Who would have thought that dumpsters could be so much fun

dumpster-living-room British design graduate Oliver Bishop-Young has come up with an urban art project, called the SkipWaste project, where dumpsters are used in a fun and different way. They are no longer used for trash, but for activities and other amazing art installations. You have dumpsters that work as either a skate ramp, a lawn, a flower bed, a pool, or even a cozy living room.

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Silly and fun face expressions of championship jumpers

water faces (2) When you watch world championship in water sports on television these days, it looks awesome and professional, but I bet you would like to see their face expressions while jumping. [Read more...]

Swimming pools are more interesting now

3d-sharkturtleSwimming pools are not what they used to be. New invented 3D effects can make your swimming pool look cool and exciting. These effects are made by mosaic, putting together many small colored tiles. [Read more...]