5 Stars With A Younger New Flame

Every relationship has its ups and downs. There's even the theory of the 3 year mark, based on some studies, but not decided beyond doubt yet, that at this point in a relationship couples are under most stress and likely to break up. And the corollary that if they make it past this point their chances of staying together improve.

And this whole up/down emotional roller coaster holds true for marriages as well. But, as love and keeping a long-term partner are such complicated subjects with many many factors involved, it's difficult to predict exactly what will happen, let alone be prescient enough to counteract whatever things might lead to a break up.

So, in essence, it remains a hit and miss endeavor over which we have little control, apart from making the best effort we can and taking all the choices we consider to be right for us.

Which is probably what some stars believed they were doing when they left their partners for a younger one. At least rationalizing it after the fact if not considering this in advance. If they did the right thing or not is entirely up to debate, but surely theirs alone to decide.

In the lines below, 5 stars with a younger new flame will be presented.

1. Mel Gibson

5 stars with a younger new flame - Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson probably had one of the longest marriages attributed to a Hollywood actor. 30 years with his now ex-wife Robyn, to be exact. It ended abruptly when Mel got a 14 year younger woman named Oksana Grigorieva pregnant in 2009.

What was more abrupt than that? His relationship with Oksana. Which ended, with custody battles over the child, before Mel's divorce to Robyn was legally finalized.

2. Marilyn Manson

One of the 5 stars with a younger new flame is Marilyn Manson

Notorious for many things, this controversial music icon somehow managed to get married to Dita von Teese, herself a controversial artist, for a year. She was 33 and he was 37 when they tied the knot. But apparently a then 19 year old Rachel Wood was soon to come along like Alexander's blade against the Gordian knot and sever Manson's and Teese's marriage just as easily.

3. Rowan Atkinson

The list of 5 stars with a younger new flame includes Rowan Atkinson.

Another long run ended unexpectedly, the British actor's and comedian's 23 year old marriage which produced 2 children is now a thing of the past as Atkinson announced that he had filed for divorce from his wife Sunetra Sastry in 2014.

He is currently with Louise Ford, who is 25 years younger than his ex-wife.

4. Ronnie Wood

5 stars with a younger new flame - Ronnie Wood

The guitar player for legendary rock band The Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood seemed to be a master of relationship-building as well, considering that he an his wife Jo were married for 24 years, until 2009. Even more impressive, they got married pretty late, too. Because they'd been together for 8 years before that, since they met in 1977, to their marriage in 1985.

So you can imagine everyone's surprise, and especially Jo's, when he started very publicly going out with an at the time 18-year old cocktail waitress, to the point of bringing her home one late night in 2009 after they'd both been drinking.

Ekaterina Ivanova, the girl in question, being more drunk than Ronnie, managed to light her hair on fire from the stove, as she tried to lit a cigarette. As a merciful Jo put out the flames, Ronnie had a line for the hall of fame of inappropriate, risky lines to say to you're life partner, especially in that context. He said:”She reminds me of you when you were young”.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the 5 stars with a younger new flame.

He and Vanessa Paradis were one of the couples that, although unmarried, people in general, along with every tabloid, took for granted. Judging by the 2 children they had together and the 14 years they'd shared with each other in what appeared to be a perfect match of tastes and pursuits.

Which only made it a field day for said tabloids when this partnership ended in 2012.

But Depp was quick to bounce back, soon showing up with his new partner Amber Heard, 14 years younger than Vanessa. He married Amber in 2015.

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When Fans Went Bonkers

Celebrities' eccentricities (or all out craaaaaazy moments) are usually glanced over by society, because they, the celebrities, have special status. It is expected of them to be outside the norm.

Be it for good or for worse, you decide. And, of course, it depends from case to case, because there certainly are some celebrities out there who are wonderful human beings, involved in many humanitarian actions etc.

However, their aura of “everything goes” wild behavior sometimes rubs off on their fans. In other words, regular people. And at times like these it happens that they take it waaaaay further than common sense dictates things should be taken.

Whether it's because these people feel fulfilled by idolizing others and displaying such a ferocious loyalty it baffles everyone else, or whether these excesses are just moments of mass temporary insanity, is hardly relevant. The fact is that there where times when fans went bonkers, and that is definitely not ok.

Of course, it must be underlined that the following stories clearly do not reflect on all of these celebrities' fans . Just those that behaved inappropriately. You know who you are.

1. Offing yourself. NOT. Ok.

When fans went bonkers - One Direction's fans

The boy band One Direction is an English pop boy band that's gained enough popularity since its foundation in 2010 to warrant a horde of teens clinging on their every word or deed. Which is why, when one of the members Zayn Malik left the band earlier this year fans took to social media in droves and threatened to commit suicide. Talk about having your priorities straight.

2. Offing someone else. Also. NOT. Ok.

The list of times when fans went bonkers includes those of Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga had her feud with Kelly Osbourne, her fans jumped at the occasion of a good old fashioned mediAeval vendetta, including death threats. Yup, death threats.

The grievous offence that started all of this was something for which you'd totally expect such a reaction, right? I mean how could anyone tolerate their favorite star being called a “butterface”?! “That's it, madame! I will have satisfaction! Meet me on the morrow out of town for an honourable duel to the death!!!”

It's ok that you don't know when the “offence” took place. Exactly. Not important. But if you must know, it was in 2013.

3. Ancient-style curses

One of the times when fans went bonkers involved those of Taylor Swift

You might not know this, but in ancient times, they used to curse people a lot. And in many states (like ancient Rome), this as legal and there were officials sanctioned to take care of this. Curses could have many shapes and functions and misfortune on your enemies and their progeny up to the umpteenth generation was just one of them.

Turns out in our days you don't need help if you happen to be a celebrity with dedicated fans. Because when American DJ Diplo made some comments about Swift, her legion of followers promptly started wishing him well on social media. Along the lines of wishing that his children would be born with Down-syndrome, among other kind words.

4. Modern day weapons

When fans went bonkers - Justin Bieber's fans.

Possibly the most dangerous category of fans is that of fans who also happen to (apparently) skillful enough to perform some operations beyond the average person's means. This cannot be overstated, because you have a pretty paradoxical combination of an individual who does display skills which require reason and yet, behaves in a clearly irrational manner. Spooky.

The case in question is that of Justin Bieber's fans who took to hacking Esperanza Spalding's Wikipedia page after she… won the Grammy for Best New Artist instead of Bieber. As if she was the one to “blame”. Not the people who voted her more than they did Bieber.

Anyway, blame doesn't even apply to this context so let's just move on to pointing out that what they did was a crime, as in they broke laws for a completely irrational reason.

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Some Internet Celebrities Post-Fame

If beauty is fleeting, fame is even more so. Yet more fleeting than fame is Internet fame. Of which we have no shortage of in our social media-driven era.

It seems like everyday, at least once a day, a new sensation is born, that somehow makes it to your feed and everyone else's on the planet, in a manner in which only big-time stars managed to do in the past.

Yet, just as fast as they appeared, these meteors of fame burn away from our collective focus, whether it's a few days later, a few weeks later or maximum a few months later.

Which raises the question (that I'm sure some of us has had): what happens to these individuals once their moment has gone? Because it's well known that fame will alter a person's personality. So, once these people have been affected, but for a little while, do they revert to their old selves? Or does their fame propel them somewhere else? And where? Towards better or worse?

As a few examples, here is some information about some internet celebrities post-fame.

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson is part of the story on some internet celebrities post-fame.

The man who gave you the most precious advice, to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause they rapin' everybody out here.” After his rant was auto-tuned and propelled him to audio and meme celebrity, Antoine tried to capitalize on it by endorsing a sex offender tracking app and trying to start a reality show based on his family.

He also mentioned that he's decided to switch his sexual orientation to heterosexual (he was homosexual before, in case you didn't know), married and had a baby.

As climax to this tale, he also thought it'd be a good idea to arrange a boxing match between him and the home-intruder that made him famous in the first place. He almost got knocked out with the first punch thrown by the man.

The Techno Viking

The happenings of some internet celebrities post-fame include The Techno Viking.

What we all thought was a lethal dancing machine meets just as lethal berserker who obviously works out, probably along the lines of battling Ice Giants, turns out, in real-life to be a very private laid-back person. To the point of actually doing the unimaginable (to us) thing of not only not coming forth to capitalize on his fame as Antoine above (hence his name not being known), but actually suing the guy that filmed him impromptu, while dancing on the street and made him a celebrity.

Repeatedly. Until he won compensation for damage to his image from a European court and the right to have all the materials based on the Techno viking thing (and his likeness) removed from the Internet, which is what he's probably doing right now – hunting for them. With his massive Norse axe.

Chris Crocker

some internet celebrities post-fame - Chris Crocker.

The effeminate (male!) star of the “Leave Britney Alone!” emotion-packed, Oscar deserving(?) rant sure did follow up on his new-found fame. Or so it appeared as he went on to record a few songs and promote them with the help of his new viralness.

This image boost even managed to get him an appearance in a Weezer music video called “Pork and Beans”. So it looked like it might just work for him. Alas, hype is not the only component in long-lasting fame. You have to actually have a skill or something to say to cater to said-hype.

And, as is often the case of Internet celebrities, that artistic talent appears to be lacking in Crocker's case, judging by the fact that he ended up doing gay porn. With his boyfriend. Oh, well. As long as he's happy, fame doesn't matter that much anyway.

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6 Celebrities That Suffered From Depression

Depression is a seriously crippling condition, because it warps every aspect of your life. When you are constantly psychologically tired and unhappy, it also translates into physical tiredness which stops in their tracks all the efforts you might have otherwise made on a daily basis.

And the biggest problem is that it is a self-feeding problem. Because you are depressed, you get all the negative consequences, which in turn make you even more depressed and so forth. Which is why getting out of depression can be very difficult, requiring at least the support of family and friends, if not professional help.

Still, it is possible to get out of it and back to a happy, productive life. As the following 6 celebrities that suffered from depression demonstrate. And consider that in their case, they didn't even have the privacy and peace the rest of us do, as the eyes of the world are constantly upon them.

1. Angelina Jolie

6 celebrities that suffered from depression - Angelina Jolie

Angelina got severely depressed in 2007 when her mother died. And she later shared that in that period she couldn't focus on anything else except negative thoughts. Fortunately (and as a positive personal example to others) she found the solution herself, by deciding to accept the role in “Wanted”, which included a lot of stunts and ergo, lots of physical activity, which is one sure way to battle depression.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the 6 celebrities that suffered from depression

An example of how depression can sometimes manifest itself unexpectedly, Gwyneth Paltrow's episode came after the birth of her son, Moses, in 2006. And the way this post-partum form of depression affected her was that she couldn't access her emotions at all, being practically numb like “a zombie”, in her own words.

3. Kylie Minogue

The list of 6 celebrities that suffered from depression includes Kylie Minogue

Other times, depression can be a personally traumatic experience, as was Kylie's case when she succumbed to it after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Taking time-off from work because of the needed surgery and chemotherapy only made things worse as it kept her mind free to obsess on the false perception that she will not be “normal” after her surgery anymore. Of course, she finally realized this was not so and got herself back together by creating a “new normal”, emerging stronger.

4. Catherine Zeta Jones

6 celebrities that suffered from depression - Catherine Zeta Jones

An image of class, strength and stability (including her long-term relationship with Michael Douglas), Catherine Zeta Jones placed herself in hospital care in 2011 for bipolar disorder (a mental affliction in which one oscillates between two states one being depression and the other mania). Key words being placed herself in the care of professionals. It appears stress was the cause as is also confirmed by some scientific opinions.

5. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is one of the 6 celebrities that suffered from depression.

Despite being a successful “funny man” (read stand-up comedian), actor and activist now, Brand's early years were marked by over-eating, abusing alcohol, taking drugs and even cutting himself, as he tried to cope with an absent father figure and his own sense of inadequacy and isolation. He was diagnosed with manic depression. But he managed to turn his thoughts to humor, focus on that, ignore those who tried to bring him down and succeeded in turning his life completely around.

6. Jim Carrey

The list of 6 celebrities that suffered from depression includes Jim Carrey

Another successful comedian and a legend of the genre, no one would expect Jim Carrey to be anything else but the raw energy recipient we see him as in most of his movies. But he was severely depressed after his second divorce (which emphasized the first as well), because depression can also be a need for someone else, not necessarily some internal lack or the death of a loved one.

As a consequence, he was put on Prozac (powerful psychiatric drug), which he took for “a long time”, as he says. But he realized that that is a crutch and he can't keep relying on it forever, so he found the courage to part ways with it. Jim describes a healthy diet, supplements and being active as the key helpers he's had to get back to a fulfilling existence when he stopped relying on Prozac.

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6 Really Famous Drunks

One of the rules of thumb of my life has always been, if you are still getting plastered after college, you have a major problem. And, you’ll probably amount to nothing whatsoever in life. After all, most people’s ‘growth process’ typically involves bonging beers in college and spending the next day puking in bed. But if you're still doing it after college….loserville. Right?

Well, what do I know? There have been many people throughout history who managed to become very well known despite being complete drunkards. Some of them even managed to become highly successful despite their addiction. Below are some of the most well known booze hounds.

6.) Ulysses S. Grant – 18th President of the United States

Grant was one of the top Union generals during the Civil War, serving with great distinction at the Battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga. [Read more…]