The Church Signs That Ask Deep and Meaningful Questions

Have you ever walked past a church and been stopped in your tracks by a strange sign asking a deep and meaningful question? Maybe it was one of these.

The Hokey Pokey Sign

Church Signs

I have often spent my idle hours moving my arms and legs and wondering whether the Hokey Pokey is what life is all about. I haven’t really but did I fool you into thinking that I had? The Rev Rod Ferguson appears to have had a rip snorting sermon lined up for this day.

The Moustache Question

Church Signs?

This seems like a really good moment to point out that I have started experimenting with a beard and moustache combo. It looks pretty good, even if I do now scare small children a lot more easily. However, this sign has got me worried that my moustache might not survive the trip to Heaven. What will it be like in Heaven, anyway? Will we all walk around with white clothes on and no hair on our upper lips? Sounds a bit dull, to be honest.

The Obama Sign

Church Signs?

It looks like someone at the Jonesville Church of God has seen a connection here that had escaped us all up until now. Sure, Obama and Osama must be brothers if they have got names that are very similar to each other. I wonder if that means that Ronald McDonald and Donald Sutherland are really brothers as well.

The Sign Sign

Church Signs

So, what would you do if God asked for a sign that you were real? Hey, maybe you could make a sign for him. That ought to work.

The Monkey Sign ?

Church Signs

You’re asking for a whole lot of trouble if you start a debate about evolution with certain people. To be fair, Darwin never suggested that we evolved from monkeys all those years ago but it seems to have been accepted as being true by most people. How on Earth does anyone think we could possibly have evolved from monkeys anyway? Everyone knows that they’re way smarter than us. Personally, I think that monkeys evolved from man and that in about say 20 years we’ll all be swinging about in the trees, eating bananas and stealing things

The Hot Sign

Church Signs?

There’s nothing like the threat of burning for eternity in a blazing furnace in hell to sharpen the mind. I get all hot and uncomfortable when the thermometer hits about 30, so I can’t imagine how hot under the collar I would get if things got even warmer. Hang on though, would I still have my moustache down there and would Satan force me to dance the Hokey Pokey endlessly?

The Holy Water

Church Signs?

This sign gives both a thought provoking question and the answer to it. Who knew that Holy Water was made by boiling the Hell out of the stuff? Actually, did you know that Holy Water can’t be disposed of in the regular way, through the plumbing? You can also find some instructions online for making your own if you are interested. Pro Tip: you’ll need Holy Salt as well for some reason.

The Preacher Hell Sign

Church Signs?

I’m sure that this is an intentionally funny sign. After all, it isn’t listening to the preacher that is going to be hellish, is it?

5 Awesome Dancing Songs for Kids

Since we’re all on vacation more or less, and definitely fun is the main thing on our minds during the summer, let’s take a moment to get enthusiastic about dancing. Having a mini disco in your back yard or your living room is – and I’m firmly convinced of it – one of the greatest and most fun ways to spend your time with friends, which the world has wrongly forgotten about. Besides making a case for the return of the disco or dancing session as a casual source of fun, this post will also bring to your attention 5 great dancing songs for kids, which can be totally used for grown-ups as well.


Since dancing in such a relaxed and casual manner as inviting a few friends over is obviously more about goofing around than about actually dancing with expert moves and skills, why not also employ some children’s songs in the process? It might be much more fun than you expect, even if you don’t have any young guests around. Sure, hosting a Game of Thrones drinking game is an equally legit source of fun, but maybe giving a chance to a few dancing songs for kids will spark up a refreshing change.

Therefore, without further ado – here goes.

1. Veo veo – Spanish kids’ song

We didn’t plan this article as a top and all the dancing songs for kids presented here are mentioned in a random order, but still, if I had to choose an all-time favorite, this would have to be it. It’s in Spanish and thus makes a nice variation to all the English songs out there, it’s very cheerful and light and you can’t help but giggle each time you listen to it. You can listen to it here.

2. The Hamster Song

If you already feel like bursting into laughter, you have every reason to do so. Originally developed by the Wii franchise, the Hamster Song is one of the most awesome dancing songs for kids ever developed. What’s disarmingly fun about it is the fact that it’s not so much a song, as it is a slightly melodious pile of babbling. Once you get over your initial surprise or sense of ridicule, it can become addictive and turn the whole atmosphere into an overwhelmingly fun place to fool around and jump up and down. You can listen to it here.

3. Lambada

Ok, so this one was never really a song specifically designed for children, but it’s one of the songs which I associate the most with my own childhood. When I was 3 or 4, which was about 25 years ago, I used to dance my socks off on this song, to the delight and general laughter of the grown-ups around me at the time. Interacting with small children now, I noticed how much they like the song as well – it’s so melodious and fun and hummable that it definitely deserves a place in the list of awesome dancing songs for kids. You can find it here.

4. Kaczuszki (or the Duckling Song)

This song is major hit with kids all over Eastern Europe: each country has its own cover of it and kids generally seem to go crazy about it whenever it comes up on shuffle at a mini disco. This one here is the Polish version and it’s one of the best, but if the tune gets you dancing, try listening to its other versions as well. You can listen to it here. P.S: The song sounds impossibly fun even without understanding the lyrics, but to have some major laughs try using Google Translate for the lyrics.

5. Ram Zam Zam

Oh, this last one sounds so funny that if you still have a bit of life left in you, you won’t be able to help dancing on it as soon as it starts! It’s in German, but the lyrics are so goofy and silly that there isn’t really anything to understand about it, so don’t worry about not getting it. You can listen to it here.

Hopefully you’re already convinced of the surprisingly fun potential for grown-ups which dancing songs for kids hold. Charge up your batteries and have all the dancing fun and the chocolate shakes you can muster!

5 Awesome Drinking Games & Their Rules

What is the best thing that you can do on a Saturday Night? Go out with your friends, drink and have fun, of course! But you know what’s even more fun than that: Getting completely smashed after playing one of the drinking games on our list. Obviously, we do not promote heavy drinking, but it would be a shame not to try one of these games at least once. Just make sure that you have a designated driver and an aspirin in handy for the next day. Without further ado we give you the best drinking games that have made high-school parties and gatherings 10 times more exciting.


FUBAR drinking game

FUBAR is the type of game that will get you drunk no matter what you do. You need a deck to play it. Shuffle it and scatter the cards in a pile, in the middle of the table. Players take turns picking cards. They then turn it over for everyone to see. Here are the rules:

  • Ace = 1 drink, 2 = two drinks, 3 = three drinks
  • 4= Questions: you have to look at a person of your choice and ask them a question. The person has to answer with a question, and this keeps going until someone screws up.
  • 5 = Give 5 drinks to someone
  • 6 = I never: for this card you have to say something you have never done before. The other players must drink who have also not done it must drink.
  • 7 = Thumb master: Whoever turned the card must place his thumb on the table, whenever they want, and the other must follow. The last one to place his thumb on the table has to drink. This can be done until the next Thumb master card is picked.
  • 8 = Categories: The drawer chooses a category and the other players must name a thing of the same kind (example: music, lyrics, rhythm, hit etc.)
  • 9 = Rhyme: The drawer chooses a word and all the players have to say words that rhyme with it. Whoever screws up has to take two drinks.
  • 10 = Social: everyone at the table has to drink
  • Jack = guys have to drink
  • Queen = girls have to drink
  • King = Waterfall: This one is the hardest card. The drawer has to start drinking, and then the second person starts drinking until the first stops. The third starts drinking until the second one stops etc.

2. Power Hour

Number two on our list of drinking games is a game that will not have mercy on you until you are under the table. There is only one rule: to take shots of beer every minute for an entire hour. Of course, you can add rules to the game if you want but that will only make it harder. Just say thanks it’s not vodka or tequila.

3. Beer Pong

beer pong drinking game

What drinking games top would be complete without the infamous Beer Pong? It is without a doubt one of the most popular game in America. To play it you require 12 glasses of beer. Arrange six on each side of the table (like bowling pins). There are two teams. Each has to throw a ping pong ball to the opposite side of the table and land it in the bear glass. The winning team is the one that makes the other one drink all the beers. The losers have to drink all the remaining beer on the table.

4. Quarters

Here’s another popular drinking game: Quarters. It can be played with any number of players but it works best with 3-6. You basically have to sit at a table, and spin a quarter to decide who starts. Each shooter has to bounce a quarter of the table and into a glass. If he manages he gives a drink to someone (the amount given to drink is decided upon on the beginning). The shooter’s turn ends when he misses the cup. To make it more exciting you can add more rules. Whoever breaks one of them has to drink.

1 1

5. Edward 40 Hands

For this game you will need duct tape and 2 40’s of beer for every player. Each hand receives a 40’s of beer and you can’t take it off until both bottles are empty. In other words, you can’t pee; you can’t do anything until then. As you can imagine, the purpose of the game is to get you completely wasted.

5 Most Famous Internet Cats

With the risk of uttering the most uttered sentence in the history of the world: the Internet is for cats. You just need to open your Internet browser and within seconds after doing that you are bombarded with pictured and videos of cats. Cute cats, Kitler cats, small, big, cats with unique and adorable markings, grumpy cats and happy cats. Did you know that there are more pictures shared with cats that there are selfies? So it’s official, we like cats more than we like ourselves! In today’s article we’re going to take a look at 6 of the most famous internet cats; the rock stars of the Internet as they should be called.

1. Nyan Catnyan cat famous internet cats

Every Internet user must watch the video of Nyan Cat from start to finish! It’s just one of those things that need to be done. The video features an animated cartoon cat which flies through space and leaves a rainbow trail behind it. The song, though, is what makes it worth its bucks. We can’t imagine why Nyan Cat was such a huge success, but it was and still is. It averages over 35 million views a year and it gets every 7 dislikes for every 100 likes. It’s so bad, it’s good!

2. Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat famous internet cats

Possibly the most famous Internet cat, Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce. His photo was uploaded on Reddit by the brother of Tardar’s owner and the whole internet fell in love. Within a few months, Tard was appearing on TV and was tweeting.  The cat now has a talent agent, a clothing line and even some awards, such as Buzzfeed’s 2013 Meme of the Year.

3. Business Catbusiness cat famous internet cats

Business Cat is the most famous Internet cat with a job. He mixes office jargon with cat behavior and hilarity ensues. The top line is something a human boss would say and the bottom line is something a feline would enjoy. His name is Emilio and he is a black tabby cat who is wearing a tie. The tie was bought by his owner’s girlfriend for Christmas and the photo was uploaded on Reddit. The rest was history.

4. Happy CatHappy Cat famous internet cats

Happy cat may not be so famous not, or even all that recognizable, but if it weren’t for Happu Cat, there wouldn’t be any LOLCats and no ICanHasCheezburger website. We think that without Happy Cat the Internet wouldn’t be such a happy-friendly cat. Can you imagine such a world, because we can’t? The photo started circulating the web in 2003, when the photo of Frank, a mascot for a Russian cat food company was uploaded on Something Awful. In 2007 an unknown web user added the line “I can has cheezburger? You know what happened after.

5. Henri, Le Chat Noirhenri famous internet cats

Henri is a gorgeous tuxedo cat that is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. The videos were created by his owner, Willian Braden. It all started when he had to create a film noir for a class project and he thought of using his cat to do it. The videos are black and white, and in them, Henri (whose real name is Henry) bemoans his fate of being an indoor cat, explores his existential crisis and reveals his contempt for his fellow cat housemate.

6. Maru the CatMaru the Cat famous internet cats

No list of famous Internet cats would be complete without the adorably plump Mary, a male Scottish Fold cat living in Japan with his owner Mugumogu, a woman who chooses not to show her face in any of the videos. Each YouTube video of Maru has an average of 800,000 views. Maru has a deep love for boxes. Mugumogu recently adopted another cat, Hana.

We honestly can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us in terms of famous Internet cats! What is your favorite Internet cat? Drop us a line in the comment below and tell us what you think.

Celebrities As Average People

People have a peculiar fascination with celebrities. They’re viewed as powerful, glamorous and beautiful. We see them on the cover of fashion magazines, in movies, and on TV where they exude confidence, style and wealth. But of course that’s just a front. They’re just normal people, aren’t they? Normal rich people who are known by millions of people.

A British artist named Danny Evans has come up with a way that will make us view celebrities in a whole different light. With the use of Photoshop, he has taken some of the most famous and well-known celebrities of today and has transformed them into average looking people. Imagine Jennifer Aniston as an overweight cashier lady. Pretty hard, isn’t it?

In the wrong hands, Photoshop can really be a tool for disaster. Photoshop mistakes are more common than we would have liked them to be, but fortunately it is quite the opposite in Danny Evans’ case. He is a Photoshop master! He said he was inspired to create these images of celebrities as average people by the already Photoshopped images of celebrities that seem to be everywhere we look:

“It was a reaction to the insanely over-retouched photos of celebrities that are everywhere.”

He started creating the first images of celebrities as average people in 2006. Now, he just released some more funny Photoshopped celebs pictures for the world to enjoy. So, without further ado, this is what happens when celebrities become average people:

Tom Cruise is a 40-year old unemployed dude who still lives in his parents’ basement and plays video games all day long.Tom cruise celebrities as average people

Sarah Jessica Parker and a long lost relative pose for a family picture.sarah jessica parker celebrities as average people

Rihanna looks like a fancy public school principal here. She’s still pretty though!rihanna celebrities as average people

If you take away the hair, there really isn’t much of a difference between how Miley Cyrus looks today and this 80’s Miley.miley cyrus celebrities as average people

Madonna, the lady; the 80’s lady with aging Farrah Fawcett hair.madonna 2 celebrities as average people

Another Madonna, this time looking freakishly like my aunt Mildred at her school’s 50th reunion.madonna celebrities as average people

Just look at them. Even when they are average people, Kristen and Rob can’t seem to leave their brooding aside.kristen and rob celebrities as average people

I honestly believe that if Kim and Kanye weren’t famous this would be exactly how they would look like: Kim as a hefty beautician and Kanye as an even heftier furniture delivery kardashian kanye west celebrities as average people

The Kardashians are just amazing in this picture! Just look at Khloe and how much she fits her role! Kourtney’s smile say it all and Kris still looks like the Pimp Mama she is.kardashian family celebrities as average people

This one’s an oldie, but a goldie. It’s still Johnny Depp, only with a few extra pounds. But deep down inside, this is still Johnny and how he would look had he not found fame.johnny depp celebrities as average people

The perfect accountant, Jennifer Lopez in her marvelous velour sweater is excited about doing your numbers. Velour sweaters should really be banned, shouldn’t they?jennifer lopez celebrities as average people

Here she is, a disheveled Jennifer Aniston looking straight into the soul of the beef jerky hanging on the shelf at the convenient store where she’s working as a cashier.jennifer aniston celebrities as average people

I think if Posh saw this image she would get a panic attack. She’s so plump and fluffy and David looks all teeth!david and victoria beckham celebrities as average people

Making fun of Britney isn’t fun anymore and this picture reminds us why.britney spears celebrities as average people

This picture speaks volumes, but I want to draw your attention on Jay Z’s tie which features crosses on it. That’s all I wanted to say.beyonce jay z celebrities as average people

The most glorious photo manipulation of all times, this one is truly a masterpiece. Notice how worried they both look. It’s as if they have a ton of children back home to look after and no hired help to do it!angelina jolie brad pitt celebrities as average people

If you want to see more of Danny Evans’ works, this is his Facebook: Planet Hiltron.