Is Horseriding a Sport? 5 Reasons Why It Is

Is horseriding a sport? Is it, really? What DO we classify as a sport now that we think about it? There are some who claim that poker and pool are sporty activities for sure, yet some still continue to doubt whether horseriding really fits into this category or not. Well, we’re here to blow away those doubts.

Is Horseriding a Sport


Many argue that horseriding can’t really be considered a sport because it allegedly requires no effort from the rider’s part. The one running around and gracefully leaping over various fences and objects is the horse, not you, right? If that’s the way you want to judge it, you won’t ever get anywhere. Instead, let’s try to see whether horseriding fits the criteria that most people use to label sports.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #1

What is the main thing that links horseriding, football, and poker together? All of them have competitive sides. By default, most (if not all) types of sports have some sort of competitive layer to them. Horseriding can very much be competitive and in more than one way. Competitions are of all kinds and while some may argue that, again, it’s the horse doing all the work, we want to agree to disagree. Behind every graceful and obedient horse stands a rider who’d invested hours of training and hard work.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #2

Most sports are team sports, which is why it’s always a good reason to get your children to practice a sport from an early age. Putting aside all the health benefits, this kind of practice is also going to improve social skills and cooperation. Horseriding is, too, a form of team play. A rider’s most loyal and, simultaneously, most difficult teammate is the horse. It can be hard to communicate with the voiceless creatures, but with enough patience, you can develop an unbreakable bond.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #3

Sports will always improve one particular aspect of your body. There are sports like poker, which have zero effect on your physique, but end up training your brain. Traditionally, though, when you practice a sport, you boost your fitness. Does horseriding do this? Of course it does! Maneuvering such a large animal, riding, holding steady, keeping balance, and herding it to go your way – all of these elements create a strong foundation for muscle training. Particularly in the leg area, you will definitely feel some aftermaths of this activity.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #4

Did you know you can actually burn calories? That’s not exactly all too surprising, but calorie-burning comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. You can burn calories by simply lying in bed (though that’s not in the least recommended), let alone through horseriding. Aside from the work and effort you invest in the activity itself, you also need to consider all the labor that comes with taking care of your teammate. Grooming, cleaning around the stables, and generally caring for the horse all count as chores. And, yes, chores do burn calories.

Is Horseriding a Sport? – Reason #5

The beautiful thing about sports is that they are open to anyone. If you wish to learn how to play volleyball, for instance, you can get up one day, hit up your local gym, and learn how to play it! The same goes for horseriding. Like all other sports, you can either practice it casually or professionally, entering tournaments and competitions. All of this falls under the “rules and regulations” category. To play football, you need to understand a set of basic rules first. Horseriding has its own rules. It’s accessible to anyone, it can be practiced casually or professionally, and it’s governed by strict regulations. These all sound like reasons why it’s a sport, don’t they?


Let’s ask again: is horseriding a sport? We are certain of it. If you still doubt it, maybe you should try going through a much more thorough analysis, side by side with whatever other activity you DO consider to be a sport.

8 Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

“Dogs are man’s best friends.” It’s a saying that we are all familiar with. However, some dogs are more than the faithful companions we will remember for years to come. There are some pooches that manage the performance of making history, becoming parts of the memories of many other people aside from their owners. They’ve impressed the whole world, either through deeds that showed immense bravery, either by proving the extent of their loyalty. These are the 8 Most Famous Dogs Of All Time, which are here to prove us all that humans aren’t the only ones capable of incredible achievements.

1. Laika

Laika - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

The first living and breathing creature that managed to break through Earth’s atmosphere wasn’t a human. Laika is undoubtedly the most famous dog in history, for managing to give us all hope that outer space’s boundaries weren’t impossible to cross. Initially a stray dog, she was recruited by several Soviet scientists with the sole intention of being trained for the space program.

 After going through intensive training, she was the one selected to board the Sputnik 2 ship which sent her in a place no other dog had ever been before. Unfortunately, spaceships at the time had no “return option,” but Soviet officials ensured us that Laika was peacefully euthanized soon after the level of oxygen started dropping.

2. Hachiko

Hachiko - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

When a dog has had a statue made to honor it, then you know something truly astonishing must have happened. Hachiko’s statue is in Odete, Japan, his city of origins. Hidesaburo Ueno, his owner, traveled back and forth between Odete and Tokyo via train. Hachiko would go to the train station at a precise hour and, every day, he would wait for him at the entrance. Unfortunately, in May 1925, Ueno didn’t show up anymore, having passed away due to a harsh hemorrhage.

This didn’t make Hackiko’s loyalty waiver since he continued to travel to the train station every day, where he continued to wait for his beloved human. He continued doing this for nine years, only being stopped by death. The Akita Inu was found lifeless in 1935, near the vicinity of the Shibuya station.

3. Appollo

Appollo - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

Appollo was only one of the 350 search-and-rescue dogs that became heroes of the tragic terrorist attacks of 9/11. He and his human partner Peter Davis relentlessly searched for survivors for as much as 16 hours every day. The missions of the SAR police officers and their dogs have been documented by Animal Planet, which noted that the dogs seemed equally heartbroken as their partners when they found victims.

The SAR teams, Appollo included, saved numerous lives in the aftermath of the attacks, and they have undoubtedly become heroes worthy of being celebrated in years to come.

4. Lex

Lex - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

Lex and his partner, Marine Corps Cpl. Dustin J. Lee, were stationed in Fallujah, Iraq. When an explosive attack was launched on their camp, Lee lost his life and Lex suffered serious injuries. The truly amazing part of this story is the fact that the German shepherd refused to leave the side of his deceased soldier, despite being in need of urgent medical examinations. The medics had to forcefully pull him away from Lee’s body in order to treat his wounds. Having been left unable to continue his duty for the Marines, Lex became the first working military dog that was permitted a premature retirement. He was adopted by Jerome and Rachel Lee, and then became a therapy dog, visiting war veterans in hospitals and helping them with their healing process. Lex died aged 13 in 2012.

Having been left unable to continue his duty for the Marines, Lex became the first working military dog that was permitted a premature retirement. He was adopted by Jerome and Rachel Lee and then became a therapy dog, visiting war veterans in hospitals and helping them with their healing process. Lex died aged 13 in 2012.

5. Benji

Benji - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

Unlike his other canine fellows on this list, Benji was a fictional hero on the big screens. The 1974 movie Benji melted the hearts of audiences by telling the story of a mixed-breed pooch that went to great lengths to save two kidnapped children. The part was played by a pup named Higgins, who’d been adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter. Amazingly, Benji’s impact didn’t stop here since over a million dogs were adopted in the year when Benji’s fame was at its peak.

6. Toto

Toto - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

I’m sure there’s hardly any need to explain Toto’s origins because most of you probably already know. This definitely says a lot about the influence the small mutt has had on the world. Known as Dorothy’s dog in the popular movie adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, Toto was such an iconic figure that over 30% of small dog breed owners have named heir pooches after him. The real life star behind the fictive pup was a 5-year-old terrier named Terry, whose career in the movie industry continued to flourish beyond the success of The Wizard of Oz.

7. Bobbie

Bobbie - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

This Collie lived the real life version of Lassie’s story, proving an unshakeable devotion to his family. In 1923, Bobbie was traveling alongside his family, having gotten separated from them at some point. Although his owners turned the world upside down in their searches for him, they eventually had to give up and return home. “Giving up” wasn’t a concept understood by Bobbie, who traveled over four thousand kilometers all across the United States in his quest to return home. Six months since his disappearance, the family found Bobbie on their doorstep, clearly worn out from his long journey.

8. Smoky

Smoky - Most Famous Dogs Of All Time

Despite its small size, this Yorkshire terrier was a true WWII survivor. She was found in 1944 by Cpl. William A. Wynne, who immediately grew fond of her. The two of them became inseparable, sharing everything from food ratios to sleeping bags. Smoky managed to elude over 150 air raids, also surviving a destructive typhoon in Oklahoma.

Moreover, she saved the lives of her owner and his comrades on multiple occasions with her fine danger detection senses. With her help, the soldiers managed to stop in time many incoming fires. Smoky became a mascot of WWII, for her incredible ability to beat odds and be a survivor, and she is considered today as one of the first therapy dogs on record.

These 8 Most Famous Dogs Of All Time have shaped history forever, but if you think about it, every dog is the personal hero of its owner.

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11 Amazing Facts About Foxes To Make You Love Them

For many animals, their reputation precedes them. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily a good thing, since many of those reputations are built on a keystone of misconceptions and an eager tendency to judge by offering no means of defense. I mean, fair enough, animals can’t call us to solve it over a court seeing. Foxes are often depicted as deceitful and cunning creatures, not rarely being a direct equivalent to evil. But, like any other animal, they simply live their lives with a sense of instinct, so don’t take anything they do personally. If they happen to be clever enough to trick its own kin, that can only be a bonus in the harsh world of the wilderness, right? Well, a Dutch photographer named Rosalind Raimond decided to capture the other sides of foxes, by snapping them in beautiful pictures that showcase their loving and adorable nature. While we line them up, we’ll also know 11 Amazing Facts About Foxes To Make You Love Them, as a means to learn something different about them.

1. They’re Solitary Creatures

Amazing Facts About Foxes - They're Solitary

Although members of the Canidae family, along with dogs, wolves and jackals, foxes don’t behave like their cousins, as far as organization goes. They don’t gather in packs, preferring to hunt and live by themselves. The only exception is when they form small families, called “leashes of foxes,” and live in underground burrows.

2. They’re Cat Like

Cat Like -Amazing Facts About Foxes

Yet another ironic piece of knowledge, is how foxes rather resemble felines than their other canine family members. For instance, they behave similarly to cats, by doing things like walk on the tips of their toes and sneaking, then pouncing, on the prey they’re hunting. But there’s more that: foxes are also genetically similar to felines. They grow considerably more active at nightfall, being built with vertical pupils that grant them sight in conditions of dim light, and they also possess retractable claws! This means they can climb trees, often opting to take naps among the branches.

3. They Detect Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Field Detection Is One Of The Amazing Facts About Foxes

Have you ever seen a fox dive head-first into a pile of snow, leaving only its bottom legs hanging out? Yeah, what’s up with that? As crazy as it sounds, scientists strongly believe that foxes can detect Earth’s magnetic field and use it to calculate where to hit their prey — kind of like a missile. This can only happen while facing north, though, and it requires a serious amount of unbroken concentration. Still, how cool is that?

4. They Make Excellent Parents

Amazing Facts About Foxes Include Their Parenting Skills

Just like all these photos show us, foxes stick to their children with unwavering loyalty. They reproduce once a year, birthing an average of six pups, which are born blind until they open their eyes nine days later. The little ones stick by their parents until they’re seven months old. An incredible example of the parental love foxes carry is when a baby fox got caught in a trap, managing to survive because its mother brought food to it every day.

5. They Can Sustain Extremely Low Temperatures

The Arctic Fox Gives Us Some Amazing Facts About Foxes

Other than the red one, the most known kind of fox is the Arctic one. This sub-species is extremely adapted to the cold climates of the extreme Northern hemisphere. Its while fur coat helps it blend in with the snow, and it’s warm enough to keep the fox from shivering up to -70 degrees Celsius. During other seasons, the coat changes color to either brown or gray, helping it camouflage with the rocky tundra.

6. They’re Common In Folklore

Folklore Appearances Give Us Many Amazing Facts About Foxes

Part of the reason why foxes are associated with so many malevolent things, is due to their depiction in the traditional folklore of various civilizations. Perhaps the most famous of examples is the nine tailed fox, a recurring theme in many Asian cultures, though the fox is represented in the lore of medieval Europe and Native America too. Did you know that Finnish people believed the Northern lights were created by a fox that swiped sparks into the sky with its tail?

7. They Can Be Bought As Pets

Amazing Facts About Foxes - Bought As Pets

If you’re starting to grow fond of foxes based on the information laid before this, fear not: for $9000, you could own a fox as a pet yourself. A soviet geneticist started mass breeding foxes in the late 60’s, managing to produce a kind of domesticated foxes that, unlike tamed foxes, are docile towards humans from birth. Allegedly, as pets, these foxes are sweet and curious, but you might want to keep your expensive furniture out of their reach.

8. They’re Very Playful

Very Playful - Amazing Facts About Foxes

Foxes are very curious and frolicsome, both with their own kind and humans (though it’s debatable whether people want to be part of this game). In fact, they funnily so happen to be very fond of balls, which is why they can be seen invading golf courts and snatching them.

9. They Have Long History With Humans

Long History With Humans, Among The Amazing Facts About Foxes

Even if dogs are indeed man’s best friend, they aren’t our oldest friend. Researchers dug up in 2011 a grave in Jordan that’s over sixteen thousand millenniums old, finding there the remains of a man and of his supposedly pet fox. If this is all true, then it means that humans domesticated foxes and brought them by their side long before the first recorded human buried with a dog.

10. They’re Everywhere

Amazing Facts About Foxes Include Their Range

The most common kind of fox is the red one, something that’s majorly curtsy to its great adaptability in terms of diet and environments. This is how you can find red foxes all over the Northern hemisphere, from the Arctic, to South Africa, to Central America and even to the steppes of Asia.

11. What Does The Fox Say?

Amazing Facts About Foxes - Their Screams

They scream. This is what they basically sound like, and you can listen to it here. Warning to all the headphone users.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t stop staring at those photos. Foxes simply need to be a given a chance, you know? I mean, yeah, they might be snatching chickens right from the warm embrace of their nests, but it’s nothing any normal, instinctive animal hasn’t done before. If we keep all these 11 Amazing Facts About Foxes To Make You Love Them in mind, we can start appreciating foxes for the fascinating animals they really are.

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5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know

How many of you dog owners out there have to face on a regular basis the torment of having a pair of watery eyes plead you for a slip of the food so beautifully exhibited on your plate? I know I do. That’s because dogs are one of the biggest gourmands of the animal world. Unlike other members of their kind, they have long since surpassed the stage of feeding for the sake of survival, and food turned into a delicacy to pleasantly tickle their taste buds. Another thing that’s changed, is their status as carnivores. It’s true that this used to be indeed their nature, with wolves (for example) standing as the living proof of that. But since humans managed to domesticate them and bring them by our sides as loyal companions, nowadays they can be easily considered to be omnivores. However, in reality, they can’t exactly eat anything they like and there are some 5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know.

1. Natural Carnivores

Facts About Dogs And Food - Natural Carnivores

In the article’s introduction, I spoke of dogs’ raw nature as carnivores. While it’s true that you can definitely mix into your pooch’s diet many ingredients that even herbivores consume, they’re genetically engineered to be meat lovers. Not only are their claws and fangs with prominent canines designed to make them perfect at hunting down prey, it’s also a difficult task to try and keep your dog away from raw meat. Chances for him to turn down a cooked meat based meal are small to nonexistent, but if you really want to get his gears going, simply bring him in the vicinity of a raw chicken breast or an animal organ. Despite that, it’s not indicated to feed your dog uncooked meat, since it can carry a variety of potentially dangerous diseases that can be partially eradicated in contact with high temperatures.

2. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth - Facts About Dogs And Food

This may come off as a surprise, but if a dog were able to open and steal from a cookie jar, it almost definitely would. Dogs can sense a variety of tastes, with the one standing out most being sweetness. Their wilderness residing cousins actually often consume berries and other fruit rich in fructose (a well known replacement for sugar even in the human diet) in order to give them the daily dose of glucose needed for an energy boost. Your dog might be seen drooling all over your birthday cake, but it’s definitely not recommended to give in to his whims, as sugar can prove to be dangerous to his health.

3. Cat Food Lovers

Dogs Can Eat Cat Food Too, One Of The Facts About Dogs And Food

As if having to contain your dog from gobbling all of his food wasn’t bad enough, you should know that you also need to keep an eye open for your cat’s food bowl. Dogs, especially if big gluttons, are likely to invade the chow of your kitten if given the opportunity. This is because the two kinds of foods are obviously not that different, and our canine pals would rarely turn down an opportunity to sate their curiosity and have a taste of a new, peculiar kind of dish. But even though nothing majorly bad can come from a pooch digesting some feline delicacies, you should make sure this doesn’t become a recurrence. Cats and dogs require different things from their diets in order to lead healthy and balanced lives, which is why cat food contains some elements and nutrients that dogs really don’t need, like taurine. Best keep your pets each to their bowls, if you want them to be as happy as possible in the long run.

4. Toxic Foods

Facts About Dogs And Food Warn Us Of Dangerous Aliments

Even though dogs strongly desire to be able to taste every type of delicious grub the world has to offer, there are some things you must never feed him, as they are a legitimate peril to his well being. Some of these seem even oddly trite, but they can prove to be disastrous for your dog. Perhaps the most surprising examples are grapes and, respectively, raisins. Not many people know about this, but grapes contain a substance that can lead to kidney and liver failure. More than that, there have been many cases of dogs dying after digesting only a handful of grapes, so avoid at all costs feeding them to your pooch. Another example is an aliment that, while extremely common in human food, is extremely toxic for both dogs and cats, and in fact is one of the most damaging ones: onions. If consumed by dogs, the various poisonous substances they release can develop into destruction of red cells and, eventually, anemia.

Other toxic aliments that you should absolutely avoid feeding your dog include: chocolate, peaches, plums, salmon, trout, apple seeds and coffee. For a full list of dangerous aliments, refer to this infographic.

5. Safe Human Foods

Facts About Dogs And Food - Safe Human Foods

The list of foods that are surprisingly harmful for dogs may be quite hefty, but don’t worry – not everything we eat is a danger for our pets. There are some aliments that get a green light, with some of them being even beneficial additions to their diets. One of the most surprising examples is garlic, which, unlike onion, can even give a boost to your pooch’s health. The only condition for this is a controlled consumption, so make sure to slip it in very small doses. Raw eggs are also a strange choice. Obviously, cooked eggs count too, but even though the biggest threat of raw eggs is Salmonella, they are excellent at providing to your pup necessary enzymes, proteins and vitamins to improve his life.

Other than that, you can also feed your dog fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, baked potatoes and lean meat.

In conclusion, it’s clear that feeding your dog involves much more than skinning a chicken leg off the bone and tossing the pieces into your dog’s bowl. They have an incredible appetite, one that tends to even get a bit out of hand at times. But, fortunately (or not, I guess it depends on perspective), we are the ones who benefit from having a consciousness, so we should make sure that we don’t give the dog everything he wants to eat. Thanks to these 5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know, now you know better than to do that.

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7 Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner

I love my dog. I love dogs. I love the prospect of one day retiring rich and happy, to a big mansion where I can keep about fifty dogs (hopefully in a legal way, but you’d be surprised how much I’m willing to risk for this lifelong dream). In fact, in a way I’m living my current life as a build up for this big moment. As degenerative as this sounds, I really need to emphasize on this part because of what I’m going to say next. I love dogs, but sometimes the possibility of getting in a car and driving as far away from possible from them can be very attractive. That’s because, for every heartfelt moment of companionship you share with your dog, you get an evening when you tiredly come home from work, only to find half of your shoe collection eaten. Get my point? It’s not easy being a dog owner simply because of how exhausting our canine fellows can be. But, fear not, all kinds of people have been questing for the answer to this never ending problem, and managed to find 7 Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner, that might just save us from lonely nights of carpet scrubbing.

1. Play Fetch Downhill

Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner - Fetch Downhill

Yeees, yes, foolish mortal creature, get yourself in this endless loop of aimless ball chasing, while I comfortably sit back and gaze upon you with a sense of hoary wisdom and a glisten of malevolence. This is probably what it looks like from the outside, but before anyone comes to accuse you of torturing your dog, make sure to let them know that this exercise is an ideal way to tire it out faster. On second thought, this doesn’t really sound better, so I guess all you can do is hope you have a good lawyer.

2. Ball In Food Bowl

Ball In Bowl - Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner

My dog has a tendency of eating as if her bowl hides an ancient black hole that, with each passing moment, feasts off her food and grows in power enough to blast her to pieces. But this fun trick looks like it might just do the trick of having her tone it down a little. All you need to do is toss a toy in your dog’s food bowl, and then he’ll be forced to move it around in order to find every last fleck of food.

3. Treat Dispenser Ball

Making A Treat Ball Counts As One Of The Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner

Perhaps you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the time to spare towards tending to every little whim your dog has. But, since you love him, you genuinely want to do it, even if it’s a totally unimportant thing like — oh, I don’t know — eating. Fear not, for this DIY solution will get your dog both the exercise he needs and some tasty treats to get him through the day. Grab your scissors, dissect the nearest ball, stuff some treats inside, and then have fun picking them up from all over your house if the dog decides he’s not hungry.

4. Ice Cake

Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner Include The Ice Cake

So, in case you couldn’t care less about random people who may or may not believe you’re torturing your dog, here’s another way to make yourself appear even more suspicious to the eyes of an outsider. Take some toys, some chicken, and anything else your dog holds dearest, then freeze them solid in a block of ice and have him lick his way to them. There are no guarantees that there won’t be any brain freezes involved, or that your dog’s tongue won’t be needing some rehab afterwards. But, hey, this is a good way to teach him that nothing in life is easy, and that you have to work your way towards your goals. I’m sure he’ll understand.

5. Laundry Basket Car Seat

Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner - Laundry Basket

This hack is excellent for anyone who was blessed enough to be the owner of a dog who can actually be persuaded into playing nice for the duration of a car ride. If you want a safe and comfortable haven for your pooch during the road trip you have planned ahead, grab the nearest laundry basket and get started. Wrap a blanket around a pillow, lay it inside the basket, and coil the rest of the blanket around the edges. Your dog will be happy. Otherwise, if you can’t even make your dog stop barking at the passing trees for a moment, and he already spilled all of your coffee in your lap while trying to get to your sit, just ignore this.

6. Drawer Dog Bed

Drawer Bed - Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner

We want our dogs to be as cozy as possible. Unfortunately, most of the time that implies voluminous dog beds and crates that are just impossible to fit into the layout of your home. So how about you just shove him in a night desk instead? No, not like that, take the drawers out first. There is plenty of room, both vertically and horizontally, and it’s a guaranteed way to avoid tripping over your dog while you’re on your way to serve the Thanksgiving turkey.

7. Peanut Butter For Nail Trimming

The PB Trick Is One Of The Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner

The more I go through this article, the more I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something wrong with my dog. How can some people be lucky enough to be able to distract their dog during nail trimming with a good, old spoon of PB? Either way, this can work for two reasons: your dog’s just a giant peanut butter lover, so you’ll be making his day by serving him. Or, respectively, it could work because it’s well known that PB’s texture often leaves dogs chewing and attempting to lick it off their teeth for hours. So you’re basically distracting him from the horrors of nail trimming by gluing his teeth with peanut paste and leaving him deal with it by himself. Sweet!

There was an obvious tone of satire slithering through the lines of this article, but truth is: all of these ideas are ingenious and are indeed 7 Amazing Hacks For Every Dog Owner. Obviously, it varies from one pet to another. What might work for one dog, could prove pointless to another, but it never hurts to try, does it?

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