Hollywood Unsolved Death Mysteries

Crime story movies are very apt at portraying mysteries and intrigues on film if the right combination of director, cast, funds and a whole lot of other factors align.

But at times, a combination of different factors make the real-life Hollywood where many of these movies come from just as ripe for a crime story. Unfortunately. Because in these instances, the events are real and the people whose life is forfeit are as well.

Here’s a few Hollywood unsolved death mysteries that to this day make many lower quality crime stories look like a joke compared to the real deal.

1. Natalie Wood

Hollywood unsolved death mysteries - Natalie Wood

You know Christopher Walken, right? Well he knew Natalie Wood, the actress most popular for “West Side Story” as well. Quite well, since their close-friendship is what caused Walken to be on the same yacht with Wood and her husband (Robert Wagner) the night she died in 1981.

Now if the fact that husband and wife + close friend alone on yacht can be explained easily, why she was found floating in the water, drowned, with (possible, hard to determine) bruises despite her husband’s police statement that she simply went to bed and left him and Walken to finish the argument that they were having, gets a bit trickier.

Especially if you take into account that the argument in question was, according to a later declaration by the ship’s captain, about Wood’s closeness to Walken.

2. George Reeves

One of the Hollywood unsolved death mysteries is that of George Reeves

The famous “Adventures of Superman” (1952 – 1958) actor is one of the most known Hollywood mysteries because he was found dead from being shot in the head. Notice the “being shot in the head” expression I chose, because despite the official police report that he had committed suicide from depression, his mother and a private detective she hired are sure that he would never have done such a thing and that he was in fact murdered.

By none other than his mistress Toni Mannix, wife of Eddie Mannix of MGM or by Eddie himself. Corroborating their claim is the fact that at the time of his death, his fiance Leonore Lemmon and three guests were downstairs. Yet they took long to call the police and were not immediately alarmed by the shot. As well as a supposed confession by Toni in 1999 to a publicist.

3. The Notorious B.I.G.

The list of Hollywood unsolved death mysteries includes Notorious BIG

By his real birth name Christopher George Wallace, Biggie smalls a.k.a. Notorious B.I.G. was one of the two major poles of the rap industry in the 90s alongside Tupac Shakur who was the other one. Biggie represented the East coast, while Tupac was the iconic leader of the West coast.

Their enmity is complex and not fully understood to this day, so it would take too long to present here. What is clear is that their story is entwined, in a twisted way, until the end. Because Biggie’s death took place in 1997, via drive-by, just six months after Tupac’s own death by drive-by.

To this day, it’s not known whether both rappers ordered and carried out each others’ death, or if they were actually eliminated for political and cultural reasons (because they were gaining too much power), or even if at least Biggie was the victim of an excessive police force (LAPD) that wanted to eliminate his influence on the town.

4. Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Short is one of the Hollywood unsolved death mysteries

If instead of Elizabeth Short you would have read The Black Dahlia, it’s almost certain that something would have clicked in your memory. And there’s a high chance that the oft-repeated refrain: “The Black Dahlia Murder” would have come entirely (hey, there’s even a band with this name, among many other references of it in other domains).

What people know as The Black Dahlia Murder (due to the press giving it this bombastic name at the time, as it did for all particularly shocking murders) refers to the death of the actress Elizabeth Short in 1947.

This might just be the most gruesome murder that took place at Hollywood, because she was found cut in half, with signs of having had her arms tied and suffered torture, a nasty cut over her face from one side to the other and … drained of blood.

What’s even more galling and shocking is that the murderer was never even identified, let alone caught. Despite the fact that he anonymously toyed with policemen later, including mailing things from her purse!

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Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

A while back, we  decided to talk about some of very interesting mysteries that have yet to be deciphered by scientists, in an article entitled “Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 1-“. We could not leave it at that, especially considering that there are so many, other mysteries, waiting to be uncovered by humankind. We give to you four other mysteries of the world, which you may, or may not have heard of, but which will definitely catch your interest. So without further ado, we give to you, the sequel to our first post, and one which we hope, will make you want to learn even more about the inexplicable phenomena that occurred throughout history, and also in modern times.

1. Mary Celeste 

According to stories, Mary Celeste was a brigantine ship, which was discovered in December 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing unusual up until now, right? Wrong. The ship was found without a crew, but in perfect working condition. One year later, two boats were discovered in Spanish waters. The first had a body of a man with an american soldier, and the other one held seven dead bodies in it. Legend has it that the boat was cursed, because the captain died after no more than one day on board of it.


Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

Mary Celeste’s story is the greatest mystery in the history of the Navy. Some say that it was nothing more than a pirate ship, while others prefer to believe in fantastic explanations. The first name of the ship was Amazon, and it was apparently involved in a series of accidents. In the end it became property of some Scottish folk during 1860-1870. In the end, the ship was claimed by Americans for the price of 3000 dollars. Since then, its crew and captain where nowhere to be found, and 130 years later, people still do not understand why.

2. Jack the Ripper 

There have been so many movies and stories about Jack the Ripper that it is almost impossible to discern truth from fiction. What we know for sure is that during 1888, London was terrorized by Jack the Ripper, who was apparently a serial killer from Whitechapel. The name was first used, after the murderer sent a letter to the press, which he signed under this name. All of Jack’s victims were prostitutes. They would usually be found with their throats cut open, and bodies mutilated.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

The horrid thing about this case is that, in most situations, the bodies were left to be found only minutes after their death. It was speculated that prince Albert Victor was behind the murders, but not enough evidence was gathered during that time to fuel a conviction. Investigations started again in modern times, but they still did not manage to shed some light on the case.

3. Tao Hum 

Apparently, Tao Hum is a humming sound which can be sensed in quiet areas, where people experiment a sensation similar to the sound of a Diesel motor-cycle. It is basically an annoying sound that people hear when they sit in silence for too long, and we are positive you have also experienced it. There is nothing horrid or jaw-dropping about this mystery, but the truth is that scientists have no idea why so many people experience it.

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

In areas where it was first encountered, specialists found no trace of eletromagnetic waves, or sound signals that might explain the symptoms, of Tao Hum, which usually included nausea, dizziness, or headaches. In 1994, a study was conducted on people susceptible to this sound, but no conclusion was drawn. Similarly, in 2005, there was an attempt to record the sounds on an aparatus, but they still didn’t understand what exactly it is. We may never know.

4. The Zodiac Murderer

Since we have already discussed about one of the most popular bloody mysteries of the world, why not continue our list, with a similar case, that of the Zodiac murderer? This particular individual has also inspired many bloody movies. According to stories, the Zodiac murderer operated in California, for 10 months, during the 1960′s. His first two victims were shot near Benecia, and the next two near Vallejo. One of the victims miraculously escaped even if she/he was shot in the neck and head. Nearly an hour after that crime, the police received a call in which the criminal confessed to his crimes. One month later, three letters reached the press. The deciphered messages sounded something like this:

Most Fascinating Mysteries of the World -part 2-

I like killing people because it is very entertaining, it is more fun than killing wild animals in forests because man is the most dangerous animal of all to kill. It is even better than when you have sex with a girl. The best part is when I die, and I will be reborn in paradise and those who have killed will become my slaves. I will not tell you my name because you will try to slow down or I stop my collecting of slaves for the afterlife”


Some of his messages were never deciphered, while others held valuable information about the Zodiac Killer’s next victims. The only suspect that the police had was Arthur Leigh Allen, but there was not enough evidence to convict him. To this day, authorities do not know who the zodiac Killer is. Talk about fascinating mysteries of the world.

Top 13 Scariest Curses Ever

Winchester Mystery House

Sarah Winchester, the widow of the gun magnate William Wirt Winchester sure seems to be surrounded by a spooky curse. After her husband’s death in 1881, Sarah began construction on what is popularly known as the Winchester Mystery House. Sarah was successfully convinced by a psychic that the house was haunted by all the people who had been killed by her husband’s guns!

So Sarah got to work. She had staircases built in the house that led to nowhere, doors to concrete walls, and many other such absurdities. Why? To confuse the ghosts!

The House built is a huge sprawling thing with 160 rooms which include 40 bedrooms! It is said that Sarah believed that if she kept building she could evade death which eventually came for her in 1922.

The end result of her curse? A delightfully strange house you can visit in San Jose, California.

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