Top 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

We do love whenever we have variety to choose from. It helps us ensure that our choice will be as close as possible to the option we consider to be the ideal one. In the case of dogs, this is both a blessing and a curse. After all, how are we supposed to pick just one puppy out of the dozens happily wagging their tails and pleading to be taken home? Despite there being numerous variants and options that can be affordable for most pockets, some people choose to spoil themselves by picking one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds


#1 Samoyed

One important factor that ultimately decides the value of a breed is its looks. And, no matter how you look at it, the Samoyed is a truly spotlight-stealing, gorgeous dog. It manages to top our list that exhibits the most expensive dog breeds in the world by looking like the coziest snuggling partner ever. The price for a Samoyed can even exceed $11,000.

#2 Lowchen

If you haven’t heard much about this dog, that’s because it’s not just one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. It’s also one of the rarest. New annual registrations halt somewhere in the first hundreds for this mutt, also nicknamed the Little Lion Dog. Pricing for a member of this exquisite family starts no lower than $7,000.

#3 Rottweiler

Rottweilers have been painted with quite a negative reputation, mostly because of media portrayal and lack of knowledge when it comes to training this breed. They’re strong, loyal, and fierce, but also very protective of their territory. It’s why it’s recommended to help them socialize from an early age, something which will turn them into patient family dogs.

#4 German Shepherd

German Shepherds were initially used to guard and guide sheep herds, though their natural intelligence and versatility soon helped them evolve and be used in other fields and domains. Today, they’re primary choices for police, war, guarding, and search-and-rescue training. It may very well be this intelligence and versatility that makes them one of the most expensive dog breeds.

#5 Canadian Eskimo Dog

With a starter price of $5,000, this breed justifies its value through their long history. Considered to be one of the most valuable North American breeds, they’re also one of the few left pureblooded indigenous breeds.

#6 English Bulldog

It turns out that, in the end, a dog doesn’t need to win and pageants in order to be a member of one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. The English Bulldog’s value steers from its massive popularity, constantly topping the list of choices as pets. It’s likely because they get adopted so quickly that people are willing to pay a few (or a lot) extra bucks.

#7 Azawakh

Another breed with a lot value to it granted by its rarity, the Azawakh is one of the very few African breeds that are available for purchase and adoption in the USA and Canada. Because of their slim and lean figure, they are able to reach higher speeds than greyhounds.

#8 Chow Chow

It would be a difficult thing to not be able to recognize a Chow Chow immediately. It’s probably the combo of lion-like fur with the characteristic black tongue that made this one of the most expensive dog breeds, as well as one of the most unique.

#9 Tibetan Mastiff

You might as well call this one a Tibetan Massive thanks to its enormous and fluffy auburn fur. Bred in Tibet, China, they’re particularly used as flock guardians who enjoy sleeping throughout the day in order to amass energy for their nightly duties.

#10 Chinese Crested Hairless

Just like in the case of cats, hairless dogs have a unique style to them, thus explaining their presence among the most expensive dog breeds in the world. With a killer hairstyle and a look that makes them unforgettable, this breed is for those seeking exotic pets.

5 Things To Check Before Getting A Dog

So, you’ve finally decided to get a new addition to your household. Whether this is the first time when you take a pooch in your care or if you’re simply continuing a generation-long family tradition of pet-keeping, this is always a big step in your life that you must always be prepared for. In many senses, getting a dog, or any pet, is as big of a deal as having a baby. The whole catch here is that they never actually grow up and you’ll need to always look after them. Without further ado, we’re presenting a short list with important things to know before getting a dog.

#1 Make Sure You’re Committed

Getting A Dog


By far the most important aspect – a dog is a commitment for life. You can’t expect to get one, play with it for a few weeks, and then abandon it once it stops being all fun and giggles and responsibility intervenes. If such a thought even crosses your mind, then you’re far from ready.

Likewise, if you’re a very busy person, it’s not a smart idea either. If you live alone and you are tight on a schedule that implies spending hours upon hours at work, there will be no time for the pup and you’ll unknowingly end up neglecting it. It will turn into a chore.

#2 Make Sure You’re Financially Prepared

Getting A Dog


Owning a dog isn’t just time-consuming, it can also be pretty heavy on your pockets, depending from one case to another. A dog obviously needs special food and, for a happy life, you should make them happy with toys, treats, and special sleep places. If your dog requires extensive grooming, save up some money for that too. But above all, there are some expenses bound to be made if your mutt falls ill and requires a trip to the vet’s office.

#3 Make Sure Your Home is “Dog-Proof”

Getting A Dog


Especially if your new pet is a youthful puppy, it will be hard to contain their curiosity and keep them from exploring the house. Be prepared for this situation and keep away any possible dangers. Hide toxic substances or sharp substances. Also, try to prevent any possible household hazards by always keeping the door to your bathroom locked (no toilet bowl drinking) or making your trash bin inaccessible to any incoming rummaging.

#4 Make Sure You’re Patient for Adjustments

Getting A Dog


Your dog will need some time to adjust to the new environment. This means that they will need to learn the locations in the house and the key places for them. Place the food and water bowls in a place that’s easily accessible and easy to remember.

Most importantly, your pet will almost definitely do a little bit of peeing and the likes in random places inside of the house at first. This is understandable since the dog doesn’t know where they’re allowed to release their needs yet. Scold them firmly but gently and keep pointing them into the right direction until they memorize it.

#5 Make Sure to Get the Right Breed

Getting A Dog


We saved this one for last because it’s the most pivotal aspect of the choosing process. There are countless of dog breeds out there and, despite what you may or may not know, you can’t get the same experience regardless of the breed.

Certain dogs aren’t made for a city lifestyle, where they have to live in the confinement of a flat without frequent exercise. Moreover, you need to also consider your climate and, for example, avoid breeds with thick and long fur if you live in a generally warm area.

Do you want a small dog? A big dog? Do you live near water and want a dog that enjoys swimming? Do you want to take your mutt out hunting? There are so many questions that can only be answered by talking to a professional dog breeder. You can also consult various specialized quizzes that try to find the right breed for you from the comfort of your seat in front of the computer.

5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know

How many of you dog owners out there have to face on a regular basis the torment of having a pair of watery eyes plead you for a slip of the food so beautifully exhibited on your plate? I know I do. That’s because dogs are one of the biggest gourmands of the animal world. Unlike other members of their kind, they have long since surpassed the stage of feeding for the sake of survival, and food turned into a delicacy to pleasantly tickle their taste buds. Another thing that’s changed, is their status as carnivores. It’s true that this used to be indeed their nature, with wolves (for example) standing as the living proof of that. But since humans managed to domesticate them and bring them by our sides as loyal companions, nowadays they can be easily considered to be omnivores. However, in reality, they can’t exactly eat anything they like and there are some 5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know.

1. Natural Carnivores

Facts About Dogs And Food - Natural Carnivores

In the article’s introduction, I spoke of dogs’ raw nature as carnivores. While it’s true that you can definitely mix into your pooch’s diet many ingredients that even herbivores consume, they’re genetically engineered to be meat lovers. Not only are their claws and fangs with prominent canines designed to make them perfect at hunting down prey, it’s also a difficult task to try and keep your dog away from raw meat. Chances for him to turn down a cooked meat based meal are small to nonexistent, but if you really want to get his gears going, simply bring him in the vicinity of a raw chicken breast or an animal organ. Despite that, it’s not indicated to feed your dog uncooked meat, since it can carry a variety of potentially dangerous diseases that can be partially eradicated in contact with high temperatures.

2. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth - Facts About Dogs And Food

This may come off as a surprise, but if a dog were able to open and steal from a cookie jar, it almost definitely would. Dogs can sense a variety of tastes, with the one standing out most being sweetness. Their wilderness residing cousins actually often consume berries and other fruit rich in fructose (a well known replacement for sugar even in the human diet) in order to give them the daily dose of glucose needed for an energy boost. Your dog might be seen drooling all over your birthday cake, but it’s definitely not recommended to give in to his whims, as sugar can prove to be dangerous to his health.

3. Cat Food Lovers

Dogs Can Eat Cat Food Too, One Of The Facts About Dogs And Food

As if having to contain your dog from gobbling all of his food wasn’t bad enough, you should know that you also need to keep an eye open for your cat’s food bowl. Dogs, especially if big gluttons, are likely to invade the chow of your kitten if given the opportunity. This is because the two kinds of foods are obviously not that different, and our canine pals would rarely turn down an opportunity to sate their curiosity and have a taste of a new, peculiar kind of dish. But even though nothing majorly bad can come from a pooch digesting some feline delicacies, you should make sure this doesn’t become a recurrence. Cats and dogs require different things from their diets in order to lead healthy and balanced lives, which is why cat food contains some elements and nutrients that dogs really don’t need, like taurine. Best keep your pets each to their bowls, if you want them to be as happy as possible in the long run.

4. Toxic Foods

Facts About Dogs And Food Warn Us Of Dangerous Aliments

Even though dogs strongly desire to be able to taste every type of delicious grub the world has to offer, there are some things you must never feed him, as they are a legitimate peril to his well being. Some of these seem even oddly trite, but they can prove to be disastrous for your dog. Perhaps the most surprising examples are grapes and, respectively, raisins. Not many people know about this, but grapes contain a substance that can lead to kidney and liver failure. More than that, there have been many cases of dogs dying after digesting only a handful of grapes, so avoid at all costs feeding them to your pooch. Another example is an aliment that, while extremely common in human food, is extremely toxic for both dogs and cats, and in fact is one of the most damaging ones: onions. If consumed by dogs, the various poisonous substances they release can develop into destruction of red cells and, eventually, anemia.

Other toxic aliments that you should absolutely avoid feeding your dog include: chocolate, peaches, plums, salmon, trout, apple seeds and coffee. For a full list of dangerous aliments, refer to this infographic.

5. Safe Human Foods

Facts About Dogs And Food - Safe Human Foods

The list of foods that are surprisingly harmful for dogs may be quite hefty, but don’t worry – not everything we eat is a danger for our pets. There are some aliments that get a green light, with some of them being even beneficial additions to their diets. One of the most surprising examples is garlic, which, unlike onion, can even give a boost to your pooch’s health. The only condition for this is a controlled consumption, so make sure to slip it in very small doses. Raw eggs are also a strange choice. Obviously, cooked eggs count too, but even though the biggest threat of raw eggs is Salmonella, they are excellent at providing to your pup necessary enzymes, proteins and vitamins to improve his life.

Other than that, you can also feed your dog fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, baked potatoes and lean meat.

In conclusion, it’s clear that feeding your dog involves much more than skinning a chicken leg off the bone and tossing the pieces into your dog’s bowl. They have an incredible appetite, one that tends to even get a bit out of hand at times. But, fortunately (or not, I guess it depends on perspective), we are the ones who benefit from having a consciousness, so we should make sure that we don’t give the dog everything he wants to eat. Thanks to these 5 Facts About Dogs And Food That You Need To Know, now you know better than to do that.

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5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Long are the days when cuddling with your kitty and playing fetch with your Golden retriever was everything you wanted to do when you got home. Famous people have set a new trend. Check out these 5 celebrities with exotic tastes in pets. Most of them are cute, but some are dangerous and belong in the wild, not in a cage. Would you be open to have a donkey as a pet or do you think that’s just celebrity crazy stuff? It’s hard to say we’d never pull something like this, maybe you’d fancy a kangaroo or a lion in your backyard, just for a touch of danger. Bye bye alarm system.

1. Nicholas Cage and his octopus

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

That’s not an euphemism or an article about one of his upcoming roles. Nicholas Cage actually decided one day that he’d like to adorn his living room with an aquarium. More specifically, one that could hold an octopus. 150,000 dollars later, Nicholas Cage had his wish come true. The reasons behind his splurge? He claimed the sea creature could help him become a better actor, enabling him to study other life forms. I guess a zoo ticket would’ve been too cheap.

2. Justin Bieber and his capuchin monkey

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Last year, gift ideas for Justin Bieber were kinda low on creativity. So his producer, Jamal “Mally Mall” got Bieber a capuchin monkey and named him OG Mally. Here’s the plot twist: when German custom officials discovered the exotic pet on Bieber’s private jet, OG Mally was placed in quarantine and Bieber could do nothing without the needed paperwork. The cute capuchin ended up residing at a German zoo with other fellows.

3. Mike Tyson and his pet tiger

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

While we’re not particularly big fans of Mike Tyson, we had to include him in our top for his ridiculous choice pets. Alongside acquiring million dollar tubs and over one hundred cars, Tyson at some point owned three tigers. Before 2003, when he went bankrupt following his divorce and an expensive lawsuit, he bought three white Bengal tigers, each setting him back by $70,000. With an additional $125,000 spent on a trainer to take care of them and $200,000 on food supplies, it’s safe to say Tyson was not very temperate with his savings. When Tyson was found out without a proper licence for any of the three tigers, they were sent in Colorado, in a refuge where they would be properly tended and looked after.

4. Salvador Dali and the anteater

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

The Spanish surrealist painter didn’t limit his eccentric views only to his paintings. He infused his life with weird things and earned himself the reputation of a brilliant mind and painter, but strange guy. And his choice of pets can support the last affirmation. Although Dali didn’t own the anteater, he seized the opportunity to take it for a walk and show it around Paris back in 1969. In addition to the anteater, Dali also owned an ocelot, which is a dwarf leopard.

5. Reese Witherspoon and her donkeys

5 Celebrities With Exotic Tastes In Pets

Oscar winner and four times Golden Globe nominee Reese Whiterspoon has a love for pets, which can be easily seen from her extensive family of animals. She owns two donkeys (Honky and Tonky), two pigs, three goats, three dogs, twenty chickens and a pony. She claimed owning so many animals helps her children learn about compassion from a young age. At the same time, Witherspoon wasn’t afraid to let everyone know she makes her kids clean the stalls. Well, how else are they supposed to learn to be kind? Reese lives in Los Angeles with her family and her miniature farm that seems to be expanding at all times with all sorts of cute additions.

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The Strangest Pet Accessories You Can Actually Buy

What do you buy the pampered pet that has everything? I promise you this question isn’t really as pointless as it seems. There are plenty of strange pet accessories to choose from when you want to add a bit of spice to the little chap’s life.

The Cat Unicorn Hat

The Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you know those idle moments when you look at your cat and wish he was a unicorn? You know you do. Well, now your dreams of having a feline friend with a single horn can come bizarrely true. This inflatable unicorn horn for cats is possibly the most useless thing I have ever seen. Cats love it, though, according to the box.

The Pet Sauna

Strangest Pet Accessories

Do you often feel a bit guilty when you go for a sauna session and leave your slobbering mutt at home? Well, you could take the old boy in there with you. But, that seems awfully unhygienic. Instead, you can buy him his own personal sauna. Now everyone is happy.

Dog Beer

Strangest Pet Accessories

Beer for dogs really exists. What’s even more puzzling than the mere existence of this stuff is the fact that there appear to be two different flavours; I guess this is for the discerning pooch. What next; whisky for cats? Gin for bunnies?

The Pet Camera

Strangest Pet Accessories

What could be more utterly boring than sitting and watching a video of what your pet does when you’re not around? You already know what he does, anyway. He licks his private parts. He goes to sleep. Now you can use this pet camera to capture all of this riveting action and then sit back and watch it at your leisure. Don’t forget to stock up on the popcorn.

The Goldfish Walker

Strangest Pet Accessories

Isn’t it such a shame when you go out for a walk and need to leave your beloved pet fish at home all alone? Err, not really. He’s only a blooming fish, after all. Well, some enterprising person invented a strange pet accessory called a goldfish walker. It is as silly and pointless as it sounds, in case you were wondering.

The Cat Translation Device

Strangest Pet Accessories

Ever wondered what your cat is trying to tell you? Of course you bloody well haven’t. He’s a cat and he’s not trying to tell you anything. That didn’t stop someone from inventing a cat translation device so you can try to understand what your kitty is saying.

The Pet Wardrobe

Strangest Pet Accessories

This is another of the strangest pet accessories you can really buy right now. This wardrobe is perfect for storing your dog’s clothes and stuff in. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up sharing my wardrobe space with the little hairy fellow. Now he can hang up his jackets and put away his collars in his very own little piece of furniture.

The Cat Wheel

Strangest Pet Accessories

If you want your cat to stay fit and full of fun then the answer is simple; get him a wheel. This giant wheel is big, it’s cumbersome and it will completely dominate whichever room you put it in. Never mind, the cat will love it. If he doesn’t then you can always use it for making moonshine.