Which Are The Best Perfumes for Women According to Men

Perfumes for Women

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, likewise, scent is in the nose of the smeller. The pleasant industry of perfumes is one of the most subjective ones. A fashionista may be able, with some training, to get over her hatred for crocs or denim jackets if the hottest trend at the moment dictates it. After all, it’s all about aesthetic. Perfumes, on the other hand? It’s very difficult to get over the subjectivity of wearing a scent that you dislike and that makes you want to take fifty showers to get off. And don’t think that’s an exaggeration either. We can’t control our reactions when we encounter an odor that we just don’t like, which is why we can find them so repulsive.

When something like this happens, can we really risk shunning our beloved ones away from us by wearing a perfume they absolutely hate? You might be really fond of your magnolia and peony Gucci fragrance, but if those around you are this close to filing a restraining order because of it, is it really worth it?

Most of the time, this is the case of boyfriends and husbands. As the stereotype has it, there are some men that truly don’t pay much attention to tedious little details, like subtle hairstyle changes or a change in nail polish color. Sometimes they may not even notice you’ve traded your Gucci flagrance for a Versace, but the moment a scent that doesn’t resonate with them reaches their noses, they can definitely notice that.

Surely, all men are different and just how much attention to detail they possess varies from one case to another. But generally speaking, there are some perfumes for women that most of them can agree on.

Perfumes For Women

The “Girl Next Door” Fragrance

Just like attires and accessories, perfumes need to be matched to the situation. When making a run to the grocery store or when meeting up with your significant other at the park, you can’t be wearing the luxurious Body by Burberry, for example. When several researchers started a quest dedicated to the discovery of male preferences in terms of perfumes for women, they concluded that many like a scent that oozes clean simplicity.

Don’t we all like the feeling of having just taken a shower? It doesn’t only feel good, it smells good too. The interviewed gentlemen all gave a big thumbs–up to the natural and refreshing scents. Top examples for this particular odor include Dior’s famed orchid-infused J’adore and the Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, which soothes our senses with its blend of freesia and dewy greens.

Perfumes For Women

Don’t Wear Your Desserts

As far as scents that are at the bottom of the preference list go, many men have agreed that anything that resembles the smell of food isn’t exactly the epitome of sensuality. In this instance, strangely enough, chocolate is one of the least preferred fragrances. It’s something that we can easily agree with, given the fact that it’s a fairly tricky odor that requires a certain level of mastery to get right. However, its eternal ice-cream rival vanilla is actually one of the best exceptions to the rule.

It’s understandable why vanilla would be a hit among men and women alike. It’s of exotic origins and it’s a scent that can be recognized from a mile away. Moreover, its incredible versatility leaves room for plenty of combinations and fusions. Clean Skin experimented with this versatility, offering us a fragrance that took the mellifluous scent of vanilla and melded it with musk and amber.

Perfumes For Women

Sex Appeal via Woods and Florals

This might come off as a surprise, but wearing a spicy and woody fragrance can make a huge impact during a first meeting. Men who had come in contact with the musky scents said that a woman wearing this perfume leaves the impression of outgoingness and independence. In fact, some of them were completely won over by the Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy, whose soft wood scents, pepper, and vanilla orchid combination really lives up to the name.

But an even bigger surprise is the fact that the smell behind some of the most popular perfumes for women wasn’t all that appreciated. Flowers are the foundation of essentially every fragrance, we know that, but it seems like many of these classics have become outdated. Some men have stated that perfumes that reek too strongly of flowers remind them of “an old lady.” That obviously doesn’t mean flowers should become the pariahs of the perfume industry. It’s all narrowed down to the right balance of flowery scents, like in the case of Dior Addict 2, which is a classy lily of the valley flagrance that was a huge hit among the gentlemen who partook in the research.

Perfumes For Women

The Scent of Luxury

This, right here, explains why some sweet flowery perfumes flopped during the experiment. Although the majority of men generally prefer their lifelong partners to be younger, they don’t seem to want them to smell according to their age. When asked why, they simply said that they don’t want the fragrance to make them feel like they’re going out with a high school girl. This is why sophisticated and mature perfumes of the likes of Si Lolita and Daisy Marc Jacobs managed to appeal to the senses of the men who tried them.

Perfumes like the famous Burberry Body fragrance smell like luxury, which instantly give a boost of femininity. Funnily, this isn’t the best part. The conductor of the research also concluded that these scents make men estimate the woman wearing them as twelve pounds thinner than her actual weight. That being said, don’t avoid spicy floral scents because they can turn you into a walking goddess of sophistication.

The moral of this story is simple: have courage and experiment. Naturally, don’t lose grip on your identity when choosing to pursue one of these vibes mentioned above. Perfumes do more than shroud us in a pleasant scent. They tell a story, something about who we are, and they can often be incredibly influential factors in a first-time meeting.

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The 6 Most Poignant Michelle Obama Photos of All Time

Being the FLOTUS comes with a lot of responsibility (and, obviously, some privilege, too). No one knows this better right now than Michelle Obama. Still, with her intelligence, grace, sense of style, and inspirational outlook on life, Ms. Obama has been handling the chore impeccably for the past several years. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate her today, with a small collection of the most poignant Michelle Obama photos of all time. Enjoy the candid, the stylish, the funny, and the thought-provoking pics in the gallery below!

6. Michelle Obama in the green Marchesa dress

This is one of the First Lady’s best fashion moments, as well as one of the most poignant Michelle Obama photos of all time – if for no other reason, then just for how radiant both her and her husband look. The two were stepping out in style for the evening, in order to attend the Kennedy Center Honors in 2013. That night, Michelle wore an acclaimed, regal Marchesa dress which brought out her natural good looks.

5. Michelle and her lovely daughters

The 2013 Presidential Inauguration was an amazing photo opportunity for everyone present on the scene – and, first and foremost, for the country’s number one family. For our list, we settled on this lovely photo of the Obama ladies, looking almost royal in their beautiful coats, as they arrived for the event. In case you care about designers, labels, and such, you might want to know that Sasha is wearing a periwinkle Peatrice coat by Kate Spade New York, Malia is wearing a coat from J. Crew, while the First Lady is sporting Thom Browne, with J. Crew gloves.

4. Michelle Obama with Barrack, back when they were dating

Check out the POTUS’s Christmas sweater! Get a load of the look on his face! We’re not exactly sure when this pic was snapped up, but it’s candid and endearing – not to mention the fact that Michelle looks great. By all accounts, it was taken when the couple was still dating, so it must be somewhere in the very early nineties (something like 1990 to 1992).

3. Michelle Obama’s second visit at the Buckingham Palace

This one is among the most poignant Michelle Obama photos out there, because it also speaks volumes of her evolution in style. In 2009, during her first visit at the British Royal Palace, Michelle wore a simple black sweater and skirt, which attracted criticism for being too simple. The second time around, though, she donned a gorgeous J. Mendel jacket, which cost almost $7,000! (PS: Yes, the stylish First Lady pays for all her clothes herself.)

2. Michelle Obama, new White House dog Sunny & the little girl

This photo of Michelle Obama is actually more endearing for what happened after it was snapped. The story goes as follows: in early December, the FLOTUS has a traditional dinner, where she invites kids to decorate Christmas ornaments. This year, though, the new Obama dog Sunny got a bit overly excited upon meeting Ashtyn Gardner, this precious two year-old little girl from Mobile, Alabama. He jumped on her, the girl fell, and for a while there it looked like the situation would spiral out of control. At the end of the day, though, the girl got a hug from Michelle and it was all okay.

1. Michelle Obama & Stephanie Kyriazis revert the past

At the top of our list of poignant Michelle Obama photos stands this pic, snapped on May 16, 2014. In it, the FLOTUS stands with Stephanie Kyriazis, Chief of Interpretation and Education, at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, in Topeka, Kansas. The picture is actually a wonderful reminder of how far America has come, in terms of doing away with racial segregation and improving civil rights. Imagine that only five decades ago, Ms. Obama and the woman in front of her wouldn’t have been allowed to use the same bathroom!

Six Trendy Hairstyles for 2014 that are Easy to Make

The year 2014 has already begun and although we may not have had the time, there is always a need to get ourselves acquainted with current trends where hair is concerned. Locks or straight, colored or not, hair is an essential part of our image and while a hint of personal preference is recommended, trends can always help guide you towards a look that fits you completely. Let’s see what the upcoming year has in store for in matters of hairstyle:

#1 Waves


Perfectly defined waves are no longer in this year, so it would be a good idea to get accustomed to loose, random waves. Designers such as Calvin Klein or Diane von Furstenberg are incorporating mermaid waves into their shows- whether careless, unequal waves all around or a couple of formed ones thorough the hair, randomly placed curls are the go to look. Waves also work especially well with extremely long hair, and it is easy to style.

#2 Short hair


Last year was marked by a relevant increase in bobs worldwide and 2014 seems to continue the trend by going just a bit further: a few inches shorter to be precise. In 2013 a bob would just skim the shoulder, while this year designers recommend taking the extra step and cutting right above the chin. Aside from bobs, another look designers are really into are face framing hairstyles that are layered and add texture while giving the impression of carelessness. And while Fendi may have showcased some courageous looks on the catwalk, such as all-round bowl cuts that might not be the best idea to wear outside of a catwalk, thick fringes could become a thing in 2014.

#3 Up-Do’s


This year is centered around low-maintenance hairstyles and an easy up-do is the perfect way to go whenever unsure. You can either go for a simple bun and spice it up by gently teasing hair sections with your fingers or comb your hair back loosely, pull strands of hair down to elegantly frame your face and add floral headbands or accessories for an exquisite look that is both feminine and designer approved.

#4 The shiny and sleek


Straight hair is definitely making a come-back in 2014 as seen on Donna Karen catwalks so if you don’t own a hair straightener, you should consider buying one ASAP. Complete a stylish, polished look with a section of hair pinned directly back or creatively brought around your head.

#5 Easy braids

w 5

Fly-aways should not concern you anymore since designers like Giles incorporate the low-maintenance hairstyles in their catwalks as well by combining basic braiding techniques (such as lace, fishtail or plain chain link braiding) with the care-free look a few fly away strands can create. So mix things up and test both techniques and optimal fly-away sites.

#6 Non-Catwalk wet look


Although designers have always incorporated wet looks into their shows, it wasn’t really a wearable hairstyle due to the complicated preparation, the technique and the fact that a complete wet look would have been a bit too much for any occasion you could have thought of. 2014 could however bring a change to all this since a classic wet look can be styled freely, pushed back loosely from the face so as to combine the wet look with the low-maintenance trend that is clearly governing 2014.

Falling strands, carefree waves or up-do’s are simple yet effective so make sure to experiment and see what types of hairstyles best fit the frame of your face and then simply perfect those. You will be a pro in no time. If you have no idea what type of hair-style you should choose, you can always play around with photo-shop or ask your hairstilist.

5 Trends Inspired by the Minions

If you didn’t see the Despicable Me movies, stop right here, go see them and come back a normal person! The second movie reminded everybody that the minions are the coolest thing that happened to humanity in the last years and, believe it or not, many people (including me) started to research Minion language and even learn a few words. And every time such monumental phenomenon happens to bless our mortal souls, it is no wonder that every man, woman and child out there wants either a live Minion (me included), a toy – one or at least a Minion – inspired something. Luckily, commerce is a kind monster and since there are a few quite interesting trends inspired by the Minions, you can now feel the joy of wearing them (yeah, that sounds a bit odd, but it’s true) in ways not even Gru may have thought about.

So, Bello! friends and followers, and let’s see together not only five trends inspired by the Minions, but also some fun ways to keep our inner child happy and, why not, make some excellent gifts to others whose hearts belong now to the quirky yellow bunch.

1. Minion Cupcakes

Minion cupcakes

Buy them or bake them, it’s your choice, but I would really want to see if you have the heart to eat them too. Some very crafted bakers managed to make the little cakes look so good and mirror so perfectly the Minions’ faces and expressions, that eating them would feel like against nature or something. Nonetheless, it’s one of the trends inspired by the Minions and one cannot fight this cuteness overload.

2. Minion Slippers

Minion slippersI know a few people (and they are all grown – ups) who would die to have a pair of these. Actually a few of them would also squeal, clap, jump up and down and renew their vows of “friends forever” to whomever would gift them such a delicious pair of slippers. Not sure they would actually wear them in order not to get them messy or broken, but if you have Minion obsessed friends, try this and you won’t be sorry.

3. Minion Nails must be one of the hottest trends inspired by the Minions

Minion Nail Art Tutorial

I’ve never seen many ladies painting their nails in “Batman” and not even “Loki”, but when it comes to Minion fashion trends, the nail – focused industry knows a revival like it never knew before.

minion nails

Not only that the cosmetic industry released products that are specially designed to get the perfect Minion nails, but it also provides the ladies with tutorials to teach them how to nail the art!

4. Minion Crochet Hats

Minion Hat

Now look at them and tell me you don’t feel tempted to get one for yourself or for the kids. Some parents actually bought the full costumes, but the hats make one of the most delicious trends inspired by the Minions. You can buy them or knit them yourselves, it really doesn’t matter, as long as they manage to capture the Minions’ essence.

5. Minion Phone Case

minion phone case

This may be one of the most popular trends inspired by the Minions and it really doesn’t matter what type of smartphone you own, you will most certainly find a suitable case for it. From iPhones to all the types and sub-types of Samsung cells, manufacturers out there made sure that you will have your Minion case at prices that defy all logic. From less than a dollar to almost $15, the Minion inspired phone cases are as many as people’s creative ideas.

You can go a little further with the research and find poolside fluffy Minion bathrobes, Minion birthday cakes, Minion costume printable and all, but these five trends inspired by the Minions are probably the most popular. Hope you felt inspired also and found a few interesting ideas to treat yourself or make the others around you happy!


Fashion Disasters Around the World

Keeping up with fashion is something which people all over the world like to do. The only problem is that in some places their idea of fashion is, quite frankly, a disaster. I am not normally one to mock other people’s appearance but the following fashion disasters are just crying out to be mocked by someone, so it might as well be me.

The Facekini, China

Fashion Disasters and The Facekini, China

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