Your Last Words: How Your Social Network Will Determine Your Legacy

The Internet has given us new ways to communicate to the world. It has changed how we live, but it will also change how we die. Before the Internet people had to read the obituaries in the newspapers or wait for a letter to learn an old friend had died. Now you can use your social network to know whether they are still breathing (and, no doubt, there is an app that can broadcast that fact).

This medium allows you to give some encouraging last words to the world that will live on permanently on the Internet. However, like the first time you were tagged half naked in the photos of a kegger after friending your grandma on Facebook, it has its downside as well.. [Read more…]

The Five Fastest Talkers Known to the Internets

The average speaker of English articulates about 120 words a minute. These fast talkers are pushing 600 words a minute or more. It can be difficult to measure talking speed, as some fast talkers speak more clearly than others, but there is no doubt that if words were bullets, these folks are packing Uzis.

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