Game of Thrones Season 6 – What To Expect

With only a few days now standing between us and the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, there more reasons we have to be excited about it. The TV show has officially surpassed George R.R. Martin’s books and is headed in a direction that’s unknown to both readers and viewers. Needless to say, this, along with the fact that actors and producers alike teased that Game of Thrones season 6 might be their best and most massive one yet, has millions of fans on the edge of their seats.

The Red Band trailer for the new season bagged in the most views of any of the show’s trailers so far. Viewers are, obviously, incredibly curious to see what will happen, especially because “predictability” is a foreign word to the Game of Thrones universe. So, even though technically we’re all in the dark about what lies ahead of the series, there are still some things that we are very likely going to see.

Also, a spoiler alert is due. Make sure you’re all caught up with the show first and have read all the books up to the last. We will not be spoiling the show, but there are some hidden gems in the novels you might not want to know in case they ever come to the screen.

Book Arcs

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

There may not be a sixth book to be translated onto the small screens, but there are still passages and storylines from the fourth and fifth books that have yet to be explored. Lady Stoneheart, Victarion Greyjoy, and Quentin Doran are all names familiar to book readers who have been awaiting their materialization into Game of Thrones quite eagerly.

While the possibility of seeing the vengeful resurrected Catelyn Stark is, admittedly, pretty small, the likelihood of seeing on-screen appearances of Balon Greyjoy’s brothers is not very possible. Euron and Victarion Greyjoy’s quest for the horn Dragonbinder would make for a truly thrilling addition to the story and a massive complication for Daenerys.

Huge Dragons

Game of Thrones Season 6


The show’s producers have built a colossal fire-breathing crane for Drogon. The reason for this is because Daenerys’ dragons are going to grow, even more, doubling the size they were in season five. While this definitely causes plenty of problems for the visual effects team, it’s going to give millions of fans goosebumps.

Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal have been growing since they first hatched at the end of season one, gradually causing more trouble and wrecking havoc in their wake. Can you imagine what they’d be capable of with their current size? It seems like, after a long time, the three dragons are about to turn into the proper war machines that make all of Westeros tremble.

The Biggest Battle In The Show’s History

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of Disruptor Beam

Producer Bryan Cogman teased in an interview that this season would depict the most monumental battle that the show has ever seen. And judging by leaked spoilers, set photos, trailer scenes, and pieces of scripts, this is certainly going to be true. One thing we were assured of is that no White Walkers were involved. The battle takes place predominantly in the North, so we can be almost sure that the conflict will be over Winterfell and the title of Warden of the North. If that means justice against the abhorrent Boltons, this might just turn out to be the most incredible episode of the whole series.

The climatic battle is going to be allegedly featured in the ninth episode, a number that we all know represents mind-blowing episodes packed with shocks and twists. Miguel Sapochnik, the man who directed the highly acclaimed Hardhome, which is considered by many to be the best episode in the whole show, apparently directed this episode too. Excited yet? We sure are!

Tyrion’s Storyline

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

Now that Daenerys is held up by the Dothraki, who found her at the end of season five, the task of ruling over Meereen has been entrusted to Tyrion and Varys. We’ll be, undoubtedly, seeing more of this and we’d be lying if we said we’re not excited.

Tyrion proved himself fantastic in positions of power, but even someone like him is going to have trouble trying to keep under control a city torn by a civil war. And we’re not even counting the bigger problems that Ser Barristan, the one entrusted in the books to rule Meereen, had to face in A Dance with Dragons.

Other Exciting Character Plotlines

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

After being absent for the entirety of season five, Bran is also going to make a return that seems incredibly promising. Starting with the fact that it seems like his training is done, fans were also awed to see him standing in promos and also visited by no other than the Night’s King.

On the red carpet premiere, Iwan Rheon also teased that Ramsay Bolton would have to face his father’s fury after the escape of Sansa and Theon. Speaking of which, we’ll definitely see their storyline as fugitives play out too.

By the looks of it, Cersei will be out on a murder spree against the High Sparrow and his freakish cult too. When two villains clash, all we can do is enjoy our popcorn and be glad for whoever comes out on top.

Jon’s Resurrection?

Game of Thrones Season 6

Courtesy of HBO

You had to know this was coming. Jon Snow wasn’t the first major character to be offed the show, as proven by his father and brother. However, his death seemed like the least definitive of all. He managed to kill a White Walker, he caught the eye of the Night’s King, the stage was set for a climatic confrontation – his story can’t possibly end here, can it?

Well, at this point, pretty much everybody is sure that this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of Kit Harrington in Game of Thrones. Jon Snow may be dead, but what’s there to say of Jon Targaryen, as the popular R+L=J theory suggests? Or maybe Jon Stark? Even if this won’t been the case, Jon’s death was too abrupt and seemed pointless for it to be permanent. Plus, the directors wouldn’t linger on the image of the breathless Jon, being surrounded by pools of his own blood, for no reason, right?

When Can We See a Game of Thrones Movie?

With an endless wave of hype ushering in the arrival of the sixth Game of Thrones season on 24 April, there’s still one question that remains unanswered for fans of the fantasy series – when will there be a Game of Thrones movie?

There have been many rumours regarding a film for a long time, and with a vast range of merchandise and online games all bearing the Game of Thrones brand, it’s natural that this should be the next expansion for this hugely popular series.

George R. R. Martin by Gage Skidmore

Much depends on how the series creator George R. R Martin gets on with the next instalment of his A Song of Ice and Fire book series. With The Winds of Winter still showing no sign of completion, Martin has already stated that if there is a film, he probably won’t be a part of developing the screenplay.

But the fact that Martin has hinted that there will be a Game of Thrones movie will definitely appease the series’ fans. Although the series has an endlessly complicated plot, there’s enough scope in the Game of Thrones universe for the writers to try and emulate the success of Star Trek in bringing their exploits from the small screen to cinema audiences.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has already found a great deal of success in the gaming world thanks to last year’s immersive Telltale Games release. And Lucky Nugget Casino also delivered a game of progressive pokies for Australian players that featured a range of Game of Thrones motifs and emblems to momentarily satiate even the most ardent fantasy fan.

But much as the video games have taken liberties with the basic plot of Game of Thrones, it’s been suggested that a movie could also travel back in time to revive the fates of many favourite characters.

Game of Thrones Movie Scene

In particular, whilst Jon Snow was left with an uncertain future at the end of series five, the rumours of a Game of Thrones prequel movie could signal his return to the fray alongside other celebrated characters such as Ned Stark.

The fact that the writers could move back in time will please many of the shows fans who have been frustrated with the slow progress made by the show’s creator. And with even HBO’s showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, stating that there may just be two more years after series six, it looks like online games and a potential movie have the greatest potential of satisfying fans of this popular fantasy series.

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Easy Game Of Thrones Halloween Costumes

Some Game of Thrones Halloween costumes ideas.

Yes, yes, you’ve heard it before, but brace yourselves anyway, Halloween is coming. And as Game of Thrones is currently more popular than milk at a cat pub-crawl or Willy Wonka’s chocolate for curiously addicted kids, it’s safe to assume that you might just have to think of some Game of Thrones Halloween costumes to wear.

Whether you’ll be the one to lure your friends into Westeros by hosting a GoT party, or whether you get sucked into it almost against your will (hey, it’s been known to happen), it doesn’t matter. The end result is that you’ll have to get your game on (of thrones, of course) and not let any of those up-starts out-do you.

There’s literally an avalanche of ready-to-buy Game of Thrones Halloween costumes, meaning a Daenerys Targaryen costume, Jon Snow costume, Jaime Lannister costume, Margaery Tyrell costume, Robb Stark costume or just about any GoT costume can be yours fast, even delivered to your door, if you have the money for it.

But, apart from the money required, there is a down-side to buying your costume. Namely, that everyone can and will do so, to save time and trouble thinking about what to do/wear. So you might end up discovering someone else with the same stock and bland version that you’re wearing.

Of course, it would be best if everybody could make their own Game of Thrones Halloween costumes. As high-fidelity as possible to the series.

However, if you’re not a die-hard cosplay expert or you simply don’t have the time to make your own elaborate Game of Thrones Khaleesi costume, fit for wearing on the series’ set among the recording cameras, that augments your soon to be world-renowned acting brilliance (which I know you’ve dreamed of at least once), don’t worry.

There are easy, minimum effort Game of Thrones Halloween costumes solutions that you can go for. And some of them are even witty and subtle, which will earn you favor with your Tyrion dressed, tall as hell, hulking geek friend who will appreciate your display of intelligence and oddball courage.

(Warning: Some spoilers ahead).

1. Witty Bastard

One of the easy Game of Thrones Halloween costumes has to do with a contract.

For example, you can take a white t-shirt, then a black marker (or special clothes paint or whatever you feel works best for you) and draw a rectangle with the word SAG-AFTRA on the first, top half (or first line) and ONE UNION on the bottom half/second line (SAG-AFTRA ONE UNION in a rectangle is the logo for the Screen Actor’s Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). Then write: “THIS AGREEMENT, made on the 31st of October, 2015 between HBO Inc., hereinafter called ‘Producer’ and Kit Harrington, hereinafter known as ‘Performer’…”

Now comes the fun part. If you think Jon Snow’s not dead and will return for season 6 (or is dead, but will return for season 6, wink wink), you can continue the above paragraph with “… attests to the extension of the original agreement between parties, for an additional term of: 1 season, commencing upon the expiration of the original term.” (of course, regarding the number of seasons, you can take your pick: 1, 3, 27…).

But. If you don’t think he’s coming back and is dead for good, you can simply leave the first paragraph as it is, alone, with suspension marks and just draw a diagonal red line over your whole t-shirt, to signify that the contract is terminated. You can even tear your t-shirt a bit to make it more dramatic.

2. Mellisandre’s Shadow Assassin

Game of Thrones Halloween costumes - Melissandre's Assassin spandex suit.

This one’s reeeeeeal easy, though considerably creepy. And I don’t mean that in the horror way, but in the hinting-at-intriguing-sexual-preferences, stalker, sort of way. Still, you’ve been warned so, if you still wanna do it, here’s how. Buy a black spandex full body suit (you’ll manage to find one; remember the above? intriguing. sexual. preferences).

Then, all you have to do is … smoke a lot. Like in the 3 packs per half hour range, which will probably kill you, so on second thought, don’t! Or if you really wanna go hardcore, tie a battery-powered smoke dispenser to your back (is there such a thing?). Which… might kill you if it suffers a malfunction or if you fall or something, so this might not be a good idea either. Perhaps you should forget about the smoke all-together and just get a plastic knife, act all assassin-y and trust in your friends’ imagination.

3. George R. R. Martin

George R. R. Martin can be one of the easy Game of Thrones Halloween costumes

Suspenders, shirt, sailor cap, beard. And you get to have the Game of Thrones costume to rule all Game of Thrones Halloween costumes. How hard can it be? Of course, there is the concern that the other party-goers will all stab you with blunt spoons until you succumb and croak like their favorite character that you mercilessly killed on a whim. But, hey, dontcha wanna live dangerously on Halloween?

4. Valar Morghulis

And speaking of that favorite character, a real easy get-up is to wear dirt-brown clothes and a green hat/head gear (or paint your hair green). Then figure out a way to tie a cross or a plastic/paper tombstone to your head and draw a skeleton (or a stick figure) in a tomb (or rectangle) on your chest and belly. Then write “Your favorite GoT character” above it. Done. You’ve simultaneously managed to complete your Halloween costume and guarantee the emotional breakdown of (at least) one of your friends. Or you can just take the old sheet-as-a-ghost act and write “Your favorite GoT character” on it. The principle remains the same.

5. Lazy badassery

I saved for last the absolute minimum-effort thing you can do. Just go however you like. No costume preparation at all. When your friends are hurt and dismayed that you didn’t deem it important to dignify them with a reciprocal involvement in their great initiative, simply smile at the most vocal of them and tell him her: “A man/a woman is wrong. A Faceless Man is many faced.”

Then watch admiration fill them as they realize they’ve just been served by none other than Jaqen H’ghar (among many other identities). If necessary, allay their final doubts by taking out a coin and twirling it about. You can even buy the a GoT coin replica from some places if you want to go the extra mile.

Oh and in the same vein of humor and subtlety, you can then stroll over to the pork dish and say: “Ah, yes. King Robert’s slayer. A man thinks a slice would be nice.”

Your Young Robert Baratheon attired buddy in the corner will either protest or chuckle heartily.

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7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

With high death levels on “Game of Thrones”, it’s no wonder their cast list is huge. All the deaths in the past five seasons had to be replaced by new characters and new actors. This easily leads to a game of “I know this character from…” during every “Game of Thrones” episode. Cersei Lannister, Ned Stark, and Littlefinger are just a few of the characters whom we’ve recognized from other noteworthy stages. So you won’t be surprised at the following list of 7 Game of Thrones actors who were also in Harry Potter. If you haven’t identified them by now, prepare to be amazed at the discovery that Aberforth Dumbledore was the king beyond the Wall.

7. Ciaran Hinds

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

You’ll know him as the leader of the wildings, the King beyond the Wall or simply Mance Rayder. It’s harder to spot him in “Harry Potter” because he was a) kinda overlooked and b) kinda in disguise. He played Dumbledore’s brother in “Death Hollows part 2”. Hinds seems very well suited to play noble parts, but he’ll remain forever remembered as the leader of the free folk.

6. Bronson Webb

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

If you don’t recognize the character from the Game of Thrones series, you’re not a real fan, and your punishment should be reading the books and watching the TV show again. Webb played Will, a brother from the Night Watch, who got beheaded by Ned Stark. Following the same pattern, he also played a coward character on Harry Potter, a Slytherin Boy who is Malfoy’s best pal and together they occasionally mock Harry.

5. Julian Glover

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

No one can be blamed for not guessing this one. But if you started watching Game of Thrones and found Maester Pycelle’s voice quite familiar, it is because Glover borrowed his voice for the giant spider in Harry Potter, Aragog. Pycelle was not as terrifying as Aragog, but an ingratiating old man who only swayed with the wind.

4. Ian Whyte

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

As a former basketball player, Whyte performed as a stuntman in “Alien vs Predator”, followed by the “Goblet of Fire”. You may wonder what he did in Harry Potter. He filled in for Frances de la Tour whenever full body shots for Madame Maxine were needed. As the headmistress of Beauxbatons Academy, the Harry Potter character had to impress with her tall slender figure. We got to see more of him on Game of Thrones. He played the role of a White Walker in the first two seasons and even replaced Conan Stevens, who played Gregor Clegane, in certain scenes.

3. Natalia Tena

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

There are quite a few similarities between the characters Natalia Tena played in Game of Thrones (Osha) and Harry Potter (Tonks). She played sympathetic, brave women who were both best known by just one name. Osha was a wildling who cared deeply for the Stark little brothers Rickon and Bran. Although nothing compels her to do so, she helps Rickon to reach House Umber safely. Tonks had a bubblier personality but was equally good natured and always ready to help.

2. Michelle Fairley

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

We’re all rooting for Fairley to return on Game of Thrones. She was one of the strongest characters, even when her husband was murdered, which left her in charge of all their children. She also played a mother’s role in “Death Hallows Part 1”, as Hermione’s mom. Her memory was wiped in Harry Potter, but not even death erased her past in Game of Thrones.

1. David Bradley

7 Game Of Thrones Actors Who Were Also In Harry Potter

Bradley’s characters are both deplorable. Walder Frey from Game of Thrones is conniving and probably the most despised character on the TV show. No one will ever forget he was behind the Red Wedding. Argus Filch from Harry Potter might only be a squib, but he is equally disliked, just like Frey.

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Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We’ve grown to enjoy violence on TV. Especially since it keeps coming and shows no signs of stopping. We see it on the news, occasionally on commercials, it’s definitely in movies and most likely in TV shows. It even started to worm its way into cartoons, so you better keep an eye out on Nickelodeon next time your kid tunes it. For adults who enjoy the occasional gruesome scene consisting of a highly anticipated fight and ending in someone’s demise, we’ve compiled a list of five most graphic deaths on TV. No need to welcome us.

5. Oberyn from Game of Thrones

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

As a side note, yes, we could’ve compiled a list of the most graphic deaths only from Game of Thrones. But it would’ve been way too long. Oberyn’s was, by far, the most gruesome of them all. When he confronted The Mountain he wasn’t expecting to get his skull smashed in. But he did, while thousands of viewers sat on the edge of their sofas/ chairs/ armchairs/ beds, murmuring “no no no”. The fight between the Red Viper and Ser Gregor Clegane was as intense and epic as it was gory.

4. Warren Mears from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

If you didn’t like Warren Mears on Buffy the Vampire Slayer then you might’ve been cheering during his torture and death scene. Or just smiled silently? Maybe grinned secretly? On the inside? However you chose to externalize your joy, here’s a recap on what happened to Mears. His mouth was sewn before he was flayed alive. And since this wasn’t spectacular enough, he was then set on fire. After all this, Warren was resurrected (albeit in the weirdest form possible). He was killed once more in the eighth season of the comic book, never to be revived again.

3. Rita from Dexter

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We were all a bit sad to see sweet Rita go. And it wasn’t the gruesomest scene of the bunch. We’ll admit we didn’t see it coming. But the twisted element was how it replicated Dexter’s trauma, speaking volumes about the killers’ presumable hours of premeditation. How did the scene look, exactly? Dexter receives a loving text message from her before hearing his son crying in the bathroom. Dexter finds him in a pool of blood, next to the tub in which Rita lies dead in even more blood. With this much blood involved, it’s no wonder the episode got director Steve Shill an Emmy award.

2. Noah from The Walking Dead

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We’re used to the gory close ups in The Walking Dead and we’ve watched some well loved characters being consumed by zombies. And yet it always gets to us, even when it’s not a major character who get pecked at. This was Noah’s case. Relatively a new addition on the show, we all thought he’d survive longer. And if it hadn’t been for someone’s cowardice, he might’ve. Getting caught behind the glass of a revolving door, Noah stood no chance in front of the pack of famished walkers. The camera moved from Noah being eaten alive to Glenn’s horrified face as he watched helplessly.

1. Gus Fring from Breaking Bad

Five Most Graphic Deaths on TV

We knew Gus had it coming, but now one saw IT coming. Fring’s death might’ve been predictable, but it suited his life and character: it was grand and sly. Tio Salamanca was willing to go down with his worst enemy so he got some help to make his biggest dream come true. Little did Fring know that he would lose half his face in an explosion triggered by a crippled old man. The episode entitled “Face Off” presents the criminal mastermind as never seen before: he is frightened when he suspects the trap, but doesn’t have time to utter a single word. After the explosion he puts on his composed (half) face, without realizing he’s adjusting his tie in vain. He briefly survives the explosion and manages to take a few steps only to collapse dead a few seconds later.

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