Up and Coming Artist Shows What You Can Do With Just A Pencil

No, that’s not a lithograph from a Toy Story poster. That’s a pencil sketch done by the very talented David Clark, a young artist from Chester, Virginia. David first came to our attention with his Facebook gallery where he displays his talent with the graphite, his medium of choice.

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All Tangled Up: Stunning Earphone Wire Art

Don’tcha hate it when your earphone wires get all tangled up? You place them in your trouser pocket for all of five seconds and voila, you’ve got a thousand knots to untie. Well, take a look at these unholy tangles, which form to create gorgeously illustrated portraits. You may recognise a few famous faces here.

Part of a pen-to-paper art project entitled ‘iEarphones,’ the pieces include a portrait of Beatle member John Lennon, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, a tyrannosaurus rex and a lady (warning: a nude lady) with the hair of Medusa, though instead of snakes slithering atop her head it’s – you guessed it – earphones.

The earphone wires appear to be that of the Apple iPod, and they are skillfully drawn by Canada-based artist Bashir Sultani. Below, you can see a video taking us through the making of the John Lennon picture, and below that is Sultani’s project in full. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go browse eBay for some wireless headphones, ‘cos I’m tired of all this untangling crap. [Read more…]

Daily Dose Of Laughs With Jaco Haasbroek

During these gloomy winter days, having something to brighten up your day is priceless, so we found a collection of funny illustrations by South African artist Jaco Haasbroek. Using clever word play and beautifully uncomplicated design, he hits the mark on each and every one of these delightful comics. Be sure to check out The Daily Grind –  his latest creation that is guaranteed to produce a giggle.

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Caricature Illustrations Taken To Another Level

It seems as though nearly every magazine  is interested in Denis Zilber’s funny illustrations. He possesses an amazing talent for creating terrific caricatures. Every illustration has a story to tell, and the characters are so amazingly drawn that you just have to sit back and say “wow”.

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