Best Street Art you Need to See

Street art is a very popular way of art that is growing quickly all over the globe. You can find it on urban buildings, pavement and junk containers from Seattle to London and from Moscow to Sydney. Street art has turned into an international lifestyle and even art exhibits and museums are gathering the works of skilled street artists.

All forms of street art have started out very privately because it is against the law to draw public and private properties without authorization. People usually have different views about street art. Some think it is a criminal activity and others believe that it is a wonderful new way of expressing yourself.

Art professionals declare that the activity started in New York in the Infamous Sixties. Teenagers pained words and other pictures on surfaces and buildings. This vibrant, dynamic design of unusual art became known as graffiti. This form of art revealed that adolescents desired to be rebels against their community. They did not want to agree to follow formal guidelines and traveled around locations to make artwork that every person could see. In many cases, they started trouble with the cops and the municipality.

It is only lately that street art field has been considered as something more than just a subterranean creative activity. The picture of the only author has been modified from a deviant personality to someone who should be presented and marketed for his or her abilities.

With the appearance of street art collectives, an industry has started out in the marketplace for well-known paintings. Almost every evening in big cities, a gallery area or bar is presenting the performance of a street artist. From a world-famous painter to the new and future ones, it has never been simpler to advertise your abilities as a specialist.

Following in the direction of past activities, the field has expanded the idea of street art even further by using the occasion to extend attention in drawings and personal art. Designed like sports cup between competitors, every occasion puts the artists to showcase their skills right there on the street.

Even without the events to increase its reputation, street art is creating a name for itself with well-known brand organizations looking for the solutions of art collectives to help highlight their newest products. If organizations want to focus on an eye-catching perspective, the effective promotion and marketing of an item is essential.

Street art and everything associated with it, from the songs to the style of drawing, is the new cool trend. The once blamed vandals have these days a fan base the dimension of those of a pop star. Individuals in all parts of our planet have often observed campaigns integrating this form of art. Publications are fast to choose the next big artist, and often demand discussions with future art collectives or various performers. Vinyl toy developers enjoy the skills of graffiti and often generate limited-edition editions by the next big name in street art.

With pop art becoming ever more available to everyone, some individuals believe that its ultimate death is unavoidable. However, if the performers remain real to what street art is about, and then it still can flourish on a subterranean stage even when the big manufacturers are shift towards the next newest trend. Street art is really about the talent and that is how it will always be valued, no matter how well known it gets at some point.

One popular form of street art is to cut images of individuals and place them on different walls or on pathways. This way, viewers are able to enjoy this powerful and creative design. Some exhibits and galleries have already purchased some of these works of art.

Many roadsides in big cities display the talent of these street artists. The specialists can use small items of cup to make images of various space creatures. Some of them have been doing this for many years and the cops have captured them enough times. On their websites, you can see several other locations where they have designed this way of art.

The majority of street artists do these things for a reason above all. Some of them do not like performers who make tons of money in exhibits and museums. Instead, they try street art since it is much close to the regular people. Some artists want to show their political point of view in their work. They generally want to demonstrate against big companies and organizations. Others enjoy doing stuff that is not allowed and hoping that they are not caught.

Advertising firms also integrate street art in the advertisements because it offers you the perspective of youngsters and power. The New York shopping area lately used a street artist design for its shop windows and bags.

In today's global world, the online has a big impact on street art. Talented people can display their images to their viewers all over the planet. Many citizens, however, say that seeing an image on an online site is never as good as admiring it live. The street art mixes activity and lifestyle with the power and vibe of a big city. So, it will continue to change and develop itself.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so with no further ado, here are some of the best street art work that we could find for you to enjoy in front of your computer:

street art










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More Stunning Examples of 3D Street Art

3D street art, also known as anamorphic pavement art, is a technique of painting a portion of pavement, or floor, in indoors cases, in such a way that, viewed from a specific angle it offers a perspective that makes the two-dimensional painting appear as being a three-dimensional object. While the technique itself has a long history, dating from the Renaissance and is usually behind the sort of pictures that appear to “follow you around the room”, its combination with urban street art is quite recent, being developed since around the 1980s through a graffiti and stencils revolution of sorts.

It has exploded, however, in recent years and has now become a global cultural phenomenon. While one doesn't find this art so much in a school workshop or in the pages of a book or conventional journal, but rather on a blog or a tumblr page, being, by definition, unconventional, there are numerous prints that made the news or the subject of one documentary or another.

Winter is here and it’s probably not the best time to find any amazing 3D street paintings in your nearby locations, underneath all that snow, so here are 6 more stunning examples of 3D street art worth seeing.  

1.   The Orange Raft

3d street art 1

One of the main draws of 3D street art has been, since its beginning, the ability to participate in the installation. It’s probably not a very good idea, when visiting a fine art museum or a gallery, to shake the hands of a statue or to lean on a painting, in an attempt to get a fun photo. But when it comes to this raft that is about to plunge into the swordfish-inhabited waters below, climbing on seems like an awesome idea.

2.   Climbing Snail

3d street art 2

Through their very nature, anamorphic paintings seem to either rise or plunge from the flat wall they are actually drawn on, but this New York piece by Julian Beever is taking it to a whole new level, with the paint spreading on the bench as well, offering a powerful illusion that the snail is freestanding and the presence of the shadow makes it so much more realistic.

3.   Self-portrait

3d street art 3

You don’t see a lot of self-portraits done in 3D street art form and for obvious reasons, but this piece by the famous Julian Beever, also placed in NYC, is an example of cool creativity that makes you wonder whether there can be a collaboration between the chalk-drawn version of Julian and flesh-and-bone one, as they seem to both be quite interested in street arts and even enjoy the same beer brand.

4.   Clear-sky Chasm

3d street art 4

Who says that one has to walk the streets of a Western cultural center such as London, Berlin, Seattle or Chicago to see a wonderful 3-d street art concept? You know that nightmare you sometimes have in which the pavement is suddenly giving way underneath your feet and you find yourself free-falling  from hundreds of ft high, into the unknown? Well, you’re going to have it more often after seeing this piece from China. There is some relief and beauty, however, in the fact that it’s not a dark or fiery pit that opens up under the street, but a bright blue sky, giving a surreal and optimistic view of the underworld.

5.   Bridge over 2D water

3d street art 5

If you ever find yourself at the mall and the floor caves, leaving a clear brook behind, make sure to find a nearby log that can be used as make-shift bridge over the newly-formed peril. This simple, yet effective piece is part of a series of 3D paintings that are going on the road in 2014 and 2015, as an alternative festival, touring not fewer than 12 malls across Germany and infusing the man-made mall environment with a  little bit of forest-chic.

6.   The Other Side of Art

3d street art 6

As a bonus and a way of further showing how painstakingly precise artists must be to create the incredible illusions offered by 3D street art, here is the above snail piece seen from a an angle just a few degrees off from the “perfect one”. Seeing it from across the street would mean that you probably didn’t even realise the wallpaper was a snail.