Win a Die Hard Special Edition Box Set!

A good day to die hard

Yippie Ki-Yi-Yay, This Blog Rules fans! A Good Day to Die Hard, the sixth installment in the Die Hard franchise, hits theaters on February 14th, and we are proud to be teaming with 20th Century Fox to give one lucky reader a Die Hard 25th Anniversary Edition DVD/Blu-ray collection box set!

To enter our contest, simply do the following:

1. Tweet this message: I just entered to win a #DieHard Special Edition Box Set thanks to @thisblogrules

Click here to tweet it if you wish.

2. Send an email to with a link to your tweet. This step is required because we need to be able to notify you if you win. Please make the subject field of the email “Die Hard Giveaway.”

This contest will run until February 14th, the day A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters. We’ll randomly pick a winner on that day. Good luck, and don’t forget to buy a ticket on the 14th!

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