Top 10 Hilarious Rapper Names

Choosing a stage name can be awfully difficult. Not only does it need to be representative, to sound good, to be memorable, but it also needs to be one of those things you won’t find yourself regretting in a few years. Take Snoop Dogg for example. He realized that years piled up musical achievements that he was more of a lion at heart, but the switch didn’t really go as expected, did it? So, when this is such an important choice to make, how can people err so badly that they end up with the worst rapper names they could have thought of?

Rapper Names


Luckily for us, some things are just so bad they’re good. This also applies to some of the most hilarious rapper names that you could stumble across. Add them to the “not like this” list.

#1 Mr. Cheeks

He’s a nice guy, surely. There are no reasons why we shouldn’t like and appreciate him, especially if his music is appealing enough. But can you really trust someone who goes by the name Mr. Cheeks? By all means, it sounds like he’s the kind of guy you would meet in a dark alley as he opens his trench coat to reveal his watch collection.

#2 Thirstin Howl III

When rapper names parody the names of other popular characters of people, it’s always difficult to tell whether it was meant as an homage or satire. But this callback to Gilligan Island’s Thurston Howell III is as obscure as it is inappropriate in the context of his lyrics. Yikes.

#3 Trademark da Skydiver

Do you know those people in movies who are trying to come up with a witty name and they just pick the first thing they lay their eyes on? This guy must have quickly shifted looks between a trademark sign and a skydiver and ended up with this lovely stage name.

#4 Tity Boi

Good luck trying to imagine crowds chanting this name at concerts without cackling yourself into the ground. We’re not sure if this was a statement or a purposeful choice, but it was clearly a mistake. This was proven by the rapper himself, who later went on and changed his name to 2 Chainz.

#5 A to the D The Renegade Jew

Well, it may not be the most hilariously odd of the rapper names on this list, but it’s surely the longest. Assuming you haven’t fallen asleep by the time you’ve read the name, then here’s a fun fact – he invested his own money in his album.

#6 South Park Mexican

We don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty huge let down that South Park Mexican didn’t start a trend for all rapper names to be composed of one’s favorite TV show and their ethnicity. We would’ve totally bought Homeland Italian’s album!

#7 Flo-Rida

Probably one of the only rapper names you’ve actually heard of, isn’t it? The fact that he’s so insanely popular might lessen the strangeness of the name, but don’t forget that all he did was add a hyphen in the middle of the word Florida. That’s it.

#8 The Tea Bag Boyz

When we were recommended to include this group on the list, we were frankly confused. What could possibly be wrong about a group of jolly fellows deciding to share their love for tea in the name of their rap group?

#9 Silkk Shocker

Don’t you just want your two stage names to have the same initials? Alright, that’s fine. Maybe you want to combine two mundane words and give them a quirky twist. That’s fine too. But adding an extra “k” doesn’t really mean quirky and interesting.

#10 Uncle Murda

Let’s just hope that this is strictly a stage name because introducing him to your family would be pretty awkward. Actually, telling your friends that you’re headed for an Uncle Murda concert sounds fairly questionable too if we’re honest.

Some of the Funniest Memes Around Right Now

What did we do for entertainment before memes came along to annoy and amuse us in almost equal measures?

If my memory serves me right we all sat round an open fire while grandma played the piano and grandpa fetched another vat of moonshine from the shed. Ah, those were the days.

The Keanu Conspiracy Theory

Funniest Memes

This is a classic type of meme but it still has some legs left on it. Basically, a dopey looking Keanue Reeves can see conspiracies that no-one else can. He’s right on this one though. Who asked the princess if she wants to be rescued anyway?

The Eyebrows Meme

Funniest Memes

Bushy eyebrows are a great source of entertainment, aren’t they? I mean, not every person’s eyebrows are amusing but this guy, for example, has a fine set on him.

The Grumpy Cat Meme

Funniest Memes

The grumpy cat has been in the news quite a lot recently. This little lady was born with dwarfism and an underbite that gives her the distinctive grumpy look that launched a million memes.  Her owner quit her job and became a millionaire taking pictures of her grumpy cat. Not bad work if you can get it.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

Funniest Memes

The slightly unbalanced look on this girl’s face makes her perfect for the overly attached girlfriend meme. She first shot to fame singing a slightly creepy song for Justin Bieber. Now she scares men all over the world with her clingy questions and accusations.

The Disaster Girl Meme

Funniest Memes

Distaster girl has been around for a long time but she still raises a laugh every now and then. Apparently the original picture was taken during a fire service drill rather than a real disaster. That still doesn’t explain the sinister look on her face, though.

The Skeptical Kid Meme

Funniest Memes

This little fellow just doesn’t believe most of the stuff he is told. He started off as a skeptical third world kid questioning aid workers but nowadays he covers just about any aspect of life that needs a bit of skepticism.

The Bill Cosby Meme

Funniest Memes

Oooh, this is a bit topical, isn’t it? Bill Cosby sent out an invite to the world to make memes about him and the world filled their boots in style. Many of the memes talk about the recent rape allegations around him and this is one of the tamer ones I could find.

The Survival Tips from Bear Grylls Meme

Funniest Memes

If you are ever stuck alone out in the jungle or on top of a randomly floating iceberg then check if you still have a Wi-Fi signal. If you have then you need to urgently find some Bear Grylls survival memes in order to get out of there alive.

The Creepy Kid Meme

Funniest Memes

The creepy kid meme is great for jokes poking fun at older folks. The look on his face is somewhere between evil and sweet, so just like most kids, really.

The Bad Luck Brian Meme

Funniest Memes

As the song says, if it wasn’t for my bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. Brian is a walking disaster and even the ice bucket challenge was too much of a stretch for him. Better luck next time, dude.

The Funniest Things about Public Transport

Travelling by bus or train is always an interesting experience. You never know who or what you might find on these trips but if you are lucky you might come across a few of the funniest things about public transport.

People Falling Asleep

People Falling Asleep and the Funniest Things about Public Transport

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are on a bus or train and feel your head starting to droop uncontrollably. Sure, you’ve got your pride and you jerk awake a few times but you know fine well that it is going to end in large amounts of drooling and weird body movements. Of course, when you do this it is tragic and regrettable but when others do it is funny and worth taking a snap of.

People Falling Asleep on You

Sleeping People and the Funniest Things about Public Transport

If there’s one thing worse than falling asleep on public transport it is falling asleep on top of someone else. In fact, scrub that. Worse of all is when someone else falls asleep on top of you. At this point I can recommend a sharp elbow to the ribs of the sleeping beauty. If your elbows are too blunt for this then moving away so that they fall over is equally acceptable.

People Shaving Their Head

The Funniest Things about Public Transport and People Shaving Head

There you are on the train to work when you think to yourself, “Strewth, my head isn’t as smoothly shaved as I would like it to be, although I do have a handy shaving device here.” Thankfully, the cabin appears to be almost empty so after a few seconds of deliberation you do what any sensible bald dude in need of a head shave would do.

The Weird People

Weird People and The Funniest Things about Public Transport

Isn’t it strange how you are the only sane person to use public transport? Sure, I’m sane as well but you’ve never travelled on the same public transport as me. Well, unless you’re the dude who fell asleep and slobbered on my shoulder that time in London. If you are then I hope your ribs are feeling better. I used to travel on the Tube every day in London and it was filled with the weirdest and most potentially psychotic characters imaginable. I found that staring emptily into space and then running like hell once I got to my station was the best approach to avoiding these people. Actually, that probably made me seem a bit weird too, didn’t it?

The People Who Arrive Just Too Late

The Funniest Things about Public Transport and People Arriving Late?

I’m sorry. I know I’m cruel and unspeakably evil but I think that one of the funniest things about public transport is when someone arrives just too late and the door slams shut in their face just as they are counting their fare and wondering whose shoulder they are going to fall asleep on. At this point we get to see people’s real personalities, so don’t look away and miss the best bit. Some frustrated would-be commuters will get all upset and aim a kick at the door or start shouting. Others will keep running after the bus or train in the vain hope that it will stop at some point for them (these are funniest ones and should be encouraged). If you are ever in this situation then the most elegant solution is to slow down and nonchalantly pretend that you didn’t really want to get on in the first place.

People Eating Huge Amounts of Food

The Funniest Things about Public Transport and People Eating a Lot

Am I the only person who finds it weird and slightly disturbing when fellow passengers start eating huge amounts of food on public transport? Surely not. I’ve always wondered why they do this. Are they too hungry to travel all the way home before tucking in? Are they keen to make everyone else there feel ravenously hungry while they smugly stuff their faces?

10 Silly and Funny Wedding Photos from Around the World

Getting some classy wedding photos taken won’t guarantee you a long and happy relationship. However, it’s got to be better than living the rest of your lives with one of these silly wedding photos staring down from the wall at you.

The Cake Photo

Silly Wedding Photos

What a weird wedding photo this is. Unless I’m very much mistaken, the bride is looking unhappily at a cake made to look exactly like her. Meanwhile, the cheerful groom is thinking that getting his lovely bride made into cake form was the best idea he has had since he bought that tie. This wedding has some bad signs right from the start if you ask me.

The Lack of Perspective Wedding Photo

Funny Wedding Photos

Keeping a sense of perspective when getting married is always a good idea. In this case, I like to think that the funny wedding photo was just a coincidence. Sadly, hours of thought and preparation probably went into getting it just right.

The Matching Dresses Photo

Funny Wedding Photos

Hey, here’s a pro tip for you. If you are going to make your bridesmaid’s dresses out of old pieces of household furnishing don’t stand in front of the evidence for your photos.

The Splashing About Wedding Photo

Funny Wedding Photos

Does anyone have any idea what this is all about? To my simple brain and untrained eye it seems as though they tried to load some chunky members of the wedding party onto a tiny boat. Whatever their idea was, it didn’t end well for some of them.

The Star Wars Wedding

Silly Wedding Photos

Honey, is it at all possible that you can forget about your Star wars obsession for just one day and have a normal wedding? Hey, I might have done if you have asked me before I ordered all those Stormtrooper outfits. You do know that they don’t offer refunds on those things, don’t you?

The Bathtub Wedding Photo

Silly Wedding Photos

This is another inexplicable but funny wedding photo. For some reason the bride and the bridesmaids have all crammed themselves into a bathtub.

The Great Escape Wedding Photo 

Funny Wedding Photos

For those who don’t understand whatever language the sign is written in, I’m reliably informed that this happy chap is trying desperately to escape from the registry office. Did he manage to get away or did the super strong bride force him to get married anyway?

The Rifle Wedding Photo

Silly Wedding Photos

After a great wedding ceremony there is nothing better than picking up a rifle and shooting a few things, is there? This cheerful wedding part of gun toters decided to go and shoot the place up after the ceremony.

The Zombie Wedding

Silly Wedding Photos

If there is one way to cement your blossoming relationship and to ensure a long and happy life together it is to get married while made up as zombies.  This couple went for a discreet and elegant ceremony that their grandchildren are sure to look back on with pride.

The Cat Wedding Photo

Funny Wedding Photos 

This weird wedding photo shows how great it is when you finally meet someone who shares the same tastes and hobbies as you. There you are, thinking that you are condemned to a lonely life of dressing up as a cat forever. Then suddenly another feline loving freak enters your life.

Funny Door Signs That Don’t Make Sense

Do you remember the good old days when doors where simply things you used to get from one place to another? Who knew then that one day funny door signs would pop up all over the world and leave us all feeling confused?

The Push and Pull Sign

Funny Door Signs

I hate doors that don’t make it clear whether I need to push the blasted thing or pull it. I put this down largely to a nasty experience in my teenage years when my first day in my first ever job turned in a disaster because I couldn’t open the door. This sign could have helped me out and stopped my ears from burning with shame for about a decade afterwards.

The Do Not Enter Sign

Funny Door Signs

There is a strong streak of common sense running through this funny door sign. After all, if the door doesn’t open then very few people would be able to enter through it anyway.

The No Entry or Exit Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Does anyone know what this door is useful for? I had always kind of naively assumed that for a door to be of some practical use you actually had to walk through it. It could be to exit in one direction or it could be to enter in the other direction but this one is neither.

The Other Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

This funny door sign just makes no sense at all. I guess that the person who typed it out was just trying to be helpful but wouldn’t there have been a better way of doing it? Maybe not.

The Back Door Sign

Funny Door Signs?

In this case I can definitely say that the evil fiend who made this sign was just trying to mess with our minds. How on Earth can the front door be round the back? You could spend all day at this place walking round in circles and trying to work out where you were.

The Not a Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

Things are getting really weird now. I’m not usually one to argue with signs but this one can’t be right, can it? It says that it isn’t a door but it really, really looks like one. Could it be a highly realistic painting of a door or just a plain old portal to a different universe?

The Unlocked Door

Funny Door Signs

There are times when you just have to put your faith in mankind. In this case, our only hope is that any robbers and rapists who casually wander past are really stupid.

The Dr Hedgehog Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can see how this could be annoying. If you went through life with a surname that was only a couple of letters away from being amusing then you would hate when people added those letters. In this case, Dr A Hedgeh has a sign on his door that some rascals just can’t resist added those letters to.

The Closed Door Sign

Funny Door Signs

I had never previously stopped to consider how many evils and dangers a closed door can protect us from. Cold air and water aren’t things I worry about too much but the danger of Daleks or Cybermen entering the local library is a big concern for anyone.

The Window Sign

Funny Door Signs

I can only guess what happened here. Unless I’m very much mistaken a fool left the door open and some Daleks entered. Well, after this the only sensible thing to do was turn it into a window instead. Problem solved.