Defaced presidents – Making one dollar bills more interesting

cook-dollar In one of our previous articles you can see strange but funny one dollar bills with popular faces painted instead of president George Washington’s face. Now a new unknown artist called ranafrg4224 from flickr is also painting on one dollar bills, but now the whole bill is painted like illustrations representing different settings with the president’s face. [Read more…]

Extraordinary funny and clever illustrations

cowThe Malaysian artist Chow Hon Lam has made some very funny but clever illustrations that also includes a touch of irony. The artist himself thinks that even if you are an animal, an object or some sort of food, you have something to say even though you can’t speak. Therefore Hon Lam wants to create and tell their story to the world [Read more…]

DC Super Heroes on famous music album covers

batgirl Illustrator Cliff Chiang has taken several classic album covers and turned them into famous comic hero characters. Jennifer Beals from Flashdancing as Electra, Duran Duran as Vampirella, The Breakfast Club as The Teen Titans, and Prince as Batgirl. These 12 inch cover remix are for sale for $20 each. Cliff Chiang’s artwork has been hailed for its “fluid and confident storytelling” and “sweeping linework and nuanced style.”

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Comic traffic signs popping up all over the city

thank-you-for-sign The streets of Lyon in France have turned into a gallery without walls with work from artists all over the world. Their work is shown on signs that look like real European traffic signs but with some absurd and comical cartoon pictures, or even some cheerful messages.

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