that much of a popular theory at that time, so we can give it a pass.

#10 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie is centered on the premise of a group of people, protagonist included, who gather because of a strange call they feel after encountering an UFO.

5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True

The expression “conspiracy theory” has always existed, but it undoubtedly met a boom in popularity in recent years. This happened as a result of things such as the Illuminati becoming extremely present in media and especially in the YouTube comment sections of big VEVO channels. Some, if not most of these theories are ridiculous or completely insane. There are people that genuinely believe the moon is a hologram, that dinosaurs built the pyramids or that the world is ruled by alien lizards in human suits. But speaking of aliens: the existence of extraterrestrial life is the oldest conspiracy theory out there.

Are we alone in the universe? Here’s one question that still hasn’t been answered, regardless of all the proof and testimonies that strongly indicate we’re not the sole inhabitants of this huge universe. These 5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True are supported by many people, which makes their likelihood all the more possible.

1. JFK Assassinated by the CIA

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - JFK Assassination

The only thing more speculated than UFO’s is John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Many theories have tried to explain the reasoning behind the tragedy and an alien conspiracy is one of them. Apparently, JFK himself witnessed a UFO and made it his goal to search for the truth. In fact, some of his last words before his death had to do with his intention to bring to light all the secrets of outer space life. Because of this, some people believe that he was assassinated by the CIA in order to silence him and keep the public in the dark.

2. Illuminati World Control

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Hologram

Since it’s clear that trying to take control of the world via Beyonce and Katy Perry music videos isn’t going so well, the New World Order has been working on something else. In 2009, a strange blue light was recorded in the sky of Norway. Officially, it is said to have been a meteorological phenomenon. Conspiracy theorists, however, buy none of that. They think that this was a simulation for “Project Blue Beam,” something that the Illuminati have been working on as a means to seize world control.

It’s said that, in order for the domination to happen, all the people of Earth need to surrender and not fight back. One way they’re allegedly trying to achieve this is by projecting a hologram into the sky, big enough to be witnessed from every corner of the world. Some say that this hologram is going to imitate an alien invasion. Some say it will be a godly figure that will try to tell us surrendering is for the best. Either way, the New World Order needs to be more careful when testing its supposedly secret weapons.

3. Malaysia Airlines Flight Disappearance

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Flight 370

The case of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that went missing, along with its 227 passengers, in 2014 has been analyzed and debated over and over again. It’s due to be remembered as one of the greatest mysteries in history, given the fact that it seems to have literally disappeared. The plane suddenly vanished from all radars, and no one has heard or seen anything about it since. While most people say it clearly crashed, there is something that strongly counterattacks this possibility: the plane, or the remains of it, has yet to be found.

Conspiracy theorists think they have an answer to this enigma: the plane was actually abducted by a UFO. Unlike the plane crash theory, there is proof to back this possibility up. Right before it vanished, the flight’s radars detected an unknown flying object. I don’t know if this is strange or concerning, but so far, it seems that an alien intervention seems to have been a more likely reason for the Malaysia Airlines disappearance.

4. Alien Jesus

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - Alien Jesus

Not even Jesus Christ can escape the tight grasp of conspiracy theorists. They believe that he was an extraterrestrial entity who came to Earth with benevolent intentions. According to those who support this theory, it would explain how he was able to perform miracles and why he often said that he was “not of this world.” They even try to explain the resurrection, claiming that when he ascended, he was actually picked up by his alien buddies and returned home. We definitely know that Jesus was special and otherworldly, but it seems like some people took that part a little bit out of context and had way too much fun with it.

5. USA’s Hidden War Fleet

Terrifying Alien Conspiracies - War Fleet

When people make movies or any other forms of media about alien invasions, we are always put at disadvantage. That’s because, naturally, our military is terrestrial, and there is nothing we can do to stop alien ships from entering out atmosphere. You’d think that with all this considered, humanity would start building intergalactic ships that could stop any possible invaders before they break through. We never learn, do we?

Or maybe we do. There are people (conspiracy theorists, obviously), who strongly believe that NASA does everything but send astronauts on space exploration missions. This is supposedly a simple cover up for the general public. What they’re really doing is build a defense system made up of intergalactic war fleets, which are hovering above Earth right as we speak. I mean, this doesn’t sound bad. It’s the opposite, actually. We definitely can’t prove, neither disprove, that this theory is true. After all, the only ones to know what’s really going on in outer space are NASA employees, who were careless enough to apparently leak some top secret documents. These documents talked about something called the “Solar Warden Program,” and it’s considered to be solid proof for this theory.

I mean, this doesn’t sound bad. It’s the opposite, actually. We definitely can’t prove, neither disprove, that this theory is true. After all, the only ones to know what’s really going on in outer space are NASA employees, who were careless enough to apparently leak some top secret documents. These documents talked about something called the “Solar Warden Program,” and it’s considered to be solid proof for this theory.

Do you believe any of these theories may be real? And say you don’t, do you think alien life exists? More and more people join sides with those that believe it. If you consider all the aspects, they have good reason to. Technology keeps growing more advanced, helping us explore the universe even further. So far, it seems like it’s practically infinite. Is it really that impossible for us to not be the only species, given this situation? But from believing in outer space life to 5 Terrifying Alien Conspiracies That May Be True, there’s a pretty big step. Don’t recommend taking it.

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Top Five Most Intriguing Ancient Gadgets

We're used to think of gadgets as something cutting edge that usually involves a lot of technology. To prove you there's more to it, here are top five most intriguing ancient gadgets. They surely weren't as fast, shiny and comfy as ours, but back then they were probably modern wonders, yearned by everyone. And only a lucky few could enjoy them. Technology has come a long way and it's fascinating to look at how these mechanisms worked in ancient times. We've kept building on strong foundations and have come to enjoy an unprecedented type of comfort. Although the following artifacts and mechanisms still remain a mystery to us, it's intriguing to think about their possible uses, how they were invented and who was privileged to use them.

1. Antikythera Mechanism

Ten Ancient Gadgets

This ancient analog computer was used more than two thousand years ago to predict astronomical events or the positions of the stars. It now holds the title of the oldest computer in the world. Only during recent research we were able to discover its various functions. It appears the Greek people were able to calculate when the next solar eclipse would take place. The mechanism was found in a small wooden box and it is made out of more than thirty bronze gears. This complex clockwork mechanism also allowed the Greek people to organize their days and calendar in cycles that lasted four years.

2. The Coso Artifact

Ten Ancient Gadgets

Taking into account the fact that spark plugs were only invented in the nineteenth century, this five hundred thousand year old artifact baffled researchers when they discovered how old it was. The spark plug was found at the beginning of the sixties by Wallace Lane. It was encased in a chunk of hard clay. While some supported its age and claimed it was a clear sign of an alien civilization, others were not so easily persuaded. Critics claimed that the artifact could have been the result of a natural process and that there is in fact no strong evidence to support it's five hundred thousand year old.

3. Baigong Pipes

Ten Ancient Gadgets

These weird looking mechanism was found in China, near Mount Baigong. The “pipes” lead straight into a pyramid. But the most mysterious fact of them all is that there are no obvious signs of civilizations having lived nearby. The queer pipes were discovered by some scientists who were looking for dinosaur fossils. Since then, they have become a true attraction in the area, with tourists visiting them regularly, despite no one knowing what they are or what they were created for.

4. Roman Dodecahedra

Ten Ancient Gadgets

These small mechanisms have twelve pentagonal faces with each of these sporting a round hole. The dodecahedra range in diameter, but all the holes connect in the hollow center. Dating back to the second and third centuries, scientists have found around a hundred of these mechanisms, mostly in Germany and France but also in Hungary. Many archaeologists have tried their luck with the Roman Dodecahedra in an attempt to figure out what they were used for. Some hypothesis suggest they were a religious artifact, while other claim they only had a decorative purpose.

5. The mysterious airplanes

Ten Ancient Gadgets

Also known as the Quimbaya artifact, they were found in Colombia and date from 1000 CE. While the more skeptical believe they simply symbolize stylized birds, lizards, amphibians and insects that were commonly encountered in that area. However, there are other voices suggesting these were actually figurines that represented airplanes. Some scientists went as far as to rebuilt the Quimbaya models and were shocked by their discovery. The models followed the exact patterns of the figurines, encompassing the tails, the landing gears and the wings.

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