19 Tales About Keith Richard’s Insane Lifestyle

As you can imagine, Keith’s life is pretty much like what we see in the movies. The rich and famous do like to party and take everything to the extremes. Ah, such a sweet life it must be and a bit outrageous as well.

He is 72 years old now, a bad ass grandpa, and he started playing in Rolling Stones more than 50 years ago. He did have one crazy life. Spoiler alert, I’m guessing you all know about the time he snorted his dad’s ashes, don’t you? Here is a list of 19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle.

1. Canada 1977

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Canada

He got busted with an ounce of heroin. His fans stood by him side chanting “Free Keith, Free Keith”. Keith was found guilty and walked away. Talk about how fame can help you out.

2. No sleep 1992

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle include no sleep

Keith went on and on bragging that he does not need that much sleep. Since when do Gods need to sleep? Keith told us how he recorded “Before They Make Me Run” in a five-day studio binge. He also bragged how he stayed up nine days without sleep then doze off while standing up.

3. Drug bust 1967

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes drug bust

His Sussex den became the place for drugs and parties. While he, Jagger and Marianne Faithfull were on an acid trip they got busted by the police. What happened there turned into a one big rumor involving drugs, a Mars bar and an orgy.

4. What to snort? 2007

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes snorting ashes

When asked what was the strangest thing he ever snorted , Keith genuinely replied his father’s ashes. He said that “My dad wouldn’t have cared, he didn’t give a shit “. Cool mentality.

5. Keith’s Swiss Vacation 1972

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Keith’s Swiss Vacation

Back then Keith was exiled from France on drug charges and from Britain for tax purposes. He went to Switzerland where of course he did lots of drugs and while being super high he learned how to ski.

6. Gun Charges 1973

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes gun charges

Keith Richards was partying at home when he got busted by the police. They found heroin, weed, Mandrax tablets, a handgun, a rifle and 110 rounds of ammunition. He was faced with 25 charges but got off.

7. Boy Scouts 1950

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes being a Boy Scout

He spent 2 years as a Boy Scout but he got busted for smuggling booze and got into a fight with another recruit which ended in his expulsion.

8. Almost dead 1965

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes almost dead

While playing in front of and audience of 5,000 fans, Keith got electrocuted and fell. He got shocked by the electrical surge from the mic.

9. Concerts full of Merck cocaine 1975

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle include hidden drugs

As a total junkie, Keith hid his cocaine behind the speakers, so he could do some lines between songs. Besides cocaine, he also had heroin hidden. Oh, so that is why he was so full of energy during concerts.

10. Driving and Sleeping 1976

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes driving and sleeping

He fell asleep while driving. To make matters worse, he had his seven year old son with him. He crashed the car but luckily nobody got hurt.

11. His sugar mama 1973

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes his sugar mama

While in Australia, Keith lived with a single mom and her baby because she had cocaine connections.

12. Playboy Mansion 1972

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes the Playboy Mansion

Keith nearly burnt down the mansion while doing drugs in the bathroom.

13. Acid-fueled road trip 1976

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes an acid-fueled roadtrip

At that time, Richards was experimenting with psychedelics. He remembers embarking on a two or three days trip with John Lennon. They do not remember what has actually happened during those days.

14. Tree jumping 2006

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Jumping from a tree

While in Fiji ,Keith jumped off a tree, slipped and hit his head on the trunk. He ended up flying to New Zeeland to get operated by a neurosurgeon.

15. Got punched by Chuck Berry 2014

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Chuck Berry

Keith got punched because he touched Chuck’s guitar.

16. The shepherd’s pie 1989

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes pie

Richard refused to go on stage because somebody ate his pie. Since then it became a rule that nobody touches his pie.

 17. Rental House on fire 1978

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes Rental House on fire

His house was on fire and Keith had to jump out the window to save his life. He was dressed only in a short t-shirt. He is one lucky guy.

18. Baby shower 1970

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes a Baby Shower

Not even a baby shower could stop Keith from snorting cocaine. After dinner he stated that he wanted dessert, took out his cocaine and started snorting.

19. Keith the family man 1991

19 tales about Keith Richard’s insane Lifestyle includes being a family man

Well, all his stories involved drugs as you can see. Back in 1991 what shocked the public was that he settled down and moved in with his wife and two kids.

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6 Awesome Mashups you need to listen to

Sometimes, two songs are so good that someone has to put them together and see what they can create. Other times, two songs are so different that when they are put together, something surprising might happen.

Given these facts, here are 6 awesome mashups you need to listen to in order to give your opinion on whether or not the songs actually work together.

Some of these combinations can be quite surprising while others sound so good that you may wonder why people haven’ done this sooner.

Let’s get started!

1. Nirvana and Michael Jackson

Smells Like Teen Spirit and Billie Jean. What can go wrong? I mean, both Nirvana and Michael Jackson are big names in the music industry and their music have inspired millions of people. But does this combination actually work? You might be surprised. “Smells like Billie Jean” is the name of the mashup which can be found on youtube.

2. Bullet for My Valentine and Lady Gaga

Bullet for My Valentine? Yes, I heard about them. A welsh rock band with some cool tunes.

Lady Gaga? Meat dress? Worldwide phenomenon of rebel woman with sometimes nasty outfits and some okay music.

Bullet for My Valentine AND Lady Gaga? In one song? Well what do you know…

Yes, Bullet for My Valentine and Lady Gaga put together actually sounds like something catchy and you can check it out here.

3. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

Sometimes, people create mashups by covering two songs at the same time rather than editing two songs together. This is the case of this Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith mashup with Thinking Out Loud and I’m Not The Only One. The mashup was created by SamTsui on youtube and is definitely worth checking out as this covered mashup is amazing.

4. Taylor Swift and Swift Taylor

You don’t always have to put together two songs of two different artists to achieve something great. Here you will find a mashup of two songs performed by the same artist, “Style” and “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift. Both Songs are covered on Louisa Wendorff’s youtube channel and they are even more catchy when put together. Of course, the performance of the two artists is also notable, in fact it was so notable that even Taylor Swift saw it and shared it on here twitter so overall, this is one of those mashups you need to listen to.

5. Katy Perry and Bruno Mars

Sometimes, two songs are different but still similar in tune so they can be put together with a sort of ease. This is the case for this awesome mashup between Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Bruno Mars’ “Grenade”. Taken by themselves, both songs can be considered major hits so combining them should lead to an even bigger hit, right? Find out here how a guy covered both songs, thus realizing a great mashup.

Mashup of 2014 Songs

DJ EarWorm has become quite famous on youtube due to his annual Mashups of Pop Music. Every year, this youtuber makes a huge mashup of all the popular songs that filled our radios in the previous year. Here you will find the 2014 version of DJ Earworm’s mashup which features all the famous pop songs in 2014 starting “Animals” by Marron 5, “Black Widow” by Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea and “All of Me” by John Legend. Even though many people who follow the DJ’s work claim that the 2009 version of the Masup is the greatest, you have to check it out by yourself to reach a conclusion.

These were 6 awesome mashups you need to listen to. What do you think about mashups in general? Do you think that these songs should be left alone?



The Unexpectedly Brilliant Songs by Terrible to Average Bands

Isn’t it amazing how a really bad band can pull a fabulous song out of their hat once in their career, as though they had temporarily loaned their soul to the devil instead of outright selling it? These are most unexpectedly brilliant songs by bands that are usually decidedly average or downright horrible to listen to.

Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi

Brilliant Songs 

Ok, so you hate Bon Jovi and all of the poodle haired lame-assedness they stand for. I don’t blame you. In fact, I fully endorse you. However, I dare you to listen to this thumping rockfest and not scream “ooow a ooow a ooow a” at the start before jumping up and down and throwing your lavish mane around the place.  You just can’t, can you?

Hotel California – The Eagles

Brilliant Songs

How can a band that has taken out the copyright on dull, pointless music make something as stunningly unique and wonderful as this? Even the bizarre bit about stabbing the beast and the whole wine/spirit confusion are strangely uplifting moments.

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Brilliant Songs

If you are currently going wild at your computer and calling me a fool and a buffoon among other gentle old-fashioned barbs, let me ask you to lie down and re-consider your position for a moment. You do not love The White Stripes. You simply love one of their songs. So do I and most rational people. This song is built on one of the best riffs ever. If you can listen to the song once with having it running through your head for weeks afterwards then you are arguably not even human. This is the first White Stripes songs I ever heard, so I headed straight to my local online vaguely legal download emporium in a state of some agitation to download their entire freaking back catalogue. What did I then hear? Not one single funky riff like this. Instead, I heard a lot of tuneless wailing and a small child running his nails down a broken and out of tune guitar.

I Still Haven’t Found What I Was Looking For – U2

Brilliant Songs

To be fair, U2 aren’t the worst band in the world ever. That would be a tossup between Limp Bizkit and, well, no one else really. However, they are a bit dull and pompous, aren’t they? Having said that, this is one of the few songs I could listen to every single day of my life and never get bored of. Nothing else they have ever made comes even close to the sweeping majesty and world-wise lyrics of this masterpiece.

Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

Brilliant Songs

This song absolutely rocks, yet the singer doesn’t. Go figure.

The Final Countdown – Europe

Brilliant Songs

My sister had the Europe album on cassette when I was a kid. There was this one fantastic song on it and then a lot of Euro rock trash nonsense stuff. Still, altogether now, “We’re leaving together…”

Run to You – Bryan Adams

Brilliant Songs

What the Hell happened to sappy, soppy Adams when he recorded this genius rock anthem? Summer of 69 was actually pretty good as well but Run to You is just a slobbering chunk of Canadian rock god awesomeness, and those aren’t words you see together very often.

The Boys of Summer – Don Henley

Brilliant Songs

This song and Rosanna by Toto are burned into my brain for eternity. The jukebox in my local sleazy pub only seemed to have these two songs on it. One of the regular customers – it may have been Henley himself for all I know – used to put on the Boys of Summer on a semi-permanent basis. Just as well it is a top notch song and not at all like just about anything else this guy and his Eagles buddies have ever done.

Music Inspired Artwork That is Both Beautiful and Unique

Music is in itself art and by having acquired that status it has also earned the right of influencing those it comes in contact with in beautiful and personal ways. It is said that: “Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart” and who could argue with that? Few of us could spend more than 4 hours without listening to a bit of music and that is precisely the reason why. Our minds and souls need constant stimulation and music makes us remember of the beauty that lies within. We have decided to bring to you some of the most beautiful works of art that have been inspired by the concept of music and what is interesting is that they are as beautiful as the music itself. Enjoy!

Music is The Key of Love


Music operates with keys (tonic notes) which basically declares how a song is supposed to be played and in which range. This is a Sol Key that has been beautifully crafted to incorporate the keys of a piano as well as a musical measure in another key (Fa key) – maybe the artist was trying to create a key that holds more keys. Whichever the case, it looks gorgeous.

“Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.” – Frank Zappa

Self-Expression to the Point of Obsession?


So many artists have turned their talent and craft into an obsession- just think of Van Gogh, Dali and many others, and some say that music is no exception because the need of expression of emotion may be so intense that artists can only do so through their music. So for them it is not just the ultimate joy but also an existential need.

“Music . . . can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.” – Leonard Bernstein 

When Notes Become Flowers


Sheet music and the entire musical language is a beautiful thing- it allows the vision of composers and talented writers to be showcased exactly as they envisioned it even after hundreds of years. It may be in fact true that music makes all things blossom into the most beautiful of flowers.

To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.” – Aaron Copland

The Music of Nature


The beauty of music also resides in the fact that it isn’t exclusive to mankind. In fact, it is the song of nature that inspired man in the first place so why not raise an ode to nature’s most exquisite singers? Birds!

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche 

Art on Skin


In truth, some of the most beautiful music inspired artwork pieces have been in the form of tattoos done by musicians of enthusiasts. Truthfully, “music is how feelings sound like” .

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
and life to everything.” – Plato

Nature’s Violin


Meant to show that music is indeed alive with the feelings of those listening to it, this is a piece that speaks to so many. Stunning.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo

Sing of Love


When we can’t speak of love, music is what comes through so why not sing of love instead? Music is in fact one of the best attempts we have at winning someone’s heart over and with the perfectly chosen ballad we might just succeed in winning over the love of our lives.

5 Cover Songs Better than the Original

We’ve previously shared with you a similar list of great cover bands that you should check out if you didn’t know them already. Today, it’s the turn to recognize cover songs  that are so great they manage to surpass the original they emulate. At least according to our tastes. Even if you’re a hardcore fan of the original artist or version and you won’t agree that the cover is better, you will at least agree that it’s definitely a nice take on it. Here we go.

1. “Love is blindness”, U2 cover by Jack White


You all probably know Jack White as the male voice of The White Stripes, at least for their extremely popular song, “Seven Nation Army”.  Jack has played for years in the band alongside his drummer sister (Isn’t it lovely that she’d a drummer? It’s so hard to find girl drummers  in rock bands), and then proceeded to also record some solo covers. “Love is blindness” is probably the best one and it was also featured on the most recent Great Gatsby movie adaptation soundtrack. The man has a palpable poetic desperation in his voice and the cover is quite addictive.

2. “Once upon a dream”, Tchaikovsky/Disney cover by Lana del Rey


The original Disney song of the Sleeping Beauty cartoon was already a cover of classic Russian waltz, and Lana del Rey’s re-cover of it, recorded for the new Maleficent Disney movie, is simply breath-taking. It gives the original harmonious song a deep hue of deliciously grave undertones without altering its harmoniousness in any way. It’s addictive and wonderful.

3.  “Wrecking ball”, Miley Cyrus cover by Dixie Chicks


It may be a bit hard to look past the vulgarity in the much talked-about video of the original song, in order to notice that the song is actually pretty good. The Dixie Chicks sung a live cover of it in one of their concerts and it sounded surprisingly well and a bit softer than the original.  To be fair to Miley who still remains a very talented girl (with a few recent style-related controversies added to that talent), let’s mention that the covering was mutual: she recorded covers of original Dixie Chicks songs as well and they sound lovely.

4. “Jolene”, Dolly Parton cover by Miley Cyrus


And since we’re discussing Miley’s ability to cover a song, let’s bring forward a lovely masterpiece: her cover of Jolene, originally sung by Dolly Parton, who also happens to be her godmother. Miley Cyrus actually performed a lot of great unplugged covers during her Backyard Sessions, check them out. Another lovely cover of this song is actually performed by Jack White, the guy on top of the list.  However, Miley’s is closer to the original, while also taking away a bit of the original’s country edge, which makes it simply an improved version.

5. “Hurt”, Nine Inch Nails cover, by Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash was immensely creative in his younger years, but his final creation period didn’t really add much in terms of his original songs. Compared with the ones composed in his youth, they all sounded a bit… well, bland. But if there’s one thing that completely redeems his final years as a truly fertile period, it has to be this cover of “Hurt”. Not only is it better than the original, but it’s soul-shackingly grave and beautiful.

Of course, the list may include other extremely valuable covers better than the original; the list to choose from is quite long. Regretfully, epic covers like the “Knocking on heaven’s door” (Guns’n Roses after Bob Dylan) didn’t make it into the list this time. What was included here are more like personal favorites which maybe you’ll listen to if you don’t know them already. Mission accomplished.