The 10 Best Album Covers Ever

One of the few drawbacks to the boom in online music is that it means that we get fewer chances to look at outstanding album covers. Will there ever again be classic album artwork like this for us to spend hours looking at in our bedrooms?

The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Best Album Covers and the Beatles

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The Six Wives of Henry VIII – A Beauty Pageant

Good evening TV viewers! Actually, that’s not technically true, since this isn’t airing on TV, even though it’s a beauty pageant, and they’re always on TV and they promised that this would be on TV….I WANT TO BE ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that, I had a moment. I’m Ryan Seacrest, and this is the First, Last, and Only Wives of King Henry VIII, king of England, Ireland, and France Beauty Pageant, sponsored by Coca-Cola and presented by Pepsi. [Read more…]

Michael Jackson and Me: Memoirs of a Badass Monkey

I discovered these memoirs written in fecal matter on pieces of newspaper and napkins on my doorstep one day addressed to “The Guy Who Writes Things For The Internet.” It’s taken me awhile to get the words translated to paper, and more time to add some appropriate artwork, but I believe it is finally ready for publication. This may be the most groundbreaking and awesome thing you read in this lifetime, so prepare yourself. You might want to use the bathroom first. You Ready? Okay, you may now read.

Monkey Origins: Amazonia…
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