Top 10 Stars Without Makeup

Makeup can completely change a person, but sometimes this change isn’t really necessary. You’d think that in the musical or acting industries, where looks are a key factor in your ascension to stardom, celebrities can’t afford looking anything short of perfect. That’s true, but there are some who benefit from a natural beauty that ensures they can be stunning even without applying any traces of lipstick or eye shadow. Here are some stars without makeup who manage to shine through the power of natural beauty.

#1 Demi Lovato

Stars Without Makeup


Once a Disney star who found fame through role in the movie Camp Rock, Demi Lovato is now living the dream as a dual singer – actor with strong edgy rock ‘n’ roll vibes. She’s notoriously fought off several mental illnesses driven by appearance issues, but she’s now comfortable enough in her own skin to regularly upload filter and makeup-free photos on the Internet.

#2 Kylie Jenner

While Kim has the body, many people often deem Kylie as the prettiest out of the Kardashian bunch. Even though the naturalism of her beauty is debatable, we know for sure that she is in a position good enough to allow her to looking completely gorgeous even with a clean face.

#3 Hilary Duff

Stars Without Makeup


Speaking of Disney stars, Hilary Duff might just be the most widely beloved one. Rather than going on a downward spiral caused by her premature stardom, Hilary carried on her life peacefully and stayed true to her position as a role model. Equally inspiring is the fact that she thoroughly promotes embracing your natural beauty.

#4 Gigi Hadid

Ideally, all models should be able to pull off no-filter and makeup-free photos without worrying that they’ll crack the camera screen. Gigi Hadid seems to have lucked out with this particular area of her life too since we can often see her spurting her natural good looks and being proud of them.

#5 Zendaya

Stars Without Makeup


Zendaya is one of the most recent Disney stars who is gradually slipping out of the company’s productions. She managed to make herself remarkable through her surprising musical talent, as well as the undeniable confidence she holds for her own beauty. Even though she is an absolute work of art when prettied up by famous makeup artists, she manages to steal the spotlight even when she’s simply going for a stroll to the corner store.

#6 Cara Delevigne

Paper Towns star and model Cara Delevigne falls into a category of people whom we haven’t really seen flaunting copious amounts of makeup to begin with. But this only makes it all the more surprising when we see her in the streets, in photos, or in other various circumstances where she rocks a completely natural look.

#7 Taylor Swift

Stars Without Makeup


Even one of the biggest stars of the planet at the moment has the courage to embrace her natural beauty. Taylor Swift is widely known for her fondness of red lipstick, but there have been plenty of times when she’s been photographed looking as casual as it gets.

#8 Jessica Biel

Actress Jessica Biel is one of the joyous possessors of this particular type of mesmerizing beauty that will get you lost while staring at her. The completely fascinating thing is that she manages to be just as enthralling regardless of whether she’s flaunting some nice makeup accents or not.

#9 Drew Barrymore

Stars Without Makeup


Drew Barrymore’s resume is a pretty lengthy one as she is the owner of plenty of talents and occupations, model included. Aside from the fact that she regularly posts makeup-free photos on her social media, she was also bold enough to partake in a photoshoot for People magazine all in her natural beauty.

#10 Mariah Carey

By definition, a diva is all about glitz and glamor, but Mariah Carey is just as capable of showing to the world her casual side too. Her no-makeup natural beauty manages to shine through the various photos she publishes online, some of which are clearly snapped right after she’s woken up.

The Most Beautiful Marilyn Monroe Quotes Ever

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Curtsy of: ppcorn

If you’re used to spending copious amounts of time on various websites, whether they’re Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or anything of the likes, you’ve likely read several Marilyn Monroe quotes without even realizing it. The legendary starlet is still a lingering presence, being as idolized decades after she passed away as she was during her peaking moments of fame and glory. However, while she may have been at the time hugely popular due to her undeniable sex appeal and beauty, our times honor the blond for her words.

Many young women today (and not only) carry a lot of respect for Monroe due to her insightful perspective and views on relationships, beauty, and women in general. Her sayings and quotes are spread over the Internet as wildfire curtsy of their inspirational subtext. You may argue that one of the things that make her motivational words all the more beautiful is that beneath her radiant smile laid a lot of sorrow.

Norma Jean – as she was really called – was the daughter of a mother who struggled with a mental illness. Her childhood was filled with constant bouncing between various homes. From the first photograph she posed for that made millions of hearts throb, she’s been engulfed in a realm of glamor in which she was known as Marilyn Monroe.

All of these things aside, there were some grim undertones to her seemingly perfect life. There was the famed John F. Kennedy affair rumor, the constant failures in her relationships, her fear that she would spiral into a mental illness just like her mother. The ultimate proof of Monroe’s struggles was her tragic overdose at the frail age of 36. Like many others who have arisen to the status of worldwide icons (Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson), it seemed like the beautiful Marilyn Monroe cracked under the pressure of her own stardom.

Despite all of the hardships known and unknown that were gnawing at her, she never stopped smiling and she never let her suffering show. If that isn’t inspirational by itself, let’s recall some of her most memorable sayings.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

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“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.” – Marilyn Monroe

Does the last bit seem familiar? That’s because it’s, indeed, one of those “quotes that spread like wildfire” that we were talking about. It’s impossible to disagree with the power and beauty of these words. Despite being a perfectionist, Monroe had the strength to acknowledge her flaws and mistakes. It’s truly easy to be close to or love someone for their virtues (aka when we’re “at our best”), but the true challenge comes in embracing the negatives.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

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“Unfortunately, I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe from Telegram

Often misquoted as, “We are all stars and deserve to twinkle.”

The misquotation might capture better the essence of the message conveyed in Monroe’s words. These words came in response to an invitation to a dinner party from Robert Kennedy and his wife, which the blond declined. Needless to say, Marilyn Monroe was far from being the airhead that many deemed her to be. She had her own opinions on politics, fully aware of their world and implications, and she wasn’t afraid to voice them – albeit, as tactfully as we’d expect from someone of her caliber.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

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“How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself.” – Marilyn Monroe

A recurring issue over the decades – if not even centuries – was the independence of women. Monroe reinforces the concept that women should be granted the possibility to be independent and not rely on the help of men.

6 Crazy Celebrity Trademarks That Actually Exist

If you asked me, I genuinely thought that we we’d be leaving the whole “trademark business” in 2015. Don’t you know what the “trademark business” is? It’s a trend that, while not started by Taylor Swift, definitely escalated thanks to her. All you need to do is spend copious amounts of time on the Internet and forever damage your social life, in order to be up to date with all events that shake the world of entertainment. Unfortunately, going by my dark circles and incredibly limited circle of friends, I’m that person described before. That being said, I was right in the eye of the storm when Taylor, and now the infamous Fine Brothers, decided that they need to be paid for a combination of words and, worse, for the invention of a word that was never theirs to begin with. Believe it or not, it wasn’t Swift who filed the first request for a trademark. There have been many before her, though whether there will be more in the future is debatable given how badly the audiences take these things. Either way, these are 6 Crazy Celebrity Trademarks.

1. The Fine Brothers

Crazy Celebrity Trademarks - FIne Brothers

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. They’re the reason this article exists, because no one had to face the wrath of their fans after filing a trademark request, the way the Fine Brothers had to. The YouTube duo started off with a rather promising premise: they wanted to launch React World, a project meant to bring their format all over the world by allowing us, the viewers, to participate. But then, they made the mistake of trademarking the word “react” and it was revealed that videos of the “reacting kind” were being taken down. The only way to produce them would be to direct some of your revenue to their company.

Needless to say, fans didn’t take it well. After the announcement was made, people started mass disliking every video they could and in less than five days, their subscriber count dropped with nearly one million. Since then, they took down the two videos that explained the concept and made a public apology on Twitter, though that doesn’t seem to convince the fans, who demand that the Fine Brothers upload a video of apology on YouTube.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Crazy Celebrity Trademarks

The other elephant in the room is the artist who is responsible for turning trademarks into a new kind of Internet meme. After the success of her Shake It Off song, she decided that for the sake of merchandise she would trademark phrases like “this sick beat,” “party like it’s 1989” or “nice to meet you, where you been?” In her case, people on the Internet didn’t reciprocate with barrages of wrath, instead turning Taylor into a parody of herself that nowadays is the absolute synonym of the word “trademark.”

3. Beyonce & Jay-Z

Beyonce And Jay-Z Are Behind One Of The Crazy Celebrity Trademarks

When the world first heard that the power couple’s daughter’s name was going to be Blue Ivy, we were momentarily bedazzled. It was definitely a strange name and, in our defense, Kanye West’s and Kim Kardashian’s children weren’t around at that time to eclipse it. We grew used to it in time, with some people even taking the name for themselves to use it for their various businesses. An example is a woman who started in 2009 an event planning company named Blue Ivy, something that upset the two artists and convinced them to file a trademark for the name. Jay-Z later explained himself, by saying that his sole intention was to protect his daughter from people who try to profit off her name.

4. Paris Hilton

Crazy Celebrity Trademarks Were Launched By Paris Hilton

For this entry, we take a trip into the vintage section of our topic. Paris Hilton was one of the initiators of this growing trend, when she filed a trademark request for the phrase “that’s hot.” More than that, if you think that trademarks and patents are basically pointless (I mean, who checks these things, right?), then you need to reconsider. Paris clashed with the popular TV channel Hallmark back in 2009, when it supposedly used the infamous phrase on a birthday card. The dispute was settled one year later, without the intervention of a court, but I’m sure that should this happen again, Paris will immediately surface to fight for her rights.

5. Charlie Sheen

Crazy Celebrity Trademarks - Charlie Sheen

You guys remember Charlie Sheen, right? Good, because I don’t think he does (if you catch my drift). Back when Sheen was on a roll and every television and paparazzi in the world had their eyes on him, his media coverage and popularity seemed like the ideal moment for him to vacuum some money into his bank account. He filed trademark requests for not one, not two, not even close to three, but for twenty-two words and phrases! The most notorious one was, of course, the famous “duh, winning” phrase, which, thank God, died out along with Charlie Sheen’s career.

6. Donald Trump

Donald Trump - Crazy Celebrity Trademarks

Just when you were thinking Trump couldn’t be in any more articles, here he is! Before he became famous (and not in a good way) for his extremely controversial presidential campaign, he used to be a constant presence on TV through his well known contest show, Celebrity Apprentice. During the programme, he used the phrase “you’re fired,” which he eventually patented because he was, I don’t know, in dire need of more money, I guess? Can you blame him, though? He managed to survive his youth with just a small loan of a million dollars, it’s good to know that years later, he’s just as financially savvy. I guess employees everywhere have Trump to thank for the fact that they are now impossible to fire due to copyright issues.

Sometimes, with celebrities, you often need to question the nature of their intentions. Which of these trademarks had a solid reason that had nothing to do with finding a quick way to rip off money? Which of these were simply a reflection of the person’s ego? Whichever it is, these 6 Crazy Celebrity Trademarks definitely live up to their name. But more importantly, what kind of repercussions you reckon using all of them in one article has? See you all in court, I guess.

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10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes

Before we go on, I need to confess that I’m aware of how overdone this kind of article is. I’ve seen way more side-by-side comparisons of horses and Sarah Jessica Parker than I think anyone needs to in a lifetime. But, as the saying goes, “baby, seasons change, but people don’t.” This is why we still come back for more, regardless of whether it’s overplayed or not. The good part is that the world of celebrities is in constant changes, therefore helping new stardom aspiring people emerge from the masses on a regular basis. So, this is what I say: let’s find some celebrity-animal lookalikes that are so stunning you’ll begin to wonder why didn’t the theory of evolution tie humanity with every animal, and just primates. I say that we should put an end to the age of horses and Sarah Jessica Parker and let others take the spotlight for once. This is serious business. These are 10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes.

1. Vladimir Putin

Celebrity Lookalikes - Putin And A Dog

On the right: Vladimir Putin. On the left: a very stern looking dog.

It’s not easy being the leader of a powerhouse country, which used to, more or less, have absolute supremacy over most of the world. You have to face the daily responsibilities of a presidency and the mockery of the Internet. As funny as it may seem, this isn’t the first time the Russian leader has lost a battle to the satire of social media, and surely it won’t be the last either.

2. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg And Kermit Are One Of The Most Common Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Snoop Dogg. On the left: a not so snoop dog.

Since I’m not really well versed in the matter of Snoop Dogg’s whereabouts, I’d rather address the other side of the picture. Believe it or not, he is also a celebrity! His name is Kermit, and he is the beloved dog of YouTuber and Internet sensation Jenna Marbles, who became a viral sensation with her How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Attractive video. These days, she is also popular thanks to the relationship with her three dogs and, funnily so, the Snoop Dogg comparison is a long running gag in her fandom and one of the most common celebrity lookalikes.

3. Adolf Hitler

Celebrity Lookalikes We Never Thought Of: Hitler

On the right: Adolf Hitler. On the left: a cat that looks like a Looney Tunes villain.

Hitler isn’t exactly joke material, and if he does somehow manage to become the subject of a good laugh, this is basically a one-way ticket to Hell, according to some. But, what will you do: someone found this cat, immediately thought of the infamous Nazi leader and shared it with the Internet as yet another of the many celebrity lookalikes. And being the way it is, it probably was busy for a very long time trying to determine the verisimilitude of the picture (I’m talking about the cat, I have zero doubts that Adolf Hitler actually existed).

4. John Travolta

Celebrity Lookalikes - John Travolta

On the right: John Travolta. On the left: literally the weirdest looking dog I’ve ever seen.

John Travolta has one of those faces that you would be able to recognize with a paper bag on both your and his head. He has a long career behind him, and a considerable number of iconic performances. And it seems that he went from swooning ladies everywhere with his role in Grease, to discovering his long lost canine brother. We’re really happy for you, mister Travolta. Family is always important.

5. Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is A Common Target For Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Donald Trump. On the left: honestly, I don’t even know.

Really, what is that? I’m not even talking about Trump’s hair here, since it was the center of comparisons with literally everything from an ear of corn, to a troll doll. I think I know what happened to the thing on the left, though. It probably was once an animal, but it couldn’t bear living so secluded from the Republican candidate, so it turned itself into a wig. This way, it hopes it’ll be able to occupy his head and live happily ever after.

6. Taylor Lautner

The Most Popular Of Celebrity Lookalikes - Taylor Lautner/Alpaca

On the right: Taylor Lautner. On the left: an alpaca (because they are aesthetically different from llamas).

There is no better time to make fun of a celebrity than when they are at the peak of their stardom. But that doesn’t mean we’re too shy to do it even when the flame doesn’t burn so brightly anymore. The Taylor Lautner – alpaca pair up is almost as old as Sarah Jessica Parker and horses, so for the sake of nostalgia, we decided to include it too.

7. Snoop Dogg 2.0

Celebrity Lookalikes Meet Snoop Dogg Once Again

On the right: Snoop Dogg again. On the left: I think I understand why the “dogg” part of the name.

What is it about Snoop Dogg’s face that’s so easy to find in the complexion of various mammals? He seems to be the center of most celebrity lookalikes situations. No offense brought to anyone, though. I’m sure he’s a decent guy, and the dog on the left looks like it’s having the time of its life, so let’s bring this topic to a halt.

8. Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama - Celebrity Lookalikes

On the right: Dalai Lama. On the left: ironically, a llama.

I don’t think this is what the Tibetans expected when they forged two words with a profound meaning into the famous “Dalai Lama” title. The word “lama” actually has nothing to do with the friendly fellow in the picture, and instead it’s an equivalent of the Sanskrit word that means “guru.” Since beggars can’t be choosers, let’s just ignore all of this factual information and pretend it has something to do with actual llamas. We’ll just say that it’s further proof that Tenzin Gyatso was born to be the 14th Dalai Lama.

9. Adrien Brody

Celebrity Lookalikes - Adrien Brody

On the right: Adrien Brody. On the left: a monkey.

We’re nine spots into this list, but forgot to ask ourselves one important question: are we going to say that the animal looks like the celebrity or that it is the other way around? Either way, for this particular case, let’s just say that it’s the monkey that has this honor. After all, Adrien Brody’s appearance is unique enough to be rare to find among other humans, let alone in the animal world, making one of the most memorable celebrity lookalikes.

10. Harrison Ford

Celebrity Lookalikes Even Affect Harrison Ford

On the right: Harrison. On the left: a very cheeky looking golden retriever.

The first thing that came to my head when I saw this picture was: how amazing would a Star Wars reenactment just with dogs be? This comparison is fit to end this list, since it seems like it benefits both sides of the picture. Harrison Ford is a handsome man, the dog is adorable, and should some brilliant mind decide to make Bark Wars, it seems like they’ve found their canine Han Solo.

Which one was your favorite celebrity equivalent in the animal world? Let me just tell you, there were much more offensive picks that could have been included, but we figured the world is tough enough as it is. We don’t need to add wood to the fire by pointlessly making fun of animals. I mean, people. Anyway, these were 10 Stunning Animal And Celebrity Lookalikes. Don’t sue us.

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5 Stars With A Younger New Flame

Every relationship has its ups and downs. There’s even the theory of the 3 year mark, based on some studies, but not decided beyond doubt yet, that at this point in a relationship couples are under most stress and likely to break up. And the corollary that if they make it past this point their chances of staying together improve.

And this whole up/down emotional roller coaster holds true for marriages as well. But, as love and keeping a long-term partner are such complicated subjects with many many factors involved, it’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen, let alone be prescient enough to counteract whatever things might lead to a break up.

So, in essence, it remains a hit and miss endeavor over which we have little control, apart from making the best effort we can and taking all the choices we consider to be right for us.

Which is probably what some stars believed they were doing when they left their partners for a younger one. At least rationalizing it after the fact if not considering this in advance. If they did the right thing or not is entirely up to debate, but surely theirs alone to decide.

In the lines below, 5 stars with a younger new flame will be presented.

1. Mel Gibson

5 stars with a younger new flame - Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson probably had one of the longest marriages attributed to a Hollywood actor. 30 years with his now ex-wife Robyn, to be exact. It ended abruptly when Mel got a 14 year younger woman named Oksana Grigorieva pregnant in 2009.

What was more abrupt than that? His relationship with Oksana. Which ended, with custody battles over the child, before Mel’s divorce to Robyn was legally finalized.

2. Marilyn Manson

One of the 5 stars with a younger new flame is Marilyn Manson

Notorious for many things, this controversial music icon somehow managed to get married to Dita von Teese, herself a controversial artist, for a year. She was 33 and he was 37 when they tied the knot. But apparently a then 19 year old Rachel Wood was soon to come along like Alexander’s blade against the Gordian knot and sever Manson’s and Teese’s marriage just as easily.

3. Rowan Atkinson

The list of 5 stars with a younger new flame includes Rowan Atkinson.

Another long run ended unexpectedly, the British actor’s and comedian’s 23 year old marriage which produced 2 children is now a thing of the past as Atkinson announced that he had filed for divorce from his wife Sunetra Sastry in 2014.

He is currently with Louise Ford, who is 25 years younger than his ex-wife.

4. Ronnie Wood

5 stars with a younger new flame - Ronnie Wood

The guitar player for legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood seemed to be a master of relationship-building as well, considering that he an his wife Jo were married for 24 years, until 2009. Even more impressive, they got married pretty late, too. Because they’d been together for 8 years before that, since they met in 1977, to their marriage in 1985.

So you can imagine everyone’s surprise, and especially Jo’s, when he started very publicly going out with an at the time 18-year old cocktail waitress, to the point of bringing her home one late night in 2009 after they’d both been drinking.

Ekaterina Ivanova, the girl in question, being more drunk than Ronnie, managed to light her hair on fire from the stove, as she tried to lit a cigarette. As a merciful Jo put out the flames, Ronnie had a line for the hall of fame of inappropriate, risky lines to say to you’re life partner, especially in that context. He said:”She reminds me of you when you were young”.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the 5 stars with a younger new flame.

He and Vanessa Paradis were one of the couples that, although unmarried, people in general, along with every tabloid, took for granted. Judging by the 2 children they had together and the 14 years they’d shared with each other in what appeared to be a perfect match of tastes and pursuits.

Which only made it a field day for said tabloids when this partnership ended in 2012.

But Depp was quick to bounce back, soon showing up with his new partner Amber Heard, 14 years younger than Vanessa. He married Amber in 2015.

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.