Best Street Art you Need to See

Street art is a very popular way of art that is growing quickly all over the globe. You can find it on urban buildings, pavement and junk containers from Seattle to London and from Moscow to Sydney. Street art has turned into an international lifestyle and even art exhibits and museums are gathering the works of skilled street artists.

All forms of street art have started out very privately because it is against the law to draw public and private properties without authorization. People usually have different views about street art. Some think it is a criminal activity and others believe that it is a wonderful new way of expressing yourself.

Art professionals declare that the activity started in New York in the Infamous Sixties. Teenagers pained words and other pictures on surfaces and buildings. This vibrant, dynamic design of unusual art became known as graffiti. This form of art revealed that adolescents desired to be rebels against their community. They did not want to agree to follow formal guidelines and traveled around locations to make artwork that every person could see. In many cases, they started trouble with the cops and the municipality.

It is only lately that street art field has been considered as something more than just a subterranean creative activity. The picture of the only author has been modified from a deviant personality to someone who should be presented and marketed for his or her abilities.

With the appearance of street art collectives, an industry has started out in the marketplace for well-known paintings. Almost every evening in big cities, a gallery area or bar is presenting the performance of a street artist. From a world-famous painter to the new and future ones, it has never been simpler to advertise your abilities as a specialist.

Following in the direction of past activities, the field has expanded the idea of street art even further by using the occasion to extend attention in drawings and personal art. Designed like sports cup between competitors, every occasion puts the artists to showcase their skills right there on the street.

Even without the events to increase its reputation, street art is creating a name for itself with well-known brand organizations looking for the solutions of art collectives to help highlight their newest products. If organizations want to focus on an eye-catching perspective, the effective promotion and marketing of an item is essential.

Street art and everything associated with it, from the songs to the style of drawing, is the new cool trend. The once blamed vandals have these days a fan base the dimension of those of a pop star. Individuals in all parts of our planet have often observed campaigns integrating this form of art. Publications are fast to choose the next big artist, and often demand discussions with future art collectives or various performers. Vinyl toy developers enjoy the skills of graffiti and often generate limited-edition editions by the next big name in street art.

With pop art becoming ever more available to everyone, some individuals believe that its ultimate death is unavoidable. However, if the performers remain real to what street art is about, and then it still can flourish on a subterranean stage even when the big manufacturers are shift towards the next newest trend. Street art is really about the talent and that is how it will always be valued, no matter how well known it gets at some point.

One popular form of street art is to cut images of individuals and place them on different walls or on pathways. This way, viewers are able to enjoy this powerful and creative design. Some exhibits and galleries have already purchased some of these works of art.

Many roadsides in big cities display the talent of these street artists. The specialists can use small items of cup to make images of various space creatures. Some of them have been doing this for many years and the cops have captured them enough times. On their websites, you can see several other locations where they have designed this way of art.

The majority of street artists do these things for a reason above all. Some of them do not like performers who make tons of money in exhibits and museums. Instead, they try street art since it is much close to the regular people. Some artists want to show their political point of view in their work. They generally want to demonstrate against big companies and organizations. Others enjoy doing stuff that is not allowed and hoping that they are not caught.

Advertising firms also integrate street art in the advertisements because it offers you the perspective of youngsters and power. The New York shopping area lately used a street artist design for its shop windows and bags.

In today’s global world, the online has a big impact on street art. Talented people can display their images to their viewers all over the planet. Many citizens, however, say that seeing an image on an online site is never as good as admiring it live. The street art mixes activity and lifestyle with the power and vibe of a big city. So, it will continue to change and develop itself.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so with no further ado, here are some of the best street art work that we could find for you to enjoy in front of your computer:

street art










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Street Art Saving Neighborhoods – Important Buildings and their Street Art

There was a time when graffiti and street art were only considered acts of vandalism and testimony of the ill-mannered youth that was living in certain areas. Nowadays, more and more of us begin to look beyond our previous beliefs and start to appreciate the true beauty that lies on the cracked walls. The streets and facades have become blank canvases for artists who find themselves confined by the rigors of conventional art. Such is the extent to which our beliefs have changed, that legislation has been passed in some countries and states that make it possible to turn buildings into landmarks if and when the street art is so representative of the culture within a certain area or if the artist is notoriously famous and recognized worldwide for his talent and value.

Long Island City Graffiti Hub

This 200,000 sqft. warehouse tucked away in Queens is where New York City’s most stunning creations are displayed, works of now world renowned street artist Jonathan Cohen, being now known as the 5 Pointz building. Back in 2001 when the owner allowed Jonathan to cover his building with graffiti he did not know how much trouble it would cause him later on. Later on in 2013 he decided to demolish the building in order to create luxury condos, but the artist Jonathan Cohen intervened and asked another street artist, Bansky to speak on his behalf in order to save the building. A judge delayed the demolition for 10 days, then the artists obtained another 14 day delay of the demolition proceedings because of the 1990 Visual Artists Rights Act. On November 19, 2013, the building was painted white in one night, thus the demolition protection was lost together with the beautiful pieces of art.

5_Pointz__by_LateRainyNights 5_POINTz_Garage_Area_by_sp1te




Bansky Pieces

We have already presented many of Banksy’s works, but there are more worth mentioning. Nowadays Bansky is so notoriously known that his works of art are being sold for more than $1 million. When he created the Geisha silhouettes in New York City, the building owner immediately realized the value of the recently created piece and took action right away so as to prevent the artwork from being defaced. The building wall was soon covered with Plexiglas, there was a rolling metal gate installed and security guards were soon hired to protect the building 24/7 (security guards with a $200 shift). To date, the Geishas and the 9/11 tribute in Tribeca are Banskys only two surviving pieces to have remained unscathed (whether this makes them even more valuable is yet to be determined).


Street Art of Daikanyama


Daikanyama is situated in central Tokyo and while some associate it with embassies and shops, its true treasure is to be found in the breathtaking pieces of street art and graffiti covering its walls. Corners and parking areas, walls and trains are all covered by exquisite and colorful works of talent and imagination made by unknown artists. It seems to perfectly capture every beat, sound and sigh of the city. With underpasses leading pedestrians into the deepest oceans, with mermaids and fish, you’re bound to get lost among the beauty these artists have created.





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Can we Still Create Beautiful Cities? 5 Reasons why Street Art Matters

In the past few decades it has become very difficult for urbanism architects to solve the problems of modern living. Most dense cities are extremely unfriendly, crowded and dirty. People no longer want to live in them. They are not encouraged to participate in the social-urban scene. This is a serious problem for architects who struggle to find plausible solutions. The question arises: Can we still create beautiful, desirable cities? The City Beautiful movement thought it found the surefire formula (which consisted of “picturesque parks, tree-lined avenues and bombastically classical civic and cultural buildings”) but it does not apply everywhere.

“To wander from a tight, dark alley into a small square with a fountain. To find yourself in a courtyard in which the line between public and private is unclear – whether in a Beijinghutong or an Italian cloister. Or the momentary transformation of a city square to a market or a fairground, these are among the real thrills of urbanity.” (Source: Planetizen)

Each city is different. It is not simply a mass of buildings, but a living organism. Some cities have beauty imposed on them, while others require a little assistance. It is not only parks and grand avenues that can change the appearance of city. The role of street-art in urban landscapes has become increasingly important. For those who still believe that street art is nothing but vandalism, we give 5 undeniable reasons why it should be embraced:

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Some city councils get it, others not so much, but tapping into the creative talent of graphic designers and street artists is one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways of rejuvenating the dullness of a concrete jungle. Street art matters!

#1 It Makes Imperfections Sparkle

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Many street artists around the world are breathing new life on buildings and urban installations that others consider ugly. Street artists don’t need incredible things because they work with what they have, and help us see the beauty in the little things. Distractify has shared some incredible examples of street art that makes imperfections sparkle. Here are a few examples:

#2 It Brightens Up the Morning Commute

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There is nothing more boring in this world than watching a series of broke-down; old buildings unravel as you commute. Gorgeous street art here and there will definitely make the morning ride to work more enjoyable for citizens. Take DOME’s gorgeous black-white and gray images as an example. He realized the possibilities of spray paint in 1995 and since then he designs and shares his work with communities from Miami, Torino, Italy and Istanbul.

#3 It Brings Nature into the City

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As much as we’d love to have a park near our flat, it is nearly impossible to provide with vegetation everywhere. The good news is that street art can take care of this problem. Take the works of Sego y Ovbal as examples. He uses fantastical beasts that and natural elements to bring walls back to life. There are also many installations that symbolize nature, or give new meaning to already existing vegetation.

#4 It Covers Dull Blind Walls

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How many blind walls (turbots) have you passed on your way to work? Probably many. One of the major issues of large cities is turbots. Street artists can give them a whole new meaning by displaying their stunning works on them. These works can question reality, adorn the building or simply add a little color to it. In the end any intervention is better than an empty, dull turbot.

#5 It uses Cracked Surfaces as Canvas

A few examples would be the whimsical street artist who turns manholes into playthings and scratched gates into sirens. There is also the infamous example of Chuck Norris’s-themed benches by Oakoak. And who could forget the funny looking sewer mouths that turn into smiley faces or the googly eyes installations?

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