5 Internet Hoaxes That Nearly Got Us All

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Because if you do, you’ll end up falling in the trap of the many Internet hoaxes floating around as bait and just waiting to pluck some naïve soul out of the water. The good news here is that you don’t necessarily need to be naïve because some of the Internet hoaxes on this list were so convincing that we can totally understand the lack of suspension of disbelief.

Internet Hoaxes

Photo Courtesy of Marina Joyce

From the most recent infamous case all the way back to the classics, we’ve got here some of the most incredible Internet hoaxes of all time. Did you fall for any of these?

#1 Marina Joyce

We can’t start off this list without addressing the biggest case of Internet hoaxes in recent memory. YouTuber Marina Joyce’s recent strange behavior had people firmly convinced that she had been kidnapped and forced to make videos. The “clues” were scattered everywhere in her earliest videos and her bizarre responses to this situation didn’t exactly set the fire out.

The hoax was later debunked, though not particularly because of Marina’s own efforts. Her odd behavior was blamed on some sort of mental issue and because the Internet goes full circle, she’s now become a popular meme.

#2 Justin Bieber Sexuality Hoax

What makes Internet hoaxes really big is involving popular figures and celebrities. And, well, there was a time when no one was bigger than Biebs himself. Although there have been several Internet hoaxes regarding the pop star floating around, noteworthy was the one which had Justin as allegedly bisexual.

The rumors started spreading via Twitter curtsy of an image showcasing the pop star kissing singer Austin Mahone. Naturally, the photo was digitally edited and the “coming out” tweet that had supposedly belonged to Justin was also manufactured.

#3 Save Toby

Internet hoaxes also tended to take the shape of various questionable websites. In 2005, two people by the name James and Brian started a website dedicated to an injured rabbit they had found outside of their home. The website was intended to collect $50,000 for the rabbit’s treatment, with the express mention that if their quota wasn’t reached, they’d eat the rabbit.

Naturally, this stirred a lot of anger among the masses, even going as far as to have animal rights activists try to shut down the website. Fortunately, it was later proven that the website was a parody and that no real rabbits were in danger.

#4 lonelygirl15

YouTube was and continues to be a great platform for Internet hoaxes, apparently. In 2006, a 16-year-old girl started posting videos under the name “lonelygirl15.” Her videos started gradually getting more and more disturbing as she was starting to make claims that her parents were part of a strange cult and forcing her to partake in rituals.

Things really escalated when said parents were allegedly kidnapped. Needless to say, the Internet freaked out. But like all things on this list, lonelygirl15 was also debunked. The series of videos continued under the shape of a fictional web series.

#5 Buy Tigers

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a majestic and exotic animal? Tigers are secretly in high-demand, so buytigers.com came just in handy. With one simple e-mail, anyone would be able to acquire their own oversized feline in just one click. Safety is guaranteed, as well as the exclusivity that comes from this being the only website of the likes floating around.

But selling tigers online (or anywhere) is really not the way to go, so there’s no surprise that animal rights activists got involved. Owner Aldo Tripiciano came forward afterwards and admitted that the website was a fake and that no tigers were actually being sold.

5 Weirdest Norse Myths

With so much history to back us up, there are bound to be numerous tales and information scattered around the world. Humanity has always been creative, really. But if you think that a little bit of good, ol’ Harry Potter sounds ridiculous, then that means you don’t know what we used to come up with in the more ancient times. In more recent years, the world of Asgard and the various characters attached to it, have seen a boom in exposure thanks to the popularity of Marvel’s adaptations for Thor. But before there was Chris Hemsworth, there was the real thing. Well, maybe that’s not the wisest word choice. After you read about these 5 Weirdest Norse Myths, you’ll probably be genuinely glad that they’re not actually the real thing.

1. A World Of Body Parts

Weirdest Norse Myths - Genesis Of The World

According to Nordic beliefs, before the world was created, all we had was a vast nothingness called Ginnungagap, described to having been the host of masses of ice and oceans of fire. When these two collided, they gave birth to Ymir, a being who eventually created the first giant. Together with the latter born Buri, the first born Aesir, and Odin, they founded the New World by sacrificing Ymir. They tore him apart and from each of his limbs, they crafted an element of the world: Earth was made out of his skin, the sky was molded out of his skull, his brains were transformed into clouds, his life-juice – read, blood; the sea and his teeth and bones the pebbles and rocks.

2. Loki’s Mouth Was Sewed

Loki Was Often The Source Of Many Of The Weirdest Norse Myths

In a very typical Loki fashion, the Trickster God got one day bored enough to think that it’d be hilarious to shave the head of Thor’s betrothed, Sif, while she was still asleep. As it was to be expected, Thor was furious when he found out, yet Loki managed to bargain his way out by promising he’d get Sif new hair tailored from the hands of dwarves. And it wasn’t just any kind of hair. Loki told them to make it from gold, along with other various gifts meant to appease to other gods. But because he has nothing better to do than self destruct, he made a bet with the dwarves that they couldn’t create something better than those gifts, with the loser having to sever their head and serve it on a tray. Since one of the things that the dwarves created that day as Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer itself, needless to say that Loki lost. Fortunately, he yet again managed to talk his way out by having the dwarves give in to the proposal of a compromise. With Thor’s help, they knocked him out cold, then silenced him by sewing his mouth with leather.

3. Cross Dressing Thor

Thor's Wedding Was One Of The Most Hilarious And Weirdest Norse Myths

Once upon a time, Thor woke up to find that his beloved Mjolnir hammer was nowhere to be found. After some insightful investigations, he found it in the hands of a giant named Thrymr. He said he’d only return the hammer if Thor could convince Freya to marry him, which is something that didn’t really work out, since she vehemently refused. What did Thor do next? He dressed up in his finest gown then, with Loki shapeshifted into a handmaiden trotting alongside him, he married Thrymr while posing as Freya. And since no one noticed, he eventually got his hammer back and, still dressed in his wedding dress, murdered everyone at the feast.

4. Loki’s Apocalyptic Children

Weirdest Norse Myths Can Also Be Very Cool

Yes, Loki actually had offspring. But don’t get too excited, his parenthood experience wasn’t exactly a conventional one. His first child was Sleipnir, an 8-legged horse that emerged from Loki sabotaging a deal Odin struck with a giant. With the same giantess, he had three more children: Hel, a humanlike being that eventually came to rule the underworld, Fenrir, the legendary wolf whose breaking from his chains was to mark the end of the world, and Jormungandr, a huge snake who was the bearer of the world by keeping his tail in his mouth. He had a total of five children, with the last one remaining unnamed in the myths. All of them had important parts to play in the Ragnarok, which is the Norse apocalypse, as Odin faced it while riding Sleipnir onto the battlefield, and Hel led an army alongside Loki. Odin’s destiny was to lose his life at Fenrir’s claws, and Thor with Jormungandr were meant to lose their lives in a clash against each other. As for the anonymous son, he was unfortunately killed, and his intestines were shifted into chains from iron that tied Loki after he murdered Baldur.

5. Mistletoe, A Murder Weapon

Weirdest Norse Myths - Baldur's Cause Of Death

We ended the last paragraph on a name: Baldur. Who was he? Well, meet Thor’s other sibling, the true star of Asgard, beloved by all and favored by the other gods. He had such a fantastic life, that the shock of finding out that he’s been dreaming of his death was even bigger. Odin visited the underworld to find answers, and returned with the grim confirmation that Baldur’s dreams were indeed meant to become real and, even worse, that his eventual death would serve as an omen for the start of the Ragnarok. In order to protect her son, Frigg made it her mission to ensure every little thing would give its word they wouldn’t harm him, although she made the big mistake of omitting mistletoe from her list. And who was the first to find this out and take advantage of it? Everyone’s favorite trickster, Loki, of course. He showed up during a game where the other gods would throw things at Baldur, as a means to solidify his invincibility, with mistletoe the size of a shaft. He handed it to Hodr, a first time participant to the games, and it’s said that when he threw it, the mistletoe pierced right through Baldur, and had him dead on the spot.

To anyone who’s ever had their fair share of general mythology, all of these stories might seem like they fit the perfect recipe. After all, who’s to say the events described above aren’t less insane than the myth of how Zeus gave birth through his forehead? Either way, we have to appreciate the creativity of the people who left all these stories for us to read centuries and millenniums later. These were 5 Weirdest Norse Myths, but there is more where they came from, trust me.

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Fast Food: Facts and Myths

There are countless of myths ad facts revolving round the Fast Food industry especially since many Americans struggle with weight gain. However, many of the things said about Fast Food chains are just rumors made up by either angry customers or employees or simply people who try to find flaws in everything.

It is undeniable that fast food is fattening and unhealthy but up to what point? Here you will find some crazy facts and myths about the fast food industry and see if what you believe in is true or not.

Myth: Taco Bell uses only 35% meat in their seasoned beef

fast food facts

Fact: This myth actually made Taco Bell release a statement is which they assure people that 88% of their seasoned beef contains actual beef. The other 12% consists of filler. Although this is not an ideal proportion, it is still way better than 35%.

Myth: McDonald’s hamburgers do not rot

fast food facts

Fact: Some people on the Internet decided one day to conduct an experiment to see whether or not McDonald’s hamburgers can naturally decay. After leaving the burger to rot for several days, “the researchers” found out that the burger looks pretty much the same as it did at the beginning (I wonder if they also tasted it). After many people started questioning what the burgers are actually made of, McDonald’s decided to stop fueling these assumption. A company’s spokesman said that McDonald’s hamburger tend to dry out instead of rotting because of the way the hamburgers are cooked. However, to see a McDonald’s hamburger magnificently rot, you need to keep it in a moist environment.

Myth: Salads are a healthier option

fast food facts

Fact: When people see the word “salad” they automatically assume it’s healthy. Why? Well, there are healthy vegetables and/or fruit in it, right? Yes, indeed, but besides those healthy fruits and veggies there is also a bunch of unhealthy stuff such as loads of salt and sugar. If you really want to order a healthy salad, be sure it does not contain fattening dressings such as mayonnaise and always opt for yogurt or a simple vinaigrette dressing.

Myth: Fast Food will make you fat

fast food facts

Fact: The truth is any food can make you fat if you do not know how or when to eat it. We tend to blame it all on fast food because it is the simplest option and you will most likely find one on your way home or to work. Of course there are a lot of food processing methods in the fast food industry that make fast food seem like the most dangerous food on Earth but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you really want to reduce your fat intake but do not want to give up on fast food completely, consider fast food as a treat you should indulge yourself every once in a while or opt to eat fast food from places which offer you the chance to actually see how the ingredients are cooked and put together.

Myth: Fast Food is the cheaper option

fast food facts

Fact: Fast Food is cheaper than eating out at a restaurant, that’s for sure. But is it really cheaper than what you can make at home? Try this simple experiment: Put together a list of ingredients you can find in your favorite burger from beef and cheese to salad and sauces. Next, figure out the proportion. How much beef did they use? How much tomato? How much sauce? Try to find out how much they actually spend on making the hamburger and how much you could spend on making it. You might be surprised of the results.

Myth: Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC because they stopped using chicken

fast food facts

Fact: KFC indeed had to change their name from Kentucky Fried Chicken but not because they actually stopped using chicken meat, but because of the word “fried”. Frying is considered one of the most unhealthy food processing methods so it had to go away from the title. You do not have to be concerned in regards KFC’s meat origin; they still use chicken and not genetically modified meat.

Myth: The roast beef from Arby’s is actually a gel

fast food facts

Fact: Arby’s beef comes packed in an air tight bag filled with beef and a layer of basting solution, which helps the meat from becoming dry and sticky. It is believed that this is why a rumor about their beef being a gel came out in the first place. Don’t worry though, Arby’s roasted beef is still just roasted beef. It might not look good before being roasted but it sure does after.

Although fast food is one of the most unhealthy choices we have in terms of food, you do not always have to feel guilty or sorry when you eat it and you must certainly not believe everything people out there say about it.

These were out facts and myths about fast food and the fast food industry. What other stuff have you heard about Fast Food?

Let us know in the comments.


Common Misconceptions: More Things You Thought You Knew But Didn’t Really

The more I find out the less I know, said someone once. Maybe it was you.

After all, there is a lot of stuff you thought you knew but didn’t really. If you don’t believe me then keep reading and you’ll learn something new.

People Didn’t All Die Before 30 in the Middle Ages

Common Misconceptions and the Middle Ages

Those poor sods in the middle ages didn’t even normally live long enough to grow a proper beard, to enjoy the full gray hair experience or to appreciate jazz music, did they? Didn’t they all die at 30 or before? Actually, it is thought that many people lived comfortably into their 60s back then. The figures for life expectancy in this time are distorted by much higher infant mortality rates than those seen in modern times.

Shaving Hair Doesn’t Make It Grow Back Thicker

Common Misconceptions About Shaving Hair

Have you ever held back from shaving a patch of hair because you don’t want it to grow back all horrible and thick? Hey, don’t worry so much; you probably won’t end up looking like a grizzly bear, Tom Selleck or David Hasselhoff. This is because shaving hair just makes it appear coarser and thicker when it grows back rather than actually causing it to be like this.

They Didn’t Actually Think That the Earth Was Flat In Medieval Times

Common Misconceptions about a flat world

Why do you think that Christopher Columbus set up on his voyages? Was it to find out whether or not the Earth was really flat? The truth is that our happy sailor wanted to reach Asia by an alternative route, which shows that people already accepted that the planet was just a giant freaking ball. Plato and Aristotle are among the early dudes who understood the shape of the planet long before medieval times. Conversely, some people still believe that the planet is as flat as a particularly flat pancake.

A Duck’s Quack Does Echo

Common Misconceptions and A Duck’s Quack Echo

Many people believe that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo. I believe that some ducks believe this too. The truth is that they do have an echo. The reason for the long-standing and widespread confusion is rather technical but I’ll explain it as simply as I can; it sounds like there’s no echo but there is. Does that make sense?

Goldfish Can Remember More Than You Think

Common Misconceptions and Goldfish's Memory

How long do you think a goldfish’s memory span covers? If you said just a few seconds then it is time to learn another new fact today. Goldfish can remember things for weeks and possibly months. Of course, if all of your memories involved going round in circles in a glass bowl you wouldn’t be all that bothered about how long your memories lasted for.

Napoleon Wasn’t a Midget

Napoleon Bonaparte's Size and Common MisconceptionsDinky old Napoleon Bonaparte was so small you could have picked him up and put him in your pocket, couldn’t you? It makes you wonder why a diminutive, half pint little short arse ever managed to become one of the most powerful military leaders in history. The truth of the matter is that as 5 feet 7 inches Napoleon was slightly taller than the average Frenchman of his time. One theory suggests that the height of his imperial guards made him seem smaller than he was.

Top 10 Myths About Metal Music

Metal and its many subgenres have been explored by people across the world for over 40 years now. Naturally, there are such a wide range of misjudgments that have reared up over time that it’s imperative that people are made aware about ‘totally’ misunderstood this music really is!

Here is a list of top then myths that overshadow the phenomena that ‘metal’ really is and the truths that accompany them! [Read more…]