Top Five Fictional Pirates

Talk Like a Pirate Day may have been and gone, but pop culture’s love affair with pirates is still going strong (ew, a half rhyme). While there were a great many awesome pirates throughout history that actually existed, you can’t deny that there are just as many equally cool ones who didn’t. As such, here is a list of what might possibly be the best pirates to never sail the seven seas.

5. Captain Pugwash

Captain Pugwash first appeared in a comic strip all the way back in 1950, securing his own BBC cartoon series seven years later. Pugwash himself is perhaps not the most efficient pirate, but he is certainly one of the more lovable. [Read more…]

Tiny robots of famous people and fictional characters

These tiny robots, created by Jenn and Tony Bot, may look edible, but believe you me, they are not. I found that out the hard way.

[Read more…]