Cigar Facts to Help Keep Your Man Card

This infographic about interesting cigar facts provides information every guy (and cigar smoking girl) should know about cigars.

Cigar Etiquette

Don’t just light one up, light it up indoors only when in a Cigar Parlor.

Steps to Smoking a Cigar

Check out the steps to properly smoking a cigar (don’t forget one or you’ll end up looking like a newbie and losing major man points.
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Other Interesting Cigar Facts

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The Cost of Being Batman [Infographic]

I don’t care how old you are, what gender you belong to, where you come from or what flavour of ice cream is your favourite (chocolate, obvs): at one point or another, you’ve dreamed about being Batman. All those cool gadgets, the Batmobile, the costume, an elderly butler waiting on you hand and foot – you’d have it all as Gotham’s caped crusader! Well, except parents. They kinda died in front of your eyes when you were 8 years old, which led to long-lasting psychological problems, which is probably why you dress up as a giant bat at night and go about beating the crap out of people. But hey, look, a utility belt!

However, after reading this new infographic from, which painstakingly picks apart the true cost of being Batman, your dreams may be shattered in an instant (yay!). It seems that any real-life Batman adventures would in fact consist of popping on a balaclava, stapling a beach towel to your shoulders, driving around town in a rusty rental and thwacking troublemaking teens over the head with a baseball bat (maybe that’s why they call you Batman). All I can say is this: that Bruce Wayne, he’s lucky he’s a multi-billionaire. [Read more…]

12 Things To Do After You’ve Written A New Blog Post [Infographic]

So, you’ve just written a new blog post. You’ve read it over, read it over again, spell-checked it, inserted images, inserted YouTube videos, attached naughty, inappropriate tags and uploaded it for all to see. It’s a magnificent piece of blogging, armed with the power to inform, entertain and possibly even arouse your readers. But wait… how exactly do you get people to read it?

Look no further than this handy new infographic from DivvyHQ, which also doubles up as a printable checklist. Entitled “12 Things To Do After You’ve Written A New Blog Post,” it takes you through a dozen reliable techniques of boosting up your blog’s view count and attracting valuable readers to your site. Twitter is covered, as are bookmarking sites and RSS feeds, along with a handful of other useful schemes and methods.

The infographic’s creator advises a specific printing style for using it as a checklist, which is explained underneath the infographic. [Read more…]

The World is Coming to an End: #Blame Twitter [Infographic]

It’s the end of the world as we know it, my friends, and it seems Twitter is to blame. It’s true: the social networking site, which has attained over 500 million users since its inception in March 2006, is bringing about the apocalypse, and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.

Below is an infographic by Tim Cooley, winner of PosterBrain’s ‘Design the Future’ Infographic Contest. Entitled #Blame Twitter, it brings to light hard-hitting facts about Twitter’s troubling toll on the environment and our health. Did you know, for example, that for every 18,000 tweets sent out by Twitter users 1 hectare of forest is lost? That means, as the infographic bravely points out, nearly 13,000 hectares of forest is lost every single day.

This, I’m sure you’ll agree, is an appalling, nay harrowing figure. And it’s only one of the many ugly facts presented by Mr. Cooley, whose ultimate aim is to bring the horrendous hazards of Twitter to public knowledge. Hopefully, people will listen this time, and finally see the popular internet site for the abhorrent, world-endangering tool that it unquestionably is. If not, our end may come much sooner than anticipated.

Note: #Blame Twitter is of course a parody infographic. “All claims in this infographic are obviously false in nature and are solely intended for the comedic entertainment of readers,” says Cooley. “We <3 Twitter.” [Read more…]