Souvenirs And Their Real Life Counterparts

Tourists are famous for taking same odd poses in front of some of the world’s most popular sites and monuments, and it seems like there’s no end to it. For instance, countless people taken turns pretending to support the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Sure, it was fun the first 20 times, but at what point does high-fiving the Statue of Liberty lose it’s novelty?

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5 Ridiculous Plane Crashes That Were Easily Preventable

Airplane crashes and accidents are horrific things, involving exploded and smashed things that would make Michael Bay blush, as well as high body counts. Usually, there is a chain of events that have to occur before any sort of disaster, but especially aircraft accidents. If anything in the chain is done differently, the accident doesn’t happen. In most cases, the circumstances of the accident are beyond that which anyone could have foreseen or stopped.

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He’s Back – Riot Dog!

Remember the story of riot dog we published last year? If not, go and see it now here! After we published his photos he become an Internet sensation and star of the mainstream media.
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